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The Bold and the Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang Interview: The Dish On Drunk Brooke!


Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) returned to The Bold and the Beautiful after a self-imposed exile to Europe to get away from matters of the heart.

However, when she returned to Los Angeles she walked in on a much different set of couplings and entanglements that was too much for her to bear!  Her sister Katie (Heather Tom) had finally reunited with Bill (Don Diamont) after Brooke stepped aside allowing for her sister’s happiness at the cost of her own.  Her long time love, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), had become smitten with the much younger Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), and her son Rick (Jacob Young) had turned to his former bad boy ways big time, by doing anything and everything to become the CEO of the Forrester family business.  So, what’s a girl to do?  What friend could she turn to?  For Brooke, that friend was booze!

After getting tipsy to numb the pain of the loneliness and isolation she feels, and unable to come to terms with losing all of the men she loves, Brooke found solace in drinking. However, the one man who seems to be offering an understanding shoulder for her to cry on is none other than Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan).  And Deacon’s current flame, the loose cannon Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), is not all too happy with the amount of time these two have been spending together.

For long-standing series star Katherine Kelly Lang, “Drunk Brooke” has been a bonafide hit with fans around the globe, and on social media!  In fact, the #DrunkBrooke hash tag is one of the most popular ever to come down the pike out of The Bold and the Beautiful.   Recently, On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Katherine to get her thoughts on: Brooke’s latest plight, where she sees the story going from here, what of the men in Brooke’s life:  Deacon, Ridge, and Bill … and, the challenges of playing really schnockered!  Here’s what she shared with us.

Were you surprised by the frenzy that has gone on with “Drunk Brooke”?  And, how much fun everyone on social media is having with the hash tag #DrunkBrooke?


KATHERINE:  Oh, my God!  I was just hysterical.  Recently, Sean Kanan (Deacon) and I did a live Twitter chat, and it happened on the day of the air show where Deacon takes Brook home after these scenes in a restaurant.  I was trying to watch the show and chat at the same time, but I couldn’t stop laughing, and it cracked me up.  I loved the restaurant scene where Brooke comes home and is kind of giddy and silly.  That was being the “fun drunk” Brooke.  She has some serious drunk moments, and not so fun drunk moments, as well, and especially the hangovers, but it has been fun to play.  As an actress, it’s something different and exciting, and something different to try and figure out.

Is it hard, as an actress, to not be over-the-top when playing drunk?

KATHERINE:  Yes, but I am sure I have been over-the-top playing “Drunk Brooke”, but I thought, “Oh, well.  I might as well just go for it!”  When you are drunk you can do and say anything, all at the same time.  (Laughs)

When did you know that Brooke was going to have a battle with the bottle?  Was it when she got drunk and had a little chat with Stephanie’s painting, and called herself, as Stephanie had coined the phrase: “The Slut from the Valley”?


KATHERINE:  I kind of had a feeling about this when Brooke was drinking in front of Stephanie’s picture, that this wasn’t going to be the last time I would be drinking on-air.

The producers probably said, “She is doing this so well … let’s have her drink again!” (Laughs)

KATHERINE:  I still don’t know how far it’s going to go, and all of that, but I am enjoying this story while it lasts.

Brooke is so distraught over all the men in her life having chosen other women, that she is drinking.

KATHERINE:  Brooke just doesn’t know what to do with herself, basically, and people do that in real life.  But it’s a shame.  I get a lot of messages saying, “I don’t understand why Brooke can’t just rise above this, and be the strong Brooke that she should be.  It’s about time for her, because she has gone through so much stuff that this would be the last thing she would do to herself.”  But, you never know what is going on with people, and what is going on in their heads.  Brooke probably is thinking: “Screw it.  I am going to have a drink.  Who cares at this point in my life?”  So she does, and then she just goes overboard.  I do think people get to the point in their lives where they are just tired of it all.

Does Brooke need a man … all the time for her happiness?  That is what has always been, at times, the crux of much fan fervor with your character!


KATHERINE:  For so many years fans have said, why does Brooke always need a man?  But, everyone does have their weaknesses, and men have been that for Brooke.  She has always just wanted to be loved.  She is kind of a sensitive character.  It’s hard now that her kids are gone and have their own lives, but she is still waiting for RJ to come back!

Where is RJ, by the way?

KATHERINE:  He is off at boarding school.

So, RJ will come back as a hot 32-year-old!

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KATHERINE:  Yes, exactly. (Laughs)

Your performance during Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill’s (Don Diamont) recent nuptials was outstanding.  Brooke just continued to cover up her pain by downing any liquor she could find, and all of that champagne!  How could Katie not know that attending the wedding of her sister, and the man she loved, was not upsetting for Brooke?

KATHERINE:  And of course, that made it worse, and Brooke just wanted to burst out and cry.  I will say those scenes between myself and Heather Tom (Katie), where we had that moment together as sisters, I just loved.  It was very hard for Brooke to cover up her emotions and not let her sister see that.

But, you would think some of the characters at the wedding would have gotten a clue that being there watching Bill marry another woman … her sister, no less … was really hard for Brooke!


KATHERINE:  Yeah, I know!  She even asked Brooke to be the Matron of Honor (Laughs).  That was like stuffing it right in Brooke’s face!

Did you, by chance, get the opportunity to watch the wedding episodes back?

KATHERINE:  I did, and I actually loved the episodes.  It was funny when Brooke was behind Katie while they start their wows, and Brooke is making these snide comments that she is saying, and thinking, out loud.

Where do you think Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Brooke’s relationship is heading?  He has had his own issues with alcohol, so it would seem this is the perfect time for them to reconnect.

KATHERINE:  I have no idea where it is ultimately going.  It is nice, because they do have history, and they do have a daughter together in Hope.  Deacon understands Brooke, especially what she is going through right now.  I think Deacon is a nice guy in a bad guy’s body. (Laughs)

It would be so interesting if B&B were to do a “Days of Wines and Roses” with Brooke and Deacon, where the two of them just go on an endless bender! 


KATHERINE:  I think we should have a scene like that, but I don’t think there could be that many of those.  It would be fun to see what happens, and you know what would probably happen, right?  Right now, Brooke is pretty scared of Quinn (Rena Sofer).  So, I don’t know if she really wants to try to go there with Deacon.  Quinn is scary, don’t you think?  Don’t mess with Quinn!

You received a Daytime Emmy pre-nomination this year.  Did you submit the scene where Brooke drinks in front of Stephanie’s painting?

KATHERINE:  Yes.  I submitted that for both rounds.  I did not know what else to do.  I hate doing this every year.  I don’t really look at things that way.  Every year, you just try to do the best work you can every day.  You don’t think, “Oh, I am going to do this for the Emmy!”  That’s a weird energy to put on it, I think.  It’s hard this time of year to pick scenes for your reel to be judged for the Emmys.  For me, it’s not a fun process.

What do you think of the pairing of Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Caroline (Linsey Godfrey)?

KATHERINE:  I think they are hot together.  I feel bad whenever Brooke has a line to Ridge, “You are just going through a mid-life crisis.”  That is kind of an old-fashioned mindset.  Older people are younger these days.  Age is just a number.

Eventually, Brooke needs to sober up and get into a rehab program, or something … don’t you think?

KATHERINE:  I still would like to see Brooke become strong and take charge, and do that for a while. She used to do a lot of things, like when she created “BeLieF”, and she was a chemist.  Brooke has actually done a lot of things.  There is no reason she can’t do something, and I don’t mean with the Forresters.  Maybe, she even starts her own company.  She needs to do something different in her life.  I love all the stories Brooke has had.  To me, they have been fabulous.  I have had so much fun playing them, but I do think “Strong Brooke” would be a fun side to play, and for people to see, too!


Linsey Godfrey recently came to the set for a day following the horrific accident back in February when she was struck by a car.   How was it seeing her again?  How is she doing?  Linsey has been such an inspiration for how one handles this type of setback and adversity.

KATHERINE:  Linsey is doing good, and she is so cute.  Kim Matula (Hope) came back the same day for an episode, and it was good to see her, too.  We are going to go to dinner sometime soon and catch up more.   It’s definitely nice having them back.  Linsey is amazing, and she is a very strong fighter.  She was sitting in her wheelchair getting her hair done saying, “I feel great!  I didn’t even take a pain pill this morning!”  Her attitude is always very happy, and very positive, and she was very excited to work again.

Can you forsee that Caroline and Brooke will continue to have a contentious relationship, because of Ridge?

KATHERINE:  Probably!  I am assuming Brooke will never really accept that relationship.

So, will there eventually be a new man in Brooke’s life?

KATHERINE:  I don’t know.  Why does she need a man all of the time?  It’s true!  I can’t hear people say anymore, “Gosh!  You have been with so many men on this show!”  Over the 28 years, I have not been with that many … not really.  It’s a soap opera though.

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How do you think Thorsten Kaye is faring in the role of Ridge Forrester, now that he has been on B&B for a while?

Photo Credit: Danya Morrison

KATHERINE:  I love Thorsten.  We get along very well, and he is a great guy, and he is very funny.  But on the set we are Brooke and Ridge, and Ridge is not getting past that wall we put up, ever since the other Ridge (Ronn Moss) left! (Laughs)  Thorsten and I are both looking forward to the day when we will have some really nice scenes together as Brooke and Ridge, where they sit down as two human beings, and hear each other.  We have not been able to do that as of yet.

What would Stephanie think if she found out, or saw, Brooke drinking like this?

KATHERINE:  Oh, my God!  She would slap her upside of the head, and so hard.

Outside of B&B you have so much going on!  Are you running and competiting again in triathlons?

KATHERINE:  I was worried after injuring my leg dancing on Dancing with the Stars Italy that I wouldn’t be able to run in races.  I have this coach that is a six-time Ironman champ winner, and so he has put me on this whole program for strengthening my leg, and getting back in shape.  I feel good.  I am trying to do another half Ironman competition, probably in June.  Actually, the people in Pescara, Italy are asking me to please come back!  I had so much fun doing the race there, as it was a way from Rome, and away from all of that “Hollywood” style drama that was going on with DWTS.  I am going to try to do the World Half Ironman competition in Austria in the summer, and then there is the World Championship Ironman in Kona in October.  Now this is a lot!  So, I am going to have to choose from these.  I am on the advisory board for women, and encouraging them to get involved in this wonderful sport.

Brooke should become a triahlete!  Here’s the story:  She sobers up and puts that alcohol addiction into another addiction, and goes on an intense health kick!


KATHERINE:  I think so!  Why not?  She can become obsessed about it, and that’s what happens to people, too!  I said something to Heather Tom, because Katie had a line to Brooke that went, “Why don’t you go and volunteer?”  And I said, “Don’t say that. It’s so typical.” Why don’t you say, “Why don’t you train for an Ironman race?” (Laughs)

What can you tease us with that is coming up for Brooke?

KATHERINE:  I read the scripts the day before I tape them, and honestly, that is as much as I know.  Now some people get their scripts and go, “My God!  I have got to read ahead.”  I am like, “No.  I am just waiting till the night before.”  That is because I am just so busy in my life.  I wait till the last minute for everything, because I run clothing businesses, and I have all the advisory board stuff going, and the ambassadorship, and I am trying to manage it all so I don’t fall off the deep end.  I have been here 28 years, and this way, I like to be surprised reading the scripts, and then I don’t have time to think about it all too much.

On Y&R, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) recently ran down Christine (Lauralee Bell), because a sauced Neil (Kristoff St. John) grabbed the steering wheel of the car she was driving, and it was big drunken mess!  Do you think something dramatic like that will happen with Brooke to get her to turn her life around, or to make her realize how she is endangering herself, and potentially the lives of others?

KATHERINE:  That’s very dramatic.  I don’t want my character to hurt anybody, but you are right. Something major has to happen to wake her up, or shake her out of this.  Maybe, it’s something that puts Brooke’s life in jeopardy, or somebody else’s.


During the taping of Katie and Bill’s wedding, were you and the cast laughing when you were being a very drunk Brooke?

KATHERINE:  It was kind of serious on set.  I remember doing a bit where the feathers that I was wearing were tickling my nose, and so I started wiggling my nose, which you see on the episode, but you didn’t see the rest, where I was sort of blowing the feathers out of the side of my mouth.  I was doing all of these different kinds of reactions, and a lot of them did not end up in the scene.  I was cracking myself up between every single scene (laughs), and the cameramen were laughing.  I don’t know why everyone else remained so serious.  I was having a great time! (Laughs)

Finally, the big question … do you think Bill and Brooke’s romance will come back around? 

KATHERINE:  I don’t see how that couldn’t!  I think they had such chemistry, and such an honest relationship.   It seems so strange now that Bill has married Katie again.  I guess I will have to peer at him from afar! (Laughs)

Have you enjoyed watching Katherine Kelly Lang tackle Brooke’s battle with the bottle on B&B? Do you want to see “Drunk Brooke” continue?  Do you think Brooke and Deacon will become an item?  Are you rooting for Brooke to get back together with Bill?  Should Brooke just get a grip, and pour herself into a new line of work, instead of pouring herself a glass of vodka? Share your thoughts below?

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I admire KKL’s loyalty to B&B as she supports the storyline. IMO, it hasn’t been nearly the hit that the interview implied that it’s been, and ratings have fallen in the last few weeks. Still, I thought she did a great job during the Batie wedding ceremony. I laughed alot and thought she showed hurt and loneliness very well. But the rest of the story hasn’t worked, IMO. I would love to see Brooke stop drinking, get sober and find a new love in her life.

I also respect her loyalty to Ronn Moss and to Bridge as they both created the couple. It almost seems like neither she nor Thorsten Kaye seem to want the pairing whenever they’re in scenes together. Something is very off in their scenes and maybe now I know what it is, from her interview. However, Bridge’s history should still be respected. Ridge acts like he could care less about Brooke, but she is RJ’s mom. I don’t need to see him run across the globe to see her, but I’d rather he didn’t dismiss any thought of her as he’s done lately. As for Bill and Brooke, I like that KKL is keeping hope alive. Bill and Katie’s reunion was rushed and not believable. But if Bill is going to be unavailable, then B&B needs to hire a new lead actor to join the cast and play someone who will romance Brooke. This version of self-pitying, sad Brooke is not fun to watch.


First of all this is what we call Binge Drinking not alcoholism anyone who has lived with an alcoholic knows the difference. I would like to see Brooke pour herself into her work and take the reins from that bratty kid Rick and senile Eric and the Irishmen Patrick oops Ridge!


I would like to understand how Brooke could fall in love with Bill who treated her daughter so badly and called her a whore on more then one occasion.


Unless you are an alcoholic, it’s hard to understand. See, I am one. This actually mirrors my story somewhat. Just like it does many other alcoholics. It’s a progressive disease. It can be brought on by many things. I didn’t hit bottom with my drinking until I was 40. But looking back, the signs were there for a very long time. Many, many times I have sat an AA meeting and heard stories how people try to fill a void in their life with booze. It happens a lot. This story line is actually being played out very well, so far. I’d like to see here hit rock bottom and her recovery. I think this story could actually help someone. There is hope out there. I never would have thought that I would be sober 4 and a half years later, especially during the highlight of my drinking career. But here I am, living one day at a time.

Mary Asicit
Mary Asicit

Good for you, Jeff! Stay strong!


If social media really thinks this is attractive I feel very sorry for them because their is nothing amusing or fun to watch someone pour their self into a bottle because they aren’t getting laid every nite!

Chrystie Delancey
Chrystie Delancey

That’s the world we live in today, k/kay.

It’s really sickening, isn’t it?


Don’t like any drunk story lines. Probably my least favorite. And now GH may being pulling Michael into one, even if it’s only a possible set up.


Thank you Katherine, Age is just a number. People need to remember that.

I love what she said about TK.

She seems like such a sweet person


Writing is on the wall…..NEXT WILL BE BROOKE AND WYATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to see the strong Brooke again and I also love for Brooke and Bill to get back together.

Joan Jipson Burgess
Joan Jipson Burgess

Brooke needs to be back with Ridge and end that rediculous relationship Ridge is having with Caroline. Leave Deacon with Quinn,they deserve to have some happiness. PLEASE do not drag out this story with Maya and Rick. Get rid of Maya.No one likes her.such a phony and gold digger. Rick if its even possible needs to be back with Caroline. I hate what B&B did to Rick and Caroline. They were such an awesome couple. I’m barely watching B&B just skimming through the show to see if Maya is GONE yet and then I’ll watch full time again,but to my surprise she is still there. It just turns my stomach.


Great interview. I love KKL’s loyalty to B&B too. She always supports any storyline as much as she can. The wedding was much talked about but the rest of the show has hardly been “must see TV.” Nothing on the show has been lately.

“Age is just a number?” What else is she supposed to say? Frankly I find the Ridge and Caroline “romance” repulsive as Ridge looks like a high school teacher taking up with the captain of the cheerleaders. A serious mismatch that is getting more ridiculous by the minute. Is Ally and Ridge next?

I would love to see Brooke stop drinking, take the reigns of Forrester again and get sober. I’d also like B&B to stop stalling and have KKL and TK tackle Ridge and Brooke as a couple. Anything to stop him from looking and acting so uninterested in every scene he’s had lately.

I’d like to see the Bridge I recognize and have loved for 25 years on screen whether they are a couple or not. I don’t see that at all with this Ridge. TK needs to learn the history of the couple, imo. He’s way too dismissive of her and shouldn’t be. I was floored when he blow off Katie’s concerns about Brooke the other day. He hasn’t talked to her? That’s not Ridge, I don’t care who’s playing him.

If Ridge as TK is not going to be paired with KKL as Brooke, then B&B needs to recast with a better actor or better yet hire a new lead actor – someone like the Nick Marone character, to join the cast and play someone who actually looks like he wants to romance Brooke. This version of Brooke is not fun to watch and I’ve stopped watching live every day.


i loved bill and brooke together. there steam put catherine and ridges to shame. i cant stand wyatt and his crazy mom and deacon. sick of the rick and maya bs. dont know what others think but somehow fc seems less famous right now. like it means nothing with hope gone and rick such a mess. the liam and ivy story line falling flat just a side note at this point. to me everything is south for the winter and hope something happins to shake things up. as for catherine and ridge another side note that wont last. as most things dont on B&B.i miss hope and liam the internal love story that we always hope for everyday that they will marry. a reason i watched. now i catch up online after about 4 days and watch a episode. see if anything interesting enough to watch more. but eh not so far. and come on alcoholic tendancies. as katherine is a great actress the story line is as old and soap operas are. catherine chancelor and nikki on y&r. was enough for me. with no hope to me there is no hope for B&B.

Barbara from Atlanta
Barbara from Atlanta

Given the character’s history, what the writers REALLY should do with Brooke:


This character has MAJOR dependency issues ever since the show began. When she couldn’t have Ridge, she clung to any man within 5 feet who was breathing. Now, she clings to the bottle.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Brooke is deeply flawed. I’d write a storyline where Brooke finally gets the therapy that she needs and realizes that a LOT of her issues stem from her father Stephen’s abandonment of the Logan family when she was young. (This would allow a nice appearance by the presently unemployed Patrick Duffy!). Once Brooke finally got her act together, it would be nice to see her intentionally avoid ANY romantic relationship and concentrate on herself, her family, and her career.

Mary Asicit
Mary Asicit

Please! No more Brooke and Bill!
I vote for a Strong Brooke, and a fitness addiction sounds good too.


I SO agree with a lot of these comments! TK looks so uninterested in his scenes with KKL, which is a big slap to ridge/brooke fans. There is no cornerstone couple on this show, and if Ronn Moss hadn’t left, Ridge/Brooke would be the $$ couple and the new Eric/Stephanie. TK needs to infuse his scenes with more empathy and passion. For god sakes they have a son together!!! RM’s Ridge forgave Brooke for many misdeeds, but TK’s version is VERY holier-than-thou. He needs to remember who he’s playing. They should just bring Jack Wagner or Winsor Harmon back for Brooke!!!! Thorne and Brooke were HOT back in the day!!!!




OK, you know what…I am N-O-T buying A-N-Y of this!!!!! At all. To me, this so-called storyline of Brooke’s alcoholism (or whatever) ridiculously came out of nowhere. I mean…where is the build-up?!?!? Where is the suspense?!?!? Where is the realism?!?!? Mr. Bradley Bell…really?!?!? S-i-r…are you serious?!?!? I’m sorry but I think that this storyline is a total I-N-S-U-L-T…and a total I-N-S-U-L-T to recovering alcoholics (in real-life and all) who struggle with sobriety and who struggle to stay sober 24/7!!!!! Also, there is serious alcoholism in my family!!!!! Another thing: I VERY CLEARLY UNDERSTAND as to why Quinn is not happy about that needy-ass Brooke leaning on Deacon for emotional support (or whatever). As far as I’m concerned, B&B hurriedly turning Brooke into a so-called alcoholic is just another excuse for that TRAIN-WRECK Brooke to act EVEN MORE whiny, needy and annoying!!!!! I hope to G-O-D that B&B doesn’t screw up Maya’s transgender storyline…because…they are horribly screwing up here by stupidly showcasing (or whatever) ‘Brooke The Boozer’. Bottom Line Here (well, for me, anyway): I see Brooke’s so-called alcoholism as nothing but a BIG AND EPIC F-A-I-L!!!!! B&B…shame on ya’ll!!!!! Morons.


Jaybird, Buddy, you hit it out of the park! Even though I am sympathetic to Brooke, this alcoholism story is so contrived.

In many soaps (when there were “many”), you can tell that the writers invent storylines for their stars to try to add EMMY trophies to their mantles: Tony Geary, Erica Slezak, Kim Zimmer, Maurice Benard, Peter Bergman. The storylines might make no sense (Fluke anyone?), might be repetitive (the dreaded DID anyone?), might come out of left field (cloning anyone?), or might not be consistent with a character’s persona and history (prescription painkiller addiction after a fall from a circus trapeze act anyone?), and yet the writers will force-feed these storylines to bring attention and accolades to the stars they highlight.

I suspect that’s what is going on with B&B: they want Katherine Kelly Lang to be in EMMY contention. The writers should focus on making their characters and their storylines somewhat believable, notwithstanding overuse of soap staples (evil twins, babies switched at birth, split personality disorder) and bizarre plotlines of the past: Eterna, time travel to the Old West, Casey the friendly (and studly) alien, cloning, and (my all-time least favorite) the overwhelming, constant presence of syndicated mob activities involving more than one crime family in a small, sleepy hamlet in upstate New York!


Thanks, James!!!!! But I wanna (very agreeably) touch on something (or whatever) that you had said. Well, here goes…

1. I think that is so true…I (myself) do believe that soap writers ‘invent’ story-lines for their stars to add EMMY trophies to their mantles. SEVERAL SOAPS (both past and present) have tried this…more than once. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it/understand it. No.
2. To me, it should N-O-T be about Emmys, Emmy Nominations or even being nominated. Not at all. To me…instead…it should be about soap actors and soap actresses doing good to EVEN BETTER work, good and believable storytelling and (most of all) story-lines that actually MAKE SENSE!!!!! Sadly, that’s not always the case.
3. And, finally, I think that soap writers should (in general) concentrate more on writing good and believable story-lines for their soaps and concentrate less on writing so-called, ridiculous and el-bizarro story-lines for The Daytime Emmy Awards…I call that VERY STUPIDLY SHOWING OFF!!!!!! B-E-Y-O-N-D RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

James…as always, have a good one, Brother. Peace.


sorry bad english

I just love Brooke, I think she must have Bill Spencer course
and NOT deacon, he’s just completely wrong, I think.

and the same with Ridge, I do not like the new Ridge.
I do not care overall in Rigde now because he feels so wrong.

Ronn Moss was the perfect person can not find a better one. He has style and resembles truly a designer 🙂

I have always believed Brooke and Ronn should be together, but not after they’ve swapped out Ronn unfortunately.

I want Rick and Caroline should be together.


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And the nominees are … so say the film and TV critics … in the just announced 25th Annual Critics Choice Awards.  The winners will be announced during a live ceremony airing Sunday, January 12 on The CW beginning at 7PMEST/6PMCST.

In the television categories, This Is Us came up with several key nominations including: being in the running for Best Drama Series, and in addition, Justin Hartley (Ex-Y&R, Revenge, Passions) nabbed a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nomination for his performance as Kevin Pearson in the NBC drama series,

Hartley’s on-screen brother, Sterling K, Brown received recognition in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his work as Randall.  In addition, Susan Kelechi Watson scored a nomination for her work as Randall’s wife, Beth in the Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category.

In an interesting first, The Kelly Clarkson Show received a nomination in the Best Talk Show category and is the only one in the running from daytime, all the rest in the pack are from primetime or late night.

Downton Abbey: The Movie scored in the film categories in Best Production and Costume Design.

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Caroll Spinney, Legendary Sesame Street Puppeteer Behind Big Bird And Oscar The Grouch, Dead At 85

More sorrowful news on Sunday.  Caroll Spinney, the legendary puppeteer behind beloved Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch,died today,  at the age 85 at his home in Connecticut.  Spinney has been suffering from dystonia for quite some time.

For the body of his life’s work, Spinney received many significant honors.  He was the recipient of four Daytime Emmy awards, as well as the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006, the Library of Congress’ Living Legend Award, two Grammy awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

PhotoL SesameStreetWorkshop

The Sesame Street workshop put on this press release upon his passing: “Caroll was an artistic genius whose kind and loving view of the world helped shape and define Sesame Street from its earliest days in 1969 through five decades, and his legacy here at Sesame Workshop and in the cultural firmament will be unending. His enormous talent and outsized heart were perfectly suited to playing the larger-than-life yellow bird who brought joy to generations of children and countless fans of all ages around the world, and his lovably cantankerous grouch gave us all permission to be cranky once in a while.

Welcomed to Sesame Street by Jim Henson, Caroll thrived under a mentorship that led to a decades-long great friendship. Caroll’s unparalleled career saw Big Bird visit China with Bob Hope, dance with the Rockettes, be celebrated with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a U.S. postage stamp, and named a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress. A favorite highlight for Caroll was conducting symphony orchestras and performing with them across the United States, Australia, and China, allowing him to personally connect with families everywhere through the music of Sesame Street. Caroll Spinney gave something truly special to the world. With deepest admiration, Sesame Workshop is proud to carry his memory – and his beloved characters – into the future. Our hearts go out to Caroll’s beloved wife, Debra, and all of his children and grandchildren.

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Sesame Street co-founder Joan Ganz Cooney said of her longtime colleague and friend, “Caroll Spinney’s contributions to Sesame Street are countless. He not only gave us Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, he gave so much of himself as well. We at Sesame Workshop mourn his passing and feel an immense gratitude for all he has given to Sesame Street and to children around the world.”

Share your thoughts on the passing of Caroll Spinney and his tremendous contribution for bringing to life for children young and old, Big Bird, and Oscar the Crouch and more.

But first, watch Barbara Walters present Spinney with the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award at the 33rd annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

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Days Of Our Lives

Noted Soap Opera Producer Lisa de Cazotte Has Died; Daytime Community Mourns Her Passing

Sad news to report on Sunday as the soap opera community and its fans learn of the passing of Daytime Emmy-winning and noted soap opera producer, Lisa de Cazotte,

Lisa passed away yesterday on Saturday December 7th after a long illness at the age of 58,   From early in her career her love of the soaps and passion for it were evident.  She began right out of college as an intern on ABC’s One Life to Live, where she worked her way up to Coordinating Producer.

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Next, Lisa eventually became the Supervising Producer of NBC’s one and only Santa Barbara.  She spent time also on All My Children, before heading back to NBC and Sunset Beach where she assumed the role of Supervising Producer there.

However, it was in 1999 where de Cazotte became the  Executive Producer of Passions, which she helmed and remained till the end of its run in 2008.  It was a show that she loved so much.  She continued her career in the soaps in 2012 stepping into Salem and Days of our Lives where Lisa was named Co-Executive Producer of the series winning two Daytime Emmy Awards. for her efforts.

Sadly, now her final gig began in 2017, when she became Supervising Producer of The Young and the Restless and won her third Emmy in the process this past year.  De Cazotte was said to still be producing Y&R at the time of her passing. She is survived by her husband, Antoine de Cazotte, and her beloved brothers: Michael Patrick Smith, Robert Terence Smith, and Brian Charles Smith.

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On social media over the last several hours, many actors, and colleagues have shared their sorrow and remembrances of Lisa.  Here are just a sampling:

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Jason Thompson (Billy,, Y&R): We lost a member of the family last night, one of our producers, Lisa De Cazotte. I first worked with Lisa when she produced the 2nd season of “Night Shift”. Years later and currently on @YandR_CBS  She was kind and smart. Our thoughts are with her family.”

Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS): The kindness and opportunity this woman furnished me was immeasurable. We have lost one of the hardest working and graceful producers in our genre. I will miss you terribly, Lisa. #RIP”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) “Sometimes you recognize those women who are part of “the tribe”. Whether you know them for 20 years or 20 minutes… they are still part of your tribe. Lucky for me. Godspeed beautiful Lisa”

Angelica Rosas McDaniel (Ex-CBS Daytime Exec) “Last night we lost a light in this world with the passing of Lisa De Cazotte. Lisa was smart, strong, kind, vibrant, an incredible friend and an Emmy winning producer on many beloved shows. I was blessed to know her. Sending love to her family and friends.”

Michael Logan (Former TV Guide Columnist): “RIP Lisa de Cazotte, one of the truly great soap producers. A real nose-to-the-grindstone talent, she never wanted personal glory choosing instead to do the work, quietly and fabulously. Her partnership with James E. Reilly on #Passions was epic.”

McKenzie Westmore (Ex-Sheridan Crane, Passions):  “Heart broken at the passing of my Passions EP Lisa!!”

Rob Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal Interview - Day of Days 2019

Sara Bibel (Writer, Y&R): “Lisa was a wonderful producer, a joy to work with, and knew everything about daytime. She will be missed by everyone at Y&R. RIP”

Michael Fairman TV will continue to update this section of the post as more remembrances are posted over the next 24 hours.

Share your condolences and thoughts on the passing of Lisa de Cazotte in the comment section below.

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