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Terri Ivens Joins The Cast of Tainted Dreams!

Photo Credit: Chris Rosa

Photo Credit: Chris Rosa

Former All My Children star, Terri Ivens (Ex-Simone Torres) joins the ranks of well-known soap stars who comprise the cast of All My Children’s current Supervising Producer, Sonia Blangiardo and her upcoming project and series Tainted Dreams for her NYC Brand Productions!

According to Blangiardo, “Ivens will play the role of ‘Kassandra Bentley,’ an in your- face, manipulative actress who stars in Tainted Dreams soap within the soap, “Painted Dreams”.

Alicia Minshew (Kendall, AMC) who is already been previously announced will play ‘Angelica Caruso,’  “Painted Dreams” senior producer who is stuck trying to deal with all the backstage chaos actors like Iven’s ‘Kassandra’ leave in their wake.

For more on Tainted Dreams, visit the NYC Brand Productions website here!  Ivens joins former All My Children stars, Walt Willey, Michael Lowry, Minshew, plus former Guiding Light star, Grant Aleksander and more for this new series!

So what do you think of the cast and premise thus far of Tainted Dreams, with the addition of Ivens?

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I miss Alicia playing Zach’s paramour in AMC – loved them. Trying hard to be happy for her because she’s amazing.

You and me both. I love Zach and Kendall too. I hope AMC can make room for Alicia and that she still wants to do AMC. In the meantime, I’m very happy Alicia will be on Tainted Dreams with her good pal Terri and others. At least Alicia lives in NY, will be working on TD in NY, while AMC films in CT. She’s on the right coast, at least. (Trying to stay hopeful and find the silver lining here…)

Yes – I’m so happy I get to see AMC and I’ve wondered about Alicia – I thought maybe she was on Broadway or happy to raise her child…but I’ll definitely check out Tainted Dreams, I’m presuming it will be available in some form, yes?
The silver lining, I think maybe, is that we have these people back in our lives in some new and experimental and progressive fashion..that’s so much better than two years ago! Thanks very much for you reply and the info. L

I think the cast so far is promising. Using actors and actresses from multiple soaps is a brilliant way to utilize aspiring talent. When is the debut of Tainted Dreams? I especially like Alicia Minshew, Terri Ivens and Walt Willey. I would love to see Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Reva and Josh (The Guiding Light) back in action once again. I will watch Tainted Dreams as the line-up so far is great.

I like Sandy’s comments and am looking forward to Tainted Dreams. I like the fact that a soap will be done in NY as many great soap actors still have NY as their home base. When will it debut and will it be on television or on the net?

I am excited that so many talented actors with soap opera experience were hired for this new show! MIchael Park & Trent Dawson, from ATWT and Robert Newman & Kim Zimmer from GL would be great additions to this show. Michael or Robert would be great as Ethan Washington. Trent would be great as Eddy Parish. Maybe Kim could play Courtney Parish. Just some ideas! 🙂

Michael Fairman I adore You!!!

All My Children

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to Kick Off Season 36 of ‘Live’ with New Show Opening

The new season of morning talk shows begins this week, and one of them, Live with Kelly and Mark, is starting things off with a new show open starring the hosts and married couple, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, formerly of All My Children fame.

Make sure to circle Tuesday September 5th, when Kelly and Mark begin their first official season together as co-hosts of the long-running show now in its 36th season.  As many know, Consuelos joined the show back in April of this year, after Ryan Seacrest made the decision to depart the series and move back to Los Angeles full-time, since the talker is shot in New York City.

In the concept of the new opening, the husband and wife duo are seen brushing their teeth in their apartment, then going through a couple of outfit changes/looks, before they settle on what they wearing as they are driven to their New York City studio where ‘Live’ emanates from, and arrive in its corridors.

Photo: Disney/ABC

In addition, this season will have a new trivia game segment called Stump Mark.  In it, Mark will try his darnedest to keep the coveted Live mug away from trivia callers trying to stump him with their two statements — one true, one false.

Scheduled guests for the week: Derek Hough, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Etheridge, Josh Gad, Shinedown, Phillip Phillips, Nikki and Brie Bella and more.

Take a look at the opening title sequence for Live with Kelly and Mark below, and then let us know what you thought of it in the comment section, and let us know if you are looking forward to the new season of the talk show.

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All My Children

Kelly Ripa Teases New Season of ‘Live’ with Husband Mark Consuelos: “Our Show Is Best When It’s Going Off the Rails”

Since Mark Consuelos joined his real-life wife, Kelly Ripa on the morning talk show Live with Kelly and Mark, the ratings have never been better.  In fact, according to the Nielsen ratings, the former All My Children stars came in second behind The View for the 2022-2023 television season in total viewers averaging 2.293 million.

Now with the new season upon us come September, Ripa spoke with the Purist about what fans can expect now that Mark is coming into his own as her co-host.

Kelly shared, “We’re going to provide the same sort of humor and irreverence that people have come to know and love. Mark has taken the trivia game, where Ryan (Seacrest) and I would just give away coffee mugs to the audience, and decided that he’s not going to do that any more. There are no participation trophies in life, he says. If they want to win a mug, they’re going to have to stump me. I don’t really follow the ratings, but from what I’ve been told that since Mark has taken over, people stay with the show all the way through because they want to see whether or not Mark gets stumped.”

Photo: JPI

When asked what favorite segment on Live is her current favorite, Ripa expressed, “I love talking to the trivia callers. Our show is best when it’s going off the rails, when our audience gets to see the slip-ups. It is not this highly polished, Hollywood thing. It is two people meeting, having coffee, having just read the paper. We never cover actual news, we cover absurd news. When you factor in a person calling from their cellphone in the parking lot of a grocery store, what have you, it is rife with the ability to derail very quickly, and I think that’s what I love the best. I also love our viewer feedback at the very end of the show, where we take our viewers.”

So, are you looking forward to more Live with Kelly and Mark? Enjoying the duo on-screen together on the morning talker? What are your favorite staple segments from the show? Comment below.

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All My Children

Pamela Blair, ‘A Chorus Line’, ‘Loving’ and Daytime Emmy Nominee, Dead at 73

The Broadway community is mourning the passing of one of their most beloved members, who also appeared on several daytime soap operas throughout her career.  Pamela Blair, the original Val in A Chorus Line, died at her home in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday following a lengthy illness. Blair was 73-years-old.

Throughout her career, the singer/dancer/actress continued to showcase her exceptional talents in shows such as: Promises, Promises, Wild and Wonderful, Sugar and Seesaw. She also gained major kudos from the musical theatre community for her portrayal of Amber in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. 

Pamela also had notable roles on soap operas taped in New York City. First, Blair played Elizabeth Shank Ryan on Ryan’s Hope in 1980. She followed that with her most-known daytime role as Loving’s Rita Mae Bristow, a part she played from 1983-1985.

Photo: ABC

Later in 1985, 1986 and in 1992, Blair made brief appearances in two roles on All My Children, Maida Andrews and Mrs. Goodman.  It was the role of Maida Andrews that landed Blair a Daytime Emmy nomination in the newly named Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series back in 1987, only losing that year to John Wesley Shipp for his role of Martin Ellis on Santa Barbara.  Blair’s last soap role was in 1994 as Another World’s Bonnie Broderick.

Throughout her enduring career, she appeared in numerous television and motion pictures including: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Law & Order and the motion pictures version of Annie.

Let us know if you ever had the opportunity to see Blair as Val in ‘A Chorus Line’, or if you remember her daytime roles on Ryan’s Hope, Loving, All My Children or Another World via the comment section.

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