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Sean Carrigan Returns to The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI

A ‘stitch’ in time saves nine … isn’t that how the saying goes? Coming up on The Young and the Restless, Dr. Ben “Stitch” Rayburn is returning to Genoa City when actor Sean Carrigan reprises his role … and will he be there to immediately help sort out the issues in ex-wife, Abby’s life (Melissa Ordway)?

According to TV Insider, Carrigan will be back on-screen on the CBS daytime drama series beginning with the Friday, June 25th episode.

“Stitch” left town back in 2017 to move to Iowa to practice medicine and help care for his son Max who was put in a long-term care facility following brain surgery.

Meanwhile in story now, Abby is awaiting the birth of her first child thanks to her surrogate, Mariah and sperm donor, Devon.

But what will happen when Stitch returns to town and learns Abby is married (although Chance is on a mission and away from Genoa City) and expecting her first child via surrogacy?  Might their romance ignite once again? Stay tuned.

So, glad to hear Sean Carrigan is returning to Y&R? How will this story with Abby play out? Comment below.

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Ok, I am actually very happy to hear about this return of Stitch, and I had not even thought of this as a possibility. Maybe Avery will return too? Would love her to be Nick’s partner – I cannot stand Phyllis.

And hopefully Stitch’s son Max is in a much better mental place and may shake up things with the Faith and Moses age group. It will be interesting to see if Connor is SORASED upon his return to GC but there have been FaceTime viewings of the young actor. And we haven’t seen Christian in years. Hoping YR does as good a job with the youth generation as GH with Trina, Joss, and Cam. I loved Alivia as Faith for we watched her grow up, but the new Faith casting is also spot on.

Excuse me while I yawn!

Y&R has become beyond junk..
There is not one story that is intriguing or interesting.
There is some kind of rating manipulation to keep it #1
through the many decades– when there have been many soaps
better than Y&R throughout the years, I assume.___________
Abby has turned into a childish dimwit -its stomach-turning.
It is subpar stories that are empty of entertainment._________
And-__ Stitch will not change the downfall of whatever it is now.
What has been done to the great awesome Adam is criminal.
Adam is no longer exciting he’s become mundane. blah.____
And Adam was the only thing Y&R had that resembled a heavy-hitting character
(besides victor)____
The Abbots are weak and boring and Jack is a gullible nitwit sucker.
What a shame–

You tell it like it is, but I did like Stitch a lot, except what he put Abby through with that kid of his. He was such a little monster that by the time we found out what was wrong with him, we didn’t have much sympathy for him. So is Stitch the one who’s been lurking around I wonder, doesn’t seem his M.O.

Hi Violet 🙂
Stitch won’t be around long..
Isn’t he a short-term guest?
Anyways it will be a treat to have someone different on my screen,
Y&R, IMO, is circling the drain=BORING!
I watch out of habit and hope that something entertaining will happen.
Perhaps this time around the Writers will write Stitch differently..
Stitch put his child ahead of Abby-I give him a pat on the head for that..
Anyways- it will be interesting and something new to watch.
Hopefully something exciting.

I cannot stand this Adam. No chemistry at all with Chelsea. There was only one Adam and he will never be back based on his new status and fame in prime time.

@su000 Completely agree 100%! There has to some rating manipulation. The writing is horrific.

Seriously???? They dump the fabulous Abby-Chance relationship just to bring in some other guy from her past? Come on Y&R. What is the point?

I bet they want to have a little friction between Abby and Chance when he gets back,especially having a new one, so why not give him a little competition?

This is an interesting casting move. Looks like I’ll have to wait until Saturday to watch the episode as I do not have cable much less streaming to watch it on Friday (I’m gonna miss the Emmy’s as of now).

Michael Teale
I think you should be able to see it on the Internet if you have it and they always show it on Utube

I think it would be better to bring Chance back. I’m so tired of this absentee story. Either break up Abby and Chance or bring him back.

Son of a STITCH! Horrible news. I hated the character. Poor Abby, she always gets the wrong guy! The ONLY way this would work is for Stitch to turn bad, manipulate and kidnap her and Chance come to the rescue!

Oh Timmm. I was already having a bad day and then this! Mr. BLAND returns. Why? The personality of a dial tone, with zero charisma. And what of his delightful son Max the Murderer? Will he be gracing our sorry screens also? Meanwhile — no Traci, Ashley, Kevin, Gloria, Paul, and minimal Lauren and Chloe. The show is a disaster right now.

Good call. Stitch comes back and we rarely see Tracy, Ashley, Paul, Gloria, ect. Maybe “Mad Max” comes back and thins the cast out for us? Goodbye Tessa, Devon, Moses, Sally, Rey and daddy! Paul would have plenty of crime scenes! But you know Chance is on the way. Stitch and Abby will find a way back in each others lives just in time for Chance to come out of a deep cover and have his heart broke!

Great strategy, Timmmy. But, if Chance were to return, I doubt it will be Donny.
I do agree with you—-inasmuch as I like Stitch, I would really hate it if “Mad Max” ( to use your moniker)—made an appearance—once bitten……
To be honest, what Y&R needs right about now is a little comedy amidst all the darkness—-doom and gloom has been on the menu for so long—-these people are like robots in a Sci-Fi movie. I suggest Stuart from MADtv as Chance. “Look what I can do”….Too old?

I agree. GH always has some rib ticklers in its show! Billy kind of tries to be funny or smarmy? Chance has to be suave. They need someone like Jax from GH. Stuart from MADtv doesnt fit that description.

Where is Paul. Kevin is a great actor, Gloria unbeatable; Chloe and lauren too.
Your core group needs regrouping.

As long as he is shirtless! Pec-o-licious!

Anything Abby related is a ‘ no’
Why a decade later the ptb are still trying with this actress/ character in a major role is beyond me
This latest story is by far the nail of the coffin
The only way to make Nina and Mariah are the portrayers boring is to force them inti anything Abby related
The only brief moment Abby was cute and intresting was with her real life husband Justin Gaston when subbed in as Chance. Even he and Tricia Cast were believable as mom and son.
Abby is unbearable and should be a supporting character with this actress
Further why four years later Josh ‘the insomnia curer’ Griffith still has a job is inexcusable

Nothing against the actor but WHY? Not a character I really cared for the first time around.

Very, very interesting. Just one thing, though: Y&R…PLEASE DO NOT put Stitch with that GOD-AWFUL Victoria. One round (or whatever) of Stitch and Victoria was QUITE ENOUGH!!!!!


I don’t think you have to worry about them getting together. I think she and Ashland will be a couple and daddy will save his sorry butt. Victor can do just about anything that’s called of him, and I can’t understand why Summer hasn’t gone to him to help her from Tara’s and Sally’s threats.

Oh Violet, my thoughts exactly. And I had hoped Phyllis would get to the bottom of this mess and send Tara packing but instead the writers have her on “clueless” mode. Lauren, too. Hmmm, Summer gets a job offer out of the blue for a position she didn’t even apply for, which leaves the door open for slimy Sally to slide into a job she openly admits to coveting since she blew into town. HELLO?

Hi, Jay
It has been so long—-glad to see you post—I guess all is well with you; covid and all!!
I must say I liked Stitch ( much to the dismay and dislike of others). TPTB decided to black-mark him through his monster of a kid. NuChance never did it for me—-the “real” Chance should return ( hot, hot, hot) with his brother Ronan!!
My question is, Why? Why is he back? What’s afoot?
I am not getting this idiotic surrogacy at all either. I missed so many episodes, for one reason or another—didn’t catch up. Of all the sperm donors, why Devon? Is it to quell this racist-card that’s been so constantly thrown around as an excuse for every bad deed and words permeating the air?
Then, there are two insipid, not-so-femmes fatales “objects”: Tara and Sally, who add nothing to the show except propelling me to want to slap them silly. What has happened to my favorite soap?
Hope to see you here more frequently, Jay..

To make matters worse, Celia, Devon just barely got wind of Abby’s plan and sprints over to volunteer himself for the task! I can’t even imagine the ego of a man who thinks that highly of himself. Other than politicians, that is.

Oh, Soaphound—-these crazy kids. LOL.
Whose egg is it? Mariah’s?–how unfortunate!! Abby can’t get pregnant and Chance has loser-swimmers? —Or is he impotent?
I repeat–Poor, poor Abby.—this whole thing is so upside-down confusing—-It’s like giving one’s own child away—most convoluted storyline yet!!

Right? These remaining soaps are all screwed up–“Billy” is NOT Billy—Ciara (Days) is not Ciara—-so weird. Theo and his man-bun—-or should I say boy—-with cheeks you’d love to squeeze—so plump.
And, John Black? He gives me the heebie-jeebies—hugging Belle and Claire—kissing Marlena the yucky way he does—-creepy!! It seems to me that his beloved Doc recoils in discomfort—or is it repulsion?
Then, at the risk of everyone coming down on me—-I am so tired of bad grammar ( and, I do not mean typos or spelling mistakes)– I mean the honest-to-goodness ignorance of the rudiments of grammar rules. Once and for all, the expression is—between you and me—NOT between you and I. Object of the preposition. Period!!!!!!
I suppose using the subjective pronoun “I” sounds better?
Today, Billy said “taken back”—no, the term is, “taken aback”!!
What’s worse? Academia is not Academia and all it is supposed to represent and encompass. Who pays the price? Our youth!!

I feel the whole story line is a bit crazy. Not sure why they got rid of the Chance character.

The actor portraying Chance was the issue, not the character of Chance. Donny did not abide by the Covid protocols that were established by CBS and Sony. He got Covid right before the Abby/Chance wedding was being filmed, thus Melissa’s real life husband stepping into the role, and then after that, Donny went back home to Texas for Thanksgiving, and did not wear masks, etc. while Covid was spiking all around the country with multiple new variants, so CBS/Sony had to make a fast change in the storyline, and get rid of Donny.

Completely such a stupid thing of Donny to do. Margherita—I wasn’t aware of this so-very important fact—-self-centered, selfish people should stop and think about others—-this world would be a better place in which to live if they did.
If my eighty-year-old grandmother can wear a mask ( which she hates to do), albeit vaccinated, so can Donny and his ilk.
Nonetheless, this partcular Chance did not do the character justice—-too bland, in my opinion.

Hi Celia — I knew nothing regarding this discussion re: COVID. I did find him interesting; not the usual soap leading man. Also, apparently, also not the leader in confronting this virus.

I like to separate the talent and the virus; not always easy to do.


I am just flabbergasted that Y and R cannot write good story for a young couple comprised of two legacy characters! Abby and Chance have chemistry to burn, they should be the lead couple on the show!

They saddled them with infertility, and now feature endless scenes of Nina, Mariah, and Abby sitting around talking. These are Emmy winning and nominated actresses and they are being wasted!

Bring Chance back and start writing some dynamic story for one of the best young couples the show has ever had! As a couple, they rope in all the greats! The Newman’s, the Abbott’s, Jill, Nina, the Chancellor’s etc.

If they can’t mine a story from that embarrassment of riches, something is wrong!!

He is suprisely witty

I have always liked Sean– I was really into Stitch and Abby together—I never really got any “Oh, yeah”-vibe between Abby and Lance.
Aside—contrary to popular soaps and Google translation, “ciao” does not mean, “see you later”—-in actuality, it means both “hello” and “bye-bye”—-

Celia, I wish I could agree but he just rubs me the wrong way. But.. so did Chance so maybe Abby is my real issue. Either way, the story is D.O.A. for me and it looks like poor Mariah is destined for the gestational period of the elephant. And Victoria has gotten so hard and ruthless, like you-know-who. But at least Victor has some humorous asides like “I’ll be damned” or “You were nothing but a pole strippah and now I can’t stand you!” Lighten up, Vicki.

HaHaHa—You always bring a smile to my face, Soaphound.
I did not like Victor for most of my teen years and beyond. But, now I get him. He has that twisted humor which needs to be grasped at the onset otherwise it’s lost.
So, how long does an elephant gestate? Too funny!!
Victoria is unrecognizable, agreed.
As far as Stitch, I did like him—-now, he has to prove himself—if he stays long enough. Better than dealing with the last Chance ( pardon the pun) —could not stomach him.
John Driscoll was the IT Chance for me—-doesn’t look as hot anymore. Nonetheless, he was entertaining, a real guy and not someone who was there as a fixture for Abby—poor girl can’t get a break. Love her!!

Looks like I am one among few that like this actor and the character. I did feel that he was a little more matured than Abby when they were married. She was younger and very spoiled which didn’t help their marriage.
On another note, I do believe Mariah is pregnant in real life and if I’am right, my bet is it’s a girl, it’s just the way she looks all around and not just in the front.

Guess Iam continuing this post from yesterday, but seeing Stitch looking in the window at Mariah, actually lurking gave me a funny feeling that he’s here to stay for a while and not on his way out of town as he said he was. Is he even interested in Abby or Mariah or is it the baby? Spooky!

Again, watching Thurs. show and Mariah has gone missing only leads me to what I surmised on my previous post. Stitch has kidnapped her because he wants the baby to make up for losing not only the one with Abby but the one wasting away in the mental hospital.

Wow! away for a bit. Did not see today nor yesterday’s work. It took me quite a while to find this site where I recognized names and comments. When I can review the program I have mixed feelings. Yesterday when I saw the expected Kiss between Victoria and I don’t even know his name, I thought, were I filming, I would have hoped that was not the better of all the shots.

Tired of Adam and Chelsea, kind of thought Phylliss would know how to read what was going on with Kyle and his child’s mother.

I do dislike Jack’s stupidity. For me his role should evolve into one of widom rather than another unwise elder.

I can’t even remember what happened to “Ben.” However I found a bit of chemistry between the new husband and Abbey. He was not the typical “soap opera leading male.” I found that interesting.

Hope I can find this spot again. I enjoy you all.

Tani Sterling


Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Four-Year Renewal: “We Never Take Any of This For Granted, Trust Me”

On Tuesday, CBS officially gave The Young and the Restless a four-year renewal which will take the daytime drama series onward through its 55th anniversary season in 2027-2028.

Y&R has remained the top-rated soap opera for 36 consecutive years and CBS’ longest-running series in its storied history.

Sharing his reaction to the great news was Y&R’s iconic star, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman).  Standing outside of CBS Television City where The Young and the Restless is taped, Eric addressed the renewal in a video, and how the show could not have done this without the power of the fans all around the world.

Photo: JPI

Eric began, “We were renewed for four years. I’ve been coming to this studio for 44 years now, and now we have another four years added to it. How wonderful is that? And that’s thanks to you, to all of you, who are loyal fans all over the world.”

In addition, Braeden acknowledged how truly special the four-year pick-up is, when in this day and age, any series could get canceled at any time. “Love you all and we never take any of this for granted, trust me,” he shared. “Alright, you’d be cool. I’m very happy to hear about the four year renewal. I really am. Because in today’s world you can’t take anything for granted. And in the changing world of media, seemingly nothing is prominent. But we are here another four years. Alright, be cool everyone. I love it. And thank you. Thank you for your loyalty.”

Braeden began playing the role of ruthless business man, Victor Newman back in 1990. Throughout the years, he has shared that he initially didn’t want the role, but how it led him on an incredible journey playing this one-of-kind character on television.

What do you think about Eric acknowledgement of the enduring fans of The Young and the Restless who have kept tuning-in through thick and thin to the loves and the drama of the residents of Genoa City all these years? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eric Braeden (@ericbraedengudegast)

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Soap Favorites Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young Visit the Michael Fairman Channel

On Wednesday night, February 28, Four for Fun, the movie written and directed by former Days of our Lives and General Hospital star, Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas; ex-Matt, respectively), which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, Lucky, GH, and Rick, B&B), will have its premiere as part of The Golden State Film Festival.

If you’re in the Southern California area, tickets for the festival and to see Four for Fun showing at 7:30pm PT can be found here.

In the premise of the film, a dinner party between two couples experiencing eleven different endings, all of which points to the same conclusion – the best possible life comes from the one lived the most in the present. Sarpy and Young play one of the couples and actors Donovan Patton and Annika Foster, play the other.

Photo: FourforFun

After its premiere at the festival, on the next night, Jason, Brytni and Jacob will visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream conversation about the making of the film, working with each other, and a discussion on their numerous soap opera roles and much more.

It all begins on Thursday night, February 29th beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Make sure to join us in the live chat, so you can ask your questions and share your comments with this talented trio.

Photo: FourforFun

Check out the trailer for Four for Fun below, followed by how to watch the livestream interview.

Then, drop any questions you would like us to pose to Jason, Brytni and Jacob in the comment section, and we just might ask it live on Thursday night.


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REPORT: CBS to Exercise Option to Renew The Bold and the Beautiful Through 2024-2025 Season

Hot on the heels of today’s announcement of The Young and the Restless being picked-up for four more season, many have wondered what this means for its sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

According to a report by TV Line, during B&B’s last renewal pick-up for two years, CBS included an option for an additional year. So, when B&B’s current renewal expires this May, (just like Y&R’s was set to do) it included an additional option year.

A CBS source told the outlet, that the option will be exercised, extending B&B through the 2024-25 TV season. There most likely would be no official announcement for B&B continuing on for another year, since its not part of a newly-negotiated extension.

Photo: Sean Smith/Bell-Phillip Prods

The Bold and the Beautiful was co-created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell and premiered on CBS back on March 23, 1987. The series will be celebrating its 37th anniversary next month.

Photo: JPI

Currently, viewers were in for a shock when this week, it appears that the powers-that-be ended the reign of terror of supervillain Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) or did they?

With Y&R renewed for four years, B&B expected for another under its current contract with CBS, Days of our Lives renewed through its 60th season and General Hospital continuing on, it looks like there is no need to worry at present time that the four remaining soap operas are going anywhere.

So, glad to know B&B will have CBS pick-up their option for at least another year? Comment below.

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