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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: An Emotional Nick Hands Over Christian To Victor; Joshua Morrow Delivers Power Performance of the Week!


This week’s Newman vs Newman drama has been an emotional turn for all involved.  However, on Thursday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, it was Joshua Morrow (Nick) who took front and center stage in both a defiant and heartbreaking performance as the son of the almighty, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

After the decision has been handed down by the judge to grant temporary custody of Christian to Victor, after Michael’s (Christian LeBlanc) hatchet job of putting into question Sharon’s (Sharon Case) mental competency, Nick decides he’ll have to change and have an attitude adjustment if he’s going to get his son back.  As much as Sharon tells Nick he could never be like Victor, Nick is beyond fed up of his father one-upping him and always “winning.”

At the house, Nick looks at himself in the mirror seething as if he will be turning a new leaf.  Will a darker Nick emerge?  As he packs Christian’s things, his upset mounts, and he says, “This is his home.”  Next, Nick heads out the door with the box of Christian’s toys and things, and Sharon follows.

At the GCAC, Nick confronts Victor and asks why is he not at his home getting ready to welcome Christian. Victor says he has staff taking care of things.  Then, Nick launches into an emotional rundown of Christian’s favorite things and everything Victor should know about them if he is going to take care of the young boy.  It’s a well-done monologue by Morrow; as Nick pulls the items out of the box one-by-one.  Victor fires back that he’s causing a scene as Sharon looks on.  Nick warns his father that Christian’s a real person and not to screw this up.  He declares war on his father, and says the two of them will never come back from this.  Nick says he will take everything from Victor, especially family!

Now alone and back home, Sharon applauds Nick for standing up to Victor, and thinks his father was truly scared.  Nick says he knows now who he has to be.

In the most heart-tugging moment of the episode, as Nick is playing with Christian, Sharon answers the doorbell.  Enter Victor and a nanny.  Nick reassures Christian everything will be OK.  Sharon and Nick in tears say their farewells to the young boy.  Victor says to Nick, “Sorry, it’s the only way.”  Nick tells his father to remember those words, because he’ll be hearing them back.

Throughout this episode, Joshua Morrow showed why he is such important and key member of the cast as he delivered to the audience all of the emotions going on inside of Nick; as the son he loves is ripped away by Nick’s own father. The devastating loss and betrayal were just too much for Nick to take.  Now the question is: how will he seek revenge on his father, and will he win custody of Christian back?

Watch the final scene of the episode below, and then let us know, what you thought of Joshua’s performance, and Victor winning custody of Christian, via the comment section below.

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Mister Media
Mister Media

I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. Morrow was absolutely fantastic in these scenes. My favorite was the one at the GCAC where Nick confronted Victor. The writing and dialogue was sensational and Morrow hit it out of the park. Bravo to Y&R.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

I am sure a lot of viewers noticed that the scene mentioned above, Nick looking in the mirror, then packing up all of the baby’s toys, leaves the house with Sharon right behind him, both evidently forgetting that Sharon said she just put Christian down for his nap.Distraught I guess, but so much so, you run out leaving the center of all this attention home alone!


joshua morrow was fantastic broke my heart his best performance to date


To be honest, I didn’t know Josh Morrow had it in him. His performance has been real, raw and gut wrenching. He’s actually put tears in my eyes. I hate child custody stories but Josh, along with Eric and Sharon, have made this an emotionally compelling story. It’s really well written and well acted.

Kevin C
Kevin C

Joshua did a wonderful job and it was the first time in a long time that I felt emotional for a character on Y&R….


I was cheering Victor on!
Only because Nick needs to grow-up. He is a manchild, a Pouty weakling.
Nick is a sponge. He lives off everyone he’s with/free rent.

Victor will take good care of Christian.
Thing is; Victor has no intention of keeping Christian he’s simply slapping his pouty son down to make a man of him..
Nick brought Skanky into his life, again and that is doom, absolutely doom being with her.
Nick now hopefully will grow up and stop having pouty hissy fits.
fighting Victor via hissy fits will not work and Nick is no Adam, so he’s never going to win.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Nick needs to grow-up, and what, to be the s.o.b he has for a father? A father that has to control and pit one child against another. Nick has fought forever against all that, and you call him a weakling? He certainly does pay his own way,you must have missed him giving Sharon room & board money the other day. I dont call a man weak, that fights against his father, who only wants to own and control his own kids with his power and wealth.First his child is ripped away by the lunatic Dr.,kept by Sharon, and literally ripped from his arms, by his own father.Poor silly Nick, being pouty and throwing a hissy fit over that! He should man up and rip that old codger’s throat out.I don’t care what Victor’s motive is, in doing what he’s doing. Adam gave that child up, by changing the DNA, and him returning to claim Christian will be bad enough.I can’t wait for that old goat to be gone, one way or another, and V,B’s little twitter does not help, because this total act of cruelty, could never be forgiven.


Nick is a total loser.
After the divorce, he had a ton of money and he never bought a house, he never gave his family a home.
He sponged off of daddy living free in that tiny whatever it was a renovated garage lol
Nick is a pouty weenie.
Adam had power and he and Victor had an understanding, Nick is just a hissyfit sniveller.
He will never ever best Victor as his brother Adam.

I miss Adam.. I miss Adam and Victor they had game.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

You are SuOOO funny. I am sure not going to argue with someone who doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about!I’ve watched Nick since he was born, and the rest of the Newmans. I guess you don’t know what a real man is really like. If you like controlling,dishonest,browbeating, money hungry,cruel and deceitful men, then honey, you are more than welcome to Adam and Victor.


hi Violet Lemm..
Nick is a weenie, he is hissy fit pouter and a sponge and that is not manly he’s a pouty brat that always blames his messed-up life on his daddy.
Nick never had the strength to grow up.

Perhaps now he will find his way to manhood, but it’s doubtful.
He will once again marry Sharon, his crutch to lean on, his partner, to fight his big bad daddy, they can sit on the couch and pout together that daddy was mean to them..
Nick will never best his daddy and he should create his own life and move on..

Richard Signorelli
Richard Signorelli

The highly underrated Joshua Morrow was on point and Emmy worthy a beautifully controlled but heading over the edge performance the best of the week


Don’t know how Victor got custody.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny Must Say Goodbye to Mike As Maurice Benard Delivers Heartbreaking Performance

Any of us who has watched their loved one slip further away from Alzheimer’s disease could relate to exactly what Sonny Corinthos (Mauice Benard) was feeling on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital.

It is always a tough and horrific decision when families contemplate what to do with (in this case) a parent, and where is the best place for them to live out the remainder of their days.  Sometimes, it’s clear cut and easy, and sometimes it’s difficult.

In the case of Mike Corbin (Max Gail), Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) gave him a home and safe place to be, but as the disease progressed and as Mike’s reality becomes his own, and has he has been losing more self-control. it becomes apparent that they need to be able to give him the best life they can now.

In story, Griffin (Matt Cohen) points this out to Sonny and Carly when they discuss the progression of the disease on Mike.  It is apparent that Mike wants to go live with, and be with his “girlfriend’ Yvonne at Turning Woods.  Sonny and Carly struggle to come to term with that fact, but know they must let him go.   It is tough for them to put Mike permanently at the care facility.  Sonny thinks he may have been too selfish by keeping Mike with them so long.  Ultimately, he arranges a room for his father at the facility.

Mike comes downstairs after packing his bags, and thanks them for taking him in.  Hey says, that they are nice people, but that Yvonne is waiting for him, so he is moving in with her.  Sonny tells his dad, he has a room at the Corinthos’ home any time he wants it.

In the most touching moment, Carly offers to drive Mike to get to Yvonne faster.  He really appreciates it, and Sonny decides to just let Carly do this alone, because it would be too difficult on him to watch his father check-in and have to leave him behind.

Before he heads out, Mike forgets his gloves and he goes upstairs to look for them.  Sonny decides to check Mike’s suitcase to see if they are in there, and begins to break down.  He sees the framed photo of himself and his father from the Nurses’ Ball last year, and packs it in Mike’s suitcase.  After Carly drives off with Mike, Sonny begins to cry.

We have to give kudos to Maurice Benard in these scenes.  Anyone who has been witness to watching a parent go through this most dreadful disease, could feel his pain.  It was a heartbreaking and raw performance.

So, what did you think of the scenes where Sonny must let his father leave his home and move into the care facility?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.  And in case you missed some of the scenes, check them out here.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A Killer Can’t See & Maxie and Nina Visit Nathan’s Grave

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, a now blind Ryan is freaking out, because as he is in the hospital (while Finn tries to figure out if the same virus that caused Anna’s temporary blindness caused his), he learns that Lulu is in surgery and still fighting for her life.  If she lives, she will name him as the culprit who stabbed her.

When Anna and Finn visit “Kevin”, Anna asks him if he ever worked for the WSB or DVX.  “Kevin” claims he did not.  Anna believes all of this is the handy work of a doctor who worked for the international spy rings.  Finn asks if “Kevin” had been in contact with something that wasn’t his recently, and it is then Ryan flashes to Lulu’s license, realizing he needs to find it and its in his coat pocket.

“Kevin” gets rid of Ava from his room, and attempts to get out of bed to get to his coat and locate Lulu’s driver’s license.  However, since he cannot see, the license goes under the hospital bed, and just as he is trying to grab it, Ava walks back in the room.

Meanwhile at GH. Jordan explains to Laura that the police found a bloody footprint going in the opposite direction from Lulu.  Valentin and Nina tell Charlotte that Lulu is in the hospital, and the little girl insists they go to her now.  Charlotte leaves with Valentin, Nina stays behind.

Elsewhere, Jason is underground trapped in some kind of built out setting to probably nefarious crimes. When Sam goes for help, the fire department shows up.   Sam calls her pal Spinelli!  She asks him to check the maps of pipes and tunnels under the city.  Spinelli reveals that the water system leads out to the harbor at Pier 55.  Jason also finds a small space that he is hoping to swim through to get to the other side of the pier.

Then, in touching scenes, Maxie goes to Nathan’s gravesite and reveals to her beloved late husband that she is getting closer to his brother, Peter.  She also admits she is scared to start a relationship with him.  She asks for a sign from Nathan if it is OK.  As she cries, Peter shows up with a handkerchief to wipe Maxie’s tears.  She admits she doesn’t know how to let go of Nathan and move on.  Peter assures her that Nathan will let her know when it’s time.

Later, Nina shows up and tells the duo about Lulu. They had to GH where Peter is then in question for the crime; being the last person they can substantiate that spoke to Lulu before she was stabbed.  Jordan also reveals to Laura that Lulu’s license is missing from her belongings.

Back at Nathan’s grave, a grieving sister, Nina, shares heartfelt moments with her late brother, missing him, and filling him on the latest in her life and Maxie’s.  One again, Michelle Stafford delivered in these scenes.

Finn shows up with results for “Kevin”.  He tells him the tests shows he has the same virus as Anna and he will need surgery to correct his sudden loss of his eyesight.  Finn also tells “Kevin” this good news: Lulu made it through surgery and will make a full recovery.  Ryan is in trouble and he knows it.

At the end of the episode as Sam makes it over to Pier 55, she spots Jason’s body in the water and jumps in to save him.  We fade to black.

Now, check out the emotional scenes performed by Kirsten Storms and Michelle Stafford below. Then, let us know, do you think Maxie and Peter should move forward with their relationship? How can Ryan get out of the predicament he finds himself in now? Will Lulu come to and identify “Kevin” as her assailant ? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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THIS IS US Delivers Stunning Episode As The Big Three Meet Their Uncle Nick

If you caught Tuesday night’s episode of This Is Us, you saw television drama at its best, and one of the best installments of this heart-tugging series, doing what it does best – intertwining past and present day storytelling, and revealing a shocking truth that will have a ripple effect for the Big Three and Rebecca.

The episode was a beautifully scripted hour of TV called, “Songbird Road Part 1”.  The title refers to the address of where the very much alive Nick (brother of Jack) is living 166 miles outside of Pittsburgh.

In the past, we see Jack receiving postcards from his brother under the alias “Clark Kent” or “C. K.” and reaching out to him over an extended period of time, trying to reconnect.  Jack hides all of the postcards.  When one of them shows up at his home mailbox, and it reads “Last one”, Jack decides to take a Saturday trip to see his brother, and lies to Rebecca as to where he is headed.

In the present day, the Big Three set out on a road trip to find their Uncle Nick, now that Kevin’s journey to Vietnam and back has revealed that Jack lied to everyone – telling them that his younger brother died, when he is actually alive.  Seeking the truth and to locate him, Randall, Kevin and at first a reluctant Kate, set out to the address on the postcard Kevin has.  Rebecca does not want to go, obviously, struggling with the fact that Jack never let on during their marriage that his brother was alive.


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GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

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