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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope’s Baby Dies, But Something Is Not Quite Right With How This Went Down

Photo Credit; JPI Studios

If you caught Friday’s 8000th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, all signs point to something is clearly amiss about what happened to Hope’s baby.  In story, stranded on Catalina Island when she goes into labor, Hope (Annika Noelle) is giving birth to her baby with none other Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) being the only doctor around to assist her, or does he?  But what viewers see is that as she is pushing to deliver her baby, Hope passes out.  Liam (Scott Clifton) finally arrives via a helicopter to learn that the baby died, and now he must tell Hope.

Liam has to find a way to break the news.  After repeatedly pleading to see her baby girl, named Beth, Liam finally tells her the baby didn’t make it.  Hope cries out as she screams for Dr. Buckingham. When he appears he has a dead baby wrapped in a blanket.  He tells the duo that there was a placental abruption that caused the death, and then leaves the two alone.  Hope is in horrific anguish, as Liam holds on to his wife, gut-punched.

Now, let’s look at a few points that happened that make this the perfect set-up for a baby switch; as the baby could have been sold into the black market since Dr. Buckingham was needing to come up with $200,000 in debt he owed, and in order to keep anything happening to his daughter, Zoe (Kiara Barnes).

In addition, the Dr. told a young woman patient it “wasn’t her fault” and urges her to ‘be careful out there” in the bad weather, before rejoining Hope who is going into heavy labor.  Meanwhile, Buckingham received a photo of Zoe from a guy asking the doctor, if her life is worth $200,000? Reese calls Zoe to make sure she was alright and was relieved that she was.

Reese then calls the thug, or underworld figure, and warns him to leave his daughter alone.  But the guy hangs up on him.  Hope gets Liam’s text that he is on his way to meet her, and she gives Buckingham the update.  It’s at that point she notices the doctor seems distracted, then he urges her to push.   Next, Hope passes out.

So will Taylor (Hunter Tylo) be caught up in all of this?  Is the baby alive?  If so, who will ultimately end up raising Beth?   As previewed by B&B head writer, and executive producer Brad Bell, today’s event would have long-lasting ramifications for the entire canvas.

So, what did you think about Hope losing her baby?  Where do you think the baby is? Comment below.   But first check out the last few minutes from today’s pivotal episode.


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I will be honest I was disappointed that was the plot of a show celebrating the Bold 8000 episode. I absolutely hate that Steffy will be drawn into this mess. You interviewed Jacqui Wood, you know. It is time Steffy moved up to the adult table. She has earned it. her daughter should be Bill’s and Jacqui and Don should be given their chance. The acting those two brought to their characters last year was praised beyond anything either has ever received. Scott works well with ingenues and new actresses. It is time for Jacqui to be allowed to move up. She can match any actor in a scene from Thorsten Kaye, Kelly Lang, even Heather Tom and she approaches it as an equal.
But to drag the Steffy character down into a stale baby swap story with the same old tired triangle is a waste of character. Liam now has three generations of women “wanting” him in one way or another. Enough is enough. It is rediculous.

thanks for listening,
Miss Gracie.

Too bad you cannot spell ridiculous Gracie. Beth is still alive and the good doctor has her.

thanks for the correction. Obviously you had nothing better to say or do. Beth alive or dead is not the point. It is a bad story that will end in a mess and I don’t want Steffy to be part of it. Steffy even wanting to adopt is silly. It is a forced and unnecessary story to just keep Steffy chained to Hope and Liam. #FreeSteffy

Yes but he sold the baby ,it won’t be long before that news comes out
That lame doctor need to go back to his tv game show

I think this lousy Dr.has Hope’s baby tucked safely away, until he can sell it thru the blackmarket. He will then let Taylor and Steffy know of a baby that is available for adoption. He will probably get more than the needed $200,000, plus Taylor’s undying gratitude, as he kills two birds with one stone. What a guy!

Ok, I may have to agree with you☺

Taylor knows after going to see the Dr. today. He has a baby and I think it is Hope’s and Lliam’s daughter Beth.

This reeks of Sheila Carter. Kimberlin Brown’s most recent return was a dud, so wouldn’t it be great if they have something in mind that’s worth her chops?

We know Sheila is out there but we know she isn’t being a good girl—they need to bring Kimberlin back now that she didn’t win the political seat she was trying for. That’s why she hasn’t been seen in so long.

James…to me, the way that they wrote out Sheila is further proof that B&B continues to focus WAY TOO MUCH on that Ridge/Brooke and Hope/Liam/Steffy crap. Truly ridiculous.

Have a good one.

The only good thing about this episode was Annika Noelle’s acting as Hope throughout the episode. However, the rest of it (story and all) is a dud. This was promised to be changing for the Avant and Spectra families, too, and I fail to see how this changes them. Mr. Bell needs to stop promising this hyped up stories, because they keep falling short. This is the CBS soap everyone should be demanding be changed, because it needs a shake up.

I agree with you, Scott (ATWT Fan). B&B disappoints. A baby swap story. Really? Yes, it moves along the Buckingham story but I do not care about that. I am so weary of the endless Liam-Steffy-Hope carousel. Yes, this creates drama as one day we will find Steffy’s adopted daughter is really Liam’s child with Hope. It echoes a bit of Bill’s situation with his sons. It gives B&B for the next generation another endless triangle a la Ridge-Brooke-Taylor. Thing is, none of these relationships have lasted enough for me to care about their outcomes when they do make changes. Characters pledge undying love and in six weeks we are on to the next, or seeking the one before. Sorry, I want more. B&B reminds me of a telenovela. Such styles of storytelling sell well overseas. CBS seems to believe in its remaining two soaps. I think a shot in the arm to the genre would be B&B going a full hour, but not with this current way of telling tales.

Iakovos, I have been longing for years for B&B to go to a full hour and like you mentioned, not with the current way of telling tales, we need more than the same old story that we have seen for years…

There was a young girl at the clinic who was sent away. Maybe she has the baby.

As a newer viewer to B&B after the demise of OLTL and AMC, I was already getting bored with the seemingly never ending musical beds with 3-4 characters, but now I’m done because of this story line. And Hope and Liam shouldn’t have gone on vacation this close to her delivery date anyway.

It seems to me that Dr. Reese clearly has I-S-S-U-E-S…

Hey…just saying…

I believe baby swap, Taylor paid Buckingham ‘s debt and Taylor will “find” a baby for Steffy to adopt. Unfortunately, this will truly make Taylor unredeemable.

hopes baby did not die the girl that left the clinic baby died the doctor sold hopes baby and steffy will adopt a baby girl which will end up being hope and liams daughter

You hit it on a nail! Steffy will raise the baby but, I think Liam and Hope will break up and he will get back with Steffy and they will raise the two girls.

Well, I think Steffy should move on and I feel that now that Taylor has seen this baby today, she will realized that it the baby that Hope and Llam lost and let the authorities know about this, get the Dr. arrested for kidnapping, and Hope and Lliam get their daughter back, as it should be.

I’m tired of this story line already.. why have Hope go through this pregnancy if you just going kill her baby.. let her and liam be happy and let steffy move on with someone else.. you will play this out til the summer time then say what actually happened.. come up with something else that doesn’t involve you trying to put liam and steffy back togther.

I totally agree!!! How could they do this to Hope? She always loses. No one deserves to lose two babies

Steffy will end up adopting Hope’s baby and raising them as sisters with Taylor’s help. There will be a medical crisis that proves she is Liam and Hope’s baby. Classic soap opera.

I think it is horrible that Hope and Liam lose their baby. Hope always loses and this should not have happened. Absolutely hate this scenario. Why couldn’t she have had her happy ending and take Beth home? Then Kelly and Beth could grow up as rivals instead of going this depressing route with the story line

i believe the way the writer did this was wrong. hope went through so much for her baby to be taken away that way. So that Zoe’s dad can get the necessary funds to pay thugs.

Steffy is going to unknowingly adopt Beth.

I have a feeling that Hope and Liam’s little girl will be adopted by an unknowing Steffy whereas little Beth will then be raised with her sister until something breaks….

#HoHummmmmmmm #Titanic

This is sick!!!!!! I have watched my last episode.

OK…you know what: This baby twist (or whatever) is ALREADY getting on my nerves!!!!! And Taylor is AN ULTIMATE FOOL for getting involved with that MORONIC Dr. Reese. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB ALL THE WAY!!!!!


I knew the doctor would steal Hopes baby possibly putting it up for adoption and/or giving it to Stephanie mom to allow her daughter to raise her. He gave the other girls dead baby to Hope.
Please don’t let this storyline go on long!
Y’all pick on Hope and Liam way too much!

Stephie is going to adopt Beth.

I think it’s crap everything bad happens to hope never a happy ending for her….i honestly hope she gets her baby back


Y&R’s Eileen Davidson Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

Taking on a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) storyline on the soaps can be extraordinarily challenging for the performer who is tasked with making a clear distinction and delineation between the various alters of their character.

However, the other trick to playing this kind of story, is often having the various alters trying to hide the fact from those they know and love of what is truly going on with them, so as not to tip them off, as to what is happening to them as they battle for control of a person’s psyche.

The gold standard is One Life to Live icon Erika Slezak’s (ex-Viki) Emmy-winning and gut-wrenching and riveting DID storyline where we met Tori, Niki (although we met her earlier in the life of the show), Tommy, Princess, Jean and even her father, Victor.

Photo: JPI

Now in 2024, The Young and the Restless’ Eileen Davidson is playing out a new DID storyline for the first time as Ashley Abbott. We knew decades ago that Ashley had a breakdown and has suffered psychological issues, but this has taken it to a new level. And, let’s be real, if you are going to give someone currently on a soap a DID story, who better than Davidson, who is used to playing multiple characters at one time as she did on Days of our Lives. Although on DAYS, each of the characters were their own distinct person, while now on Y&R, Ashley’s alters are fighting for control of her being,

Last week, on the Thursday, April 12th episode of the CBS soap opera, Davidson truly got to shine, as in front of the Abbott family and through what was supposed to be an intervention (they hadn’t figure out what the hell was happening to her), Ashley was flipping from alter to alter. We know there is Ms. Abbott, and Ash thus far, but there is said to be one more alter a-coming.

Photo: JPI

In the key scenes, Davidson’s internal struggle was played pretty masterfully in a scene where she literally is in a tug of war with her alters and flings herself on the couch, while Jack (Peter Bergman), Diane (Susan Walters), Billy (Jason Thompson) and Traci (Beth Maitland) look on. Of course, there are the soap trope scenes of alters in handcuffs while the other is on the loose. And leave it to Billy to figure out Ashley is suffering from DID from his past experience.

Photo: JPI

While this all seemed to spring from Ashley’s messy relationship with Tucker (Trevor St. John) and a throw back to an old car accident where she lost her unborn baby, is there some other underlying issue in Ashley’s past that was even more traumatizing that will be revealed as another trigger for this massive personality split? We shall see.

Photo: JPI

In the meantime, Michael Fairman TV names Eileen Davidson’s work the Power Performance of the Week, and rest assured, come 2025, Davidson will find herself going for the third Daytime Emmy win as Lead Actress for this storyline.

So, let us know, what did you think of Eileen’s performance? Are you enjoying Ashley’s DID storyline? What do you think will happen to her next? Comment below.

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: “Sugar Sugar! Oh, Honey Honey”

The Bold and the Beautiful revealed at the end of the Friday April 13th episode what many viewers had guessed, that it wasn’t Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) who died when Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) stabbed her, but it had to her doppelgänger, Sugar, or at least it seems that way.

Deacon (Sean Kanan) has been beside himself since seeing what was supposed to be Sheila’s body being cremated, but revealing the body had ten toes and not nine, and we all know Sheila had cut off her toe, so she only had nine.

While explaining his thoughts that she is alive to Finn (Tanner Novlan) and then trying later to explain to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Deacon is more convinced that something is wrong here. Meanwhile, Finn went to talk to Steffy about Deacon’s theory, which stuns her, as she believed she killed Sheila in self-defense.


At Il Giardino, Deacon looks at his phone then slams it down. He flashes back to the body going into the crematorium oven saying to himself, “Maybe I’m not going crazy. Maybe that wasn’t you. And if that wasn’t you, maybe you’re out there. Maybe you need my help.”

Deacon gets on Sheila’s laptop and tries to find something that might help him figure out where Sheila has gone. He looks at her text message communications and sees a section from an unknown number. He opens the messages, and Deacon reads that they’re from someone named “Sugar.”  That person said she was going to find Sheila. In the messages, Sheila made it clear she wanted no part of her. But it could be that Sheila met up with Sugar, or was forced too?


In a quick history lesson about the character of Sugar: she was originally played by Robin Mattson on B&B, and was a former prison warden who helped Sheila escape and then joined her in kidnapping Ridge Forrester to hold him for ransom. A twisted plot ensued, where flames engulfed the foundry they were at and Ridge was presumed dead. Meanwhile, Sheila and Sugar disappeared with Massimo and Sheila’s baby, Diana.

Photo: JPI

Fast forward to 2006, Sheila returned to Genoa City to go after Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) again and was arrested for attacking Scott Grainger (Peter Barton). In a shocker, when Lauren went to visit Sheila in the slammer, she learned that the woman behind bars was actually Sugar, who had been given plastic surgery and now looks exactly like Sheila.

Now the questions become, did Sheila know that Sugar was going to attack Steffy? Did they have a plan and it went awry, or was Sheila hoping she could get rid of both Sugar and Steffy, by having her daughter-in-law sent to prison for her “murder”? Or, is Sheila out there somewhere in trouble?

Share your theories via the comment section below, and if you knew all along that it would be revealed that Sugar is the person who actually died and not Sheila. But first, check out next week on B&B where Deacon gets a visit from Lauren.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Drew and Nina Get Physical; Were You Surprised or Did You Expect it to Happen?

On the Tuesday, April 9th episode of General Hospital, Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) explosive relationship just turned up the heat another notch.

In story, Nina who was responsible (although she doesn’t see it that way) for Drew being sent to prison for insider trading when she tipped off the SEC, let out her feelings to him about how to get back in the good graces of her daughter, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael (Chad Duell). In doing so, she asks him for his help with it.

For months, the two have had nothing short of contentious moments, where Drew has not let Nina off the hook for what he did to him, or to his ex Carly (Laura Wright). Fast-forward and when alone in the Crimson office, Nina brings up wanting to stick it to Carly again.

Photo: ABC

As they banter back and forth, Drew can’t figure out why he should help Nina at all with any of her manipulations. Suddenly, as he tried to exit, his shirt rips and exposes his bare chest and abs, and Nina get quite an eyeful. From there, things become physical and before you know it, Drew and Nina are making out and having their version of hate-sex.


Cameron Mathison spoke to Soap Opera Digest on the shocking turn events, sharing, “I didn’t see it coming at all. I really didn’t. I think the audience did. Cynthia did some appearances and I guess the audience was ‘You and Drew, there’s some sexy chemistry there.’ I was like, ‘Wait, what? Really?’ I didn’t even get it. So I love it that it was very unexpected. The writers saw it, too. And, I love that it’s not a typical way for two people to be … physical. I was gonna say intimate, but there’s not a lot of intimacy there. And then as soon as it’s over, it’s back to arguing and giving each other crap again. It was really cute and really well done.”

As the fallout for their office room romp will air on the Wednesday April 10th episode, just how will the two deal with the fact that they had this fiery passionate moment in the weeks and months ahead? Will this be Nina’s new plot to get at Carly to be seen with her ex? Will Drew and Nina never speak of this again? (Well, this is a soap opera, after all, that’s pretty doubtful), or is this part of a major reset for some of the characters on the canvas now that Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte are co-head writing the show?


Speaking on the aftermath of the tryst, Mathison added, “The two of them are both like, all right, let’s forget about that and move on. It’s like a weird kind of aggression attraction. There’s obviously attraction there, but I don’t think either of them expected it, and I think they’re both totally shocked and surprised by it. I think Drew gets a kick out of it whereas Nina is a little embarrassed by it.”

Now let us know, did you see this coming? Did you think Drew and Nina would have sex? What do you think of the story turn? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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