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SAVE THE DATE: Y&R's Victor and Nikki's 1984 Wedding To Be Rebroadcast!



Before the clock strikes twelve and we ring in the New Year, Y&R will end the final week of 2016 with the airing of a classic episode featuring the wedding of Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). It happens next Friday, December 30th.

These nuptials were originally broadcast on April 13, 1984, and featured the first marriage of one the most beloved couples in daytime history.  Look for longtime current cast members in the episode as well including: Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott), Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore) and Doug Davidson (Paul Williams).

Programming note: Due to CBS’ broadcast of College Football’s Sun Bowl, this airing of Y&R will air from 10-11AMPST, while Y&R will retain its regularly scheduled timeslot on the the east and central time zones.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this classic soap opera wedding all over again next Friday? Comment below.


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I love these classic rebroadcasts— and the added bonus is we now know what happened after that moment in time, so I am sure some of the dialogue will be tainted with irony and inadvertent foreshadowing of things yet to be. To see some of the old sets like they were might to be, to hear the lovely real music the show used to have instead of some tech’s guy IPod playlist– and it was a grand affair–not too much of those any more on soaps— and may be the best fun of all is laughing at all those ugly hair styles and clothes we thought we so great at the time– what were we thinking back then LOL—

I too love when they rebroadcast old episodes. Remember when every grand event took place at the infamous Collinade Room? It will be fun to see past cast members and try to rehash the storylines. 1984 was the year I graduated from H.S. I can’t believe I was watching on and off since then. Well now that eveyone who will read this, and knows basic second grade math will figure out my age, I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!! Happy New Year as well. And as always, tune in tomorrow for the next episode…

who was the woman trying to poison/ kill Nikki at the wedding 4-13-1984 on Y&R? that’s a little before I began watching the show. And why was she trying to kill her?

Looking forward to it!!

I am so happy to hear this is going to be rebroadcast…I think this is where Lori Brooks and other favorites attended the wedding.

Hooray for flashbacks! (GH–take note).

0ooh gawd NO–
I could not watch one more Luke and Laura wedding..

Who said anything about Luke and Laura? What about Anna and Robert’s wedding in Italy? Or their “From Here to Eternity” love scene on the beach? Or Tiffany and Sean’s hilarious wedding at the Q mansion?
Or flash forward to the 90’s when Brenda locked eyes with Sonny.
Or how about a flashback to the Q mansion back when it was the social place to be.
Y&R is demonstrating how to incorporate backward glances into the present. This is how you do it.

LOL.. GH….I’d love them to flashback the whole show!

Happy New Year!

GH could take a note from this, and do a flashback of Dr. Hardy or Alan Q reading to the kids at GH at Christmas. Or even have another Q pick up the mantle like Ned or Michael and continue with this lovely tradition.

The first of many of their marriages. How many times have they tied the knot with each other? I’ll bet they have as many as Sonny and Carly on GH.

0oh my gorsh..
that was 32 years ago…
it will be a hoot to watch ..

You are just really special su0000

Happy holidays

Thirty two years ago, MIss SUOO?
My gosh that was back when you were a spring chicken of seventy-nine.

okay…now you’re confusing me. Harry? Ad… hmph!


hey Jimh..

A BIG Christmas Holiday {{{{{{{{{{ HUG}}}}}}}}}

I hope Santa will be good to you, if he’s not coming than peace and lots of strange foods for you and if all fails then get stoned and binge watch at Netflix ..

take care, peace!

Hanukkah, the annual Jewish Festival of Lights, overlaps with Christmas this year—an occurrence that hasn’t happened since 1978 and won’t take place again until 2027. (( begins this year on Dec. 24.

To All celebrating Hanukkah-
!!! Wishing you a great joyful Hanukkah !!!
— Love & Peace —

((and you get more gifts than most 🙂

Wish the same for you…Happy Holidays!!!

Your Hanukkah wishes were very thoughtful, Su. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jimh. Blessings to you!


Jimh…Wishing you and everyone else the same good wishes for the Holidays. -:)

And Happy New Year!! 2017 has got to be better than 2016!
PS. Has anyone noticed how fabulous Melody Scott Thomas suddenly looks?

My assumption is they are pulling out this classic because something related to this will become important to an upcoming story line. Ms. Sussman is great at breathing life from the past, and I think this will be no different. Something will tie into this in 2017.

I was thinking the same thing…

Finally—we’re getting a REAL classic episode. The last several that aired as “classic” were just episodes that happened a short while ago. That’s good for refreshing anyone’s mind about the current story or trying to reel in viewers who might have just started tuning in but I wouldn’t call episodes like that classic. Something from the mid-80s is classic and Y&R knew how to breathe fire into the stories back then and the budgets were much bigger than what they are today. If I remember right, Nikki’s dress for that wedding cost $300,000. This was also when Bill Bell was alive so no story ever got told before it’s time. THAT is what we have for classic episodes and I’ll take those any day!!!

James, I agree with you 100% on everything you said.

I remember watching it all those years ago ~~ cannot wait to see it once again.

Can’t wait. I didn’t see it when it aired originally.

This is so cool! I, too, remember the original broadcast. Back then weddings were spectacular events with the appropriate budgeting behind it. Umm, where did 32 years of my life go?!?! Can’t wait to chuckle at the fashions and hair styles and makeup from back then, LOL!

I am looking forward to this I am the biggest y&r fan this side of the Mississippi I love what you’re doing to the show bringing back some of the Good Ol story lines that we’re going with other writers took over love me some Victor and Nikki Newman

Smart move… Not only is it a delight to revisit a past moment, but CBS is reminding us of its commitment to Sally Sussman and making things right with the popular daytime drama.

Kool, glad to see it. Back in the day I was all AMC so I missed this but heard so much about it.

Who is the baby in this episode? He is in a woman’s lap during the wedding

It’s a girl….the baby was Victoria!
I did some research…Nikki had Victoria before she and Victor were married!!

The woman holding the baby was Liz Foster, Jill’s mother. I believe the baby she held was her grandchild… I think it was Snapper’s child (Liz’s son.)

It was Liz Foster. But I think others here are correct. Nikki had the baby before the marriage.

Yes, the baby that Liz was holding was indeed Victoria, born onscreen in 1982, I believe she was almost 2 when Victor and Nikki got married

Wish they would have a track at the bottom of the screen to tell who everyone is

Who was the woman trying to kill Nikki on her 1st wedding day to Victor?

Eve Howard

That was Eve Howard. Victor had a one night stand with her. She had a son named Cole, who she told Victor he was the father of. Victoria later married him. Victor had to tell her he was her half brother, at which point they had their marriage annuled. Victor found out later he wasn’t his son, him & Victoria got married again. She hot pregnant with his child, but miscarried. He also had a relationship with Ashley, & Nikki. Miss those good old days!

Thank you for giving me a little backround. I didn’t watch Y & R from the beginning but my husband did. He couldn’t remember.

Who was the baby who said Mama (referring to Nikki) in the April 1984 episode?

Victoria is sitting on Jill Foster Abbott’s Mother Elizabeth’s lap

I did some digging…she had Victoria before she and Victor were married….it’s Vic!

I enjoyed the flashback to Victor and Nikki’s wedding. There was a young adorable boy that they flashed on a couple times and when Nikki walked down the aisle, he whispered “Mama”. Who was that supposed to be? I have to admit to not watching this show until 2000.

Do you think that was Dylan????

Bright blue eyes…..and we know now all these years later she had that other baby….
It must be!

They need to release ALLLLLLLLL of the past episodes, from the very beginning. I’d pay for the opportunity to watch all those shows from before my time to when i was old enough to start watching up through now even. It breaks my heart I can’t see these.

That is Victoria, who was born in 1982.

Victoria was 2 at the time, so it should have been her. But who was the woman trying to kill her??

So I looked it up. It was Cole’s mom, Eve Howard. She escaped the mental hospital.

By 1984, Victor was planning on marrying Nikki. When Eve read about this in the newspaper at the sanitarium, she tried to switch places with her roommate, who was about to be released but wanted to stay in the sanitarium. Eve knocked out a caterer and changed clothes with her to get into the hotel where Victor and Nikki were getting married. After the wedding, Eve went to Nikki’s room, and she prepared to stab her, but she was interrupted by Nikki’s sister, Dr. Casey Reed. So, Eve climbed into Victor’s trunk which was about to be placed on the plane for his honeymoon. At the last moment, the newlyweds changed their minds and decided to stay home. Victor learned that Eve had escaped; he found her and returned her to the sanitarium. A couple of months later, while Victor and Nikki were vacationing, Eve and Nikki’s former lover, Rick Daros, escaped from the sanitarium and returned to Genoa City. Rick had amnesia, forgetting he had tried to kill Nikki earlier in the year, and he became Eve’s lover. After breaking into the ranch, Eve stole money from Victor’s safe, and the two escaped to Europe.

Thanks for this.

The baby was Victoria

Everyone is so young of course in 84 I was onlyv30 so I was young as well time sure Flys my youngest was 5 my middle boy was 8 and my oldest was 9 man where has the time gone

The baby was Victoria!
I did some digging…Nikki had Victoria before she and Victor were married….it’s Vic!

I’m only 38 y.o. n have only been watching this since the 90s as I entered high school in 1992, so no I’m not interested in this episode; in fact I’m thoroughly confused n quite annoyed by this old and ancient episode no matter how classic only cuz I haven’t the slightest idea who a lot of these ppl are, so its highly frustrating. I’m more partial to actually knowing the characters n storylines of everyone on screen….trying to Google to keep up with this episode n get some point of reference is totally n completely exhausting!!!
BTW who’s the chick trying to poison or kill Nicki n why exactly is she doing that?

The woman trying to kill Nikki was Eve Howard, Victor’s former secretary who claimed her son Cole was the result of a one-night stand with Victor. When she learned that Cole was named in Victor’s will, Eve came up with a scheme to slowly poison Victor and claim his fortune for her son. Eve’s plot was foiled when Victor’s ex-wife Julia stumbled onto the plot via a phone call she overheard between Eve and her partner in crime Max. Eve was sent away to a mental institution which she escaped from just prior to Friday’s episode.

Years later while Victor was presumed dead (but was really living in Kansas with Hope), Cole came to Genoa City and eventually got engaged to Victoria and wrote his mother to tell her the good news. Eve freaked out that her son was going to marry his half-sister and flew to Genoa City to tell him he was Victor’s son. Before she could spill the beans, Eve fell into a coma from some tropical disease she got on a cruise. She died before being able to tell her son the truth and Cole and Victoria eloped. Victor read of his daughter’s marriage and returned to Genoa City to tell the newlyweds they were kin. The marriage was annulled but later Victor found a letter from a man claiming to be Cole’s father. He had a DNA test performed and it proved that he was not Cole’s father. Years later, Victoria and Cole had a daughter they named Eve but the baby died shortly after her birth.

That was Niki’s conjoined twin. She suffered from a blood disorder which was causing poison to flow through Niki. It was imperative that they be separated. She then grew up trying to poison Niki with the mindset that Niki was supposed to be poisoned because they should’ve never been separated….Bad blood between them!

So why did you watch?

Bill Bell wrote the episode himself. Not only was it a great wedding, but he made it clear that the Newmans and Abbotts were now the main families of Y and R, as he appeased many fans of the earliest years of the show when he brought back all the Brookes girls and Liz Foster as a farewell to them; they were the original families in the 70s when the program was only 30 minutes.

Everything about this episode was lush. Loved it.

The music and the Colannade Room! Colonel Austin! I am one fan who’d love to hear that music TODAY and see the lovely Colannade Room back in action. Top of the Tower pales by comparison.

Poor Colonel Austin passed away year ago.

Where does Dylan fit in age wise with Victoria & Nick?? I too thought the baby at wedding was Dylan yet Nikki gave him up for adoption.

who was the little girl sitting on mrs fosters lap during victor and nikkis first wedding? i recognize her but cant remember who she was

Who sang at their wedding? It just showed her for a few seconds, but I loved her voice. I thought it might be Gloria Louring.

Who was the little boy Jill’s mother was holding on her lap during victor and Nicki’s wedding broadcast todY.

Days Of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker Reflects Back on the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape with Donald Trump, and Speaks to Her Exit from Days of our Lives

It’s been eight years, but somehow seems like ages ago, that Arianne Zucker was thrust into the mainstream public limelight, unfortunately not for her work as Nicole on Days of our Lives, but for the Access Hollywood taped that surfaced when former president Donald Trump  and current Republican nominee, visited the set of the (then) NBC soap opera, and met Zucker.

The tape captured a hot mic moment between Trump and then ‘Access’ host Billy Bush inside of their bus which featured lewd remarks about Zucker between the two men.

Speaking on the moment, Zucker opened about it on Rachel Uchitel’s Miss Understood podcast, where the video version of the interview is now on Uchitel’s You Tube Channel. Back in 2005, Arianne was the scene partner with Trump in his Apprentice/Days of our Lives crossover appearance, because her character of Nicole was at the time a gold-digger.

Photo: JPI

Zucker shared of her on set experience with Trump from 2005, “I had a great experience. He was lovely, and I had no idea anything behind the scenes was happening. So, it never affected me.” Next in October 2016, Arianne says she it got a call from her manager at the time when the Access Hollywood tapes came to light and that is when she first heard about the situation.

The actress and life coach reflected back, “Everybody has spoken poorly about somebody in their lifetime. I don’t care who you are, everybody has, it’s just people get caught on camera doing it. Unfortunately, that happens all the time. And if you’ve ever gone to a fraternity party, these things happen. So (when she later read the taped comments) I’m going, ‘sounds like something my fraternity guys I know would say.’ But I just didn’t see it in the way that people were seeing it.’”

Expressing why she never made an official comment when the press were asking for one, Arianne revealed, “I didn’t make a comment though, because I was in fear of losing my job. So I didn’t say anything.”  She added, “I felt attacked by the media because I knew all they wanted. I mean, the biggest thing was to get Trump off the ballot. I was like, that is not my job.”

Later, Arianne explained she felt she received no protection from the situation. “I got no apology from my place of employment. I really got no apology from NBC. I felt I had no protection. ”

Photo: JPI

DAYS fans are counting down and not happily that about six weeks from now, on July 29th, when Zucker makes her on-screen exit from Days of our Lives. After being fired for standing up to Corday Productions for on set sexual harassment and discrimination charges, the actress formally filed a lawsuit she has brought against her former employer which includes charges of wrongful termination.

Zucker said on her upcoming departure from DAYS, “I will not say how I leave the show. I do respect that we don’t want to share that. We want the fans to be excited and enticed.” However, Arianne confirmed that the character of Nicole is not ‘killed-off”.

So, what do you think of Arianne’s comments reflecting back on the Access Hollywood tapes media frenzy with Donald Trump, and her upcoming exit from DAYS? Weigh-in. But first, check out Ari on Rachel’s podcast below.

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Matthew Atkinson Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful and Previews a Major Change in Thomas’ Life that “Shocks” Everyone

This Friday, June 21st, marks the first on-screen appearance of Matthew Atkinson (Thomas Forrester) on The Bold and the Beautiful since March of this year. In story, Thomas packed up and headed to Paris with his son, Douglas in tow, after Hope (Annika Noelle) turned down his marriage proposal for the second time.

Viewers have waited anxiously for his come back pondering, that when Thomas returns, would he go right back to pursuing Hope? What would be his demeanor after timeParis? Well, we are about to find out.

However, Hope now seems to be somewhat becoming obsessed with Finn (Tanner Novlan), Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) husband, and has developed feelings for him. Might Thomas’ return to Los Angeles have him finding Hope and Finn in a comprising situation?

Photo: JPI

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest on his imminent return, Atkinson shared on the Finn/Hope potential pairing, “From Thomas’ point of view, he knows nothing about it, and so maybe that helps my point of view.”

Teasing what to look for when Thomas returns to the canvas, Atkinson dropped, “Thomas has had one particular very large change in his life since he left town. And when he comes back, it is something that shocks everyone.” What would “shock” the family and everyone who knows him? Could it be that Thomas got engaged or married to another women, while he was in Europe?

Photo: JPI

Atkinson weighed-in on the fan response and support for those viewers missing him on-screen during his time away from the show, expressing, “I just never expected the response that I’ve gotten and we’ve gotten from the fans, especially (with) Thomas leaving. I can’t speak for all the fans, but there’s a wealth of people that are either really, really upset that Thomas is gone for a period or really sad. (They) reach out and they’re like, ‘Hey, when are you back? When are you back? When are you back?’ That just speaks to their care for this character.'”

So, what do you think will be the shocking change in Thomas’ life that is revealed when he returns to Los Angeles? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Dan Feuerriegel on EJ Keeping Eric From His Child, “He’s in the Deep End … There’s No Coming Back for Him Now”

On Days of our Lives, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has been reunited with her biological son, baby Jude. Her husband, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), is now keeping a major secret, and in order to keep it from coming out he had to get Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) out of Salem, and keep both Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) quiet and at bay.

However, as in any good soap opera, time is running out for EJ. What will happen when Nicole and Eric (Greg Vaughan) find out that EJ is not the little one’s biological father, but Eric is? And, what will happen when they realize EJ knew the truth and hid it from them?

This is just one item in a laundry list of skullduggery committed by EJ since he has been in Salem. With Arianne Zucker set to exit on-screen on July 29th, it looks like we are heading into the home stretch of the baby switch storyline.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Dan Feuerriegel to get his take on the situation and what it has been like working with Greg and Ari in the story.

Dan shared on EJ’s despicable decision to pretend he is Jude’s bio-dad, “I know I’m a terrible human being, but I love playing a terrible human being.” Feurriegel added, “Oh, he’s in the deep end. Like, there is no coming back for him now.”

The DAYS star also noted if EJ had done anything more nefarious to Sloan, his character might not ever be able to come back from that. “There’s only so much hatred EJ can get from the viewers that it probably would’ve been a bridge too far for me to just make her (Sloan) disappear,” clarified Dan.

Photo: JPI

As to his time working with Arianne Zucker as his on-screen wife, Dan had noting but praise for her. Feuerriegel expressed, “I loved working with her. She’s so good. She’s an amazing actress. She’s fantastic. Every scene that I did with her, I didn’t have to do anything because I just rode on the coattails of what she did. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Photo: JPI

Dan also had high marks for his on-screen nemesis, Greg Vaughan, “Greg is fantastic, like everybody in the storyline was amazing. Greg’s amazing … Ari’s amazing … Jessica was fantastic and that’s what made it work. I’m very grateful to have worked with every single one of them.”

Photo: JPI

On soap operas and especially on Days of our Lives, when someone exits, or ‘dies’ on-screen that doesn’t mean goodbye forever, and Dan knows this too. In regards to anyone who leaves Salem, the actor joked, “I’m not going to say the doors closed, because you never say never, especially in Hollywood or on a soap. I mean, I’ve come back and I was like two inches shorter and (with) a completely different face.”

So, how do you think Eric will find out that Jude is really his son, and that EJ has been lying to keep Nicole? Let us know in the comment section, but first Check out our conversation with Dan from the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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