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The Paula Garces Interview – All My Children and Devious Maids


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Latina spitfire, Paula Garces is pulling double-duty these days on-screen!  Fans of the revival of All My Children can see her as tough and sexy FBI agent, Lea Marquez.  And, fans of Marc Cherry’s highly–anticipated follow up to Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, features Garces as the most devious maid of them all!  Right now, Paula is everywhere on Hulu and OWN with All My Children and on Lifetime with Devious Maids (Sundays at 10PMEST), but this weekend she is at Comic-Con in San Diego promoting her Latina superhero, Aluna who is quickly becoming a video game star!

So, with all the success, and juggling multiple projects, the ambitious and talented Garces is also an expectant mother!  That’s right!   This gal has superpowers! As she tells On-Air On-Soaps in this revealing, candid, and lively interview, she kept this pregnancy a secret to her family and almost everyone at All My Children. You will find out why!  But what will the AMC writers do now that she is showing in real life? Write it in to the show, or keep it hidden?  Paula shares her thoughts on the matter.

Now for a big question on soap fans minds, what has it been like for Paula to get to work with the one and only soap heartthrob Thorsten Kaye, Pine Valley’s Zach Slater?  How is she fairing when she knows many fans are hoping for a Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Zach reunion down the line?  Paula definitely has an opinion.  Plus, Garces opens up about how she landed her role as Flora on Devious Maids, chatting with Maids’ co-star Susan Lucci about a possible return by the soap icon to AMC, and she gives us a glimpse into the reaction on set when Devious Maids filmed its shocking season finale cliffhanger!

Here now is the spirited, sexy, and oh so smart, Paula Garces on her whirlwind year thus far, and what is yet to come!


In recent scenes on All My Children, Lea puts the brakes on with Zach, in part due to the fact that he is still wearing his wedding ring to Kendall.   Does Lea feel he is still carrying a torch for her?



I think she doesn’t know what to think.  I think the way the writers have been writing our story is that they really want to take time with it, and really want to make sure that the fans fall in love with not only Lea for the first time, but all over again with Zach.  I know the fans were really adamant about his past relationship, and they loved that.  I think the writers are being very careful that I just don’t become like a home-wrecker.   I was adamant about that, and so was Thorsten.  We both really agreed.  We love working with each other, and if there was going to be a love story for the fans to support us.  Lea is career-driven and intelligent, but she is a little taken aback by Zach because he is so charming, sexy, and she has seen that he is so intelligent.  Sometimes he could be very loyal, but then again, Lea is still on cop mode.  She is on FBI agent mode, so she has to be careful, because she knows criminals can be very manipulating.  So she did not know if he was just being a manipulative criminal, or if he is just someone who is just being really hurt by his past love and can’t let it go, which is also not good for her.  There are a lot of layers to his character, and a lot of layers to our story together, which makes it very interesting.  I hope the fans agree, because it’s lovely for us to play.


During the recent broadcast of TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman featuring All My Children’s executive producer Ginger Smith, the fans in the chat room were saying they don’t want Kendall with Zach, and they don’t want Lea with Zach, either!  I guess they want Zach for themselves! (Laughs)



Oh, no!  (Laughs)


What has it been like working with Thorsten Kaye?


I met him the first day on-set, and he was the loveliest person.  Thorsten is a jokester.  He has this very cool, dry humor, and you really have to be an intelligent person to get it.  I love that.  He is challenging off-camera, but on-camera, as well. Thorsten brings a lot of himself into the character.  When I first met him in-person I though we had chemistry.  But then, I immediately worried that I hope it translates to the screen, because if it doesn’t this is not going to work out, and it immediately did.  Thorsten was like my tour guide.  I was the new kid in school, everything from behind the scenes and on-screen.  I was a fan of All My Children before, but I wasn’t necessarily watching every single episode the last two years the show was on ABC.  I had to get recaps and learn from Thorsten.  On all levels, Thorsten is a great actor.  I have learned a lot from him, because AMC’s schedule is even faster now.  I was used to doing soaps before when I was on Guiding Light.  We now really have to be on top of our game, because of the budget and production.  We have to communicate behind the scenes.  We run our lines, and Thorsten is adamant about making every thing make sense for us first, and then making sure it translates on screen so the fans like it, and continue to follow the show, and not be like “What the hell is this coming out of left field?“


This is a medium where the actors have a lot of control over how their characters are perceived in some way, and you can infer things in scenes between your scene partners, and bring it on to the set.


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Well, with Thorsten there are a lot of rewrites!  (Laughs)   I will come to a dry rehearsal and he will go, “I am cutting this, and I am cutting that.”  He does not let anything go.  He cares about his character and his storyline, which is lovely for me, because then that means my storyline will be that much better.  I learned very quickly I have to be on my toes with him.  He changes everything on the day we shoot.  There are some days I will say, “I don’t agree with that,” and the Latina comes out in me.  But I have to make sure I have a good argument behind it.  And sometimes I change his mind, and sometimes he is like, “Look, the reason I am saying this is because this and this happened with Kendall, and this and this happened to Zach three years ago.”   Then, I will be like, “Oooh. I did not know that. Why don’t the writers know that?”  (Laughs)  And then he goes, “No. We have to really take care of ourselves and our own.”  So, you are right.  This is a medium where if the actor does not really care about their work, it’s not going to be that good on camera, and it’s going to show right away.  All My Children is very appropriately titled, not only for what you see on the show itself, but behind the scenes, we are a family!


What did you think of the sex-trafficking storyline?


I was completely enthralled in it, and I loved it.  I was just so amazed that they were willing to dive into that, and do it so well.  All the actors, especially Darnell Williams (Jessie) and Debbi Morgan (Angie) are just amazing!  Sal Stowers (Cassandra) is so great.  I just think that storyline is really cool, and it gave me the opportunity to introduce Marquez in a very cool and sexy way.  Not only she is an FBI agent, but she is Sinnamon!  It was very soapy at first, but a cool way to make a splash on a show that I have never been on before!  I was grateful for that storyline. 


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Have you had the opportunity to meet Alicia Minshew?  If she were to come back do you see Lea and Kendall fighting over Zach?


No, I have not met her.  I know there had been some conversations about Alicia returning, but I am not sure where that is going.


Let’s talk about your hot new primetime soap role in Lifetime’s Devious Maids!  I heard you had some initial hesitancy about the script?


I got the pilot sent to me by my agent, and at first glance looking at the script I did not know what to think of it because of the title … the title threw me off.  All I had to go on was the fact that it was called Devious Maids, and they were looking for five Latina leads and it was created by Marc Cherry of Desperate Housewives.  I thought, “Why do the five Latina leads for the first time ever have to be maids, right?”  So it took me awhile to even pick up the script and take a look at it.  Then my agents were like, “Are you crazy? This is a Marc Cherry show!”  So I read it and after the first three pages I was like, “Oh, my God!”   I was laughing out loud.  I could now see how cool and interesting he was handling the maids’ storylines.  After I put it down, of course, I wanted to audition for it.  But, I felt very guilty.  I was like, “Should I like the fact that they were maids?”  Because, I did like the fact that they were maids!  I already knew there was going to be some controversy and backlash over it.  I immediately called my mom and my grandmother.  My grandmother then very quickly reminded me, “How very quickly you forget my history in this country. When I first came here to the U.S., it was in the early 60’s, and the first job I was able to do was be a maid.  I was very grateful for the job.  I did it with dignity and respect, and was able to provide a very good living for my entire family.  And, that is the reason you are here in this country.”



So, when you went through the audition process you did not know which role you would ultimately end up with?


I went in for different roles; I went in for the Marisol role, which was Rosalyn Sanchez’s from the very beginning, and then I went in for Edy Ganem’s role, which was Judy Reyes daughter on the show.  But then the network found out my real age and did not feel I could play a 20-year-old, or whatever.  Marc was like, “I don’t really care what role you end up doing, you just have to be on my show.”  And so, when he said that, I thought he was just being nice to me because I had been turned down for the other two roles.  But he was not just being nice, he was being very sincere and seemed to like my work, and he made it a point to get me on the show.  I am so grateful that it is the role of Flora, because it ended up being the role I am really into it.  I love all the other girls, and I think they are doing an amazing job, but I am in love with my character.  Now that I finished the season, and it’s unfolding, I know the audience is going to love her and follow her.


What can you tell those who watch, or those who may check out Devious Maids for the first time, about your character of Flora?



People know that Flora is the maid that gets killed in the very first episode. That is why the hash tag #whokilledflora is becoming really popular.  They can expect from Flora anything and everything!  She is completely the devious maid on the show.  She is the devious one who got killed off, but the reason why I love Marc Cherry so much, and his writing, is that he really thinks about every single piece of the puzzle.  Flora wasn’t just evil because she is evil.  She was a very complex character who was extremely possessive, and she was a woman with a mission.  She definitely wanted to come to this country to make something of herself no matter what.  I like that she is unapologetically driven to be who she wanted to be, which was rich and famous, and head of a household, no matter how she had to get that achievement done, honey!   She was maybe not the most gorgeous one of all the maids, but she damn well knew how to use what she had! (Laughs)


We will see more of her, right?


Everyone will dream about her, and remember her.  There will be flashbacks and dream-like sequences of wishes they could have done with her, or conversations they could have had with her.  So she really affected everyone else’s character on the show.  Not only because of her murder … but what she was doing before she got murdered.



Did you get to work with Susan Lucci at all?


I did not!  But we had a lot of conversations on set about All My Children.  I have been a fan of Susan Lucci for a very long time.  I had read all the scripts so I knew what her character on Devious Maids was going to be like.  She is actually one of my favorite characters on the show, and I knew she was going to rock it.  I made it a point to see her. She was lovely, and when I told her I was going to be joining the online version of AMC she was giving me pointers, and tips, and wishing me well.  And of course, I asked her, “Are you going to come back?”  And she said basically, “I would love to.  It’s one of my favorite roles, and I am just having conversations about it.  Right now, I am just concentrating on my other businesses, and Devious Maids, but I am not forgetting All My Children.”   I think they are still in conversation about her return.


What do you think about All My Children now getting a summer television home on OWN?


Everyone at OWN is very excited, and has high expectations, but we are just thrilled that not only are people going to be able to watch it anytime they want online basically, but they can also go back to the way they were used to watching it, which was on TV at a certain time, and have that anticipation for the next episode, because it is going to be on their television in the afternoons.  I know Oprah has expressed she has been a fan of the soaps for years, and she is very happy that she can bring the shows back on TV.


Photo Credit: D'Andre Michael

So, not only are you in two major shows right now, you also have created a comic book character who is a Latina Superwoman!  But she is now even more than that!


Aluna is a comic book character I created along with my creative partner three years ago. It was just my reaction to my visit I had to Comic-Con.  So four years ago I was doing some work there with Knight Rider and The Shield, and of course, at that time was also the second movie of Harold and Kumar which I was in.  And so, there were a lot of people interested in me, and I had no idea what Comic-Con was about.  I basically went into this convention going, “Oh, cool! Everyone is in costumes and obsessed with video games and graphic novels, and I love it!”  I saw I was getting all this love from those fans that knew all about my previous roles, and were sci-fi oriented, which I love.  I saw all these Latino people walking around and spending money, and I was really taken aback.  I did not see any Latino superheroes, and the Latino people that were being represented in comic books or video games were not being presented in a very good or positive light, per se, or even cool.  It struck a chord in me.  So, I began to create this Latina superhero based on an alter-ego of mine, and making fun of myself on what I wish I would look like and what powers I wish I would have.  So through my production company, we started to discuss what this character would be, and what would she be like?  I wanted it to be a Latina superhero, but all-inclusive and with a storyline that would be universal.  It took me back to the 1500’s when Columbus discovered South America and the Americas.  I fell in love with some ancient tribes of South America, and what their beliefs were.  They still believe today that they can do these kinds of things.  I translated that into super powers for the Latina superhero.  So, three years ago we went back to Comic-Con with this little comic book, and people were into it, and because the comic book was successful we were able to license the character out to an online video game.  Now she is one of the favorite heroes, and she gets picked over 70,000 times a day worldwide. This weekend I will be at Comic-Con in San Diego July 19th and 20th at the Allegory Booth – 1621.  I will be there with new Avatars for the online video game.  So we are unveiling those, and we are unveiling the fact that she is going to have a revamped trilogy.  We are going to do a graphic novel.  I am grateful from this little idea of all of that is coming.  Now she is known in the comic book world, and slowly growing in the video game world.  We are hoping to some day make a movie or a TV show out of it.


What are Aluna’s superpowers?



She has this gem around her neck, and it’s an emerald where she harnesses power from the moon, and when she is fully charged it becomes red, and she basically can kick-ass, and go to the past, present or the future all at the same time.  She is one with the earth, and so she is able to communicate with animals, and is able to take on some of their forms at times.  The list goes on and on.  She kicks ass, honey!


Well, maybe Lea needs to turn in to Aluna to get Zach Slater?  Thoughts? (Laughs)


(Laughs) Zach seems to be digging Lea right now.  Lea is putting on the brakes, not only so she won’t get heartbroken, but like any good Latina she is playing the game.  She can’t be too easy … you gotta make them want you!


So where do you think we are in the public consciousness, and the mainstream media, of portrayals of Latina women in television and motion pictures?



I have been acting now for 20 years, and within that time it took me 18 years to play a maid.  I also took time to look at what I have played in the past.  I have played everything from: doctors to veterinarians, to astronauts, cops, to FBI agents, assistant to a lawyer, to a very rich powerful woman, to poor, drug-addicted, to conflicted, to the “it’ girl, to the wife, to the geeky student.  I have played it all!  I was struck by the fact that people don’t remember that Latina women on television have played everything.  There should be more available.  I am always going to think that.  I think Latina actresses are fighting the good fight.  Look at Selma Hayek, to Jennifer Lopez, who is her own empire and is a forced to be reckoned with, to Sofia Vergara, who is very much using who she is and what she is, and what you think is a stereotype to the best advantage, ever.  I think people should embrace the fact that Devious Maids is talking about these stereotypes, and is not just sweeping it under the rug.  The maids are the heroes of the show. 


Do you know the cliffhanger at the end of this season for Devious Maids?



Absolutely! Oh, it’s amazing.  And just to give you a little insight: at our final table reading of the season of the last episode, we were not given the last two pages until that day.  This is how dramatic it was … we were not given those last two pages until we got to the last chapter, and it was given to us folded.  So, when we got to the last two pages we unfolded them, and there was mayhem!  Cast members were gasping and people going, “Oh, my God!” Seriously! Not even the cast members knew where it was going, and how it was going to end.  People are going to be like going, “Why?” or, “Oh, my God!”   There are going to be lots of reactions.   But that is what you want from a show, and the reason Marc Cherry was so successful with Desperate Housewives.  I think he is going to be even more successful with Devious Maids, because he is not afraid of going anywhere with it.


You seem to gravitate to playing strong and sexy women.  Do you think of yourself as strong and sexy?


I never saw myself as strong and sexy.  I still don’t see myself as that, but every time I see someone strong and sexy on television, or women with balls on TV, I am attracted to it, and I want to see more of it.  That just happens to be the roles I am interested in.  Do I think I am necessarily the best at those roles?  Not all the time.  I am as insecure as any other actor you will ever meet, which is every actor. (Laughs)


One of the happy bombshells that happened in your real life recently is you discovered you were pregnant!  Now you are five months along!  Did the cast and production at All My Children know about it?



When we got the hiatus for All My Children, it was a bit needed for me, because I am five months pregnant now.  It was a nice pregnancy pause.  When I got AMC, I did not know I was pregnant, and when I was working I was feeling horrible on set.  I just thought it was the grueling schedule, and was nervous.  I threw up a couple of times on set, and in my dressing room.  I went to the doctor and got the amazing news I was pregnant.  Just to give you a little bit of the history, I had already had two miscarriages in the last four years.  My husband and I were really coming to the point where we were going to need medical help to conceive.  So we had given up the idea for a while, and gave ourselves a rest, and by some miracle of God, we got pregnant.  But, because I had those miscarriages in the past, I really did not want to tell anyone, not even my family. We wanted to keep it to ourselves until I was three months pregnant, because it was so heartbreaking in the past.  But I felt really bad, because I was keeping this big secret from production at AMC.   But of course, since I worked so closely with Thorsten, he noticed right away, and so I came clean with him early on.  He was extremely supportive.  So right away he gave me so many tips, because he has two beautiful girls with his lovely wife, Susan Haskell (Ex-Marty, OLTL).  Thorsten was my on-set guardian guarding the secret I was pregnant.  Then after the first trimester, I told everyone at AMC.  Everyone was so happy and elated for me.  I really thought when I said it they would say, “Great! You’re fired!”


Well now the question is: will they have Lea wearing big winter coats in the summer, or hiding behind planters, or counters, or never getting up from her desk to hide her pregnancy on-screen?  Or, will they write the pregnancy in to the show?  Do you have an update, or knowledge of what the writers of AMC plan to do?


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

I am supposed to have a writers meeting, and I don’t know whether they are going to (A) hide the pregnancy, or (B) have Lea be pregnant.  The last I heard was that they were going to hide it, and they have done this in the past with other actresses and were not worried about it, and they think they can pull it off, and told me not to stress about it.  But it could go either way, because with the break they have had a little bit more time to think about it.  I know they have reworked some scripts and storylines to give the fans the best show possible, so that may be up in the air.  My boobs are huge right now, so there may be some great boob shots of Lea, and some of the fans won’t mind!  If she did show up pregnant, it could throw a monkey wrench, and maybe Zach would be trying to figure out if he is the father or not!  Let’s say he decided to go back with Kendall for a while.  It would just be so heartbreaking for Lea if it was his baby.  So, it could be very soap opera, if they do include the pregnancy.  We shall see…

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I love Lea & Zach & do NOT want Kendall coming back. I was never a Zendall fan, in fact I really couldn’t stand them. Zach is such a happier person now, he was always depressed & brooding w/Kendall. Kendall, Greenlee & Ryan ate up the whole storyline at the old AMC & I don’t want ANY of them back (unless Greenlee was w/Leo & we know that’s not happening)! Go Zach & Lea, they’re beautiful together & fun too 🙂

I fail to see how Zach is so much happier now than he was before. He was NOT always depressed and brooding with Kendall, in fact, they were frequently flirty and sexy and light with each other, unless the storyline called for them to be otherwise. But regardless of one’s opinion about his past relationship, I don’t understand how anyone can say Zach is now “happier.” If you’ve watched him talk about Kendall or his boys, seen his reaction to Cassandra’s plight and how he feels he put his family in a potentially similar position, seen him struggle with the idea that he’s supposed to be moving on but can’t because he still loves his wife, clearly he’s not “happy.”

Well that’s your opinion & I happen to think he seems much happier. Yes he misses his kids, but he seems to be joking more & a lot more relaxed. I was never a Zendall fan, love him w/Lea. So yes I do think he’s “happier. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

I totally agree Elisabeth.. I am a Zach and Kendall fan though and want her back with him.

Agree with u on that one…..and I must say I find it odd that Susan Lucci couldn’t work our a schedule to where she could do both show, but Paula was able to do both.

I agee with you, I’d love for Susan to come back & am not quite sure why she hasn’t. Maybe she’s busier than Paula on Devious Maids? Really don’t know, but she has said she wants to come back.

The reason that I think that Susan “couldn’t make time to do both” =
contract negotiations primarily around Salary demands have not been
met. You know, I’m sorry, I think some of the fans get too caught up in
“why doesn’t she come back, why doesn’t he come back” and I often feel that way too, especially since I am not thrilled with AMC On-line and the old familiar characters not present, but unfortunately I really think it often boils down to money, meaning, the more well-known soap stars have representation people asking for monetary requirements that right now just can’t be matched.

Of course you’re entitled to your opinion. No one said you weren’t, and that’s why I didn’t get into whether Lea or Kendall is the better partner for Zach. In fact, I never mentioned Lea at all. I did, however, take issue with you saying that he was “always” dark and brooding with Kendall. That is factually not correct. The fact is that the Zach who came to Pine Valley WAS dark and brooding. It was Kendall who, in his own words, put the light in his eyes. It was his love for her that saved him and made him a family man, and that comes from his very own dialogue, not just my opinion. Whether you like Zach and Kendall together, which is your choice, or just dislike many of their later stories which yes, were less happy than their earlier ones, it doesn’t change that they were very happy together and he was not always dark and brooding.

Agree to disagree. Now I have better things to do with my time than beat a dead horse. Bye bye!

I agree that Zach does seem different this time around, but I don’t think it’s Lea that’s making him “happier”. I think Kendall made Zach very happy & his whole personality changed when he met her. What I think I’m seeing is TK himself just being more relaxed and having more fun off camera than when he was at ABC. That being said I would never tell you your I had “issue” with your opinion or that your opinion is “factually incorrect”, lol. I also think that if AM decided to come back, Zendall would get back together, there’s no way that Lea could compete with Kendall. Lea & Griffin could make a really good couple too.
But great interview & unlike some here, I love PG on the show. I also love her on Devious Maids, think she’s a great actress and has plenty of sex appeal!

Congratulations to her and her husband! I must say, I’m not feeling Zach and Lea at all, too much of a mismatch for many different reasons, and he still clearly loves his wife…..but I think Lea and Griffin would make for a really good pairing. Hey-They could bond over falling in love with one half of Zendall .

WOW, PG sure does have an over inflated ego if she thinks that her character is smart, sexy and well received. It’s none of the above.

Lea has zero sex appeal and it’s so obvious that her character is not working well being paired up with Zach. Heck if it wasn’t for Zach’s character Lea would still be doing lap dances instead of investigating a sex slave ring.

As for AMC writing her being preggers into the story line I sure as hell hope they don’t. Fans still hate the thought Zach was Ethan’s father not to mention still resent that he was made out to be the father of Gabby during Pratt’s reign of terror as a head writer. Having Zach fathering another child with character that is not well received will not go over well with the fans. Heck there a lot of fans who have just stopped watching AMC because they can’t stand Zach being paired up with Lea and other forced couples like Pete and Ciela.

Best thing to do with the character of Lea is back burn her character or pair her up with Bianca or Griffin. Personally I would rather AMC just get rid of Lea since she is not working out at all and focus on bringing back Lish as Kendall. After all Lish’s very short appearance as Kendall was able to generate well over 7,000 likes on FB and the majority of the fans wanted Zach to be reunited with Kendall again.

AMC is lacking in the romance department and it’s clear that the fans want Zendall back together again and don’t want to waste their time watching stupid triangles like one with Kendall/Zach/Lea that never work out in the first place.

Just because you don’t like Lea doesn’t mean PG is wrong in saying she is well received by fans….myself and several of my friends happen to find her a fantastic addition to the show.

Also, for the record, not all fans want Zendall back together either.

ITA with you Lisa. I happen to love PG & Lea/Zach too. I was never a Zendall fan & am very happy with him moving on. Also don’t think Pete/Celia are a “forced” couple, I happen to love them too. Very happy with AMC all around!

This is another fan who clearly does not care if Kendall & Zach ever get back together.
I have no problem with the character of Lea either.
I am also with Holly – I don’t think Pete & Celia are ‘forced’.

I’ll be honest. I don’t see where Lea fits in in Pine Valley. She’s related to no one, she has no friends, and Zach is still in love with Kendall. Paula sounds like a nice person and I wish her well with her pregnancy, but we can’t exactly sit around and watch Lea talk about the first time she met Myrtle, or her relationship with Palmer, can we? She’s also a wet blanket. This girl has no fun and has no sense of humor. I’m thrilled to hear Thorsten is making edits and changes to respect his character because I haven’t felt that AMC’s writers were respecting Zach, his role as a dad, and his history (his great history) with Kendall, and if TK is making changes, you can bet they’re to keep that history alive, not necessarily to make Lea the next great love of Zach’s life. I don’t know what’s going to happen, although now that AMC knows she’s pregnant, it’s been said elsewhere that AMC is changing direction with her story. Paula doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and Alicia is in town to do Tainted Dreams, and we did see the start of a potential storyline with Kendall, which Paula probably isn’t aware of. So for Paula’s sake, I’d like to think Lea could interact with someone other than Zach or the married Jesse, and start to build her own history in Pine Valley. Otherwise, she’s just another newbie who isn’t taking the fans by storm, as Michael himself shared with her.

I’ll give her credit for one thing she said, though: the fans don’t want to see Lea be a homewrecker, but she needs to understand that it’s going to be virtually impossible for her to have the kind of relationship with Zach that Kendall has had and still has with the love they’ve shared, the family they’ve raised, and the obstacles they’ve overcome. It’s like climbing Kilimanjaro. It’s not going to happen.

But we have no way of knowing what those changes were that TK made . From what Paula said it sounds like he has been editing and making changes from the start, making sure he is happy with what Zach says and does. It also sounds like they have been working co operatively from the start ensuring a love story is built that makes sense and that the fans can support. According to Paula anyway. Imo that enthusiasm is transferring across the screen and it looks to me that they really enjoy playing off each other. Loved loved when they were undercover and he played the solicitous husband. They were so entertaining.

I would welcome a return from the vastly talented and beautiful AM but Kendall does not have to be attached to Zach to be on the canvas remember. The daughter of Erica Kane will always have a place on the show irregardless of who she is with romantically.

I think we have a good idea, since both actors don’t want Lea to be a homewrecker, that the changes (which PG said often were done because the writers or PG herself didn’t know Zendall’s history, but TK did) were more positive for Kendall/Zendall than not. If they weren’t, then Lea and Zach would be in bed right now. We’ve seen Colby and David hook up, we’ve seen Colby and Pete hook up, and heaven knows Lea spends all her time with Zach–why aren’t they a couple? Because TK is trying to speed their love story along? I saw the scene in the hotel, and I’ve seen it done much better when Zach gave Kendall a dragonfly brooch on the eve of their first divorce. And I’m all for Kendall being on canvas and interacting with other characters. She’s a legacy character and she deserves to be on the show. So what’s Lea’s excuse for being tied to Zach’s hip? Wouldn’t it be better for Lea to interact with someone not named Zach, and for PG to be able to speak about an actor not named Thorsten? In Michael’s interview with Ginger Smith, the EP admitted that too many stories have been “islanded”, separate from the rest of the canvas. Exhibit A is Lea and Zach. If she ever shared airtime where Zach wasn’t around, I might faint. It can only be a good thing for an actress to interact with the rest of the cast. I suggest Paula get to know the rest of the cast, Lea gets to know the rest of PV, and Kendall returns and gets to interact with Adam, Cara, Griffin, David, Zach, Bianca, Miranda, JR and Dixie, as she used to. And if Kendall’s back, I’ll bet anything a Zendall reunion is inevitable, and fast, too.

True, Jodie. We don’t know what changes TK made-but the interesting thing that he said to pg was that there were things done with Kendall that remained with Kendall. Did that mean they were sacrosanct? Probably not. But it’s still interesting that anything to do with Zen wasn’t copied.

I also believe-and this is just my opinion-that due to the fact TK said AM was returning, that this is why the scene with Kendall was done as it was. Kendall is in trouble again, and wants to save Zach from having to deal with it again. Does she think he doesn’t love her anymore? Who can say? But if this isn’t a setup for Zen, I don’t know what is.

Well, I was always a Zen fan, and I always will be, so, no Zach and Lea for me. Through no fault of her own, PG was put into an unenviable position-pimped as Zach’s new love before the show even started. Talk about uncool! The writers and the show didn’t give the audience who loves Zach and Zen a chance to get to know the character, and for many people, that stunk of Pratt or K&S-you know “you will love this pairing! You will love this girl with Zach!” It was disheartening for fans of Zen, people who had supported the show and the couple through thick and thin. We were not wooed with this “couple,” we were smacked in the head with it., a mistake on part of the show. So, for those of us who are waiting for AM to return, and for the reunion of the love of sublime wonderfulness (!), Lea is something to be endured, like Liza or Ryan or Reese or Aidan. Griffin. My apologies to PG for being unenthusiastic. I wish her the best-I hope she has a fabulous pregnancy, and a beautiful child. But I don’t accept her character with Zach. I hear Griffin is dating again.

Thank you Michael and Paula for a refreshingly candid interview. Have to say I am dismayed at some of the less charitable comments here and I’m so glad Paula has been surrounded by love and support from her cast mates …AMC has always seemed a close, and happy family behind the scenes. Good for TK protecting his new co star so kindly.

I think Lea is perfect for Zach. He needs someone strong, independent and intelligent to match his snarky comments and irreverent comments. Love their verbal fencing and their quiet , caring moments when I can see them start to fall for each other.

He is able to show his loyalty and softer side in his scenes with her and through her eyes we see how much he loves Miranda and his boys. She has been a shot in the arm for his character which was not written sympathetically always. latterly. I am hugely enjoying the build up here. They are a gorgeously sexy pair and I look forward to their every new scene,

Jmo but Zach and Kendall had run their course after so many break ups and reunions. Thrilled the show has recognized it is time for something new.

ITA, I can’t believe some of the rude comments on here. Zendall has run their course & I have no interest in them at all. Lke the show so much better without them & Ryan/Greenlee.

Ironic, since you’re the one who started the rude comments with your slam at Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan. For the record, I have nothing against Lea. I just happen to prefer Kendall, and don’t see a Zach on my screen who is happier without her.

Excuse me Elisabeth, BUT I wasn’t talking about YOU! And I meant that some OTHER poster was attacking Paula PERSONALLY. I said NOTHING about Alicia, in fact I like her! I was talking about the CHARACTER Kendall, who is FAKE by the way & SO is Zendall! Wow, I’m sorry I even commented on this interview, I learned my lesson. God forbid someone disagrees with some ppl. Can’t even have a civil discussion.

Mary ITA with you, not liking a character is one thing but attacking an actor personally is another thing. And you didn’t even “slam” Kendall, just said you didn’t want her to come back LOL. Some ppl need a life & not take soaps so seriously BTW, I happen to love Lea/Zach and also love Celia/Pete who I think someone said was a “fake” couple! If you don’t like DON’T WATCH!!

I agree with you Mary & Grace! I like Zach so much better this time around. I’m not sure if he’s really more happy, but he’s different, maybe more relaxed. I didn’t even like Zach much before. So happy for PG joining the cast & for a try with Lea/Zach. Maybe they’ll work, maybe not, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens w/them!

I think that’s spec on your part, Jodie. We don’t know if the show thinks Zen has run their course since the writers no longer have jobs. And let’s not forget -TK himself said AM is returning.

I love this article but don’t want to see Zach and Lea. I want more of the old cast to come back and get rid of all these new people who have no connection to Pine Valley. There were more than enough of the old characters that could have come back but they chose a small few. Love that Dimitri is back and enjoy him being paired with Brooke. Pete Cortland is an ok character but I just don’t like his storyline and AJ and Miranda UGH. Don’t like the casting there. Also don’t like the casting of JR. Glad to have my soap back but need a lot more of the older more established characters to come back.

You don’t know that ‘there were more than enough of the old characters that could have come back but they chose a small few”. There are many who have other obligations and could not drop those to work for five weeks on and five weeks off.

You sound like you don’t like any of the newcomers….(even though they were all newbies at one time!)

I honestly don’t like many of the new comers. I really miss what it was. I can’t imagine that they could only get these few to sign back on. I think they only went after a small group because they couldn’t fill story line. The only new comer I really like is Cassandra. I don’t even like all the new people who are on OLTL.

Fabulous interview! I really like Lea, and I can tell Paula is a smart, interesting person. I think no matter what happens—if Alicia comes back as Kendall, or not–the character of Zach will be a lucky man, and we will be lucky viewers. Zendall is such a great couple–so much history, two beautiful sons together, intense chemistry…I would love to see them back onscreen together. But I also think Lea and Zach could be a nice romance too–maybe a little lighter and not as drama-laden as Zendall was. I think if Alicia comes back full time though…..nothing could stand in the way of a reunion. They just burn for one another. It would be interesting to see how Lea (on her own, or pregnant with Zach’s baby!) would complicate that!

Great interview and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lea/Zach, one of my favorite new couples on the show. Never was much of a Zendall fan, didn’t see much chemistry there, but the sparks are through the roof with Zach/Lea. Hopefully Alicia does return at some point though, would be great to have the Kendall/Griffin pairing get another shot.

Now to wait and see what the Devious Maids season finale cliff hanger is 🙂

Yes, would love for Kendall/Griffin to give it another shot, also nvr liked Zendall.

I’m just going to chime in & say I’m totally loving PG and Lea/Zach & I used to be a Zendall fan! I don’t think AM wants to make any long term commitment to AMC, so Zach has to move on eventually. Also I’m loving AMC so far, besides Lea/Zach, I love Pete/Celia and Cara/David, waiting for both to get back together!

Great interview Michael!!

Not at all interested in the pairing of Zach/Lea. As someone mentioned prior, she might make a good couple with Griffin (I could see the chemistry between those two if it would happen).

I fail to see the chemistry. That is bad since TK has chemistry with everyone else – Angie, Jessie, Bianca, Miranda, AJ. Lea is a horrible F B I agent. I hope AM comes back and Susan Lucci, the show is not AMC without the Kane women. I was hoping she would go off on maternity leave and not come back.

That was a good interview and I loved what she had to say about Thorsten. Thorsten is one of those actors that other actors love to work with. He is very accommodating and he also is like a teacher to the new stars. I have read that a lot, in many articles. I won’t comment on Zach and Lea because they are one of those forced couples that Soaps show us that we should like. I will talk about the character of Zach and what I have always loved about him. Zach is a anti hero character who goes to extremes for his friends and the ones he loves. The perfect example in this show was the fact that Zach was OK with what Jesse did to him in order to protect his family. Other examples aren’t as pretty he flipped the switch of a fertility clinic, he listened to a man die in a box and taped it, he was willing to kill a man in cold blood for what he did to his son, he covered up a murder to protect another man’s family, he shot someone in the head (in self defense mind you) to get his wife a heart. Oh and he helped someone play dead!! These are just some examples of what this character of Zach really is and what he is capable of doing. Zach is a character with lots and lots of ties to the underground. He is able to determine who was behind all the murders in PV. That wasn’t solved by the police, Zach solved that mystery. Along with the Dragon mystery for Julia. Oh how about him covering up the fact that Tad buried Madden. My point is that Zach is a lot more things other then just a romantic lead, he is a guy who knowingly skirts the law to get things done. He doesn’t have a code of honor and he himself has said he doesn’t have morals. This is a guy people want with an FBI agent? One who was HORRIFIED by Uri killing his own brother. Zach killed himself and pretended it by burning someone up. Zach doesn’t have rules he plays by, Lea does. She is by the book. So who is going to have to change to make this relationship grow? Zach or Lea? I would have to say Zach. Sure Lea could change, but do you think she would accept Zach for who and what he does for the ones he loves? The extremes he is willing to go? NO because her personality and story is set, she is by the book and is horrified by anything she sees that remotely smells of going against the law. Where is her story after this? She has no ties to the canvas. Why does PV need an FBI agent??? They have Jesse. So is she going to take his place on the force? This is a character with no ties to the canvas and is isolated to Zach and her character is going to be changed BECAUSE of Zach or Zach is going to have to change. Do I want that??? NO because I love Zach the way he is and I don’t want to see him change for her. Zach goes by his own code of Honor and is a multi layered character. Kendall accepts that, even though she fights it. Kendall accepts the way he is..the scary lethal part and the romantic part. I doubt I will see that with Lea and for that reason alone I don’t feel this character is right for my favorite Anti hero. Give her to Griffin or even make her Lesbian and let her be with Bianca. Whatever they do please please please don’t put her with Zach, because from where I’m sitting that is a disaster for the character I have loved since 2004. Zach didn’t need a FBI agent to help him and Jesse. Zach and Jesse both were capable of solving this themselves. If Zach could solve the other stuff like the Dragon story and the Satin Slayer, he sure could do this one. Lea was brought on for Zach as his side kick. IMO that is forced and why Soaps need to stop these up front pairings., they don’t work.

Happily and eloquently put, Ann.

Ann, thank you for an excellent review of who Zach is…..a man with his own code of Honor, who will bend the rules and the law to protect his family and friends. There is no way that he could be friends with a hard-nosed “by the book” FBI agent. An attempt to pair these two characters by keeping them glued to each other is not working in my book. Alot of their scenes seem forced and awkward. The audience must feel that the pairing makes sense and is natural and has chemistry. I don’t see it all with Lea. I think the writers have done the character of Lea a great disservice by not developing her history before throwing her at a core character, who is half of a well loved super couple. Kendall and Zach have great history on the show and whether you like the pairing or not, that histrory cannot be ignored by just telling the audience that they are divorced and move him on to someone else. I can see why TK is changing scripts, because like many of us who love Zach, he wants his character’s history and integrity to be maintained. Zach’s love for Kendall and hers for him are undeniable and have survived much bad out of character writing over the years. If and when Alicia Minshew returns as Kendall, that pairing will again be in the forefront, because the amazing spark that those two characters convey when on screen together is very powerful, thanks to the wonderful actors (TK and AM) who portray them.
I wish Paula all the best and hope that the new writers find a place for Lea where her character will fit in better with other characters on the show and develop a history for her so that we can root for another popular pairing.

Paula Garces may be a very nice lady and I wish her a safe pregnancy, but her character of Lea is lifeless. I don’t care about her large breasts and frankly I found that statement to be rather crass. I’d like to ask what layers could there be about a relationship with Zach when the character of Lea is such a one dimensional card board cutout? There has been no character development here. There was more life in the dead body she played on Devious Maids.
The character of Zach needs a vivacious fire cracker like Kendall, not a serious and dour character like Lea with no sense of humor. There is little to no spark here and that is owed to the previous writing regime who disrespected or hadn’t a clue who Zach is or was and didn’t create a better character in Lea. I refer to AbbyS post above. Lea has no place in PV. She has no relatives or friends never lived there or even knew what Zach Slater looked like or that he was married to Erica Kane’s daughter. I guess her branch of the FBI doesn’t have an up to date data bank especially since she was suppose to be investigating him. I was so looking forward to the sex trafficking storyline because of the interaction of Zach and Jesse but then they dropped this Lea person out of the sky and attached her to Zach’s hip isolating him and putting a big damper on this storyline for me which was difficult enough to watch because of its content. One last comment, I certainly hope they do not make her pregnant with Zach’s child .The last time AMC did that, poor Thorsten Kaye’s character was vilified and the baby was the most hated child on soaps. Hopefully, lesson learned.

I love PG and am also loving Lea/Zach. Was never a Zendall fan myself so have no interest in that anymore. I also think TK & PG do have chemsitry, unlike others here. Right now her character is a bit reserved though. Anyway, great interview & much luck to PG & her family!

Agree Elisabeth, love Lea/Zach!

Bottom line here is that there is no reason to care about Lea other than wanting her gone …. and the writers have given us nothing to go on. Who is she? Why should I care about her and why would I want her with Zach? Maybe she’d be a good match for Dr. Joe? No one gave the audience a chance to decide.

With so few of the cherished legacy characters ( and this does not include Cara and Griffin) on board the writers did a grave disservice to the longtime fans by pairing Lea with Zach, a beloved character who is so indelibly linked to Kendall, and presenting them as a done deal a la those awful opening credits; it just infuriated fans. My own thinking why they did this since Lea has no connection to anyone or anything in PV is, why not attach her to Zach, the romantic lead? How could she not be accepted then? Simple! She isn’t Kendall who is one half of an unforgettable pairing . Pretty much like William Powell and Myrna Loy who will always and forever be Nick and Nora and no one else will ever come close. Fans don’t want to accept substitutes.

Lea, if she’s to remain on AMC, should earn her way as a character in her own right and not on the coattails of another.

Agree Elisabeth & Rachel, love Lea/Zach!

Paula hope you’re not too discouraged by some of these comments but I just wanted to say I’m loving Lea so far & look forward to seeing what’s in store for her, whether she’s with Zach or not.

I agree. Really don’t understand this desperation to prove Zendall are ” better “. AM is not even on the canvas. Let’s wait until AM can commit long term and we see what kind of writing she gets and how she interacts with Zach. Imo writing is all. The Zen that was written in 2009 bore no relation to the one that had that slow build in 2005. The new writers had the opportunity to reset the canvas the way they felt would generate more story. They can’t honor every single facet of every character or every detail of a back story. I just feel so lucky to be able to watch the show again at all!

Soap operas and characters evolve. Zach was new in 2004 and I have him a chance . Will offer the same courtesy to Lea as Paila brings her to life.

WORD Jodie!!!

It’s not desperation, Jodie. It’s confidence. PP needed to pay attention to Zen fans if they wanted their loyalty, and they didn’t. Does this mean that Zen fans didn’t tune in? Nope, of course we did. We supported the show and TK just like everyone else did. But the show made a tactical error when they ignored us and expected we would drink the kool-aid per their plans for Zach. We weren’t given the option to like Lea. As I’ve said before, we were essentially told we were going to like her, and Zen be damned. Zach would go back to the casino owner he had been before his marriage to Kendall, enjoying lap dances and all the trappings that go along with a man who left everything he loved behind. This new life they wrote for him, without the wife and children he saved and the family he loved, the things TK put into the character they sort of threw by the wayside. Because I love Zach, I watched the story, but be aware that I did it despite the “pairing,” not because of it. And what I think of while I’m watching is this is the writing that got the writers fired. There’s a reason for it, and I’m hopeful the Zen story will rise from the ashes bright and TK/AM filled as it was before.

Very well said Jodie I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Thank you Sydney and Rosemarie.

Surely Zach coming back on the canvas at all a cause for celebration amongst Zach fans, particularly after the way he was dismissed by the network during AM’s maternity leave. Isn’t he an independent character in his own right, worthy of a place on the canvas , no matter who he is paired with? Is his only value with Kendall to appease one set of viewers? Thank goodness Ginger Smith, EP seems to realize his appeal is wider than that. The show not casting Spike and Ian isn’t a slight to any fan base; everything is tighter on this reboot, cast included and no one has been included unless they can drive story.

The show seems to have written Lea specifically for him and imho they did a great job. They complement each other in terms of their cynical yet compassionate natures. I find this Zach on the reboot far more entertaining , likable and yes, a whole lot happier and lighter. Not having years of painful emotional baggage with a character will do that for you I guess. I also see many people on the Internet saying they like Zach better now too. Quite an achievement imo after the hatchet job Pratt did on him.

I notice in the Ginger Smith interview with Michael that she said she wanted to focus on fresh new stories and that ” new things” would be coming down the pike for Kendall and Bianca . Roll on those fresh stories if they feature the sexy Lea and the urbane Zach. I think they are a fantastic match and I am grateful to both actors for the hard work they are putting into building this story. Imo the show really neede some light , playful and romantic scenes and Zach and Lea have provided them. I’m glad Paula has been enjoying working with TK and that she continues for a long time.

Good post Jodie! A lot of differing opinions here, but everyone has a right to their own & it doesn’t make them right or wrong. I like PG & am willing to give Lea/Zach a chance. Of course they’ll never be Zendall!

my goodness Pav…PP didn’t ‘ignore’ zendall fans. They never said that I was going to like Lea & Zach together. PP is writing story for the actors they could get back and moving them all forward. Even if Alicia brought Kendall back to Pine Valley permanently – that doesn’t mean Zach & Kendall will be together.

Of course they did, CT. Had they had any knowledge of or ability to attract Zen fans, there wouldn’t have been the horrid opening with lea grinding on Zach. We waited almost two years for some slutty lap dance on our favorite character? What a way to win fans and influence people. Only not.

Zach and lea, as a pairing, have been shoved down my throat since the opening credits of the first episode of AMC on April 29th. Introducing lea as Sinnamon, the FBI Super Agent in Charge lap dancer was comparable to Liza’s first day in Pine Valley when she laid eyes on Zach at the casino, he laid her down on the pokher table, stripped her panties off, she straddled him, and he took her to the wall for sex..That was a disgusting introduction of Liza to AMC and the lea lap dancing agent, where lea straddled Zach’s lap and “gyrated”was just as disgusting. From that day forward lea has done nothing but drag Zach down with her..TK has carried PG through every boring scene they were in, which was all their scenes since they were written as joined at the hip, isolated from the other characters, forcing the viewers to watch scenes of only them together constantly with little to no acting on her part.. Who knows what her personality was because she was expressionless through out every scene..Zach and lea don’t have any chemistry, no fire, no heat, no smoke, and for sure, no passion from day one..Not even close…Zach and Kendall
had chemistry, fire, heat, and crazy burning passion..And their chemistry was visible from the moment of their first scene when they laid eyes on each other. Chemistry like that can not be forced ..It comes naturally.. Enough lea and Zach..Go Team Slater..Kendall and the boys need to come home.

I like PG as a person and Lea has potential but that will take time. Of course PG has chemistry with TK. TK has chemistry with every women he meets that just who he is. On screen Lea and Zach have no chemistry what so ever she always looks annoyed at him. You can see TK having fun in his job because the PP people are very accommodating with the actors and he is glad acting again, but Zach being happy now no, you can see he is in pain and missing his family but he will never say that out load he will hide that with his sense of humor.

I do believe Alicia will be back and not just short term . Then Zendall will be the story as they should be–a genuine super couple whom AMC would be crazy not to reunite. I see no chemistry with Zach and Lea which is odd since TK usually has chem with everybody. I love that TK is protecting the history . To me that is code for he is protecting Zendall because he knows what a great thing Zendall is for the show. I would put Lea with Griffin. I wish PG good luck with the show –just not with Zach. Honestly can you imagine bringing Kendall back and NOT reuniting Zendall ? No brainier

Thanks for posting the article it is very interesting to hear the behind the scenes stuff. I wish Paula all the best with her new family. I find it interesting to see all the differing of opinions on how this story is playing out. I find it even more interesting at how people perceive Zach as happy and hasn’t been this happy before. I guess I will have to say that doesn’t speak well for the actor or the storyline, because I can’t imagine that is what Thorsten is trying to portray in this story. If he is happy, he is obviously doing something wrong. I personally haven’t seen it and have actually seen the opposite. This is a man helping his best friend find the people responsible for her multiple rapes and abuse. How does this make for a happy Zach? He lost his wife and children because of these people and his business is once again being targeted. He is being investigated by the FBI for money laundering, and he is being framed for murder. Where is happy in this? If people equate his sexual barbs to Lea as being happy, well I equate it to being ZACH. He did that to Erica for many years before they became friends in 2007, when she finally accepted him with her daughter. Let’s not forget the sexual comments he had for Kendall before they even were together. The most notable for me was his “I will make you feel like a woman” speech back on 11-19-04. From where I’m standing this seems to be a repeat of Zach and Reese’s time together, Friends. I would bet the changes that Thorsten is making to the storyline, is that Zach isn’t ready for romance. Maybe Lea is, but Zach ISN’T. IMO that is what I am seeing from the very talented Thorsten. I am seeing the same changes Thorsten made to the storyline back when Pratt decided Zach should fall for Reese, Bianca’s fiancé. Why else would he still be wearing his ring? If Zach was so happy with Lea and the hopes for Lea, why didn’t he remove his ring when she asked him to as a stipulation of them going on? Because Zach is still in love with his wife and isn’t ready to move on. I’m not saying he will never move on from Kendall, but right now he isn’t ready to and HE isn’t happy. He is still sad that he is forced to be away from his family and that they are still in danger and that he and his friend are suffering in this mess with the Kozlov’s. So as much as people think they see a happy Zach, that is not what is being showed to ME and I really don’t think at this point we should be seeing that at all. We should be seeing a conflicted Zach who sees someone who obviously likes him and he feels bad he can’t reciprocate the feelings. In time I suspect in pure soap fashion that as soon as Zach decides Kendall isn’t coming back to him and he is ready to move on, Kendall will be back in PV. This couple if it is going to be a couple, as Paula says needs fan support. Other than the few here and elsewhere I’m not seeing it. So for me this s/l is all about the Hubbard’s, Koslov’s and the Slater’s. Until the sex trafficking s/l is solved there shouldn’t be a romance aspect, because it doesn’t make sense.

To me Zach constantly flirting with Lea, to the point that Jesse wonders what is going on between them , his complimenting her ass, lol and recently , turning back into the room to plant a kiss on her, does all point to their being more than friends ; perhaps even becoming romantic but that’s just my humble opinion.

But that isn’t flirting. That was Zach being snarky. If he was able to talk like that to Erica that is the type of things he would say. How can anyone think he is being romantic when he is talking to an FBI agent like that. She is doing her job and he is saying stuff like that. He didn’t even say it in a loving flirting manner. He said it in a derogatory manner. Now the kiss I admit was out of the blue, but that wasn’t Zach trying to fall for her that was Zach trying to move on and not doing a very good job of it. He is hurting for his family and in a moment of weakness thought he would try to move on. When push comes to shove he wasn’t able to, because she said when you are ready to take off the ring let her know. Notice the ring is still on and he is fine with his decision and thanked her for stopping him. Zach is still conflicted on what he feels for his wife. Until such time Zach decides what he wants to do he will remain faithful to Kendall. That is the man Zach is. He is a one woman man, no matter how much he tries to fight it. Besides Kissing Lea was no different than what he has done many times when he was upset with Kendall..Dixie, Liza, and Julia all come to mind!

PG is delusional and sounds desperate in this self propping interview with MF.. There is no chemistry between PG and T.K….Zach (TK) acts happiest with Kendall (AM) and their chemistry visibly HOT! in every scene they are in together. When PG said “Their story” I wondered what she was talking about..TK has carried her character every scene she has been in. She is emotionless and hard to read when her facial expressions and body language don’t give any clues as to what direction and where she fits in the story .They don’t have a story. And “..their chemistry translated to the screen.” On what planet? TK is a seasoned actor and watching him struggle through scenes with PG is hard to watch. Although she did look very comfortable in the one lap dancing scene with Zach..Obviously, it appears she has done this scene many times and liked
it. But then Zach and Kendall in their love making scenes are unsurpassed..Zach has taken a few steps forward and turned and taken Kendall into his arms and kissed her in many scenes. That is his standard familiar acting choice…I love when Zach buries his face in Kendall hair while holding her in a complete bear hug as if to never want to let her go..That is where Zach’s story should be going..With his family..Not PG’s emotionless lea..That other show she is suppose to be on is where she belongs..Not on All My Children dragging the show down..jmo

By it’s very nature, romantic chemistry is subjective. It can’t be stated categorically to be there or not. I see it in spades ;evidently others do too.

I see that you do not which is fine as well! Sorry you are so angry about the lack of Zen and I can understand your frustration at his sizzling ( imho) with someone new and luckily , on the canvas!

It is perhaps a shame , that you have to trash a lovely actress in the process of supporting a fictional Daytime couple who are divorced .

I don’t care for the statements PG is making in her self serving interview about “Our story”..lea’s rebound bait ,if anything, for Zach..Sorry if you don’t care for Zen, which is obvious . I don’t see any sizzle coming from Zach to lea..I see the exact opposite..A man wearing his wedding band he can’t seem to take off and wanting his family and settling, for now, for a lap dancer with a pulse he is written into every scene with..Looks like he doesn’t have much of a choice who he “moves on” with…Alicia will be back . And yes, she is open for talks of possible return. I think she will because of the frequent mentions of her on the canvas and regardless of how much the Zen haters don’t want her to.. Me trash a lovely actress? Perhaps you should reread her interview..PG talking about her boobs being huge now and working that into the story? Yeah, that’s classy for such a lovely actress…jmo

Alicia isn’t coming back for the time being-I wish people would get it through their heads that ABC’s AMC is gone. What’s TK supposed to do, walk around like a monk until Alicia decides what to do-especially if TK is as sexy as people say he is? Once again, people just can’t handle that soap stars needed to put food on their own tables, and they just can’t come back because YOU want them to. That attitude makes me embarrased to be a soap fan, honestly

You would be wrong on her not coming back..I would love for people to get through their heads that they don’t KNOW what she will do. There is a very strong possibility she is coming back! She is very vocal about the fact she wants to. I would LOVE LOVE to know where people think she doesn’t want to come back and where they are getting their information from. It’s like when People said Thorsten didn’t want to travel 3,000 miles to work with AMC when it was found out that ABC didn’t want Thorsten they wanted a cheaper replacement. Besides EVERYTHING I have read tells me she has every intention of working a deal with PP. She loves Kendall and hopes to work a deal. So why do you feel she isn’t…do you have her on speed dial? Have you asked her? I HAVE and she has said she wants to and they are trying to work a deal. There is a reason they introduced a heart issue for her 10 second showing…and it wasn’t to kill her off. It was to link her to PV and David’s new heart device. Personally I agree TK shouldn’t be sitting on his hands. If Alicia DOESN’T return to Kendall Zach should move on, but IMO this isn’t the actress he should move on WITH. TK deserves better. He deserves an acting partner on the range of Michelle Stafford or Laura Wright. These are the level of acting talents that Thorsten deserves JMO. Sorry as pretty as PG is..she isn’t all that in the acting level Thorsten deserves.

I never said Alicia was NEVER coming back-just that she’s not coming back right now; however, you’re still missing the point of what I said. People want EVERYONE to return to AMC RIGHT NOW-and for real life reasons-that’s just not possible. This isn’t ABC’s AMC anymore-and the sooner people get that, the better

Troy I don’t want to quibble about this..what do you mean “right now”? No one is taping “right now”, which means even PG isn’t coming back RIGHT NOW or anyone. So you can’t make that statement. Do you mean in August when they start taping again? If so again I need to ask how do you know that, since nothing has been announced, in relation to your comment about Alicia. Unlike ABC, PP is very closed lipped on anything pertaining to who is coming back and who is not. We will see in August. I suspect IF Alicia isn’t willing to return to AMC, which I don’t believe for a second, fans will be willing to move on, but it doesn’t stop them for wanting. I read a lot of people still want Susan back and MEK back….can’t fault them for wanting.! Personally if the actor said I’m NOT coming back and not willing to..the fans would move on. However, the ones that haven’t said that and said they are looking to come back, the fans haven’t moved on from. Rightfully so, because they are giving fans HOPE. I sure don’t see people crying over Ryan not coming back because we all know Cam is doing way to much right now to have it happen. So I think you don’t give fans enough credit! JMO

Lea is the dumbness FBI I ever seen. She ‘s better in lap dancing she has mor personality. Zach is already boring character and pair him with another lifeless character it just like watching a paint dry.

If Zach is boring I’ll take some of that boredom any day of the week. But yes Lea is boring .

I think Paula G is lovely & talented; and I think the character of Lea has great potential. She has a certain amount of chemistry with Zach – but then Thorsten’s Zach would have chemistry with a post. Zach is obviously still carrying a torch for his wife. If Kendall were to suddenly die, then I would expect that Zach might try to move on & build a life with someone – after a long time healing & grieving. While Kendall breathes, Zendall lives in Zach’s heart. I’m OK with Zach having a playful, flirtatious interplay with Lea. The man is not dead, after all. But in no way is he ready for a new beloved. That role is still firmly held by Kendall. And I hope she gets back to Zach in short order.

I think the problem with Lea being created “for” Zach is what happens when she is not with Zach? I would like to see Lea be developed as a character on her own, not for the benefit of any man, whether his name is Zach Slater or anything else. So far we have no backstory on her, and no real clue to who she is, what she wants, or why she is so removed from anything outside of her FBI work, which, no offense to the actress because it’s all due to the writers, she hasn’t done very well so far. I would much rather see Lea as a character in her own right, interacting with lots of people to see where she fits best and then basing any romantic pairing on the resulting chemistry, and I’d say the same for any character that is new to the show. I think it does a disservice to the actress and the audience to not allow her to grow beyond the one and only person she has been allowed to share scenes with.

perfectly said. I equate this to all the pairing PP-AMC has. Pete and Celia are a prime example. This couple is also. Look at the opening credits. You have all the other characters in family or in nice hugs. No they give Lea a LAP DANCE on Zach as the opening credit. They might as well had put a sky writer out there or a banner at the bottom of the show……”you will like this couple of Zach and Lea” I’m sorry for me to accept a couple it has to be organic. You can’t create soap couples. They are created by the fans liking them and wanting them. That is why soaps fail. Look at B&B’s Hope and Liam. That is a couple they keep trying and it keeps failing. GIVE IT UP!! Let Lea prove herself to me on WHY I want her to be with my favorite Character/Actor. THEN I will decide if I like the couple. If not, I will just tune out if you feel that this is the way you are going. I have not watched Celia and Pete since week two of shoving them down my throat…I hate to do this to Zach but I will.

I hate to break it to you…but the vast majority of soap couples are created.

Exactly. There was koolaid to be drank, and the writers wanted us to do it. In the same way Pratt wanted Zach to be a Prattian kind of guy! Attempting to shove things down people’s throats is a mistake.

I completely agree Anne. We need Lea to have more story and interactions with other people to see who she really is. When they start developing her character we will see more than the tough FBI chick….

I get that CT but they don’t advertise it the first day and expect you to be ok with it. They introduce them and let the fans get use to them before they decide if they should be a couple or not, based on fan reaction. Lea and Zach were force fed to us based on the bumper and Pete and Celia were force fed to us the first day. Couples like that are a dime a dozen and never work. Hey the perfect example was Ryan and Erica. Now that was a disaster, but yet because the actors had one good scene they decided they would make a great pair. A pair that NEVER made sense. Guess the fans told them didn’t they!

I think she will interact with more characters soon. Ginger Smith did talk of more umbrella stories with the characters not being in islands. I do think though that Lea was brought on the canvas with a romance with Zach in mind .

Rumors were that Zach was brough on with a romance with Erica in mind and he became a character in his own right so I’m not too worried for Lea.

Maybe she might fill the Chief of Police post with the events of today removing Jesse , at least temporarily. I do like The FBI element though …especially if she gets to do more undercover scenes pretending to be Zach’s ” beautiful wife”. Good on the show bringing on a beautiful, intelligent woman holding a position of authority. Great step forward after the almost mysogynistic writing of Pratt. I like the way it is now Zach who has things kept for him ” for his own good” .

Funny you bring up the possible Zach/Erica pairing from way back when, a pairing that never even happened. I’ve been trying to think of a single AMC character that was brought on specifically for another established character where the relationship actually lasted, and I can’t think of one. I can think of a lot who moved on and became part of a much better pairing after the fact though.

Once she starts interacting with other characters and we get to see who Lea is in her own right, then I’ll decide if I like the character or not. Right now I’m not finding much reason to connect to her or care about her since she really doesn’t exist outside of Zach. This writing characters as islands and pushing pairings on viewers before we get to know the character never works. The best writers know that, and while they might write a story with a certain end in mind, they don’t announce it right out of the gate and expect viewers to jump on board. They let it unfold and allow viewers to think they’re discovering something wonderful and fresh and new all on their own.

I think it’s correct that the show was thinking of Zach and Erica. But the intense chemistry between TK and AM wiped that off the map, didn’t it? As well as the less interesting Kendall and ryan.
I wonder if lea is about to take another hit with her making Jesse step down as COP. DW is one of AMC’s more popular actors of all time. lea doesn’t have the right to make him do anything.

Well not everyone saw it as intense. We have to remember chemistry is subjective. Some viewers never took to Zendall, some went off them after they got together officially and some were put off later by bad writing . Chemistry is all in the eye of the beholder. I loved the spiky relationship Erica had with Zach and thought it all got a bit bland when she loved him too.

Yes but Lea, the character made Jesse, the other character step down as he had broken the law…tried to hinder the FBI’s investigation.

I don’t see how support for actors comes into that. I hope Jesse opens up his own agency…maybe Tad can join it one day. Someone willing to do whatever it takes might be better suited to be self employed.. Jesse would have more story as a PI imo.

Ah, but more than not did, as was noted by more than one columnist ala Mara Levinsky etc. I’m perfectly satisfied with my definition of the chemistry between Zach and Kendall, seeing as it became something of a phenomenon.

As far as Jesse and lea are concerned, I am waiting to see if her interference in Jesse’s life will bring her kudos or crumbs. I don’t think lea has the back up to go against one of the more idealized men on AMC. People love Jesse no matter what. Lea? Not so much.

I am only glad to see that Zach, some of the old Zach is still there. It is there in every comment which he has done more than once now clearly stating “Family is the most important thing to me” (which he always did when with Kendall) He is there in every sad look like when Bianca told him Kendall was moving on and he should too and he replied yes “someday” very sadly. And the Zach we know and love was totally there when he fingered his wedding ring after talking with Lea and you know who he was thinking about and it sure the heck was not Lea who? He also did not remove it you might notice. Everything Zach Slater has done except of course humanly attempt to move on and he could not even Lea stated if she had not stopped it he would have, has spoken HE IS WAITING FOR KENDALL! That’s it Zach and Kendall breathe each other like oxygen needed to survive. Zach can be dark and brooding this was nothing ever to do with Kendall that was always Zach Slater. Zach and Kendall have the most amazing family together, the hottest love scenes and FOREVER ALWAYS YOU will always be them and them alone. Lea should be given to that new doctor the one with no bedside manner lol they are both cold fish.

Love Kendall. But while AM is off doing her own successful thing and while Lea is on screen, on canvas I’m enjoying her story with Zach and savoring the build up of the relationship.

It really doesn’t have to be either or or at this point.

I don’t know C. It’s almost as if some viewers would prefer Zach off screen with Kendall than on screen without her. An illustration of why popular couples can be a double edged sword for the actors.

Knowing that I’m probably speaking for people who are able to speak for themselves, I just want to say that I’d have been much more happy with Zach ON screen had he not been saddled with the FBI agent. It didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in seeing him, it means I didn’t like his sidekick.

I will speak for myself. I LOVE that Zach/TK is on. Thorsten doesn’t need to have a love interest to have a story. That is what people seem to miss. WHY does he need a sidekick FBI agent who is suppose to be his love interest??? He doesn’t. He and Jesse were doing fine on their own. Zach has done many things like this previously on his own. With Jesse’s help it would have been that much better. They didn’t need LEA. Even if Leas was there it could have been Lea and Zach working together in a professional manner without this ROMANCE that doesn’t make sense given the s/l and the darkness of it. Zach is suppose to think of his libido when he family is in danger, so much so he put more guards on them, he is being investigated and accused of murder and his friends Daughter is missing and possibly being raped and abused. So that makes for a romantic s/l?? I don’t see where the romance is. That is the problem with the story. Not that Thorsten is on or Zach without Kendall. It’s that his story isn’t just about him trying to clear himself, trying to save his friends’s about this FBI agent that no one cares about and a romance with her. His s/l is being hijacked yet again…The last time it was Ryan doing the hijacking

You are absolutely entitled to think that but Zach is a romantic leading male lead . On a romance driven genre. How many males, single or married are not either flirting with or having a relationship with a female on that show?

B.C.T maybe ……..and even he adores Dixie.

I don’t know. How many men have women sewn into their suits, as Zach apparently had with lea? Yes, I’m a Zen fan. But like others, if AM was unwilling to return, I would have most certainly given another pairing a chance, had they not been forced on me. People are always (me included) talking about how cavalier Pratt was about stories and couples. I would say he had nothing over McPherson as to the inability to read an audience.

What exactly were people expecting the actress to say? “My charater is a total homewrecking and I am a terrible actress, I’m clearly just keeping the seat warm for Kendall, you should riot in the streets til they force Alicia back at gunpoint!”

She acknowledged the fan base was against her, complimented her co-star, and spoke about her opinion of the character. What exactly is the harm?

Granted, I’m not into Zach and Leah personally (I agree that they and particularly her need to interact more with the full canvas), but I understand the reality that TK wanted to do the show and Alicia didn’t at the time. Why is that so hard to understand?

It’s an assumption on your part that people didn’t understand. That’s not the issue. Honestly, this is about Zen fans versus non-Zen fans for the most part. Never the twain shall meet.

IMO this isn’t really about Zen vs Zach and Lea..It’s about a s/l that makes sense and seriously a romance between Zach and an FBI doesn’t make sense. Given the storyline and given who the character of Zach is. Ann above talked about that. Zach didn’t need a romance to have a story. He had a story until he got a sidekick.

I wasn’t even talking about the story, I’m talking about the attacks on the actress, calling her delusional and full of herself and the like for expressing what is her opinion about Lea and about Lea and Zach.

Nice interview Michael, thanks.
I am looking forward to see where the writers take Lea and to see Paula bring her to life.
I may even have to watch Devious Maids now too…

Lol…well didn’t take long for the Zendall bullies to show up. This is the main reason I cannot stand Zach/Zen….his/their fans. I’ve never seen such a group of entitled rude bullies. Everything has to be their way or they rip and tear bash and complain! Like little babies! I sometimes wonder do they ever stop to think that maybe all the negative energy they put into the universe is why they are so often not happy with the story for Zach/Zen? Perhaps they are reaping what the sow…..the karma wheel is getting them etc. Or they are just unhappy in life and like to bicker and complain and try to make everybody as miserable as they are. Not everything has to revolve around Zendall….the show focused on them for years to it’s own detriment. Record low ratings after record low ratings proved the ALL MY CHILDREN FANS don’t want the Zendall show.

Take your own inventory, Jams. Hate us at will, ist mir egal to me. Just know that we’re not leaving anymore than you are. I suspect we will also not shut up, despite the best attempts of others to encourage us in that direction.

Nadafinga, LOL!

I have taken my own inventory Pav. And the records show your bunch is filled with mean spirited, bitter, selfish bullies. NOTHING is or will ever be good enough for you. Even when you get your way you’ll find a way to complain about it and it’s never right or accepted. Character after character has been railroaded and decimated for your sucky gross father daughter duo “Zendall” and all along any character or ACTOR that dared to (by no choice of their own) be a inserted into their vortex of suck had to be bashed and abused by you and your kind.

It’s as if you guys need this couple to be able to breathe …..or work over your own personal baggage. Daddy issues? It’s disturbing and like I said you guys are just flat out mean bullies. You know it’s true when the other Zach fans that just want to see him move along are saying the same thing. Face it ….you’re the MEAN GIRLS.

Oh and grow up….how immature can you be refusing to use a capital L when writing Leah. Lame. See that I used a capital L for you:-) Take Care darling.

I for one love Lea and Zach together. PG is a wonderful addition to the cast! Thorsten is very obviously enjoying working with her and taking care of her. I was sick of Zendall years ago so to have Zach and Lea now is fantastic. Reading some of the nasty comments just adds fuel to my Zendall dislike.

I am in the same sentiments to of all those who said Zach/Lea has no chemistry. I wasn’t a Zach/Kendall fan but Zach/Lea is not working for me. I really don’t see any spark . I am really trying to like any new couple in the show but so far the only spark I saw was between David and New Colby.

What a wonderful interview. I think Lea is a very nice addition to the AMC canvas and I look forward to seeing more of what she does regardless of the couple stuff.

Paula’s comic book character sounds utterly fascinating. I love how she just took it upon herself to create one.

Lastly, I congratulate her on her pregnancy, especially in light of her past experiences. I’m glad to hear how supportive the show and especially Thorsten have been to her. I hope she knows that plenty of us in the audience are sending her good thoughts.

I don’t see any chemistry between Thorsten and Paula, and that’s saying a lot since the man usually has chemistry with anything and anyone in the room.

Nor do I get the vibe there’s any real flirting going on because I don’t think Zach is over Kendall. In my opinion, Lea is filler until Alicia’s schedule better suits Kendall’s return to Pine Valley.

All My Children

Susan Lucci Reveals She Was Contacted to Gauge Interest in Becoming ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

All My Children icon and Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement honoree, Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), apparently was being considered for the lead in the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Making this all the more intriguing is Lucci admitted she really enjoyed The Golden Bachelor’s season and has become a fan and thus a part of ‘Bachelor Nation.’

Although former ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestant Joan Vassos was the ultimate pick by ABC and the producers of The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci told PEOPLE that the show reached out to her people.

Photo: ABC

Susan shared, “I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me.” She added, “I watched The Golden Bachelor, and I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

And a few years back. her assistant got Lucci hooked on The Bachelor, as she expressed on the dating series, “I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

Photo: JPI

The outlet shared that they did reach out to ABC and Warner Bros. about potential interest in Susan. However, they did not respond. A source then told the publication that Lucci was not offered a role.

For Susan, finding a second chance at love is an interesting proposition; given that she had the most incredible and enduring 53-year marriage to her late husband and manager, Helmet Huber, who passed away at 84-years-old back in March of 2022.

So, what do you think of Susan being contacted to see if she was interested in becoming ABC’s ‘Golden Bachelorette’ for the senior dating-reality series? Comment below.

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All My Children

51st Daytime Emmys: Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Receive Talk Show Host Nominations

On Thursday, nominations were announced in the Outstanding Talk Show category for the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) coming off his first-year as co-host of ‘Live” with real-life wife, Kelly Ripa scored his first Talk Show Host nomination along with Ripa who has been nominated previous times.

Joining Mark and Kelly in the race are: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View
Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk and
Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall.

Photo: CBS

As previously reported, The Talk is coming to its end when its upcoming 15th and final season ends in December of 2024.

The 51st annual Daytime Emmys are slated to be broadcast and stream live on CBS and Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th

Look for the full list of nominations to drop on Friday morning at 12 noon ET/9 am PT.

So, are you rooting for Kelly and Mark to win their first Talk Show host award together? Comment below.

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All My Children

Mark Consuelos Celebrates One-Year Anniversary as Co-Host of ‘Live’ Alongside Kelly Ripa

Today, April 17th marks a full-year since Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) took over the co-hosting duties of ‘Live” alongside his wife, and longtime co-host, Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley, All My Children).

Consuelos replaced Ryan Seacrest who are six seasons decided to be back on the west coast full-time. For Consuelos, now having the opportunity to work off of Ripa as co-hosts has been something of adjustment for him, but viewers have been eating it up.

Live with Kelly and Mark has remained the No. 1 entertainment talk show on television over the past year, growing 3% in average total viewers to 2.23M per episode.  It is also the most-watched daytime talk show in the last year in key demos of women 18-49 and women 25-54. All of this, since the real-life marrieds teamed-up.

Photo: ABC

Speaking with Deadline, Kelly Ripa shared why the two are gelling on-screen, “I do think that there is something very possibly relatable about our relationship. We have disagreements like a normal couple, and we’re not afraid to let them unfold on the air and in front of America, and I think people find a lot of themselves in that.”

Mark weighed in how he has progressed as a host, and what he could improve at, sharing, “I’d like to get better at my interviewing skills. I’d like to get better at reading a teleprompter…I think I’m getting better at throwing to commercial. The other day in the middle of the show as we go to commercial, my sign off was ‘See you guys around.’ I mean, the show wasn’t over. The most obvious thing to say would be, ‘We’ll be back right after this.’ But I just said, ‘See you around.’ So we went to commercial and one of the producers (goes) ‘What was that?’ I don’t know… So for the next few sign offs, as a joke, I’d say ‘See you around.’ We got a kick out of it.”

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Kelly has given huge props to Mark, “I find Mark utterly compelling, really interesting, super funny, and he’s bold in a way like nobody else. He says what’s on his mind. If he’s thinking it, he says it.  I’ve done this a long time and oftentimes people will adjust their natural personalities to pander to what they think the audience wants to hear, and Mark will tell people what he thinks, and he doesn’t care if it’s not a popular opinion. It gives him an edginess that I think is really missing in the landscape today. Everybody’s so afraid to say anything, and Mark is unafraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.”

In a statement, Debra O’Connell, President News Group and Networks, Disney Entertainment shared, We could not be more thrilled with how Mark has seamlessly joined the show family as permanent co-host. His undeniable charisma and his and Kelly’s natural chemistry are evident as they deliver the laughs and smiles to our viewers each morning. We are incredibly proud of how Live has continued to evolve and that the audience is responding so enthusiastically.”

So, do you think Mark Consuelos is the best co-host his wife Kelly Ripa has ever had on ‘Live’? How would you say he is doing as co-host after one full year on the job? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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