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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Eric Braeden's Masterful Performance In Victor's Road Less Traveled Episode!



If you caught Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, you saw a masterful performance by series star Eric Braeden (Victor Newman).  In it, Victor has been arrested, and he is visited at the police station by his granddaughter Summer (Hunter King).  She asks him to tell her he didn’t hire Marco to replace Jack (Peter Bergman).  He doesn’t truly answer the question, but instead asks her if she has ever read the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken.   And this is the crux and the throughline of an invented episode, where Victor says he simply went down the road less traveled and did what he could to protect his family. He doubts they’d be better off without him.

Next in an out of time episode, we see what life would be like for Nick (Joshua Morrow), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), Billy (Jason Thompson), Adam (Justin Hartley) , Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), Abby (Melissa Ordway), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), Summer and more, if Victor hadn’t done what he has done for each of them in their lives.  Highlights included Nick as a ruthless heir apparent to Victor with his girl on the side none other than Lily (Christel Khalil), Billy shooting Adam and calling Victoria a “slut” after seeing her with Luca (Miles Gaston Villueneva)!

Back in prison, Victor is devastated that his daughter Victoria turned him in, because she was always the most like him.  Summer tells her grandfather he went too far with what he did with Jack and Marco and the ramficiations it had on so many people in the family.

Meanwhile, the Newman clan is gathered together at the Top of the Tower where they discuss that Victor has what’s coming to him, and he must pay for his crimes.  Adam was a last minute arrival and learns Victor was faking his medical crisis as a way to get out of jail.    Then, Summer arrives and says she visited Victor.  She tells the family that they need to think again and remember all that he has done for each of them, before thinking of abandoning him completely.  Back in prison, Victor weeps as the most understood man of them all.  Victor thinks to himself about the poem The Road Not Taken and recites:  “I shall be telling this with a sigh.  Somewhere ages and ages hence:  Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Braeden previewed that soon Victor will be in orange pinstripes and will be defending himself in the case against him for kidnapping and fraud.   When discussing the storyline of Victor finding an exact Jack Abbott doppelganger, Braeden expressed: “The likelihood that Victor could find an exact duplicate of Jack is ludicrous. Do I buy any of it? No. But one must commit to it and this stuff does keep our audience hooked. Nighttime TV is a joke. Doing film is a cinch. But a daytime soap opera requires real discipline and confidence because you are so often required to act the impossible. I might have difficulty with certain things on Y&R that I’m asked to do, but then I will watch it play out when the show airs and think, ‘Well, I’ll be damned! It works. This is kind of riveting.”’

So, what did you think of Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless?  What did you think of the riveting performance of Eric Braeden? Do you agree with Eric’s comments on the doppelganger storyline?  Did you enjoy seeing Nick with Lily in the out of time episode?  What did you think of an emotional Billy shooting Adam? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I think he did a good job. I didn’t necessarily like the aspect of the ep. It was interesting to see Lily with Nick and Adam fresh from Kansas.

It’s always great to see an actor be able to spread his wings, and have other lines besides”I do it for my family” over and over. I thought Eric did it well. But I have a real problem that Victor couldn’t get out of his own ego and baggage, and give his family the benefit of the doubt that they could have made a good life and loving family without all his manipulations and interference. Instead he invents a worse possible scenario to rationalize his behaviour. And in doing so uses one of my favorite poems to explain the road he took. Bah humbug!

P.S. Not so sure “film is a cinch,” but I do agree with Eric, in the main, “nighttime is a joke.”

I think the “Cinch” comment was him comparing daytime to how fast it goes and how much dialog versus a movie where you sit and sit and sit and finally do a page of dialogue and then break for the day!

The episode made me sick. That arrogant SOB Victor honestly believes that without him his wife would be homeless, his precious first daughter would also be a bitter drunk, his gutless son would be a ruthless business man, his clone son would be a hillbilly, and his airhead daughter would be a hooker. Unbelievable!!!!!!! And, that brainless Summer bought it. I knew she was stupid but good heavens. Your pitiful husband is dead because of grandpa’s actions. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose this is the set up for Victor to get off. He had delusions of grandeur.

I agree but I think Summer is just a space filler on the show. The whole show was taken up with her talking to grampa. They could have had any of his kids or Noah/Faith but this one needed time so they stuck her in there. I’m hoping they don’t hook her up with Luca or we’ll be stuck seeing her everyday. I’d like to see Mariah with Luca. The chemistry is there & it would be nice to see Kevin squirm since he made Mariah squirm with Natalie.

I agree, Nikki. Summer’s serves nothing. If my grandfather had done what Victor did to my mother, I would be spitting fire. Instead we see this placid young woman talking to the devil with as much calmness as you please. Huh?
And, Victor did not disappoint…he turned the tables, blamed others and milked Summer’s weakness to the hilt. “I did it all for the family’! Yup, he surely did. Best excuse, except it is now how old?
Summer needs to get on the yellow brick road and ask the Wizard for some guts….the courage to speak up.
Other than being a Newman, who is a Summer? Did she go to College? How does she fit into a company without any knowledge of the business world?
Did any of those Newman offspring?

I don’t want to see ANYONE with that despicable Luca! There’s another creepy waste of space that needs to GO!

Summer is such an airhead. This man set her mother up to be raped by a violent criminal, he kidnapped Jack, had him drugged and raped by a lunatic and replaced him in his own life. His actions directly led to her husband being killed and she sat there and defended him at the end of the episode?! Are you kidding me? Her stupidity knows no bounds. I cannot believe an intelligent woman like Phyllis raised this worthless, brain dead little girl.

The entire Newman family is completely useless (except for Nikki and Adam).

Your right Nikki, they could have set a cabbage patch doll in that chair and had Victor act his scenes and it wouldnt have made a difference! Someone on that show REALLY likes Hunter?

Hey Nikki,

A possible Luca/Mariah pairing…AW, HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! No offense to Kevin…but…I think that Luca and Mariah would ULTIMATELY challenge the HELL out of each other!!!!! Oh…and personality-wise, I think that Luca is W-A-Y LESS ANNOYING than Noah!!!!! Noah…who is about as smart as a tree stump…LOL!!!!!

Later, Nikki.

We can only HOPE this was a set-up for Victor to leave!

I agree with your assessment of the episode…but it didn’t make me sick because I FF’d through all of it.

I tried to watch, but between arrogant Victor and brainless Summer, I couldn’t keep my lunch down!

Oh, I agree SZima…I cannot stand Luca….I do not find anything to rave about in him. But, I thought he drew something out of Victoria which I have never seen with any other guy, and vice versa.
Don’t get me wrong, I want him gone….no purpose, except as another foil for Victor and to pit him against members of the Newman clan.

Those out of time scenes were what Victor imagined those people lives would have been without him, in reality they would have been a lot happier if he took the other road– but this is a soap, and what fun would it be if there wasn’t someone causing trouble for everyone.

But quoting a poem doesn’t rate as a masterful performance in my book– imho it was a total waste of an episode and nothing the writers could put in Victor’s mouth now even Robert Frost could justify a totally lame story line, which no one liked when it was playing and now we have to unfortunately relived– if I never hear the name Marco again I would be happy.

Listen, I have to give it up to Eric Braeden for reciting the Robert Frost poem so well and so eloquently. Had I heard his recitation of “The Road Less Traveled” apart from Victor’s current story line I would have approved.
However, taking it all in context and knowing that Victor is horrifically distorting this beautiful and poignant poem in order to explain his dastardly deeds which go beyond the pale just makes me want to howl with despair.
To say Frost is rolling over in his grave right now is the understatement of the year.

My dear Harry,
You always warm my heart with your writing.
Frost is my favorite poet of all time, Harry. We must be of one mind because not in so many words, I have said the same thing on the previous site. I had guessed it was Frost with one phrase uttered, sotto voce, by a pensive Victor…because I know his poems by heart…verbatim.
I said that unless he follows the meaning of those memorable phrases and words, the point is moot.
The writers cannot pick a poem out of thin air just to meet their momentary need.
Not a Victor-kind of poem—-not unless it is a lesson learned.

Oho, Mary! …what stopped me from denying Eric ‘the masterful’ performance was the fear of backlash.
While Eric really outdid himself, I do not consider quoting a poem by Frost ( whom I behold as an illuminati–as one of the wonders of the world), masterful.
Considering the fact that the poem’s import and depth of ‘self’ is in complete contrast to Victor’s beliefs and raison d’être, the episode was a wash.
As I said, the recitation was outstanding, the purpose, a sham….a waste of time, is right.
I fully agree with you.
I still believe Eric killed the scene, to be regarded as one of his best…..but, I do not think it is Emmy-worthy, as someone suggested. My opinion.

Exactly, perhaps if by quoting Frost, Victor was having an moral epiphany realizing right now his life could go in two directions, he could be the same old selfish Victor who denies his actions, or for him, he could take the road he has never traveled, which would be to accept responsibility for his actions, to make amends to the family he claims to love so much, to be like Scrooge and repent and be a better man– then the poem and his rendition of it might be brilliant acting, to portray a vile character coming to terms with his own depravity. As it was, it was a waste of time and a great poem.

Hey CeeCee,

While BOTH ‘The Yellow Brick Road’ and ‘The Wizard’ are it, maybe they can (also) FINALLY put an E-N-D to Summer’s WHINY AND ANNOYING behavior…LOL!!!!! Hey, just an idea……….

Later, my friend.

Quick correction: It should have read ‘are at it’. My bad.


@Jaybird. She had the greatest opportunity to sock-it to Victor…to give him the what-for, but she wimped out. Whose fault is that? She should be told by the PTB to scratch Victor’s eyes out; yell at him; anything!!!!……then, I would cheer her on for showing some ‘life’/spunk. Night.

Like him or hate him, this show would suffer greatly if there no longer was a Victor Newman-he is the glue that keeps the show together and without him i believe the show would be one sticky mess and see a ratings drop.


Completely agree Jimh!!!

I agree. I actually like to see him come out on top and “win” all the time. I do. He survives to do more good and bad deeds and drives a LOT of story. So, rock on Victor. I

Thank you Jim! Love him or hate him, he is daytime royalty! If he were to leave the rating would bottom out! Everyone knows Victor Newman even if they dont watch soaps. Its the same as Hulk Hogan, you dont have to be a fan of wrestling to know who HH is. Which by the way, he is one of the biggest scumbags of this fine country!

You’re so right, Jimmy. We all resent Victor….but, I detest Jack just as much.
Needless to say, without these two, Y&R would not be Y&R. Magnificent actors, both of them….
Eric is one of the best, otherwise Victor would not elicit so many rumblings of disgust.


My dear…as far as I’m concerned, Summer will never turn against Victor. It’s like she idolizes him (or whatever). B-L-E-C-H!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good day.


Oh, I’m sure this story line will end the same as ALL story lines end involving Victor. He will get away with everything as usual, and everyone will come crawling to beg forgiveness from the great and powerful OZ.

So sick of all his story lines ending the same way.

I love tales of redemption and change, but Y&R has offered these turns to us so many times before, I worry it is but an exercise without benefit.

I for one love Eric Braeden but I can’t stand Victor Newman. I really want him to pay for all he’s done to his family/Jack, Phyllis being raped over & over again & Courtney’s death but all said & done he gave 100% to that performance. I was actually in tears watching him but Victor has to realize that although he never liked his father he had a brother and a mother (who he later found) and not everyone who grows up in an orphanage acts like him. I loved everyone’s acting yesterday especially Victor, Nikki & Sharon. Everyone was great but those 3 knocked it out of the park. I was disappointed in Victoria when she started tell Billy how awful she felt for her father. She will never grow-up and Billy needs to move on.

Eric’s acting, presently, is out of this word unparalleled. The seasoned ‘Shakespearean’ performer has surfaced. He may quote Frost. But, will this memorable poet, with the indecipherable turn of phrase and word be heeded by one such as Victor? There really is no point reciting said words unless their meaning sinks in.
As far as I am concerned, Victor is still vile. He is still ‘the family man’ fraught with evil and vengeance. It’s part of him…his DNA. I doubt he will ever take the weight of his own blame and evil doings.
I wonder, though, if Ashley’s illness will be blamed on him? LOL. Everything else is. No one seems to take accounting for anything….nonetheless, Victor does not have the right to be God.
Now, about Hilary. She is another ‘wolfette’ ( you know a B) in sheep’s clothing. She decided to go back to Dumb-Devon for the expressed reason to take charge of the Lab. She does not love him. Power-lust has gotten to her. Watch out, y’all!

Hi sweeties, glad you are FINALLY a member of the “Mustache Mafia!” Eric has been great and Victor is a rich, rich dirt bag! His crimes against others are too numerous to mention! The reason people get frustrated with Victor is because he NEVER pays for his crimes! Its tough for the writers. They make Victor evil and cruel but they cannot write him off to prison. Its seems like you either make him boring and rule worthy or you make him evil and unstoppable? Its like on GH, Sonny and Ava are two of the worst humans on that show. They have at least tried to punish them for their crimes BUT always seem to end up back sipping champagne! Again, if Sonny were an accountant and Ava were a waitress we would tune out in about ten minutes!

What bothers me about Jack’s storytelling I’d that TPTB completely dismissed his ‘badness’. I clearly and vividly remember how evil Jack was….with a devil-may-care-attitude. I wish the biggies at Y& R would have Jack get into that melancholy mood and recite some excerpt from CAMUS or better yet, LE MARQUIS DE SADE. That’s more up his alley. I don’t understand that, Timmm. Jack, deep down, is just as vile as Victor. TPTB decided to forget all about that… Old Italian adage…” A wolf may change its ‘hair’ color as it ages, but not its habit”. Talk, latah, Timmmbo. Gotta run!

It was a really good episode. I’m afraid to get my hopes up that Victor will finally face justice. I wish it could have been Jack who blew it up in Vic’s face, but having it be Victoria was a pretty good twist.

I agree RE: Eric Braeden. Finally! Some material for Braeden to sink his teeth into, and he more than delivered! I think people underestimate his talent as an actor. Braeden’s work over the past year has been his best EVER as Victor Newman. Bravo !

Mr. Braeden was and continues to be a great actor. He took the material and presented Victor’s position as Victor would– no concessions, no denials, no I’m sorry. We all understood ” family is everything” despite the holes in the writing of this entire year-long-plus saga. Victor certainly attests that no one would have had a good life without him being the way he is and he “dreamily” sees each one wasting away… smacks of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

I felt the Frost poem was sorely misused and Victor’s interpretation of it way off. Perhaps a more suitable “literary landscape” would have been something from a Thomas Hardy poem or better yet, some lines from Dante’s Inferno.

Nonetheless, I felt Victor’s power and loose rationale. Mr. Braeden never fails to deliver, as he so aptly stated: you do the best you can with the material given you.

Incredibly, well-written post, Ron. I simply loved it!!
I completely agree with you. As I stated above…..I KNOW Frost (well, not and which way his mind is going. There is no way this poem or any other by Frost is in ‘tune’ with Victor Newman’s philosophy of life.
We all agree that Eric killed the performance. Nonetheless, wrong choice of poem. Just my opinion. Later, my friend.

Thanks, Cee Cee. THe more I think about it, the more I am convinced it was just the wrong poem. Victor took a road less traveled, this is for certain: one that brought all his family in harm’s way, including several murders.

Guess we’ll sit tight and see how long he sees the inside of a cell!

2017: Emmy nom for Eric Braeden!!!

I agree.

I really have been enjoying Y&R!
I’m looking forward to the all the outcomes..
Everything is in line, all the dots connected, and it’s flowing at a good pace..
Watching the core characters in a reverse role of themselves was fun and different and I was entertained ! It was a awesome..
Seeing Nikki/Melody perform her reversal, well she was fantastic ..

Eric is giving a phenomenal performance..
I not only see him, I feel him …

( 2 thumbs up )

And 2 thumbs up for your comment su0000. I couldn’t agree more.

Su…I thought it was well done as well. So how would you rate this retrospective to Eric’s past compared to Luke’s in Fluke? They were different in their approach, but still similar.

Fluke’s is a 10 and Victor’s was an 8. Fluke gets a higher score because it was in B&W, the material was better written and his co-stars were out of this world!

Hey…the fact that Billy called Victoria a “slut”…LOVE IT!!!!! And, while Billy was at it, he should have called Victoria wimpy, whiny, self-absorbed and annoying…which is what that Victoria REALLY IS!!!!! YEP!!!!!!

This was eric bradens best preformance ever!!it brought me to teats to!i hope he wins and emmy!he has been my favorite actor for any soap since i started watching y and r!!

I agree with Jimh; love him or hate him, Victor is who makes the show. If he left, there’s not anything exciting happening on the show. I want Victor to get consequenced for his deeds , but I want him to land on his feet.
I read Eric’s interview with Logan in TV Guide ; I agree that if my family turned their backs on me , there’s no going back . I don’t care for family or friends who are disloyal; I ‘ll never trust them again . I agree that I couldn’t act as if all’s forgiven ; I would love my family; however, things would never be the same.
Some people don’t believe that a family will fall apart if that take charge person is out of the picture ; yet, I know that it can occur. I know a family whose life fell apart when the mother who ruled the roost for years died ; the family unraveled. So, I don’t think Victor was being selfish when he thought the way he did. He is business savvy and knows how to out smart his enemies. The only way I want Eric/Victor to leave the show is if God did it; then, that way , I know that there’s no choice. Young and the Restless, don’t weaken Victor’s power or if you do, he’ll do as the Phoenix, Stefano; rise from the ashes! I want to see which family member remains loyal.
Before I forget, Phyllis has nerves of steel ; a woman who was never consequenced for running down Christine and Paul. Hypocrite!

Use of “The Road Not Taken” was perfect. Victor is trying to justify what he has done with his life; devious and twisted as his thinking may be.

Perhaps the credits mentioned a bit more about Robert Frost. I missed it if so. Many different people watch this program from all over the world. It would have been nice to have had (if you did not) a special recognition of the author large enough for those who might want to do a little research.

First of all, Victor, (forgive the lack of his name) is a superb actor who doesn’t often get the opportunity to emerge with his finest which is true for many members of the cast.

Victor’s role, however, has bothered me for a couple of years. He is aging. Maintaining his character as is will become more and more difficult. Sometimes he looks just diabolical. This would be he perfect time to make an adjustment.

The “Wonderful Life” take off done a couple of years ago was wonderful! Of course, Victor didn’t change.

Wish Victor would begin to display his internal conflict between the need for power, and what he calls ” my family. ” For my family” has become more than crazed. His aging is an important factor.

Victor also reminds me of the Monster in “Frankenstein.” The Monster was very much driven by loneliness as is Victor.

The fantasy program watched today was great fun. The writers should take the time to watch. If I were a writer I would watch that program again for a new look at chemistry and who looks natural in what roles. Thanks guys!

So sick of Victors getting away with stuff the episode was such a joke turned it off

It was a truly lame episode – no point to it whatsoever…..

what a fun, fantasy episode!
Loved the one line zingers especially between the newman children and drunk hobo nikki!
too bad jack and ashley werent involved since vic s heavily influenced their lives
the gcac looked so classy and high end , loved vic making out on the piano too at Top of the tower, high production values!
Eric Braedan can only get better if vic gets tossed in jail and has to face losing everything!
Would love to see him with nothing..

Wow! Really? You print my comment that I liked the episode, but won’t print my comment AFTER I read the ENTIRE TV INSIDER ARTICLE?

A slight criticism (OPINION) of Eric Braeden and my comment isn’t worthy? Just WOW….He really is pandered to by EVERYONE! I guess he really is TGVN! My suspicions confirmed!

Good acting can’t cover up the horrible writing – there was no point to this episode.

Another swing and a miss for the lackluster team of Phelps & Pratt – keep up the ZERO average, guys!! The only ones you are satisfying are yourselves – then again, Pratt doesn’t write for the audience, as he has stated many times.

Hey Bart, if you feel that the writers are batting zero, turn the channel. Y&R is #1, they will manage without you!

Big performances often get the Emmy tag because we want to reward the actor with something for doing such an amazing job. It is overused but this is an exception. Eric Braeden usually has two speeds. He threatens and then he gloats! Today’s episode with him in jail showed a third speed that we rarely see from him. He was vulnerable. He may have not admitted it outright and is too stubborn to but Eric did his best in Victor’s skin to show that emotion. I am a fan and I am very proud of this episode.

I agree! It was Vintage Eric Braeden/Victor Newman.

I was turned off by Nikki’s coldness, especially when
he had a dizzy spell in the office. She didnt even
look like he was someone she even remotely cared
about and without hesitation decided he was faking.
At least with Victoria, her obvious internal struggle
was apparent. Loves him bigtime, hates what he
did. Nikki is just cold!

Nanci, I never know what to make of Nikki. She’s hot and cold. She has been so decisive, so in control lately, I started thinking that maybe, just maybe she lost all vestiges of the lost little girl; of little orphan ‘Nikki’. But, I thought that at least, she would make some kind of benevolent gesture toward her husband!
Her indifference to the love of her life, her husband, her lover, the father of her children, ( never mind the man who ‘exhumed’ her from the gutter and laid silver and gold at her feet) was jarring.
That infamous nose was back in the air, as she turned her back on him, and walked on…..WOW!! I agree.

All I could think thru the whole show is how much I wish the Victor character really was gone for good. He is like a broken record, never says anything but “I did it for my family”. That’s gotta get old for EB, repeating himself day in, day out. Yawn. Everyone’s lives looked a hell of a lot more interesting with him gone. I know I’m in the minority with this opinion, everyone’s entitled to theirs. I made myself watch the whole show, without FF thru all his scenes as I normally do, just to see if there would be anything other than the same old, same old. Nope, nothing new to see here. Moving on…

DW…oh, I agree!!!!! I have been wishing for Victor’s DEMISE for years!!!!! Bottom Line Here: That cranky and grumpy Victor works my nerves…PERIOD!!!!!

Take care, DW.

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