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"The Revolution" continues to plummet in the ratings! Dreadful start for One Life's replacement!



After a bad start on Monday for One Life to Live’s replacement, the lifestyle/reality series, The Revolution, the scenario continued to worsen. Now,  according to TV Media Insights,  “After day three, the series is down 25 percent from it lead in The Chew and 35 percent from One Life to Live, in the same slot a year ago.  The moral of the story: No one ever said replacing an institution like One Life to Live would be easy…or necessary. ”

While some, like former ABC Daytime President, Brian Frons are of the belief that the audience will be trained to appreciate this kind of informational and improving one’s self series, it seems from the feedback we are reading is that women who the  new series is supposed to appeal to, are already miffed and somewhat insulted by the tips given by hosts: Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak and the doctor/experts.  So how informational and instructional can this be?

As many have seen, The Chew seems to be steadily increasing and taking hold of the timeslot given to them after the axing of All My Children, which leaves many also believing that eventually The Revolution, might get an audience. But certainly not any of the 2.8 million who watched One Life, or any of the other smart soaps fans that we know of.

If this continues, ABC will be left searching for a replacement for The Revolution while having hundreds of jobs were lost in NYC, many daytime viewers losing their favorite long standing favorite series,  and many of whom are scurrying away to the other networks to find a replacement soap opera or show for their early afternoon television fix.   Was this all worth it because The Revolution is cheaper to produce?  Perhaps for the network, but ultimately at what cost?

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I won’t be allowing those phonies to train me from the revulsion!!

Train us!!!!! They will be sadly mistaken!!!!

My training was my time to set back and watch my soaps,,,,now my training is to do everything I can to insure the destruction of ABC in my life and to forever hold a grudge against ABC.They have disrupted my life and I do not appreciate it.

amen! my anger and grief almost seem irrational.

ABC should have taken the time to asked the viewing public , who watch soaps, what THEY wanted. I hope all the replacement shows for the lost soaps, continue to fail and fall in the raitings….that’s what it’s all about.

Oh, yes. Disney is taking over SoapNet as of March 23rd, or so the gossip goes.

I agree! Although not a regular watcher of the ABC soaps, they were well-written and I’d much rather see that on TV that reality trash or talk crap! ABC= always being canceled. V, Detroit 187, No Ordinary Family, what next? Hopefully The Revolution! I am a loyal watcher of Degrassi, Gossip Girl and Days of Our Lives, but if these shows are replaced with Kar-trash-ians or stupid fashion boring and useless crap, I am done with television!!!! ABC, this is why you are always behind NBC and CBS. And why does Disney need yet ANOTHER channel? Leave SOAPnet on and air Degrassi, The Bold and the Beautiful, Gossip Girl, 90210 and new One Tree Hill episodes. SOAPnet would be much more successful. Or better yet, transfer OLTL and AMC to SOAPnet for new episodes!!

Indeed, ABC will never bring AMC and OLTL. However, it’s not to late to save to General Hospital.

We need to send letters to ABC to show our support for General Hospital. Here’s what you can include on your letters. Please be polite in the letters you send to ABC.

1) Remind ABC that they have already canceled two soaps that were important to many viewers, that the loss of these shows was difficult for many people and that out of respect to the viewers, they should at least leave us General Hospital.

2) Suggests ABC to air Katie’s new talk show at 4:00pm like Oprah did. This could be more beneficial for her show than airing it at 3:00pm because they are more people back from work at 4:00pm than there is at 3:00pm . Since Katie’s new talk show will be a syndicated show, it shouldn’t even have to interfere with General Hospital and the rest of the ABC Daytime lineup.

3) If ABC absolutely insists on giving the 3:00pm timeslot to Katie, suggest them to give the 2:00pm slot to General Hospital should The Revolution gets canceled. This could be more beneficial to ABC than having to spend millions of dollars in research for The Revolution’s replacement when they can simply replace it with General Hospital and not have to deal with yet more angry soap opera fans.

Here is the contact adress of Paul Lee

Mr. Paul Lee
ABC Entertainment Group
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4588

I will watch Days Of Our Lives on NBC,before GH, the only daytime show that, I will ever watch again on ABC. will never wash the The Chew, The Revolution , or The Talk on CBS.

A Loyal Soap Fan

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IMO Tim Gunn is not qualified nor has the credentials to give anyone advice on the revolution with only a BFA in sculpture. And neither is Ty Pennington who only has a diploma in commercial art. Doesn’t ABC vet it’s show hosts? By comparison Dr. Phil has a Ph. D..

who does Tim Gunn think he is telling us what is appropriate to wear outside of the gym???? He is not qualified to give such advice and nobody cares anyway…If i feel like wearing a sweat suit outside of a gym, i darn well will do so…these people don’t even live in the real world..why would they even think we should give a hoot about what they think we should and should not do??? I want OLTL back and will not ever watch the is permanently locked on my tv

ABC got what it deserved

Agreed!!! Goes to show ABC that “Karma Really Is A Bitch!”

I agree Karma really is a bitch & it bit abc right in the ass!

That could be the name of The Revolution’s replacement show!

Love that title! Hope it also will apply to The Chew & Katie Couric’s show too! Screw ABC!

the revolution will be cancelled very soon. but abc will not admit the mistake they made by cancelling one life to live. sorry to say stranger things have happened before. bring back one life to live on abc. please we will forgive you abc. if you bring back our soap. all my children was dropping in the ratings. it was becoming silly and boring storylines. the chew have better ratings than all my children. chew had a bad start. but they have their audience. the chew is way way better than the revolution. bring only one life to live back.

Ricardo I agree that you are entitled to your opinions but I ,like many other viewers, feel that The Chew sucks.

ABC should have NEVER cancelled OLTL. I am now watching Days of Our Lives and am waiting for the Mannings and John McBain to shake things up on General Hospital.

Dont count on them staying long. I read they are there for for a few episodes,to bring in a new story line.

I’ve watched both GH and OLTL since I was a child and am so looking forward to seeing the two soaps meld together along with the genius of Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini. It definately lessened the sadness a little bit to know I can still see Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, Kassie DePaiva and Kirsten Alderson mix it up with my GH favorites.

I hope both replacement shows fail. My tv is off during the times that AMC and OLTL aired. I miss my shows, but have found some solace in Y and R and DOOL. I want soaps. I have never been a GH fan, but will watch it online as long as some of my OLTL stars are on it. I am through with ABC. Hope the replacements continue to fail!

I’m with you Andrea!!!


It’s gonna keep on sinking… lower and lower. I could not be HAPPIER !!!!

What does abc consider its daytime audience? We are not seals to be trained into their way of thinking! We are the counter revolution. Long live One Life to Live!

Amen to that Linda..Lmao..Ya training their audiences hmm ya no…The audience is going to train ABC that we have dropped that station and moved on to others..Hell there is a smogosborg of other programing to watch..For crying out loud how many stupid talk shows, self help shows can one person take!! LOL

Daytime audience for The Chew and The Revolution: Women ages 18-49 with IQs 18-49. Men with low IQs welcome too. Anyone capable of being trained to like putrefying waste. (Actually, I think this applies to all ABC/Disney products.)

Its only been on less than a week! Not that I want it to be successful, because I don’t, but it takes awhile before certain shows catch on.

Yeah, I agree … unfortunately. All they need to do is announce to all the twits out there that Kim Kardashian or someTHING like that is going to be on and the ratings will go up.

I wouldn’t be able to comment on either show ,as I have not watched, nor will I ever watch.
It is pretty sad and pathetic that ANYONE would watch either program, THE CHEW, OR The Revolusion. ..
I remember when People USED to care about issues. I remember a time when people cared that Huge corporations didn’t treat employees well, or Replaced them for a cheaper work force.
Too many people just don’t care about Anything anymore. Take a LOOK around People!!
Look at the quality of programs that are on Television today!
Yes, There are some good quality shows left, and they are slowly being replaced by CHEAP, horrible, gross, programming…Sleazy people who fight, Yell, drink,hurt others, Mean..And we call that Entertaining?? Watching a group of 20 yrolds Drunk…Bed Hopping?? What Kind of Garbage is this? Houswives who’s only reason for living ids Gossip, Shopping, being Mean to each other…and Going to Spas? ??????
DR, Phil shows, ??DR Oz??? Self Help?? PAHLEASE!
I’m So sick of this Garbage programing. It Is AWFUL. DR Phil is one step Above Jerry Springer..exploits most of his guests for money…telling you how much he CARES about them…These are Horrible shows..all of them…..IMO.
Even our daily News broadcasts are nothing but Murders, deaths, accidents for entertainment…or they promo the latest healthcare scare get you to tune in. ALL FOR ENTERTAINMENT.
Murders are now a form of entertainment for the massess…So much so…It’s desensititized an entire Country to someone getting Shot. It’s now Normal! No one even Blinks when they hear it. It’s become quite normal to wake up, go to sleep and hear a brand new shooting. IT IS SICK.
I know I’m on a rant, But for the last 7 months, I have (as many have) been dealing with the Cancelation of OLTL and AMC.. It’s Happend..And I am so angry ,I can’t stand it.
And For people to be O.k with the fact that All of these actors etc…were Tossed out like trash…BY WATCHING THESE TWO NEW PROGRAMS IS SICKENING TO ME.
What is wrong with people?? Do they not get what DISNEY and ABC have done? Or They just do not care?
No one cares until it is Their Family member out of a job..or until it happens to them.
I think that is the real problem. Too many people only care about Themselves..and not the rest of the people in the U.S..
Greed at it’s finast.
I just Can’t wrap my head around that type of Thought process.
I hate Abc/Disney.

P.S)Looking back at the way the actors were treated before the cancellations happend……I don’t know the details….but I remember when Phil Carey (AsA) on OLTL became Ill in real life with Cancer. CANCER People!! He had been on this show for how long, 25 years? More? And when he was going through his treatments, and feeling better…They would only give him a Recurring role status..
I imagine perhaps it saved ABC/ Disney Lots of money..from having to provide insurance etc..PERHAPS? That’s how a Company treats a Valued employee after 25 years? 30 years?

How about David Canary (Adam) on AMC..I guess he was smart Not to move 3,000 miles and lose his home,right? Tossed him out with a cake…really nice..

You know, these actors Have to watch what they say……They want to work again someday…so they aren’t able to be Anything other than PC about it all……
I mean look at what they did to Robin Strasser…

30 years, and treated this way?……She had Every right to speak was dispicable what disney did to her..
And she was 100% right to speak up…but she pd for that ,didn’t she? I would imagine being on THE VIEW,, she did a great job acting on there…because if she really told you what she thought…it wouldn’t have been pretty, I’m sure. but she went on there to Honor OLTL… nothing more.. I applaud her restraint. She did a great job.

Wow! You let it all out. I’m with you and all the following replies.

Amen dear !!!! I agree with you 100% Missing AMC & OLTL !!!

And this is what we are here for to speak out for the actors.

do you feel better now?
I have not watched and will not watch either of those new shows, I am just as angry and upset as you are. I even go so far as to not turn to ABC a second early just in case the rating somehow goes to that show… I won’t even watch the View, or any of their morning shows, I do not watch the news on ABC anymore, I stay away from Disney.
I am suffering withdrawal from my long time soap addiction, I started watchhing in High School. I loved them, I loved that we had new shows every day, I loved how slow time went on them, I loved that I could keep them on and get stuff done too..
Still, I understand your rant, and hope it helped you. Personally, nothing will help me except their return. Which doesn’t seem likely.
So sad 🙁

I am also angry and upset by the cancellations of two of daytimes most compelling soaps. I watched AMC from the day it began and am still missing it terribly. OLTL fans are much more vocal now than the AMC fans because their pain is newer so I can understand how they are only fighting for their program. The thing is, we are all in this together and I’m afraid that the GH fans will join us in the Fall. We should all ban together to boycott all programming put on by ABC in the tiimeslots which aired our soaps. The Chew is not successful in its timeslot and the Revolution won’t be either; a revolution only succeeds if it has the citizens behind it and I don’t believe ABC has their audience behind them…they will fail but sadly, I don’t think this will help any of us. It is truly sad!

so sad but true, I don’t think they really care if they have any ratings at all, those shows cost only a fraction to produce so they can just keep trying different kinds of cheap garbage and take what advertisers will pay for it and too bad for the soap fans.

I’m banning abc and disney….there are over 2 million viewers of our soaps and we can make a difference if we all pull together…Who cares about abc…I just want them to sell it back to agnes or another channel because frankly at the point I wouldn’t trust them to take the soaps back and stay with them….just think over 2 million viewers moving to other channels…..that takes money out of their wallets and those who advertise on the commercials…If they lose some advertisers it is also a big chuck out of their wallets…..Lets just keep speaking up the only way we can…And that is by sticking our numbers together and never going back to abc….Shoot i quit watch the view and all other abc programming!

Hi Julie,
Well, This forum is a good outlet for all of these emotions we have all been forced to deal with, so it helps..but I’m with you…I won’t feel better until OLTL is back on..It was my favorite show…And, I did follow AMC since the beginning…and I want That program back on as well……
I’m with all of you here…I watch Nothing Disney/abc..with the exceptions of CASTLE, and Grey’s anatomy..well scripted shows that I will support.
No reality garbage..NO GMA.. All nbc and cbs for me .

amen!! So well said. I watch nothing on ABC but GH and if I miss it oh well. I absolutely hate the way Disney and ABC have treated their loyal fans and their employees. Just what we needed more people out of jobs NOT
Just a suggestion if you gat any Disney product advertisements , remind them just how many older Disney movies you own and let them no you will NEVER buy another Disney movie.

Reap what you sew ABC. You screwed the pooch on this whole deal but it looks like ABC was the pooch and Frons was doin the screwin. Now he gets to dance off like some twisted jester, laughing his fugly ass off while we are stuck with Buggy Eyes Spew and not-real professionals with tips for those living under rocks and bushes. Nay nay ABC…we’ve flown…you are dead in the water.

Have started watching CBS, Y&R, and B&B! Watched the Chew once and found it loud and silly-should be on Food Network, it is produced by the same people who do Paula Deen’s show. I agree with Ricardo, bring back OLTL and get your ratings back!

I agree. “Iron Chef” Batali and “Iron Chef” Symon already have plenty of their own shows!

I’m now tuning in to Y&R and B&B until 3:01 when I will tune in to GH. I say 3:01 because I don’t want to tune in one moment before 3:00 and have my viewership counted in the ratings. I’d rather die than be counted as a “viewer” for that piece of garbage. ABC blew it big time.

OH, good advice! I am going to change my DVR time for GH to one minute after.

You don’t need to do that. Ratings are Neilsen ratings, and you have to have a special box. You won’t be counted unless you are a Neilsen ratings household.

Actually, regular Joe-Anybody viewers DO count. From what my son was telling me your local cable company keeps a record of what you watch/DVR. They use this info to gauge how much demand there is for channel X and how much they’re willing to pay for said channel. The cable companies also do not go by the hour.. they go by the quarter hour. So when The Spew was running over into OLTL time by 2 or 3 minutes they were actually stealing 15 minutes of OLTL time to pad up The Spew. So with OLTL out and The Revulsion in that padding is gone. NOW we’ll see the REAL numbers. But don’t be surprised if they try this trick to try and salvage The Revulsion. Remember to start watching GH 3 minutes AFTER the supposed start time.

This is Karma. Why ruin a good thing when you have one.

True True and it’s another story of corporate greed by not allowing agnes or another networks to buy the soap and let their viewers move to another channel..Thus is their eyes trying to force us to watch there new programing…..We’re not lab rats ABC and Disney….we do know how to change the channel!

I can’t figure out who is watching The Chew. Certainly not me or any other die hard soap fans. Won’t even test out Chew or Revolution. I for one would like to see them both tank. I believe The Chew had to be stealing some OLTL ratings by running over with no commercial in between because I don’t know a single person who watches it.

I can’t figure this out either. How on earth could the Chew’s ratings be increasing? As I have said many times on this site, “ratings” are a mystery to me. I should be having my lunch & enjoying OLTL right now, damn it. Instead I am not even hungry, I am just totally pissed off.

I’m with you girls. I don’t get it myself.

Also related (but on CBS) after the stupid local news there is NO mention of the show that is coming up next, which is Y&R. They tell you to watch The Talk or tune in to the sister news channel.

As for ABC, I notice that they ONLY limit the runtime for GH (and OLTL was the same) to the day’s episode. There are no previews for the next day and no recaps for the previous day like they used to do. It is like they are being held at gunpoint and HATE that they have to have these shows on their network. It’s like they want as little of it as possible.

A little advertising would do the genre wonders, but they don’t care.

I’m posting this again in case you missed it further back —

Actually, regular Joe-Anybody viewers DO count. From what my son was telling me your local cable company keeps a record of what you watch/DVR. They use this info to gauge how much demand there is for channel X and how much they’re willing to pay for said channel. The cable companies also do not go by the hour.. they go by the quarter hour. So when The Spew was running over into OLTL time by 2 or 3 minutes they were actually stealing 15 minutes of OLTL time to pad up The Spew. So with OLTL out and The Revulsion in that padding is gone. NOW we’ll see the REAL numbers. But don’t be surprised if they try this trick to try and salvage The Revulsion. Remember to start watching GH 3 minutes AFTER the supposed start time.

The Chew is probably gaining ratings mostly from people who watch only reality reruns and talk during daytime. Loyal soap fans would NEVER watch that crap, unless they never liked the ABC soaps to begin with.

ABC execs should be fired for lack of commonsense. OLTL was a ratings winner everyday. I so miss the folks of Llanview coming to my house everyday.

I will never watch either of the shows. I have no interest in what they are offering. I have watched soap operas in the afternoon my whole life. When I worked, I taped them and watched them when I got home. Now they are gone and afternoons are empty……all so ABC/Disney could save a few dimes. I am so angry and disgusted at ABC, I will never watch it again. Disney will never get another dollar of my money or time. I will make sure that everyone I know is aware of how slimy they have acted from the very beginning of this debacle. Continued bad publicity will get Disney in the end. I bet Walt is spinning in his grave like a top because of how you have defiled his name.

I agree about the afternoon being empty. It’s almost like a death in the family…well maybe not that extreme, but sorely missed. And sometimes they were just as crazy as families and friendships can be.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

I love that comment:”Trained”! How does it feel to be viewed as one of Mr Pavlov’s DOGS?

It’s time for OLTL and GH fans to put their differences aside and to join forces to save General Hospital.

I’m calling out all OLTL fans, GH fans as well as Y&R/B&B/DAYS fans to boycott The Revolution like the plague and to support General Hospital by watching it live on ABC as much as possible (if possible, avoid the DVD or online thing). I know that General Hospital isn’t exactly the best soap right now, but it needs our help and it’s time to save it and prevent this cancellation poison that has completely wiped out the the NY soaps from infiltrating itself on the LA soaps.

Because if General Hospital gets canceled, you can be sure that these anti-soap executives won’t stop it there and will go after the three remaining soaps until they have succeeded in fully killing a genre that has existed since the 1930s .

So let us, ALL soap opera fans, join force to save General Hospital and
show these bigwig network executives that soap operas are still a viable business in 2012.

Very well said, Heather! Both of these posts are spot on!

I have read on other message boards that we should get the names of the advertisers of these so-called replacement shows and write to them threatening to boycott their products. I would do it, but I would have to do it on the TV that is not hooked up to Tivo. Since I am not a Neilsen household, having that garbage on my non-Tivo set should not matter. I would be willing to do that for one day while GH is recorded on the other set.

But I just don’t know if any of this will matter. I am getting really sad. I have read about all the SWANs that are supporting Agnes Nixon in getting her rights back. I just don’t think that will happen. I worked at one of these distributors and saw countless, rejection form letters whenever someone wanted permission to make something like a play. They are notorious for keeping ALL their intellectual property rights because they do not want ANYONE profiting from them.

I don’t think Ms. Nixon will ever get her rights back. She would be better off creating a new show called All My Lives to Live with characters named Erica Manning who lives in Pineview or something.

Sorry. I guess I am really outspoken today.

Realistically speaking, I don’t think that AMC and OLTL can be saved nor do I think that ABC will give/sell the soaps back to Nixon . That’s why I have given up this battle in order to devote myself to a more realistic battle which to save GH even though if I have always prefered OLTL over GH.

The plan is to boycott The Revolution so that it gets canceled and that GH gets a timeslot in September . This is something that can really happen if all the soap opera fans gather together and support GH by watching it either live on ABC either on . These two mediums are counted on the ratings. What is disregard are DVD or Youtube.

Boycott? The Chew and The Revolution are repulsive. Who in their right mind would have to think about intentionally avoiding either or the rest of the garbage ABC thinks is programming? People didn’t boycott the primetime comedy Work It. It crashed and burned. The Chew and The Revolution are headed to the same graveyard. And Brian Frons claimed to be proud of their creation. Can you imagine claiming to be proud of these two pathetic embarrassments? That makes as much sense as thinking people can be trained to want garbage.

Couldn’t agree more! I am a loyal fan of DOOL, as well as several primetime soap operas. The Chew and The Revolution…there are about a thousand other shows out there that are basically the same thing. And what STUPID titles!!! Like my dad says, no creativity in American television anymore. Either more useless game shows, boring talk, or mindless reality TV.

“If this continues, ABC will be left searching for a replacement for The Revolution ”

That replacement will be General Hospital

Well said! I certainly won’t watch ABC’s cheap & boring replacement shows. Since AMC was cancelled, I have been watching DAYS, & reruns of old AMC episodes on Soapnet. I’m also starting to watch GH, & it will be nice to see some citizens of Llanview there next month. I miss my OLTL family.

ABC needs to move quickly and make a bold move and get One Life To Live Back into production immediately…they could pretend this was a bad dream. If I were in charge I would apologize for the stupidity of hurting loyal viewers and not realizing the importance these soap operas had. I would then be the hero and not bring back just OLTL, but I would start a talk show with soap stars and let them help people and talk about life issues. I would even start a new soap opera. But they better hurry, because they will never watch ABC daytime without their soaps and other networks are getting the viewers. Come on ABC/ Disney, what are you waiting for.

REALLY! Wouldn’t they be somewhat of a hero if they could just STEP UP & ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE? Bring OLTL back & beg everyone’s forgiveness for their stupidity, short-sightedness, moneygrubbing, IGNORANCE, lack of understanding of the fabric of this country! Serials, soap operas, daytime dramas, soaps, our shows-call them what you will-these are the stuff that make America America. Get with it ABC! Man up, make it RIGHT.

If anything, make OLTL a primetime weekly soap, as well as AMC. Still, it being aired as a daily daytime drama would be preferred.

I am just amazed at what has happened. It boggles my mind that ABC thinks people want more of this garbage…..primetime is a different audience from daytime……and based on what I watch I don’t want to see one more cooking show or self help show….who do the guys at ABC consult to find out what shows to put on……and yes, all the actors and crew out of work and now a show that will tank (hopefully and thank goodness) is pure genius….. The talent (and I use that loosely) on The Revolution is painful to watch…I watched the first day just to see and sure enough, a disaster of a show…..made me sick to think what was taken off all in the name of the almighty buck … are the other networks able to keep their soaps on????

I will never watch these two stupid shows. I watched oltl for 25 years and nothing will ever replace it. I hope both of these shows sink. Those were the only shows I even watch on t.v. And they were the best soaps on t.v. and we have to lose them for these two retarded shows that no one cares about. I am boy cotting abc. All morning we have talk shows and now all afternoon. thank you for ruining my t.v. time those soaps were the only shows I even sit down to watch.


OLTL lasted 43 plus years. May The Revolution not even last 43 weeks! Sounds like it won’t. Hurray!

they should realize that we are intelligent adults who can make their own life choices..what do I care what Tim Gunn thinks I ought to wear to whatever??? Problem is, these self glorified know-it-alls actually think they and their opinions are important to people who live REAL lives…ughh

make The Revolution not even last 43 days

Regardless of how we fans rant and rave, the network (ABC) has decided, ALL the networks are apparrently deciding in fact, to phase out daytime serials which we’ve known for decades. The writing is on the wall… indeed will be AMC. I mean, just think about it!—Katy Couric HAS to “go in somewhere” with all the hype last summer with her new show being announced.and the 3:00PM slot is almost certainly destined to be “hers”. ABC network likely will do everything it can to successfully launch this show too, in cooperation with their affiliates signing up Katy’s show to air next fall season around the 3:00 PM timeframe. Duh! We’re not stupid to see (and expect) THAT coming either!

What I envision possibly happening over the next coming months is IF Chew and Revolution fail, there will be some shuffling around or “experimenting” with revised schedules, but our favorite soaps are gone, gone gone—NEVER no more to return….ever.

The whole industry is changing and a lot is going on behind the scenes we fans don’t know about including network suggested “fights” with the various unions representing talent and production staffs on these soaps. Soaps have become too expensive to produce…period. Now, granted–Madison Avenue might start noticing (perhaps?) that advertising revenue is going to be responding to the exodus of loyal daytime viewers, though. (notice I said “perhaps”….but, we shall see, right?) I do wonder about that!

But, do you know what I really predict if all this ruckus and mayhem continues? The networks could “give back” afternoon hours to local affiliates who will plug in their own programming (sit-coms, police or detective dramas, moview, reruns, etc.). The local NBC affiliate here is doing that right now since Another World bowed out years ago. Reruns of Law and Order !

One thing about it: When the network daytime “blocks” start significantly failing to bring in the audience, the local affiliates lose their “edge” too, and their late afternoon shows like 5 and 6 PM newscasts suffer in their ratings! Just let THAT trend start echoing across the land! The networks will be hearing complaints from their affiiliates! (Remember Jay Leno’s 10:00PM timeslot back a few years ago which impacted local affiiliates 11:00PM newscast audiences? DISASTER! Boy, but did NBC do some quick fixing!)

Ultimately though, we soap fans may as well quit crying because no one is really listening to us. No one.

Serialized drama may return one day. But by then, another whole new generation will have to “get hooked” because we probably will all be gone. Long gone. –It’s sad.

No, we’d all do well to begin looking for other ways to fill our afternoons. I join others here apparently as I turn off my TVs promptly every afternoon at 2:00PM as B&B signs off each day.

It’s strange, you know? Since OLTL went dark, it’s really the first time in years and years I suppose that there is NO Soap , even ANY alternative soap to get used to now, on the east coast at 2:00PM during that time of day. I mean, when ATWT wound up, I eventually went to (and got fixiated with) OLTL !

LOL……now? with nothing available for a 2:00PM soap?….I feel like I’m in withdrawal!

Oooops! I need to correct the first paragraph in my post to say it’s GH that I think will likely be axed next making way for Katy Couric! (I already know AMC was cancelled! It’s obvious I’m furious with all these soap cancellations and I still had AMC on my mind when I should have said GH!) –Oh well. I’m sure my fellow soap fans will totally understand…right? The thought of the possibility of another soap cancellaton “looming” makes me sick.

Truly the best news! I hate, hate, hate ABC- I wasn’t even a One Life regular viewer until news of their cancellation- at which point I DVR’d it and loved each episode. I love soaps (Days, GH) and I resent ABC for its careless treatment of a beloved genre. I ferverntly hope that ABC loses viewers each and every day. I use to love Katie Couric, but since news of her upcoming show seems to trigger the possibity of canceling or moving GH, I won’t watch her show either. In face, (except for GH), I just don’t watch anything on ABC anymore.

I think it will be like the 12:30 hour. NBC and then ABC gave the half an hour back to the affiliates. It would not surprise me if they put on INFOMERCIALS on in those time spots. THE PHEW got like 2.4 million Monday and THE DEVOLUTION got 1.9 so it lost from it’s lead in.

Train? Really…. You train a dog so is ABC calling us DOGS? I hope ABC flops! Maybe us trained dog’s will watch other networks as ABC starts to crumble.

ABC no longer exists for me between the hours of 1 and 3pm. I tune in at 3pm for GH. Unless some miracle occurs and our beloved soaps come back, no matter what else is put on in their places, I WILL NOT be tuning in during that timeframe again. I actually migrated to CBS and started watching Y&R and B&B (between 12:30pm and 2pm), nothing like AMC and OLTL, but imo, certainly a better choice than the reality shows (yawn) that have replaced our wonderful ABC soaps. Like I said when the announcement was first made way back when, I get the point of saving money, but how much are you actually saving if you do not have the viewers??????

All I have heard from everyone is they were not going to watch ABC/Disney. I just got off the phone with my satellite provider. When I told him I was boycotting ABC/Disney and I wanted all the disney channels and any other channels that ABC was affiliated with taken out of my package. He was totally clueless as to why. He had not heard from one other customer that they had a problem with ABC. Surly I am not the only one that has had disney taken out of their package with their cable provider. I also reduced my bill by $26.00 a month. Please note: I was not able to get rid of all my disney channel s, but I was able to reduce them from 6 down to two.According to everything I am reading if you do not have a neilson rating system in your home ABC does not know what you are watching. Therefore simply turning off that channel is not enough. If we call our satellite or cable providers and reduce our packages we want be the only ones putting pressure on ABC.

I am on here for one reason only, and that is that I am glad the “soaps” are on the way out! Maybe if the people that are upset at “The Chew” and “The Revolution” would get off the couch with their box of bon bons and actually do the exercises maybe “OUR” country wouldn’t the leader in Diabeties and Obesity!!! LIVE IN REALITY PEOPLE!!!!

No one can argue about diabetes and obesity being such a big health concern in the U.S.. However…..don’t blame the daytime serials, please.

For the record, many Americans cannot physically get up off their couches and do exercises because they’re aged, perhaps physically challenged or impaired (even infirmed for many OTHER health reasons).And, it’s THAT segment of the population whom I feel especially sad for as the soaps get cancelled. The daily camarderie of having these fictional characters and their families play out their life’s stories has provided wonderful ways to pass otherwise long days in hospitals and health care and convalescent facilities. What are these folks going to do now? Many can’t read or hear well. Many have looked forward to the “escape” or diversion from pain or boredom simply by having one hour “visits” with their soap families and all THEIR day to day problems. For decades, many of these viewers have even perhaps been inspired or encouraged by these on-screen portrayals.

And, let’s not forget how many of today’s social issues have been brought to the forefront because of the soaps. Daytime dramas have become an indelible part of American life. And, as popular as soaps in Europe and other countries have become, let’s not forget it was America that helped pioneer the way for them as well! The demise of daytime drama is closing out a chapter of entertainment history. Who would have thought even ten years ago that daytime soaps would ever become “extinct”. –And, that sure seems to be their destiny right now.

So beware! Tread carefully when you criticize the loyal and faithful daytime soap viewers of the past 50+ years or so because we have some very deep and painful wounds inflicted upon us lately which will take a very long time to heal! (that is, if they EVER heal!)

I’m considering that suggestion to “LIVE IN REALITY”………Hmmmmmm.
The “reality” we’re living in now is recognizing our faithful viewing and loyalty to these soaps is being totally ignored, even scoffed at to our faces. We also grieve to see how the talented actors, crews, and other staff members of our beloved soaps are being treated. “Disrepectful” doesn’t even describe what we viewers sense must be going on behind the scenes to these people by egocentric,arrogant network executives. It’s deplorable and disgusting for us to be hearing and reading about the way these soaps are being regarded. Sadly, we viewers however, can’t seem to do anything about it and THAT is even more disheartening.

No sir. Inferring that we daytime soap fans have for too long (now) been sitting back and eating our bon bons isn’t going to sit too well around here. Those kinds of comments are simply way off the mark. Get it? –WAY off.

ever here of a dvr nunn? and btw, i am not fat nor do i eat bon bons. your attention getting remarks are in really bad form and speak volumes to your personality. i am not upset at the chew or the revolution. i am upset that this level of white trash television replaced quality daytime programs. programs that more often than not actual had public service messages and more importantly, fulfilled the original mission statement of television – entertainment… the inane banter from obese chefs, old queens and greasy crackheads do not come close to providing.

Wrong! I lost 85 pounds. Part if it was diet, but because I mostly eat fruits,vegetables, and whole grains already, most of it was recording the soaps and then working out on the elliptical in my basement before or after my sedentary job. I have a rule that I only watch them when I am exercising. Now I am down to just one to record, so only 35 minutes a day instead of about an hour. So it will have the opposite effect. Anyway, you are just a shill for ABC. Loser!

For those that watch the other networks – I have always been faithful to ABC. For someone who likes those stories – which of the remaining ones do you think I would like best?

You may be glad that soaps are on the way out and you have a right to your opinion. Where you go wrong with your argument is that you assume that those of us who watch soaps sit at home and eat bon bons. First of all I started watching soaps with my mom in the evening because she taped them on our VCR. I then left for college and taped them myself. I was excited when Soapnet became a channel so I could catch my soaps several times a week when I had time. I have been recording my shows for years. Now for several years I have been using my DVR. I am very rarely on the same week that the shows air. I work full time and most of the time a 60 hour work week. Soaps have always been a relaxation for me and a way for me to escape. I live in reality but ENJOY entertainment and that is OLTL has given me for decades. I hate reality shows because they are not reality yet claim to be reality. If anyone needs to live in reality it is the fans of reality shows. Although they have every right to watch whatever genre of television that is enjoyable to them. There were many jobs lost by the cancellation of OLTL. It wasn’t just the actors and actresses who lost their jobs, but make up artists, writers, etc. Please get off your high horse and realize everyone likes something different. We have every right to want our show back it has been a part of our lives for decades!

Live in reality? Yes our country has problems with overweight, etc. but first of all what does a fashion show like The Revolution have to do with these issues? Second of all, there are tons of shows just like these two already on air! Third of all, the “reality” shown today are Kardashians wasting $10,000,000 on a wedding where the marriage lasts 75 days before the sluts move on to the next man! While some soaps depict similar storylines, most give us better storylines than ur reality crap!

The Chew and The Revolution will never have a viewer in me. Yeah, I could use some cooking lessons, and Lord knows I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I’ll never get the same enjoyment from these types of shows that I got from OLTL.

For the past week, I’ve come home from work and there are no new OLTL episodes on my DVR. My world is askew and I don’t like it. I was planning on boycotting ABC, but that will have to wait because I’ll follow the Mannings and McBain to GH and will stay tuned as long as TnB are there. After that, I’m done with ABC daytime and primetime. I have no loyalty to a network that showed no loyalty to the cast and crew of AMC and OLTL, as well as the millions of faithful fans of both shows.

When the low ratings for The Spew came out last September The bald guy who’s on there called Soap Fans Morons when all the fans let it be known they would never watch this garbage in place of AMC. Now, I’m reading that they equate us to Circus Animals who can be trained—————–More like Brain Washed to watch this Revulsion in place of OLTL. Enough with the INSULTS ABC/DISNEY!!! We are intelligent, educated, hard working, tax paying consumers who bought (notice I said bought in the past tense) the many products advertised on our Beloved Soaps. I don’t care what happens to your network because the ONLY time I tune in is to watch GH. I watch NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING else on your network including my Local News. I have tuned in to Y & R the 2 days I was off work this week. It will never be what AMC or OLTL meant to me but, there are a couple of familiar faces at least from AMC like Angie and Annie and I hear Jessie will be joining them soon! I will gladly give them my support to keep scripted drama alive. Keep your Reality Crap, Self-Help, Psyco-Analyses and etc. and use it on yourselves. Our lives are our reality, that’s why we enjoyed escaping it for an hour or two each day. When I think of the wonderful, wholesome company Walt Disney created, I agree he truly must be spinning in his grave. He stood for families doing things together, whether it was visiting his theme parks or enjoying watching the Wonderful World of Disney. Now , thanks to these so-called know-it-alls ( like Brian Frons) two shows that had a total of 80+ years of loyal viewers and were like family members, were disregarded like yesterday’s news,and they have the nerve to call us MORONS!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU JERKS!!!!!

I am still missing AMC. After GH ends, I will no longer watch anything on ABC. In fact, the only things that I watch on the networks during the day is the remaining soaps. There are some great shows on cable and the Internet. I will not run out of shows to watch for a long time. If AMC or a new soap with the AMC actors come back, I will watch and I am willing to pay for it. I am sorry for the OLTL fans. I know how they feel. I am thinking the only reason The Chew numbers are higher is because the people watching the show before it are not changing the channel fast enough.

I now watch DOOL when I used to watch OLTL will never watch chew revolution or Katie Couric

Well I have to throw this in I guess people need the Chew to learn how to eat the Bon Bons? They said years ago that soaps was the dumming down of America would you like for me to list all the reality shows that do that? What channel is Modern Family on I just heard the news talking about some kid dropping the F Bomb. So I do not see how they are improving one’s IQ.

ABC is on my hit list. scripted shows are what us old farts, now retired want to see. soaps calm me and take me away from my problems. the chew and revolution are mirrors that i would rather provide for myself, not the network doing so

I am a long time soap fan and I can not be trained to watch anything that I don’t want to watch. I am a person not an animal that needs to be trained. Shame on Brian Frons for making such a comment. I will continue to support GH but no longer watch any other shows on ABC. ABC could redeem themselves real quick by putting the soaps back on where they belong

It’s a good thing that this revolting show is tanking. Now, maybe GH can be saved and moved into the time slot. It’s little consolation, however, to me and the millions of OLTL fans. I miss my show more than words can describe. I am truly heartbroken. I will NEVER forgive ABC for taking away the one thing that I could count on, 5 days a week for the past 43 1/2 years.


So ” The Revolution” is plummeting in the ratings, huh? Obviously, this can’t come as any surprise to anyone!!!!!!! Well, as for me, I contuinue to watch Y&R, and now, with OLTL gone, I now watch DAYS, then GH. When I watch TV in the daytime, I want to be entertained, not preached to, yelled at, or talked down to. And nowadays, that’s what we’re getting more of, with all of these advice, courtroom, and crazy talk shows. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s scary to me!!!! As of now, we’re just down to only 4, a mere 4, daytime soaps left on TV!!!!! And people, we need to start watching and supporting ALL of them NOW!!!!! Or pretty soon, those shows will end up gone, too!!!!!! Please think about that the next time we start bitching at ABC for cancelling OLTL! Not that they don’t deserve the criticism, mind you, but we also need to see the bigger picture here. Let’s watch the soaps that are still on now, and appreciate them while they’re here!

Don”t they know that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, obviously not if they say they can train us…LOL,,,,Who has on the rose peddled glasses….

Shows just how little Frons thought of Daytime viewers to think we can be ‘trained’ to watch something – think again –
the revolution will not be televised in my home – Ever.


Why is this a surprise? The powers that be underestimated the passion of the soap fans and now have egg on their face! Fools! We will not stop protesting until you give Agnes Nixon the rights to the shows that SHE created and has nurtured.

Disney/ABC represents the GOP/Republican Greed on Steriods.

If this is true, why was the president at walt disney world,just last week?and not all republicans are greedy, just the ones in office along with the democrats.this has been one of the worst weeks for me ,I have missed one life to live terribly ,I hope everyone is still boycotting abc,only watching general hospital.I have no idea what is up with that revolution show ,but the ads they show during gh ,that show is just awful.and I hear that the chew is high in the ratings,why ? who watches that stuff?or is abc telling fibs ,just to get people (not me)to watch.Last week I heard that the mannings will only be on a few times,I read that at kassie depavas facebook page,she wanted her fans to know its not permanent ,at this time ,hearing that ,well Im not to happy about it ,but I have faith in our new general hospital writers and will tune in.also Im sad that kristan storms is still sick ,I wish her will ,she is missed.and about cameron mathison going to desperate housewives ,are you serious ,when abc canceled all my children and one life to live I quit watching anything on abc,so I dont care if barney the dinosaur guest stars on that show ,and I did watch it from the beginning,my soaps mean more to me.and one life to live ,no other show will or could replace it, I miss the adventures in landview pa.

I am not sure how ABC wanted to TRAIN me but this past week, I trained myself to turn my Direct TV recievers to other stations right after Good Morning America and not turn back until the nightly news. I am well trained now.

the best way to train yourself would be not to watch anything on abc except for general hospital,that means the news, the morning shows ,there all alike the same crap ,on all the channels so just find another morning show thats not on abc.I watch my local nbc cbs or fox for my local news then I go to discovery id channel.I refuse to bring abc any ratings of any kind,abc broke my heart when they killed all my children and one life to live ,ive watched abc soaps since the beginning of general hospital ,so you can say I have changed big time on how I view television,and if abc gets rid of general hospital ,they wont have me ever watching anything else,the shows they replaced are a insult to me ,I have no problems with myself the way I dress the food I eat ,I certainly dont need a headshrinker at my got rid of the soaps to line there pockets and traded good programing for garbage,abc use to be a class network, not anymore.

[Warning: sarcasm alert] Wow, what sacrifice. ABC must be shaking. Networks can do anything and most people have little will power to resist. You’ll be back to watching ABC daytime in no time if you cannot resist GMA and the nightly news. You are well trained. In a month, you’ll probably be rooting for The Chew and The Revolution. Enjoy.

If you have to watch anything on ABC, let it be GH, not crap like GMA or nightly news that can be viewed on other stations!

Breaking News

51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations: CBS Soaps Score Most, Eric Braeden, Dick Van Dyke, Guy Pearce Receive Nods

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) have officially announced on Friday, the full list of nominees for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

While Thursday brought with it four reveals of the nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama, Talk Show Host, Lead Actor and Actress categories (as presented by various entertainment news programs), today’s nominations include all the other categories not previously announced.

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast is set to be presented live on Friday night, June 7, at 8 PM EDT /delayed PT, on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. This will mark the 18th time that CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys.

Photo: JPI

In addition, The Daytime Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmy Awards will be presented on Saturday, June 8 at t9 PM ET/6 PM PT and streamed on The Emmys apps and at The ceremonies will take place at the Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles.

Television icon, Dick Van Dyke has received his first-ever Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performer category for his touching portrayal of Timothy Robicheaux on Peacock’s Days of our Lives. The nomination makes Van Dyke the oldest Daytime Emmy nominee in history at 98-years-old.  In addition, motion picture and TV star, Guy Pearce, is also nominated as Guest Performer for his longtime role as Mike Young in the reboot of Neighbours.

Speaking of Neighbours, the Australian soap opera also received its first ever Daytime Emmy nomination for Daytime Drama Series now that its a revival can be streamed on Amazon Freevee. In addition, The Young and the Restless iconic, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) received his first Daytime Emmy nomination in more than 20 years in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

In the Daytime Drama series categories, CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless each scored 12 nominations more than any other show. Leading the acting nominations was B&B, who landed 7 performers in the various categories, a first in its 37-year history.

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President & CEO, NATAS expressed, “We are happy to once again honor the creative talent both in front of and behind the camera of America’s favorite Daytime programs. We look forward to celebrating the icons who enliven the days of audiences across the country.”

Photo: JPI

Brent Stanton, Head of Daytime, NATAS added, “Producing the Daytime Emmys is a labor of love for all of us at NATAS. The huge popularity of these shows continues to be must-see viewing for their fans.” NATAS also revealed that Lifetime Achievement Honorees, Hosts, Presenters, and Silver and Gold Circle honorees will be revealed at a later date.

The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in television programming honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be produced once again by NATAS and Associated Television International (ATI). Adam Sharp and Lisa Armstrong are executive producers from NATAS, while David McKenzie executive produces from ATI.

Congratulations to all the men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes for their recognition as we take a look at who will be going for gold come June. Here are the nominees below starting with the Daytime Drama Categories.

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital


The Young and the Restless


Tamara Braun, Days of our Lives

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michelle Stafford,  The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

Photo: JPI


Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo: JPI


Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey, Days of our Lives

Courtney Hope, The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier, The Young and the Restless

Emily O’Brien, Days of our Lives

Photo: JPI


Robert Gossett, General Hospital

Bryton James, The Young and the Restless

Wally Kurth, Days of our Lives

A Martinez, The Bay

Mike Manning, The Bay

Photo: JPI


Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless

Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Alley Mills, General Hospital

Guy Pearce, Neighbours

Dick Van Dyke, Days of our Lives


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


General Hospital

The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

Photo: ABC


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade

The Kelly Clarkson Show


African Queens: Njinga

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

Start Up

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show

General Hospital

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Jennifer Hudson Show


Photo: WarnerBros


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show


The View

The Young and the Restless


“Shine” General Hospital

“Unexpected Truth”Unexpected

“We’re Home” Reconnecting Roots


The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Tamron Hall

Turning The Tables with Robin Roberts

The View

Photo: ABC


Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight



Be My Guest with Ina Garten

Family Dinner

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Valerie’s Home Cooking

What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel


Hot Bench

Judy Justice

Justice For The People with Judge Milian

The People’s Court

We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

Photo: Disney/ABC


Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Mark

Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall


Lidia Bastianich, 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Eduardo Garcia, Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia

Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Cooks

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Buddy Valastro, Legends of the Fork


Frank Caprio, Caught in Providence

Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner , Matt Cohen, Cassie DiLaura, Denny Directo, Will Marfuggi, Rachel Smith, Entertainment Tonight

Deborah Norville, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero, Ann Mercogliano, Jim Moret, Les Trent. Inside Edition

Robert Hernandez, Star Jones, Divorce Court

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco, Sarah Rose, Judy Justice

What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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All My Children

51st Daytime Emmys: Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Receive Talk Show Host Nominations

On Thursday, nominations were announced in the Outstanding Talk Show category for the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) coming off his first-year as co-host of ‘Live” with real-life wife, Kelly Ripa scored his first Talk Show Host nomination along with Ripa who has been nominated previous times.

Joining Mark and Kelly in the race are: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View
Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk and
Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall.

Photo: CBS

As previously reported, The Talk is coming to its end when its upcoming 15th and final season ends in December of 2024.

The 51st annual Daytime Emmys are slated to be broadcast and stream live on CBS and Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th

Look for the full list of nominations to drop on Friday morning at 12 noon ET/9 am PT.

So, are you rooting for Kelly and Mark to win their first Talk Show host award together? Comment below.

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Breaking News

51st Daytime Emmys: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Nominations

On Thursday, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards revealed nominations in several key categories via four entertainment news programs: Access Hollywood, E! News, Extra and Access Hollywood.

Three of the four announcements were major categories in the field of Daytime Dramas.

The nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category are: The Bay, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Neighbours and The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital won this category last year, and has the most all-time wins for a series in this category. For the first time, the beloved Australian-based soap opera, Neighbours is now eligible for competition due to its reboot which streams on Amazon Freevee.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in ceremonies in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th.

Previous categories announced tonight via the entertainment news outlet included: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

So, what do you think about this year’s nominee for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series? Who do you think should win? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

Airdate: 4-12-2024