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Ronn Moss Teases His General Hospital Appearance & Reveals How It Came About!



Is the former star of The Bold and the Beautiful , Ronn Moss (Ex-Ridge), going to make an appearance during today’s episode of the Nurses Ball on ABC’s General  Hospital?

Well, according to an piece with ABC Soaps In Depth, that just might come to pass! The question is, who is Moss playing? Will he act and sing during his appearance?

Moss revealed to SID how it came to pass that he ended up in Port Charles: “(GH’s head writer), Ron Carlivati came up with the concept. He ran it by Frank (Valentini, executive producer).  Everybody loved it!”

As far as showing up on another soap opera on a rival network other than his 25 year run over at CBS, Moss says Cartini has smarts: “It shows me how savvy the guys are who are running GH.  I think it’s going to be a good payoff for them.”

So, how do you think Ronn will show up on GH?  Let us know!

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I think Ronn Moss will play a character who will perform at the Nurse’s Ball .Yeah i’m sure he might also interact with some of the other characters but him been on GH might mostly be for a musical purpose.

I have a feeling that Ron Moss will be the Blackie Parrish they will present on Monday and not John Stamos. If they do that I will NOT watch anylonger. I never cared for Ron Moss anyhow.

Wonder how much RC and Frank paid him to say they that they were smart coming up with this storyline – should have brought back Miguel to sing again ! The Power to believe – 1995 Nurses Ball –

i m so happy to see this, i didn’t think his Handsome self will be on another soap i love him singing too. i love him period,Great pix of him there in this blog/message forum.
i love him. and happy Ron Moss will be on GH.
i didn’t see last week episode yet,so i am talking as if i will be seeing him 1st time and i will!
Going to watch as i read comments here right now from May Nurse Ball Gh. save all last week episode’s on dvr. LOVE YOU RONN MOSS,he age so nicely god bless him

Ron Moss will sing ‘BABY COME BACK’! for little Cameron thinking about Emma or he sings it to Felicia because he is really Frisco wearing a mask…lol

Still thought he’d be an ok Jeff Webber visiting Liz or as Nina’s private doctor!!!

Always have been a fan of Y&R and BB, started when they first aired. Now at this point in my life as I have gotten older I really don’t care who goes and who stays. Todays witers are just awful, they change so often and new writers don’t know the back story especially on Y&R. Y&R is just plain awful.. BB is hard to watch these days, so it only takes me around 10 minutes on Y&R and less time for BB.. Of course the actors are there for a pay check and I don’t blame them, that will end in a few yrs. so take it while you can…

I never thought Ronn was that talented as an actor. His over the top “soap” acting is the style that gives soaps a bad name. Music is a different story for him. Really hope this stay is short lived. RC needs to stop focusing on creating new characters for the residuals & utilize the beloved characters. That’s my opinion…

Oh you need to take your meds right now. Lol. Ronn is a wonderful actor, you sound very miserable.

I don’t normally reply to these types of posts because everyone has different opinions, & we’re all entitled to them. However, insulting someone by telling them to “take their meds”, & saying they sound “very miserable”, just because you don’t agree with their opinion, is a personal attack, & childish & unnecessary. Express your views, but you don’t need to insult or bully people when doing it. Oh, and “lol” doesn’t get you out of an insult. My Grandmother gave me great advice as a child, & we’ve all heard it, but it applies well to most any situation… If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

As far as GH goes, John Stamos posted a pic on Instagram last year, (I think in the Fall) of him “visiting” at GH. So who knows. Personally I don’t know much of Ron Moss, but I WILL be disappointed if John isn’t playing Blackie.

I did say it was my opinion. You might be the one that needs to take a “chill pill”

And thank you Mama Bear. Melinda was who I was referring to

You’re welcome Raegan. Her comment was completely unnecessary. We are all entitled to our opinions. Suggesting that someone needs to take meds because their opinion is different from yours is just stupid, & it’s bullying.
Hope you have a great day.

Reagan, you are spot on. Enough with the constant influx of new characters & actors.

Reagan is also spot on about Ronn’s acting ability. I have never seen anyone has wooden as he was through two decades of playing Ridge. You would think that, after all of those years playing the same role, Moss would have grown into the part but it never happened.

Ridge was always suppose to be the male lead of B&B. I’ve often thought that the reason B&B turned into the “Stephanie and Brooke Show” was due primarily to Ronn’s limited acting range. Ridge only had value to the show because he was so important to Stephanie and Brooke. He was not key to the show the way those ladies were.

I don’t have any idea who Moss will be playing on GH but, given twenty years of watching him on B&B, I hope for the sake of GH that it is NOT a demanding part!! Moss won’t be able to pull that off. Robert DeNiro, he ain’t!

A good payoff for them? Um, who’s tooting their own horn here? I like the GH characters we currently have, not more CBS rejects.

Ronn is not going to be with GH..
He is there for the Ball, a guest appearance..
He sings very well, so my guess is he will sing and a little else..
It will be fun.. the Ball is about fun, a good time..

(((in general– why are so many so bitter and acting like spoiled kids over a guest appearance to add more fun to the Ball .. lol .. silly grumpies..)))

Good, glad that is ALL it will be. The only song I ever heard Ronn sing is “Baby Come Back” his one hit wonder 😉

Dear Ces. Peter Beckett of Player actually wrote and sang lead on Baby Come Back, and they were not a one hit wonder band. They had 3 top 40 hits. Peter also wrote songs for many others including Kenny Rogers, Jermaine Jackson and he wrote Twist of Fate for Olivia Newton-John which went to #5 in the US.

Little Spencer Cassidine hires his band to sing “Baby Come Back” for little Emma Drake at the Nurses Ball!!!

LMAO…i basically said the same thing in my comments!!!

From previews it looks like we are right…he will sing that song for Spenser to Emma…

It won’t get me watching, but good luck to him.

Good for him he would be great on gh!

Saw the preview of Monday’s show and Lucy said Blackie Parrish is performing.
If Ron is playing Blackie after Carlivati’s twitter war with John Stamos last year,
this will not go over very well with GH fans.

Maybe John Stamos is coming back as Blackie and Ronn Moss will be playing a character in Blackie’s band or something.Also Ron Carlivati is the head writer but Frank Valentini is the executive producer and he may have more of a say about who gets casted than Ron does.

I agree, John. It will be even more annoying to GH fans who are not online and who are being led to believe they’ll be getting the still hunky John Stamos only to get the old bait and switch with an actor at least 10 years to old for the role.

I don’t think Ronn Moss fans will be especially happy either. No matter what spin RM tries to put on it he’s clearly just there in order for RC to get a childish dig in at John Stamos. Very unprofessional IMO.

You are right.I think it will be Ron Moss as Blackie Parish. This is another way Re Ron can get digs in.If he wanted Ron to come on sing a song, fine but to have Lucy announce Blackie Parrish, that’s a dirty trick. John Stamos is a hundred times better looking than Ron Moss,Re-Ron needs to stay away from the online media. Someone needs to tell him. better to have people think you are stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it. Oicos OR Yoplait? GMAB

Hope he is someone with higher power than Dr O or Victor

well pretty obvious he will be a recast Blackie Parrish and that WILL be the straw that breaks the camels back for many GH fans…with FLKUE and then this….

So wrong..
Ronn is not being cast..
He is making a guest appearance..

I would like if were cast with a huge contract; just to upset the whiners . haaa!

so you are saying he is appearing as HIMSELF?

Maybe as a grown up Blackie Parish? !?

Ronn is there for the Ball so he will perform, a guest appearance ..

I gathered from the preview at the end of today’s episode that he’ll be playing Blackie Parrish. The GH producers had wanted to get John Stamos to reprise the character at last year’s Nurses Ball for the show’s 50th anniversary but they couldn’t work out a deal, so I guess this is their “Plan B.” Could be interesting; could be a train wreck. Watch this space.

UPDATE: Not Blackie, but a train wreck nonetheless. Today’s episode might as well have been entitled “50 Shades Of Suck.” Hey Frank & Ron, any chance I could get that hour of my life back?

I think they gave it away today. Ronn Moss will be playing Blackie Parish. That’s why Dannon greek yogurt didn’t sponsor the Nurse’s Ball.

LOL— it took me a minute to get the joke, but once I did, made my day.

My major guess is that he’s a recast of Blackie Parrish for a longer stay on the show.

If Ron is Blackie then they soras him by a decade…lol…i think he’d make an ok Jeff Webber and suprise Liz with his visit or as Jimmy Lee who had better ties to some of the current characters!!!

Wouldn’t be the first time they SORAS a character. But even then, date of births can be altered, etc.

The weirdest soras ever on a soap…well, reversal aging of a character was on The Edge Of Night…40 something Maeve Mcquire who played 40 something Nicole Drake was replaced by 20something Jayne 4get last name but when this happen Nicole too was in her 20s. Gotta love soaps…lol

Jayne Bentzen–and yes, one of the strangest recasts in daytime. I remember I ended up liking JB well enough in the role (though very few actresses could successfully replace Maeve McGuire in any role–she’s just that special), but the first few months or so were a very, very strange viewing experience.

The craziest was probably Joan Crawford replacing her daughter on The Secret Storm.

4got about Joan Crawford…yes, that was crazy but a good publicity stunt for both actress and the soap!!!

If Ronn is Blackie Parrish and it’s just for a short stint, then I think that’s rather brilliant actually. If you can’t get Stamos then why not have a little fun with it – sub in one legendary pretty-boy soap star musician for another. The icing on the cake is they got a rival greek yogurt for the sponsorship. Ron and Frank are a couple of real characters with a warped sense of humor – but I love them for it. They make the show fun to watch!

Ronn is hardly a pretty-boy.

Hope he stays there, was never a fan of his on BB, he was annoying!

If it’s Blackie, the pettiness of Ron C. continues to astound me. This man is showing his lack of character in abundant ways. I wish the higher powers would stop listening to him, esp. when he acts on grudges. This is bad on Frank V,. just as well.

Right now we are assuming Ronn Moss will be playing Blackie but for all we know GH was able to get John Stamos back and Ronn is playing a character in Blackie’s band.So maybe we should wait till Monday’s episode to find out.Plus now viewers might be tuning in Monday to find out who is playing Blackie.Plus Blackie hasn’t been on GH for 30 years or so.So newer viewers may not know who Blackie is or that John Stamos played him.

He’ll sing “Baby Come Back.” Let him bring the “suave” to the hospital…um, in general!!!

I’m starting to think you’re right. I had no idea Ronn Moss was in the band Player who did the song “Baby Come Back.” And since Spencer is dedicating the song to Emma what you’re saying does make sense.

The question is will it make any sense to GH viewers. I’m sure there are others like me who only know Ronn Moss as a soap name on some other show they never watch and won’t get the player connection either. There’s also kind of a squicky-ness to Spencer’s almost stalker behavior towards Emma. I’m not sure that’s a really appropriate song between 7 year olds.

My take is if RM is Blackie..this will bother MANY longtime viewers. JS did not want a stunt/music only appearance and wanted to ACT. RC said no. I think recasting BP with RM and using a rival yogurt as a sponsor is very petty and in the biz in LA RC will take a hit to his reputation. Although Blackie was on nominally, it was pivotal to JS career and becaus ehow the character went off after being adopted by a core family, then discarded NEVER set well with die hard fans. It is nice he is mentioned occasionally. As far as age RM is younger than Luke by about 6 years so I think that is a moot point when comparing Rick Springfield, Tony Geary etc and everyone’s age. I think this is NOT a good thing and will not go over well if this is what happens. If it is not JS or he is a no show it will really leave a bad taste for the Nurses Ball in the future. (people already are NOT happy with Tracey being married and hoodwinked by FLUKE)

Yeah if Ronn Moss is playing Blackie which still hasn’t been confirmed some long time fans might be mad but newer fans might not really care and just think the show recasting a character that hasn’t been on GH for 30 some years.Also RC is the head writer and he may not have much say about which yogurt company sponsors the ball.Plus maybe Dannon Greek didn’t want product placement on GH anymore and so the show had to find another sponsor.

I hate the Fluke storyline. And I cant believe Tracy has gotten that dumb that she cant see ”through’ him. I don’t know who Ronn Moss is but I read that he will be Blackie Parrish at the Nurses Ball. I was very disappointed that it wasn’t John Stamos

I’m hoping Ron is the pervy a-hole wearing Luke’s face… I was never a fan of Ridge as a character but I would love to see Ron do something villain-y.

he will play Blackie Parish in the GH Nurses Ball, at least that’s the rumor

I get that people like John Stamos and want him to return to GH but the character of Blackie hasn’t been on the show for 30 some years.The show has recasted a lot of characters in the past but fans eventually accepted it.Plus we still don’t know if Ronn is playing Blackie or not.Plus i’m wondering if all the posters who are complaining right now will change their minds if GH was able to get John Stamos back as Blackie and Ronn Moss is just playing someone in his band or even Blackie’s manager.

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