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REPORTS: Jean Passanante Leaving GH To Be Named New Co-Head Writer at Y&R!

Since the exit of Josh Griffith as the head writer of The Young and the Restless, there had been a report from CBS Soaps In Depth that Shelly Altman, who is currently on the Y&R writing team would be upped to co-head writer and that show was looking at Jean Passanante, (the former head writer of As the World Turns, who is currently a breakdown writer under Ron Carlivati’s team at General Hospital) to become the other co-head writer at the number one soap!

Tonight, noted soap journalist Carolyn Hinsey took to Twitter to announce that indeed Passanante, and Altman are IN as the new scribes of Genoa City.  In her tweet, Hinsey said “Congrats to my #OLTL pal Jean Passanante @PFossil & Shelly Altman on ur new head writing gigs at #YR. U have ur work cut out for u, ladies!”

Soap Opera Digest has also ran an item tonight saying that multiple sources have also told them that Passanante and Altman are on board at Y&R!

A spokesperson from Y&R related to On-Air On-Soaps there was no official from the show itself at this time confirming the reports of Passanante and Altman to the head writing position.   Besides ATWT and GH, Passanante has written for OLTL, AW and AMC.

So what do you think of Passanante coming over to Y&R?  Do you think her storytelling ability will fit well with the legacy of the CBS soap?  Weigh-in!

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I hope this will bring Drucilla home and Sharon back in love with Adam and they finally have a storybook romance they deserve. The old writers changed the love they had. I never like Chelsea and she was a hired hooker for Victor and bores me and why Avery is still on the show is also crazy. Lets hope better days ahead for the show I watched over 30 yrs 🙂

Im worried about the constant changing. Best headwriter(s)…Kay Alden and Bill Bell. No one has done it quite like them ever since. Lynn Marie Latham almost destroyed Y&R…and killed Drucilla! Maria Arena Bell almost rescued Y&R and was redeeming Sharon…and then boom. Josh Griffith decides to blow up Y&R with JP. Now that he’s gone, thank god, it’s time for Jill to go back to ABC and let someone worthy take the reins of Y&R.

Love love love Sharon! I loved ATWT Brad and Katie and I see Adam and Sharon like them . Please write Sharon and Adam back in love. I agree with the other comment to bring Drucilla back for Neil. Those were the days 🙂 i don’t like Chelsea and do not like Avery! Time for Sharon to be happy like we were promised!

A GH writer at Y&R perhaps now I will stay awake while watching YR, which has been a snorer for the past year..
The Y&R stories, hopefully now will hold my attention for more than 5 minutes..

I am a fan of both Y&R and GH and the 2 soaps are as different as a party and a nap..

Like almost all Y&R fans, I would prefer head writers who were familiar with the characters and their history. That being said, the new co-head writers do have their work cut out for them as was mentioned above and a not always patient fan base. I wish them luck.

At this point, i really scare for Y&R’s future.

I gonna have to agree! This is a little worrying!

Do you think her storytelling ability will fit well with the legacy of the CBS soap?

Easy answer. Based on what I saw through years of watching what Passanante did to poor ATWT, I quickly can say that she is ABSOLUTELY NOT the right choice for this job.

Passanante’s writing for ATWT was horrible. This woman does not appear to have the insight or the writing ability for this type of work. Three of the past four soaps upon which she was writer (AW, ATWT, and OLTL), were cancelled while she was there or very shortly after she left. With her track record of poor writing and these types of results, exactly who would let this woman anywhere near their show?

With decisions like this, you have to wonder: Do the owners of the surviving soaps and their networks WANT them to be cancelled? It really is difficult to continue to watch and support these shows, when those in charge make repeated, inane decisions like this one.

They are not looking for a writer with storytelling ability. They just want the person to have the ability to say “yes” to whatever JP says.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. JFP is a tyrant, and Jean Passanante is her newest minion.

I agree. Did anybody involved in this decision WATCH the last two or three years of As the World Turns? It wasn’t just bad, it was painfully bad. I know there was all sorts of backstage turmoil and I’m sure that did not help–but that doesn’t change the overall poor quality of the writing.

(However, CLH may have a point: if all they want is someone to do exactly what JFP wants, then for all I know, Passanante may be perfect. The show will still be dreadful, however.)

Well….. maybe her departure from General Hospital is good news for us GH fans!

You are absolutely right. While I am generally willing to give people a chance (like I did with JFP when she took over EP duties at Y&R), I’ve heard enough about Jean Passanante to know she isn’t right for Y&R – or any soap for that matter.

I didn’t watch ATWT but from what I hear from pretty much everyone is that she systematically destroyed that show the way JFP has been doing to Y&R since last year. I gave her a chance, and look where that got the show. I sincerely hope Jeannie P impresses (though I highly doubt she will), otherwise Y&R will be the next show on an already crowded shelf of cancelled soaps.

This is the beginning of the end of Y&R. It’s time to boycott this show and in droves and show Angelica McDaniel and Steve Kent that we are none too happy with these recent additions to the show. This show will now become even more unwatchable than it is now. Mark my words!

Don’t know her, but they do have their work cut out for them. Even though soap is still number 1 (puzzles the mind how this is), there are lots of things wrong with it. At least they cut Melanie. She never caught on. Maybe with the Kay story, things will get better. And of course, they need to fix Sharon. It was a waste to bring Camryn back for this.

Don’t know whether this is good news or not!? All I can say is, the writing BETTER be good!

Another friend of Phelps from GH? Remember that, although they won best drama Emmy, this team also drove GH to near cancellation.

I don’t think Passanante was a writer for GH when JFP was there. I think she came over from OLTL when Valentini took over as EP. So although she has many strikes against her, that isn’t one of them.

Well I was having a good day until I read this news. Worst possible choice ever. How many soaps have died or suffered greatly under her reign as HW? Don’t understand how Sony and CBS can look at her track record and not understand experience doesn’t make you good. Right now I rather someone who never wrote a soap in their lives take over maybe then they will stop making the same mistakes over and over. if their goal is to destroy Y&R once and for all– then by all means JP and JFP are the duo do it. I feel sorry for SA because she will be co-head writer for a day, because once Jean is there she will be made sole HW in no time flat. Uggggh

This is horrible news. YR does NOT need anyone from GH…especially a writer trying to pen her way through GC.

I can’t stand that Phelps is trying to turn this great show into GH 2.0 with people who don’t know and don’t care to keep the tradition of the show going.

I really have to agree with you there because I’m now a bit concerned about this!
I maybe worried but I’m gonna see what’s in stores before I start judging!

It’s hard for me to hope for the best.

Both Phelps and Jean’s reputation precede them, and everything I’ve read or heard has or is coming true.

I think there is a small segment of people who are wanting the show to fail. What those folks fail to realize is that both Days and GH would be cancelled before YR. The ratings have a long way to fall before they reach those levels.

I COULD see BB overtaking YR someday if these writers can’t write the show as it should be. People will be alienated.

I don’t see that Josh did drive any viewers away. Actually the opposite.

I agree with you 1000% on both your comment and your reply to Derrick. Josh Griffith is not responsible for the decline in Y&R’s quality this past year, JFP is the one responsible for that. And now, she’s bringing in a puppet she can play with to continue her reign of terror. Jean Passanante will be nothing but Jill’s minion, carrying out her “creative” vision for the show.

Jeannie P is the complete opposite of what the show needs right now. Y&R needs to bring back Kay Alden & Jack Smith as co-head writers, get rid of all the people JFP hired and rebuild the old Y&R writing team. Fire JFP and rehire David Shaughnessy and Ed Scott. When that happens, then we’ll start to see major and desperately needed changes to the show.

What pisses me off most is that Josh took over as head writer and exec-producer during the WGA strike in 2006, and this is how he’s treated? He’s teamed up with a tyrant and then fired for no explainable reason, only to be replaced by someone who isn’t familiar with Y&R’s history. Josh deserved better, and we as viewers do too.

Well said Jimmy!

God help us.

In my opinion, Y&R has DOOM written all over it now.

Y&R has to be rigged as far as ratings go..
It will never be canceled and no matter how terribly bad it is, and it and has been terribly bad, Y&R will always be #1, why? something wrong with that is all I know.
It has been #1 with double the viewers as all the other great soaps like GH, for decades without one fail.
So, no matter how awful a writer it will have there will belittle no effect on Y&R ratings..


If you go back to the year that YR hit number one (beating that great soap GH) and then follow the ratings up through present, you’ll see that most of the shows lost about the same percentage of viewers over time.

So with your logic GH should already be cancelled and also has less viewers since “something is wrong”.

I felt much more comfortable with Jean Passanante remaining as a #GH first lieutenant to Ron Carlivati.

Shelly Altman does not have the skill set to be a head writer. So, it is good to have a more seasoned writer with her. However, I dont believe the writing staff as it is being laid out will be able to write in the tradition of Bill Bell. Jill Farren Phelps is not the producer for a Bell serial.

Sony & CBS had the opportunity to bring on trained, seasoned and mentored writers form B&B. And engaged Brad Bell with Ed Scott in producing #YR. Steve Kent, Anjelica McDaniel and company will regret allowing this leadership team to control #YR.

It is a sad day for #YR, soap genre and the fans. So much potential and opportunity now wasted.

It all comes down to the bottom line.

They really don’t care what the fans or viewers say.

Phelps strikes again!!!! Pretty soon all you long time viewers won’t recognize your show at all. Its just sad….

Whos next bob guza to y and r? I see cancellation in the future


The last decade has generated so much discussion about writers and producers on our daytime dramas, much of it bad. I wonder if there are men and women who are like Bill Bell, Douglas Marland, and Agnes Nixon anymore. These are the kind of writers who knew their characters and listories as though they were family, and had outlines of story to extend well into the future. Now it seems each new team shakes and stirs and we as fans are disappointed. I do not mind changes, Mr. Bell did a lot of that when his original actors and characters needed a changeout after the first 10 years or so, but he did it without upsetting his apple cart. I hope Ms. Altman and Ms. Passanate are allowed the time to study and to deliver some continued reparative work to Y&R as well as develop new directions. I remain positive even though I know during the last years of my beloved ATWT that plots were weak (yet I believe so many more factors were in play than the writing).

Agnes is the last of the legendary great writers. Thank goodness she is consulting on the AMC. The show definitely has her stamp on it. I feel bad for y&r, Jean P ruined Atwt..

I can’t fault the headwriters of the last 10-15 years for not having a long-term story vision; at some point, the model changed, and the shows stopped paying for long story, so the writers stopped coming up with it.

I don’t think it’s just that the plots were weak during the last few years of ATWT (though they often were): the day-to-day execution was also really poor. It just wasn’t interesting or entertaining. Even characters I liked (and in some cases had known for years) could not hold my attention because the stories, the dialogue, the situations were all incredibly lackluster.

I think there are certainly still writers like Bell, Marland, and Nixon around, but many writers of high caliber simply will not work in daytime anymore. I think Claire Labine has said “never again,” as have the Dobsons and Nancy Curlee (and I’m sure there are others). I sometimes do feel sorry for the writers who are still around on the soaps; I think their job has become nearly impossible.

There are writers like them still out there somewhere, and some as close as across the street – where B&B is filmed. Kay Alden and Jack smith, as well as other veteran writers who know and care about Y&R’s history should be the ones getting hired! Not Jean Passanante who has a horrid track record of destroying shows she’s worked on.

And as for Jill Farren Phelps, she does not and never will belong on Y&R. Ed Scott, David Shaughnessy, and others like them, who know how to execute the show appropriately, should be the ones in charge, not they tyrannical JFP who is systematically pealing apart Bill Bell’s beloved show. He must be rolling in his grave right now thinking about the travesty that is about to befall Y&R.

Would rather see Jean writing for OLTL !

This makes me very nervous. I did not like Josh Griffith’s tenure, by any means, but being a As the World Turns fan I saw what JP did to my favorite characters on that show, especially in its last few years, and it was horrible. However, I am cautiously optimistic that perhaps her time at GH has improved upon her writing abilities and working with Ron Carlivati, maybe she picked up some ways of weaving characters together and creating intriguing, soapy storylines.

However, Y&R needs to address there biggest issue and that is Jill Farren Phelps being executive producer.

Your last statement about the biggest issue being JFP’s post as executive producer is 1000% spot on. If Jeannie P repeats what she did on ATWT at Y&R, the show will be gone in a few years, guaranteed. I’m all for hopeful optimism, but I can’t be much more optimistic after seeing what JFP’s done to Y&R in the past year. And now she’s bringing in a yes-woman to do what she wants done.

I completely agree, Jimmy. I almost wonder between JFP and now JP, if CBS WANTS to ruin Y&R. Its very sad and I don’t see this ending any way but badly. This past year has been the absolute worst I’ve ever seen of Y&R and adding someone who already ruined another soap? It’s a shame.

Lord, Bill Bell please do your magic up in heaven and get these soap hacks and soap killers away from your Y&R! It looks like Sony and CBS want to cancel their #1 daytime show!!!

Now nobody in charge at Y&R will be thinking of loyal longtime fans or of the shows rich history or veteran actors.

Well Jean, along with Goutman, destroyed ATWT so why not hire her? I’m glad I don’t watch Y&R because if I did I would start boycotting the show. I’ll never support Passanante or Goutman with anything they do. Y&R fans have my sympathies.

Alas, Ann, I watch Y&R and watched ATWT for years. I know exactly what you are saying. I will go to my grave thinking that Passanante and Goutman butchered ATWT in its final years. It still bothers me what they did to that show.

As a Y&R viewer, I am bracing myself for what Passanante is going to unleash on this show. I really had hoped that I had suffered through all of her writing when she finally helped shove ATWT into its grave. I cannot believe that she is resurfacing with this show!!! Thankfully, she cannot bring her beloved (but despised by fans!) Janet to Y&R!

I’m betting that Eric Braeden (Victor) will become the “Eileen Fulton of Y&R” — the unhappy veteran actor who dares to complain about the poor quality and direction of the writing and, as reward for speaking out, is reduced to a breathing prop on the show.

For the life of me I don’t understand why these writers, especially Altman, go home to GH and leave YR to capable hands. Jean is only slightly better….this is mind numbing.

They should never have lost Kay Alden The transition from Bill Bell to Kay Alden may have been the most seamless in soap history.

i agree i want kay alden back too.i found many videos from 1999 to 2003 when she still was the head writer, dam you can feel the difference.

BIG mistake. JP’s writing ruined ATWT at the end. The show was barely recognizable at the end . If Sony is bringing her on kiss Y & R goodbye. Another daytime drama bites the dust.

I really hope that there will be another event like the one in November 2010 in Raleigh, NC. I had so much fun! Is there any chance of that happening?

Y & R is no where near as good as it used to be. I’ve watched it for a long time and it used to be the gold standard of daytime drama. But now, I just stopped watching because none of the storylines intrigue me. I can remember watching everyday to see Sheila Carter or David Kimble after Nina shot him. But the problems with Y & R are evident on all the soaps. I was a huge OLTL fan until it was cancelled. Then I started watching GH because Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton were there. I got kind of hooked on it but once they left then came back as new characters I just lost interest. I think many of the comments about the network execs not caring is right on the money. What can you do but complain or stop watching.

I had to weigh in on this..I have to admit i’m not looking forward to this either. I know Passanante’s record and it ain’t good. I suffered through some horrible times waiting for the day a replacement was announced for ATWT and OLTL. She’ll start off strong and slowly but surely go the way of that awful woman who wrote the Indiana Jones treasure saga with the Newmans. It’s going to be bad bad bad.

Seriously, how ridiculous was the plot?! If I remember correctly, it was centered around Brad’s past and true identity as George Kaplan, and then the introduction of Nazis came into the storyline, as they were responsible for Brad’s family being slaughtered, save his mother. Then, as if the story wasn’t ridiculous enough, the Nazis were after the Kaplan family reliquary, which was famous artwork I believe… It turned into a daytime Indiana Jones adventure, and it was completely plot-driven. Horrible. If Jeannie P does something this outlandish, Y&R is doomed.

@Jimmy why oh why did you have to dredge up every nuance of that mess? LMAO that story was so bad it can’t ever be forgotten. By the time they got to that underground cave or where ever it was i suddenly started thinking of ETERNA and just threw my hands up in frustration. I can guarantee that JFP is planning on patting herself on the back by completely tossing out Bill Bells tried and true formula for one she thinks works better. And just as sure as sh*t we’ll be looking at a whole new regime come this time next year. Never mess with sucess. This soap has always been set apart from all others in production and writing. All I can say is..HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

JP, the evil, heartless monster who butchers every soap she is associated with, Will open a bottle of champagne when Y & R bites the dust.

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Jamie Martin Mann and Ashley Puzemis Join the Cast of Days of our Lives

Some SORASing is going down on Days of our Lives! Announced today, Jamie Martin Mann will now be portraying the teenage version of Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) son, Tate Black.

In addition, Ashley Puzemis joins the Peacock streaming soap opera as Holly, the now teenaged daughter of the late Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

According to Soap Opera Digest, both actors are set to make their debuts on the October 9th episode, as it looks like DAYS is beefing up its teen scene with some fresh faces for some teen angst.

Will Tate or Holly be a troublemaker causing drama for their parents?  Will they fall for each other? Stay tuned.

Puzemis had appeared in television roles including: BF For Hire and Danger Force.  As for Mann, he recently appeared in the Netflix series Country Comfort starring Katherine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian (ex-Sunset Beach and Y&R).

So, what do you think about teenaged Tate and Holly hitting the Salem canvas and Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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‘Ryan’s Hope’ Tribute Book Due Out; Featuring Words From Cast & Crew of Emmy-Winning ABC Soap Opera

Ryan’s Hope aired on ABC from 1975 to 1989, and along the way won multiple Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series and its stars. The story centered on Maeve (Helen Gallagher) and Johnny Ryan (Bernard Barrow) and their children, friends and extended family.

Now comes word that an oral history of the show will be on sale next month on October 24th.  This Ryan’s Hope Tribute book from author Tom Lisanti, will take the reader behind the scenes of the series in the words of the cast, crew and its co-creators and head writers, Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer.

One of Ryan’s Hope most beloved cast members, Ilene Kristen (ex-Delia) contributed the foreward to the new book.

Photo: ABC

According to the official press release, “Written in interview format, it features first-hand accounts from the show’s stars including: Helen Gallagher, Malcolm Groome, Ron Hale, Ilene Kristen, Michael Levin, Ana Alicia, Roscoe Born, Catherine Hicks, Geoff Pierson, Andrew Robinson, and Gordon Thomson, along with writers, producers, production crew, and family members. They share their experiences and backstage anecdotes as well as their opinions about their storylines, cast members, producers, and directors—including how they were hired, why they left the show, and why they think Ryan’s Hope is so beloved and missed to this day.”

This tell-all also includes an overview of the soap’s history, storyline synopses, and what went on behind the scenes with ABC, plus never-before-seen photos and plot synopses. The legions of Ryan’s Hope soap opera fans will find this insider account as captivating as the beloved show itself.

Photo: KensingtonBooksPub

Ryan’s Hope: An Oral History of Daytime’s Groundbreaking Soap is from Kensington Books Publishing.

So, intrigued to read the oral history of Ryan’s Hope? Will you be getting your copy come October 24th? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Ryan Seacrest on the Key to Success for His ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Hosting Gig: “You Just Don’t Mess With It”

Over the weekend, Ryan Seacrest talked about becoming the new host of the legendary game show, Wheel of Fortune.  The current season is Pat Sajak’s last, so following that, Seacrest will step in to the spotlight for season 42.

When speaking to PEOPLE about how he plans on handling the hosting chores and what might he make different, Ryan shared, “You don’t mess with it, just don’t mess with it. Just get out of the way, say ‘Good evening’ and let’s play.”

As to his excitement for when the gig is finally his, Seacrest added, “I think I have so much adrenaline rushing through my body. Excitement is the word because it’s such a phenomenal show I’ve been a fan. I grew up watching the show. and I can’t wait to take over after the legendary Pat Sajak.”

Ryan’s new gig comes after he left Live with Kelly and Ryan back in April of this year.  He was with the syndicated morning talker for almost six years. Seacrest’s departure paved the way for Kelly’s husband and former All My Children co-star, Mark Consuelos to take over Ryan’s spot in the co-host seat.

However, Ryan has no regret on that decision, sharing, “It was a good time to go, and then fortunately a couple of weeks later, this other great opportunity came to fruition. I’m a kid in a candy store.”

Photo: JPI

Seacrest also was ecstatic for the welcome news that saw Wheel of Fortune staple, Vanna White, sign a new contract to remain with the show.  Ryan shared: “Vanna has been such a staple on that show and in our living rooms for so many years. I have been very excited to work with her, but now that it’s official, I can say, ‘Congratulations Vanna! I can’t wait.'”

Looking forward to Ryan spinning the wheel on the popular syndicated game show next season? Will you miss Pat Sajak? Glad Vanna is joining Ryan and remaining with ‘Wheel’? Comment below.

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