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The Young and the Restless


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy’s Intervention


Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless brought with it another top-notch performance by Jason Thompson as the troubled Billy Abbott – a man who has fallen back into his gambling addiction – just as everything was going so well for him.

So, what is the Abbott family to do?  Stage a classic soap opera intervention! Present were: sisters Traci (Beth Maitland), and Ashley (Eileen Davidson), brother Jack (Peter Bergman), mother Jill (Jess Walton), girlfriend Phyllis (Gina Togoni), along with Billy’s ex, Victoria (Amelia Heinle), as well as Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Abby (Melissa Ordway).

As each member of the family tries to plead their case to Billy, eventually it fell on deaf ears. Most essentially, Ashley’s who in sincerity is guilt-ridden for Billy’s downfall, because she has been trying to unseat him as CEO of Jabot.

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While Jack spoke of the pitfalls of addiction (something he also knows so well), Jill spoke of the time she spent holding vigil over Billy’s hospital bed.

What was so layered in watching Thompson’s performance throughout, is at first ,Billy tries to be sensitive to the always-well-meaning Traci.   He tries to keep it together, while the entire family is relating to him their issue and worry of the dark path he is venturing down.  And just when you think Billy might come to understand and get the trouble he is in, he fires back.

Billy is insulted, humiliated, angry, and betrayed.  The complex emotions cut deep, especially where Ashley is concerned, because he knows she is gunning for his job.

The supporting cast of Y&R in these scenes brought the right amount of drama to give Thompson a playing field to deliver Billy’s plight.  The questions remain: Will Billy save himself?  What will happen to his relationship to Phyllis, who in the final shot of the episode is left devastated?

Share your thoughts on Billy’s intervention below, but first watch the final moments where the family wants him to enter rehab, but Billyrefuses.

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Kimmie Walter
Kimmie Walter

Jason is doing an amazing job of a man sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for that win and the crazy spiral when you lose. The way he licks his lips, jumps around and wants to just be sexy with Phyllis to keep her quiet and thinks he’s making her happy.. Gina is doing amazing at trying to be a supportive girlfriend and her body language without words has been key to this performance as well. I really hope Philly make it out of this together and stronger than ever!! They are a fantastic couple and I want them long term!!


Jason has been thrilling in his portrayal of Billy has he teters on the edge of the deep end!.. he has turned Billy into a adult man especially since Billy miller was very childish and wouldnt have the chops to pull off a standoff against the Abbotts. Imo. Jason is a force especially to hold his own against Jess, Peter, Beth, and Eileen . Even Amelie was on her game. These are y n r royalty. Kyle has grown into a valuable rookie too.
Scenes like these prove that the Abbotts are everything about y n r. Period .


I’m just not invested in this storyline. Once Eileen wraps up her exit, I’ll be done with the show. It’s unfortunate.


Well, not a fan of NuBilly or Fake Fillis BUT the intervention was good BECAUSE the viewers were back in the Abbott living room, the dialogue was good, each character reading their lines and passing the next lines off to the next character and its good to see Eileen get to go out with some possible meat to a story that might someday bring her back.


While I’ve grown to accept Gina as Phyllis, I agree with you, Timmm. It was a great volley for actors/Abbotts at the top of their game. To me Mr. Thompson was the same snarky, angry without a cause version of Billy we’ve seen already. But Beth Maitland and Eileen Davidson were deeply moving and Ashley’s departure will be a sad day for me.


Why should I care about the climax of an underdeveloped plot where most of the action took place off camera?


I am luvin Jason as Billy !!
He is much better as Billy than he was Patric.
He made a great move!
and Y&R uses him every day and GH wasted him..
Jason is more powerful as Billy than he ever was a Patric..


Y&R’s Gina Tognoni Opens Up About Billy’s Bombshell With Summer & What’s Next For Phyllis

Talk about walking in at the wrong moment and getting an earful!  That’s exactly what happened to The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis on Wednesday’s episode.  Taking the moment to level his revenge and payback for Phyllis’ romp with Nick (Joshua Morrow), her beau Billy (Jason Thompson) tells Phyllis that he slept with her daughter, Summer (Hunter King), right as Summer is standing there!   With that moment now out in the open, and Billy’s intention behind it, look for fireworks to fly!

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Daytime Emmy-winning gem, Gina Tognoni, who brings the complex Phyllis to life on the CBS daytime drama series, to get her take on how Phyllis handles this shocker, and the ramifications it poses to her, and the key relationships in her life.

As to what happens in the near future, looks like Phyllis is not going to do too well with what has just come to light, and that may set her on a whole new trajectory!  But will it be to Jack (Peter Bergman), to Nick (Joshua Morrow), or to someone else?  And, oh, there is that little item of her part in the death of J.T. Hellstrom.  Will that ultimately prove to be her downfall?  Here’s what Gina dished on the latest developments from GC.

When Phyllis gets the bombshell dropped upon her that Billy had sex with Summer, in that immediate moment what does this mean for Phyllis’ relationship with her daughter?

GINA:  Phyllis never saw this coming.  She is gutted and disgusted with her daughter in the moment, and in disbelief that her daughter would turn on her like this.

What about Billy saying to Phyllis and Summer that he had revenge sex with Summer to get back at Phyllis for sleeping with Nick?  Is she disgusted with him?

GINA:  I mean, she is speechless with him.  She’s speechless that he would stoop so low.  In her mind, this is a different offense.  Her sleeping with Nick is something that can’t be put in the same ballpark as Billy sleeping with her daughter.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Do you think Phyllis knew in her gut that Billy would sleep with Summer; after the truth about her tryst with Nick came out at Sharon and Nick’s wedding?

GINA:  I think she was consumed with her own guilt and her own loss of control that it was not in the forefront of her mind.  So, when he plops that on her, that’s what leaves her to be absolutely speechless.  Whether you call it karma, or whatever, she got knocked with some of that, and she doesn’t know what else to say.  She’s devastated by both of these people.  In Phyllis’ mind she had moved on and was trying to make things right, but Billy sleeping with her daughter just crosses a boundary.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

I actually thought Phyllis knew in her gut that Billy would go to Summer, after the Shick wedding busted wide open, as she drank out those tiny liquor bottles!

GINA:  She was drinking the bottles, and it was all out, and her life was beginning to unravel, which caused her to want to numb the pain, because it was getting so intense.  It came out at the wedding that she slept with Nick, but what she was upset about was how Billy and she had now imploded, and their relationship has been forever changed.  That’s what that drinking was about.  They had overcome so much.  Here they were trusting each other, she was supporting him, brought him out of his gambling addiction, and she ‘drowns’ herself, and then we come to today. She walks in, and he just unloads it, and says, “I slept with Summer.”   From that moment on, we start to see that she has a break, and the break is in her personality.  Not that she’s a multiple personality, but it’s literally so painful for her that it changes something within her, and we’ll see something within the next two to three weeks on-air of what that means.  Phyllis gets really drastic, which has been fun to play.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Does she think at all, that this is her fault, because she did sleep with Nick?

GINA:  Oh, yes.  She’s so confused and so overwhelmed by how screwed up it’s gotten that she is in survival mode.  We’ve seen Phyllis go in and out of that during the almost five years that I have played her. This is good stuff to play, and the writing is much more detailed than I have ever seen it.  When you see the scenes that are airing the rest of this week, they were done in one take.  Jason Thompson’s performance is so good, and Hunter King is really wrapping her arms around this role in such a cool way, that I just think the viewers are going to feel something.  Phyllis is just wrecked.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

One of the great scenes that you’ve had this year was when Phyllis realized that Summer is going after her man and she confronts her.  Phyllis slapped her own daughter and then went on the offense to keep her daughter from meeting up with Billy.  Summer did try to seduce Billy, and his gambling addiction wouldn’t have resurfaced at this time in his life, if it weren’t for her.

GINA:  Yes. Summer did push it.   I think in life, people disappoint us in such a profound way.  People are human.  We will be disappointed.   You pray to God that it’s not to certain levels, but it happens.  At the end of the day this is still her daughter, and it’s that bond that you have forever, and you love them, and you have to find a way to forgive because it’s natural: that love in your heart for your child.  That’s all I can say about this story, because it’s bizarre. (Laughs)  It sounds so funny, “My daughter slept with my boyfriend.” (Laughs)  You know what I mean?  However, when you really think about it, Summer broke her mother’s heart.

Even though Summer was a big contributor to the combustion of Billy and Phyllis’ relationship, Phyllis wants what’s best for her?

GINA: That’s the way Mal Young (EP and head writer, Y&R) is writing it.  I think that’s the most human way to do it.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t be angry, or that you have to be trusting in a situation like this.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

What does this mean for any future for the duo known as “Philly”?

GINA:  I was just saying to Jason Thompson: “I don’t feel like we’ve really worked together or hung out, because we’ve broken up on this show, so I never see you,” and he said, “I know! It’s so bizarre,” and it really is, because you get into such a rhythm with somebody.  You develop this shorthand where you understand each other’s rhythms.  Now, I’m getting to work with different groups of people.  Phyllis and Billy have such a very good dynamic.  It works.  So, to mess with something that’s not broken, (I mean, obviously it’s broken in Genoa City) it’s a bummer.  The good news is, maybe we’ll find our way back to one another.  She loved Billy very much.  That’s very much her soulmate.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Where does Phyllis see Jack in all of this?  At times, in scenes, it looks like maybe she could rekindle her relationship with Jack.

GINA:  Here’s the thing … Jack represented wisdom to her.  Jack is the type of man that no woman should ever walk away from.   Phyllis screwed that up.  She also screwed up her relationship with Billy, but I actually think that Billy had a lot to do with that too.  They both have demons.  Billy and Jack are two great men that she has failed at.  How does she live with that much failure?  How does she see herself?  What does she do?  She can’t make Billy come back, and she can’t be forced to love him.  They’re both so hurt by all of this.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Joshua Morrow was on my podcast Soap Nation Live recently, and we were talking about the hotness that is Phyllis, and how there’s this constant sexual tension between Nick and Phyllis, and how they play videogames as their foreplay, before they have sex.  (Laughs) Where is that relationship at now?

GINA:  Yes, there is that foreplay with the video games. (Laughs)  Gina and Joshua have never really explored the dynamic of Phyllis and Nick.  It was Michelle Stafford (Ex-Phyllis, Y&R, now Nina, GH) and Joshua who played that.   Now we are getting a chance to get Gina and Joshua’s take on it.  Joshua is very present when you work with hum, and that’s a very powerful thing.   So, we’ll see what happens with those two, but right now it seems to be a very physical thing between them.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Then, there are the ramifications of Phyllis’ part in J.T.’s death and the four women in collusion to hide what happened to him. What is it like for Phyllis having to work with Sharon on this, when Phyllis was the cause of Sharon’s wedding to Nick to blow up?

GINA:  Well, she’s compartmentalizing.  She’s got the J.T. thing that she wants to control as much as she can, and she’s got to also be successful in her business career.  She’s proving something to herself, and she’s proving something as a woman.  Phyllis wants to be taken seriously, but she’s got this conflict that’s telling her that she’s a fraud.  She’s got this murder cover-up that she’s involved with.  Again, like in life, you try to go forward, but everyone has demons and things inside them that take them off their game.

Is there any part of her that thinks she could wind up in prison for this crime?

GINA: Yeah!  Her whole life could just blow up to a whole other level! That’s how I see it!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

I know throughout your soap opera career; the writers and producers have loaded you up with heavy material, because you are an accomplished actress who can always deliver.  But, how do you feel now getting all of this material and trying to work through it?

GINA:  I’m getting to a place just now where I’m going, “Okay.  We’ve got this.”   For the last month and a half to two months, it’s been a lot.   Now, I’m starting to find my center and balance.  At first, it was a lot to digest.  I even felt emotional not working with Jason, and not working with Peter Bergman.  There is that attachment, were you go as an actor: “That was ours.  We built that, man!”  Then it moves on and it takes its shape, and you have to remind yourself that’s your job: that you are the chameleon.  You have to come in and sell it, and commit emotionally, because that’s your job.  There are certain days that I feel too much, and I have to remember to just breathe.  Day by day is how I take it, but I feel good.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

If you could preview to the audience what they should watch for with Phyllis, what would you tell them? 

GINA:  Watch the subtle differences within Phyllis.  There is even a different look in my eyes.  I’m bringing her to a place, and she’s bringing me to a place that I have never

So, what do you think Phyllis should do now in her relationships with Summer and Billy? Are you glad the truth is out that Billy had sex with Summer? Who should be the new man in Phyllis’ life? What changes do you think will happen to her personality as previewed by Gina in this interview? Comment below.

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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley’s Revenge Plot On Jack Revealed; He Is John’s Son After All!

How many of you saw this coming?  Did you think that Ashley would dupe her brother, Jack Abbott?  Well, if you caught how her plan was executed in her revenge-plot against him on Monday’s episode; you also saw brilliant performances by Eileen Davidson (Ashley) and Peter Bergman (Jack).

As it turned out, after months and months of thinking that John Abbott was not his bio-dad and his continual search for who could likely be his father, Jack gets the bombshell of all bombshells.  He was never anyone else’s son!  Ashley hatched a secret plan to ensure she would stake a claim to the Abbott family company, Jabot and name, and for he daughter, Abby (Melissa Ordway).

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Once the truth is out in front of the family and co-workers, Jack asks to speak to Ashley in private and the showdown begins.  Ashley says she was completely justified in making it appear to Jack that John was not his biological father.  When he thinks Victor put her up to this, she revels in the fact that she did this all on her own.

Ashley confesses that it all dates back to last Christmas when Jack threw the blood Abbott clause in her face and made her feel like a fraud.  Ashley goes on to list the many ways he betrayed her and the family and made her feel less than because she was not John’s bio-daughter.  She screams out at Jack that she was sick and tired of being nice and wanted to be as cold and calculating as he was.  She goes on to say how she even duped Dina, who has Alzheimer’s, by planting the seed that Dina had another affair on John.

As viewers we see flashbacks through Ashley of how she pulled-off her plan.  Jack asks, “Who are you?”  He explodes at her that no wonder Dina couldn’t remember the name of his real father; because he didn’t exist!  Ashley even says she was sorry, but then glad, that Jack learned about the now faux-fact that John wasn’t his father in the movie screening of Dina’s documentary, and that she edited in Dina’s confession into the film.  Ashley then goes on to tell via flashback just how she paid off Andrew, the lab tech to handle the DNA results; where she switched her hair sample for Traci’s so it would not match Jack’s.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

All of this was done to ensure she would run Jabot.  Ashley tells him she was justified in wanting revenge and she wanted him to know what it felt like to not be a part of the family he grew-up in and that he loved so much.  Jack shouts at her that she is a cold monster, and then starts to take the name plate off  of Ashley’s office door.  He then (in a redux of the classic scene between Victor and Jack, where Jack throws the executive chair that sits behind the desk through a window) throws Ashley;s executive chair through the glass in the front of Ashley’s office into the reception area.  Ashley screams.

Kudos to the performances of Davidson and Bergman! These are tw0 Daytime Emmy-winning powerhouses who we will miss seeing together when Davidson finishes up her on-screen run on Y&R.

So, what did you think of the story twist? Glad Jack is truly John Abbott’s son? Shocked that Ashley pulled off this plot?  What did you think of Eileen and Peter’s performances? Comment below, but first watch the final minutes of Monday’s episode.

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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy Hits The Sheets With Summer As Philly and Shick Go Bust!

On Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, the CBS daytime drama stuck with its “A” storyline where Sharon lets Nick have it (and literally too, with that slap to the face) during her nuptials to the man she has always loved.  This all comes about because Sharon, who was late arriving to her own wedding, decided she would out Nick in front of his family and their friends for once again hooking up with Phyllis.

Once the truth come out, Billy and Phyllis who are attending the wedding are gut-punched.  Billy had just proposed to Phyllis.  Now he is devastated and Phyllis admits to him and everyone at the wedding that it is true … she slept with Nick, but it was one time.  After trying to get all the major participants in the reveal out of the church, the drama ramps up even more.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The episode featured top-notch performances by Jason Thompson (Billy), Gina Tognoni (Phyllis), Sharon Case (Sharon), and Joshua Morrow (Nick). In key scenes at the Abbott house, Billy kicks Phyllis to the curb, even though she tries to plead her case as to why the one night tryst with Nick went down.  He is not having any of it. After Phyllis is gone, he promises Jack (Peter Bergman) that he enter rehab tomorrow for his gambling addiction, but first he needs to clear his head.

Meanwhile back at Sharon’s, after Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Noah (Robert Adamson) leave them to hash things out, its apparent that Sharon is not going to forgive Nick, or get back together with him.  She cries and pours her heart out that the fact that of all people Nick went and slept with Phyllis reminds her of all the pain that relationship cost her and them after Cassie died.  Ultimately, Nick packs his bags, just as an upset Faith (Alyia Alyn Lind) comes home. After their daughter runs upstairs, Nick tells Sharon before he leaves that he is not giving up on them being together.  Sharon says she loves Nick, but she does not want to be with him, and he has changed since the J.T. masquerade stunt, and forming his company, Dark Horse.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Elsewhere, as Phyllis drinks out of tiny vodka bottles in what looks to be a hotel room, Summer (Hunter King) is now at the GCAC bar and Billy shows up. Summer asks why he called her and was surprised to hear from him. Billy says she was right, Phyllis is not the woman for him and now that he is no longer with her … he then feels up her legs and begins to seduce her.  The two take it to Summer’s place and hit the sheets, as we cut to Phyllis having a meltdown knowing in her heart that Billy may be having sex with her daughter.

Watch the gripping final moments below. Then let us know; what you thought of the performances and the episode? Are you glad all the couples busted up, or are you upset?  Do you think any time soon Philly or Shick will get back together? Comment below.

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