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Tamara Braun Returns To DAYS; What Did You Think of The Entrance of Ava Vitali?

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Friday’s cliffhanger episode of Days of our Lives brought with it the highly-anticipated re-entrance of mob moll, Ava Vitali as Tamara Braun returned to the NBC daytime drama series in her Daytime Emmy-winning role.

Braun was last seen on General Hospital as Dr. Kim Nero, but now back on DAYS, Tamara gets to play a trouble-making bad girl, in one of the most soap-famous roles of her career.  She originated the part back in 2008.

Photo: JPI

In story, it is revealed during the episode that Phillip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is in cahoots with Ava, and the expectation that he is supposed to launder mob money through the company and get Xander (Paul Telfer) out of the way.  She gives Phillip a steely threat – that he owes her from saving him from all of his debt, and in return it’s time for him to pay up!  Ava then recalls how she vouched for him with her cousin Angelo and how she is in Salem to make sure he delivers on what he promised.

The talk turns to everyone thinking Ava is dead.  She says it needs to stay that way.  Phillip asks if she planning on trying to rekindle things with Steve (Stephen Nichols) … and what about Joey, who is falsely imprisoned thinking he murdered her.  Is she going to let him rot in jail?  She says she has to remain on the down low, but he needs to take care of Xander and fast.

After Phillip exits, Ava texts someone an update and then thinks twice about letting Steve know she is alive, although we see, from her flashback of their night of passion, that she is heavily on her mind.

Much trouble ahead for Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), Tripp (Lucas Adams), Steve, Phillip, Xander and who knows who else with Ava snooping around Salem.

So, glad to see Tamara finally back on DAYS? What did you think of how they are tying a back-from-the-dead Ava to the story?  How do you think Ava ended up alive and well? Was Dr. Rolf (William Utay) somehow involved? Share your thoughts and your theories via the comment section below.

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i hate this story. I hate the character of Phillip and the actor who portrays him is AWFUL. He has zero talent and always looks like he needs a shower. He is just creepy. Ava really has no reason to come back. Another threat to Patch and Kayla? They need to start focusing on how Kayla and Patch are preparing for their Social Security checks to come out in the mail and how Patch is wondering why he can’t be regular. Maybe some prune juice and yogurt? End this tragic tale and quickly!!!

I could not disagree more! Patch and Kayla are as exciting as watching paint dry. To put it bluntly, these two are a positive bore! Thank God Ava has returned to put some life back into the Patch storyline.

I couldn’t agree with you more, but at least with the paint, you can change the colors!

I love Steve and Kayla, they don’t need an over the top obsessive female to make them interesting. Like 70% of the other characters on this show (unless you are a Jarlena fan) need to have some legit writing for. Angst could be via lots of other issues, these writers are just lazy. Steve/Kayla have more chemistry & acting talent together than any other due on daytime (in their age range). For those, that get excited about a character that all she does is obsess over a man & tries to destroy his family…good one you…that’s a pathetic character.

Tamara Braun is awesome. She nails it with every single soap incarnation (she was my favorite Carly on GH). I see another Emmy win for her and Days upcoming…

I would like to “Echo” your comment, and doesn’t she look beautiful? So much prettier than when she was on GH not too long ago. Just wish she played a good character and not mixed up with that rotten Philip.

I’m not sure what is appealing about another return from the dead woman overly obsessed with a man for how many years and making yet another run at undermining him. Tamara is a good actress but this is being played too over the top and not very enjoyable. Should have brought her back as another character. The show currently has enough return from the dead overly obsessed over men already currently airing. The last run was sickening with taking advantage via sexual manipulation of underage Joey.

@Louie i couldn’t agree more the damage with Joey. done . I am already in a conundrum that @Ava is on the path to redemption or is down and dirty double dealing charged

this is already a lost cause , if ron / ryan are writing her as.. and is story arcing… short term . so no investment may mean what? bewilder that they RUIN a character. with so much potential.. with Kayla and Steve.. and Tripp her son.. and now a grandchild.. so how goes it

Ava , the stupendous actress slays for what it is… and you belittle a character for story arc . so much for investment

I love Tamara Braun… this was a potential for long term.. without looney and drive unrequited… Ava was meant for across the board appeal… Ron / Ryan if you ruin her so quickly

We shall see

love to Tamara and sorry to see how daytime has sunk

I love Tamara. Loved her as Carly! But what I’m fearing based on her return episode is that she is going to be a one note crazy woman on Days. Much like her last turn as Ava. The only interesting thing about her last stint was the slight guilt she had for using Joey – but they did little with that party of the story. Just had her do round the bend in an over the top story turn and then she was killed. And she’s already showing no signs of vulnerability or softness – just all scheming and manipulating. Please give her more to do than that.

I like the actress but for God’s sakes already stop bringing people back from the dead,Or the show should be changed to Zombies of our Lives.I know she is there to cause trouble for Steve and Kayla but I think bringing all these people back from the dead is nonsense.I do like her though.PLease tell Ralph to stop making dead people come back to life ,oh wait i Know maybe she will be the one who carries Stephano.

I’m so happy Tamara Braun is back on Days of our lives and I’m looking forward to what they have in store for Ava

So happy Tamara Braun is back as Ava looking forward to the story they have planned for her Tamara is such a good actress

I’m happy she’s back. I can’t wait to see Ava vs. Sami, showdown of the grandmothers!

I was going to comment why is everyone calling her grandma but realized,she will be if Charlie also turns out to be her son.

Re-Ron strikes again! Can this man tell NO stories other than back from the dead, doppelgangers, and psychotic women?

Well at least this time he’s doing all three at once. That’s at least more efficient repetition, right?

Just wondering if anybody will see Ava and mistake her for Nicole’s sister, Taylor.

I didn’t like her and E.J and their cheating but did like T.B as Taylor. Too bad that Rafe double killed her and her mother.

This is really cracking me up with Xander and Sarah stalking Ava. Sarah is like a wind-up toy, constantly moving like she’s on speed or whatever. If we’re lucky, Ava will catch her and quiet her for good!

I love it, And when I say it, I mean I loved how Tamara a.k.a Eva came back and the whole spectrum how she manage to survived the fire. I am waiting to see how they’re going to tie it all together, Get Joey out of Jail, The ripple in Kayla and Patch marriage once again, and Poor Trip he might need to see a shrink after all seeing his mother back from beyond. I could see even trouble among the brothers to vie for the affection of Claire or someone else, Too many men on the show not enough women to pair them up with. So sad to see Hope and Ciara gone. Now that is Twisted Bo & Hope first lost their son, then Hope and Ciara lost Bo, Now Hope lost Ciara and then like a fart in the wind, Kristian a.k.a Hope departs from the show. That really screwed me up Like a reversal of the show. Now who’s going to carry Doug and Julie’s legacy?

Once crazy Gwen is found out hopefully Jennifer and Jack will be back together again. I think they would be the obvious couple.

Did I miss something? What happened to nutty Jan?

Jan was arrested for Kidnapping Bell, trying to marry Shawn..that was two weeks ago..Joey is now free, So is Ava. Meanwhile Ava is trying to figure out how Tripp is the father of Claire’s baby, Claire got a pass from the D.A Trask. Jennifer & Jack will get back together eventually, but Not before Gwen causes more trouble.

O.K, unless I passed out while watching, the last thing I saw was Marlena getting John out on of jail for possibly killing Jan. Have not seen them since, and do not know if Jan survived John strangling her.

Some fans, some of you are; you don’t even know their real names. Jay Johnson who plays Phillp is a fine actor, He does appear to be dirty due to the stress his character is going through, Not to mention he plays a good Heal. If you even know what that term means.
Second Steve & Kayla always had good story lines on their relationship / Marriage.They’ve dealt with real issues, Steve going deaf, Another woman, an obsessive ex..trouble with their kids. But you want to sit their and criticize these actors..which they are way better than you or I. If you hate them so much why do you keep watching?

Storm, you can name me as one that can’t stand Philip’s character or actor playing the part. Yes, he certainly plays the heel very well. What do you mean appears to be dirty? He’s as dirty as you can get! Trying to ruin his own father by destroying his business, in cahoots with Ava Vitali, known villainess. Kate should be ashamed she ever gave birth to this creep! After reading the first comment on this thread noting all Philips bad qualities I thoroughly agree with them, he is smarmy to say the least, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh, I did!!

Bravo to Jay Kenneth Johnson!

I am intrigued by the current comments deriding the character of Phillip (and even actor Jay Kenneth Johnson). I do not like the character either. Maybe the mob ties and slicked-back hair remind me of GH’s Sonny who I despise…

But @Storm is correct: the actor is doing a great job in playing a “heal!” When he first came back to the show, I was going to make a comment questioning long-time viewers to explain his appeal. Frankly, I don’t see it.

However, in his recent scenes with Chloe, the actor showed another side to this character. He seemed charming and vulnerable. So bravo to Mr. Johnson for his deft acting chops and giving what could be a one-note character shades of complexity!

It is a little odd that Phillip always has some creepy look on his face these days, but all the same it’s great to have JKJ, the REAL Phillip Kiriakis back in the role. None of the recasts ever worked, especially that last one, the completely void of talent OLTL pet with the Trump hairdo (or should I say, hairDON’T)

As far as those complaining about the “dark side” of Phillip’s character…. he’s the son of Victor Kiriakis & Kate Roberts and spent 9 months in the womb of Vivian Alamain. It would be out of character if he did NOT have a dark side, for Hell’s sake!

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The Bold and the Beautiful Casts Joshua Morrow’s Son, Crew, as the New Will Spencer

In casting news, Crew Morrow, the son of  Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman, The Young and the Restless) and his wife, Tobe, is joining The Bold and the Beautiful as a a recast in the contract role of Will Spencer.

That means that Crew will be the biological son of Katie (Heather Tom, who formerly played the Joshua Morrow’s on-screen sister, Victoria Newman over at Y&R) and Bill (Don Diamont).

According to Deadline, Crew has already begun taping episodes of B&B starting last Friday on June 14th. Look for the new Will to debut on the July 1st episode of the CBS daytime drama series. Clearly, B&B is ramping up their summer teen storylines and now Will supposedly has a half-sister in Luna (Lisa Yamada).

Photo: IMDb

The role of Will Spencer will mark Crew’s third acting credit according to his IMDb, where previously he appeared in Continental Split and Healing Towers. The previous Will’s included Heather Tom’s real-life son Zane Anchor, who played the role on occasions from 2013-2018, and Finnegan George who took over the part and was last seen in 2020.

Photo: JBelushiIG

In addition, more casting was revealed. Jamison Belushi, the daughter of comedian and actor, Jim Belushi, is making a one-day guest appearance in the role of April, a lab technician on today’s Monday, June 17th episode. The outlet also mentioned that Li (Naomi Matsuda) and Finn (Tanner Novlan), with whom April works for, are about to embark on a summer mystery story that kicks off on July 1.

So, what do you think about Crew Morrow becoming the new Will Spencer on B&B? What do you think will be the new summer mystery story? Share your thoughts via the comment below.

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Y&R’s Michelle Stafford Clarifies Backstory of Emotional Acceptance Speech Moment During the Daytime Emmys

When General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason) and Laura Wright (Carly, GH) opened the envelope to reveal the winner of the Lead Actress in a Drama Series winner, during the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast, they called Y&R’s Michelle Stafford’s name.

Now, a three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Stafford took to the microphone to address the viewers at home, her Y&R family and her own family. During her acceptance speech, Michelle mentioned a moment “crying” in the office of the series executive producer and head writer, Josh Griffith.

While people were spinning their own stories of what went down, Michelle decided to nip that in the bud, by taking to her Instagram and explaining what she meant, and what has been going on in her life, which includes the death of her stepfather, Ed Lee, who she lost back in March of this year.

Photo: JPI

Michelle wrote: “Need to kill this weird narrative that’s seems to be catching fire regarding the thing that I said to Josh Griffith on stage “thank you for letting me cry in your office.” I usually wouldn’t give a sh*t. But I think actually sharing the story with you might be helpful to anyone who is experiencing grief.  I lost a parent recently. It was devastating.  But you must carry on with life. You go to work. You take care of your kids….And life does in fact move on.”

“About 10 days or so after his death I had already had a meeting planned with Josh about some questions I had in my story. We were discussing a couple things and every time I talked about my character’s relationship with her children and aspects of how it would play out… this surge of emotion came over me. Have you ever been there? After a loss you move on and you’re fine but then maybe you’re talking to, I don’t know, a co-worker or you see something at the market and something triggers some memory and you fall apart? The more you try to stop it the worse it gets. Oh man, it’s horrible. That’s what happened,” Stafford explained.

Photo: JPI

Stafford continued, “I found myself weeping in Josh’s office. Like an idiot. Something about talking about Phyllis’s relationship with her kids just did it. I was so embarrassed. I apologized profusely. He did the most human thing. I won’t get into what he said and did but it was quite human. Yes, it’s a workplace, our set. For sure. We’ve all been working together for a long time. It’s a professional environment, but we all really care about each other.”

Clarifying that this wasn’t about her crying in the bosses office to get a storyline out of it for the future, Michelle added, “Sometimes that’s hard for people to understand if they don’t have that kind of work life. Maybe folks out there who are trying to spread a rumor that I ‘cry to get a storyline’ maybe they have a bad work situation. Or a boss who doesn’t even care to listen to them. I don’t know…. ”

In closing, the award-winning actress shared, “All I know is that I’m very honored to work with people I also care about and who I believe care about me. What a gift. What I said on stage was a spontaneous comment to my boss who did something very kind for me. Very human for me. My wish for others is that one day they actually experience a working environment that’s similar.”

You can watch Michelle’s acceptance speech from the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards below.

Now, let us know, what did you think about Michelle taking the time to explain what she meant, and how grief, as with anyone else who has had a major loss or losses in their life, comes in waves and can affect you seemingly when you least expect? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Kelly Clarkson, Steve Burton, Eric Braeden, Jackée Harry Among Presenters Set for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

On Tuesday, CBS and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced the list of presenters for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards set to air live on Friday, June 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

Among some of the presenters are: Kelly Clarkson (The Kelly Clarkson Show), Eric Braeden (Previous Emmy winner and a Lead Actor nominee, The Young and the Restless), two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital) and sitcom favorite, Jackée Harry (Paulina, Days of our Lives)

In addition look for: Kristos Andrews (The Bay) Lauralee Bell (The Young and the Restless), Stefan Dennis (Neighbours) Scott Evans (Access Hollywood), two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Amelia Heinle (Victoria, The Young and the Restless), Annie Jones (Neighbours), Star Jones (Divorce Court), Christel Khalil (Lily, The Young and the Restless), last year’s Lead Actress winner, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric Martsolf (Days of our Lives), Kiara Liz Ortega (The Bay), Melvin Robert (Extra), Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, The Bold and rhe Beautiful), Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital) among others. In addition, The Talk co-hosts, Amanda Kloots and Jerry O’Connell, will make a special appearance.

Photo: NATAS

As previously announced, Daytime Emmy Award nominated and multi-award-winning actress Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, Y&R) and Daytime Emmy winning producer Edward J. Scott will receive Lifetime Achievement honors for their contributions to the world of Daytime television. The broadcast will be hosted by Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner for the third year in a row.

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards is produced by NATAS and Associated Television International (ATI), which produced Daytime Emmy Award ceremonies on The CW in 2009 and on CBS in 2010, 2011, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Adam Sharp and Lisa Armstrong are executive producers from NATAS, while David McKenzie is executive producer from ATI.

So, what do you think about the presenter list for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Comment below.

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