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The Kelly Monaco Interview – General Hospital


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The life of Port Charles Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is really heating up these days!  Not only in the bedroom, thanks to taking her relationship to the next level with Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), but also because she has been unknowingly in threat of losing her life, thanks to an unholy alliance between her believed-to-be-dead husband Jason (Billy Miller) … whom Sam has no idea is walking around town as the amnesiac “Jake” with a completely reconstructed face … and the treacherous Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) who would like nothing more than to rid the earth of the woman.  Meanwhile, Sam has been busy trying to put the pieces together on several different mysteries including: being attacked by a masked man (“Jake”) in a ski mask, and who was responsible for having Patrick’s car run off the road last year, which eventually caused the death of his son, the premature born, baby Gabriel.

It has been a rocky road for Sam of late, after losing her beloved Jason; she finally let herself fall back in love, and with none other than Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton). They seemed destined to be together, until Silas’ certifiable wife Nina (Michelle Stafford) came back into the picture and manipulated events to cause their break-up.  But now, Sam looks to be moving on with Dr. Drake!  Will it last if she were to find out that her husband is actually alive?  On-Air On-Soaps sat down with actress Kelly Monaco to get her thoughts on: all the twist and turns going down on General Hospital, where she believes things may be headed, and to chat about all her leading men!

Later, Kelly fills us in on her upcoming guest appearance on the ABC Family comedy series, Baby Daddy airing on February 4th at 8:30PMET/PT in a fun riff on her soap opera alter-ego, and being a soap star.  Plus, Kelly shares her thoughts on playing those catty scenes opposite Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), what she thought of William deVry coming on to the canvas as her never-before-known biological father, Julian Jerome, and so much more.  During our conversation, the often elusive Kelly was direct, funny, and candid, and we can’t think of when we have enjoyed an interview more.  Here’s the always sexy, scrappy survivor … Ms. Monaco!


Sam has a lot of men in her life circling her!  What do you think of the embarrassment of riches?  What woman on daytime television gets to be with this crème’ de la crème’?



She’s lucky!  She has some choices! (Laughs)  Well, we had Silas (Michael Easton), and now Patrick (Jason Thompson), and then there is Jason (Billy Miller).  I definitely have had my pick of the litter!


Let’s talk about Samtrick.  When they said we are going to pair you with Jason Thompson and try to broach a romance between Patrick and Sam, once they had established their friendship, what were your thoughts on that?   Were you at all worried it wouldn’t play?


Jason and I have been fighting for that for a long time, since Steve Burton left, basically.  We were in New York like a year and half ago, and we went up to Ron Carlivati’s (head writer, GH) office and the writers over at General HospitalWe both sat there and we’re like “Well?”  And they said, “No, not yet.  You guys are friends,” meaning, of course, our characters on the show we’re friends.  Jason and I were like, “Just try it!”  And lo and behold, I don’t know when they decided, but here is it is, and I love it.  Jason Thompson is my friend in real life, and he’s my family.  So it’s really great working with him – it’s fresh and new, and we hadn’t had the opportunity to interact like that on-screen before.  There is a trust there that you can make out on-screen, or whatever.  I am not taking anything away from Michael Easton.  I have known him for 15 years, but if they were going to shift me and put me somewhere, I am glad they put me in Jason’s arms.



Do you think that the Patrick and Sam relationship feels forced to the viewers at all?


It’s hard not to rush anything.  It takes a very idle hand not to slow it down, and tell the writers what to do, and you can’t really do that anymore.  Giving credit to Steve Burton (Ex-Jason, GH, now Dylan, Y&R) he did that with Jason and Sam.  He very specifically was saying, “No, no, no. Not yet.”  He knew just when to hit the audience with them coming together, and we played it out for a couple of years.  That is why Jason and Sam were so great.  But you can’t really do that in the landscape we are in – as they want drama, romance and a payoff – and another payoff – and to keep the show moving.  It’s like a dance.  So considering that, I am lucky that if I have got to dance, it got to be with Jason Thompson.


Jason Thompson is one of the most phenomenal actors I have ever watched in this genre … and I have watched this stuff for a very long time!



I know.  He is ridiculously good.  Jason is funny.  We will be getting ready to start a scene and he will be like, “Um, how did we get here?”  And I go, “What are you talking about?”  And he will go, “Did we drive here … or did we walk?”  I go, “We f***ing drove!” (Laughs)  Next he says, “Well, did you drive, or did I drive?”  I say, “We took a driver!”  And then he says, “Well, is it cold out?  Were we holding hands before we came in, or what?”  And I go, “NO!  I am pissed at you because I am thinking about my husband!” (Laughs)  I said to Jason, “Stop asking so many questions.  Just say the lines and go!  Just stand there and look pretty, because I talk all the time!” (Laughs)


Sam does talk all the time … she goes on and on!


She talks and talks, like Carly (Laura Wright)! (Laughs)  I just want to tell her to shut up!


Do you think the relationship with Patrick and Sam has legs and will endure?


Not if Jason is in the picture, not a chance in hell!  “Jake’ is different, but if there is Jason in the picture there is no way.  Sam carries a phoenix/dragon in her pocket, and without thought if she knew Jason was there, (I think this of her and I don’t know if the writers do), I don’t know if she would run back romantically, but she would drop everything to attend to him.



So, let’s talk about Billy Miller.  He leaves Y&R and then he becomes the recast Jason Morgan (or Jason Quartermaine).  What did you think about that bit of huge casting news?


I was like “Thank You!  Thank you for the blessings, Soap Gods!”  We had just gotten Michelle Stafford (Nina) and I was like, “How can Y&R let Michelle go, and then Billy?”   Next thing you know, I ran into Billy at the Del Mar Racetrack last year. He had just left Y&R, and I hadn’t met him yet, but we had mutual friends.  I drove him, (but I didn’t know him then) to the horse race along with some friends, but he was in my car.  And so, I got to hang out with them that day.  I remember saying to a friend of mine at the time, “If anyone is going to play Jason, it’s going to be him!”  I just felt something from him as Billy, and of course, I went and watched a bunch of his work, and it was great.  So, I went to our executive producer Frank Valentini, and I pleaded with him.  I said Frank, “I just hung out with Billy Miller and he is gone from Y&R, and if anyone is going to play Jason, it’s going to be him.  If Steve Burton can’t do it, it’s got to be Billy.”   I really also felt that if it’s not going to be Billy, then it’s not going to be anybody.  I am not saying I had a hand in hiring him, but through the powers-that-be, lo and behold, Billy was here.  I am very thankful.


But currently, Sam has a very antagonistic relationship with “Jake”, AKA Jason, who has been trying to kill her!



I love it, because most people would want to play against that, and not be looked down upon, but remember; when Jason and Sam first met they hated each other.  They were arch-rivals.  He wanted to pay her ten million dollars to leave town!  I would expect nothing less than for them to absolutely clash, but the beauty of their relationship was, at points, that they couldn’t really stand each other.


Doesn’t’ Sam feel there is something eerily familiar about this guy?


Familiar, yes, but she can’t put her finger on it yet.  I mean, her son Danny runs up to the guy!  Sam gets a vibe, but I don’t think she is putting Jason in it at all yet.   When you meet someone like that it’s like, “Whoa! Do I know you?  Have I met you somewhere before?”   Now that doesn’t happen often in real life… but still. (Laughs)


And now Billy Miller is adding humor to the character, and bringing his unique style and delivery to the role, which is quite a contrast to Steve Burton, and I had loved Steve’s work as Jason over the years, too!



Yes, Billy’s Jason will even wear a color!  (Laughs)  Billy is so funny.  I love the fact with Billy, (and I haven’t had that since Steve Burton) where your directors and producers trust you enough that during rehearsal you can play around so hard.   I will be laughing so hard with Billy, and then when we go to tape, you are just there in the moment.  He’s there and I am there, and it doesn’t matter if I was peeing in my pants laughing two seconds before that.  If Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and I did that in scenes before we taped, the ax would come down and we would get yelled at. (Laughs)  But there is trust that they have, and Billy and I have, and Steve and I had that, as well.  I’ve missed that, and I have missed being able to cry laughing, and chuckling, and then in the next breath switching to the drama of it.


You and Michael Easton have such a huge fan following together, and have worked together for many years, and are beloved as a soap duo.  Is it really over for Silas and Sam?


It’s never over in daytime.  There are a lot of fans, including me, who love Silas and Sam.  Michael came to me on the last day we were set to work together, and he said, “You know, this is the last day we are working for now.”  I am like, “No!”  He said, “Yeah, read tomorrow’s script!”  Our schedules are so different at work; I literally have not seen Michael in the last two and half months.  Michael, for me again, is like family, but differently than Jason Thompson, or Billy Miller.  Michael is a little bit more protective. We have known each other a lot longer, and so I haven’t been able to write in my diary, and that’s how I feel about Michael.  He is like a diary.



Michael Easton is one of the classiest men, I have had the pleasure to know.  When you think about what the two of you have created on-screen together on Port Charles and GH, why do you think it clicked and works, and why the audience continues to want to see you two together?


There is something undeniably rich, palpable, and unexplainable that has been there since 15 years ago – that chemistry between another being and another being – and you just don’t know why or how.  Michael makes me feel very safe, and so I feel like I cut my heart out in scenes with him.  He can cut me without cutting me … he doesn’t have to.  He can just look at me!   Michael has that soul in his eyes where he can stare at you, and you go, “OK, I did it. I did it,” as you are crying! (Laughs)  That’s Michael!  For instance, Maurice Benard (Sonny) will beat the reaction out of you (laughs), but with Michael it’s with this simple, beautiful, and soulful look.  I can’t lie, and it must be what the audience feels like when they look in his eyes.  They just transfix on it.


Do you like that Sam has become quite smart?  She’s cracking safes again, and code, and figuring out by looking at surveillance tape at the police station that “Jake” is the one in the ski mask who held her at gunpoint,  and meanwhile the PCPD can’t get a grip on anything! (Laughs)


I love that they are writing her smart, which I am even questioning going, “Wait, she’s not that smart!” (Laughs)  I am with everyone on that one, like, “Are you telling me Sam is smarter than Anna (Finola Hughes)?”  This bitch is smart insisting, “That guy is the one who took me hostage!”


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Did you submit some of your work for the Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination round of voting this year?


I did.  I submitted my material with Jason Thompson when Patrick told Sam that he knew that Jason was alive for some portion of time.  These were the scenes around that staircase.  The scenes were in the last bit of what was eligible to make the cut, and it was the last thing that stuck in my mind.  I did enter the Lead Actress category, and for many years I have wanted to step down, but I can’t say that I am truly in the supporting category, and I would never do that.  It’s an honorable and ethical thing to do.  And, who’s to say who’s better than whom, anyway?  And isn’t that what we teach and preach … and here we are doing that with award shows.


So let’s talk your upcoming episode of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy that airs on February 4th as the first part of the crossover between GH and the sitcom.  Give me some details on the premise?


I am playing Sam and Kelly in the same episode.  The way I visualized it was being an overacting soap opera actress, and being a diva actress.  That’s what I played, but it’s not me, but it’s a version of what I would be like if I were a bitch! (Laughs)  Like if I was who people thought I was … that is how I would be! (Laughs)  It was so fun.  First of all, to rehearse all week is so nice.  The whole episode was what I would have on one day of GH!   I had plenty of time on my hands.  I was helping the prop and production guys saying, “What do you need from me?  Do you need letterhead?  What do you need?” (Laughs)



What was it like to work with Derek Theler?  Did you come up to his knees, because he is so tall?


Derek is funny.  He looks like Thor!  Basically, I did come up to his knee.  And, the height issue was a part of one of the jokes in there, because Kelly hits on him, and all during rehearsals I didn’t have heels on, so it was quite a difference.  I grabbed Derek by the waist and his hand is literally on my head!   It was so funny, and the writers loved it.  Then, when I actually put shoes on it wasn’t as funny.  The heels make a seven inch difference … it’s a big deal! (Laughs)


So there you were …. short you … I so relate! (Laughs)


It was hysterical.  Derek plays this dumb jock on the show, but he is very intelligent and educated.  He went to college and everything! (Laughs)


Did you enjoying doing the comedic soap-spoof turn?



I loved it, but I would like to play in the future something that wasn’t about having to create a version of me.  I think they tested me to see how much I would be willing to poke fun at myself.  I was like, “I am not going to make fun of daytime. I am not going to make fun of soap actors.”  But, by the end, I was doing these crying scenes that were so over the top!  (Laughs)  I have not seen it back, and I don’t watch myself.  I can’t watch, I cringe.


So then, if you need to make an adjustment on something, how do you know what to change or address?


Someone will tell me.  I can’t watch myself, because I will see a tick, like I put my hands through my hair too much, or I do this, or I do that.  It’s hard especially doing a character in daytime soaps that is continuous.  I get it if you need to perfect a different character each time you work to know what you are doing.  But playing a character for so long and having people fall in love with that, and then me going in and analyzing that, and taking away the traits that people responded to … I don’t want to do that.


Are you happy with your story on GH right now?



Right now I am.  I don’t often go to the writers and the producers.  I know when to pick my battles.  I know the vision they have.   I know how hard it is to navigate to get there, and so I am going to back off, because I know they have so much to get through right now, such as: having to bring on a new Jason, or to make Michael Easton the character of Silas.  I understand what it takes to get that foundation to where it needs to be, and not to be that girl that goes up to the fifth floor throwing her script down!  I get it.


Did you ever throw your script down in the past? (Laughs)


I didn’t have to, as I would have someone go talk to the powers-that-be for me, or on my behalf.  But we would speak together as a team, and whoever’s voice was bigger that’s who went to talk to the brass.


You have Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) as your on-screen mom, and they brought on William deVry (Julian) as your on-screen dad.  Quite the parents!  Was it difficult to adjust to having William play your father?


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I don’t think he’s old enough, first of all.   I don’t think I am old enough.  My real life mom was a very young mom.  She was 16 when she had my sister and 18 when she had me.  So I get that, and I can see Nancy as my mom.  I hate change, and when they brought Will on I wasn’t opposed to it, because I always wanted to have a storyline where Sam learns who her father is.  But in the context that they brought him on, and having Sam hate him, I really started to hate him! (Laughs)   I’m like, “Stop being nice to me in the halls!”  William would go, “Man, you’re a hard nut to crack!”  I was not trying to be awful to him, but I was kind of taking on the persona of what they were writing!  William is actually such a really nice guy.  He’s very sweet.


What do you want to do next?  Would you ever consider doing something along the lines of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? (You previously appeared in the cast of E’s Dirty Soap).  What do you think about soap stars: Lisa Rinna (Ex-Billie, DAYS) and Eileen Davidson (Kristen, DAYS & Ashley, Y&R) in the new season of the Bravo series franchise?


Lisa Rinna I get, but as far as Eileen Davidson I am like, “Girl, you are working three shows, you don’t need wine thrown in your face by Brandi Granville!”  And, Eileen sat there so composed; I don’t know how she did that.  If it were me … I would have gotten on top of that table, (because Brandi is too tall) taken my shoe off, and knocked her teeth out!  That was one of the most disrespectful things I have seen.


You have tackled (and successfully) Dancing with the Stars, a Vegas show, a reality series, a sitcom … so what’s next?  Do you feel pressured to come up with something new to attempt?



I don’t feel pressured to come up with something.  I can just be at General Hospital and then have really cool opportunities come along.  I either seize the opportunity, or I don’t.  I have kind of been put in that position, and put myself in that position, where I try to do at least one really cool thing a year outside of GH, and so far this year its been Baby Daddy.  For some reason without pushing or fighting too hard, it just organically happens, and I like that tactic.  I get it, though.  I know where I belong.  I am a fifteen year soap opera actress, and I am cool with that.  I like my day job.


Might I also add, you have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans I have seen!


They are loyal.  If I were my fan, I would slap me!   They are patient, because I will disappear for awhile.  My fans get that if I am hurting I disappear.  They will know something in my universe is not working out right now.


Why do you think they connect with you?



I think a part of me is a lost soul, and people have felt that, and want to care for that, or are that, too … or have some sort of relation to that.  I think I have felt that way since I was young.  I always felt a little lost and different.  I think that is the vibe I get from my fans.  I don’t have to filter myself in front of them.  When I do events and meet them, I feel like I am with all of my sisters in my family.  I don’t feel I am with people who will judge me, tweet about me, or humiliate me publicly.  It’s about the b*s* meter, and I don’t b*s* a lot.  I know my audience.  My fans appreciate the truth, and I am as truthful as I can be for them.


Laura Wright (Carly), and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and you, often get to play these inner-rivalries, and bitch-fest scenes!  Do you have fun when you get to have those moments with these gals?


Oh, my Gosh!  Yes, I have fun with all of them, and they all have a different energy.  But I feel specifically, who has been way underestimated, is Becky.  She is an onion waiting to be peeled, that one.  At work, I get so angry sometimes, because I feel they are not using her to her full potential.  I will tell Becky, “Dirty it up!”  Elizabeth needs some skank in her. Carly has some skank in her.  Robin has some skank in her, and Sam has a lot of skank in her! (Laughs)  I’m like, “Becky, have a little bleach spot on your nurses scrubs!” (Laughs)



So if we close looking at the State of Sam, do you feel current GH head writer Ron Carlivati has written for you and your character well?


I think Ron came into a very difficult situation, and how dark we were.  And to add some shade and light to all the darkness, and come up with a perfect gray, is a hard balance. That’s why I said earlier, I don’t run up there with my script, because I know they are figuring it out, and I have faith in them.  I feel like we got that combination and we got that combination, and there are two more half combinations they are working on before we get the gold … and then I think it will be an easy breezy smooth sailing.  In my head, this is the way it’s happening, anyway! (Laughs)


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Great interview. I love Kelly. She’s an amazing actress and has made Sam one of my favorite GH characters ever. I’m loving the Sam/Patrick and Sam/Jason scenes lately, Kelly has great chemistry with both Jason and Billy.

Kelly is a good actress but shines with Silas and patrick. She does not blend in well with the new Jake/Jason. They seem too different in spirit and looks. He acting is a little forced with Jake/Jason.
She should leave Jake/Jason to Elizabeth Webber. These two shines likes the stars in the night sky. REbecca Herbst is indeed underestimatred and not used nearly enough. She is phenomenal in her role opposite Billy Miller, and RC and Frank Valentini have seen the magic, I am sure,as we
the fans have seen. If they are to be fair to Rebecca Herbst and Billy Miller, they will allow them to
pursue the magic on GH, even though Liz may have lied. Jake could forgive her, because he
as stated in more versions than one, how very much he loves Liz Webber. He and Sam can be friends in the future, but in my humble opinion, I dont think they would make good bedfellows.

You cant speak for everyone what he has chemistry with liz not jasam 4ever

Wow! What a fabulous interview with Kelly. She is as REAL as they get! She’s adorable, and well spoken! She was so diplomatic and complimentary to everyone, and tells it like it is…straight from the heart.
Thank you for this wonderful interview with Kelly Monaco. She’s my favorite, and this interview is the reason why!

Had to laugh at her comments about Becky Herbst needing to “skank up” Elizabeth. Out of all three – Carly, Sam, & Elizabeth – Liz is the one who had children fathered by 3 different men, all out of wedlock, usually mistaken for other men’s kids before paternity was sorted out. I think they’ve skanked up Elizabeth as much as they can. But, it just won’t stick because there is no one at GH left to play the good girl other than Elizabeth. So, it defaults to her.

I actually see Sam as much of a good girl as Elizabeth. The only difference in my eyes is their outward image. Sam dresses like the tough chick…lots of black (though not as much as in her Steve Morgan days)…tight clothes etc…and she also looks harder than Rebecca Herbst. But in essence, they’re both sexual, the’re both loyal friends, great moms with hearts of gold. Like Elizabeth Sam doesn’t usually set out to hurt people and like Sam, Elizabeth will plot to do so if pushed…ala trying to win back Jason a few years ago. I think the word that might more fit Elizabeth’s change if they were to do it would be grittier…but then she wouldn’t be Elizabeth! Ironically, when Rebecca first came to tone years back, she was very tough she was the rebel, the troublemaker, the tough cigarette smoking, leather jacket, hair down, red-lipsticked chick with an attitude, juxtaposed to her angelic sister Sarah.

Carly also had 3 children with 3 different men!

What a great interview. She has such an intelligent take on things.

Kelly is my favorite soap actress of all times. I fell in love with JASAM and the amazing Stelly chemistry. I swear at times Steve & Kelly really were a real couple. Glad that she seems to be happy at GH. I couldn’t watch if she wasn’t on.

I Love sam ,and i want her and jason (jake ) to be together ,danny deserves to know his daddy ,and sam needs to be happy ,back with her sole mate jason….Billy miller is doing a awesome job playing jake/jason….

Love, love, love the interview!! Kelly Monaco’s honesty is refreshing and I enjoyed reading it.

You always get the best interviews, Michael! This one with Kelly Monaco is no exception! The WONDERFUL thing about Kelly is that she is very “real” & candid & doesn’t just give you safe & “PC” answers to your questions, like some of the more guarded (jaded) soap stars do. She’s the real deal & I love her style!

I agree about Fairman’s interviews. They are the best. The only additional question I wished he had asked was, “Do you ever wish you had a more colorful, diverse wardrobe with additional footwear?” When Sam cleans up like she did for New Year’s Eve, she looks AMAZING. But, I don’t think there has ever been another daytime character that has as many white t-shirts or tank tops as Sam.

We are on the same fashion page, Kansas Guest!!! Although I am not necessarily in that camp like those who love to blast Sam’s usual choice of jeggings and high-to-the-hilt-heeled boots, I am always impressed when the character is more femininely—and even modestly—attired. KM has an enviable figure and wears clothes well…she deserves a better selection of styles to enhance her adorably petite frame. (I do like her in darker tones, but that’s just my personal preference….) At any rate, I agree that Ms. Morgan should be taken on a shopping spree for a new beautiful and expansive wardrobe. (Hear that, Dr. Drake? Hint, hint….)

Kelly’s wardrobe is the same as it was when she came onto the show! Always dressed down, and hardly any variation. They show her in the hospital with these low-cut tank tops with bra straps galore. That is what teenagers wear. No one would wear that in a hospital, especially dating a surgeon! Let’s get real here. A great actress such as Kelly should wear more flattering and more expensive styles. As Chef Emerald says, “Kick it up a notch!”

Excellent interview! Kelly seems fun, feisty and savvy. She’d knock Brandi’s teeth out!? Too funny! New Yawk girl attitude which I can relate to. I like her candor…especially in her self analysis. Love Sam..Love Kelly.

I think she’d have to stand in an ever-growing line to do that, rebecca1!!! Just ask Joanna Krupa! (On second thought…don’t.) By the way, Kelly is actually a Philly Girl…they have attitude to spare, too!!!

That’s what you get when you name your baby daughter, ‘Brandi.’

Hey, Shay. Second attempt to reply to you. Sometimes I feel like I’m posting in invisible ink! Sigh…I hate having to reply again. Frustrating. Anyway, yes, you’re right. For some reason I thought I had read she was from NY. Seems like a NY girl to me. Never watched Real Housewives but I’ve seen the crazy antics on commercials, etc. New love! Game of Thrones! Binge watching and it’s fantastic! You should check it out if you haven’t yet.

Hey, rebecca1!…Yeah, a lot of my replies are still disappearing, too…a couple from this thread, as a matter of fact. Oh well….such is life! For the record, I have NEVER seen a Real Housewives franchise in my life, and don’t plan to begin viewing any of them now….it’s just that the drama of those insane shows inevitably leak onto legitimate news sites where one cannot help but notice them…..especially the latest one to which I was referring…Oy! Ditto for Game of Thrones….have read much about it, but I don’t know that I have the time or inclination for it, although I have no doubt it is indeed excellent. I’m still blissing out over my multiple repeat episodes of “Downton Abbey” and “Mr. Selfridge” shall be following that series when it ceases this spring. Also loving “Grantchester” about a dishy vicar who solves crimes in post WW2 Britain. The lead, James Norton, has just a touch of the rakish quality, not to mention, blond locks of Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane, so that explains my interest!!! By the way, if you are enjoying GofT so much, you might want to be on the lookout for the forthcoming “Wolf Hall” on PBS…Damian Lewis is portraying Henry VIII and the historical accuracy of the project is supposed to be quite astounding. As for Kelly being a “Philly Girl,” yep, I made note of it when I first discovered that fact, as it stood out for me since I attended college on the Main Line and met numerous locals with the same attitude, not to mention ones from “Joisy” and “NewYawk,” as well. All delightful in their own way!

Hey, Shay. Hope you muster the inclination.GOT is so great….from the story, characterization, fantastical imagery and beliefs…there’s a couple of blondes for you…(lol…I’m not against, just don’t have a preference) and quite the sprinkling of other stunning lords, kings, guards, etc. I am immersed! Depending on schedule I may check out those shows you mentioned, as well. I saw an interview with Forever man….don’t remember how to spell his name and my iPad is not working properly even as I type. As cute as he is on his show, He was even more charming and beautiful as himself….

@rebecca1….After a couch potato viewing weekend, the inclination is definitely not there…maybe one day I’ll check out GOT. I am familiar with many of the show’s actors from other projects, so I do have an idea of the quality of the cast. And I don’t doubt your word on the other superior aspects, either….this is a highly-lauded program….I’m really not into the medieval stuff…I much prefer the Victorian/Edwardian and early 20th century period pieces….and American Civil War dramas always grab me, too. But I am glad you are enjoying the GOT experience….still, do get up to speed with “Downton!” Always worthwhile…..Oh yes, Ioan Gruffudd (whatta difficult name to get right…) is quite the charmer. I’ve enjoyed him for years….first on Brit TV, and then he was sooo dashing on “Ringer” as Sarah Michelle Geller’s hubby…a very underrated show, by the way, which also featured Billy Miller!!!! (Incidentally, “Forever” has received a full-season order for episodes, so it is getting every chance to succeed. I continue to like it, even though I missed the last installment…) At any rate, do take care with the wicked winter weather hitting your area….hope you stay safe and warm whilst blissing out on your newest viewing pleasure!!!!

Great interview!! When I first started watching General Hospital, there was a scene at Alexis house on the porch with Sam and Alexis… I didn’t even know her name was Sam or anything about her, but I instantly connected with her. She became one of my favorites right away…. Kelly is such an amazing actress and I love everything she infuses into Sam. Loving the scenes with Patrick, they are so natural together and so much fun to watch…. I can’t wait for the Jason Sam scenes with Billy, I love their love story and I’m really enjoying him alot as Jason. Thank you Micheal and Kelly for the interview!! Excited to see Kelly on Baby Daddy!! 🙂

Luv Kelly interview I like she said her fans can tell when she is off in her personal life. I have felt that with her iin her posting! She is right we are very loyal to her,I don’t like when she seems to hurt. Great interview Michael can’t wait for Kelly and Billy to just do great work as Sam and Jason!!!!

I agree with Kelly that the pairing of Sam and Patrick doesn’t feel forced.
I would imagine the only thing which feels forced for Kelly is trying to squeeze into those jeggings.

Oh Harry!!!! You are SO hung up on those “jeggings!” I think you just love using that word! LOL…Besides which, you have to admit that KM has the bod for them! (And by the way, how would YOU fare trying to fit into some “meggings?” Hmmm??????) ; )

I do not like Sam, but Kelly is a completely different entity, if you will. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the exchange. Kelly gave a very interesting and revealing interview…in a good way. She does have some smarts up there, unlike her character. JMO.

She should stay with Patrick. Not feeling her with Jason. He has better chemistry with Elizabeth.

This is one of the best interviews I have read. She is a class act and so complimentary of everyone she works with. I love her honesty. Thank you Michael for the great questions that she was able to share all of her thoughts with us.

A truly excellent interview….loved Kelly’s candor and outgoing nature. She came across as a real sweetheart. And I appreciated the way she answered Mr. Fairman’s well-put questions in such a forthright manner. (Sir, that’s 2 for 2 after your great Billy Miller feature!) It was also a kick to discover that both JT and she fought for their coupling way back when he was stuck in that thankless, ridiculous pairing with Sappy. Whether their efforts were simply based upon actors’ instinct, a desire to work together, or even the viewer reaction to the awful direction of Dr. Drake’s previous romance, it’s nice to know that these two did their best to advocate for a Sam and Patrick link-up. Although I am really enjoying their current relationship, I am now looking forward to KM’s future reunion scenes with “Jake,” too. I am expecting wonderful things there, as well. Must admit, however, I am still a bit sad to see Silas out of Sam’s orbit….they also had an awesome connection. What an embarrassment of riches for this actress…JT, BM and ME as leading men!!!! No wonder she loves her job!!!!

I agree with everything you said. Gotta love Kelly Monaco. She’s the real deal. Speaks straight from her heart…always.

When Sam and Patrick were in the showers and Jake was foraging around the bedroom, I heard Sam tell Patrick,”You’re Superman.”
It begs the question–what was Patrick doing?

I think it had to do with the scalding hot water she mentioned, and he must have been able to handle it. Just a guess. LOL

Hopefully for Sam’s sake Patrick wasnt “Faster than a Speeding Bullet!”


You can scream that from the rafters, Mary!
Oh, you did.

I agree Mary. I’m so glad she did this interview w/the always classy Michael Fairman and at this time. Negative Nellies bashed all over Billy’s interview on here from a few days ago. There was an assumption he didn’t like his job at GH, though I saw none of that in his interview. It may because he said he & TPTB are all aiming for a certain goal and they haven’t reached it yet, but they are all getting there. That’s basically the same thing that Kelly said, but how RC & them need the last 2 combinations to achieve their goals. HONEST
Hope the “Kelly hates Billy” rumors are dispelled now. I’m worried now, because ever since this interview posted today, I’m now seeing “well, Kelly may like Billy, but Billy hates Kelly and General Hospital.” Oh my word. Who knows? But really, these folks saying they have good insider friends telling them Billy’s gonna walk, blah, blah..Like their sitting their having breakfast w/him everyday and getting the inside scoop. RME
Can’t wait to see B&K’s love scenes. Us Billy Miller fans have tried to warn the masses that Billy’s dangerous in the bedroom and sparks with just about every actress he’s been paired with!

what a fantastic interview. Very indepth! What a wonderful woman/actor she is. Love Kelly & Sam!

Great interview! Love Kelly! Love her character, her with Patrick, her personality and her beauty!

Love Kelly and was great interview but was surprised that she went to writers a year and a half ago to trade Silas in on Patrick. Clearly Patrick was integral to several story lines as was Kelly. However Silas had just arrived and asking for a change certainly put his story arc and his job in jeopardy. I wonder why she wanted him replaced after their previous record if success. Also what does “protective” mean. Was ME a stalker or did he do something else to make Kelly uncomfortable?

Stop trying to start trouble and make her words about him being protective into something nefarious or wrong. She stated that as a compliment to him and you trying to come in here and twist it shows your real agenda. She clearly states how she feels about the actor and it was in no way an insult or described as threatning. I agree with her, his eyes can melt you. Does not take much for him to get his point across. Those looks by Michael Easton are just everything.

First, I have no “agenda.” Second, I like Michael and hope he is not getting axed. Third, when she (and Jason) went to the writers (after the Katie Show) and asked that her love interest be Patrick INSTEAD OF SILAS was that a “compliment” too. Was she so moved by his “looks” that she essentially asked the show runner to get rid of him? Will she be able to write in her diary when Michael is fired from the show because he has no story lines left now that Sam has Patrick, Ava and Kiki are gone and Nena is going to be repaired?

Exactly, Hilda. Clearly this person has some issues.

First of all Dana, her and JT went to tptb before Silas had been created. It was around the time the 3 OLTL characters were ordered off the show due to the lawsuit over John, Todd, and Starr. For all she knew, she had just lost ME as a love interest. They denied their request because at that time, they knew they were bringing the three back as different characters. So it was not as you trying to make it seem that she wanted Patrick instead Silas. Straight untruth and it is why you are being exposed as someone with an agenda. Your accusations are purely false, yet you try to come here and claim differently. Only folks with agendas do those typt of things

Dana it sounds to me like TPTB were contemplating changing her to a new love interest from the way she worded it. So she caught wind of it and her & Jason asked that it be them. She says in her interview that “if they writers were going to shift her she wanted it to be Jason”…

Regarding Michael she said: Michael, for me again, is like family, but differently than Jason Thompson, or Billy Miller. Michael is a little bit more protective. We have known each other a lot longer, and so I haven’t been able to write in my diary, and that’s how I feel about Michael. He is like a diary.

That’s direct quote. She says that he’s family & protective of her like a brother would be protective of a sister and make sure nobody in their lives treated them wrong, ect. She calls him her diary because she opens up to him and shares her life and true feelings about her life w/him like she does her diary, because they’ve known each other so long. She stated she missed him I think.
It’s pretty self-explanatory. No idea how it could be as misread as you had it.

Had ME still been present in Port Charles as John McBain, I’m sure that would have been the next relationship for the grieving widow Sam…you could tell it was in the cards with all the natural chemistry between those two characters. But having seen that pairing suddenly disintegrate through no fault of her own, I can completely understand why KM would have requested a new beginning for Sam with Patrick, and particularly vice-versa. While her subsequent storyline with Silas was satisfying enough, it took awhile to get his character to the place where they could end up as a love match…..they were stuck in neutral for quite a spell until Dr. Clay was established enough in his own right to be accepted as a logical partner for Sam. All in all, it was what it was….I always enjoy those two actors together…they do have that intangible something between them, although it was ultimately awful having to watch them waste away whilst attached to the terrible train wreck known as the nonsensical “Nina Express.” In the meantime, JT was forced into a torturous yearlong+ farce with the insufferable Sappy. Along with Patrick, we were trapped on his “It’s A Small World” Disney ride to #&ll with that insipid nurse….which was an absolutely ridiculous squandering of a talented leading man who would have been far better served by a romance with Liz, Sam….or even Britt. (To me it always seemed painfully obvious that despite Thompson’s professional demeanor, he neither wanted nor appreciated that ill-fitting coupling, and his newly relaxed and pleased attitude with KM as his current love interest demonstrates just that….in fact, it speaks volumes.) Hence, the actors’ instincts that they should have been put together in the first place has really been borne out….to anyone watching, the proof of the pudding was already apparent during those initial fleeting meetings of Ms. Morgan/Dr. Drake’s “cheese curl chats.”

That was an approximate time she mentioned. I have read on some of the boards it was during the time Easton was not even on the show, I agree with others, her comment about being protective was a compliment to Easton, they are great friends as she stated. Kelly is always so honest and that is what I love about her

Hilda and Pen, you are going way too far in your reaction to Dana’s post. Really, Pen, it’s not for you to claim that Dana has issues. She is merely speculating and offering her opinion.
See? This is the part of soap fandom that I deplore–soaps fans becoming almost rabid in their protection of their fictional soap couples to the point where they will act hateful toward another fan whom they have never met.
I don’t have a strong opinion about Sexis or Liason or whatever you call your soap couples, but can you please dial down the protective alarm down a notch?

Obviously dans misinterpreted what Kelly said. Maybe she read it too quickly. It’s ridiculous to accuse her of “having an agenda.” More than ridiculous. Next time maybe just nicely point out what was actually said.

Dana. This is my second post to you. The moderators do not like what I write. It is their job to obliterate what they do not feel is fit for posting consumption. I just want to say. ….do not allow any bully to push you into a corner. You have the right to opine.
Trust me, I gravitate toward Shay because she has finesse…as does Laurie. These ladies are ladies in the true sense of the word.
I will not follow everyone else and like a character just because they do. I refuse to go with the flow just because……For some reason, Monaco is untouchable. I do not see neither the talent, nor the beauty. …but, that’s my opinion. It would not be fair to bash me; just as it isn’t fair to bash you. It was all a misunderstanding….we are human….some of us kinder than others. Peace.

I Like Kelly she is so refreshing..

but I Have a Softspot for Kelly and Michael Easton..

Me too. 😉

So do I Kaffen.

I loved her and McBain. Silas, not so much. Its weird.

You are so funny, Timmm…between you and Harry? I don’t know what to do……”Faster than a speeding bullet”? OMG….I hate when that happens….LOL

I think you could pair Kelly with Alfred, Nik’s butler, and it would work. She makes every male partner interesting. She’s the bomb! Period.

My favorite pairing was Silas and Sam. Cannot believe tiic broke them up for a stupid plot point. We watched Silas and Sam on a journey for over a year falling in love. He should have been the one in this Jason returns story. I must say I did not like her and JT going in and basically turning on their then current partners. That’s a pretty shady thing to do. Makes me hate spamsuckage even more now knowing that little tidbit. I now want them to bring a new leading lady for Michael Easton. All that sexiness should not go to waste cause KM and JT got to get what they wanted. Here’s to hoping that ME negotiates his contract for a new lead and front burner story cause I am missing him something terrible right now

I liked Michael/Silas with her, but I’m also loving Sam and Patrick. I don’t feel they’ve used Michael to his fullest capacity since he arrived in Port Charles, and he’s been missing for a very long time even though he was involved in helping Ava. Hope he’s not riding off into the sunset with Kiki and Avery . Fingers crossed that he’s staying on GH and they give him a lady and major story.

They shouldnt have killed off Rafe’s mom. She was on the show for only a day or two but she was a good actress and it could have been cool to hook her up with Silas?

That might have been a good way to go, Timmm. Interesting because she was traumatized by his lookalike brother…conflict, resolution, love…who knows. They also made a mistake killing off Rafe. They don’t have enough people in that age group and he was a sympathetic, complex, likeable character.

Love her and Michael Easton together and am hoping for Sam and Silas to reconnect one day. I think they’re amazing and have an incredible chemistry that just can’t be duplicated or manufactured. They’re just wonderful as a couple.

I’m also enjoying her interactions and dynamic with Billy, which is very different and interesting to watch. As for Patrick — not feeling that at all, sorry. I”m sure Thompson is a fine person and friend, but I do feel it is an extremely forced pairing and doesn’t work on a romantic or sexual level at all — among other things.

I very much enjoyed what she said about Rebecca Herbst; I think both these women are wonderful actresses and leading ladies, so it’s lovely to see that support and affection too.

All in all, a very interesting and enlightening interview. 🙂

Loved the interview! Love JT and Kelly! Very interesting tale on how the hit the New York writers office to pitch their characters together.

I remember Steve saying the same thing over the years. How he had a big hand in Jason and Sam stories, their pacing, making sure things hit the audience at the right time and even changing up dialogue. All in favor of the pairing. Nice for Kelly to acknowledge it and give the stud some kindly due props.

Liked the tale about Billy coming on. Great actor indeed. I haven’t been sold on his Jason yet, but optimistic. Once he is actually getting Jason writing and becomes Jason, that should seal it for me. I hope.

Great write up! Thanks for sharing your conversation with her, with us.

I think Billy is going to do a really good job. I’ve never see him or read anything other than he’s a dedicated actor. You always come across negative nellies that pick on Kelly or Billy or whomever and say really ridiculous, crazy things & you know some will believe their lies. It’s clear from Billy’s interviews & most telling his 3 acceptance speeches for his 3 Daytime Emmys, that he is a real perfectionist and wants to be challenged. Boy did he get a challenge now! No easy task signing on as Jason Morgan.
I’m not a huge SB fan, but I did always appreciate the effort that was so obvious that he and Kelly put into their scenes and love scenes. I hope Billy and Kelly do the same.
Love Kelly. She’s refreshing.

I love that she calls Michael Easton her diary. I believe he is very private and she has probably told him many secrets as one tend to do when writing in one’s diary, lol. Her description of him as protective came off to me as her way of describing him as a loyal friend who protects the friendship and the trust. I knew that chemistry was truly organic between them. All that fire cannot be manufactured no matter how much tptb try and force it (ahem looking directly at samtrick)

So poor Michael Easton gets the shaft because his leading lady wanted a new boy toy. Maybe JT better watch his back cause I’m sure KM will start pimping for a Jasam reunion. Oh wait she already did. After all nothing says love like carrying around her Happy Meal toys in her pocket. Then again this is nothing new for her. She threw GV under the bus and helped torpedo Liason so she can have SBu and Jasam back. Actions speak louder than words so not buying all the ME devotion. I do agree with her assessment of BH she is underused and very talented. Since KM has so much power maybe she should go pimping BH to the writers if her treatment really makes her so mad.

WTF…why are you smearing Kelly…GET OVER IT….LIASON WAS A BAD IDEAL…BECKY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaffen, this is what I am talking about. Who is even talking about Liason (Lizzy and Jason). And no one is smearing little Kelly so calm down.
I have no dog in this fight but have to admit that Lizzy climbing that stairway to heaven was one of the most potent love scenes in soap history. Lizzy and Jason had amazing chemistry as this was always a sense of this terrible longing for each other. Sam and Jason understood each other. They weren’t terrible exciting together but they were comfortable with each other. They could kick back and watch Breaking Bad after and eat the Chinese food Sam ordered night after night.

Wow….Maria, I think I love you! Yahooohu. Boy, you really said it all. And, thank you for Sam’s history lesson. I am fairly new to GH….so, I can only base my opinion on the present. Ergo, our Sam appears as the savante in her field….what did you say that was? Pimping? Oh, my! LOL.

its not “pimping” for an actor to prefer one pairing over another, you dont know Kelly and you definitely do not know what goes on behind the scenes to be able to say with such authority that she torpedoed Liason. I really hope you people get your pairing because maybe you’ll stop bashing Kelly at every turn because you clearly dont get the meaning of what fictional means none of this is real so maybe stop insulting real life people

Awesome interview! Kelly seems like the kind of woman I would have as a friend! I adore her and am really enjoying her storyline with Patrick. To my eyes, he is her best pairing yet = you can tell the two of them are really close in real life.

Sam is great as is Kelly. I love Alexis as her mother but I do think they could have played out the “Whose my Father” storyline and it would have been cool. Her and Julian need more scenes together to see if there is any chemistry? Julian needs to get out of jail and spend more time with his family period! As for Sam’s love interest, Patrick is cool but they will end up going with Sam and Jake once Jake remembers who he is. GH is writing this relationship well. Sam doesnt trust Jake and kind of hates him now. They will eventually blow up together and it should be a good love story. Billy and Kelly certainly have chemistry.

Timmm….I’ve long enjoyed Kelly and her obvious chemistry with the males of GH…they all seem to LOVE working with her, and it certainly is not hard to understand why….not only is she one foxy femme, but she is personable and sweet, too!!! (I also liked the way she was so supportive of RH….) To be honest, I was pretty disappointed when the Julian as baby daddy tale was introduced….after the reveal, it just fell flat, plus I was always hoping for a far more dramatic presence to be Sam’s father, although they did do a good job of physically matching KM and WdV. Having said that, about the only place we part company is the manner in which Alexis plays MamaBear to Sam….it is cringe worthy!!! That woman is completely obsessed with sex. Primarily her own, as her repetitive “rowing and rutting” routine with Julian demonstrated, then as soon as she was without her latest mob man, she had to pounce on Ned and brag to anyone who would listen about nailing him….TMI!!!! As if that’s not bad enough, she was relentless in prompting and pumping her generally liberated, yet still embarrassed, daughter for “locker room” chat on her own liaison with Patrick, when even the usually calm and cool Sam was obviously preferring a more subdued approach. (Just Ms. Morgan’s happy afterglow and demurring review of her night with Dr. Drake as “wonderful” should have sufficed for any perceptive human being….is nothing to be considered sacred and private anymore???? I realize there are some mothers and daughters who talk this way with each other, but to me it was one big yuck!!!!)

Ha! Shay, you know I agree with you. I once loved Alexis but cannot stomach her after she discovered her cleavage and Julian discovered her ( a letter of the alphabet located in between F and H) spot. And no grown child EVER wants to hear about their parents’ sex life! Who said, “I don’t care how old I am, Mother! I don’t want to hear about it!”?
Answer–Norman Bates.

Lol…Harry…Shay….Alexis and Kelly are great as mother and daughter. It took a long time for them to get close…and though Alexis is maternal and ver protective with all her daughters and tries to delay them having sex…Sam is 30-something and quite experienced in love. Alexis didn’t ask for details ie. who did what to whom how many times and by the way can I have the dimensions. She just wants Sam to be happy…is happy for her that Patrick and Sam had chemistry….and that it was wonderful. Regardless of Sam’s reaction, I took it as I always take Alexis….direct, fun, caring and playful. I thought it was a great mother /daughter moment speaking as friends. Lighten up! 🙂

Shay…Alexis is the furthest person obsessed with sex. She’s crazy about Julian…there’s a big difference. And anyone at any age in the throes of love, lust would be into it. One of the gripes Nancy used to playfully speak about was that Alexis never got to have sex and was not portrayed as sexual. She s still not…not like Carly, Olivia or even Helena! She doesn’t flirt with half the town…she never has one night stands…other than Sonny whom she actually had feelings for. She’s portrayed as the neurotic, warm, brilliant lawyer who’s more confident in the courtroom than the bedroom. Perhaps it’s awkward to see her in a sexual situation because she still comes off awkward. I feel that when watching her scenes with Devry. I want this character to be in a relationship and I like the idea of them…but I actually feel like Nancy…not Alexis…is self conscious with him. He’s a guy who works his body like a machine…ice seen some of his little exercise videos he posts. So who knows? Maybe she really isn’t at ease and it comes across that way to some of us. But she is in no way obsesses with sex. To me it’s a realistic portrayal of sexuality…and her style of dress or undress I’ve defended as much as you two and a few…a few…have criticized. She’s an attractive woman who dresses fine for her age and style. Don’t like her cleavage? Put a piece of paper on the screen and draw her a turtleneck! 😉

Shay, I see where your coming from and I agree. I was looking more at Alexis and Sam looking like they are really mother and daughter and just like you pointed out, Sam and Julian looking like family. It is gross that Alexis pumps Sam for sex info. I dont know if they are trying to make Alexis seem younger or cooler but it is a line I wouldnt think most mothers and daughters would cross.

Oh dear, rebecca1….I just knew that you would be riding in to defend your beloved Alexis!!!! I have to admit your ongoing devotion and allegiance to this character is admirable, but we shall NEVER see eye-to-eye on this woman….while you imbue her with nothing but the most noble and well-meaning attributes, I see a completely different person every time Ms. Davis “graces” our screen. Whether as simply Alexis or a hybrid with NLG, I view this character as someone who just tries too hard to be considered sexy and contemporary—for whatever psychological reasons—and it shows. One is either innately desirable and cool or not…you mention Olivia and Carly….both of those gals have that mojo going naturally, so they don’t have to push the notion every time they are in a scene…it just happens when it happens. With Alexis it always comes off as forced, and the fact she then needs to also discuss these “issues” so often makes her appear obsessed, whether you agree or not. Perhaps you have hit upon something when you mention the awkwardness that you have noticed with this character and her romantic exploits….I, for one, have never felt that she was well-matched with Julian for a variety of reasons, and the difference in their physical “presence” is just the tip of the iceberg…but I shall not expound upon that thought any further at this moment…..(However, for the record, I find Mr. Jerome to be far-better suited with Olivia and I would love to see that relationship explored.) At any rate, while my criticism of Alexis and her “morning after” discussion with Sam is what precipitated these particular posts, I will add that I would not have cared to hear a similar conversation with Maxie and Felicia, Lulu and Laura, and most certainly not, Bobbie and Carly….to me, it was simply unseemly, and as Timmm put it, “crossed the line.”

Hahaha…Shay! How anyone can think a mom having a girl’s night out “daytime chat” with her adult daughter…after all the misery and loss that Sam suffered….from Jason’s “death” to Danny’s leukemia….to Rafe’s death and hurt over Silas siding with Nina…is beyond me. To reiterate what I wrote in my post above…Alexis didn’t ask for intimate details. She asked excitedly if he liked the dinner…and if their first time together was wonderful. She knows Sam still has feelings for Jason and how difficult it was to let Silas in, ahem, and Alexis had been hoping that Sam and Patrick would be more than friends. I thought it was sweet and realistically a tad awkward but ultimately a warm mother/daughter moment. Now awkward is Lulu and Olivia…daughter-in-law and mother-in- law sleeping with the same man (Johnny.) or cousins Lulu and Carly with Johnny…..Morgan and Sonny with Ava. All those situations crossed the line! I just don’t mind it…it’s part of the fun of soaps. As for Olivia and Julian I actually agree. I think they could be great together but they’re almost too much alike. I like that tough guy Julian loves brainy, neurotic Alexis. His entire tough guy exterior softened for her, Sam and Lucas.

P.S. Just for the record, my antipathy toward Alexis dates back over a number of years. After enjoying NLG as Julia Wainwright on SB, I was, at best, never enchanted by her GH character which for me could most accurately be described as JW on steroids….or rather, later on, HRT! While Julia was strong, forthright and passionate, Alexis is overbearing, obnoxiously-outspoken and insatiable in her desires. Quite frankly, I’ve never much cared for her character….yet basically, I could still take her or leave her until the point she became truly embarrassing and unbearable during her “hot flash” storyline….once she began carrying around that portable fan with her—which is also when I began noticing how she had to constantly display her ‘assets.”—well, that was just it for me. I was utterly repulsed. Following that bit of distatefulness, her tete a tetes with Shawn further disinclined me to regard her as anything but some wanton woman with an over-sized sexual appetite only equaled by that of her actual physical hunger. How many times were we treated to her having her repeatedly randy way with Mr. Butler (in his bedroom above Kelly’s Diner) after which she then ordered him to the kitchen to rustle up one of his famous meatloaf sandwiches??? Once he acquiesced to her demands, we were further subjected to the unappetizing sight of her shoving said sandwich into her big gob as she waxed orgasmic about Shawn’s “culinary skills.” Just…!!!! It was those shamefully silly scenes that served as a precursor to my present-day persistently appalled attitude to Ms. Davis and her still unabated libido….while the men’s names have changed, about the only other differences have been that she seems to now prefer love-hate quickies that involve rolling around on the carpeting, and she no longer requires to be fed a post-nooky nosh.

Ya know…out of curiosity I just watched the scene again on YouTube. It’s more adorable than I even remember. Alexis is SUCH a good mother! She even says that she doesn’t want intimate details…just wants to know if it was everything Sam hoped and no regrets, awkward moments in the morning. Perfectly benign…wonderfully charming and caring…

I prefer Sam with Silas or Jason. Sam and Patrick are so boring together. Patrick belongs with Robin. But if not Robin, I would prefer Patrick with Sabrina. Or bring on someone new for him.

I love Sam… I like Siam … I LOVE Samtrick … But I have no doubt that Jasam is the plan for Sam and Jason… Not that I want this. I want GH to let Jasam and Liason die and save all three characters… Well that’s not going to happen so I have choose to save Liz… Put Sam and Jason back together….

However it really is ridiculous that KeMo can’t say something good about Becky without being judge. They are probably friends. She was certainly right in say Becky is not use to her potential.

I enjoyed the interview….

Agreed. Jasam is the story

I love Kelly Monaco……..and I have ALWAYS loved her character Sam…….I am JaSam always and forever <3. The Woman of GH ROCK

I REALLY miss seeing Kelly and Michael together on screen. They really are the Bogart & Bacall…Roberts & Gere of soap opera. As an acting team they are very unique. No other soap acting pairing has been able to create on soaps what they have created as an acting team and GH is making a BIG mistake if tptb are not reserving it to circle back at a later time. Another poster describe it perfectly! I too have a “soft spot” for seeing them together on screen.

I believe that KM and ME sizzled. JT is just too boring. Samtrick sucks hard and it was a very bad idea.

Kelly is LOVE!!

This girl is the truth!!!

Thank you SO MICH Michael Fairman for doing this interview. It’s hard out here in these cyber streets for a Kelly/Sam fan since she doesn’t do many interviews. I can understand why, but still. This girl can be a ghost sometimes. Doesn’t help when mags twist her words to make things sound more scandalous than it really is.

You kept it 100 with her and I appreciate that. BEST interview by far.

Hope for more in the future.

Lovely interview – I really enjoyed how KM complimented all of her co-stars, talked about how much she enjoys her job, and showed her sense of humor. She sounds delightful. I’m with all the others who have a soft spot for KM with ME, though. They sizzle together but ME has been thrown under the bus for the godawful Nina storyline. I hope ME doesn’t get canned at this point – there is really no place for him to go and that is a shame. Sam and Patrick are just so incredibly boring and lame, but I don’t mind too much since Sam will be with Jason in the end, anyway, and I am looking forward to seeing BM with her. I just hope Sam and Jason break up eventually since I’d like to see BM with other actresses, too.

Great interview.

stop playing with her. she need to know that her husband is alive. her and Patrick do not make a good couple because he don’t understand her and Jason needs to be with someone that understands him.

Debbie, you are right. I agree that Sam should know her husband is alive. This is something which needs to be resolved….not only for Sam and Jason’s sake, but most importantly for Danny. The boy needs to know his Daddy. I think TPTB are playing with fire and prolonging this reunion, whether it pans out or not. Will someone in soapland hierarchy think about this child? Poor kid.
Nonetheless, Debbie, Billy Miller is not Steve Burton. Whatever chemistry Steve had with Kelly may not equate with the chemistry or lack-there-of between Sam and NuJason.
I pray these two will not become an item. Once Jake comes out of this fog, I would think that his personality will shine….which is in complete contrast to Sam’s. We have already gleaned a little of his ebullience with Elizabeth ( when he’s not tortured by his dark thoughts).
I am not sure Sam has the requirements or attributes to complement this transformed Jason.

Just another example of the actor not being able to be objective about her character.
“Sam” and “Patrick” have absolutely no chemistry. Sam looked aggressive and predatory; Patrick looked uncomfortable. Thus, I, as a viewer was uncomfortable. “Patrick” and “Robin” always had great chemistry. Possibly TPTB (as well as the actor) have no objectivity.
Another prime example of an actor not being able to be objective is Tony Geary. The character “imposter” he is playing now has dead eyes and no humor. A big part of relating to TG as Luke was his quick wit and sparkle in his eye. TG is just unpleasant to watch now. He was always pleasant and one could relate to him as Luke. We loved his spontaneity and unpredictability. None of that in this evil character he now plays–no shades of gray; TG heretofore always talked about the character of Luke as having shades. Oh, well–that’s over, obviously.

Nancy…everything you pointed out about Tony Geary’s portrayal of Fluke is what makes him such a great actor! Fluke is a psychopathic killer. You want to see a twinkle in his eye? You can get that by watching James Franco’s interpretation of a lunacidal maniac which was meant to be portrayed with maniacal glee. Fluke is pure evil. He’s dead serious all the time. He’s intense. This has nothing to do with the many shades of Luke.

Rebecca, I’m only responding to the countless interviews that TG has given over the years. And I’m responding vicerally to the character he’s now playing–overextending and not fun to watch at all because killers or “maniacs” or characters that are pure evil never get their due on GH as they used to do in classic GH (Helena Cassadine is the long-standing example on GH). I don’t like watching evil characters continuously. TG is much more resourceful than the evil character indicates.

To sum up, Rebecca, TG always proclaimed that he was not interested in playing a one-dimensional character; he said that’s what made the character of Luke and appealing–that he was quirky with those famous shades of gray, different, he said, from typical soap characters. Remember, he said that he told Gloria Monty that he wasn’t interested in soap, didn’t like them, and she said to him:”I don’t like the either, and we’re going to change all that. And she–and he–did change all that and make TG one of the most beloved characters in soap history. Now he is playing a typical, one-dimensional, totally evil, as you say, character. My question: What changed for him? Why is he content to play an all black character? And why has he made the “real” Luke so humorless and not-very-admirable or liked character? Tony, where are you? Answer those questions for us.

Nancy..this reply is many days later so I don’t know if you’ll see this response. The points you cited that Tony Geary made was in reference to his main character, Luke. He wanted his character to be nuanced and complex and interesting. he’s played many shades of Luke and has had the opportunity to have fun with the character even as he posed as different people accent and all during his adventures. Playing a dual role is an actors dream. This character doesn’t call for all that flavor…I don’t care who’s playing the role…this is a dead serious sociopath with a mind for womwpen, control, power and murder. There’s nothing were supposed to like about Fluke…and AG is giving a powerhouse performance that makes his fans feel nothing but revulsion…which is due to his superlative creepy, I you will, acting in this particular role.He’s made Fluke reprehensible…the complete opposite of Luke. fluke IS a one dimensional killer…with a goal in his head and control at his core.

Thank you, Michael for such a great interview with the talented Kelly Monaco.

I’m with you every step of the way and can’t wait to see you & Jason back especially when they convert him back. Happy to know that’s in the future. Thank you 🙂

I’d like to hear/see someone ask Rebecca Herbst about Kelly AND “Sam” to see if RH would say something nice or entertaining like Kelly did about Rebecca and her character, Elizabeth. I highly doubt it. 😛

don’t confuse the actress with the characters , liz wouldn’t say anything nice about sam, but actress rebecca herbs would say something nice about kelly. rebecca is know as one of the nicest
person in the business, many of her co stars have said that about her.

if theres one or two things i agree with Kelly on is that it is frustrating that Rebecca herbts is underuse and that s a crime and that theres no way that sam is smarter then Anna, we owe those two great mistake to RC and FV, clearly they favor certain actors more then others too, they are no different then JFP or RG.

I’ve been watching General Hospital for 49 years and I absolutely love this Sam character and her pairing with Jason. I look forward to seeing Sam and Jason reunite with each other and hopefully, then you’ll interview Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller together.

I think they should test Sam and Silas part 2 since he Michael Easton signed his 3 year contract

And throw Jason in the mix

I like Sam and Jason and Sam and Silas

I have been a huge Kelly Monaco fan since she first sexed up Port Charles many years ago. But I’m no longer a GH fan.
I just find it hard to watch General Hospital nowadays. To me RC is a horrible writer.

Just loved the interview. I am loving that Kelly (Sam) and (Jason) Billy Miller are working a lot together as Jason has dreams of Sam but can’t fully explain why. Jake (Jason) feels some kind of connection to Sam. Sam will always think of Jason as the love of her life and can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. Sure, Billy Miller has some big shoes to fill after Steve Burton, but Billy Miller is the guy that’s going to make it happen in his own talented and creative way. I would love to see an interview with Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller either before or after the reveal, that would e awesome, in my opinion.

Love Kelly! I love how real she is and I have loved Sam for over a decade now! I really hope they are going to bring her and Billy Miller’s Jason together soon, they haven’t had that many scenes yet, but they have amazing, playful chemistry. Billy Miller was a great addition to GH, he’s an incredible actor and I had no problem accepting him as Jason. Again, he and Kelly have a wonderful, playful chemistry. I can’t wait until things really heat up between them, but I understand why the writers are slowly, but surely, building their chemistry.

General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

Photo: JPI

From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

THIS WEEK on GENERAL HOSPITAL: “He’s Back” as Jason Returns; Sonny Sets His Trap for the Shooter

Monday, March 4th is the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton as Jason Morgan on ABC’s General Hospital. In the newly-released weekly promo for the series, in the final moments of it, you see a man with his hands-up about to turn around which looks like it will be revealed to be Sonny’s former hitman.

In the promo, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Anna (Finola Hughes), Spinell (Bradford Anderon) and others are intercut looking shocked at who they find on the pier with voice-overs of characters saying, “It can’t be”, “It’s him,” etc.

The story has been building as to who has been behind the shootings seemingly targeting Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selina (Lydia Look) and others related to the mob. When they locate Jason … is he the Jason we knew prior to the tunnel collapsing him towards the end of 2021, where he was believed to have perished? How is this all connected to the intel that Olivia Jerome was apparently killed in prison?

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) relationship has shown its cracks. When Carly eventually sees Jason, will it eventually pit brother against brother for the love of Carly? And in this case, is Drew going to be portrayed as the bad guy due to his issues since his time at Pentonville which has shown he has become more obsessed with revenge on Nina (Cynthia Watros)?

Photo: ABC

Here’s a look at the rest of this week’s the teasers for the action in Port Charles below.


Jason returns to Port Charles.  Selina and Sonny’s negotiation is abruptly interrupted.  Laura confronts Cyrus. Brook Lynn confides in Tracy. Heather attempts an escape.


Josslyn and Dex are in a frantic situation. Sonny hits a sore spot with John. Anna learns some tragic news. Marshall tells Curtis about his misdiagnosis. Laura acts fast in a crisis.


Anna questions Josslyn and Dex. Olivia and Sonny reconnect. Alexis is apprehensive. Cody and Sasha each make a confession. Spinelli and Ava are in for a shock.


Sonny and Ava share a loaded moment. Drew and Carly have their hands full. Maxie is stunned. Laura offers comfort. Brook Lynn opens up to Jordan.


Carly is taken aback. Nina corners Ava. Sonny gets an update on John’s investigation. Michael tries to convince Dex to stay. Alexis vents to Diane.

Now, check out this week’s promo for GH below. Then let us know, what state of mind do you think Jason will be in when he has revealed himself?  Share your thoughts in the comment secti

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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