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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: A Violent Confrontation Between J.T. And Victoria

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The rumors of J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) returning to Genoa City and potentially being an abusive father or ex-husband, may turn out to be true, in some capacity after all.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and J.T’s relationship takes an ugly turn when J.T. seems to unleash a verbal lashing to Victoria about how her upbringing in the Newman family has allowed her to experience many things in life that others less fortunate could not have.  He then proceeds to list her failings as business executive, in love life relationships, and more. Chief among those failings was screwing up Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) downfall.

Relentless, J.T. then brings up Reed’s (Tristan Lake Leabu) DUI and puts the blame squarely on Victoria.  As he rants on a list of her bad decisions, Victoria wants him to stop.  He grabs her arm.  She starts trying to push him away, and they get into a beginning of what appears to be a punching match.  Next thing you know, J.T. has Victoria back against a wall, puts his hands around her throat, and then launches a fist towards her face, which looks to have hit the wall.

Watch the scene after the jump.  Then let us know what you thought of this story turn between J.T and Victoria?  Where will Y&R go with the story from here?  Could J.T. wind up dead?  Are you upset that this character displayed this behavior towards Victoria? Comment below.

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Wow, never thought about JT getting murdered angle!

JT has always been a “bad boy”

Not too much of a detective either… I guessed that Victor was setting him up and JT is so full of himself that this is going to be a real big bite in his behind.

I think we will now witness Victoria’s vulnerable side and she will start to believe everything JT has said about her. With that, unless anyone sees her bruises, I believe that Victoria is going to keep this incident to herself.

ok after todays show we can see victor will have amnesia and jack will be blamed for victors fall,,j,t and victoria will be about to marry and victor will remember it was j,t…that pushe dhim down the stairs,,,
and what jack isnt johns son

Scary. I guess we now know why Mac is suing for custody.

I don’t know how I feel about this story. I did want Victoria and JT to be happy. I guess we’ll see how the story goes on how it is.

WOW, I think this is a good storyline to address the horrible situation of domestic violence which I don’t remember if it’s ever been address on a daytime drama……I think Thad and Amelia did a wonderful job…OK, what I am wondering if we are going to have continuing scenes of where it left off on Wed’s episode or a new day and not know what transpired between JT and VIctoria??? This is what I don’t like about Mal’s writing where he doesn’t continue where the scene ends and we are suppose to wonder what actions and discussions that the character’s had…

Y&R did a domestic abuse story revolving around April, Paul’s ex wife and her new husband– and Paul had to come to her rescue and try to convince her to seek help.– but that was a long time ago– but is the first one I can recall affecting a main character directly. And thankful this was one of the rare times Mal continue the drama from where it left off and we got some powerful scenes today dealing with the aftermath.

Hi Mary SF, I remember April but don’t remember her ex husband but my memory is not like it use to be…I have yet to see today’s episode and so glad it continued where left off…

WOW, I was so impressed with the whole show today…excellent writing and acting by everyone involved…I am so THANKFUL that Mal continued where the story left off and this is the way writing should be…Mal, you made an impression on me today and if you continue writing like this I will continue to watch…

I don’t know if this will jog your memory, but April’s abusive husband was named Robert Lynch and he was a dentist. Eventually, April killed him with a letter opener in self defense and when he threaten to harm Heather– Christine got her off –I think the story was early 90’s

THANKS so much Mary SF, vaguely, wow I am starting to worry about myself for so much I am forgetting but a LOT has happened between then and now plus I slept since then, LOL…I appreciate the info…

Yes on General Hospital Sam Morgan was abused when she was working as a con artist. Then her sister Kristina was in one with her teenage boyfriend Kiefer.

Domestic violence is a real problem in our world — even among the elite — and daytime drama is best at illuminating such for awareness and effects of change. I am not sure what this story turn means for J.T.’s long-term future with the show, and I hope the actor can remain. Perhaps the story will be a longer kept secret or result in actions that ripple throughout Genoa City for the Newmans and their connections. I hope it will not be a flash-in-pan story point solved in a day or two. Life does not work that way. Y&R remains my favorite of the legacy four.

Very chilling depiction of abuse. Hadn’t seen anything like that on a soap. Does JT truly have anger issues, or is this behavior brought about by the medication we’ve seen him take? Too many questions about this guy…questions Victoria should have asked WAY before her dad brought them up to her.

So Y&R is doing either one of two things: writing a story where J.T. has a series medical problem that is causing him to act out of character, or completely destroying his character in order to service a plot and tell a story. I seriously hope it’s not the latter, because too many soaps completely ruin legacy characters in with story-driven material. Sharon is a prime example of that.

I actually like the “medical problem” alternative. As pointed out by you and many other posts here, there is nothing in the history of JT that would ever support him being a “wife beater.”

I also agree with your comment about Sharon. That poor character has been pillaged in the support of otherwise lousy plots. I’m not sure that I’m a huge fan of the recent “Sharon as Charitable Do-Gooder” that we’ve seen for the past year; however, I’ll take a “Saint Sharon” over a mentally ill Sharon hopping into bed with Victor and seizing control of Newman Enterprises.

Personally, I’ve always thought Sharon Case did a very good job of playing the decent (but victimized) heroine who truly loved Nick but did really stupid things. I’ve always viewed Sharon and Nick to be the “Gary and Val Ewing” of Y&R —- Never together for long due to foolish mistakes and the misdeeds of others but soul mates when all is said and done.

Hi Barbara from Atlanta, I like your comment re: Sharon and Nick to be the Gary and Val Ewing of Y&R, I agree with you and I love Sharon and Nick together…

It was an absolutely chilling scene! I think if they were going to do this story it had to be with someone the audience cares about and we hadn’t seen JT for years so it’s conceivable that this kind of behavior may have developed during that time. Plus, it goes to show that abuse can happen to anyone not just some “weak woman” but a woman who seemingly has it all: money, power, strength. This is a much needed social story which is what daytime has always been about and I’m happy that Y&R is telling it and possibly leading people in this situation to get out of it!


These actors trusted themselves in a very important and intimate storyline. I forgot how terrifying it was to personally experience this 12 years ago for I co-parent without conflict a decade later.

I am ok with DV story line. But it is so out of JT character to do something like this. It doesn’t make any sense now he is an abuser.

Thank you totally agree and why would Mac not have warned Victoria since she obviously knew about this ??? Lots of holes in this story yes the actors rose to the occasion but it still truly bugs me.

I was wondering the same thing about Mac, since this is probably why she is seeking ful custody of the kids and stating that JT is an unfit parent. I am also surprised that Victoria is letting uim stay around Johnny and Katherine. It’s only a matter of time before Victor finds out since he has a video camera on the house. Once it comes to light, Nick and Billy are going to go ballistic. I am anxious to see how this is going to play out. Both actors were superb in their rolls.

I am starting to wonder if Reed is aware of his father’s bursts of violent anger… that why he left to return to GC? Has he blocked it out?
I know for a fact that such men never take responsibility for their actions….it’s always the other person’s fault. Everything that goes wrong in their lives falls on his spouse’s , his kids’ or anyone elses’s shoulders but his own.
These women stay in the relationship thinking it is their fault because the husband, boyfriend, has instilled and pounded that falsehood into their heads. They feel trapped with nowhere to turn or go.
I hope this issue is dealt with kid gloves. We do not want to send the wrong message, writers.
The first thing Victoria should do is call the police….yet, she will most likely not…..and the story goes on….festering……kick him out and put a restraining order on him.
As I mentioned on the previous site, JT has a huge problem….physical or mental or the combination of the two?
The writers have depicted a true manifestation of the meaning of an abuser and all the complexities that go along with the out-of-control behavior. Applause!!
Perhaps, Victoria may seek help for him….but he needs to be evaluated because this is not the JT I remember.
Kudos to the skillful acting…I soooo believed it !!

Celia if he was why would he not warn his mother another hole in the story but remember when they aged him they acted like Victoria hadn’t seen him in years which we all now was not true.

I know, Kay. You’re right….but, I am just putting ideas out there…did he block it out? Yes, many holes….as I said, this is not the JT I know.
I do know that most women do not talk about the abuse to anyone. They live in shame. Victoria, unfortunately is falling onto that category.
I knew JT would apologize….that’s how it goes….and, I also knew it would end with them having sex. That is not making love….that’s anger sex.
Did you see how skillfully JT turned the tables? His excuse was that she attacked him. So, he had to defend himself by chocking her with his superior strength? How many women have slapped men? Rarely do you see a man retaliate. That’s a true man. I am not condoning women slapping men, but it does happen…..J T could have just held her back ….but chocking?
It’s the same unchanging story….none is ever different….all these women say and do the same thing. She gets hit, he apologizes, he will never do it again, she forgives and they have sex.
I spend a few hours on the weekend helping at a shelter—-many women with children without a place to go.
The same come and go until it becomes routine. But, unless these women WANT to help themselves, no one can help them.
I, also, agree about Victoria….TPTB have changed her . And, I strongly disagree with those who dislike with the Victoria character-type. My Gran said the same thing as you, Kay……the old Victoria would have kicked arse….not become a little bird whose wings had been clipped.
Team Victoria here, as well.
JT will do it again and again and again, until Vic ends up in the hospital.
Amelia is outstanding…..she depited the perfect portrait of a first time victim of domestic abuse. JT is smooth, in the aftermath….says the right things. A pro….which only tells me he has done it before.
Victoria capitulates….she believes him. Big mistake.
Ashley? Yeah…..who is she? …she is right there hovering on my last nerve. She has become sneaky and vindictive. Victoria pegged her right the first time. Watch!!

Conflicted about this. In one way it is good that they are addressing the issue with a major character rather than a quickie storyline as I have seen in the past on some shows where the character disappears once the abuse is revealed. On the other hand, I feel like bringing back J.T. and putting this albatross around his neck is disappointing. But, I was also disappointed with the idea that they were killing off the character (as rumored). I thought the reason for bringing back Mac, Raul & Brittany were to attend his funeral. I guess part of it has to do with the fact I always liked J.T. and was happy to have him back.

I stopped watching this show years ago and if they are turning J.T. into a violent abuser then I’m all the more glad that I quit it. J.T., like other soap characters, wasn’t perfect but he was never a girlfriend/wife beater. Stupid writing.

This storyline has “Big Little Lies” written all over it. I know that JT was a popular character, and the actor was too-but, I just don’t see it. I find the character highly unlikeable and I have since day one. I don’t think that he has any chemistry with anyone on the show, I don’t like his clothes, his lines, ANYTHING. I understand that the show is casting a light on a very important topic. I just hope they do it justice, in an appropriate and sensitive way, the way that they have with Dina’s illness.

& yes, I hope that Victor Newman “puts the screws to JT” and that he meets his demise soon. I do not like this character at all. Never have.

This shocked me very much. I don’t know where the story is going to go. JT needs help. I’m afraid if he doesn’t get help, he will wind up dead because he will abuse someone who is loved by everybody and all of Genoa city could be out for blood.

the scenes were hard to watch. i’m a little disappointed the show is doing this to JT,he was never like this before. i wonder how long this will go on before someone notices. i get the feeling the show may be headed to a JT whodonit the suspect list would be very long. so many people would want JT dead if they find out he’s been abusing Victoria. JT was probably abusing Mac too and that’s why she left JT and is filing for full custody

This is so sad. I hate that they did this to J.T. He is such a great actor. Now I guess old Victor will see his princess getting hurt and we’ll lose J.T. from Y & R. J.T. was never like that so it is clear that something happened to him at some point. I just hope he gets help and they keep him on.

Thad only came back for a short time he is a producer with his twin brother so I guess Mal thought he was dispensable so this is how I get to remember him now a wife beater.

Thanks Kay, I didn’t know that. I knew in real life he had been married to A.H. who plays Victoria, so I thought when they brought him back it might be hard on them both but I thought since the summer is almost here they would be playing the younger ones all summer.

If the actor has a twin brother, maybe they are playing a Deidre Hall like story where this is not really JT, but his twin. Their may be more to the story than meets the eye. Just because it was never mentioned that the character had a twin doesn’t mean the writers couldn’t be making that happen. Especially if they want to save the characters name. Maybe the twin always had a crush on Victoria or they have been in and out this whole time without her having a clue she was sleeping with the brother. It’s a soap. It could happen.

I know, Nikki. I agree, my friend. That’s what I had suggested when Victoria took him back. I thought that she would see the problem and seek help. Instead, she acquiesced. That’s how DV manifests itself.
But, as I said to Alan, TPTB want to explore DV and decided to choose JT and Victoria.
I have always liked JT; so, I am as sad as you that JT and Vic are the scapegoats.

The only way this storyline could be selvaged as a public service would be if Victoria got a restraining order against him and had the police remove him. Otherwise, if she stupidly forgives him, then a horrible message is being sent to abused women (i.e. to forgive and hope it doesn’t happen again). We all know that she’ll forgive him, which makes this a huge disservice to battered women.

It takes at least 3 times for a victim to leave their abuser. I think they’ve done this very well so far. I hope they stay true to the facts about domestic violence. I hate that JT is the abuser, but at least it is shedding an all important light on this all too common issue.

Yes, Dr Helen Ruth…..but then, we would not have a story with the message to said women, that it is never too late. That’s what I said on my first comment…..
Many women do call the police, but some become trapped within their own situation, their own home….just as Victoria has.
It is the writers’ responsibility, after choosing to embark on this ‘battered’ ship, to be mindful of how they treat both the actors and the story and why….
Agreed, do not send the wrong signal, because the ideal would be for naught.

PS….typically, JT apologizes….will never do it again. In reality, the majority of battered women will accept the apology. They will make excuses for their partner…..
I hope Victoria does not cave.

The Victoria we have known forever would not but he is making her weak!

By he I mean Mal young and also when Heather Tom was portraying her she would have had Ashley for lunch and JT when Bill Bell wrote the character she was a smart savvy woman. I find Ashley insufferable these days sorry I am team Victoria!

I figured they were going this route. They have been making JT feel like a loser and he was getting more and more frustrated. BUT, on the other hand, before he attacked her, everything he said was true about SICKtoria! I certainly do not condone violence but JT could have put Vicki over his knee and gave her a good spanking! But anyway, unfortunately I see him hitting her and either daddy will come to her rescue, Billy or Reed will shot and kill JT.

No, no, no, my T….Poor JT….he feels like a loser? So he takes his frustration out on Victoria? He knew what he was getting into when he got back with her. He’s no babe in the woods…..he’s always known she was Victor’s daughter.
But, Victoria served the purpose of aiding him to nail Victor.
No one person can make a man hit a woman.
I do agree, TPTB have pitched a curve ball….on both characters.
Well, Timmmy, if my husband or any man were abusing me in any way, shape, or manner, my Daddy or brothers would come to my rescue….no brainer. That’s as natural as breathing air. LOL.

Hey, T……I do not like Victor but I love Eric….I respect his tenacity as one of the longest ‘ survivors’ on Y&R…..He is Victor Newman!! The best….hope he will ‘run’ forever.
This is why I am so distraught after ‘hearing’ through the Rumor Mill, that JT pushes Victor down the stairs……scuttlebutt, also, suggests that this may be Victor’s Swan Song…no!! What will Y&R be without Victor?
Mark my words, Timmmy….Jack is on his way to see Victor. He will be blamed for the fall and possibly his death, while JT will jauntily string Victoria along.
I did not expect this turn of events ( if rumor is true)—–the DV will continue–JT will take/destroy any evidence. Too bad!!
As I said, Victoria is falling prey to JT and the typical behavior of a battered wife/woman. She will continue to “cover up” any signs of abuse from family and friends. This will be her new life—hiding and lying.
I only wish that the writing is such to give all those women out there hope—uplift them….that there’s a light on the next corner; a beckoning open door…….show that the other side of the road will not be so hard to cross….it’s reachable…
I am assuming that the purpose of this storyline is to show just that…..also, affirm DV is an insidious evil which afflicts all sides of the spectrum; regardless of class or the amount in one’s wallet.

Same. Victor never pays but Eric is a living legend! By now you know Victor was pushed down the stairs and they did a good job filming it. Jack will take the “Fall” until he doesnt. Kyle will be his rock while he is behind bars. Victor will not die. He will be in a coma. Who will be in charge of Newman? Well, if Y&R wants to live up to its 45 years of success, Adam should step out of the shadows and push everyone aside and take over for the MUSTACHE!

Hey, T,
No, I must have missed Victor’s fall….I only read it on my Google info… soon as I click, all the news ( I mean all: in general) spring up. I only read what catches my capricious brain, LOL….mostly about soaps….sick of politics!!
I just assumed Jack would fall right into JT’s caca and be blamed.
Thanks for telling me. Do some of you guys get the programming earlier? Depending where you live, I guess.

Victor fell on Friday. It was done very well. I dont get any early feeds. Matter of fact, on Friday’s broadcast right at the end when Dina dropped her bomb and JT and Victor fought, CBS cut into Y&R about Trump signing the budget agreement! WHY? Is that really THAT important? Go to FOX, they will fill you in! So anyway, I had to watch the last five minutes of Friday’s Y&R online. It was worth it! Cannot wait until Monday’s show.

Oh, yeah…that must have been it….THE interruption. Tired of them….all of it, T.

Sorry, but no one wants to see this… Domestic abuse is a terrible all-too-common outrage. You can give it pretty wrapping paper a la HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” but it’s still absolutely horrible. We don’t need to be “hit over the head” by seeing it in on HBO, a soap opera, or other TV/movie venues. We need less violence: in real life and in reel life!

Playing the narcissistic personality along with physical and emotional abuse. Love the story turn.

Powerful story and performances. Glad this story is being told for all the abused women out there. Very typical, Victoria accepted his apology and took him back. We all know it will happen again. Jt has such a innocent face, you’d never expect him to have such anger inside. I do hope eventually show him getting counceling and not just Victor going after him. But I don’t think Thad is staying with the show too long. Either way, the scene was chilling and the acting was so believable.

I DO NOT CONDONE violence against ANYONE!!!!! But…as far as I’m concerned, J.T. verbally gave that WHINY AND ANNOYING ICKtoria a much-needed reality check!!!!! Bottom Line Here: ICKtoria SUCKS as a mother and business executive…PERIOD!!!!!


I guess one could label Victoria as an inexperienced mother with a teen son, Jay. But, we cannot call her a failure as a mother….not with Johnny and Katie.
We must remember that Reed was sprung on her, un, deux, trois… fast as a speeding bullet, LOL.
Reed has been sort of a learning experience for Victoria—one day at a time….and whose fault was that? JT’s. He took him away from her, ehich was a rotten thing to do….never separate a child from its mother—-unless there was probable cause; such as neglect.
I felt for Victoria as she struggled with herself; trying to be a strict mother, yet not wanting to hurt her son by denying him certain freedoms—or alienating him….I’d be freaking out, were I faced with like circumstances. Victoria knew squat about how to treat or deal with a teen-aged son.
As far as a lousy business excecutive, Victoria has always excelled in her field—astute and on top, always—-she was blindsided in everywhichway. If anyone deserves castigation or having no business in holding a high excecutive position, is Cane, ugh!!
….then along comes Ashley with her agenda, and believe me, TPTB have an agenda mapped out for Ashley….and, I am pretty confident that Victor is playing cat and mouse with her.
Victoria smells a rat, and ‘ratly’ so…HaHa.
Later, my Jay….

Celia…I understand and respect your feelings about Victoria. I do. But…for me…it’s just that, at this point, watching Victoria makes my sanity emotionally bleed…yikes. But that’s just me.

Later, my friend.

Thank you, Jay….you’re a good guy…
I guess, sometimes it depends how we feel about a character and on our perspective—-I have always liked Amelia—since AMC….and now, I feel sorry for her. I hope TPTB do right by her, JT and the story.
But, JT is going too far….will Victor survive? In a coma? He will end up putting Victoria in a coma, sooner than later.

I knew about this months ago and I hate that Mal would bring back a character that I watched grow up and make him a wife beater never any signs of it and Victoria Newman has been made whiny etc and she never was like this . Well Thad you and Amelie are now getting the Sharon Case treatment totally written out of character to fit into a plot . Ugh!!

Yeah, believe it, Kay…
The same is being done to Ashley….turning into a shrew. Victor’s ‘disability’ will be a win for her and a loss for Victoria.
Ugh, is right !!

Wow! Totally chilling! Ameila Heinle and Thad Luckinbill did a great job. It will be interesting to see where they take this story.

Mal, is doing a great job. I’m enjoying Y&R for the 1st time in a couple of years..
I would like to see a woman handle an abuser instead of crumbling to the abuse.
That would be the way to go.

I once was backhand slapped by a man, knocked me off my feet.
I got up and a delivered a left uppercut under his ribcage and a right fist on his face.
He was bleeding on my carpet I gave him a kitchen towel and sent him off.
He hit me and threaten me.
8 days after I got a subpoena.. he was suing me over his broken nose, sigh..
In court the Idiot said.. I hit her I didn’t hurt her and she bruised my rib and broke my nose and on he went, he admitted he hit first lol, It was dismissed, self defense.
So, I would like to see the woman stand and deliver on an abusive man and not always be shown as the victim ..

((but then again- I was trained to survive and kill and I excelled in hand to hand combat, but anyways, they could at the least show how a woman could defend herself, show they can take a self defense class… the good ol’ kicking the nads, more than once, will give you a chance to run, do something ))

Ahhhh, su…I love you….you go, girl….
I was not taught hand to hand combat, but I am trained in Martial Arts….petite as I am, I needed to.
But, the first defense I was taught? Knee in the groin….works every time.
This story is delicate, sensitive and disturbing; both the actors and the writers need to tread lightly…so far so good.

heeeey Celia ..
You have it going! ”Martial Arts, you can give an abuser your message lol ..
ahhh yes, the knee nad kick..
but– if in close contact no room to kick the package, then we gotta get dirty and get handy and twist ’em off lol..

What the writers need to do is show a prepared woman handling her situation, that will give hope. a ‘look what we can do!’

I can only wish they do not simply show an abused woman but show what can be done physically to protect oneself and where to find help to strengthen the woman in all ways and not be a victim. But, that’s too involved so not going to happen, it’s a soap not a teaching format ..

i hate that that happened to you Su. I have to ask – did the guy know you had a military background?

hi Mark Y ..
No, he did not know.. I rarely bring it up..
I was not physically hurt, outside of a bruise, but I was shocked. I did not expect it not from him..
(in like a lamb out like a lion, thing..

Good for you su0000. just wish all of us could defend ourselves like you did. I was once a guest in a household of a very good female friend when her husband started his verbal abuse. You just never knew how far he would go. It was frightening. And it didn’t help that his father was very high in the police force and had the right connections to keep his son out of jail.

hi rose..
Women are becoming braver and bringing their self confidence forward; not taking it any longer.. ) ie- ”Me Too”
Women are strong in many ways and in some ways they have strengths that men do not they simply need to prepare and stand.
Self defense classes teach more than physical protection.

imo; the story should show a strong prepared woman handling the abusing man.
It would do women more good to see that a woman (in many ways) can handle the situation and not to always be portrayed as the victim..

Hey, su,
Women used be be considered property, as were children….to do with as a husband; father would see fit….including beatings.
Not all men were or are violent, of course, but, men were allowed, by law, to abuse their womenfolk.
Some of that mentality has been passed down and it still exists….
I agree with you, if only this storyline would veer away from what we are witnessing with Victoria; that is, completely accept the spiel JT twisted so aptly to have her apologize for slapping him…. as if his tirade, his dirty barrage of insults he stormed upon her, were her fault. Yes, she slapped him ( I would have used, not only the knee, but also, the twist and pull you described, LOL)….she did not deserve his physical abuse, with so much anger and force.
I wish what you say were true, that if a women will not cower in holy terror, or even give the tiniest semblace of being victimized, it would deflate the brute’s abuse, or encourage women to take hold of their situation.
I think the writers will go that direction. I do believe the point of the storyline is to present the viewer with this evil, and how Victoria will deal with it…..we will, most likely, see more of the abuse before she gets a clue, su…..but, she will get there…..
The Victor problem is another issue which will sink JT. What was the point of bringing him back? To do this?
Will Billy be her hero? Like the song? Ha! Maybe he’ll leave Phyllis in the dust…I’d love that !!

I hate what they seem to be doing to JT. I think Thad and Amelia are doing phenomenal work especially since they are a real divorced couple. It has always been clear to me that Thad would not be in GC for very long since his mega success as a movie magnate. I will miss JT.

I could not watch this episode. I watched today, the aftermath and was riveted. They are doing marvelous work but I’m very disappointed. I really like JT. I was so looking forward to his return. I had read rumors of this storyline, but read they dropped it and was relieved. Now they’re going through with it, and I have a hard time because this is not who JT is. Unless as someone posted above, it’s due to his medication or that medication isn’t for his heart but something else. It could indeed be educational and an important story to tell but I feel badly that his character is being written into a corner. He mentioned this was long term, maybe that changed and they had to figure something out to write him out. He was there for Victoria, I remember the past and I just can’t get over that he changed that quickly.

Very powerful acting by both Amelia and Thad unfortunately, this is not the character of JT and they are ruining him much like previous writers attempted to ruin the character of Sharon. I’m very happy with the writing since Mal Young has taken over but it would be a colossal mistake turning JT into an abuser.

Well it is very sad that the actors of this soap are trying to sell this story by showin Friday’s cliffhanger!!! I never asked an employee of mine to try to sell crap .

I hope the gay community comes out swinging they shelve the Mariah story but they have no problem with showing a man beating a woman ! Ugh!!!

While J.T. was definitely out of line, he hit the nail on the head about Victoria being a bad mother. Poor lil Johnny and Katie spend most of their lives in the attic with Invisible Hannah the nanny now that they are no longer babies who can garner Victoria the perpetual attention she so desperately craves. And what kind of mother just moves men into her house — first Travis, then J.T. — without considering the long term effects a revolving door of new daddies is going to have on her kids? Not a good one. (The end of Thursday’s episode pretty much showed that Victoria’s sole focus is herself when she decided to give J.T. another chance, her children’s safety be damned — UGH).

That said, I could NEVER see Heather Thom’s Victoria putting up with this for a second. She would’ve beat the crap out of J.T. and shown him you don’t mess with Victor Newman’s daughter.

Alan, you got that right about Heather Tom…oh how I miss her in the role of Victoria Newman.

Kevin…me, too.

LOL, Alan…..Victoria is no different from the rest of the mothers living in soapland.
We hardly ever see the kids…..
Heather would not tolerate being the victim….neither would Amelia. Exactly my point…..this is neither the Victoria I know, nor the JT I know. The actors have no control. They read a script.
Obviously, there is a story to be had on DV, and TPTB ‘grabbed’ JT and Victoria.
I wonder if this was in the writing from the get-go, or if the idea just came to ‘them’.
I have some knowledge on the subject, Alan….I have worked with battered women….still do, not as much, but, …..
Victoria is not focusing on herself….if this story is to be told realistically, Victoria is acting exactly as a battered woman would. Typically, a woman feels inadequate when overpowered by the male….
As I said, I am sure JT has done this before…..he manipulates, he demeans, he dominates, he criticizes….then, they have sex….all part of the control. The fact is, it is he who lacks self-assurance and confidence; it is he who feels inferior. Therefore, the abuser needs to administer and wield dominance on someone weaker than he.
This has nothing to do with what Victoria is, is not, did or did not do. She could be the best mother this side of the Mississippi, and he would find something for which to blame and abuse her.
This is the crux of the matter…never deviates from that fact.

And yet they fall into bed again. Passion wears many faces, a fine line between them sometimes.

Not passion, Helen, my friend. It’s power!! That’s how it works. Batterers and the battered woman always end up having sex after the abuse. One folliws the other.

Absolutely, just had that conversation with my son, Carl. A huge fan due to my influence no doubt.

HATE IT WITH A PASSION! Wrong character. Hate seeing victoria so weak and dislike theat JT IS NOW VIOLENT and Reed is even more oblivious to whats happenig aroind him.

It was hard to watch but very true to life. I had the exact thing happen to me in my first marriage 37 years ago. Except my ex put his hand through the glass door while choking me with the other and I was six months pregnant. I was poor like a church mouse but I got out of there, at least for a few days. I was disappointed Victoria didn’t leave the house or kick him out right on the spot!! Guess that would not be good for the story!! And how creepy is it that Victor has a camera set up were they have sex every other day!!!

Oh, Diane. Soooo sorry. You are the exception, my friend… did the right thing. Unfortunately, most women stay and fall into the Battered Woman Syndrome. ….they are brainwashed into thinking they did something wrong.
Very surprising TPTB happened to choose Victoria—-and JT….
Is he on drugs? Is he mixing drugs? That was my first thought when we saw him with that pill bottle….then it was explained away that he had heart issues.
Could he be fooling around with other drugs?

Thank you!! Thank God I didn’t repeat that mistake with my second husband. But there were no signs before I married him. There is no telling what JT problem will end being. Steroids, PTSD??

I know, Diane….some men and women are very good at acting the ‘good and reasonable’ prospective spouse, lover, partner…’s hit or miss.
I am very lucky, and I do count my blessings….I have known my husband and his family all my life….
As far as JT…..Yeah, you’re right….something else, other than heart medication must be going on for him to go through such drastic change…..
But, it is the nature of the beast with perpetrators….the phase is Dr. Jekel to Mr. Hyde and vice versa, over and over again…..until there’s a point of no return.

Watched it for the last time to destroy a character for plot they did this for six years to Sharon Case good luck god bless but I am done I went riding this morning weather is good again I am moving on.

It doesn’t make sence if you want to set a good example for victims of domestic violence then you shouldn’t allow JT to propose. Victoria needs to be strong and kick him out.

I look at it from another angle, BB… that, when a story such as this is introduced, then it should run its course from the onset…..The example is set upon how a victim deals with her/his situation from start to finish. In that respect, it makes all the sense in the world.
The writers are ‘handling’ this with care, caution and respect. Amelia and Thad are so intense that I feel part of what’s going down. BRAVI to all.

A lot of women, professional, housewives, young and old and even men, experience this type of abuse. It’s verbal or physical and sometimes both. I think using Victoria to tell this tale was a good idea, because it shows that it can happen to someone from a wealthy family and in an executive position. And the abuser can be a good guy who is attractive and the boy next door. He’s experiencing major problems from feeling unappreciated at work and has no control and has to have it with his loved ones or may have experienced it as a child himself. I think Victoria is going to experience this for a while, because she’s feeling like a failure in work and past relationships and has a need for love and acceptance, which is not a bad thing to expect. Unfortunately, others will sometimes take advantage of that. I am glad that Mal Young had the guts to go there, because it is happening and it hasn’t been depicted since the late 70s/early 80s on All My Children.

Great, informative post, Lew…..and yes, verbal abuse can be as debilitating as a blow to the head. No one has the right to demean another either verbally or physically…..
The victims are like babies, for lack of a better example, learning to walk….one step at a time.

Thanks Celia

Smiles, my friend!!


GH Alum Tonja Walker Shares Note to B&B’s Kimberlin Brown, “It Must Be ‘Kill the Best Villains’ Week”

The past ten days brought with it the apparent end of the lines for two of soap opera’s all-time greatest bad girls. First, back on the February 16th episode of General Hospital, viewers learned that Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) had died in an apparent brutal attack while imprisoned in Pentonville  …. mind you, we never saw Olivia die on-screen.

Then, came the Monday, February 26th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.  In a shocker, the series went full “horror movie” when in the dark, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) stabs a cloaked Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) to her apparent death.  The series has gone as far as to have Kimberlin Brown give quotes to the press on her reaction to finding out that Sheila was gone and she was killed-off the show. However, many viewers aren’t buying it, and feel there is swerve to the story to come.

Walker took to X and shared with Michael Fairman TV that she wrote to Kimberlin Brown immediately after Sheila was ‘killed-off” The Bold and the Beautiful on-screen.

Photo: JPI

Tonja exprssed: “I just wrote to her. It must be kill the villains week. Well I said “kill the best #villains” week in talking about her. She’s done a great job. She’ll be missed, but it’s February, she could pull through by May sweeps! #Olivia was said by Anna to be executed. But that’s not a (coffin image).”

Previously, Brown told TV Insider on the Sheila takedown: “I just wish that no one was taking Sheila down.”  She added that the show “is my happy place where I have been so blessed to be for over 35 years. But I’ve had a good run at it, so I’m one of the lucky ones.”


Walker was last seen on General Hospital as Olivia Jerome back in 2017, while Brown started the role of Sheila Carter on The Young and the Restless back in 1990 and crossed-over the character to The Bold and the Beautiful where Sheila continued to have more than nine lives.

So, what’s your bet? Are both Olivia and Sheila alive and well? What did you think of the sentiments shared by Tonja to Kimberlin? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by William Lipton (@williamlipton)

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Blake Berris to Chat Live on the Michael Fairman Channel as Everett & Bobby’s Story Heats Up

The tale of Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein is starting to reveal itself on Peacock’s Days of our Lives, which puts returning cast member, Blake Berris front and center in story.

On Monday’s, February 26th episode of DAYS, the results of Everett’s CAT scan indicate he suffered a traumatic brain injury which jives with his story that he was in a car accident and spent in a year in a coma, or does it?

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Everett are reeling that Everett as Bobby Stein was married to Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) and treated her badly. While Everett claims he doesn’t remember anything about his time as Bobby, despite his fingerprints matching those of Robert Stein’s, Marlena (Deidre Hall) ponders if he could be suffering from PTSD, which might explain his memory loss.


Everett wonders if he has a brain tumor, but Marlena points out that they would have found it on the CAT scan. While there is no obvious reason for his memory loss, Kayla wonders if he is faking his amnesia? Marlena tells Everett that she is a psychiatrist and they should set up sessions immediately. Will it be revealed that Everett and Bobby are split personalities living inside one man?

Blake Berris is set to chat about the latest storyline developments and more, when he visits the Michael Fairman Channel on Wednesday, February 28th beginning at 3 pm ET/Noon PT.  Make sure to join Michael and Blake in the live chat for your turn to share your questions and thoughts on the story.

Photo: JPI

Days of our Lives fans first met Blake when he played the character of Nick Fallon who was eventually murdered in 2014. Later, Nick made a few return appearances from ‘the grave’, in 2021 and 2023. Recently, Blake returned to the show in his newly-minted role of Everett Lynch at the end of October of last year.

Blake will talk about portraying Everett/Bobby, plus working his co-stars, and being a dad to his three boys, and more.  You can catch the livestream below.

Now, let us know, what is your theory about Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein? Looking forward to hearing what Blake has to say? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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