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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Steffy Decides to Leave Finn and Liam Behind; Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Makes Her Exit

Photo: JPI

Two-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), brought the tears and the heartache to her last performance before her maternity leave on Thursday episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Unable to deal with Sheila’s (Kimberlin Brown) constant presence in Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) life, Steffy makes a shocking move and tells Finn, she loves him, but she cannot live like this anymore, nor will she put her kids through it.  Steffy comes to the realization that as long as she is with Finn, Sheila will always be looming and a threat to her and her family.

In a tearful goodbye, Steffy tells Finn, she has decided to go to Europe and she is taking Kelly and Hayes with her. Sobbing over her decision, Steffy explains to her husband, “Sheila’s never going to let you go.”  However, Finn vows to make sure Sheila stays away and never bothers them again. Steffy says he can’t make that promise.

Photo: JPI

Next, when Finn offers to come with Steffy and the kids, she is emphatic that no matter where in the world Finn is, Sheila will find him.  Finn asks Steffy to please keep their love alive while he finds a way to rid the earth of Sheila. Steffy tells Finn that he’ll always be in her heart. Finn vows they will be together again.

Photo: JPI

Later, Steffy drops by Liam’s office at Spencer Publications to inform him of her decision. She is leaving Los Angeles, and taking their daughter Kelly with her. Steffy’s decision is based on protecting her kids from Sheila and feeling like she has no other choice.  While Liam is gut-punched, that Steffy is leaving town, he is supportive, and thinks it’s a good idea to be as far away from Sheila as possible.

Steffy tells Liam that Finn is not coming with her, because if he did, Sheila would follow. As they say their goodbyes, Liam tells Steffy she’s a really good mom. He hints that he can come visit her and the kids, and ends his time with Steffy expressing, “I really love you and I always will.” The two exes then hug it out.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Sheila was hoping that Steffy would go as far away from Finn as possible, and even go so far as to try to push her to go back to Liam, just so she has a clear pathway to Finn.  But with Steffy’s latest move, has Shelia won after all with her daughter-in-law out of the picture? Stay tuned.

The episode provided Steffy’s exit story while Jacqui goes on maternity leave.  Earlier this week, Wood revealed that she recently gave birth to her fourth son, Valor, back on August 27th,  No word on how long Jacqui will be gone from B&B, but when she does reappear, it looks like we will be getting “Finn vs. Liam for the love of Steffy” round 2, or will we?

What did you think of Steffy’s decision and her goodbyes to Liam and Finn? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  But first watch, Steffy’s farewell to Liam.

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Zzzzzzz. I’d rather watch more scenes between RJ & Eric. BTW, whatever happened to Quinn? Did she go up to the attic to fetch her skis? #AMC

Please have Stepffy kick Liam to the curb. He has always treated Stepffy like dirt. He only wants her back until he gets her and then he’ll go running back to Hope and break Steffys heart all over again. He certainly doesn’t know what he wants.

Agree. No Steffy and Liam. No Hope and Liam.

LIAM needs to stay away from Steffy! She is married to Finn! I can not Stand Liam waffling! Ironic he can’t forgive Hope? Interesting he was kissing A married women Steffy even After she told him she loved HER husband! Liam had become such a Creep! HOPE said there was always 3 in their marriage! Thomas has changed to be a good guy and really Loves only Hope! Let them be together as a real family, leave Liam totally out!

The Sheila stuff is a boring one-note broken record. And watching Liam/Puke whine EVERY day to poor Wyatt who deserves a real storyline of his own is getting unbearable. Thank heavens this show is only 30 minutes.

I agree with you Darla. I could never understand what the great attraction in Liam was or is. However you want to phrase it He is such a whimp. I hope they don’t shove him to Rome with Steffy. Fin ismuch more of a man. I am also enjoying Eric and RJ, even though RJ annoys me at times. I can’t stand the fact that Ridge is trying to kick Eric to the curb so he can take over He sickens me. They should have put Shelia in jail Enough is enough

Ridge and Bill let their Egos get in the way. They interferred and now Sheila is free “because of them” and they have no remorse about it. Ridge running to Liam is pathetic. Why would you want your daugther with Liam. They should have had better security that Sheila could not even show up at the beach house.

I fast forward Liam .. if I lived with him it would have been over long ago. I would not live with a waffler. Married 48 years to the same one wonderful person.

Ridiculous! They could have come up with a different way for her to take maternity leave instead of running every time things get tough in her marriages.

I agree with many comments get rid of sheila a reveal Lim’s@two faced. Dont let Steffy fall for his line let her see what he is trying to do hurt by Hope running back to steffy. Let steffy see that he will always be back a d forth if there are any problems in his marriage. He always runs from problems she .needs a man like finn that doesnt run stands and fight and fights becuz of his true undivided love for one woman not a shared love. Let hope stay with Thomas she deserves more than Liam. Let everyone see what he is doing and let steffy tell him she wants fiin not him and he needs to respect that and move on he is sickening and its sickrning to see anyone agree with him
Wyatt needs to tell him to back off steffy instead of agree. where are you going? its sickening to watch liam and sheila. Everyone should understand what zHope went thru with liam trying to hold on to her and steffy the nerve of him trying to lead both women lives making decisions for them

Thomas told him right.
He should be left alone.and just realize steffy is history and leave her in the past
He didnt think of her when he left her for Hope

Your need to find another way for steffy to go on leave. She souldnt haveeft finn like that . They should’ve come together and she left for a while and give finn a chance to work out a way to ger sheila out of his life and let liam know its only temporary. and he is not welcome to interfere. Becuz sheila can start following him if she wants to find out where steffy is. Everything sounds dumb.

Todays episode what was Brooke wearing ??? I hate that KA /Taylor got the treatment she did now I understand why HT said no thanks to coming back . Bill Bell loved the character of Taylor I hate how Brad destroyed her and sorry I won’t miss Steffy . Don Diamont is being wasted but yet he sings Brads praises so why should viewers care or sympathize

Liam is such awhimp and I can’t stand to watch. This entire show is full full.

Steffy needs to forget about Liam and be truthful to her husband and liam needs to go back to his wife or dissappear

I think steffy is taking this to FAR, I mean usually you can relocate with your family, I mean come on steffy be for real. Your sad!!!!

I don’t want to see Liam with Stefy ,Finn is a true partner who loves her. Liam is a big baby he belongs with Hope. Liam can’t make up his mind very immature. Please get Sheila out of the picture she is crazy as ever.

Steffy isn’t much of a woman if she will let Shelia dictate her life. For someone who was so “DEVESTATED” when she thought Fin died, she sure is throwing him to the curb!! Fin deserves a real woman someone who will fight for her marriage not run away all the time!! Then again she is Taylor’s daughter so!! And to see Fin & Liam fighting over horse faced Steffy is disgusting!! Hope might stay with Thomas. Or maybe she should go after FIN since Steffy throwing her man away over Shelia!!

This is awful. She is my favorite.

That was good stephy left as sick as Sheila is I’d leave for my kids but there stupid yelling everyone where she went you know Brooks big mouth will tell Deacon and he’ll tell Sheila that’s where the soaps crazy I would tell anyone. Stephy has 22 weeks maternity leave so now they need to kill Sheila off .
Sheila’s story line is the same old sick twisted story as well as whomp Liam story has really tan it’s course!
Another wedding for Brook gag me that’s become boring.
Find a new story line for Liam’s Dad and Brother need something new and fresh 39 mins of whining getting old……

so sick of Liam and Sheila. and far as steffy goes I thought she was suppose to be sooooooooo in love with finn. don’t look like it to me. she needs to get over herself.

No way I would have left my home and Finn running from Shelia. Carter doesn’t know how to put restraining orders on Shelia? Finn needs to get some blood test to see if Shelia really is his mother. Shelia is notorious for stealing babies and switching babies. Brooke is probably glad Steffy is gone. Hope is just like her mom. She’ll probably get with Thomas or some other man.

She need to tell Liam she love her husband

I’m so tired of the triangle between Liam hope + stuffy. Stop the madness already! Finn is an amazing change. I’m seriously debating leaving your show behind

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part One

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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AEW DYNAMITE: Adam Cole Announces Injury Requiring Surgery; The Devil Mask and Assailants Beat Down Jay White

On Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, viewers learned of the fate and the condition of Adam Cole when he came out to the ring on a pair of crutches along with MJF.  Cole, was also wearing a cast on his leg.

On last week’s special episode of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Cole was to run-in and leap from the ramp on the stage to ringside to help MJF in his championship match against Samoa Joe, but he landed wrong. The update was not good. Cole broke his ankle in three different places, but also tore ligaments and will require surgery as a result.

This is a tough one, considering Cole previously battled back from a severe head injury suffered during the Forbidden Door PPV in 2002, which took him out of action for nine months.

Once in the ring on last night’s Dynamite, Cole was about to say that because he can’t wrestle at Sunday’s WrestleDream PPV, he and Max are going to have to relinquish the ROH Tag Team titles, since they can’t defend them in their scheduled match.

That’s when MJF cut him off, saying he knew Cole wouldn’t have gotten injured if it wasn’t for him, and didn’t want their title run to end this way. He instead will defend their titles in a handicap match.  The segment came to its conclusion when Cole’s ‘friend’ Roderick Strong was wheeled out in a wheelchair, pleading with Adam to help him as he “needed him” now. MJF told Adam to go to his friend and Cole limped out of the ring on crutches.

Next, Jay White came out to the ring to confront MJF.  Clearly, AEW is shifting gears for a White vs MJF championship match, if this is currently the end of the line for the MJF and Cole tag team story run, for now.

However, at the end of the episode, the cameras went backstage where four masked men dressed in black beat down White, and then the camera revealed MJF’s devil mask. So, does this mean MJF is behind the attack on White? Is someone else wearing MJF’s devil mask? Did Bullet Club Gold set up the champ? Does Adam Cole have anything to do with this?

Share your theories on the cliffhanger on AEW Dynamite, and let us know what you think of the ankle injury to Adam Cole via the comment section below. But first, check out the tweet from Cole’s girlfriend AEW wrestler Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D on his condition.

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Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Charity Lawson, Jason Mraz & Ariana Madix Early Frontrunners After Season 32 Premiere

There was much in question going into Tuesday night’s season premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  Would the show postpone it’s opener with the ongoing writers and actors strikes still unresolved. However, when the WGA and AMPTP reached a tentative deal on Sunday to end the strike, things were looking up.

A deal was made (strike is over as of Wednesday) and the ballroom dance competition got a greenlight and began its season as scheduled. In addition, Veep star, Matt Walsh, who was part of the celebrity cast and bowed out till the strikes were resolved, jumped back in and competed on night one. Sadly, he wound up being the first eliminated.

In a season that has renamed the Mirror Ball Trophy, the Len Goodman Mirror Ball Trophy (in honor of the late longtime head judge of the series), and Alfonso Ribeiro calling the season and the intros from the floor, and now Julianne Hough in the skybox, it will be interesting to see how the ratings are for this 32nd trip around the dance floor.

Photo: ABC

After the smoke cleared from the premiere, three celebrity contestants and their pro partners look like early frontrunners. The question is, can they sustain and improve throughout the season? Here’s who was at the top of the leaderboard after night one of competition.

Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev – Tango – SCORE: 22 out of 30

Dancing to Rihanna’s Only Girl (in the World), the former Bachelorette and cheerleader got raves from the judges. “OK, what week is it? That was incredible. I’m I’m at a loss for words. That was just stunning,” shared judge Carrie Ann Inaba, meanwhile, judge Derek Hough expressed it was, “exquisite and precise.”

Jason Mraz and Daniella Karagach – Cha-Cha – SCORE: 21 out of 30

Performing to the Grammy winner’s own song, I Feel Like Dancing, Jason and Daniella also received glowing reviews as one of the best of the night and the ones to watch through the season. Derek Hough said, “We have a contender!”

Ariana Madix and Pasha Pashkov – Tango – SCORE: 21 out of 30

Vanderpump Rules star, Madix, along with Pashkov, danced a sultry tango to Hailee Steinfeld’s Love Myself. Wearing a dress very similar to the one she wore on the reality-series reunion episode, the dance seemed to be about Madix taking back her power, post-Tom Sandoval scandal.

So, who do you think is the frontrunner for the Len Goodman Mirror Ball Trophy after watching all the contestants dance on the season premiere of DWTS? Anyone of the three mentioned here, or someone else from the competition? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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