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The Kimberly McCullough Interview – General Hospital

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos


Since the lab explosion at GH that originally was suppose to “claim” the life of Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake over a year ago, there have been some very shocking twists and turns along the way for fans of the series!  In actuality, the explosion was to pave the way for the departure of fan favorite Kimberly McCullough (Robin) to pursue her career behind the camera as a director.  The Daytime Emmy winner has been in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, and is in the second year of the ABC/DGA Creative Talent Program, and is prepping to film her passion project, Creve Couer, MO!

But thanks to General Hospital head writer Ron Carlivati, and executive producer Frank Valentini, while Kimberly has been busy directing, these two gents found a way to keep Robin alive, even keeping the character from meeting her maker and away from her husband Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and their daughter, Emma (Brookyn Rae Silzer) with the help of some diabolical villains from the past and present namely: Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche), and Dr. Olbrecht (Kathleen Gati)!  But through it all, the powers-that-be have been laying the foundation for a huge payoff when Kimberly was able to afford the time to come back and play it out!  Well, that time is upon us.  McCullough goes back to tape this week at GH, and according to a GH rep, look for Robin to make her first appearance on new episodes of General Hospital sometime in October!

On-Air On-Soaps met up with Kimberly, and we were oh-so-happy to see her!  So what does she think will happen when Robin finds out that Patrick has a new love in his life in Sabrina (Teresa Castillo)?  How does she think Robin’s return will actually go down?  What has she thought of her on-screen hubby Jason Thompson’s entangled romantic life with Britt (Kelly Theibaud), and Sabrina in her absence?  Kimberly offers insight, and her opinions on it and all and so much more, as we bring you this candid, cute, and engaging chat as we welcome Kimberly home.  All we can say is,“Hold on to your seats, ‘Scrubs’ fans!”


Did you decide now was the time to return to General Hospital, because you knew fans were getting very upset that you were not there?



No, no!  I decided now was a good time because of a couple of things.  Frank Valentini was waiting for the story to get to a place to where it would make the most sense for me to come back, meaning I think he wanted Patrick to be in a relationship so he could make the biggest impact with me coming back.  But also because, I just started the second year of my directing program and it’s not as busy right now.  So basically, there was a window of opportunity that I could do something back at GH.  But the main reason is, since I left the show more than a year ago, I was not ever satisfied with the way it happened.  Frank knew that I was always wanting, and willing, to come back and do something else that was more respectful of the character, and also because so many of my old colleagues and friends are back on the show now.  I left before they came back.  So, I did not get a chance to work with anyone.  I did work with Finola Hughes (Anna), but for less than two weeks.  Personally, and selfishly, I have looked forward to being on the set with Lynn Herring (Lucy), Kin Shriner (Scott), Ian Buchanan (Duke), Finola, and everyone!


You did sign a contract, the length of which I understand you cannot comment on.  But, what can you tell us?


I did sign a contract.  It’s not going to be as it has been where I am popping in for a day or two.  It’s going to be a story that is going to be played out.


Do you know the actual story that they are writing for Robin’s return?



I don’t, actually.  I pitched them a couple of things, and this was months ago, and so I don’t know what they decided on.  They purposely did not tell me.  But I can guess, because I have been watching the show, and I can kind of see where it is leading up to.  I have an idea of what is going to happen. (Laughs)


What do you think it’s been like for Jason Thompson working within the Sabrina and Britt story?  How is it for you watching it?  Do you think it’s been hard for Jason?


I think it’s good for Jason, because he pretty much only worked with me for seven years.  It’s good for him to work with other actresses and characters that are very different than Robin, and kind of seeing where he fits in them with them.  Both the characters of Sabrina and Britt really bothered me at the very beginning, because I felt they were both so two-dimensional.  They were obviously polar-opposites, and so it was hard for me to swallow, because it was so obvious.  Now, they are a little bit more like real people.  For instance: Britt is having a relationship with Nikolas, or it looks like it at least, and now that Sabrina and Patrick are together, she is not wearing those ridiculous bows in her hair, (laughs) and I like it.  I understand why they had to do that.  But, my personal preference is that I am much happier with the way things are now.


What have you thought of your on-screen daughter, Brooklyn Rae Silzer’s (Emma) performance while you have been away?  She has become quite the little scene stealer!



Obviously, I give her credit that the kid works hard, but I can say that because I did work hard as a child growing up on GH.  But, I would really give Jason Thompson credit, because he has really taken the time with Brooklyn, and that is what Finola and Tristan Rogers (Robert) did with me.  Otherwise as a kid, you get lost on the set especially since normally they don’t give a kid a lot to do.  So when you do have a story, it’s so helpful for the actors who are playing your parents to sit you down and explain it, and really be there for you, instead of only just saying the lines.


I am envisioning after all the kidnapping, drugging, shock therapy, and brain trauma that Robin is by now a mush-head! (Laughs)  The latest information viewers were given as to Robin’s whereabouts was in a flashback where Dr.Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has Robin in a wheelchair and was taking her to Jerry Jacks hideaway in Corinth!  You don’t think Robin is going to return catatonic?


Oh God, I hope not!  I was catatonic before, when Grant Putnam killed someone in front of Robin.  Well, they will not be getting their monies worth at GH if I am just sitting there staring at the wall. (Laughs)  But soap operas are notorious for amnesia, so it is possible that I won’t remember anything.


Are you excited to dig in and come home to General Hospital to tell Robin’s story?



I am excited to go back this week¸ and before I was just too burnt-out, and I had other things on my mind.  But Frank and Ron weren’t there, and I have become friendly with Frank over the last year.  I love him, and I respect him.  I like his style, and it does remind me of Gloria Monty (former executive producer, GH) in that he is on the floor.  I love that!  I love what Frank has done with the show, and I love that they brought so many people back, and it’s more exciting now.  I am really looking forward to it, and at the same time, I have to switch my brain a little bit.  I have been traveling for the last year and shadowing directors, and being on sets, and really enjoying being an observer.  Being an actor is the exact opposite of that.  You have to be an active participant! (Laughs)


What do you think would happen if Robin walks in, and sees that Patrick and Sabrina are together?


Well, I guess that would depend on if she remembers that Patrick is her husband, or not?   I don’t know, but that is what I think is exciting about the story.  Robin and Patrick did not leave each other on bad terms, obviously. They were still in love, and of course, it’s difficult to see your husband with someone else, but Robin has always been a heroine and risen above adversity.  I hope they write me that way instead of a catfight with Sabrina, because that would be lame and predictable.  I hope it’s more complicated, just how it is in real life, in that you always want the best for people, but of course, it tears your heart out if you are not the one who gets to have the person you love!


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

What did Jason Thompson say when you told him you made a deal and are returning to GH?


We have been talking about my coming back for a long time.  But he is having fun spreading his wings a little bit, because I am a bit like mama bear. (Laughs) Literally, between every take I would be like, “Do this, and do that.”  I would direct him, and he would ask me too, but I could be very bossy.  (Laughs)  I think it’s been good for him for me not to be there, and see what it was like.  I am excited to work with him again. Obviously, I love him dearly.  It’s fun, and easy to work with Jason.


I assume you did take Jason under your wing when he started on GH several years ago?


I did. (Laughs)  But, I was trying not to be too obvious about it.  But, Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) is really obvious about it when he does that. (Laughs) I kind of do it on the sly. (Laughs)


Jason was nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at this year’s Daytime Emmys.  He submitted the episode which featured the heartbreaking tie scene between Robin and Patrick, where Patrick tries to get himself dressed and ready to attend her funeral.  What do you recall about taping those emotional scenes with Jason, and the audience?



I remember it was really difficult.  I had seen a movie that was kind of like that scene. What I liked about it was the person that was dead was detached and did not understand what was going on, and the person that was alive was carrying all the emotion.  So that is what Jason and I talked about before shooting it.  So I would say like, “Don’t look at me!” (Laughs) For me, the challenge was you stay apart and keep it together, and he had to tell the story and just not say anything.  That is what I thought was so cool about it.  You don’t get a lot of moments in soap opera where you are conveying emotion without literally breaking down piece by piece what you are feeling at every second.  So, I think that is maybe why it was so special.  There were so many things going on, and we were hardly talking.


Thank God you are coming back to GH!  How long can they keep coming up with ways to keep Robin away from Port Charles and the Drake family?  They have to now connect the dots, so this story makes sense with a huge payoff, and not keep sending Robin to God knows where … and in the dastardly hands of who know who, anymore. (Laughs)


They were giving me time to do what I needed to do.  The year that I have been gone I have shadowed Leslie Linka Glatter, who I believe is the best director there is.  I got into the DGA myself, I directed an episode of TV, and I am well on my way to directing more.  And so, if I had not taken that year off from GH that would not have happened.  They have tried to stall and give me the time, which is crazy.  I have been always lucky in this way, even when I was young they had given me time off to take a test.  Marty Vagts (former coordinating producer, GH) was determined to help me get a good education.  So, anytime something big came up he would make sure I had time off so I could go to school.  I would have labs in physics class every couple of weeks, and you can’t write a paper in a lab, so he would make sure I was there.  I have been very lucky in my whole relationship with General Hospital that they have always supported my life, and they don’t have to.  Frank is a director too, and he is supportive and understands the commitment it takes to do that.



Would you want to direct episodes of General Hospital, or would that be weird?


I would love to!  I don’t know how Frank feels about that.  I have to say just like the actors, the daytime directors work harder than anyone.  When I was doing Shake It Up, we had four or five scenes a day, and we shot for two days.  Their production manager said to me, “We have got to be out of here by 4 o’clock!  Can you do that?”  I am the “newbie” and so I nodded my head and said, “Yes.”  But what I was thinking was; “You guys have no idea of what I can do, because of where I have been.”   I finished early, which is something “newbies” never do.  They usually run over.  But that is because I know tricks, and have seen the way the directors at GH do it.  They only have two or three days to prepare.  They shoot 140 pages a day, and nobody does that.  Even recently on GH when I have been watching the show, they have been getting more creative with their shots with some really beautiful stuff.   It is well thought out, whereas sometimes you just get the “talking heads” and a two shot, single, single, and you are out.  But GH hasn’t been doing that lately. They seem to be really stretching themselves.  I guess that is a long answer to your question.  So, yes, I would love to direct GH, but it’s difficult, and would be a challenge.


Do you think your friends and cast mates at GH would easily take direction from you?


Yes.  I would not even worry about that, and it’s not an ego situation.  I would be doing my job, and they would be doing their job, and that’s it.


A director sees his or her vision come to life in a film.  It is the director who brings all the elements together.  What is it about directing that called you to it?



I have loved it since I was little.  As I was saying, I love being an observer more so than being a participant.  I think it’s because I feel like I have something to say.  I have a unique way of seeing the world.  I have always loved movies, and in a way they brought me up.  I think it’s all of the greatest art forms put into one.  I feel like when I make a film, I don’t have to pick.  I can talk about music.  I can talk about art direction.  I can talk about framing, and not just the creative aspects, but the business of it, and producing and raising the money for a film, and scheduling, and all that stuff.  It’s everything put together, and I get to have my hands on all of it.  Whereas as an actor, you’re only job is to be in the moment, and that is also wonderful, but I have had so much of that, and I know what that I is like.


What have your fans said on Twitter about your return?  Was it mostly nice?  Or, “Oh, now you have finally decided to come back?”


Mostly nice things! (Laughs) Anybody who says, “Don’t come back, I love Sabrina …” I think that is great, because that is creating drama.  I think that will be fun.  People should like Sabrina, otherwise it would be boring and no one would care if I was coming back.  The only thing I have to say about the whole Twitter phenomenon is that I felt so bad because during my Creve Coeur, MO fundraising campaign, I was not allowed to say I was going back to General Hospital!  I have known for a few months.  They wanted me to hold the news ‘till it was closer to when I started taping on the show.  People on Twitter were like, “How dare you talk to us about your movie, when you are not going back to GH?”   That was so hard for me to not say anything.


And, there were some fans that were vocal saying something along the lines of, “Kimberly is wrecking the story because she won’t get off her ass, and come back to GH!” (Laughs)


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Yes, I know!  But I have felt so lucky that people have supported me in my other endeavors.  But at the same time, I don’t expect everybody to understand it.


So it is your belief that a lot of loose ends will be tied up with Robin’s return to GH this time?


We will be tying up a lot of loose ends, and answering a lot of questions.  For example: Dr, Obrecht being Britt’s mom.  I think that is one of those things where the writers, went, “Whoa! Wait! Hold on! Let’s do this!”  And that was great, and threw a wrench into things right when they needed it to happen.  I think it’s also brings back the espionage and the spy element, and brings that full circle.


Is Casey the Alien coming … because now I am scared!  (Laughs)



That would be so funny!  He is Robin’s new boyfriend, because she forgot about Patrick!  That would be hilarious!  But no, I don’t think they are bringing Casey the Alien back. (Laughs)  Here is my hope for what goes down.  What I said to Ron and Frank was, “I want Robin to turn into little Anna,” meaning I want to challenge her in such a way that she has to overcome and become a stronger woman like her mother.  There are so many ways to do that.  That is my hope.  I don’t want to be chained to a bed for longer than a week.  I don’t want to do that at all, but I understand you have to start somewhere.  I want to kick some ass, and have sex with my husband, as you do.  And by the way, Patrick still has his ring on!


What is Robin going to do about Sabrina?


I have an idea, just because I know Robin, but I am more curious in all this to see how Sabrina would react, not Robin.  I pretty much know what Robin would do.  What can Sabrina do?  She is pretty apple pie, and the guy’s dead wife is alive!  What can she do?  She is so nice.  For example, if Britt was with Patrick right now that would be more of a fight, because Britt would be like, “Uh-uh.  That’s my man!”  But, maybe Sabrina would, too.  I don’t know.



Everyone wants Sabrina to have a backbone!


Maybe Sabrina will!  It is interesting, because it is not like Robin left him on purpose. We will see what happens.


What do you want to say to all the fans who helped fund your upcoming film project, Creve Coeur, MO?


What I would like to say is, because of the fans we are well on our way to making a movie!  It is really exciting.  I know some of the fans have seen the short films I have done, but I am excited for them to see what I can do with the movie. I feel like it’s the first time people will go, “Oh! You are a director!”  As opposed to people thinking it’s a dream of mine.  This way, it’s more obvious for them to say, “Oh, so that is what you can do!”


I remember being at the AFI premiere of your first short film, Nice Guys Finish Last.  I was thinking people will be so impressed at your directing sensibilities, and your talent!  Can fans see that film somewhere?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

I have launched my new website, and all my short films will be on there except Nice Guys Finish Last.  So eventually when AFI decides to distribute it, people might get to see it, but that was the whole thing about me going into that program.  It was a grant program, so that is why they own these artists properties.  So yes, even more people will get to see what I can actually do.  Nobody has DVD’s any more, but I do!  I love looking at the shelf and seeing American Beauty, or Green Mile up there, or whatever.  Even when you see the movie packacking on the DVD, you recall the experience of the movie. That is my dream, that someone will see the poster of Creve Coeur and go, “Oh, I loved that movie!”  I want it to be a movie that people take with them and it becomes a part of them.


Do you go to the movies all the time?


I am a movie-goer.  I will go by myself and watch a double feature.  The first movie, I will eat a hot dog, and the second movie I will eat popcorn and M&M’s.  I am psycho about it.  I see everything, even movies I know I will hate!  I have to, because I have to know what everyone is doing, and it reflects what’s going on in our consciousness, like, “What is everyone thinking?  What is everyone’s problem?”


So what did you think of The Butler, that many have been talking about over the last few months, starring Forrest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, and directed by Lee Daniels?


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

There were some really beautiful moments.  There were some parts that I felt like I was watching a TV movie, and that is just a general description of what I mean by that.  There were just these weird wipes to the next scene, and dissolves to black, and the rhythm to me felt off, like the way I like a movie to move.  But when I was walking out, The Butler and Fruitvale Station posters were next to each other, and both playing at this theatre.  A person said to me recently about the Trayvon Martin case, “I don’t understand why people are getting so angry and rioting. They should not be doing that.”  And I was trying to explain that this is the history, and you should ask, “Why is this happening?”  They went on to say, “I don’t understand.  We live in America and everyone is born with the same opportunities, period.”  And, which I believe is absolutely 100% wrong.  So anyway, I was walking out of the movie theatre and I saw The Butler and Fruitvale Station posters, and I was like, “Wow. We are talking about the same things. This movie is about a guy who was a butler to Eisenhower, and then Fruitvale Station, which happened in real life a few years ago.  Essentially, we are talking about similar themes.  That is why movies are so important, because they keep bringing stuff up that needs to be talked about in different ways.


As someone whose career started in soap operas and grew up in the genre, do you think soaps need to shake up the pace of their storytelling to remain au currant? Some are trying to modernize the formula in an attempt to garner new viewers, and move into a more primetime feel.


No, not at all, and it’s only because I was there before.  I feel like there is a quality of storytelling that soaps are allowed to do, because you see it every single day, whereas other shows, they don’t have the room to draw it out, because they are on for only once a week.  Everything has to be extremely precise.  I feel like on soaps, there is more room for relationships, and almost more like you would see in a play.  I don’t feel like it has to be so contrived for today’s audience.  I think that people feel pressure to do that, and that they shouldn’t, because that is not why people watch soaps.  It can be argued that reality television viewers are the same as soap opera viewers.  I think that is partially true, so that is the argument for it, but the argument against that is people who watch soap operas are not new viewers.  They are people that have watched for 30 years, and have watched the show with their mother and their grandmother.  So those people remember the old days.  I don’t think they really need the soaps to be a new way, because they are not 16.  I would hope soaps would bring in new viewers.  Reality television is scripted, obviously, but it does not go that deep, and all of reality television relationships do not go that deep, and for the most part, all fake! (Laughs)  Soaps have a responsibility in their storytelling, and with their characters to dig deeper, because they have time to do that.  They have an hour every day.

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What did on-screen mom, Finola Hughes say when you told her you were definitely returning to GH?


I actually came to visit her a few weeks ago, and we had a long chat.  I think with Finola, she finds a way to do something that even in the script if it appears surfacy, she finds a way in the scenes to ground it, and dig, and make it so layered, and so interesting.  I am so excited to work with her again, because you know when someone is so detailed in their work, they force you to be better.  You can’t phone it in!  Finola never, ever, phones in it, which can be easy to do if you have been doing the same job for 20 years.  That is the mark of a true artist.  Your art speaks for you, you never let yourself relax.  What is the point in relaxing?  If you want to relax, go do your nails!  (Laughs)  Honestly, she said “Thank God you are coming back now.”   But we are friends, so it’s so much more than just about that. 


What did you think of Finola’s directorial motion picture debut, The Bet?  Did you know she also wanted to direct?


I loved her film The Bet.  It’s beautiful, and I did know she wanted to direct.


You’re now the Port Charles mother/daughter directing team!  What happened to you girls? (Laughs)



I want to write something for Finola.  I love writing, too.  I am not one of those directors who has to direct everything I write.  Maybe I will write her a dance movie!  She should go on Dancing with the Stars.  She would win!


OK Kimberly, what are your parting thoughts on your reappearance on GH?


I am excited for the first moment when Patrick and Robin see each other.  I hope it’s not over the phone!  I hope the first meeting is a real meeting, because that would be exciting!  I truly believe that Frank knows what he is doing, and I believe he is going to give everyone a love story.


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Great Interview! Can’t wait to see Robin and Patrick together!! And Robin with little Emma!

There are so many posts here already and I want to voice my support so I’m just tagging along with the first one, and yours just happens to be it. Hope you don’t mind ;).

I am so, so relieved KMc is coming back after all this time. I too have been waiting for THE moment, when Patrick finally sees Robin (as well as their reunited kiss moment, reunited long conversation about what has happened in both their lives and how impossibly hard it’s been without the other moment, reunited sex moment, reunited family moment with Emma etc etc 😉 ). I have not tuned into GH since September 2012, when casting news broke of 2 new hospital staff members and I saw the writing on the wall. I can’t wait to have my all-time favourite couple back together. And what gets me even more encouraged, is how excited all the players involved are about it- KMc, JT, Ron and Frank. Those are the important people to be as ecstatic about telling this story, and it gives me hope that this then can get told in a satisfying and heartfelt way (eta: though I do have a gut feeling the lead up will drive me nuts….anyone else see an interrupted wedding during sweeps in Patrick’s future? Ugh.).

Anyone else LOVE Kimberly’s “What can she do”? HA! I don’t know the character, but I don’t have to to know she can’t do nothin’ to compete for Patrick. His heart has Robin written all over it and this poor chick can bat all the eyelashes she wants. JT played his love so deep for Robin,like she is IT. Period. He’s had to settle since, but no one should kid themselves. His heart dances for one person and one person only.

Also loved the way KMc compared Brooklyn/Jason to her/Finola/Tristan. I definitely see that correlation, and though she hasn’t had as much presence as he has, I’m sure she’s been a good protector and mentor for Brooklyn for the 7 months she was there in 2011/early 2012.

I’m really excited to see how little Emma reacts when she sees her mother again. I’m sure that Patrick talks to her about her mom and of course, there’s pictures of Robin in the house, so her image is definitely in her mind. Patrick’s reaction will be great too.


I agree

I agree … I love the Robin and Patrick

I saw that on tv

For sure I am excited thanks for this great interview!

you enjoy that

Ahhhhhhh!! Cannot wait to have Kimberly back onscreen! I hope the writers realize that Sabrina and Patrick are child’s play compared to Scrubs!!


I love this woman! She is so smart and she just gets it. I hope that they write a good story Robin. I honestly don’t want her fighting with Sabrina or Britt. Like Kimberly said “It would be lame and predictable.” I wish her nothing but the best with her directing can’t wait to see what she has in store.

I want to see Patrick and Robin back together! Love Kimberly <3

It sounds like she won’t be back for good, which is very disappointing. That means they will have to come up with some reason for Robin to leave again. I want her to know her family and what is going on and have her life back, but it doesn’t sound like that will happen, at least not for long. I also don’t think Jason Thompson needs her to tell him what to do. He is outstanding and has been doing amazing. I hope whatever the story is, Robert gets to be in it as well.

When Robin comes home 2 things must happen she must bring home her Dad as well and she should confront Britch for the way she treated her child Emma. Britch need to be stomped for that

Well if there’s a regular soap directing gig in her future, it could entice her to stay longer. With a lighter schedule and paying directing gigs (Alison Sweeney plays both Sami and directs at DAYS) she could have the kind of package that keeps her there longer term. It could definitely work if she’s willing.

Very good idea!

This is the best news that I’ve heard in a long time! Welcome back to G.H, Robin! Long time….no see! Get back there and get your family back!

Yes definitely

What a terrific interview, Michael! I am so excited to see Kimberly return to GH! Can’t wait!

So excited to see Kimberly back! I’ve been following her for years, and I adore Robin. Having her back will make “General Hospital” “must see TV again” for me!

I hope she doesn’t have amnesia, can’t wait for all the reunions

What a wonderful interview, Michael ….. I have watched Robin on GH since she was a little girl and it was nice to hear about that little girl again …. who was a fabulous actress then also!!! I will be so glad to have her back, and I know most GH fans feel the same. I sure hope she gets Patrick and Emma back as her family too!!!! Sabrina doesn’t have the chemistry with Patrick that Robin does!!!! Can’t wait to see you, Robin, and good luck on your return, or should I say “break a leg”!!!!!!!

I think Sabrina has plenty chemistry. I feel bad For her now that Robin is comming home. What will happen to Sabrina’s Character

Hopefully Sabrina will lose her undeserved halo & fall off the face of the earth. I feel bad for JT for being stuck with someone who can’t act & who he has zero chemistry with. He’s going to be so happy to work with a real actress like KMc again.

I like Sabrina, too, but she will be fine. It will be good drama and a character like hers was always “transitional” for Patrick, since we’ve known all along that Robin, his perfect fit, was still out there. I am curious to see what the actress and character can do in a storyline that is not Patrick-related. It will allow the character to grow and spend less time shining a light on all the ways she’s “not Robin.” I think KMc got her read on both Sabrina and Britt just right.

Maybe,she will wind up with Lucky or Dylan or some other past favorite. Perhaps,her old love,Carlos,will turn out to be an anti-hero working undercover for the WSB! I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the old being woven into the new (as was seen when she was introduced as the cousin of a former character.)

Let Ava and Derek meet Patrick’s new ‘stepbrother’, Dr. Lucas Jones. Let GH do a mini-series type arc on location in Music City with Tennessee residents popping in to play Jason,Lucky,Steve,Tiffany,etc. as casually as Anthony Geary pops out. Remember,Spinelli has family in the Volunteer State. Morgan went to college there. ABC could film a few episodes of a hit daytime series in the same places and with some of the same people as their popular nightime program. They could say that some of Port Charles’ characters had business down south (medical research?) and even lay groundwork for future visits or a Southron spin-off focusing on people who no longer belong in Port Charles but are too good to lose. (Think ‘Night Shift’ in a warmer climate.) Sabrina,Robin,Britt,Matt,Patrick,whoever could always go ‘offstage’ to this new city (shown or not shown) and still keep ties to PC. Or… could Sabrina become Mariah’s new caregiver in Texas and meet a new love interest by the time Maxie is done visiting her abuela (AKA Mr. and Mrs. Barash’s baby leave.)? The possibilities are wide open.

Sabrina’s character knew at the time she was hired on GH that Robin was coming back eventually…..she will be alright…..I would imagine she might even go back with her ex-boyfriend, Carlos. Tho I understand how you feel but I really believe things will work out OK for Sabrina!!!!! And I do wish her the best of luck!!!!!!

It was a great interview can’t Wait to see the Triangle between Patrick & Sabrina & Robin not a big fan of Patrick & Robin I am a big fan of Patrick & Sabrina hope they come out this together

There will be no triangle. The real Patrick would never look twice at that insufferable twit Sobby once Robin is back. Hell the real Patrick wouldn’t have looked at Sobby even if Robin was really dead. They are worst pairing ever.

You are so wrong Patrick is not Going to stop Mess with Sabrina just because Robin back Patrick has falling in love with Sabrina & She has too & It would be Awesome to see the three of them in a triangle

No I’m not wrong. A triangle only works with 3 strong players. JT & KMc’s chemistry is going to make Sobby look even worse then she does. She & JT have no chemistry. None. Put that against JT/KMc & TCe is going to be a bigger joke than she already is. Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring, Sobby is 2nd choice because he can’t have his real love.

I think Sabrina will hurt but will let go, and I think that’s the right thing to do, but I think it will make good drama. I also think there’s danger coming in the form of Carlos and Sabrina’s cocoon of safety and security is about to explode in more ways than one. I hope it gives the actress a chance to stretch a bit and the audience a chance to invest in her on her own not as “Robin’s replacement” which she was always a poor candidate for (though I do believe that was intentional–they didn’t want to create another supercouple that threatened Patrick and Robin’s great love, just something that would up the stakes for Robin’s eventual return).

Just because Robin Back that Patrick is done with Sabrina he love her he can’t Just close out his feeling for Sabrina Just because Robin is Back It would make a good storyline if it was a Triangle

I love Patrick and Sabrina as well and try as i might i o n’t see the chemistry between j.t and kmc

I want him with Sabrina, too. I have not watched GH that long, but I do not like Robin. Sabrina is better for Patrick and Emma!

I’ll make this simple: Scrubs reunion or bust. To ME, there is no other acceptable option.

I don’t want her to come back. I enjoy seeing Jason Thompson interact with others and stretch as an actor! When Patrick was with Robin and things were going well….it was all about robin and Patrick was brought it in a supporting actor/fluff filler as the doctor on call. I like the dynamic of Patrick and emma….and those two with Sabrina. when robin is on…it’s ALL about her. and you “scrubs” fan have to remember…this couple got so boring that they wrote for Patrick to cheat on her. These two had chemistry when he first came on…but let’s be honest and admit that it fizzled a couple years in. That happens on soaps. And then those people moved on to another partner. These two are no Luke and Laura…and they’re DEFINITELY not a super couple. They were good and an obvious pairing at first…but it lost its luster. Even the girl that plays emma has grown cause she gets the spotlight now too cause it isn’t on robin/Kimberly. I think that Jason Thompson deserves that…he’s a leading man and is becoming the leading man of GH. I don’t want him to go back to second fiddle.

When Robin is on it’s all about her? I beg to differ. When you look back on the scrubs relationship it was very one-sided at times. Patrick got to have not one but two women while Robin had to deal with it especially with crazy Lisa.When Emma came along Patrick got all the nice/fluffy scenes and Robin barely had scenes with the child she almost died having. Also Kimberly left a little bit after little Brooklyn started playing Emma so how was the spotlight all on Robin? To be honest I really don’t care for Robin to be with Patrick at all. I want her to save herself, save Robert, come back to Port Charles to be with her family and if Patrick wants to be with Sabrina so be it. I don’t want Robin looking like a fool and being pathetic for him.

The show is all about Sabrina not Patrick and Robin is not even there. Maybe you need to complain about Sabrina taking over t he show and Patrick not being given anything. With Robin and Patrick they BOTH shared story, . The story needs to be about Robin, Patrick and Scrubs when RC tells it not about some newbie nurse. She needs to be far away from the story. The nurse had enough propping and this is about Scrubs now.

Eh. This year has been all about Sabrina. Patrick got very little point of view. There was literally an entire episode where he stood in the background on his phone while she gawked at him. The story was about Sabrina getting her Cinderella makeover and cardboard cutout prince, not about Patrick moving on with his life. The baby story was all about Sabrina’s feelings and her suspicions of Britt. Patrick didn’t get to express any feelings about the baby until like a month ago.

I agree with disappointed one all the way, leave Robin out.

I think Jason Thompson deserves to work with a good actress. He hasn’t had that since he’s been stuck with Teresa C. The woman can’t string together a sentence without sounding like she’s reading off a cue card. Patrick & Robin never lost their luster, but Patrick never had any with Sobby. So Scrubs are ahead of the game.

I must say that I am not greatly enthused about Robin’s return. I love the Sabrina Patrick storyline. Oh well.

I agree! The storyline about Robin coming back from the dead to reclaim her life is so predictable! Boring. Patrick should choose Sabrina because they are good together and it is a fairytale come true. Robin was Patrick’s past but Sabrina is Patrick’s future. Plus it would be great if Sabrina was pregnant!

First of all, KM appears to be preggers in real life, so it could change some timing of things. I happen to like the Sabrina Patrick relationship, especially her love for Emma. The way Robin appeared behind the door at the wedding was a cheap trick. She was around for some time and she should have told Patrick she was alive. In fact, I was hoping that Anna would have quietly told P&S together way before the wedding so it could be dealt with decently. To me, it was obvious that Emma would see her mother during the ceremony and everything and everyone would be a mess, together with all the happiness that Robin was alive. I really hoped P would stay with S and let Robin simply fade away. I never remember any great chemistry between R&P, and I’ve been watching since Robin first appeared many, many years ago. What is the real truth on the father of baby Ben? If it is Patrick, then let’s see how Robin handles that one.

It’s really annoying how MF constantly brought up that twit Sabrina.

ITA! Tired of everyone propping and forcing the nurse ( she is worse than Britt) on viewers. Reason I stopped watching and will return for Kimberly and Scrubs.

And it’s even worse for us viewers having to see her all the time! If for no other reason than it should finally put the kibosh on “Patrina” once and for all, I am eternally grateful to KM for her return to GH…..Thank you!

I don’t know, it’s a pretty legit thing to ask someone returning to the show about the storyline they are walking into and to get the gossip (if any) on whether they love or hate the characters, too. In this case, Kimberly answered in a way that couldn’t be seen as a slam, but Michael, like a good entertainment journalist, gave her a few opportunities to create drama. And her take is interesting and TRUE on both Britt and Sabrina. I’m curious to see how it all shakes out and love what a professional KMc is–not trying to pit her fans against another set or prove how big her character or story is. She’s already the winner. We know that, so she can be classy. And I, for one, was absolutley curious what she thought about the whole thing, good or bad.

WELCOME BACK KIMBERLY! I am thrilled! My friends and I Are watching for your return and Scrubs reuniting otherwise we are done with GH. We had enough of using Robin, her child and friends to prop the nurse. There is no contest for Us. Patrick and Robin belong together. They are the root couple and always will be. No woman could come close to Robin. That is Robin’s husband and child. Just tired of the nurse getting handed everything of Robin’s. RC better write the REAL LOVE STORY WHICH IS SCRUBS!

Why wasn’t there any mention of Robert? I hope he comes out of his Coma!!

Why does Kimberly have such DISDAIN for Jack Wagner? It showed when he was on DWTS and she refused to help him get votes! Love the loyalty!!!!

Great interview! So excited for her return!

Don’t want Robin back on the show. Love Sabrina and Patrick together. The show is going along really well without Robin in it. Especially since it sounds like she will only be on the show for a short time. If she wants to direct then she should have at it and make that her career and leave the acting to actors!

Patrick has been sleep walking for a year. They have robbed ego he is to prop the burst. I can’t wait for robin to come back and remind Patrick of who he really is.

The nurse..not burst. Ugh.

He said in an interview last month that he was purposely playing sleep walking/numbness for the past year…that part of Patrick was in a fog and still hopeless since Robin died. Part of that choice was not taking off his wedding ring, even as he moved on with Britt and Sabrina. It’s working, because you can see he’s slowly “waking up” now–his confrontation with Britt and will fully shoot awake when Robin returns. It will mean the return of Robin is the return of Patrick and Scrubs, which as an actor he’s setting up really well. I thought it was interesting that he going public with that (it was either SOD or ABC SiD) as a purposeful acting choice, because so many people were saying it was because of Sabrina, or because he hated his storyline, or because Teresa Castillo wasn’t a good screen partner, or because he was planning on leaving GH and just phoning it in. It was good of him to clarify–whether playing “numb” for a year was a GOOD acting choice (when it just made people suspect he didn’t care) is a different question, but it was good to hear that it was deliberate.

Sabrina and Patrick are sickening together. He was never such a whimp! Welcome back

Patrick has lost everything that made him great since he’s been saddled playing 2nd fiddle to that annoying twit Sobby.

Great interview!! Is it October yet?!? I’m counting down the days. I can’t wait. Happy Days are on the horizon for Robin, Patrick, Emma, Anna, & Mac. It will be even more perfect if Robert gets out of his coma.

Ooh…happy days for Maxie too. 🙂

SO glad to have you back now we can put you back on the map.It has been sad with out you. I am loving this.

i admire kimberly for the actress, director and person that she is. i’m so excited to follow her career and see her break glass ceilings all around. kudos!

I have watched Kimberly (Robin), grow up on GH, she has turned out to be a very beautiful & talented actress & director as well as a wonderful & inspiring person!!! I can’t wait for her to be back on GH & for her 1st scenes with Anna (Finola), & Patrick (Jason)… I will have goose bumps & shed a few tears!!!

Kimberly ~ Welcome back. My hope is for Robin’s return is to tie up all loose ends. Expose the truth. Have a reunion between Robin and Patrick and Emma. I Love Sabrina and Patrick together and Emma. I think just knowing the truth of what really happened could be enough for everyone and that Robin will be strong enough to see the bond that has been formed between Patrick, Emma and Sabrina that she could allow that to happen and jointly share custody. Jason did a remarkable job handling your supposed death. He was so good with Emma even with his addiction. I look forward to seeing the reunion between Anna, Sonny, Mack, Felicia, Maxie, and Robin. Also will be interesting when she finds out about Jason and I hope Carly ends up breaking the news to her but not in Carly’s usual arrogance. Best Wishes <3

I like your ideas!

How exciting! I can’t wait for Robin and Sam to share scenes. I’ve always enjoyed the two beauties sharing scenes such as caring for Jason, setting up Mac and Alexis.

I liked them from their first interactions, when Sam was sent to get Robin to save Jason (when KMc returned to the show) and they got into the train crash together.

robin needs kick britts ass and her darn mother too

No questions about Robert or Tristan?

Exactly, we need him back on the show too! Robert, Anna and Robin are a team.

Assuming that is either still being negotiated and she’s puroposely hush-hush or that she’s telling the truth and she has no idea about what’s happening. But she did give him a shout-out for being such a great mentor.

Wonderful interview! So glad Kimberly is coming back!!

Welcome back, Kimberly!! Can’t wait to see you back in screen with Jason, Fin, Brooklyn, John, Kirsten, and all the others!

I can’t wait for the first time Scrubs see each other! And while its Soap 101 for the widow to be in a relationship when the dead spouse pops up, I get nothing from the pairing of Patrick & Sabrina. I don’t buy that Patrick loves her. He seems to be doing everything b/c it’s what Emma wants. It’s been a wasted year for JT and his talents.

Love just thinking about all the possible story lines that could happen with Kim’s return. Will sit back and just enjoy her for however long she is on. And trust the writer’s to make GH magic happen!

I really liked it when their daughter emma said mama and ran to her in the chuch that was a very touching moment in the scene.

Thanks Michael for another fabulous interview!!! Thank you Kimberly for giving back with a great interview!!!

Can’t wait for the first moment too… when Patrick and Robin see each other!!! I hope they get it right! Can’t wait for Robin to see Anna and Emma and Robert and everyone!!! Can’t wait to see how they do with this story!!! I too would like to see Robin become a young Anna and bring that strength and that intelligence and that sexy combination of both that Finola has brought to the role of Anna over the years!!! They both just keep on getting better and better!!!

I am glad Kimberly is coming back to tie up some ends. I hope she does end up like Anna’s character which would allow her to periodically come back and do some Robin stuff! I like Sabrina and don’t think she will make a butt out of herself. She knows how important Robin was in Patrick’s life, and even though she loves him, will be willing to step aside. Since Robin will not be able to stay, I think Patrick will be overwhelmed at her return and want to get back to what they had together, but when Robin explains how things are, Patrick will finally let Robin go (as friends) and he will be with Sabrina. I think Robin and Sabrina will become friends and Robin will encourage the relationship because she knows how much Sabrina loves Patrick and Emma, and Robin wants the best for both of them!

There is not a chance in Hell Patrick would want Sobby over Robin. LOL! Robin won’t encourage Patrick to be with that insufferable bint. Robin is leaving, with her husband and child with her!

Not if Jason Thompson and Brooklyn Silzer don’t want to go. That’s the problem with soaps also being a business. I’m not sure they’d write out Patrick and Emma, who are both popular, just to accomodate one actor’s wishes to leave. As Jason Thompson said on Twitter recently, he understands the passion of Scrubs fans, but thinks it’s not fair to wish unemployment on actors (him or Silzer) just because you won’t accept them with anyone else.

JT doesn’t get to choose. But given his clear disdain for the Purina pairing, we have no idea what he wants except that he wants out of this crap pairing.

I never ever thought that jason thompson couldn’t do another story… without Robin.. and GH misfired.. with Sabrina…. yet.. fans of, Scrubs… knew he was act… with… were… are… back… Scrubs unite and its hot sizzling tantalizing prospect… for you, us, and me

I can’t wait for the moment Patrick sees Robyn ,he wears his wedding ring and he just not seem happy with Sabrina . I hate them together she’s too mouse like, he’s with her cause Emma loves her and sex, loves you Robyn. Thanks for coming back!

awesome interview! can’t wait until robin is back on the canvas…………

Thank God she is coming back! Now I can watch GH again! Love scrubs and Emma so much!!!

Kimberly is the best thing that ever happened to GH! I’ve watched her over the years and cannot begin to say how excited I am she is returning. The dynamics between here and Partrick/Sabrina… and not to mention when she sees her bestir Nicholas with BRITT; who’s mother was tied to her disappearance! Oh the fireworks are going to fly!!!!!!

I am glad Robin is returning !! However if
Her return is not going to be for good then
Why ruin Patrick and Sabrina ? I agree with
Some of the others scrubs got really really
Boring !! Patrick came to GH as a funny
Happy person !! Then they paired him
With Robin and he just got boring
Being with Sabrina the old fun Patrick
Is coming back !!

Patrick & Sabrina are already ruined. They suck as a couple. They have no chemistry & Patrick has been turned into a complete bore since he’s been saddled with Sabrina. Patrick & Robin were never boring they were exciting, they had fire. Purina is milk toast, bland, boring & blah.

Emma I understand that you really love robin & patrick together and that’s fine. Seriously take a chill pill it’s a fictional story i’m pretty sure Sabrina didn’t do anything to you personally, although from your comments i couldn’t tell

You are the best ! You and Patrick have a true magnetism toward each other. The show should use that to make everyone happy . You and Patrick are my favorite couple on the show. You’s remind me of myself and husband.You and I are exactly alike as far as personality.My husband is exactly like Patrick, and the way you’s came to be a family unfolded as ours. I want to know there is a happy ending in life for people like us that are super bossy, and super controlling! Lol. But our men like us that way.They want us to take care of everything, to be their backbone. Please write to me if you ever need any suggestions *

Great interview. Hope they utilize these wonderful actors to the best of their ability. The writers need to wake Robert up as well. Deep 6 the deep sleep and we can have a total family reunion.

I am SO excited for your return to GH. Girl, I cried for months when I thought you were dead, as if you were my own child! Those scenes were just way too emotional for me. I have watched you perform since you were a small child. Always fond of you and your character! Wish you luck in your directing career, but glad you are coming “home”! Warm regards, Kimberly 🙂

Loved Robin’s character since she was a little girl! So glad they kept her “alive” to allow her come back. Happy for Kimberly that she’s been able to chase her directing dreams, but happier for us fans on her upcoming return. I just hope they don’t change her character too much. The idea of Robin becoming more like her mother Anna is intriguing. Maybe that will have her character recur once in a while after they play out this return. Also, I think Brooklyn’s Emma is amazing. Reminds me of Kimberly as young Robin! Hope she will continue and grow in the role as her “mother” did 😉

that’s quite the trio… generational hybrid mixed….. Anna, Robin, Emma.

how adorable. what a treat…. kick in the ass…. right up front mix….. treat

I AM SO EXCITED!!! That is all LOL

I’m so glad to hear Kimberly say this is going to be a love story. GH DESPERATELY needs one.

I am so happy she is coming back I also hope Patrick drops everyone and goes back to Robin and Emma only.

Not sure about how I feel about this. Clearly she’s not staying for long, even if she has a “contract”. I think Kimberly comes off a little egotistic and selfish, kind of expecting everyone to support her directorial ambitions and give her free reign to be on GH when she feels like it. Having said that, I like Sabrini. She saved Patrick & Emma from despair. I do want to see this story wrapped up – including Luke’s search for his cure and Robert coming out of his coma. Love it when Faison and Obrecht are on screen. Bottom line, I don’t miss Robin. Keep her or kill her and lets move on

LOL! Sobby didn’t save Emma & Patrick, she almost ruined them. She’s turned Emma into a brat & Patrick into a bore. Thank god Robin is coming back so Patrick can get his fire & personality back, and Emma can turn back to the sweet adorable girl she always was. Robin has more people missing her then Sobby could ever hope to have an fans. Can’t wait until Robin destroys Sobby!

The same people are writing Patrick and Emma with Robin back as started writing for them the week after she left. I’m not sure Emma is going to have a personality transplant in the writing or storylines just because one actress returned. And it’s realistic that kids push the boundaries and become a little bolder as they get older. And Emma is still 100% a sweetheart, but also getting older and more opinoinated, just like her mother. But to believe that KMc returnining will suddenly change the writing for Patrick and Emma and make them more as you remember, is probably a stretch. I think its a new day for all 4 characters and I’m excited and looking forward to them as they process this huge news/change (Robin returning from the dead). Whatever they write, I’m happy to have Robin back and will go along for the ride.

No Emma is a brat because of Sobby & Felix. KMc returning allows JT to not be stuck with a shit actress like TCe & allows him to work with an actress he has chemistry with. I’m excited that Sobby is going to see the real love story of Scrubs & Sobby will be shoved aside because she doesn’t have the talent to work vs KMc. Notice JT only gets praise away from TCe. It must have been hard to deal with this crap for the last year. But KMc is back to save JT! Can’t wait til they no longer have any scenes with TCe.

It sounds like she is only coming back to wrap up her storyline while her directing has showed down. That will leave Patrick pining away for Robin again and stick him with a boring storyline. I would be much happier if she was sticking around. Since she isn’t I would like it better if she just didn’t come back.

Krktoday,I whole heartedly agree! why come back just to let everybody down again later?

Great interview. Kimberly sounds like an interesting and intelligent woman. I am so looking forward to seeing Robin, Anna and Robert reunited (they’d better bring Robert back, too!), as well as Robin, Patrick and Emma. I will have a large box of tissues ready when Robin returns!

Great Interview! I welcome her back I and look forward to her return. I hope they can accommodate her the same way they do Tony Geary. She doesn’t have to be on every day to keep a great storyline or romance going. I like Sabrina too, but eventually want Robin and Patrick together. I’m going to update my sling box so that I can watch GH while in Sydney Australia for work!! 🙂

Thrilled that Robin is coming back from the “dead”. Now how about bringing back Steve Burton “Jason”, from the “dead” too!!!!

oh, they probably will sooner or later! lol! everyone comes back from the dead on soaps. Steve is doing a good job on Y&R though. I’m starting to get into his character but I do wish he was still Jason.

General Hospital

OLTL and GH Alum Kristen Alderson Reveals Pregnancy

Big baby news! Former One Life to Live and General Hospital star, Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr, ex-Kiki),has announced that she and her fiancé, Taylor Crousore, are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, due in January.

On her Instagram account, Kristen shared pics of her sonogram accompanied by Crousore, which said: “Words can’t describe the happiness😭🙌💖
BABY GIRL CROUSORE! ✨Due January 2024✨ Having a baby with my soulmate/best friend is the biggest blessing I could have ever been given✨💫”

The pic was followed by a video of many of Kristen’s family and friends guessing the gender of her little bundle of joy. Those appearing in the video included: Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew, OLTL) and Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston, OLTL).

Photo: KAldersonIG

Back in July of this year, Taylor proposed to Kristen and they became officially engaged. Taylor asked Kristen at Pier 84 at Hudson River Park in New York, almost exactly two years after the couple had their first date at the very same spot.

Photo: Tom D’Angora

Kristen appeared on One Life to Live from 1998-2012 and next appeared on General Hospital from 2012-2015.

Share your well-wishes and congrats to Kristen and Taylor and their baby girl on the way via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Kristen Alderson (@krisalderson)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part One

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Rena Sofer on Her General Hospital Comeback as Lois Cerullo: “She’s Still Loud and She’s Still Mouthy”

When Rena Sofer burst on to the soap scene 27 years ago as General Hospital’s Lois Cerullo, viewers knew out of the gate that this actress was something special, especially how she inhabited the one-of-a-kind outspoken and lovable woman from Brooklyn.

Now as previously announced Sofer is back on the ABC daytime drama series beginning on the October 10th episode. Rena last appeared on the show from 1993-1996, and again in 1997. She won a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal as Lois back in 1995 as the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Since Sofer’s original exit on General Hospital, she later returned to the soaps as Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2013-2022. However, the fan favorite actually started her daytime career on Loving as Amelia “Rocky” McKenzie, a role she played from 1988-1991.

Photo: JPI

With the current story about Ned Quartermaine’s (Wally Kurth) amnesia and believing he is former rock star, Eddie Maine, it’s the perfect timing for Lois to enter back into the picture to help her former husband and their daughter, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

Rena spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue about her highly-anticipated comeback, and how she stepped back into Lois’ skin: “It’s interesting to play her at this age. She’s still loud and she’s still mouthy. She was still a lot like me, except with a Brooklyn accent and nails.”

Photo: ABC

As to what fans can expect, Sofer shared: “This story isn’t about me.  The story is about Brook Lynn. The story is about Eddie Maine and Ned, so I need to respect that. This is not about me coming back and telling my story; this is about me coming back and supporting the stories that are there with me trying to create the knowledge of who Lois is now, 27 years later. So that is challenging, but also, part of the fun.”

The talented actress is also keenly aware of how GH fans have wanted her to return to GH for decades: “If they hadn’t spent the last 27 years constantly making little buzzing noises about Lois coming back, or me coming back as Lois, I wouldn’t be in this position. It’s inspiring, and I am forever grateful.”

Looking forward to seeing Rena reprising her signature soap role as Lois Cerullo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023