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Sebastian Roche Returns To General Hospital As Jerry Jacks!



Another baddie is involved with Robin being kept from her loved ones!

After Helena (Constance Towers) was behind Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) initial imprisonment and help captive via Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis) over a year ago at the Crichton-Clak Clinic, it looks like it will be revealed that Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche) is now involved, yet again, and has Robin in a very dangerous predicament!

Nathan Varni, ABC Manager, Current Programming who looks after General Hospital related via Twitter this tease for Thursday’s episode “Will Jerry give Robin one more chance or is the clock ticking & time running out?”

Looks like Roche is slated to appear in several episodes for a short story arc!  The question is, how will this all unravel? What does Jerry want in all of this now?  Will Patrick  (Jason Thompson) save the day and finally find out the whole truth about where Robin has been all of this time?  Are you glad Sebastian is making a return? Comment below

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Are the current writers cleaning house at GH and dispensing all this crazy villainy? I would like that even though we lose some talents. These zany plots (often repeated) are growing old for me.

Agree that they are growing old. I think Sebastian is extremely talented & glad he is willing to come back to GH… but I’m kind of over Jerry and the repeat story lines.

I hope they bring back Heather Webber, I could definitely enjoy some Robin Mattson

Yes, I miss her like crazy.
Oops, I said the word!

Oh, yes, Jeremy!!!! I would love to see Heather and some of her more evil mischief. Actually I would love to see her and Dr. O go at it!!

Absolutely, Jeremy! Heather has never been one to stay contained, no matter the nut bin to which she’s been incarcerated, so it really begs the question as to what her latest (offscreen) escapades have included. She would certainly not have been denied her beloved BLT’s for this long, so one hopes that her mysterious whereabouts are once again to be part of an upcoming storyline….maybe even as a Christmas surprise!

her opening scene should be seeing her eating a BLT

and …out and about; free; reigning her magnetisms

she’s so good solidifying any scene she’s with… captivates and takes everyone with

Agreed- isn’t Heather Grant-webber up at bat know?

Thank you for your kind comments below, Patricio! Actually, “Shay” is just my self-given nickname, which I concocted from a combination of my real first and middle names, but knowing that it means “gift” in Hebrew makes me love it even more! Then again, my official first name apparently translates from ancient times to “(beautiful) princess,” so what more could a girl ask for? (And no, my parents were not aware of this when they chose it, they simply liked the sound of it, felt it befitting and decided it went well with our surname.) At any rate, my best wishes for a Happy Hanukkah to you and yours…especially your own “Shay”—however he spells it—and your wife! By the way, I quite remember you from the “Downton Abbey” threads….I’ve currently been watching reruns of last season in anticipation for the upcoming–and sadly, last—one which begins airing in January. Cannot believe we shall soon be saying a most fond farewell to the Crawley family and all the magnificent aspects of their saga.

Hello again, Patricio! Your observations regarding the power to reinvent one’s self through a simple change of name were quite spot on, although mine was purely for the purpose of creating an online nom de plume…..I’m really perfectly content with my given one in terms of “real life.” But for those who elect to redefine their journey in a new direction with a fresh moniker, well, good on them! As for “Downton Abbey’s” approaching swansong, I believe it was decided upon for a number of reasons….first and foremost, it shall end at a time in history when that way of life was reaching its natural conclusion, and thus, seems appropriate to leave the Crawleys at that particular societal crossroad in the mid-1920’s….giving us both a feeling of completion, yet a hint of delicious mystery as to what the future holds for these beloved characters. Also, after six seasons, many of the actors were ready to move on to other projects….this series was so all encompassing, it made it difficult to do much else, especially in the US, which is where at least a few of the cast members are looking to take a shot at more mainstream success. Lastly, series creator Julian Fellowes wanted to go out on top and not belabor the charming aspects of this popular program until people became weary of them, plus, he’s personally in high demand to devote his considerable talents in different directions, including an NBC period-piece drama in this country focusing on “The Gilded Age” and an adaptation of an Anthony Trollope work as a miniseries in the UK. (Oh, and perhaps most importantly, Dame Maggie has stated that she needs a rest!!!! One could never do “Downton” without Dowager Countess Violet! LOL….) Having said that, I must credit the current Downton cast for sticking together for the past six seasons….there were very few defections—save pretty much for those two major examples of the individuals who portrayed Matthew and Sybil, which created the need for their unsettling departures—-and that level of commitment by such a vast group of acting professionals was truly phenomenal, in fact, practically unheard of in this day and age, and should be lauded, since I’m sure there were quite a number of passed-over opportunities that certain talents refused in order to continue with the show and its demanding schedule. Therefore, whilst I’m more than disappointed to see the end in sight for this incredible cultural phenomenon, I’m also gratified that we’ve had the great fortune to experience it for six fabulous years, not to mention the possibility which remains for a future full-length feature movie somewhere down the line. That hope—and fond wish for another blissful glimpse into the Crawley family escapades —shall keep me going for now, along with the rapt anticipation of savoring the last episodes beginning in January! P.S. You’re most welcome for the season’s greetings!

Robin will be rescued by Robert Scorpio and reunited with Patrick…the Drakes will leave together in the Witness Protection Program…Patricks new identity will be as a man named Billy Abbot and he will live in Genoa City…Robin will be do doctor duty in some other country…lol

No, Robin goes to Genoa City with Patrick and works at Memorial, falls in love with Stitch AND I throw ANOTHER brick through my TV screen!

Make that a double brick!

What are we going to do with Stitch, Timmm? There’s no indication that he’s leaving on the horizon; no impending illness forcing him to be seen as little as possible.
Well, at least today, I saw a little of Dylan’s human side. Fatherhood ( poor guy) does bring out the softness in him…..

funny jimh, how bout robin like time said works at memorial but instead of stich falls for dylan? all kiddin aside, lets not put this in the universe, for all we know jfp is reading this an plotting to do just that.

Now thats a scary thought…lol

JJ is a great villain. He is the male version of the “Dearly Departed” Helena! I recognized his voice in the promo from Wednesday. Great to see him back and I wander why he doesnt show up in more TV and movies?

cimmm, you be surprise how much tv he does do, you can see him on some tv shows, can’t name them all, bt he’s been on the cw shows a lot.

I’ll have to IMDB him, thanks aria.

OH what fun…Sebastian is such a great actor… Jerry Jax is
deliciously NASTY to the core… Let’s see how they write for him…
if well thought out, this could be a very good storyline there’s plenty
of BAD blood between Robin & Jerry…plus other PC residents…
Hopefully he isn’t over Alexis either and goes after her as well.

Isn’t it weird, Fanny, that I like this guy? Jerry Jax is a devil, but I just can’t see him that way. The face doesn’t fit his dastardly deeds. Obviously Robin will extricate herself one way or another. Perhaps she will escape, or Jerry will be appeased and will release her….I doubt that, though. So the Drakes family unit will be reunited. Not pleased to see Emma gone.
Now, my Fanny, love….I take back what I said about Jason not having any visceral strength or as su so eloquently put it; cojones. What he said to Liz was everything upon which I commented and what I wanted him to say. Hurray!!!! Enfin and Finalmente. ……about time, writers!!.
I wonder where he will go….his mother’s? Carly’s and Sonny’s or Sam’s? Later.

@CeeCee….SWEETS, I feel the same way about Jerry always have..
It may well have something to do with his cultured accent, his elitist attitude,
his undeniable smarts, OH… And have I mentioned he can be extremely
charming. Not so kind when riled, bordering on cruel.. Hey no one ever
said he was perfect…..his brother Jax is better suited 4 that role anyway.
As you so well put CeeCee, Enfin et Finalmente ! New-found Jason took
off his rose colored glasses and put his big boy pants on❗️❗️❗️

Oh, yes, CeeCee, I concur that Helena has most likely not reached room temperature, but I’m still only being cautiously optimistic because Jerry is known for his mind games, and if the past is any indication, not only do those practices extend to GH characters, but to the viewers, as well. There have been so many times I expected things to go one way with him, and then such is so not the case. He has always taken a special delight in taunting Robin and her parents, so at this point, I am trying not read too much into his utterances. But I totally expect for Mr. Jacks to have some sort of stupendous standoff with Anna and Robert when they finally come to rescue their daughter! I cannot wait! Yesterday’s episode certainly whetted my appetite for more of this adventure, so to see the show return to much of the same old, same old today was quite the letdown….save for Billy Miller’s oh so skillful performance. He now owns the character of Jason, whether as a Morgan, Q, or most likely, an exciting hybrid of both…Steve who???? (Just please don’t subject us to a revitalized bromance with Sonny….it needs to remain “Stone Cold!”)

@CeeCee…Oh, I almost forgot…I do expect Paul to be part of Jerry’s current inner circle of iniquity…it makes perfect sense, since Hornsby goes way back with Faison, and Cesar and Mr. Jacks were recent cohorts. Speaking of Anders Hove, wouldn’t it be such a kick to see him slip into Port Charles under the dead of night with his “daughter” Britta for a holiday family reunion ala Dr. O.????( ‘Twould certainly not be a “Stille Nacht” at ChezObrecht!!!!)

Oh, Shay; what charming dialogue….expressive play-on-words; “Stone Cold”! Talk about double entendres. You are a master ( actually mistress, but that word sounds disreputable, somehow, lol) of prose.
Absolutely, Shay. I am so happy and proud to get my Billy back. That is our indomitable Billy Miller and his unmatched charisma. His eyes, told so much. He didn’t even have to speak.
And, yes. Billy now owns Jason. He made the character his own. Veni Vidi Vici. Later, love.

Correction. There should be no comma in the sentence…”His eyes told so much”.


you have slayed the truth; Jerry Jaxs locks you in

“Delicious” is the perfect word to describe Jerry Jax, Fanny! I am always thrilled when Sebastian R. slithers his way back into a GH storyline! Having him be the miscreant holding Robin in captivity in Helena’s “absence”—I refuse to acknowledge her so-called “death” because I so want her to return another day….—is just a perfect twist, given his history with Dr. Scorpio-Drake. For the first time in an absolute age, I’m actually looking forward to upcoming GH episodes….cannot wait for the arrival of Robert…what a Christmas gift that shall be for longtime viewers!

@Shay…Christmas gift indeed… Hopefully Kathleen G. gets
some well deserved AIR TIME as well.

Hi, again, Shay.
I think there was enough proof for me to assume Helena is not dead. I thought I heard Robin ask to experiment on Helena’s body, to find a cure, is it? But, Jerry denied the request.
I also think that Paul may be involved with him. Is this the time when Scorpio rescues Robin, as jimh suggests? He’s usually right on the money, as is Timmm. Will Jerry succumb to Robert’s demands or will there be an outright war? The plot thickens, Watson! Lol. ‘Nite.

You are so funny Shay. Is your name the Hebrew Shay? My isreali wife had me name my son Shay. It means “gift”

We spell it differently


“Shay” means gift

’nuff said

Thank you, Patrick!

Hi there Shay. Thank you for the holiday greetings for my family.

I love that you created your own name. So many of us are given names we don’t like. When my wife became a U.S. CITIZENshe was given the opportunity to change any or all of her name. Many people at the ceremony did. It was kind of great. I remember I sat next to a young beautiful woman from Africa . Her name was Nzubecki Obo. Pronounced Zubeki. She asked for her name to be Pamela Williams! She said she wanted her name to be as American as possible!
Isn’t that wonderful!

I am mounting the end of dowton abbey all weekend! Do you know why it’s ending? It’s such a global hit!

@Fanny….You totally nailed the reasons for Jerry’s undeniable appeal despite being a veeeerrry bad dude! Mr. Jacks is a throwback to the sophisticated, smooth criminals from exotic places that regularly inhabited Port Charles back in the day….long before Sonny and his unsavory ilk became par for the course!!! Anytime Jerry comes to town is a propitious occasion, indeed! I agree that it would be exciting for him to take up residence for awhile, too….no matter how many times he prevails, he always has some sort of unfinished business on the horizon… finally putting Sonny Boy in his place! (Would love to see him drop by to visit his old comrade in crime, Dr. O, as well…..they would be a much better-suited couple than he was with the sanctimonious Alexis…although he always had a scorching love-hate chemistry with “Sweet Sam!” And yes! We definitely need for Liesl to make some merry mischief for Christmas…jimh and I both mentioned this exact notion a few threads ago….. )


Yawn! Same old villian, different day. Not impresses with this lame Robin story. Glad it will all be over soon.

Agreed. A contrived afterthought of a resolution to a poorly conceived and ill-planned cartoon story-line.

Couldn’t have said it better!! Well, maybe I could have, but not as succinctly!!

Well, Jerry hasnt been on in a while and they have to tie him in with Helena but I do agree that I am glad this whole story where Robin is always captured and for months or years no one questions WHY she isnt with her child. Love Kim but goodbye, follow your dreams honey!

Amen Timmm, wrap it up!

i truly want this to be the last time we see “Robin”

and with the sendoff fans LOVE about “Scrubs”


I said that earnestly… with Emma staying with Gramma Anna… i’ll relent

Patrick, Would be nice if Emma could stay but she really belongs with Patrick; the one constant in her life. Hate to lose a talented little girl but I’ll survive


Robin’s story isn’t lsme. She has no story. Patrick’s story or lack of story with another forced pairing is lame.

hi Cathy ,,
What is really lame;
Jason’s revele story was about Liz, Sam, Nik, Hayden, It was all about them and poor Jason was benched waiting for a turn to come into play.. LOL

Jason’s reveal should have been some great adventures for him trying to discover himself..
He should have been on an intriguing journey with twists & turns, a mystery finding himself.

Instead the snooze queens wrote him sitting home with Liz doing nothing.
now that ^^^^ was sinfully lane !


Hey, James….I can hear you from all the way over here!! LOL.

Hi CeeCee!

I don’t mean to be such a naysayer. This Jerry Jacks might have been interesting in his first series of appearances years ago, but I quickly tired of his constant (empty) threats. Each subsequent appearance is just more of the same, hence my yawning.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season!

James, dear friend. I did respond, but I do not see the post. What I meant to say was ; I AGREE WITH YOU. And, I hear you loud and clear. By no means would I consider you a naysayer, not you. I love people who tell it like they see it. We all feel the ‘enough is enough….same old same old’ sting. But, Jerry, Helena, Heather, Dr O and Faison add the ‘ridiculous’ to any story. Yes? I really do hope these characters all converge in one place and give us a Christmas show we will never forget. Later.

Thank you for your reply, CeeCee. And I definitely LOVE your ideas for a special Christmas show! Please take care, Friend!

Si, CeeCee! It would be an absolute laugh riot to see this bunch of merry miscreants getting their Christmas freak-on all together in one place!

Ugh ! Not again. Just get this story line done already.

Luv Jerry Jacks !!
He and all the great ones are gone 🙁
And– The Cassadines were one of the most suspenseful families, ever.
GH has been gutten of the, twist&turns, shockers, surprises, mystery. humor and on the edge intrigue 🙁
I’d bet most all know how and what will happen with Patricks bye bye..

It would be great if Jerry/Sebastian would stay on!!

and– I’m looking forward to seeing JT, again- soon as Billy.. I think this story, Patrick leaving) goes on until January sometime and Jason’s revel will have ended (then what’s next, I wonder for 2016..

I love Sebastian. He’d be a great playmate for Franco, lol, though I’m loving edgy but now based in reality Franco. Still, they’d play odd each other well. Too bad “Jerr

Translation…They’d play off each other well. Too bad Jerry is only back for just another short stint.

Yes Jerry was back today but the real scene stealer was Brooklyn Rae Silzer who plays young Emma. That girl is an amazing actresses. Her scenes today when Sam left and Robin told her she couldn’t come home, were heart breaking. The emotion felt so real and that young girl deserves a ton of praise for her performance in those scenes today

Indeed. Tissue-worthy performance.

I want all the below to return..
They were the thunder & lightening of GH !!
(GH can never be the same, never 🙁

Ted King / Luis Alcazar
Thaao Penghlis / Victor Cassadine
John Ingle / Edward Quartermaine
Tristan Rogers / Robert Scorpio
Vanessa Marcil / Brenda Barrett
Stuart Damon / Alan Quartermaine Sr
Stephen Nichols / Stefan Cassadine
Rick Springfield / Dr. Noah Drake
Jon Lindstrom / Dr. Kevin Collins
Jay Pickett/ Det. David Harper
Stephen Macht / Trevor Lansing
Linda Dano / Rae Cummings
Bruce Weitz / Anthony Zacchara
Ignacio Serricchio / Diego Sanchez Alcazar
Anders Hove / Cesar Faison
Robert Kelker-Kelly / Stavros Cassadine
Brandon Barash / Johnny Zacchara
John Colicos / King Mikkos Cassadine
Ingo Rademacher / Jasper “Jax” Jacks
And always Constance / Helena

All the Webbers / Heather
All the (gone) Quartermains

John Ingle passed away in 2012. Aren’t Trevor Lansing and Stefan Cassadine both dead?

hi Amy, I know they are passed..
but they are missed and made GH great 🙂

That’s quite a list… I’m on board for ….
Ted King, Ingo R, Brandon B, Constance T, Anders H,
Tristan R, Vanessa M, Stephen N… They have a few
Gems on the show that DON’T get Any air time, like
Kathleen G… Whatever happened to William Devry’s
Character of Julian??? I feel they neutered him!

LOL .. hi Fanny.
Yes, as I have said, and you— Julian has indeed been ”neutered” and his balls are in a jar next to Sonny’s and Franco’s tumor..

J&S have been ‘snipping’ most all the men, working their feminist wilds!
And- It’s a shameful sin seeing the now love-in Unics withered and on knee..

Fanny…hadn’t thought about Julian that way but you are so right about him being neutered. Just like they did Patrick. I don’t want Julian ( or anyone for that matter) to be part of the black gun market like Ava has gotten herself mired in with her blackmail-pact with the devil to keep Avery and her libido calm. But I did sense a longing on his part of missing the action when he started piecing together Ava’s suspicious behaviour lately.

@Rose…absolutely Patrick as well…Like yourself, I sense Julian’s
restlessness of late…& how uninterested he wanted it too look, as
he keenly listened to Sonny tell Ava he knew the truth of what she
has been up to. Julian will be dragged back in (relatively easily)…
when Ava is in over her head.

Girls….let’s talk about OLTL. Every time I think of that soap, I get a feeling of homesickness;….know what I mean?

@Fanny….Why on earth wouldn’t Julian be restless? His most pressing task this week was setting up a Christmas tree and then rolling around the floor beneath it with the randy Alexis! (Kept hoping that mighty pine would tip over and land on Ms. Davis!) Playing “Clark Griswold” and servicing the always-insatiable Alexis could hardly be satisfying substitutes for the high-octane criminal activities that formerly occupied this once-alpha male mobster!

Love your list… that would be great!

John Colicos is also deceased.

If Nichols came back as Stephan, I would add a return of Mary Beth Evan’s as Katherine. I could see her playing w/ Nic’s mind again, having another fling w/ Stephan, & even another fling w/ Mac. But they are both doing well over at DAYS again, which is great to see. Agree with your list. 🙂

Ted King
Brandon Barash
Jon Lindstrom
Linda Dano

@Patrick….”Felicia Gallant” should have purchased “Crimson” and arrived in town to run the fashion mag since Prospect Park wouldn’t allow Rae Cummings to set foot in Port Charles!!!!

Rae Cummings could go wherever she wanted just not as her OLTL or even AMC characters..
It was bad for the actors to lose their loved characters..
hmm wonder who holds the characters, now… it’s been a long time since I even thought about it.

I always welcome a visit from Jerry Jax. Also loved Jonny Z returning (please do us all a favor and dispose of Valerie. Thank you.)

Yes, MBmomof3, if juicy JohnnyZ were to bump off the revolting Val-Chops, it would be a Christmas wish come true!

They should put Sam and Val in a cage match/
huego-todo !!!!

lol 🙂

Christmas cage match! Sam might be petite, but she could totally take Val. As long as that mouth-guard stays in and no biting. Lol.


that mouth-guard clearly has to stay on

i adore this site

or… if my fan means… behead and give my Liz a nudge…

OMG, MBmomof3….your “mouth-guard stays in and no biting” comment was pure genius! I concur that Sam has the right stuff take on Val-Chops and emerge victorious…she’s one petite powerhouse, although I would suggest that perhaps a better match would be one in kickboxing between Liz and Ms. Morgan…..can you just imagine those two going at it in their respective stiletto-heeled boots? Nurse Webber’s been sporting some great knee-highs that have to be at least 4 inchers, and Sam usually goes with the 5-inch platform style….so either of their footwear would pack a considerable punch with a well-placed strike to the shins. Once again, my money would be on scrappy Sam for the win, but the lovely Liz would give as good as she got, and wouldn’t give up without a real fight!

Too funny, MB. Not only does Valerie need a mouth guard; but also an Hannibal Lecter mask would do her well. I had to scream when I heard Johnny call Valerie a ‘knock-out’ . It kind of distorts my idea/image of beauty.

A knock out…i hope Johnny knocks her out of PC…lol

Hey there, CeeCeeGirl! Just the other day, a friend of mine texted me and said Val-Chops reminded her of a “jacked-up mutant insect,” and I have to say, I was most impressed with that description, considering her exceptionally long-limbed frame, extremely narrow mid-section and exotic, but exaggerated, facial features! Maybe “Cadet Spencer” has a future in sci-fi flicks!

I was actually starting to feel a little bad for all my Valerie snark. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand the sight of her.

I don’t even think it’s the actress’ physical appearance as much as her performance and the fact that the character is a sk@nk (not to mention waaaaay too much screentime). That being said, I find it odd that Dante was totally ready to go through another round of IVF with his beloved bride literally days before sleeping with his wife’s COUSIN, again! He is a total creep now in my book. I guess he is his father’s son. Too bad he doesn’t listen to his mama.

Su…you’re a bit of a sentimentalist. Love your list. Might add Carlos.


to see Carlos and Sabrina… ignite; laugh; share; their significance… puerto rican style… sexual; matter of fact… dance

steal the show

Carlos needs to shower first, Patrick. Yucky!!



yeah… isn’t that calling the kettle ??? black , is it?

su ??? we love your stance

Did I missed something? I thought Robin had already figured out how to bring dead people to life at the Clinic– Jason, Helena, and whoever RKK was playing– so they kidnapped her for what? To make a new and improved version of the drug? I would cry if this wasn’t so lame— another story thread that an old writer started and new writers have failed to seamlessly weave together. But Jerry had her before at Cassadine Island so I guess it makes sense he has her now — poor Jerry the villain they trot out when all the other ones are dead or MIA.

Yawn. Jerry was tiresome on his 17th return from the dead. This is one character I have never “gotten”. He has no motivation for being evil. He is just evil for evil’s sake. the throughline of the character has never made sense either. If he has all the money and resources to keep a doctor hostage for years….why does he need ONLY that doctor? Why doesn’t he just hire renowned doctors to do the research he wants? I hardly think Robin Scorpio, from little Port Charles, is the most brilliant doctor in the world. And probably a person being held hostage for years MIGHT not be at the top of her game physically, emotionally, or professionally. This kidnapping/torture of Robin has gone on way too long. It was lazy writing at its absolute worst when it was done by Carlivati the first time, and at least the show is addressing it, and will be giving Robin fans some much needed closure. What an absolute waste of time, talent, and daytime’s only HIV positive character.

I think sometimes people try to analyze soaps using real life as a Gage. That works in some areas only.

I just accept Jerry’s a villain. I don’t need to question why. He’s sort of the anti James Bond. Suave, well-dressed, well-spoken, dashing, quick witted, sardonic. Charming…but evil.

As for Robin…she studied at a prestigious medical school in France I believe. When she returned years ago to find a cure for Jason’s brain tumor..,I think it was established back then she was brilliant and an extraordinary researcher.

If we analyzed why anything happened in these fictional towns we should question the whole show. (Which many people do! 🙂

WSB, psycho villains targeting the residents, aliens, spy capers…all in Port Charles. Just think it’s more enjoyable to go with the flow on some of the areas where we’re asked to suspend our disbelief more than usual…

Soaps are from a make believe world..
anything can happen that is not of our world..

Jerry Jax is SEXy

OH, Patrick, Patrick! What shall I do with you?

No. He is too brutal. With everything happening in the world today, I would like to see the show lighten up instead of going to the dark side.

I’ve watched for 50 years. I just hate the same couples, saying the same stuff to each other every day, then the next day. Same stuff ! Can’t we move story lines along a little faster?

It was a big let down about Jason reveal. He should have started to remember stuff on his own.

Move the story lines faster. Thanks

Days Of Our Lives

Jonah Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of our Lives as Dr. Mark Greene

If you caught last Wednesday’s June 12th episode of Days of our Lives, a new doctor came running into Horton Town Square shirtless; much to the delight and then eventual chagrin of Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart).

Enter actor Jonah Robinson who is now on the Peacock streaming soap opera in the recurring role of Dr. Mark Greene. We meet Mark when Leo tries to hit on him, only to have Mark clarify to Leo he is straight, shocking Leo that his gaydar could have been so off.

Later, Mark is at University Hospital and stepping in for Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) doctor who was called away for the day and he assures Chanel and Johnny (Carson Boatman) that their unborn baby has a strong heartbeat, and at the moment is doing fine.

Photo: JPI

During the conversation, Mark reveals he is the big brother to his little sister, Felicity (Kennedy Garcia), with whom Chanel loves when she comes to the bake shop.  There was also a little ‘wink-wink’ moment, when Johnny recalls that the doctor on the hit NBC medical drama, ER, was named Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), to which Salem’s Mark Greene, says he was named after.

Taking to his Instagram, Robinson shared, “Meet Dr. Mark Greene. So excited to be joining @dayspeacock. It’s an honor to be @kennedyjean04 @louis_tomeo ‘s big brother.”

Photo: JRobinsonIG

So, it looks like there are 3 Greene siblings.  Will we eventually meet the parents?

Before Days of our Lives, Jonah was seen on Peacock’s Daisy Jones and the Six, and has appeared in independent movies and musical theatre productions throughout his career.

Do you hope DAYS expands Jonah’s role as the Greene family becomes more entrenched in story? What are you first impressions? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jonah Robinson (@jonahrrobinson)

Continue Reading

Days Of Our Lives

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Interviews

A week ago, at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of your favorite soap opera stars took to the red carpet prior to the telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount + and posed for pictures for the paparazzi and several spoke to the media before going inside and taking in the ceremonies and rooting on their castmates and shows.

While on the red carpet, Michael Fairman TV interviewed those who stopped performers who stopped by and those we could catch on the action-packed bustling arrivals. All of the video interviews are now posted and complete on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Look for conversations with Days of our Lives, Tamara Braun (Ava), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) with Rob Scott Wilson (Alex) and Paul Telfer (Xander), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ), Greg Rikaart (Leo), and Eric Martsolf (Brady) with wife Lisa and their twin sons, Chase and Mason.

Photo: JPI

Stopping by to chat from General Hospital were Maura West (Ava) and Finola Hughes (Anna), and from The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and his daughter, McKenna, Annika Noelle (Hope), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) and John McCook (Eric) and his wife, Laurette.

Photo: JPI

From The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack), Courtney Hope (Sally), Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman (Michael and Lauren), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Michael Mealor (Kyle), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Kate Linder (Esther) and Bryton James (Devon), and making their first appearance on a Daytime Emmy red carpet were Neighbours stars: Stefan Dennis, Annie Jones and Georgie Stone.

Photo: JPI

Below is the complete playlist of 2024 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Make sure to check them out. Then let us know who you loved seeing and hearing from the most via the comment section below.


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Days Of Our Lives

AnnaLynne McCord Previews Her Days of our Lives Debut; But is She Playing Abigail?

Next week, circle Wednesday June 19th for the on-screen debut of AnnaLynne McCord said to be a “mystery woman” on Peacock’s Days of our Lives, as Chad (Billy Flynn) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) are on the case to try to see if they can find any leads to find an alive Abigail,

McCord, who has her own soapy history having appeared in roles on TNT’s Dallas reboot and the 90210 reboot, comes to Salem with plenty of television experience in primetime.

Now that Chad was told by Clyde Weston (James Read) that Abigail is actually alive? Could McCord be playing a recast Abigail? Since it appears Marci Miller did not come back to the show to reprise her role? Or, is McCord playing a completely different character.

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To prepare viewers for emergence on the DAYS canvas, AnnaLynne spoke to where she explained the genesis of who she is or might be playing.

Following the end to the SAG-AFTRA strike in November of 2023, the idea of McCord coming to DAYS began to percolate, and she actually started taping at DAYS in January of this year.

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Citing a lot of upheaval at the time, McCord was not clear on what part she was going to be playing, “To be frank, it was very ambiguous in the beginning. Obviously, there was a writer transition and everything that was going on within the industry politically so to speak. So when I initially came on, no one really knew who I was gonna be. We were figuring it out as we went.”

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However, McCord did tease, “What fans who are clearly very clever will come to figure out very early on is that a certain gentleman who is not quite so gentle by the name of Clyde Weston has his fingers in the storyline of my character. So I enter day one as ‘Mystery Woman.’”

So, do you think AnnaLynne McCord will be the new and alive Abigail Deveraux DiMera, or do you think she is playing someone brainwashed to believed to be Abigail, or she is playing a totally different character? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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