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Soap Veteran Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps Virtual Interview on Tap

Photo: JPI

In a very special conversation, don’t miss one of soaps longtime executive producer ‘s Jill Farren Phelps appearance on an upcoming livestream on The Locher Room.

Jill joins host and former ATWT and GL publicist, Alan Locher on Wednesday, June 23rd at 3 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. PST.

As soap fans know Jill has helmed Another World, General Hospital, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Santa Barbara and The Young and the Restless.

She has also been nominated for 15 Daytime Emmy Awards and took home 11 Emmys for her work.

While Phelps has been a polarizing figure on the soaps, look for the good, and the bad decisions under her tenures at the soaps to be discussed and more.

Here is the link to watch it live 

So, what would you want to ask Jill? What was her best decisions and worst decisions as EP of the soaps? Let us know via the comment section below.

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I don’t have the energy to type everything, so I’ll just focus on her disastrous days at GH. Killing too many Quartermaines and Georgie Jones. Making the key focus of GH be the mob, instead of the hospital. Unceremoniously dumping vets (her treatment of Anna Lee, in particular).

Whenever I feel like complaining about Frank, I remember how much worse it was.

Steve, I completely agree with your assessment of JFP. You innumerated her lowlights quite well. It really frustrates and annoys me what this so-called producer did to this once-great show. I, too, could write a lot more, but you have nailed it! Thank you, Steve.

Always appreciate your insights.

The one person who really gave it back to JFP was John Ingle. When she bumped Anna Lee and him to recurring, he promptly grabbed a contract offer at DAYS. Sadly, that left viewers with a woefully recast Jed Allan as Edward. As good an actor as he was, Jed looked awkward with Alan and Tracy and his grieving scenes when Lila died lacked authenticity.

Two years later, Ingle was back on contract at GH and stayed that way until his passing.

As Aria mentioned, Rebecca Herbst also probably got under Jill’s skin.

To finish on a positive note and give her credit, it was under her oversight that Genie Francis finally got her daytime Emmy.

Thank you, Steve! I always appreciate your insights as well. But you have also educated me, as I knew nothing about the situation regarding John Ingle — good for him, by the way — or the circumstances regarding Genie Francis’ Emmy win. Let’s hope there will be one for Lead Actress for Francis soon… I admire you for ending on a very positive note!

Jed Allan as Edward Quartermaine 3.0 was ridiculous. He was the same age as Alan & Tracy, for Hell’s sake, and he’s supposed to be their father??

Not that John Ingle was a good choice to play Mickey Horton either. That was the period that the abomination known as “Bonnie Lockhart” first appeared in Salem (yes, it’s true, we can’t blame her existence on ReRon. He just brought her back, for no good reason)

Thank Hell that was all over with in relatively short order and John was back on GH.

As far as Jill Fred Phelps goes – and yes, I gave her that middle name as an example of how toxic she was – I always thought she was FAR more poisonous to GH than Bob Guza ever was. Contrary to what some misguided viewers may believe, Guza was a brilliant writer, even if he did favor some characters over others. But what writer isn’t guilty of that, right??

I think you and I must be the only two beings in existence who are willing to give Guza any credit at all, Satan. I could not watch GH during his tenure, but it wasn’t because he can’t write; it was just too dark, dreary, and depressing (and mob-obsessed). But he knows how to execute a story (which is the biggest failing I’ve observed among unsuccessful soap writers: they may have good ideas, but they can’t execute them worth a damn); that was obvious to me anytime I’d tune back in to GH for a few days (which was as long as I could ever stand it, before the grimness drove me away). I’d personally at least check in on any show he was head-writing, and I would probably stick around if the darkness and the mob didn’t come along with him (nor any actors with the surnames Benard or Burton).

you aint kidding, she was very polarizing she also fired Rebecca Herbts,(fans got that decision reversed), I mean she alienated her audience more then bring them together. the wouldn’t even bring back legacy characters like Laura or Anna, if it wasn’t for Frank, there would be no Laura,Anna, and Lucy or Felicia.and so much more. I’m just glad she’s not with GH anymore.

Steve…dude…as a so-called executive producer, that Jill Farren Phelps woman is a DISASTER…PERIOD!!!!!

Steve…have a good one.

Don’t forget the destruction of AJ Quartermaine

Steve, I agree with your every point. And I might add that when she decides to fire an actor, she makes sure they go out with a humiliating exit storyline. She certainly did that to Genie Frances on Y&R. If you’re one of your favorites, you’re fine but if she dislikes you, then look out. She needs to stay away from the soap opera genre. They don’t call her the destroyer of soaps for nothing.

Her single handed destruction of y n r has we knew it as bill bells shining legacy is still felt today!
Yes. They re were bad showrunners before her LML comes to mind, however from what I recollect when she came on Y N R no longer resembled anything like what Bell intended. Instantly gone was the moody dark lighting and she fired the music composer responsible for y n r s signature background scores. I believe she let most of the bell show runners go and brought over her yes ppl from her abc time including Steve Burton. I think Pratt was the writer during that time. Marco Messeli, Jacks ‘ evil doppleganger’. Enough said. It was clear the brasd mandate wss chop chop chop $$$.
Continually today the show resembles one on the verge of cancellation with its 3 plot cast , bright obnoxious sets and tacky unmemorable background music.
Cant she retire in hiding already?

If he plays softball with her, it won’t be worth watching. If he asks her how she didn’t know that Beverlee McKinsey’s contract allowed her an out from GL…that could be interesting. If he asks why she fired Anna Lee from GH, and then didn’t have the guts to tell Ms Lee that she fired her, that would be interesting. If he asks how she screwed up Y&R so bad, that would be interesting. But if he treats her like a queen, I’ll skip it.

Towards the end of MAB’s tenure and into JFP’s reign of terror, whatever happened to Cane’s twin brother and I know that his sister died when she was young. The one thing that MAB should have stuck to her guns with is the firing of Daniel Goddard (who got on his knees and begged MAB and the PTB to keep him around) the first go around. Keeping him around meant we all had to endure another I don’t know how many years before he was eventually fired again (for good this time), because he wouldn’t do the potential May/December romance between Cane and Traci. I’m just glad that nothing came of it. I was just shocked that they had even gone that route to begin with.

I’ll say this much for her: she’s got guts. Given all the controversy surrounding her tenures on . . . well, take your pick of ANY show she’s been in charge of . . . I’m pretty sure I’d stay away from doing interviews in which the viewers can ask the questions, if I were she. I guess she may have fans out there, but I’ve yet to run into a single one. Anywhere. On any soap board or in any discussion group I’ve ever visited. The most sympathetic viewers I’ve run into are those who are willing to acknowledge there’s been some good in with the (ample) bad. But I can’t think of a single show she’s touched whose long-time viewers/fans would say, “Yeah, overall, she was good for my show.” (Maybe Santa Barbara, but I would not want to bet on that.) I suppose it might be interesting to hear her side of the story–factors that drove her decision-making, obstacles she encountered; I’m sure the job of EP has been an increasingly tough one, as the budgets got cut more and more and the networks and owners interfered more and more–but other EPs have encountered those same factors and obstacles and managed (some of them, anyway) not to do so much damage.

Whoops, my bad. I was thinking Alan Locher took audience questions. Since he doesn’t, I’m sure it will indeed be a bunch of softball questions, and I’m just not interested in another fluffy, overly generous PR piece on her soap career. (And no guts points for JFP, either.) A candid, balanced interview that gave her credit where credit is due but didn’t gloss over the damage she has also often done, on the other hand, would be interesting to see. We won’t get that, alas.

I hope this isn’t a terrible interview for her. I have my issues with her work just like everyone does. I particularly did not understand or appreciate her vision of General Hospital.

However, let’s remember she is the most Emmy decorated EP in the history of soap operas. That means she has a lot of good will among actors and voting members.

I hope people treat her with kindness and respect. Also remember these are just soap operas. Entertainment. Jill did not kill any of our real family members.

As much as I liked how she took an already red hot Guiding Light to another level in late 1991 to 1992 (and still really good in 1993 to mid 1994) I still dislike her for killing off Maureen Bauer and having so much focus on her buddy Justin Deas as Buzz Cooper. The writers for GL were top notch and even won best writing Emmys at that time. However I wish the executive producer before Jill (Michael Liabson?) stayed the EP. We still would have had Maureen Bauer and Beverlee McKinsey probably would have stayed on longer as Alexandra since she said she mentioned working too much to JFP.

But I can’t wait to read the comments in the live chat during the interview. I hope that Alan Locher doesn’t make it a fluff piece and asks the questions that we fans ask. It’s frustrating when he glosses over our questions and only asks a few.

Beverlee McKinsey hated the storyline and was hating the hours, so she was most definitely done with daytime. And it was proof when she only came back to renew her union insurance for a short stint on General Hospital. And even stated she didn’t like doing the work when she did it, and was enjoying her retirement.

She made a mess and ticked off many long-term fans during her reign at OLTL. If I remember correctly even Erika Slezak who went out of her way to always stay away from controversies even couldn’t resist commenting about her. And, I’m pretty sure Robin Strasser hated her.

Hey Chaz. I may be wrong, but Erika Slezak was always gracious when talking about Jill. She really had nothing to complain about during Phelps’ tenure. She had a young leading man and lots of good story to play.

I do know that Erika did not like Dena Higley’s writing, and quite infamously and uncharacteristically spoke out about that.

I don’t even want to speculate about Jill and Robin. Lol.

Chaz, I’m not a big One Life fan.. in fact, it is my least favourite American daytime soap opera. However, I do know Erika Slezak did an interview some years ago, and said she held Jill Farren Phelps close to her heart, and called a “wonderful producer” in her own words. She also remarked how Phelps had a difficult time running the soap, because of the higher-ups, and even Phelps said One Life was the most difficult soap she’s worked on.

She has killed off so many legacy soap characters. Why would I want to listen to her?

Alan Locher reads our comments and sometimes asks our questions but he doesn’t do direct questions, he chooses which ones to ask. I find Alan to be the best host ever, he really is great with his guests and makes them extremely comfortable!

For me my biggest problem with JFP’s time at GH was the positioning of Sonny Corinthos as the lead of the show, and it becoming mob-centered. I have never liked Sonny and while he has many fans I also think he turned off millions of viewers who left the show and never came back. The show is in the best balance ever lately, partly because Sonny has amnesia and is a nice character named “Mike” in Nixon Falls. The only part of the show I don’t like these days is the Sonny/Carly/Jason mob storylines. So my question for her would be: why did you decide to make the show about the mob instead of the hospital? Killing of so many of the Quartermaine’s was so incredibly stupid!

Amen, Brother, Amen! I completely agree with your assessment, particularly:

“…my biggest problem with JFP’s time at GH was the positioning of Sonny Corinthos as the lead of the show, and it becoming mob-centered. I have never liked Sonny…” and “why did you decide to make the show about the mob instead of the hospital?” SOMEONE should answer THAT question, Richard!

I am one of the “millions of viewers who left the show and never came back,” although I have admittedly returned upon rare occasion for special episodes (e.g., recent tribute to Sean Donely) and glimpses of Genie Francis.

She’s got a LOT to explain/defend about her controversial history on numerous soaps. This event will be a good test of Alan Locher’s ability as an interviewer. If he asks Phelps legitimate questions about her controversial actions (take your pick) on any of those soaps, it will be a fascinating interview. On the other hand, if the conversation is nothing but “fluff” pointing out her years of experience but never mentioning any of the “road kill” in her wake, I’m done with Locher.

Watched this interview this afternoon and it was quite good! Very informative and she got to have her say. I didn’t always agree with her, but I enjoyed hearing her point of view. She has had a fascinating career on soaps. Alan, as usual, did a great job with the interview! The only question I wish he had asked, since she has worked on both New York based and Los Angeles based soaps – what are the biggest differences between NY-based and LA-based soaps, in her opinion?

Can’t stand this woman. She destroyed literally every soap she ever touched, and I’m so glad she’s gone from the genre. Whatever the opposite of the Midas touch is, that’s JFP. HOW did she ever manage to get, much less keep, job after job after job?

JFP’s tenures at One Life to Live and General Hospital were complete disasters. But I should point out that at least IMHO, her tenures at Santa Barbara and Guiding Light (despite her killing off Maureen) were actually quite good.

Guiding Light

Kim Zimmer Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Last night the stars of daytime came together for a one-of-a-kind three hour-plus virtual event Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit For Stand Up To Cancer – We All Have a Story.

Towards the top of the show Daytime Stands Up co-hosts Michael Fairman and Alan Locher welcomed former Guiding Light stars, Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva) and Tina Sloan (ex-Lillian).

During their segment both actresses initially discussed playing breast cancer storylines for their character on the beloved soap opera and the impact it made on them and the viewers at the time. However, later in the conversation, Kim made a heartfelt admission that she is currently battling breast cancer in real life.


Kim expressed, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 6th. And if it wasn’t for a wonderful circle of friends that I have, and not to mention my husband AC Weary, and my family Rachel Max and Jake, who call me every day, I would’ve fallen apart. But because of my circle that I had, including fabulous doctors, early detection (was possible).

“I did have a mastectomy and I have my last infusion on Tuesday,” Zimmer added. “I would say to anyone that may get a diagnosis like I got. It’s so important that you find a support system.”

On how she is coping with her battle, Kim shared, “I’m a tough broad. But again, if I didn’t have the friends that I have, the support system that I have, the fabulous doctors, a fantastic plastic surgeon, I would’ve fallen apart. And I’m here to say early detection. Early detection. Early detection. Get your mammograms, get them soon.”

Photo: JPI

Earlier in the segment, when Kim talked about Reva’s breast cancer battle and how her character would not tell the love her life, Josh Lewis (Robert Newman), which maddened fans of the GL. Kim related, “The fans were like, ‘Why are you not telling Josh?” It made for great drama, though, It bonded Billy and Reva again in life.  We brought in the wonderful character of Colin, who was Reva’s by the book, cancer Doctor.”

“There were a lot of wonderful things that came out of the storyline,” recalled the four-time Daytime Emmy-winner. “I actually went back and watched the (standalone show) that they did on Reva finding out she had breast cancer. And I was like, ‘Wow. I can’t imagine not fighting that story today. But it ended up being written beautifully.”

Share your well-wishes to Kim on her recent medical battle with breast cancer below and check out the livestream below of Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up to Cancer.

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Guiding Light

GL Alum Nia Long Set to Play Michael Jackson’s Mother, Katherine Jackson, in Upcoming Biopic

Since her early days on Guiding Light, actress Nia Long (ex-Kat Speakes from 1991-1994), has made quite a name for herself with a list of credits that are very impressive. Now, Long can yet another when she has signed on to portray Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the Jackson clan and mother to superstar Michael Jackson.

Michael, the title of the upcoming biopic from Lionsgate and Universal Pictures is said to be working towards an April 18, 2025 release date. Director Antoine Fuqua is set behind the camera.

In a statement on the casting of Long, Michael producer Graham King expressed: “Beyond Nia’s incredible talent, I was deeply moved by her connection to the material and her commitment to honoring Katherine and the love she had for her son. Nia has delivered iconic performances throughout her career. I’ve been a fan for a long time because her characters stay with you. I’m excited to now work alongside her as she pours all of that into Katherine Jackson: a woman who was the glue, the rock, and the heart of the Jackson family during its best and its most turbulent times.”

Photo: JPI

Long echoed the sentiments of King, sharing: “Katherine Jackson is an incredible pillar of strength and grace for the entire Jackson family. As a mother, she was selfless and endured forces beyond her control yet still managed to help build a legacy beyond measure. I am honored to bring her voice to the screen and share Michael Jackson’s story with audiences everywhere.”

Nia will be in great acting company for the film that includes Best Actor Oscar nominee Coleman Domingo who will play Katherine’s husband and Michael’s father, Joe Jackson.

Looking forward to seeing Nia taking on the role of Katherine Jackson in the Michael biopic? Remember her early days on Guiding Light? Comment below.

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All My Children

2023 Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Fashion: Women In Glam: Who’s Got the Look? (Photos)

The 50th annual Daytime Emmys Awards brought out the women of daytime in sequined gowns, classic black, looks with an edge, and more as the stars gathered together for daytime’s biggest night of the year.

Prior to the two-hour ceremony airing on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday, many previous Emmy winners, nominees, and fan favorites walked the red carpet showing off their fashion sense to the numerous paparazzi in attendance.

The following morning on Saturday, more nominees and presenters took to the red carpet for the 50th annual Daytime Creative Arts & Lifestyle Awards. Scroll below and take a look at some of the pics of the ladies as they made their way down the red carpet.

Photo: JPI

2022 Lead Actress Daytime Emmy winner, Mishael Morgan (Amanda, Y&R), who was a presenter on this year’s telecast in yellow.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital’s Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) intro’d the GH 60 retrospective package during the telecast, but a blue-sequined dress was the order of the day on the red carpet.

Photo: JPI

Y&R Lead Actress nominee, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) wows the carpet.

Photo: JPI

Y&R’s Melissa Ordway (Abby) sleek in black.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Katelyn McMullen (Willow) gives us old Hollywood with a modern twist in red.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Tabyana Ali (Trina) in dark red sequined gown.

Photo: JPI

The Talk co-host, Amanda Kloots, in silver and white.

Photo: JPI

Six-time Daytime Emmy-winning star, Heather Tom (Katie) of The Bold and the Beautiful, truly in old Hollywood glam.

Photo: JPI

Daytime Emmy winner from Guiding Light and current star of General Hospital Cynthia Watros (Nina), in teal dress.

Photo: JPI

Eventual Daytime Emmy winner for Outstanding Younger Performer, GH’s Eden McCoy (Josslyn) in creme colored slip dress.

Photo: JPI

Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane, All My Children) should also win a Lifetime Achievement Award for all the red carpets she dazzled over the years, and this year was no exception.

Photo: JPI

Grammy Award-winner, Jennifer Nettles. took to the morning Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmys in yellow. During the Emmy telecast, she performed during the In Memoriam Segment.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital nominee for Supporting Actress, Brook Kerr (Portia).

Photo: JPI

The fabulous Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) who represented Y&R for their tribute during the ceremony, took to the carpet in this sequined print pantsuit.

Photo: JPI

A Daytime Emmy winner from General Hospital, now with Y&R, Hayley Erin (Claire), took to the red carpet in alternative modern fashion.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Jophielle Love (Violet) was ready for the carpet with patterned-bowed dress and matching black shoes.

Photo: JPI

Another nod to old Hollywood, B&B’s Jennifer Gareis (Donna) in white and silver with matching silver earrings.

Photo: JPI

Paige Mobley, a Daytime Emmy nominee at the Creative Arts & Lifestyle ceremony for co-hosting Instant Dream Home, took to the carpet.

Photo: JPI

Talk show host, Sherri Shepherd making a ‘statement’ at the Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmy Awards with this modern number.

Photo: JPI

B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) took home the gold for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for the third time in her career. Here, Jacqui walks the red carpet prior to the start of the telecast glammed in black.

Photo: JPI

Also dressed in black, but in velvet, GH’s Tanisha Harper (Jordan).

Photo: JPI

Talk show host and EGOT winner, Jennifer Hudson, was the final performer to arrive at the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards and turned it out in sequins.

So, who do you think wore it best on the red carpet at the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards weekend? Let us know your pick via the comment section below.

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