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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley Leaves For Paris As Eileen Davidson Wraps Her Run


Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless marked the final appearance of Eileen Davidson in the role of Ashley Abbott, and the two-time Daytime Emmy winner left on a high note with an emotional storyline that could just earn her yet another gold statuette next year.

As Ashley’s family drama came to its conclusion, she tells Jack (Peter Bergman), Traci (Beth Maitland), Kyle (Michael Mealor) Billy (Jason Thompson) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) that she is taking the patents and leaving Genoa City immediately.  She reveals that while she is completely disgusted with the Abbott clan, she is not leaving out of spite.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Ashley’s decided to start her own company with her own products. … and she will call it “My Beauty” – John’s nickname for her when she was growing up.  Next, she goes toe to toe with her brother Jack. He fires back that Ashley has left Jabot for company after company, time and time again.  Then, there is another flashback to an argument that ensued when they were kids over a mess that was less at the family pool.

Now in the present, defiant and standing up for herself, Ashley says to the group there is no offer from them that she would accept, because she plans to start her own empire in the same city her mother did years ago.  Then, Ashley announces she is leaving for Paris on a jet tonight.  When Jack and Traci bring up leaving Dina (Marla Adams) behind, who is losing her battle with Alzheimer’s, Ashley says she had made peace with her mother and that Dina doesn’t know who she is anymore, so it won’t make a difference to Dina.

Ashley turns to Abby and asks her to join her in Paris, but Abby refuses. They share a tearful hug.  Next, Ashley addresses Billy hoping that their relationship one day can be repaired. Then, an emotional Traci tells her sister that she will always love her unconditionally, but she thinks Ashley’s making the wrong choice.  The sisters share a hug.  When Dina joins everyone, Ashley explains to her mother that she now feels liberated.

Before she leaves, Ashley tells Jack she has nothing to say to him and walks out. Later, Ashley is at the GCAC and gets a call from Neil, and drops the bombshell that she is leaving for Paris tonight and starting her own company, and she wishes they could have seen where their relationship would have gone.


Just then, Jack shows up.  In a heartfelt conversation, he confesses to Ashley that he hates himself for starting this war years ago, and what it’s done to their family.  He confesses that part of the reason the “blood Abbott clause” was added was so he wouldn’t have to compete against his sister.  Jack finally admits that he was jealous of her and her talents!  After apologizing to Ashley, they hug.  Then, we go to a flash back to when they were younger and a young Ashley tells Jack she does not like fighting with him.

Now in the present, with a chance to reconcile with her brother, Ashley doesn’t take it. Instead, she stands up for her decision saying she needs to look out for herself now, first and exits  After all, how many times can she feel less than by her own family?

Davidson’s final moments occurred on the plane taking Ashley to Paris where she toasts her exit from Genoa City and on to her new life, while Jack is devastated looking at the empty Abbott house, with a big question mark for the future of Jabot and with a huge rift with his sister that may never be repaired.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Following the airing of the episode,  some of the cast who shared many scenes over the years with Davidson offered their sentiments on Eileen’s departure from the series, on a post on the official Y&R facebook page.

Marla Adams shared: I love Eileen so much. We’ve had so many wonderful scenes together. When I returned to the show, we did a scene in the Abbott Living Room and at the end of the scene Eileen cried. I knew then that we would make magic together. I will miss her but respect her decision and hope to see her soon.”

Beth Maitland sharedL “From the moment we met on the set these many years ago, we were sisters. Ups and downs, life events and comings and goings, we were always returning to the foundation of those days, and I will forever be blessed by the times I have shared with Eileen.”

So, what did you think about how Ashley left Genoa City?  Did she do the right thing for herself? Will you miss Eileen?

Share your thoughts via the comment section below and make sure to check out our video interview with Eileen all about her exit on The Michael Fairman Channel.

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Eileens exit was everything!
Ash left victorious for once!
…being greedy for all things Ash my only gripes was that she ‘ phoned in’ her goodbye to Neil!?
..further although Ashley and the Abbotts had a hell of story especially her and ‘ Jackie’ the missing piece for moi was a appearance by ghost daddy, John. ..i miss the appearances of John Abbott as he consoles his children. I would ve probably been in tears if he came to visit his ‘beauty’Ash and personally validate his descision to leave her the patents to Jabot that she created!
Also criminal although im assuming it couldve been due to scheduling conflicts with Eric away, it woulve been tender to see one last touching scene with Vic and Ash ..mayb muse about her pulling a Vic trick and switching Jacks paternity, or if anything a nod to the history and love they once shared.
The airplane scene was a nice touch.

Yeah, Damien……Ashley’s phone good-bye by phone was a low blow!! …..very strange. TPTB could not devise a way for her and Neil to see each other in person?
Awwww, Damien…’re such a sentimentalist ( the last goodbyes from Daddy to his beauty; even in fantasy)…. love that!!

Damn I am going to miss her a lot, she is just damn awesome! Like others I disappointed that she has left Y&R, but we all have to understand she has a “real family” and wants to spend time with them. Ms. Davidson has given us her for many years and yes she spoiled all of us. It will not be the same, but we do have Gina Tognoni and like Eileen, she too can act very very well.

GOD BLESS EILEEN, enjoy your time you worked hard for it !

No I hated the ending was almost hoping for a real soap opera ending with the plane blowing up after take off pan to Jack holding a lit lighter and a burning gas flame towards direction of the exploding plane. End Scene

First, regardless of Jack’s deceit he has always loved Ashley and protected all this siblings…that isn’t YR ending but a DOOL or GH.

The character’s exit storyline was horrible to manipulate a woman with Alzheimer’s disgusting and for gosh sakes she is not a twentysomething ingenue either her childish behavior was silly . No company would switch out CEO’s and last . Please send GT / Kelly Cramer she is not Phyllis needs to go back home to NJ and stay and JT back to Canada and stay

Love Ashley. Will miss Eileen. Disliked the exit storyline.

Eileen will be missed very very much!!!! Since I was a teen I have watched The Young And the Restless! The character Ashley has been one of the characters that kept me coming back to watch the show. She has an amazing pressance about her. It breaks my heart to see her leave the show! I think the way she left leaves it open for a return if ever given the chance. I am heartbroken!

OH, I loved this story line and all the actors’ performances. Bravo Y&R! THIS is why you are among the best in daytime drama. I was surprised but accept the choice not to have Dina have a fully lucid moment with Ashley. That would have been too sappy. I only have one wish… that John Abbott’s spirit might have spoken to Jack or Ashley or even Dina. Maybe the senior Abbott will help Jack rebuild Jabot in a special appearance soon. THANK YOU everyone at Y&R for this very thoughtful and emotional story turn.

I understand Eileen leaving, she does have a real life, but, damn, it just won’t be the same without her. I’ be watch the show since it’s inception and truly love all the characters. Please, for selfish reasons DON’T GO!!! Love you, have a fun time with your family

Hope she can speak French.

I have been a fan of the Young and Restless since day one. I was a girl in grade school. Ashley has always been my favorite character on the show and I doubt that will change with her departure. I will really miss her.

I’m reminded of that old saying, “how can we miss you if you won’t go away”? There’s absolutely no emotion with her leaving because let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before she’s back.

Don’t think it was right for Ashley to take the patents and leave Jabot to destruction. She acted like a spoiled child. What Jack did was no worse than what she did. Sick of hearing her say she never got the respect she deserved. She’s the one who sounded jealous. Jack always acknowledged her accomplishments but that wasn’t enough fr her. Glad she’s gone.

Bye, Eileen……I gave you my “Godspeed” on the other site….will miss your beautiful presence ( and fashion-sense).
On another note—-it is still Halloween in GC…, will JT’s spectre waft through the ground swathed in an all-out- Halloween-scary regalia?
Reality call? He’s not there? Gone bye-bye?
Another thing……seems to me Nikki still has that possessive streak about her towards Arturo. She is jealous!!
Weird how he has an Hispanic accent and his siblings don’t?

It is difficult to express how poignant the give and take was between the Abbott siblings; both past and present. Writers you out did yourselves!

Now I find myself following, but insecure regarding so many new members of the cast that have been introduced. Why can’t Paul come back? Lilly’s children began to “grow” on me. Love the little children, but that is probably hard to maintain.

I so disliked how JT was handled. No valid discussion of abuse; absurd storyline.

Ashley has moved in and out over the years. The legacy from her mother leaves a lot of open doors.

Nick and “Dark Horse” continues to be meaningless.

Find your foundation; even though it may be not timeless!

General Hospital

Eva LaRue Makes Her ‘General Hospital’ Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of Natalia Rogers-Ramirez?

On the Monday, February 26th episode of General Hospital, former All My Children favorite, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), made her first appearance in her new recurring role of Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez.

In key scenes, as Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze are happy after spending the night together, Kristina is in for a shock when she is still in bed and the door opens and Blaze’s mother, Natalia strolls in seemingly oblivious to walked she just walked in.

Natalia announces, “Alison, Mommy’s here!” Then, Natalia looks over and sees Kristina in bed and both women are a bit startled. Kristina introduces herself to “Mrs. Rogers-Ramirez.” However, Natalia corrects her and says it’s “Miss.”

Photo: ABC

Next, Blaze walks into the room still in her robe. She is very shocked that her mother arrived in Port Charles much earlier than expected. Natalia wants an explanation of just what she walked in on. It is then, Kristina concocts a story and explains they had a girls’ night, and it got late so Alison let her crash.

Natalia seems to buy into Kristina’s lies. Blaze starts to argue with her mother over the non-vegan sandals her mother brought her from Puerto Rico and her grandmother’s pudding, which she has told her in the past she dislikes. Kristina pipes in that the reason Alison doesn’t like it, is because of the texture and the same goes for avocado and flan. Natalia says she thinks she knows her own daughter.

Photo: ABC

Then, Blaze gets more upset and asks Kristina to stay and be by her side. Blaze announces that she and Kristina are more than just friends. We already know that Natalia is from a very conservative background, so we anticipate on tomorrow’s episode of GH, she won’t approve finding out her daughter is gay. Stay-tuned.

So, were you happy to see Eva LaRue back on daytime and now on General Hospital? What were you first impressions of her new character Natalia Rogers-Ramirez? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first, check out the scenes from her arrival below,

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: Becky Lynch and Drew McIntrye Punch Their Tickets to ‘WrestleMania 40’

On Saturday morning (U.S. time zones) and emanating for the first time from Perth, Australia, Peacock streamed the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024, which set the stage for some final title belt match-ups going into WrestleMania 40 come April in Philadelphia.

The first bout of the  was the women’s elimination chamber match-up with the winner facing Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania for the WWE Women’s Championship (Ripley retained her title in the main event in her homeland at the end of the night on Saturday against Nia Jax).

Bianca Belair, Tiffany Stratton, Naomi, Raquel Rodriguez, Liv Morgan and “The Man” Becky Lynch were the participants. When the smoke cleared, the crowd was most impressed by the moves of Stratton, but she was eliminating earlier in the match.

Photo: WWE

The three final participants were Belair, Morgan and Lynch. However, it wasn’t going to be the EST’s night as Belair was eliminated by Morgan and then Lynch pinned Morgan. Becky was victorious.

In the men’s elimination chamber match-up, the winner would go on to WrestleMania to battle Seth “Freakin” Rollins for the WWE World Championship.  The men’s ‘chamber’ also opened up many storylines to come.

Battling it out were Drew McIntrye, L.A. Knight, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and Logan Paul. Interference by A.J. Styles out of nowhere and attacking Knight with a chair, set up “The Mega-Star’s” elimination.

Photo: WWE

Later, after Randy Orton eliminated Logan Paul (with his brass knuckles), the match got down to two … Orton or McIntrye. However, Paul rose up from the ring apron and hit Orton in the head with the ‘knucks’ allowing McIntrye to get the pin.

Looks like Orton vs Paul and Styles vs. L.A. Knight might also be on tap for some major WrestleMania 40 feuds.

So, happy or unhappy with the outcome of the elimination chamber winners, Becky Lynch and Drew McIntyre? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spinelli Serenades Maxie Then They Kiss! Are you in Favor of a ‘Spixie’ Reunion?

Spixie fans finally got their wish, sort of, on Thursday’s February 22nd episode of ABC’s General Hospital.

While Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) have been each others orbit and married to other people, have had children, and been each other’s best friends, it’s apparent that they belong together, or do they?

In story, Spinelli took to the stage on Karaoke night when he, Maxie, Cody (Josh Kelly) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) went out together.  When Spinelli sang, it featured a touching solo performance by Bradford Anderson, where Spinelli wears his heart on his sleeve for Maxie.

Maxie is all smiles watching Spinelli sing, and afterwards he walks towards her. The two talk about his living situation and how he would do anything for her. Maxie says she always knows she can count on him. She admits she loves listening to him sing to her, and she loves having him around. Spinelli says he considers her more than a friend. The two eventually share a kiss, but Maxie runs away.

Photo: JPI

The pick-up of the story happens on next week’s Tuesday, February 27th episode when in teasers, Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

Looking at the history of Spixie: they first got together from 2008-2010 when they were engaged. Then, in 2013 the duo had a one night stand. Next, they dated again in 2015, and flash-forward to 2024, and it looks like Maxie and Spinelli might be willing to try their romantic relationship one more time.

Photo: JPI

So, do you hope Spixie gets back together, or do you want Maxie and Spinelli with some other characters on the Port Charles canvas? Let us know. But first, check out the scene where Spinelli sings to Maxie below.

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