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Should Lucas, Brad & Felix Have A Three-Way On General Hospital?



Lots of chatter about a menage a trois on yesterday’s episode of General Hospital, and lots of chatter on social media, too!  Fans of the show reacted strongly one way, or the other, to the story plotpoint that has Lucas (Ryan Carnes), Brad (Parry Shen), and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) entertaining the notion of having a three-way together.

The actual seed of this was  sexual-exploit was planted on a recent episode of the ABC soap opera when Lucas, after watching Brad and Felix bicker over him, told the guys that they, “both could have him!”

Now Brad is thinking a three-way might just help win Lucas for himself, Lucas told Carly (Laura Wright) he doesn’t have to commit to anyone and wants to have some fun, and Felix is trying to loosen up and make the situation palpable for him, after having a conversation about it with none other than Franco (Roger Howarth)!

So, what do you think?  Should the guys have a three-way?  Will it be a mistake?  Do you think some clarify will come out of it for all of them?  Were you offended or disturbed by the plot point in some way?   Share your comments below!

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WHY not, I also can join in. Lol. I love this storyline, its cute and funny.

The children on GH can be cute and funny at times but not this storyline…Ive been entertained by gay storylines on other soaps past and present but this possible Lucas/Felix/Brad threesome is just a filler and drags the show…a pointless plotline that goes nowhere but down…a Lucas and Brad pairing could be interesting but not with Felix is one of many characters who have over stayed there welcome…sorry but its like the writer doesnt really know what to do with these three…and the same goes for Scotty, Bobbi and Lucy and their equally boring loveless triangle!!! imo…like it or not!!!

I am also done with Scotty, Bobbie and Lucy. I have to say yesterday it peaked my interest the idea of the 3 having a love affair. I can see some nice twist.

Yeah Jen…i can see some twists all right…sarcasm!!!

I agree, Jim (and you too, Jen). If GH is going to embrace a gay storyline, they need to do it utilizing the three r’s–1. Realism 2. Respect and 3. Romance. This is stereotyping at its worst and incredibly patronizing and insulting.
One would think RC, who is openly gay, would be able to come up with a quality storyline.

Exactly, jimh! This storyline has a complete yuck factor …..just as does the Bobbie, Scotty and Lucy triangle!!!l! It has all the juvenile elements of naughty little children planning some sort of taboo, clandestine rendezvous in the basement, unbeknownst to their parents!!!! The only remotely amusing thing about this entire scenario was when Franco spoke of his own three-way experience back in the day in NYC….he mentioned some chicks called “Ally” and was it “Jocelyn?”…couldn’t quite make out the second name, but he mentioned a redhead. Those of course, were characters from the “The City” played by Laura Wright and Lisa LoCicero…anyone else catch it? Now, THAT’s what makes a soap special…those unexpected small touches that show some care and attention have been put into the writing! P.S. I am especially disappointed in Lucas….given how he was once portrayed as a sensitive and caring individual, his latest incarnation as a nonchalant, slacking “dude” has been most disconcerting. As for the other two, I have immensely warmed up to Brad since they dropped his pervy predator act and made him more human and humorous, particularly with Britt and Dr. O., but I totally agree with you about Felix….he has worn out whatever small welcome he ever had, and I would not be sorry to see him go permanently!!!!

This entire story is an embarrassment and ABC should really be ashamed to put it on the air. There really seems to be no one minding the store. This show is desperate for attention. It can’t attract an audience with quality storytelling and writing, because they don’t have the talent, so they stoop lower and lower to try and generate buzz on social media. If the head writer can’t sit at his desk and tweet crude lines and fight with people, it seems his life has no purpose.

I don’t mind the introduction of a three-way into a story line. I don’t find that edgy or pushing the envelope considering what we have seen on TV and even soaps over the years. But I do have issues with this particular story.

First, as with every other story on this show, the writing is awful. Wednesday’s show that had multiple people all talking about a potential gay three-way was uncomfortable, awkward and boring. And as a side note, the introduction of Franco into the mix, and with his shirt of f(something I could do without) was hysterical. Not because Howarth is so entertaining, because he is absolutely not, but because it just reiterates that they have no idea what to do with this awful mess that is Franco and now they have him sputtering around show, almost as if he’s photo bombing scenes that he has no business being in.

Thursday’s show was just as awkward. the three men standing in the hospital trying to pick a place for their activities. The dialogue and acting were so amateurish, it was what you would expect to see on Cinemax at 2am.

What is really offensive to me is the portrayal of the three gay men on the show. They are all stereotyped in the most unflattering terms. Not one or even two of them, but all three. I’m not opposed to a gay man being portrayed in an unfavorable light on a show. Straight men and women are and everyone is fair game. If you don’t have people with issues, you don’t have a soap. But all three?

Lucas and Brad are two randy and promiscuous guys and Felix is a snarky, judgmental know it all who is mainly the BFF of Sabrina whose life he tries to run and who gives her fashion advice. When we see these guys together, someone is usually shirtless or in a towel, someone is drooling and they are talking about nonsense and the dialogue is atrocious, uncomfortable and at a point that I feel bad for the actors in the scenes. And of course all three are into the Golden Girls and mention it every time they are together. It is all so juvenile, low brow and so poorly executed. Just embarrassing.

Your right Jim, this is filler. I dont care if there are gay characters but give them a story line. Have Julian introduce his son to an art dealer he knows from Manhattan and bring him into the picture. Someone mysterious. GIVE LUCAS A STORY LINE! If you told someone who was gay who didnt watch GH, there were three gay characters on the show and you should watch. They would tune out in 5 minutes! Come on RANK, write something real for these guys. What about Brad and his connection with the Asian Quarter? Felix is just fluff for when ” I Dream of Sabrina” returns!

like it or not it is life get over it and grow up

While I’m not offended by this storyline and I’d rather watch these three guys then those annoying kids, I agree with Harry if GH wants to do a real gay storyline.

Jack…Oh, YOU BAD BOY…LOL!!!!! And…I (also) love the storyline. HELL YEAH!!!!!

I’m by no means “prudish” …. having grown up in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…. sex was just never talked about

in the realm of things…. acceptance is more than tolerance… i’m not delineating from progress… as it’s in your face


at ease….

three attractive men… all with dalliance… dance troupe magic


I would NEVER go for that…. or allow… it just doesn’t happen… in my book

oye! imbibing… in the younger years… perhaps… under the BEST of circumstance….

GH… take a lesson from DAYS… one stirring couple… alive… and fettering amongst with lessens…

circulate good vibe… it’s your home

i’ll put the blinders away to collect dust

i’m aware of your ways…. trust that mine enliven just as much as yours

Patrick, I adore you but had to laugh when you wrote that you grew up in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. That was quite a long childhood!

My thought is “no thanks”. Would take GH down a trashy road. If that’s what’s needed for ratings…then something’s wrong someplace.

I commend GH for the way they have handled the gay storyline. Other shows won’t even go there nevermind casually talking about a gay threesome. Bravo GH.

Why does any show need a threesome storyline gay or straight…it adds nothing for the show…there is no romance and it brings no drama…it goes nowhere but takes the show further down the drain…some may like and i say fine…i know a lot of people dont have good taste like me…this will not improve ratings but it could make it worse…AMC online attempted a 3 way storyline and where is the show now?

Yeah, I totally agree. Save it for prime time, GAY or STRAIGHT.

I agree with you Jimh..It is just a ridiculous filler which brings no drama and degrades gay people in my opinion..BUT i disagree with your last statement regarding AMC.

agreed this will not improve ratings.

AMC on Hulu MENTIONED a threeway as a plot point from a homophobic teenager who was making a homophobic slur against Miranda because she has a lesbian mother. It wasn’t conceived of as a legitimate storyline, nor was it the cause of AMC (or OLTL’s) second cancellation.

Anyone that “may like” don’t have good taste like you? That’s a rather bold and argumentative statement that puts any large group or variety of people in one narrow, negative category.

The revived DALLAS ended their mid-season on a cliffhanger involving an out-of-left-field 3way between John Ross and his wife and mistress.

I applaud GH for tackling the topic. It’s still pretty much taboo in television and movies alike. They presented three diverse reasons the parties involved might get involved, their hesitations, interests, and misgivings, and also presented diverse reactions from outsiders. Franco alluded to having a 3way in “The City” with a girl named Ally (a character Laura Wright played on THE CITY) and a redhead whose name he didn’t remember (the redhead on THE CITY was Jocelyn Brown, played by Lisa Lo Cicero, GH’s Olivia, and likely didn’t mention the name since Carly’s daughter is also named Josslyn). Overall, the topic of the 3way was implied to be for the more free-spirited characters on the show, open-minded and upfront/blunt. Carly, who had her wild days, said it wasn’t for her, but she also didn’t shame her brother for being interested in the idea, or imply he didn’t have good taste. She just asked that it not happen at her house, which I’d understand with a young child living there, ANY kind of sexual experimentation could create a lot of questions a child isn’t ready to ask or hear the answers to.

But point of fact: Threeways happen in real life. I’m impressed GH wants to be the one to at least call that out. It shows that they are progressive, bold, fearless, and modern to just ACKNOWLEDGE it. It hasn’t happened yet, and it may not, but all they did was bring it up as a discussion point, which is hardly worth condemnation. If they wanted to tackle a long-term threeway relationship, or open marriage, or any other progressive expressions of love and romantic interest, I’d applaud them too, but realistically, this is a baby step, probably just to stir the pot.

The three characters involved remained in-character in their viewpoints on the topic. Brad, open to it out of desperation for Lucas. Felix, hesitant but wanting to expand his boundaries and start making bigger choices with his own life. And Lucas, a bit greedy and selfish, not wanting to get serious with either of them, but to have his cake and eat it too.

Whole episode blew my mind, in the best way possible, that these characters could discuss an adult topic like mostly mature adults. It was organic. And I don’t think it was in bad taste at all.

I’m with you, jimh! This is just another unnecessary example of GH pushing the envelope into more and more tasteless territory, along with the crypt sex and the regularly used off-color sexual innuendo that is becoming quite commonplace on this show. It is inappropriate for network programming, particularly daytime when minors could be more apt to stumble upon it ….that’s why cable was created in the first place, to offer this material to those who crave it.

I said attempted when i met mentioned…also AMC did a groundbreaking contriversal storyline about sex trafficing…the sex trafficing was draggy…my point is that certain ‘groundbreaking’ stories like these dont always work and did not bring in high ratings for AMC…


Anyone that “may like” don’t have good taste like you? That’s a rather bold and argumentative statement that puts any large group or variety of people in one narrow, negative category.

I am appreciative that this is pressed at all …. a celebratory moment that resonates

I stand for and with… that all walks of life ARE acknowledged

your 2nd to last paragraph… really nailed it in character reveal


I don’t like it at all. Other story lines are available beside seeing 3 guys doing it. Don’t push this on us. What a SHAME!!!

get over your self and grow up

Well said, davidevansmith. Soap operas are supposed to represent the times we live in and let their characters discuss issues and feelings. This worked on both those levels.

Thank you! My point exactly!

@davidevansmith, I commend you. Your description of the story is ten times more intelligent and sophisticated than what is actually on the screen. The story is horrible, the writing and directing amateurish and the acting awkward and stilted.

Yes, Dallas ended with an “out of left field” three-way. The story for those characters is not about a three-way. They are engaged in a complex, well written and finely acted story. I wouldn’t compare a quality show like Dallas to the amateurish mess that is GH.

LOL… thank you? I guess?

Obviously we all have opinions, that’s the point of this thread, message boards, and frankly the internet. Respect for those opinions is what I was questioning with some prior blanket statements made here.

We all invest in different characters, and to different degrees. Anyone NOT invested in the gay storyline and characters on GH will not give it the thought, consideration and analysis that I might, as I am invested in the gay characters. But to then take the topic and say anyone interested in the plot point doesn’t have good taste like the person who is making the comment is pretty much saying your OPINION is both right and more important than another’s. Which is simply not true. But it does go part and parcel with the obligatory threat to stop watching the show altogether if this was to continue or the TALK of a 3way actually came to fruition. A statement like that is made all the time when viewers don’t like something they see or expect that something is going a way they don’t want it to. But it does seem contradictory when the argument is also made that the triangle in question is weak because it has no impact on the rest of the show (like the comparison has been made to Bobbie/Scott/Lucy). If it has no impact on the rest of the show, why quit the show?

On DAYS you had two young gays who decided to get married and raise a baby together, in their early 20s. On GH, you have three gays who are all young and exploring themselves and want different things, and are considering a threesome. All shows can’t tell the same story. The characters aren’t the same. Their wants aren’t the same. And if I’m pressed to look around at real life and ask what’s more realistic? I actually think GH is more reflective of what gay men in their 20s are talking about and doing, than what’s going on over at DAYS. I don’t use my opinions to call either story disgusting, or garbage, or pigeon hole a fan base or call them tasteless. Everyone has DIFFERENT tastes, doesn’t mean they don’t HAVE taste.

I brought up DALLAS because it is a recent tangible example of three STRAIGHT characters who are young and just grazed the topic (before a convenient twist of a seizure interrupted the proceedings), and everyone who wants to slam GH for taking on the TOPIC of a 3way (as nothing has actually been shown yet) with three gay characters will also in the same breath say they don’t want it on TV whether it be about straight people or gays. GH actually put more thought, discussion, and exposition about it on the screen, from the involved parties AND their friends, and DALLAS actually DID come out of left field and there was no discussion at all. So “well written” is another example of personal opinion. I know more of what the GH characters are going through in their minds and hearts because GH actually told us. DALLAS didn’t do that. But I don’t recall the same fervor about the DALLAS cliffhanger, a thread on this site unto itself about the 3way topic alone (since they were possibly the first to explore it on a network serial drama), or 89 replies (at current count) going back and forth about whether it’s morally acceptable to DISCUSS on TV. I don’t recall that happening over the straight 3way on DALLAS. And those characters were actually all half-naked in bed together and kissing and touching. These gays on GH just talked about the idea with their BFFs. And people are threatening to tune out for good. But they also have nothing against gays.

I just feel like if you don’t like it, say it. Fine. If you don’t want to see it, tune out. If you don’t like thinking about gay guys having a 3way, own it. But I take issue with the moral judgment on anyone who IS open to seeing where the story goes, moral judgment on whether those people have taste, and calling it garbage, when there are plenty of people in the world who will live and let live. At this point in the conversation, there’s no point of introducing the NOTION that a 3way actually could be romantic (cause who defines romance? Or what is sexy? Or what desirability looks or feels like? Or whether one person can satisfy one person completely?), or that a 3way relationship can exist or be successful in real life, that might just take people over the edge.

moral judgment : a decree spouted first… is

bringing out of the closet… whats real… from the start LIVES

I am proud of the onward upward and consensual attitude

I live with

Dave, I see no moral judgement here. Ron throws things in there in such a way as to make fans say,”Yes–I am all for gay storylines!” Or, “Yay! They’re bringing back the vets.” Then there is no follow through, and if anyone says,’I don’t want to see that,” they are considered borderline prudish or worst yet, homophobic. No one wants to be that stick in the mud person.
However, if they are going to go there, why not first establish a romance for Lucas. Find him a viable romantic partner and then establish a relationship. I don’t think you understand this is stereotyping at its worst. The only objections I see here are people who want good character driven storylines for all of the characters, be them gay or straight. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic, maybe I remember Tony telling Lucas on his deathbed to find someone who will respect and love him. I want better for Lucas–I don’t want him to be involved in the gay man’s version of Amy Vinning (Felix) and more than I want him to be involved with that mouth breathing creep (Brad) and the idea of him simultaneously being involved with both is rather sickening to me. And I assure you, I am neither a prude or a homophobe.


The moral judgment I’m talking about is those who are deeming a 3way disgusting, calling anyone who is open to it “tasteless” in comparison to themselves who oppose it. That’s disrespectful of other viewers and going out of one’s way to attack other VIEWERS, not the show’s choices.

I am a homosexual and I don’t disagree with you about ultimately wanting better for Lucas in the long run. I wrote fiction that made Lucas gay YEARS before GH brought him out of the closet themselves. But I don’t think he needs to be in a happy committed monogamous relationship right now. I LIKE that he’s young and wants to have fun, meet people, hook up, not settle down at this point in his life. It’s more real to me than DAYS having two early 20s gays get married and raise a baby together. I can’t relate to that. I’m 31, and I’m hoping to be at a place like that within the next 9 years. But I certainly wasn’t ready at 22 (when I graduated college) and certainly not if I just came out of the closet the year before (like Will Horton).

Do I think this 3some stuff CAN perpetuate stereotypes about gays being about sex and emphasizing sex over love and all that? Yes, I do think it can perpetuate a stereotype. But at the same time, I don’t want my soaps and stories to all be formulaic, predictable, pollyanna and interchangeable. I think a television writer has more of an obligation to ME to write a realistic story about diverse gay characters than an obligation to write a story that paints the entire gay community in the most positive light possible. As a gay man, I don’t want any writer to whitewash gays, we’re all human and have flaws and make mistakes like anyone. I want Lucas to stumble and be a bit of a mess, and experiment and try things and find out what works for him and what doesn’t. That’s more of a journey to me. That’s going to tell me MORE about who he is than if he “met cute” with a boy and they held hands and shared pie at Kelly’s and got married and adopted a kid together. There’s a place for all that too, but it doesn’t need to be right now, not in the first year where we are still learning, along with Lucas, who Lucas is. He’s been off-canvas since he came out in… 2006?

There are gay players out there who enjoy 3ways, who don’t want to settle down, who want to be more of the predator than the prey. Queer as Folk explored this with the Brian Kinney character. Felix discovered Friday that the 3way just wasn’t him, and he’s going to hold out for that romance and commitment. Good for him. But if you don’t like Felix because he gives you shades of Amy Vining (and I LOVED Amy Vining, rest in peace Shell Kepler), then you might be disappointed that HIS viewpoint isn’t being lived through Lucas, the character you’re more attached to because of nostalgia. I remember before Lucas even returned that Bobbie was visiting town and someone (Lulu, I believe) asked about him, and Bobbie wished he would just settle down and find love. And here, all this time later, he’s still not ready to do that. It’s part of his journey. Maybe he’ll be with Brad for a while, and realize Brad is only able to offer sex and Lucas will start to yearn for more substance and commitment and then turn to Felix or someone new. But he has to get there in his own time.

What I’m seeing on-screen are two extremes and one character that could go either way. Felix is the conservative, relationship-minded gay. Brad is the shallow, depraved, manipulative, morally-challenged gay. Lucas is in the middle, and could go towards the dark or the light. I imagine the fact that he had Bobbie and Tony raising him, and now has Julian to influence him, that light vs. dark will become more apparent in his relationships to his parents and family and friends.

But I’m grateful for the variety of perspectives we’re exploring and it’s more layered this way. It’s going to take a longer time to explore the story and develop the characters. It IS character driven, you just don’t agree with the characterizations. I would take this ANY day over the shortcut to happiness it sounds like you’re looking for. It sounds like your version of Lucas would be a lot more vanilla than the complex version I’m seeing and enjoying. This Lucas is a bit more of a rogue, and what I would expect from a Spencer man. And also now a Jerome heir. He’s not an angel.

So I appreciate that you’re concerned about gay stereotypes, but I want to see all types of gays on TV. And if Lucas is more of that “gray area” character, that’s a hell of a lot more entertaining for me to watch as he develops over time.

David, I cannot compete with your copious prose, but I think I understand what you are saying here.
Did you watch HBO’s Six Feet Under? The best couple on that series was David and Keith. They had chemistry, they had conflict–they loved and respected each other. But David got bored and initiated a three way with a stranger. The end result was that David realized that Keith was the only man for him and he learned something from it. The important thing to note here is that these two had established a relationship first. We viewers were involved in all of their domestic issues and viewers, be they gay or straight related to this couple. Someone might say,”Yes, but Harry, you idiot, Six Feet Under was not a soap opera.” To which I would protest, ‘But it is a soap opera. Any drama with ongoing dramas to be continued are basically belongs in the soap opera genre.’
General Hospital’s writing was once on par with good quality drama writing. I complain because I know it can do better. I have seen it do better. What I am seeing flash before my disgusted eyes is not good storytelling–it’s just not.

Harry I did watch Six Feet Under, possibly my favorite series of all time. I would also consider it a soap opera, as it was serialized storytelling.

Difference for me is, as I remember it, they went through a hell of a lot of David’s craziness as he was coming to terms with his sexuality before being branded an open, out couple. Fights, drug use, sex with others, all sorts of things. It’s been years since I watched the series, though. But I remember all first season he was stealing moments with Keith while still hiding his sexual orientation from his family, who all pretty much knew anyway, LOL.

Yes, once they settled into their relationship, then there was the itch to explore, and I remember the threeway (with “that veiny guy”, as they called him), and yeah, I’d consider that good storytelling.

I would consider GH’s too, and that’s where we will agree to disagree. Lucas/Brad won’t follow the same linear path, and while Lucas is out, he still openly admits he has a lot to figure out about himself before wanting to settle down and for me that’s okay.

After Friday, this whole hubbub about the threesome pretty much resolved itself, as Felix backed out, Lucas admitted he had chosen Brad, and they two hopped into bed together. So maybe they’re going to start dating, who knows? But I guess my takeaway from this was that I’m glad GH even approached the subject of a gay threeway, on daytime TV, in 2014. Cause it’s real, and it happens, and there’s room to acknowledge that in my opinion, without it being the destruction of gay representation in the media. I just wish more people would be open to the journey before throwing up their hands and claiming the sky is falling.

Disgusting…i will tune out for good if this 3 way garbage continues(i have nothing against gays…they are in my own family…and id feel the same way if straight characters were involved instead)…i dont want relationships just based on sex…where is the romance…i want candles and soft music…not soiled bed sheets…call me a prude for having good taste…ill take the title…i am ‘KING OF THE PRUDES!!!’

Speaking of relationships its obvious Max and Sabrina will be paired…but what gets me is Max’s father is concerned about his love life but not about his mob connections!!!

Milo…i meant…dang

i heard milo crush is on epiphany not sabrina.

Maybe, maybe not! (I choose the latter, of course!) Actually, jimh, I have read a spoiler that is far less predictable than that….majorly mind-blowing, in fact, and I am hoping it is true, because it could be both hysterical and MOST unexpected. Now that I have piqued your curiosity, you’ll NEVER guess!!! ; )

Where is Max?

Shay, it sounds like stunt plotting so I am guessing Alice.

Hopefully this doesnt show all three in sex scenes together and is just a test for Lucas to see who wins his heart…that id be fine with but not all three together!!!

I think you are right… it’s a shock treatment… acknowledged truth… that 3 ways plus happen

Lucas simply needs to make a decision…

I applaud that RC and FV are daring to progress that it’s not shock value that at’s stake… but truth that sexuality is opening more doors

Grow up man, if you dont like it, turn off your tv. you sound like you need to get laid. lmao.

Peter, i dont give a damn what you think of me…your immature reply shows you are in serious need of growing up so take your own advice…you need it more than me!!!

One other thing maybe you are the one in serious need of getting laid since you you seem to have a desperate need to watch this stuff on tv…and maybe i do tune off something off i dont like…again take your own advice and dont reply to things you dont like…should be as easy as me turning off my tv…or is that something your immature mind doesnt understand…now im lmbfao!!!

I just read others who dislike the subject but you only responded by your attack on me…some sort of jealousy thing maybe?

Shay, you’re exactly right about Felix and Brad. I got the characters’ names mixed up. Peter, have you done all your back-to-school shopping done?
Does Mom still have to buy Dockers for you from the husky section at Sears?
Good luck with that! I hope they don’t lock you in your locker this year.
I just hate bullies, don’t you?

thank you

Jim, yes and it’s perpetuating the worst stereotypes about gay men. The actor who plays Lucas really deserves better–there is no way he’d be interested in Felix the mouth breather and Brad, the gay man’s answer to Amy Vinning.
Give Lucas a real and viable romantic partner and viewers will be cheering him all the way.

I agree…this Lucas/Brad/Felix storyline seems written for comic book!!!

Actually, Felix is much more akin to Amy Vining…..he’s the busybody who is into everyone else’s business. I called this one months ago when he first started with his nibby-nose shtick. It is just one of the many reasons I cannot stand this guy. (His iron-clad association with Sappy is another…..) I am more charitable when it comes to Brad because he makes me laugh…especially when he is in cahoots with Britt!

Brad is adorable.

Lucas would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

@jmh All I see with these three is no substance to their characters most of the time they are shirtless. I see them as what they are just a after thought for RC. My biggest concern yesterday was Liz/RH I am beginning to get very concerned with her weight loss am I the only one who has noticed? Not bashing the actress I adore her just awfully thin.

I figured you probably meant Felix being Miss Vining’s “successor” as the current font of GH gossip…by the way, great snappy response to Peter!!!!

Lol funny! I have to start watching gh again lmao

I’m a week plus behind… and this 5th serial… digs in and doesn’t let up… cheer and applaud this stuff

each soapbox… equals

It’s fine as long as I don’t have to see any sex scenes on my screen. Am not interested in this s/l at all.

I want to see a lot of sex scenes, that would be hot.

I am so smitten with Brad… if he ends up with Lucas… then it’s all worth our while

I kinda got lost with Felix with all the Sabrina Patrick fest

so… hummmm… what’s up with Milo

he’d mix in big

It is network tv..
They are not allowed to show sex..
Lucky if we get see feet .. lol
I do see it as being done with humor , and I like to laugh ..

After this week I hope they realize that Genie Francis needs to return as Laura. Lulu needs her mother more then ever now.

Yes, please! Bring Genie back, and give her a decent story.

The writers are morally bankrupt. Soaps used to be about love and romance, now they ae soft porn. No three ways with straight or gay. And in real life there are married couples who stay together. Not one strong marriage on any soap.

Mac and Felicia are strong, Dante and Lulu are strong, Jason and Sam were strong, Bo and Nora on the dearly departed OLTL were strong…marriages do exist in soap land. But, as in real life, they fall apart too. I believe the divorce rate is over 60% now.

Soaps morally bankrupt? No! LOL…Of course they are! Always were, always will be. That’s why we love em!

I mean really


this is merely a look back at most of “US” trial and tribulation

Oh… do I strive for balance… honesty…. equanimity…

and everything else falls in to place

i hope that these traits… love ensues…

because belonging with commitment… carries

I just LOVE Mac and Felicia to peaces…. I see there lives … past present and future… secure… and so loving… I nurture these two… along with mine… that we remain present… acknowledged … and understand


The problem is there are SO many choices now you have to do something to be different and try and grab somebodys attention away from all the technical distractions that exist.



high 5

this 3 some.. is merely a part of all the pieces of exploration


gay straight… bisexual … transgender… asexual…

lordy I’m tired of listing the above… it’s so across the board generalized

to speak loudly heard and slapped

it’s not your endorphins

Okay. I’ve waited too long to say this. Patrick: I have no idea what you’re saying half the time! LOL…I’m sure you have very interesting opinions…I’m just always trying to piece them together…(Can I get the cliff notes?) 😉

Attempts to push the limits in today’s entertainment world fall flat because there’s no place left to go. Every human taboo, sexual and otherwise, has been explored. Cheap dramatic devices like this are just awful, but it’s easier to write stuff like this than create more meaningful drama and relationships.


however, your last sentence

and this should be marqueed

in this day and age… it’s a rare treat to feast….

that writing , actors, and production collaboration… is just not

meaningful drama and relationships ARE missed … in the biggest way

Why are you TRIVIALIZING gay relationships in this way. Our commitments are not based solely on Sex and are probably stronger than 75% of hetero relationships!!!

It’s all in fun..
Some people are way to serious and don’t know how to have a good time with GH..

I say go for it, why not..
Happens in real life and is also a fantasy for a great many to have a 3 way..
GH is awesome for going out of the box, gotta love it..
I see the humor with it, and Franco gave me a great chuckle with his comments lol ..
Have fun with it!
Now my grandma would not like it because grandma’s don’t do sex or sexy stuff if in their lives to get giddy over it..(missionary once a year doesn’t count as sex ahaa)

I hope they bring it on!! I will have a couple of giggles from it .. 🙂

Yes, they really are thinking outside the box. A threesome…and not a box in sight….lol

“…and is also a fantasy ”

the fallout, derision, implosion…. will be minimal

it’s their lives… and has no reason with you

whetted appetites beyond


i’ve been to THIS rodeo

it smarts

Like it or not… it is quite common in the gay world, so I applauded GH’s realistic approach to this topic, not too mention how ground breaking it is for daytime tv.


Im a fan of Britains Coronation Street which feature gay characters and couples who are written honestly realistic and are entertaining at the same time and i enjoy watching them…im a straight male and i do not have anything against gays…i have a neice in a gay relationship and i also know a gay married couple…yes, the threesome may be groundbreaking but it still does nothing for the show…its just a filler plotline like the Scotty/Bobbi/Lucy loveless triangle that is pointless, goes nowhere, and drags the show…sure there are gay and straight threesomes in real life and some end up with hiv or an std…so lets get real groundbreaking and be realistic and have the three all learn they got an std…there are a lot of things that happen in real life but that doesnt mean i want to see it all on my soaps…some realism but not everything!!!

nothing has happened, yet and I doubt it will on daytime tv..
It will be a humorous moment, for sure.. but it IF it were to happen it would not be done as a serious thing but humorous..
just imagine it.. that gives me a laugh already lol..
We should all have fun with it, if it were to happen..

i’m not hedging any bets beyond it’s alive

stirring… an adaptation that will catapult many heretofore


alas… it’s happened before

GH can’t write a gay storyline to save itself. Look at days and that Spanish soap with Christian and oliver for examples.

I watch Coronation Street from Britain which includes several gay characters and gay couples that are realistic and entertaining…Ron C. is openly gay so you’d think he’d know how to write something way better…maybe he should watch Coronation Street and learn from the British how to write interesting gay characters…

Um, the best part about these characters is that they are not trapped in so-called “gay storylines.” Brad is a schemer who teamed up with Britt for the baby swap. His sexuality was irrelevant to that plot and his character. Felix is a good friend to Sabrina, a hard worker, a genuine nice guy who just happens to be gay. Lucas… well, I think he’s just eye-candy, to be honest. Young people of all orientations think about three-ways in their wild years. This isn’t a gay story as much as a young-and-crazy story. And Coronation Street had one of the campest stereotypically gay characters ever, for those who worry about that sort of thing, lol.

I agree…

Lucas is eye candy for these two : (Felix and Brad ) to explore their psychosis and current contribution to their lot in life

get with the program… it’s a tryst that will learn itself out

Felix and Brad… who featured first… will find their way back to ONE another

Totally not appropriate for daytime, gay or straight.

Where do we draw a line for daytime? So murder, cheating, kidnapping, the mob…are okay? Soaps are over-the-top stories with a pinch of reality thrown in…just like real life! Or, let’s say, in the midst of the mundane stuff life happens.

We don’t even know if they’re going to go there. Maybe Ron is testing the waters to see fan reaction before he dives in.

Fans freaked out when GH decided to change their opening credits…LOL…so a possible threesome is sure to rattle a few soap tales. (pun intended!)

It is strange to turn on the TV at 2pm and see two guys lying in bed together. It is also inappropriate to see a couple have heated, simulated sex at 2 in the afternoon BUT, turn on Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, any of these court shows, what are they talking about? SEX!

a feast for the eyes with obvious intent to ensnare the worst culprits

a choice mindset to mind imagination with result your own

This is the episode that made me tune out of a show I have watched all my life. Between this gross three some business…the sleazy smarminess of Sonny and the horribly written, acted, and produced Levi debacle, I just,realized I am wasting my time watching it. I get no pleasure or entertainment from it. I come here and post hostile messages and Im not howtile…Im a very nice person. Contrast the crapfest that is now GH with Days…that show had me laughong out loud when everyone was at the police station and Kristen showed up. That was soap opera!! I cant wait until Cartini is gone from GH!!

Talk of a willing threesome between three consenting adults is gross and a crapfest, when Kristen diMera drugged and raped a catholic priest for revenge against his mother?

This is what I mean about making moral judgments and comparisons.

A lot of people did not like that Days plotline…i actually disliked it more than GHs triangle storylines…GHs improved today with the Lucas storyline where Days involving Kristen/Eric has not…Days gay storyline isnt well written and makes Will and Sonny too good to be true…no other soap couples gay or straight is like that…i just need more story than characters in love with each other and i dont mean seeing someone get shot or stabbed every other week…want reality then lets show all couples dealing with real problems of everyday life…all 4 soaps are too uppercrust…everyone wears perfect clothes and live in perfect clean homes…no finacial troubles and if they do you couldnt tell…British soaps deal with everyday issues and families are mostly lower to middle class…their soaps are far more down to earth…character driven storylines…realistic everday people…gay, straight, and different ethnic bsckgrounds that we can all identify with…i know you could care less about what im trying to say here…and that you misjudged me and im fine with it!!!

The shouldnt even have laws on soaps. The police look like bumbling fools! I mean, you know your favorite mob guys is never going to do any time. How the hell does Levi over power “Mumbles the Cop?”

Timmm…Oh, I agree!!!!! Also, I think that law enforcement shown on soaps is an ABSOLUTE EMBARRASSMENT!!!!! IMO, they don’t do much police work/detective work at all. Nope. Most of all, no wonder soap mobsters are ALWAYS RUNNING AMOK!!!!!! Yikes.

Take care, dude. Peace.

Thank You, Johnny



Salem’ites Stand applause.. cheer… Feast… and beam right

I love that DAYS of the current 4 treats treasures and dollops… the whole hour
take the collaborative efforts… of cast… writing… production…. the whole hour + 365 effort…. is

being in Salem… 5 days a week… selfishly is mine… and any one else

“… I just,realized I am wasting my time watching it. ”

I get that…. that’s exactly how I felt… watching Y&R

I have never left a serial… and I did… god rest… Jeanne Cooper… Michael Muhney… Billy Miller, Liz Hendrickson, and Michelle Stafford… theres no going back

no excusing… said storylines… it’s all cyclical

frustration mounts… and one does look for agreement… and I daresay.. you’ll find some here

be that as it may… I LOVE that said persons… deserve, should be heard, belong… just know… adversarial… is not this place.. but… mindset explore pivot

it’s all relative

Not interested in three ways, gay or straight. Not interested in key characters promoting it. Not impressed Ron and writers feel they have to go with this kind of innuendo, sex or not, to tantalize a storyline. However my instincts are that Ron and writers are using three way as a teaser, and the Lucas is going to set up something entirely different than sex. Interesting comment any writer in show but could learn from…after Lauren Bacall died and they showed clips from some of her movies, it was noted she always had her clothes on. And I might add, she was/is still sexier than all of these other young actresses seeing how much skin they can show off. Same might be said for Bogart.

Great comments Rose…old Hollywood had more class…something totally lacking today!!!

I agree with old Hollywood but dont you think Bogey and Bacall would have been different actors or maybe had different reputations in 2014. Back in the old days it was telling a good story and doing what the studio thought was right to preserve your reputation and sell movie tickets. Today its about shock, nudity, and being seen in yoga pants at Starbucks! Where are the legends of today?

it’s all about getting away from what’s standard fare

do I imagine myself sleeping in separate… (twin) beds… from my spouse


in the same room


do the nielsons grab hold of my inhibitions… does the ratings board generate more than I’m willing to give up

Good twist on a triangle. What will be really interesting is if it develops into a three way relationship. Plenty of good drama potential there. It’s thinking outside the box which is refreshing. I don’t think it’s a big deal – it’s not like they’re the main characters or something.

In addition to my response to jimh, while I wouldn’t be opposed to them exploring what emotional impact a 3way has on the parties involved, today I got the impression that it would resolve itself by Milo coming out of the closet to Felix and Felix ultimately coming down on the more conservative side and backing out of the 3way.

Could Milo have been struggling with his sexuality? He said it wasn’t a girl, and Sonny assumed he meant a woman. His ringtone on his phone was rather “circuit party”- sounding kind of music. Milo was concerned about his Father’s antiquated opinions. And once Sonny took the pizza off Milo’s hands to deliver to Carly, Milo made a beeline for Felix at the hospital to make a confession to him. Do they dare make Magic Milo gay?! GH hasn’t done a coming out story since Lucas back in… 2004? Ten years later, with three out-and-proud gay characters on the scene, maybe they want to explore a character who is adjusting to his truth from day one?

I think Milo is going to come out and go after Felix as well. I wouldn’t mind Milo with Lucas. IMO Brad and Felix can get together and leave Port Chuckles.

Now what your saying here would be great but knowing this show Milo maybe there to ask Felix about Sabrina but i hope its the way you said…id have no problem with it…im a straight male and i hope because i dislike the story thus far doesnt make you think im anti gay because im not…i just want a better storyline for Lucas…like the gay storylines on Britains Coronation Street…they are very realistic and entertaining…if Britain can write a good storylines for their gay soap characters as well as their straight ones our soap writers could and should here!!!

I’m telling you their missing the boat having Bobbi and Julian there to write something for Lucas. Something good!

One more thing…like the Scotty/Bobbi/Lucy triangle the Lucas/Brad/Felix just stays in one place and doesnt connect to other stories…just a pointless filler to drag those other stories and thats the main problem i have here…if there was a connecting point to the other stories other than Brad talking to Britt about his love life and Lucy going on about hers to anyone who cares to listen to her…then maybe i wouldnt object to it as much…both triangles straight and gay add nothing to the show and will not increase ratings…boring stuff more likely will hurt the show…however, if it turns out about Milo ect. the way you think it might that is somewhat better than if it goes the way some of us thought it would…i could be wrong but i thought perhaps Milo might ask Felix about Sabrina…ill wait and see…best to let things play out first!!!


yes, yes, yes

MAGIC Milo… with Felix… why not
Brad and Lucas

treat people

it’s like was said… they are not the main characters… it’s a two pair unfold that delights in character build and unfold of brain freeze…


brave of the writers to bring this up in a storyline… think that’s the first time I’ve heard this talk on a daytime show. If they try to shoot those scenes, awkward comes to mind. Wonder if the network will give them rules like they did in the old days of tv… like have to keep one foot on the ground.

sounds like a crazy scene from a game of twister.

as far as the storyline goes, I don’t think it will be as exciting as Lucas thinks; don’t think Brad will get closer to Lucas; and don’t think Felix will feel comfortable… he may just be a one man guy.

It makes it insulting to the gay community bc everyone knows that gay men are running the show(Frank and Ron). How is this suppose to add romance or drama to the show?? And being gay myself, they certainly won’t show any scenes of the actual act bc it’s still DAYTIME tv…..even if this were a straight storyline, i’d be voicing this opinion. and Lucas looks like a horndog for being the one to suggest it. Just kind fills that cliche that gay men can’t have real romance, that we just hop into bed with each other. Which is true in a lot of cases, but not all. 🙁

Thats what i was saying…where is the romance…ive watched gay couples in romance and in true to life situations on Coronation Street…Todd and Marcus were entertaining to watch but Todd is a bad boy and was just using Marcus but when Marcus left town and Todd watched him go, you kind of sensed that Todd truely loved Marcus and regretted letting him go…that is the impression i got…right or wrong it was still a very well written and entertaining storyline both gay and straight wouldve enjoyed!!!

I totally agree!

Not at all, I’m gay and I feel what is cliche is some gay men view of romance. Which often time trys to mimic the interaction of heterosexuals. Fact is romance is not always flowers and candles especially involving two men. I feel like How they react to the feeling that a 3some could ring up can be very drama or romantic filled.

you know… the first thing that came to mind… for me

where is my candlelight with roses romantic dinner

with the music playing in the background

where is my opportune time to shine, deliver, falter, stammer, begin, kindle, setback, lack, LIVE, bubble, LOVE return

feature my time

inherent calm beware… i’d understand

Go for it!! Great writing the other day with all three of them talking about the threeway…… Much more entertaining than other soaps…

it would be fun!
but no way in H will there ever be a 3 way on daytime tv, or on network tv..
the situation of the story will be humorous imo ..
This is not a serious thing but more so humor.. I like it!!

Fracos comments with Filex were humorous and gave me a laugh, so not a serious thing..

The three of them should get an apartment and date others. Plus, just cause they are gay, lets not just focus on sex. Where the hell does Lucas get his spending money. Have him go to work with dad.

“…The three of them should get an apartment and date others. Plus, ”



you are the catalyst for humor, definition, and all things trivialized

this is treat…. come out…. happenstance… let the chips fall where they may


a dynasty

For starters, this is not your grandmother’s soap opera!!!

I was entertaining the idea of a threesome for these characters for quite some time. It seems to be a natural progression. Let’s face it: Threesomes happen in the real world, with all possible combinations. And for anyone who has ventured into that territory—and count me among them—they can be fun but also filled with drama. Sometimes it opens up a can of worms whereby jealousy and resentment surface. So, if the writers approach this as more than a throwaway 1-week storyline, and actually mine the conflict that lies therein, it could be well worth it. Sure, many viewers don’t want to hear about (let alone see) 2 or more men in bed together. If, however, they care about the characters, then they will be intrigued by the journey.

Just turn the dial to DOOL; the gay couple on there are kissing and groping all the time, and the whole town (of Salem) just seems to love them. For me they are too bland and too goody-two-shoes. The gay guys on GH are more realistic. BTW, for my money, Brad is the most interesting of these characters: he’s flawed, he’s devious, but his heart’s in the right place.

Yes, this is not our grannys soaps…when rich character driven storylines glued millions to our tv screens…maybe because these arent our grannys soaps is the no.1 reason why soaps are nearly extinct today!!!

I totally agree with you, jimh! In my opinion, the halcyon days of soaps were the 1970s, when there were 16+ soaps, not just quantity but quality…

James…Y-E-S!!!!! VERY, VERY WELL SAID!!!!! Thank You. And…yep…the gay couple on DOOL..No Thank You. Their BLANDNESS is BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! To me, they look like they ALWAYS HAVE stupid lovesick looks on their faces…G-A-G!!!!! I don’t know A-N-Y gays or lesbians in real-life who act like that…and that includes M-E!!!!! No.

Take care, dude. A-C-E-S!!!!!!

Totally agreed, Jay! And the shelf-life of “stupid lovesick looks” isn’t very long…

“… actually mine the conflict that lies therein, it could be well worth it. ”

definitely…. it’s a vision that befalls the past

a due process that is shared

I like the contrast to DAYS… I love Will and Sonny for their lot… in that “they” married young… already with child… and it’s not setting a norm or precedent… but actuality

I love that the romance… one on one… romance and yes… thank you… a lot of love scenes… aired… for the betterment of natural

Great points, Patrick!

Lucas is the only interesting character and actor of the three. So while I like edgy topical stuff, these scenes are falling flat for me. The performers playing brad and felix are weak with Brad being the worst of those two. What would be edgier is to have a FMM three way with Franco, Carly and Sonny. Now there would be something that’s more taboo and rarely shown or discussed but it does happen and most of the men who do it are straight.

with Franco i’d demand airtime…

oh… sorry… have not taken leave of my senses

oh… I did… with Roger Howarth…. Franco

with Brad… Lucas… and Felix

with Milo

only on GH

Bravo Bravo, love my GH. 🙂 cheers!!

I’m fine with this idea of a three way if it serves to advance the story as to who will end up with whom. I think all three men have their own reasons/POVs for entering this three way but who will come out of it? It feels like to me Felix will chicken out. He’s more of a romantic and seems to have the most trepidation about the 3some.

Bring on the 3-way. I love these guys!

Charday…Y-E-S!!!!! More and more, Brad is my FAVORITE!!!!! NON-STOP P-A-R-T-Y!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!

Brad is the bees knees… to put it mildly

he smoldered first… and Felix wanton lust caught less

Lucas drove his

i want that the three be with

let Milo come

now that’s a 4 some I don’t know yet

add in Franco … and it’s bewilder… loose… entangle… defame…


Milo and Felix.. as this will give Felix… actor… acting chops to man up
Brad and Lucas… to feast

Franco to self medicate and wander far from Carly and GH… go to days

Yeah, Brad is cool, whether it be sneaky Brad with Britt or lovestruck Brad with Felix and Lucas.


it’s a feature to delve in to

a more than piqued curiosity… a real LIVES helped

I think it’s hot!!!!! But my fave gays are the Days Gays Will and Sonny 🙂

3-ways are fun, they can be healthy relationship building activities for all three participants, and they’re facts of life, no matter how much the prudes want to deny it. The problem with soaps is they perpetuate the dysfunction that each partner in a coupling owns the other. No wonder so many straight couples are unhappy and end up divorced.

They can be healthy…not always…there is still std’s and h.i.v. hasnt gone away…i know a gay married couple who often fight and not always happy…so dont imply only straight couples have problems!!!

Brad is the bad boy and he may be the one to test positive for HIV. That is a story that they can revisit.


this is the first time I’m surprised by you

I will remain vigilante in my direct

this is a show that progressed

for the long time viewers to hop on the bandwagon… for something… newsworthy… hidden… left of

tears for the beginning of something new for more to celebrate that I’m with

Talking about it and doing it are two different entities. Felix is the last one to the dance, after talking with Milo. I think Milo’s simple and honest approach will have an effect on Felix, and he will be thinking, “What was I thinking?”.
But no, I don’t think that the end-game is Felix and Milo. I know that Milo was nuancing with Sonny about it not being a girl (Sonny assumed “woman”). And that Milo was worried about his father’s 1960’s ideas and ideals.
Thinking of the sixties, I think of “West Side Story”, a fight between gangs of Caucasian vs. Puerto Rican….so there is Sabrina…
And coming in second in my opinion is Caucasian vs. Black. That would be Epiphany.
Either would make an epic s/l!

Thankfully, the winner was Bachelorette#2, Epiphany!!! I don’t think I could have stomached another major Sappy production…..first we had the Ugly Betty ripoff, then the “Cinderbrina” fantasy. Having to witness a song and dance extravaganza of “Sa-bree-nah…I just met a girl named Sa-bree-nah!” would have simply been waaaaaay toooooooooooo much!!!!! : p

I find this storyline a little pandering at times. I’m also insulted by it at times, too. What? There aren’t more than three gay men in Port Charles? Lucas is supposed to be an intelligent doctor, Felix is supposed to be an intelligent nurse, and Brad is supposed to be…?Well, he has to have some intelligence if he was able to secure a job in the hospital lab. This storyline has potential, but so far it is being played at such a high level that a lot of content is missing, making it kind of joke. I’ve had friends who were in three-way relationship for years, so it can and does happen. But it’s a bit of a shocker to see this reality hit my soap. So, I’ll watch and hope they do this justice.

thank you for injecting the obvious… plausible… nearsighted… yes, you’d think with their position and status it’d rear it’s become


wheres Milo and Franco in all this



I’d smolder hop on my soapbox too fast and treat

Why do you want to take the one gay storyline and turn it into a cliche for all the religious right wing bigots to point at? Can’t your gay characters, who are wonderful, just fall in love with each other one at a time? You guys are falling right into the stereotype that gay men can’t have and don’t want loving relationships. You should know better. By the way, Felix can do better than both these fools! Give him a real boyfriend! Thanks.

Trish has resolve

I thank you

“…Can’t your gay characters, who are wonderful, just fall in love with each other one at a time? ”

I would never treat this lightly… it’s all a matter of fact

Love begins…

Love realize

Love tightens

Love conquers

Love Prevails

More entertaining than B&B’s endless Liam and Hope crap!

Brett…Y-E-S!!!!! I agree. Thank You. Hope is S-O N-E-E-D-Y!!!!! But…of course…look who her mother is (aka Brooke). Brooke…the N-E-E-D-I-E-S-T of them all…LOL!!!!! Yep.

Take care, Brett. Peace.

I find all the pearl clutching (by straights and gays) hilarious.

Apparently no one minds the rapes, the robberies, the murders, the deaths… but have three characters (who have all already dated each other) even contemplate jumping into bed and people are all outraged. So a three way storyline isn’t appropriate for kids- but (for example) Sonny killing AJ is? Or FauxLuke selling cocaine is?

As a gay man who has been out for nearly 30 years and works in the LGBT community, let me tell you a big secret – three ways happen all the time (yes even in committed relationships) and there are a lot of ‘trouples” (three people in a “couple”). Look up Polyamory, please. and here’s another big secret – it’s not just the gays. It’s true.

I don’t think Ron or ABC gives a crap if they portray the gay community true to life. They certainly don’t portray straight people that way, why do you expect the gays to be some special exception? Personally, I love that the gays on GH aren’t these weird unearthly characters who have no flaws and are practically perfect in every way (does not reflect reality and is not very interesting to watch as daytime drama).

Kids are around murder and violence everyday…and see it…the herione storyline showed a tragic outcome in Rafes death and the dangers of drug use especially with youth…kids are being harmed by both violence and drugs everyday…they are a part of it…sex is an adult situation and not for children…they will be adults soon enough as it is…my problem is that this storyline about a threesome(which probably wont play out) is just a filler story as is the straight triangle of Scott/ Bobbi/Lucy…both storylines are pointless and adds nothing to the show…its isolated with no connections to other story which drags those others stories and stagnates the show…

Well said, Andrew! I couldn’t agree with you with more. It’s just an excuse for the crowd that bitches and moans about GH every chance they get, to be offended by something else. Nothing new there. It’s what this page is turning into, unfortunately.

Thanks Andrew! My sentiments exactly. And an immediate reply to you from another poster just justified how valuable all the other murders and rapes and drugs are realistic and relevant where this story is worthless pointless filler.

Well, todays episode was better with Lucas, Felix and Brad and now id like to see that happen with Scott and his two ladies…Lucas’s story i would like to see play out…will he join the staff at GH…will we see more scenes with him and his mother Bobbi…i dont want constant violence in my soap so dont think i do…i dont mind gay storylines so dont think i dont…but if showing the dangers of drug use can save a life or two im for it…nothing wrong with that…rape is a horrible thing and i dont care for those stories as well…GH needs to tone down the violence stuff…too many shootings and stabbings but i know itll happen again and even made a prediction…there is an overuse of both sex and violence on this show…whats wrong with wanting some romance…these shows need more than gunplay and bedhopping…people want romance and heroes and heroines they can cheer for and there are very few on these shows anymore…they sure arent my grandmoms soaps…i get that…i also get thats one of the reasons why there are only a few left today…peace!!!

“…I find all the pearl clutching (by straights and gays) hilarious.”


and more LOL

My rosary connection… has loosed themselves bewilder …

it’s on me somewhere

I clutch only so much

I reach the masses without question

I love it. BRAVO GH !! You guys want real? Well guess what… THIS is real!! Its also fun, new for daytime and soooo hot 😉 good job GH

You like it and im fine that you do…but some of us dont and others dont get why…its because its just a ‘FILLER’ storyline just like the Scott/Bobbi/Lucy triangle…i am all for adding some realism but not when presented as a filler plotline that is not connected to any other story…maybe i wouldnt object so much if it did somehow had some connection but it dont and it stagnates the show…mho!!!

But those connections need to BE built. Lucas has implications across the canvas to other characters, particularly Carly, Julian, and Sam. Those relationships are still being defined. Lucas is the most relevant because of his long history. The story hasn’t been TOLD yet, so how do you know if it WILL affect any other story if you tune out and change the channel at first mention of the plot point you don’t like? It’s not a justification that it doesn’t affect anything else if you aren’t waiting to see if it will. LOL.

I like the story..
It is fun ..
It has subtle humor..
It is not meant to be a serious thing it has humor.. have fun with it enjoy it, have a laugh or two– I am 🙂

Scott needs Luke, Bobbi needs her son, and Lucy is OVER! Cut the fat.

I love this story and the twist of having Milo be B-sexual actually moves us away from the three way, it was a tease to set Felix and Milo up as the safe, slow moving family friendly gay couple opposite Brad and Lucas, wild and sex-crazed gay couple. I love what GH is doing with there gay couples and I love that they have outside friends and relationships that keep them 3D and not just “gay characters”. Bravo to Ron and Frank over at GH. For a gay fan who has watched this and 6 other soaps over the last 25 years this is the best use of gay characters I have seen in the media, we usually just get one, who is in some turmoil about who they are, here we get well development ones who are as different as the real world. Love it.

I will say Felix was the first so, I feel like the rest were brought on the show to support him, so he should be at the center of this story and it starting to all center on Lucas.

The best gay characters are on Britains Coronation Street…if you dont get the show in your area check out youtube and check out Coronation Streets Todd, Marcus(currently left series) Sean, Sophie, and Maddie…maybe you’d like them or maybe you wont but these gay and straight characters deal with realistic everday issues and is far the best of any soap currently airing here!!!

Amen. These characters aren’t just posterboys for “safe” asexual characters that middle America can be comfortable around. They are real characters who are not all goody-goody. They have flaws — Brad’s, um, ethically challenged. Lucas is full of himself (Who wouldn’t be when you’re that young and good looking?), Felix gets hurt too easily. They are flesh-and-blood people with friends and enemies. Thank God they aren’t saints or role models or conflicted and self-loathing. They know who they are and are tripped up only by their own insecurities and shortcomings — just like in real life. Love ’em.

I LOVE Milo and Franco first

Brad is SO close

to me

join the celebratory feast that lingers treats and reals with reel

This is not a good story. They are ruining Lucas by making him a sleeze. A better story would be a Lucas/Felix romance.

Why is everyone so uptight? I’m so tired of insane violence being glorified in our society, but nudity and sexuality are frowned upon. We need to get our priorities straight.

Obviously you are new here…maybe…if you had read many posts in the past you would see many of us have protested too much violence on our soaps as well, especially on GH were it happens almost weekly…..

Well .
GH is a soap that is mobsters and crime..
It has shootings and kidnappings and all that kinda of crime stuff- that is GH ..

If anyone likes love and mushy stuff that bore one to near death, then watch another soap..
GH is what it is , it has bad guys that shoot guns and kill people, and also a lot of humor and weird stuff …. I’m lovin it !! 🙂

And there is no way daytime or network tv will allow nudity..
IF and when their is sex, we do not see it …
🙁 we see feet and sheets lol ..


What these writers are doing, perhaps unknowingly, is to actually reinforce Society’s overview of negative stereotypical behavior patterns. It’s not necessary to take the storyline in this direction, wouldn’t it be more dramatic if it were depicted as his being caught with one person, by the other?

It is not done seriously or even dramatically..
Neither of the 3 want to do it and have not a clue as to how to do it LOL
The expressions on their faces are priceless..
It is not meant to be serious nor make a statement of any type, it is all in fun..

)people need to lighten up and have fun.. not all is a serious moment nor meant to be serious.. lol .. they are having fun with it so should we 🙂

and besides the obvious– it will never happen ..

You are most likely correct ~ it probably will never happen LoL – thanks – I get frustrated when people are depicted in a one dimensional manner sometimes.

Sadly, soaps are not what they used to be. I love them and will watch them until the day I die. However, they are becoming less and less relevant. Ron and Frank rolled in on a white horse and saved GH. Ratings are not bad at all. Katie is history. That shows people still care about their soaps. My point is, I can remember a time when if daytime had on three gay guys looking to have a threeway, it would have been national news. Sadly, its not. Soaps are not as relevant AND the shock value of your sexuality is no longer shocking. In the nineties soaps competed with OJ. 2014, its the Kardashians, Lohans, and Beibers. Its tough to grab anyones attention for any long period of time anymore. I will embrace GH no matter what is written, who stays or goes, and who is the executive producer. I will enjoy it until they bring the curtain down.

“…Sadly, soaps are not what they used to be. I love them and will watch them until the day I die ”

I’m finally watching something that makes my person mix

i’m belonging to a genre for real

i’m being featured to the extent that I share with

I love the same

I’ll watch with … serial

It is just disgusting!!! Stop the insanity!!! YUCK!!!!

No! Felix is sweet and kind,he should wait to be loved as he deserves to be.

through all the hoopla of Sabrina and Patrick

with Sabrina, Patrick, and Robin

Felix was left by the wayside…

and should get his just treat

I hope for

I would like to post about my deep disappointment in the development with Felix in the 8/15 episode. From the posts I read here (and other soap opera message boards) I gather that Felix is not very popular. I like Felix but completely understand why he would be disliked by many. 1.) he’s been woefully underdeveloped and 2.) deeply attached to Sabrina who is shallow and propped-up. When introduced, Felix was fun and funny. The character was lively and joyful. The past year Felix has been written as unhappy, miserable, desperate and morose. Sadly, Friday’s episode exemplified how pathetically written Felix is. I felt that Felix was the “butt of the joke” of Milo confessing his sudden and significant crush on…Epiphany! Seriously?! In the scenes of Milo’s confession, Felix (superbly performed by Marc Anthony Samuel) vacillated from confusion, hope and despair in one scene. It was crushing. I’m glad Felix wasn’t broken by the development and hope for the return of the fun and bold Felix I loved but I am not confident in the writers to abilities.

I felt embarrassed for Felix but also angry that the Lucas would be so callous and cruel as to invite Felix and Brad into a “threesome” if Brad was the one he wanted to be with. He knew that when making the arrangement!!! I had no problem with the proposal of a threesome but I do have a problem that Lucas is written as a cad and Brad a buffoon while Felix is left out in the cold. As underdeveloped as Felix is, he’s more developed than Lucas and Brad! I also think Marc Anthony Samuel is the superior talent of the trio (Ryan Carnes is hot as hell but not a compelling actor and Perry Shen is just not very good.) Why is a show called “General Hospital” unwilling to write quality story for nurse, Liz and Felix? If they are not on the periphery of poorly written “triangles” they are relegated to propping up Sabrina Santiago (whenever she’s onscreen.)

apparently you did not see friday’s show..
no 3way .. it was very touching and great writing..
mom always said
”don’t yell until you hurt”

wait for the story to roll out before judging 🙂

also the Sonny & Carly scenes were stelar absolutely awesome!
as were the Franco and Nina scenes..

Sonny and Carly belong together, chemistry and history can’t be beat.
Nina and Franco R perfect 4 one another.
Patrick looks good w/ Sam, it works because they have an easy rapport.

su000: I did comment after viewing Friday’s episode as I indicated. I am entitled to my opinion. You have many replies throughout this thread that feels like you have attempted to highjack the comments section.

We are all entitled to our own opinions.
My opinion is GH ROCKS.
Keep up the GOOD WORK.
I just LOVE this show…

Me, too! All of these people declaring they’ve stopped watching GH because of all the TALK about a 3way have no backbone. I could clearly see that it was going to be all talk, & no action, & enjoyed the resolution on Friday. Brad & Lucas actually talked about their issues in a mature manner, & Felix ended up being the picture of romanticism for ALL orientations without looking like a fool. He came out as the one to admire in the situation.

Some are not right in the head pay no attention to them lol ..
IF one is actually going to stop watching they simply stop and do not come to boards to say they will stop haa
I said there would never be a 3 way on tv/in a soap.. it would never happen..
and anyone who actually believed there would be a threesome I gotta have a laugh at them duh haa..
It was more than obvious RC was teasing us and it was nothing more than a humorous moment..
(( common sense fails some — )

a threesome on daytime tv c’mon really! some actually took it seriously ahhaa! .. yah..
The way it actually went was great writing!! it showed us a side of the three that was awesome! It was good I liked it .. (applause to the writing team!)

Thanks Kansas, as a GH fan, I know that all story lines are not going to be great. But I don’t trash the show. That’s just not right. If anything, show support and hang in there. As long as the good stories out weigh the bad stories that’s fine with me. I will watch GH as long as it is on TV.
Again, I just LOVE this show. (Keep on Watching)

Thank you Sly!!!! Bravo again to Gh. I love the three way proposition 😉 Wished Milo joined the gang though….maybe he is covering with Epifany and will come out to her ?? Magic Milo has to be gay!!!!

ohhh gawd!
what a great surprise!!
Milo and Epiphany .. BRAVO!!
Goes to show..
No matter race, age or weight ya can get the best hunk of them all !! 🙂

Why do they always have to have this gay stuff??? Please don’t push it on us. There are other story lines besides men having sex. YUCK!!!!!

”gay stuff” is of our world and no different than non gay stuff..
there are many stories, GH has variety, a lot of variety..
something for everybody 🙂

and sex is sex.. it makes the world turn 🙂

Cher…if you don’t like ‘this gay stuff’ (as you put it), then don’t watch it. And…as su0000 pointed out, GH has LOTS of variety.

Take care.

you sound homophobic and a bigot. I have a gay brother, and I am so proud of my brother. Dont watch gh, if you dont like the gay storyline. Its very simple, turn it off.

Lucus ended up looking like a D-bag. I’ll pass on this one.

I am happy to see some gay characters on GH. I find Lucas and Brad to be pretty steamy together. Honestly, that reaction was a first for me. Anyway, I hope those two get together for a while.

As for discussion of 3-ways, OMG let’s break out the cool towels for foreheads of the near-fainting viewers. It never seemed like a real possibility that Lucas, Brad and Felix would follow through, but more like an idea that was thrown out there, then went too far even though none of them really wanted to do it. And I think that’s very realistic.

As far as the horror of children hearing the phrase 3-way, if they know what that means, perhaps the focus on daytime tv is misdirected.

Some of my gay friends are super-adventurous anything goes kind of guys and some would probably have to be tipsy to do it with the lights on. Just like my straight friends. So I’m not seeing any stereotypes there. Now when Felix and Brad were first introduced and acting smarmy and unprofessional, sexually harassing patients, that was offensive.

Ok, let me startt of by saying I absolutely love General Hospital and the Entire cast. I have been watching for over 16 yrs. It all started with my mom…I would watch it everyday with her when I got off the bus.. I honestly just feel that this story cheapened felix,brad and lucus’s characters.

GH has always been a “cutting edge” type of show. I have been watching for
34 years. If you “can’t handle” certain storylines that’s okay, Move on and come back when your ready.

Are you Bill Eckert’s son????

Just say what you mean…

I got it.

Breaking News

WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal to End Writers Strike

Looks like we are close, very close, to the writing teams at your favorite soap operas returning to their jobs with news on Sunday that finally the WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal. What remains is the fine print, and having the WGA vote to ratify their contracts.

This is welcome news to the television, streaming and motion picture industry that after five months of a strike has put the 2023-2024 TV season in deep water.

In a statement, the Writers Guild shared, “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

As the deal goes through its final stages, the writers are still technically on strike, but picketing outside studios and shows has now been suspended.

Photo: ABC

Among the writers’ demands that they fought for are: higher residuals from streaming shows, minimum staff sizes to prevent the use of “mini rooms” and protections from the use of AI.  The hope within the entertainment industry is that the new deal for the WGA will move along a new contract for SAG-AFTRA (actors) with the AMPTP.  As of Monday, SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.

Photo: JPI

As for your favorite soap operas, during the strikes, the shows were written by non-union writers or “fi-core” writers who gave up their union benefits in order to continue working.

The next steps in process will see the WGA negotiating committee vote on “whether to recommend the agreement and send it on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval,” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  Another vote by the board and council could lift the strike “restraining order”and allow scribes to “return to work during the ratification vote”.

So, are you happy to know that the writing teams from your favorite soaps are about to return to work and helm the scripts and the vision of the shows? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Richard Simmons ‘Not Interested’ In Biopic with Pauly Shore Portraying Him

Former General Hospital guest star and fitness guru, the reclusive Richard Simmons, has come forward and addressed actor and comedian, Pauly Shore’s wish to play the 70’s and 80’s pop culture icon in a biopic about his life.

Shore previously took to social media and on X shared a side-by-side of him and Simmons. Accompanying the post, Pauly expressed: I’ve noticed the reactions to me playing #RichardSimmons in a biopic. I heard he’s living in Big Bear. We’ve been playing phone tag (yes, he has a phone). I’m trying to make it happen, you guys. In the meantime, hit up all the big producers. I’ll see you at @TheAcademy 2025!”

However, TMZ’s sources are reporting on Saturday that Simmons is not in favor of Shore playing him in a film or anyone else, or any biopic on his life.

The outlet shared that Richard’s reaction was that he was aware of the effort behind a biopic, mostly spear-headed by Pauly. but that he just doesn’t want to be involved. Simmons also added that he likes Pauly a lot, but he’s not biting, despite the public’s urging on social media about the idea of a movie on his life.

Photo: ABC

Born Milton Teagle “Richard” Simmons, he became part of the public conscious back in the 70’s and 80’s with exercise studios and the ability to help his clients lose weight; many of them were celebrities. Simmons himself, admitted to at one time to being overweight, and getting into fitness helped him maintain a healthy living style and he wanted to help others.

Later, he began a four-year recurring run on General Hospital playing himself from 1979-1983.  Simmons returned to the show in 2013 for the Nurses’ Ball to taunt Lucy (Lynn Herring). He also was host of the Emmy-award winning, The Richard Simmons Show, which focused on personal health, fitness, exercise, and healthy cooking.  Over the last several years, Simmons has withdrawn from public life.

What would you think of a Richard Simmons biopic and if it included some moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes of what went down when he appeared on GH? Do you think it will ever happen given Simmons current position on the matter? Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York Reveals Potential Transplant Donor: “I Believe They Found a Match”

Promising news for General Hospital’s John J. York (Mac Scorpio). The actor who went public with his health battle shared Friday on Good Morning America that a life-saving blood stem cell transplant donor may have been located.

An emotional York told GMA, “I believe they found a match, perfect match, which will make me cry.  So we’re going to start our testing and do all that kind of stuff coming up here in about a week, and then I believe the transplant will happen, fingers crossed, in November.”

Through his association with the Be The Match organization, York located the now potential donor to help in his fight against myelodysplastic syndrome and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. “

Photo: JPI

York went on to explain the difficulties he faced in trying to find a match: “Many of my family members were tested and most of them were 6 out of 12; apparently there’s markers that have to be reached. So they were on standby.”

When asked just what the GH fan favorite would want to say if given the opportunity to speak to the donor that appears to be a match, in tears, John expressed: “Thank you for saving my life. For letting me spend more time with my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandchildren and seeing this beautiful blue sky.”

John has played Mac Scorpio for 32 years and until recently had kept his battle with these two blood cancers private, but came forward to clarify why he is taking time away from GH, and how he is been trying to find a life-saving donor match.

Watch York’s segment from GMA below.

Now, share your thoughts and well-wishes as John awaits the test results from his potential donor, to hopefully undergo this life-saving transplant in November via the comment section.

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