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Y&R's Christmas Episode Shows That Its Emotional Heart Is Back And Beating Strong!



Watching Friday’s Christmas episode of The Young and the Restless reminds us how attention to the characters we love, their dynamics with each other, and how subtle moments played can resonate with its longtime and faithful viewers.

Under head writer Sally Sussman’s leadership, the writing of the series has already gotten back to some of the reasons that made Y&R a classic in the first place. On this holiday installment, the Newmans gather for their annual gathering with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) hoping both her sons: Dylan (Steve Burton) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) will both attend.  Unfortunately, Sharon (Sharon Case) and Dylan decide to sit this out, because of the volatile situation around Christian.  When the two are together, they lament that they both have a secret – they have each been carrying a photo of “Sully” aka Christian with them.  It’s a wistful time for Sharon and Dylan and touchingly played by Sharon Case and Steve Burton.

While Nick and Sharon’s daughter, Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) has decided to for now live with Nikki and Victor (Eric Braeden), Christmas is just lonely for Sharon and Dylan without kids around.  In another touching moment while at the Newman gathering, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) misses Adam.  Victor sees she is very sad, and reveals that he misses Adam, too.   Then in another emotional moment for longtime viewers, the unbreakable bond between Victor and Nick is shown through two examples 1) Nick harkeing back to when he was a young boy how he loved listening to his dad tell the Christmas story, and  still does.  2) In a flashback, Victor lifted him young Nick up to put the star on the tree, which is something In 2016, Nick did with his daughter, Faith.

Many major characters were part of this episode including: Billy (Jason Thompson) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle), who are happy to see each other, no matter how they try to protest. Cane (Daniel Goddard) even gave an olive branch to Billy to put aside their differences for the day, as he understands how much Billy misses his childen. We even had a lovely moment between Billy and his mother, Jill, played wonderfully by Thompson and Jess Walton.

However, it was the final moments of the episode that may have made viewers reach for the hankies. That was when Nick decides the right thing to do on Christmas Eve is to bring Christian over to see Dylan and Sharon.  The scene when he walks through the front door and hands Christian to Dylan while Sharon is filled with tears, capped a well-written holiday broascast.

So, what did you think of Y&R’s Christmas episode? What was your favorite moment during it? Comment below.

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Excellent, Superb. It’s so wonderful to see Y&R return to what it should be. I loved the whole show but the ending with Nick taking Christian over to see Sharon and Dylan was the icing on the cake. THANKS again to Sally and Kay, us fans so appreciate what both of you have done since your return to Y&R.

OK- being honest.
Y&R is good, I love it
The dialogue has been overly lame sappy campy in the Christmas scenes, and the phoney laughing was funny, actually.. I had some chuckles over it.
As long as I can get a chuckle or two from the campy sappy dialogue, I’m good with it.

I read a Harlequin love book, whatever their purpose was, once.
And I had book flashbacks of the dialogue of the book and Y&R, these days.

Y&R is great—
but a big GGGEEEEZUS for the campy sappy over done giggly laffy phoney Christmas stuff LOL ..

(sorta missing Pratt) but still luvin Y&R..

GOOD GAWD AMIGHTY CHILD. Did you bump Yo haid???

Merry Christmas, davlestev1 ..

No, I did not bump my head so I can’t use it as an excuse lol ..
That type of gooey sap dialogue is just Not Natural Speak .. It’s too Cutesie.

Genoa City is Dullsville..
Nothing going on that would be considered as gripping drama yeah know something a bit suspenseful or even exciting .
At the least, they could unleash Krampus!

We’ll all have `Watcher Diabetes` from an overdose of Christmas sugar.
Soaps ARE drama and at the present, Y&R is greatly lacking in delivering it..

But– I’m still luvin’ Y&R ..

I’ll second that! Miss Pratt? you’ve got to be joking!

suoo, I wish you’d look up the word “sappy” because you don’t seem to be clear on its meaning.
You were correct when you used to praise RC’s campy writing on GH. Now that was camp. Back then you used “campy” as compliment and now you seem to use it as an insult.
But unless you’re counting the fabulous Gloria, Y&R is not utilizing camp right now. It is currently grounding their characters back into reality and writing them in character rather than out of character.
Is Y&R kind of sappy right now? Yes, but I prefer to say it is sentimental.. But campy? No.

Hi Addison..
Ok– Sappy-
Excessively sentimental; mawkish.
Sad or romantic in a foolish or exaggerated way.

There is all types of camp like the B-Westerns are cheesy campy.
Japanese science fiction films such as Rodan are pure exaggerated camp.
And, the difference between “naive” and “deliberate” camp… like; naive camp is tasteless deliberate camp..
A fav is Mommie Dearest that was attempting to produce a serious movie that wound up unintentionally comedic dark camp lol
The Superman movie #1 Superman was screwball campy !!
And Yuck camp like-
Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, Female Trouble, Polyester, Cecil B. Demented etc..
More and different campy– Batman probably the first Super Hero television campiness, and the original Star Trek.
And- The Munsters, The Addams Family pure screwball camp
and exaggerated comedy like Get Smart was Yuk Camp.
There is people/persons camp like- Divine, RuPaul, Paul Lynde, and Liberace Campy .
And– “cheesy” camp and ”sappy” camp.. exaggerated Drama camp.
There are all types of camp..
Some fans describe Dark Shadows as totally serious horror-driven program, while others loved it for the Exaggeration and hidden humour. It is true camp, ”Drama” camp.
Some soap scenes are like the Simpsons camp’ to be tragically ludicrous or ludicrously tragic.. lol

“camp” can always be interpreted in at least two ways and the Y&R Christmas stuff is pure ”sappy” camp…
I do think that some soaps do campy but I don’t think any soap does it all the time..
It is all the charms of a soap opera..


Merry Christmas to you, Miss SUOO!

And I stand corrected. I meant you need to look up the word “campy” not “sappy”
While I love Y&R’s sentimentality, I can totally understand why you might call it sappy.
As you young folks say, my bad.


Goodness suOOO, What do you want? More plane crashes, fires, explosions??? I’m SO over the Pratt crap. He and Jill Firing Phelps couldn’t have left sooner.
Can I ask you a question? How long have you been watching Y&R?
This was a well written Christmas episode. The way they used to be.
Please stop whining. Do you want JFP and Pratt back!!!

Hi Gina ..
LOL you are Whining over my opinion .. 😉

Merry Christmas!

The Holidays, the REAL ONES ..

C’mon, bring it in for a big group Christmas
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ HUG }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

I Wish you all peace and joy and lots of food and gifts!
Enjoy every moment with family and friends!


Hanukkah, the annual Jewish Festival of Lights, overlaps with Christmas this year—an occurrence that hasn’t happened since 1978 and won’t take place again until 2027. (( begins this year on Dec. 24.

To All celebrating Hanukkah-
!!! Wishing you a great joyful Hanukkah !!!
— Love & Peace —

Dear Michael Fairman..
Have a great Christmas or Holiday!
Wishing you JOY, LOVE, and HAPPY HAPPY food and gifts!
God Bless ..

Merry Christimas Su!

That was very sweet of you, su0000! Wishing you and your loved ones as well as all the other terrific people posting at this site and site moderators a wonderful holiday season!

Take care, Friends! 🙂

The show is actually uncomfortable to watch now (if you can stay awake through the boredom that is). The horrible dialogue, the cringe-worthy “acting” (will Steve Burton’s face crack if he ever changes his expression?), the endless scenes about…nothing. This show has reverted to the 80s, and that is not a good thing.

Well, I most respectfully disagree. If it has reverted back to the 80’s, it’s in order to go back to the characters and their histories. I feel Sally Sussman is putting the chest pieces (Lauren and Michael back in their apartment with Gloria, Esther back at the Chancellor mansion as a maid, etc).back in their rightful positions in order to propel move the characters forward. Yes, I shall use an over used phrase because it’s appropriate–what you will have in 2017 will be well written character driven stories.
Maybe the repair period is dull for you but fasted your seat belts, the subsequent days will be a bumpy and fun ride.
I am afraid I do agree with you about Buurton. I think he’s a good actor it’s just they keep putting him in these cringe worthy situations where all he can do is sit there frowning like Charlie Brown on Christmas. It’s hard to watch him.

Addison, good response.

Me is right.

Y&R has felt like total filler material and endless long chatting about nothing.

I will start calling her Snoozefest Sally if the boring episodes and slow pace continue into Jan.

hi Newmanwins and Me..

I agree with both of you..
Y&R is imo reverting back to the snooze fest of Jean and Shelly’s writing.

IMO this episode proves you don’t need computer viruses, super evil villains or look a likes taking over a life– to have drama– yes it is a more subtle form of drama– but the whole episode although focus on the holiday the undercurrents were all there– who is Bella’s father– the tension between two brothers, a family struggling with forgiveness, torn between a life time of love and deep hurt- financial worries- dealing with profound loss and so many other conflicts and secrets– all there as everyone gathered to celebrate. And drama is authentic– could be happening to any of us– a fight between spouses (Devon and Hilary) dealing with misbehaving children (Victoria and her kids at the coffee house)- a child tracking Santa journey on the computer (Faith)– the traditions kept (Newman’s) the traditions broken (the Abbott’s)– there was a lot going on– but it isn’t thrown in your face like plot driven drama– this kind of drama you actually have to paid attention to, listen to the words being said and what is not being said–

It was truly a Merry Christmas for soap viewers—looking forward to a better New Year in soaps as well.

I agree Mary SF…and this is just the beginning…From the past several years, I think we need a little down time for the holidays then after the first of the year I know that things will heat up.

Amen Mary you said it so well.

Well said! I watched my DVDs of ATWT Xmas episodes and was struck how daytime dramas, inc Y&R, really made the most of the holiday and their characters to tell stories. Y&R has launched a strong reboot and I am amazed how the new writers are able to move us past the train wreck of tales we have endured in the last decade. I am excited for 2017.

Couldn’t have said it better, 2me it’s a snoozeeeee….

I agree with all the positive comments about the new direction Y&R is taking. It feels like going home and right now Y&R is reminding me a little bit of OLTL and that is a good thing.
My only quibble is I think the character of Faith is a petulant, spoiled little brat. For the love of all that is Holy, can someone please stand up to Rhoda, er, I mean Faith, and tell her that she will live where her parents tell her to live.
She ditches poor Dylan and Sharon on Christmas and you see her gleefully being spoiled by her grandparents during Christmas. She never once stops to worry about her mother and Dylan who have not only lost Sully, they’ve lost her too.

Footnote: MY Rhoda joke alludes to an old movie called “The Bad Seed.” Rhoda was the name of the evil little girl.

Other than a few cool flashbacks and some nice nods to history, Sally’s first three weeks have been very boring and slow paced episodes, and so far her writing style doesn’t look like there will be much riveting compelling drama in 2017. Y&R has literally nothing interesting on the horizon going into Feb sweeps, since Sally says we don’t need Adam back and therefore the Chloe reveal is being shelved, and her first three weeks in Dec and her preview for the month of Jan wasn’t and doesn’t sound like entertaining soap.

Sally’s idea of exciting reveals and worthy cliffhangers are the following….

Mariah tripping and falling on live television, Summer’s birthday party at the underground, Phyllis dying her hair blond, Faith running away, Victoria and Billy breaking inventory while giggling like idiots, and Devon and Hillary moving to a penthouse.

Where is the drama? Where is the buildup to something? Not the most entertaining headwriter .

Pratt was never boring and had improved under Mal’s watch.

On Faith, I agree with you Addison. I think she’s acting out like a spoiled brat. I’m also fed up with Nick. As some may think what he did was a kind jester, I think was mean. He walks into the house lets Dylan hold the baby then all goes back to the way it was. I can’t wait until Nick (the other spoiled brat) finds out Christian isn’t his. Nick darn well knows that Nikki & Victor treat her like rubbish so she won’t get to see Faith much but he stands there and does nothing because he can go over whenever he wants too. Faith needs to be told she’s going on the schedule they made up PERIOD. Victor & Nikki need to respect what the parents say and butt out and Faith needs to learn how lucky she is to have parents who love her. A lot of kids only wish to have a family to go home to. JMO

Meant to say Nick knows Victor & Nikki treat Sharon like rubbish.

Yes, Miss Nikki, and yet they referred to Nick acting like a human being for one split second as a “Christmas Miracle.”
Okay, I guess I do have some complaints about Y&R.

you will probably be waiting a long time for the reveal of christian’s biological father because the new head writer already said it will not be revealed for a good while if ever……………..

Nikki…BOTH EXACTLY AND THANK YOU!!!!! At this point, Nick is nothing but A SELF-RIGHTEOUS MORON!!!!! Watching that BUFFOON Nick is like watching Victor #2 (or whatever)!!!!! Beyond ick.

Later, Nikki.

I wasn’t expecting this from Nick it really shows what kind of man he really is.

Loved that Nick let Dylan and Sharon see baby Christian brought tears to my eyes.

Nick your such a sweetheart to take Christian to see Sharron and Dillon you didn’t have to.

He is a absolute flaming a hole


Y&R is nap time. The 80’s were great…in the 80’s. This is an entirely different century and rehashed 30 year old plots acted by actors doing the same things thirty years later has no appeal except for those who’ve been around long enough to be nostalgic. Pratt WAS bad. I’ve seen nothing so far to suggest soapy Sally is any better. Most of Sussman’s favorite characters have been totally trashed and having them sit around looking regretful doesn’t change that. It will take real skill and smart, 21st century story-telling to fix this mess for the present. The future should not ever be a dusted off rerun of the past IF relevance is the goal and the key demo matters. Sorry Sally. Fuzzy wuzzy memory lane is coma inducing. Even Days is much more interesting. Get out of the time machine and join us for 2017. Otherwise, NEXT!!


Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Four-Year Renewal: “We Never Take Any of This For Granted, Trust Me”

On Tuesday, CBS officially gave The Young and the Restless a four-year renewal which will take the daytime drama series onward through its 55th anniversary season in 2027-2028.

Y&R has remained the top-rated soap opera for 36 consecutive years and CBS’ longest-running series in its storied history.

Sharing his reaction to the great news was Y&R’s iconic star, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman).  Standing outside of CBS Television City where The Young and the Restless is taped, Eric addressed the renewal in a video, and how the show could not have done this without the power of the fans all around the world.

Photo: JPI

Eric began, “We were renewed for four years. I’ve been coming to this studio for 44 years now, and now we have another four years added to it. How wonderful is that? And that’s thanks to you, to all of you, who are loyal fans all over the world.”

In addition, Braeden acknowledged how truly special the four-year pick-up is, when in this day and age, any series could get canceled at any time. “Love you all and we never take any of this for granted, trust me,” he shared. “Alright, you’d be cool. I’m very happy to hear about the four year renewal. I really am. Because in today’s world you can’t take anything for granted. And in the changing world of media, seemingly nothing is prominent. But we are here another four years. Alright, be cool everyone. I love it. And thank you. Thank you for your loyalty.”

Braeden began playing the role of ruthless business man, Victor Newman back in 1990. Throughout the years, he has shared that he initially didn’t want the role, but how it led him on an incredible journey playing this one-of-kind character on television.

What do you think about Eric acknowledgement of the enduring fans of The Young and the Restless who have kept tuning-in through thick and thin to the loves and the drama of the residents of Genoa City all these years? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eric Braeden (@ericbraedengudegast)

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All My Children

Soap Favorites Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young Visit the Michael Fairman Channel

On Wednesday night, February 28, Four for Fun, the movie written and directed by former Days of our Lives and General Hospital star, Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas; ex-Matt, respectively), which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, Lucky, GH, and Rick, B&B), will have its premiere as part of The Golden State Film Festival.

If you’re in the Southern California area, tickets for the festival and to see Four for Fun showing at 7:30pm PT can be found here.

In the premise of the film, a dinner party between two couples experiencing eleven different endings, all of which points to the same conclusion – the best possible life comes from the one lived the most in the present. Sarpy and Young play one of the couples and actors Donovan Patton and Annika Foster, play the other.

Photo: FourforFun

After its premiere at the festival, on the next night, Jason, Brytni and Jacob will visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream conversation about the making of the film, working with each other, and a discussion on their numerous soap opera roles and much more.

It all begins on Thursday night, February 29th beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Make sure to join us in the live chat, so you can ask your questions and share your comments with this talented trio.

Photo: FourforFun

Check out the trailer for Four for Fun below, followed by how to watch the livestream interview.

Then, drop any questions you would like us to pose to Jason, Brytni and Jacob in the comment section, and we just might ask it live on Thursday night.


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REPORT: CBS to Exercise Option to Renew The Bold and the Beautiful Through 2024-2025 Season

Hot on the heels of today’s announcement of The Young and the Restless being picked-up for four more season, many have wondered what this means for its sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

According to a report by TV Line, during B&B’s last renewal pick-up for two years, CBS included an option for an additional year. So, when B&B’s current renewal expires this May, (just like Y&R’s was set to do) it included an additional option year.

A CBS source told the outlet, that the option will be exercised, extending B&B through the 2024-25 TV season. There most likely would be no official announcement for B&B continuing on for another year, since its not part of a newly-negotiated extension.

Photo: Sean Smith/Bell-Phillip Prods

The Bold and the Beautiful was co-created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell and premiered on CBS back on March 23, 1987. The series will be celebrating its 37th anniversary next month.

Photo: JPI

Currently, viewers were in for a shock when this week, it appears that the powers-that-be ended the reign of terror of supervillain Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) or did they?

With Y&R renewed for four years, B&B expected for another under its current contract with CBS, Days of our Lives renewed through its 60th season and General Hospital continuing on, it looks like there is no need to worry at present time that the four remaining soap operas are going anywhere.

So, glad to know B&B will have CBS pick-up their option for at least another year? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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