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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: As Brooke's Wedding Day Approaches, Are You Team Brill Or Team Bridge?



It’s a pivotal week for B&B’s Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)! She is set to marry the man she has loved for years, Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), but she has also been pulled in the direction of her ex Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) via his vendetta against Bill.

Now Brooke is set to walk down the aisle, but will circumstances halt the nuptials? As Brooke’s wedding approaches; sister Donna (Jennifer Gareis) is back in town for the big day, Ridge is getting all fired up, and Dollar Bill thinks his wedding to Brooke will go off without hitch!

How will things shake out? Watch this week’s promo for The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump!

Then let us know, are you #TeamBrill or are you #TeamRidge?  Which pairing do you think would be the most entertaining and interesting choice right now for legacy character Brooke as played by long-running cast member, Katherine Kelly Lang? Weigh-in via the comment section below!

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Team Brill. I know the legacy is Ridge and Brooke, but you know, I think that ship has sailed because Ronn Moss is no longer Ridge and the character, now in the person of Thorsten Kaye, is different. The timing is past. Also, Brooke and Bill in the persons of Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont have true chemistry I genuinely like to watch. My hope is this will be lasting pairing if this marriage actually goes through. I do not want to see Bill and Katie back together in six weeks. I do nto want to see Brooke doubt her edding with Ridge in a few months. I want to see a new power couple on which the future of this show in anchored. They could be the new Eric and Stephanie as writers have backburnered so many member of the Forrester family. Media, fashion, society. I want to see Brooke strong again and involved in stories that are not about finding love and waffling between men.

Well thought out, Iakovos. I agree that minus Ron Moss Brooke and Ridge isn’t happening anymore…not feeling it. I like Brill and Brooke COULD have many more interesting story-lines with a new romantic/business partner, Bill, as you point out.

Also, I like Eric and Quinn together. BUT, I want to see Eric up and at ’em pretty soon so B&B does NOT become the “Quinn Show”…Bold and Beautiful can get so unbalanced. Several power-couples need to share screen time to keep my interest 🙂

Sign me up for your side. I watched the Brooke/Ridge cat and mouse game so many times over the years and when Ronn Moss was there, it made it fun to watch. I don’t get that now that he’s gone. Thorsten is a good actor but I feel that with a different actor playing Ridge, the characters should go in other directions.

You are 100% right on. KKL and RM are Bridge. Love TK but he isn’t Ridge. I would love Brooke to marry Bill, get the shares , oust Quinn herself and be in charge with Rick who is a true Forrester heir. I know folks may not love Rick and his past actions but he has changed after Lizzy. Brooke is finally happy and King Ridge can take a step back.

I’m Team Erinn, so I guess I would like Ridge to stop the wedding so he won’t get the Forrester shares.

I want the wedding stopped I would hate for Ridge to get his hands on Forrester he is a evil man. I really hope Eric and Quinn make it and that she doesn’t go back to her old ways. Wyatt is a wimp he can only get his brother left overs sad. I hope Steffy ends up alone cause she is a selfish evil women.

I agree with you ; however, maybe even if she gets the shares, they won’t help Ridge!


I want the wedding cancel too . I don’t want Ridge To Get anything. Ridge is selfish, mean and so unkind to Quinn
Wyatt just stands there not saying snythinf. Oh I would not let anyone speak to my mother in that tone. I will fire each of them. The business needs a change. Tooa n Y old members who does nothing. Ridge just wants control and power. He was to be in charge but it won’t happen. Eric should call a meeting at his home release Ridge of his dities, do the same with Syeffy..Have Thomas and Zende clean the bathroom.
That Lemmon bat ladY let her and her security man go open a Lemmon bar place some place.

i am a team brill rooting for bill and brooke

I love Brooke and Bill. Bill loves Brooke and will
Never leave Brooke. Brooke has no reason to reunite
With Ridge. Ridge has left Brooke so many times
And he has broken her heart so many times. Ridge
Only wants to be with Brooke when she is happy with
Someone else and when Ridge is not involved
With someone else. Ridge has chosen Taylor , Katie and
Caroline over Brooke. Brooke had better not keep letting
RJ manipulate her into not marrying Bill. Brooke and Bill
Have over come so many obstacles and it is time for
Brooke to marry Bill. All Bill wants to do is to make her a
Beautiful wedding and spend the rest of his life with her.

Who would marry her Sisters husband, that’s just plain nasty

The same woman who married her ex husband’s father and brother- slept with her daughter’s husband and had his daughter– Brooke (the slut from the Valley) Logan that’s who

I’m sure you may not like my mentioning this but they would be married if it weren’t for Ridges antics in Dubai. Katie (after her post partum) threw them together. They were divorced so the 2 of them should have been together. She Does love him so Ridge can back off.

3rd option? Team #nevercared.

Same Here!! I am Team Kill The Wedding.

Penny and Lou…ME 3!!!!! I CANNOT STOMACH watching Brooke getting married for, like, the ZILLIONTH TIME!!!!! NO, NO AND MORE NO!!!!!


Neither one – When Ronn Moss played Ridge, he and Katherine Kelly Lang had undeniable chemistry. I don’t see it with Thorsten Kaye, though I love him as an actor. His Ridge is SO different. I am NOT a fan of Million Dollar Bill. I think Brooke will lose with both.

Isn’t Brooke a little long in the tooth to be having yet another white wedding day?

She is a little long all over….not just in the tooth!

Addison…you have a VERY, VERY VALID POINT!!!!! Y-E-P!!!!!

Have a good one.

True that, and that is why this must be her last walk down the aisle. Love is lovely at any age but we have had to many hasty nuptials here, often to same people. Brooke and Bill could be a very dynamic couple but they need to be written to succeed and do things other than drift in and out of affairs with shirttail relatives and fight over Forrester shares in convoluted corporate games.

Iamfor team Bill

N-O-N-E!!!!!!!!!!! N-e-x-t……….

I want to see Ridge back with Caroline. Brook is getting a bit too old for this and I hope Ridge and Caroline start their own company taking everyone with them and leave Eric and Quinn run nothing! Some people thought it was awful to see Ridge with Caroline because she was so much younger but it seems to be ok that grandpa Eric can be with Quinn. Did Quinn not say she had changed when she was with Liam. Oh how his love changed her. This woman will never change and grandpa Eric is going to look like a fool.

Neither– Personally I liked her with Nick—any excuse to bring JW back to daytime.

Team Brill they have undeniable chemistry. But let nasty ridge show his nails to Bill Jr and then Bill will refuse to hand over the shares to nasty ridge for any reason. But Brill will still get married and go on their Brill honeymoon. And Brooke will agree with Bill to give his shares to the patriarch of the company Eric Sr.

I like that scenario. Ridge is turning into such a spoiled, pompus ass as of late that he deserves to walk away with nothing when all is said and done. I say let Brill keep the shares.This way Bill can flaunt the girl and the shares. But as bitchy as Brooke could and would get in the past, I don’t think she would let Bill do that. On a side note, I really hope they don’t intend to put Brooke and Ridge back together. That ship has long sailed.

Don’t have a name for my team, but I would like B & B to get married but something comes up that Ridge & his minions don’t get the stock as planned.

Team Brill all the way….can’t stand selfish Ridge.

Like Brooke with Ridge together, I like Bill back with Katie or alone, I hope Bill’s give Wyatt his shares in Forrester creates
I don’t like how the spoiler is doing Nicole and Zende I like them to stand together and Nicole tell Rick No , what happen to And Sasha telling Maya she will have their other baby.

whether Wiki; is a reliable source… nonetheless… here’s Brooke’ tramp

Eric Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1991; divorced: 1992; first time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr.[Married: 1994; declared invalid: 1995; first time]
Grant Chambers [Married: 1997; declared invalid: 1997]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1998; annulled: 1998; second time]
Thorne Forrester [Married: 2001; annulled: 2001]
Whipple Jones III [Married: 2002; annulled: 2002]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2003; annulled: 2004; third time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2004; declared invalid: 2005; fourth time]
Eric Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2005; annulled/not consummated: 2005; second time]
Dominick “Nick” Marone [Married: 2006; divorced: 2007]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2009; declared invalid: 2009; fifth time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2009; divorced: 2011; sixth time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2012; not legalized: 2012; seventh time]

Well…it’s a little tough when you live in a world with only 10 to 12 relatively adult males for almost 30 years!

What’s a woman to do!?

Wow! Thanks for sharing that list! I had forgotten about some of her ‘husbands’ and all the annullments, LOL! The only ones truly benefiting from Brooke’s marriage-go-rounds are the attorneys and those in the bridal industry, he he….they are digging all of her attempts at marriage! So $Bill would be marriage #14, good luck with that, Dolla!

How many times can we watch Brooke get married ugh..

I want Brill to go as planned and I want nasty ridge and his selfish son rj to see they are not getting their own way anymore. Brooke is no longer caving to them and is finally thinking about her own happiness and is tired of going home alone or worse yet being stuck with lowlife ridge. time to move on.

I am not feeling $ Bill nor Ridge,.

I guess team Brill. Ridge apparently has lost his mind for that matter. Brooke had a memory lapse when it comes to her history and $Bill is just that ,$ Bill!

We know Quinn is nuts, but scamming and cheating… clearly Brooke and Donna all the way!

I thought that a lightening bolt would have struck Brooke regarding her comments about Quinn, at least Quinn is honest and totally agrees that she was out of control and did serious damage.

Brooke has never changed. She is once again putting a relationship in front of her son’s needs. But this is a needy character.

KKL is in wonderful shape any of you people out there do a triathlon lately? Her contributions for cancer etc she is a fine lady is she getting older yes but she is doing it with grace I think she has been cheated out of a Emmy for all these years she has a subtle way of acting and I respect that. Ronn Moss still in the role of Ridge no doubt he would be the choice he was the love of her life but TK is not Ridge if they had brought him on as just a fashion designer maybe then but I never have felt him as Ridge . White dress no but KKL is still a lovely lady so I guess I say neither let’s find a new guy or how about Eric two children together and the last two remaining original castmates . I guess what I am trying to say age is part of life and just lightened up I think she looks dam good for fifty four!

Brill is definitely my choice! Brooke and Bill have so much chemistry vs. Brooke with Ridge. While I love Thorsten Kaye as an actor, in my opinion, he just doesn’t fit the character of Ridge the way Ron Moss did. Brill has sexiness and adventure in their veins. Kudos to the writers. Ridge with Caroline looks like a father/daughter couple. And, PLEASE, wash Ridge’s hair!!! He looks like has hasn’t taken a shower in weeks.

Team Bill definitely. One, I like his character much more than Ridge’s. Two, Brooke broke up her sister’s marriage to Bill on a whim. Now she’s waffling. I don’t like her much these days. If she re re re re re re re remarries Ridge AGAIN, them I’m done with her. I can’t imagine caring what happens to her after that. Or Ridge. Enough, Brooke! Enough Ridge!


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Tanner Novlan on Sheila’s Death: “Normally, Finn Would Be Right There with Steffy and Helping Her Through It, But Someone Needs to Help Finn Through This.”

This past week, viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful watched in shock as Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) was stabbed and eventually died, when Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in self-defense plunged a knife into the supervillain.

According to all accounts, for now, Kimberlin Brown has exited the series, leaving fans in disbelief. Many believe it’s a set-up against Steffy, and Sheila has not really met her maker. At the epicenter of the story is also Tanner Novlan (Finn). In key moments, it appears that Finn blames his wife for his biological mother’s death, which sends him reeling and not comforting his wife.

Instead, he runs out of the cliff house and goes to Deacon’s (Sean Kanan) where he sits in devastation, only at the end of Friday’s episode to be comforted by none other than Hope (Annika Noelle). All leading to speculation that Finn and Hope are about to hook up. Tanner appeared on the newest episode of Bold Live after the week’s episodes where he fielded questions from callers on what inquiring B&B fans want to know.

Photo: JPI

During the call-in show, Novlan addressed if he thinks or knows if Sheila is actually alive. He responded, “Who knows? It is the soap world, but we definitely had to say goodbye to Kimberlin at work and that was really tough and really sad.”

While fans love their ‘Sinn’, Tanner agreed that they are seemingly an enduring couple, but the death of Finn’s mom will challenge them in a whole new way as his core values are tested. “I don’t think anyone wants to see ‘Sinn’ go away. They have one of the best relationships in soaps. It’s really interesting to see all of these different elements thrown at them and the them survive and how they battle through it,” he explained. “With this recent reaction it was different than the other ones, and the challenges they faced. I think it’s a moment where Finn is really rocked, and you’re right, his values, we know them. That is what is so great in playing him, in that, he has such great, true honest values.”

Photo: JPI

When getting the scripts in which Finn points the finger at Steffy for his mother’s death and does not comfort her, Novlan shared his reaction, “In this moment he (Finn) is having a really hard time, mentally, which I think as an actor when I read that I was like, ‘Why isn’t he standing by his wife? What’s going on? This is not like him.’ This is something deep in him that has been triggered and he’s going to have to figure that out.” Tanner added, “Normally, Finn would be right there with Steffy and helping her through it, but someone needs to help Finn through this.”

Photo: JPI

All leading to what fans saw on Friday’s episode. Hope comforted Finn in his grief. While Novlan is not giving anything away, he told a caller, about a potential Finn/Hope pairing that, “Finn would have to battle Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), and that might be a mountain to climb. I think Finn just needs someone to talk to. That relationship feels platonic to me.”

Watch the entire episode of BOLD Live featuring Novlan below.

Now let us know, do you think Hope and Finn will hit the sheets? Will Steffy and Finn ultimately divorce only to reunite down the line? Will Sheila come back alive and well, once Steffy is locked up behind bars for her “murder”? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Haley Pullos Attempts to Strike Deal with Prosecutors and Change Plea to “Guilty” for Lower Sentence in DUI Crash Case

At a hearing this week, the attorney’s for General Hospital actress Haley Pullos (ex-Molly) and the LA District attorney met with a judge in Pasadena, California who was informed the parties were working out a “potential settlement.” Pullos did not attend the hearing.

Haley is allegedly attempting to negotiate a deal with prosecutors, that if she changes her plea to “guilty,” that she would receive a lesser sentence which could result in limited or no jail time. Another part of the negotiation could potentially give Pullos a suspended sentence or house arrest.

Currently, Pullos is facing up to three years in prison after she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a DUI and a second charge for a hit-and-run. Pullos was in a near-fatal car crash back in June of 2023, when she drove the wrong way on a Pasadena freeway while she was under the influence. and crashed into a another car.

Photo: Pasadena Fire Dept

The other driver, Courtney Wilder, was rushed in critical condition to a local hospital to undergo emergency surgery, and is now suing the GH actress in civil court, plus seeking damages for negligence. Last month, Wilder allegedly added Pasadena’s No Comment Lounge to his lawsuit, where reportedly Pullos was working as a hostess the night of the accident. Wilder is accusing the nightspot of plying Pullos with liquor, and then allowing her to drive home in her car, which later caused his injuries.

Photo: Apple+TV

After the Wednesday February 28th hearing, the judge has now scheduled yet another hearing on April 8 which he said ‘should be the final’ one.

According to the Daily Mail, “Deputy District Attorney Melany Avanessians told Judge Smerling that if no plea agreement is in place by April 8, ‘we will send her to a preliminary hearing’ meaning Pullos would be on her way to a full trial.”

Photo: JPI

Since Pullos’ legal troubles, GH has recast her role of Molly Lansing-Davis three different times. First with Holiday Mia Kriegel, and she was followed by Brooke Anne Smith. The latest Molly, Kristen Vaganos, seems to be a keeper at the moment during the Molly, TJ (Tajh Bell0w) and Kristina (Kate Mansi) surrogacy storyline.

Pullos joined GH as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ric Lansing’s (Rick Hearst) daughter back in 2009 and was with the show till the  summer of 2023 prior to the car collision.

What are your thoughts on Haley trying to change her plea to ‘guilty’ to receive a lesser sentence? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Justin Hartley’s New Series ‘Tracker’ Amasses Nearly 13 Million Viewers in Second Week, Following Premiere After Super Bowl Watched by 30 Million

CBS is reporting continued off-the-charts numbers for its freshman drama, Tracker starring Justin Hartley (ex-Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless, ex-Kevin Pearson, This Is Us).

In its second original episode airing on February 18th, the episode brought in nearly 13 million viewers across broadcast and streaming. The premiere episode, which launched on Super Bowl Sunday, has now been watched by 30 million multi-platform viewers.

Tracker is now currently ranked as  the #1 most watched entertainment series of the season, according to Nielsen’s Most Current data.

Photo: CBS

Hartley stars in Tracker in the central role of Colter Shaw who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family.

Coming up its its fourth episode entitled Mt. Shasta airing this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT and streaming on Paramount+.  As previously announced, look for Justin’s real-life wife, Sofia Pernas (ex-Marisa, Y&R) to appear in the season’s sixth episode.

Of note: The Tracker 30 million viewer number for the premiere episode is based on Nielsen Live+7 2/11/24 and 2/15/24 encore airing; Streaming from Internal Data premiere through 2/27/24; Co-Viewing is included for all CTV streaming.

What do you think of the performance of Tracker thus far, where Hartley is not only the star, but one of its executive producers? Comment below.

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