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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Hilary Dies, As Mishael Morgan Wraps Her Run With The Power Performance Of The Week


As we start the new week something will be different on The Young and the Restless.  There will be no more outstanding performances by one of the most dynamic actresses ever to appear in the genre, Mishael Morgan (Hilary), unless “Ghost” Hilary is coming.

For on Friday’s hankie-inducing ten times over episode, Hilary died in Devon’s (Bryton James) arms.  And, in one of the most heartbreaking sequences we have seen on the soaps in a long time, Morgan went out leaving her imprint as one of those performers who we will all be saying about, “Ah, I knew her when.”  A bright future awaits Mishael and her undeniable talent.  You just need to look at social media to see how many viewers have praised Mishael and fallen in love her work as the feisty, Hilary Curtis Hamilton.

In true grand soap opera fashion, and we mean that in the best possible way, on Friday, after Devon and Hilary were pronounced husband and wife, her condition is making her weaker and weaker from the injuries sustained in the car accident and the complications from surgery.  The newlyweds have a champagne toast with the glasses Shauna (Camryn Hamm) gave to them. Hilary mentions making ‘Hevon’ babies with Devon; which was a sweet nod in the writing to their passionate fan base.  Now getting into the hospital bed with her, Devon holds his dying bride as they start to have the heartbreaking talk as they both know what is about to happen.


Devon begins to break down as he tries to hold it together so Hilary can let go.  She tells him to make her funeral service a celebration.  She tells him that there will be an amazing woman out there who will create a family and children with him, and that she wants him to move on and be happy.  Next, Hilary let’s Devon know she has had a blessed life, because she got to marry him, and hear her child’s heartbeat before it died, and all of her dreams came true.  She lets him know, all his dreams cannot end with her.  Then, she asks Devon to look after Shauna, who is so special to her, and who will need him when she is gone.  Hilary tells Devon that whatever she thought she wanted in her life, she only just wanted him.  Devon whispers that she has him forever.  Suddenly, Hilary begins to cry and says, “Maybe, I did do something right.”  Next, we see a montage of Hilary and Devon scenes through their relationship, which ends with Hilary telling Devon about the two stars in the sky, “the soul sisters”, which he is now reciting back to her as we are in the present day.  Suddenly, he begins to sob, as Hilary has died.


Last week, as viewers saw all the emotional beats play out once Hilary landed in the ICU and was fighting for her life, it made for riveting, and gut-wrenching drama. These included: Mishael’s scenes where she accepts Devon’s marriage proposal, their wedding, and the key scene with Hilary’s best friend, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) were she learns she is not going to make it.  There were those touching moments with Mariah (Camryn Grimes), where she asks her to move forward and keep her show GC Buzz going, that heart-tugging scene with Neil (Kristoff St. John) where Hilary and Neil have a full-circle moment and come to terms with their past with one another.  But most of all, there were the scenes with Mishael’s main Y&R scene partner, Bryton James, who can always break viewers’ hearts since we have watched Devon grow up from a boy to a man right before our eyes through James’ years on the CBS soap.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

As for Mishael Morgan, she deserves several standing ovations for this past week’s performances; bringing the essence of Hilary through all her scenes, and making us devastated to watch the final moments of her life.  Hilary was a force to be reckoned with who caused so much trouble for so many people, yet in the end, everyone on the canvas in Genoa City, and everyone at home, will miss her terribly.  Without a doubt, the Power Performance of the Week goes to Mishael Morgan for this body of scenes, that we will not soon forget.

So, what did you think of Friday’s final moments between Hilary and Devon?  What did you think of Mishael’s performances?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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The entire week has been incredibly emotional, with Hillary making peace
with everyone in her life… Neil, Mariah,
Lily…and finally accepting her own fate,
sad indeed.

Hilary’s performance was outstanding. I cried all week. Well done. Even though this is a soap opera story line, sad to say this happens in relation life as well. Keep up with the great story lines

Yes very outstanding that’s why I don’t understand why she had to exit after 5 years. I wish she would have never died off I was hoping for her to have lefted Genoa City and a possible return. So Proud of Mishael Morgan.

Thought it was really sad

Last week was outstanding. Anyone who missed it missed alot. This is the stuff that has made us hooked on soaps for years.

So true

Oh, its Monday morning, thanks for waking me! What a snore Y&R has become! Thursday’s episode [7-26-2018] was horrible! I got through it in 10 minutes tops! Why? First, they are killing off a good character who is a very good actress. Secondly, we get to continue to see “Robotic” Devon and “Cue Card” Nate! HORRIBLE! Then you have Charlie. Well, yes, they finally got him smiling but its a teen love thing and that actress is not too good neither! Then you mix Lilly and Cane in there and it is the worst! Cane has to be one of the most hated characters on daytime. Its like this, if he waled into a donut shop, the owner gives him a donut, Cane would now think he owns it! See: Chancelor Industries! THEN, Hillary FU’ed all these people and all the sudden they are holding a candlelight vigil at her bedside! HYPOCRITES! Some fans complain about diversity on their soaps. Well, Y&R has stepped up but the casting director needs to be fired!

Really need to replace a few characters for sure instead they keep letting the good ones get away…Michelle Stafford..Steve Burton..Billy Miller to name recent losses…find a new Charlie and Maddie…they both are the worst

You’re absolutely right, Sue. To me, the show has never recovered from the losses of Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford. Now the wonderful Mishael Morgan, too? Why don’t Cane and Lily leave?

Yes, I agree and even though its old news and wishful thinking, Michael Muhney is missed, as well.

I couldn’t agree more

They can take Charlie, Nate and Devon and drive them over a hill! Maddie has a chance.

Tim…dude…more and more, I like the way you think…TOTALLY!!!!!

Have a good one.

Thanks Jay, U2!

I agree wholeheartedly.Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford made that show.I stopped watching it when Billy left.Also…Charlie and Maddie were just born about 7 yeats ago,how are they even teenagers already…So stupid.

Watching is not required.

Thank you. I am out. All this has turned into the sleeze hour. Phyllis and Nick was it for me. No more y&r drivel for me. Clunk…Mike drop. Now I have my life back.

I am pissed about this weeks storyline if y&r doesn’t stop dying off the good characters the ratings will probably go down. Not sure after this if I will continue watching. Hillary role will truly be missed I was always looking forward to watching my Soap just to see my girl Mishael Morgan.

Timmm, I couldn’t agree more. Poor Hilary isn’t even cold and Cane is already plotting how to protect that self-righteous shrew he’s married to. I’m glad Mishael got a respectable sendoff, but killing the character was just lazy writing. Nate? Try “Not”. WHY IS HE ON? He has one expression and even THAT isn’t appealing.

Cane’s protection of “Lily” is so unrealistic– come on any cop worth his salt would know Lily’s car ran the red light and caused the accident– oh wait this is the GCPD we are talking about– my bad.

I agree with all of the above my Favorite Soap needs to do better with this Dying off an excellent actress is truly disappointing to me, y&r wont br rhe same without Hilary. I hope they don’t bring Samone back in the picture of Devons life.

Hey Tim…”Cue Card Nate”…LOVE IT…lol. To me, “Cue Card Nate” has the personality of a dial tone…lol. BEYOND YUCK!!!!!

Later, dude.

the ptb shot themselves in the foot with another senseless death of a popular character acted by a formidable actress . the intresting fallout will be shortterm story for average actors in lily, cane and devon but it meant we had to lose one y n r s very rare leading ladies these days furthermore an african american one. Y N R never fully recovered from the loss of victoria rowell as a popular african american star on the show and they finally found one in mishael morgan. the descision to not only work out a deal with her but to simply kill her off in what was plain and simple lazy plot development is baffling and beyond words.
the fans once again have to endure another loss of a favorite. atleast john abbotts death was a months long story. this was shoved down our throats in less than a week.
im furious that they couldn t have sent her away and tried desperately to make her return instead they took the easy way out. Without Eilleen Davidson, the RealPhyliss ,Michelle Stafford ,Jess Walton, Tracey bergman too, y n r is empty on leading ladies.
why is it that it seems only the holy trinity of victor, jack and nikki seem to get their contract demands meet? yes they are the core but they are not the future of the show anymore. Brad, Colleen,J.t, John abbott and hilary are characters just as important whose deaths will always be regretful.
I no longer have faith in the show. Dont get me started on how Eilleen davidson s departure from the show as gone without a whimper or how the show took a sweet love story of a young couple like j.t and colleen inwhich the likes we havent seen since that was what seems the last of the golden years on y n r and completely spat on that legacy by senselessy drowning colleen in a lake and giving her heart to a repulsive villian who was responsible for her death ( victor) and then turning the male half j.t into a abuser?!….
the writers on the show are confused and frankly lazy and just bad at their job it seems.
my rant and probably my viewership of the show is done… inshort sorry to Mishael and the rest of my fellow viewers that we got suckered into losing a wonderful complex and excellently portrayed actress!

Excellent Damien and I so totally agree…I have said it a million times and I will say it again, Y&R is NO LONGER the same show and IMO it hasn’t been since 2006…So SAD what this once classic show has become…I will be tuning out completely too for CBS/SONY is not listening to us long time fans and they frankly DO NOT CARE about this show…GOODBYE Y&R…This fan for 30plus years is checking out…

Damien, I totally agree with you. Ilove the characters of Jack, Nikki and Victor, but there also has to be the next generation. Mishael’s Hilary was a hot ticket and her absence will be felt – bad decision Mal Young and the suits! Instead of bringing on more characters we could care less about,invest in those you have been ignoring – There are too many to name! Eileen Davidson’s departure in a few months will be another loss for the show.

I agree completely after Victoria Rowell there are no African American women on the soap. I will not be watching anymore. I loved Hilary and will miss her. The most beautiful woman on Y&R and all this over contract issues which could have easily been worked out. Good Bye Y&R because they got rid of all the African Americans on The Bold & The Beautiful as well you might as well say. The entire Avant Family Just gone. Left us with no one but Justin & those two new teenagers. Please

Exactly this was a lazy and senseless act how do us Fans recover from the acts of dying off good characters and we just keep watching and being let down even more. Hilary could have been sick longer or in a Coma or whatever until they worked out Contract negotiations. With a magnificent recovery Hilary could have came back. I will be more pissed if they bring Samone Back in Devons life.

I agree with everything you wrote. Mishael has been special from day one and this is a huge loss for the show. Although the hospital scenes required a huge suspension of disbelief, they were absolutely worth watching to view her performance. Mishael may be the most beautiful woman in daytime and I will miss seeing her.

I agree with everyone, Damien and the rest. My question is why! Why did she have go? She was so wonderful as this character. Her wit was was outstanding.

Because of the laziness of the Producers and Executive Producers to work out an acceptable contract negotiation for Mishael Morgan.

Yes but the hospital performances could have been longer I feel they rushed her last performance. As I stated I am very upset with last week’s storyline Hilary should not have died off the show period.

Great performances last week – though i think Hillary’s character was too great to just kill off – they should have recast the role of Hillary


I think Hilary should have not left she was a person going to miss her on the Young and the restless good luck with your next chapter in life

It was absolutely amazing never missed a show. Not enough words

I’m not a Hilary person, however the final scene was very touching.

I am sad though Hilary went out with a bang! She will be missed but am anxious to see what is coming up for Devon next?

What a couple of actors. Both Devon and Hillary did a phenominal performance

I totally agree!

Very sad but she did an awesome job.

Yes, Hilary will be missed for sure and can think of a few who would not be missed that are still there?

Cried So Many Tears ! Touched my heart deeply. She’s definitely going to be missed. Truthfully I’m upset that she never got to have the baby & be happy for a bit before tragically leaving the show. I will Always Remember Hillary Curtis Hamilton Forever. Miss her & easily tear up thinking of her losing the baby & death. Time for Lily to have hard days for the hateful nasty things she screamed at Hillary. Let her & Cane suffer; don’t care.

Agreed Mary as a devoted fan I to am very upset with these Producers they could have did better with Casting off Hilary’s role they didn’t even let her have the baby first.

Incredible,, gorgeous, real, inspired

It was so sad I was crying

Me too and even though a soap opera, still a good moral & message not to be forgotten that tomorrow is not promised!

Mishael’s performance was emmy-award-winning. Perhaps, she now will have her special moment and win next year’s award. So well deserved. Thursday’s show was especially moving. I only wish CBS and Y&R would have wished to have the Thursday build up be on Friday, with Hilary’s final performance. We had to sit through all the other story lines when I think everyone was waiting for Hilary’s final moment. I know I was. Why cloud the issue. It was choppy. I don’t know how it could ever happen, but I sure hope CBS can find a way to bring her back.

Once they die off a Character they won’t come back, however the only time that happened was when Adam’s role supposedly died off then re casted for a very short while. I feel they should have stretched the storyline out for Hilary a little longer.

Actually,since Hillary was no longer attached to the machines,I think she didn’t die.She has been taken somewhere for experimental treatments.She will be back.I have seen too many soaps but I would be willing to bet that this is what happened.

I think they should bring her back and make it like she was dreaming everything that happened while in a coma.

I don’t usually cry during soaps but this one had me in tears everyday.
Ill really miss her.
Hope they drop the lesbian relationship, that was sickening!!!!!!

Yes they need to do that really bad

No — it’s good to see all kinds of relationships and love.

Get with the times — it is real life.

I don’t think they should have killed her off. She is a remarkable actress. And all the seens leading up to her death were outstanding and heart wrenching. Y & R @ its best!! “brilliant performance”!!❤

Yes, an award-winning finale for Hilary for sure!

So are they going to explain who the mystery guy Hillary met with last week when Mariah and Tessa saw her and what that meeting was about, or did I just miss it?

I didn’t watch, too heartbroken. I was just getting to like Hillary, I just couldn’t watch even though
I PVR I ended up deleting all of it. Not sure when I’ll start watching again. When they killed little Delia off it took me months before to get courage to start watching again. I’ll see how it goes. I wish Mishael nothing but good things in the future. All the best. I’m not sure why the writers choose to kill off these actors not even leaving the door open for their return if like to. A fter watching for over years I have lost interest, even when I PVR I still delete.

As a long time viewer of Y&R I found the ending of Hilary very emotional and beautifully done.

you did not have to kill her off the show. I hate that part.

It was riveting, I cried watching Friday’s episode. It was the BEST scene on Y& R for a very long time. She’s dynamic and deserves all the accolades that she is receiving. I for one am going to miss her terribly.

This is so crazy for me to be this emotional. I am so heartbroken. I feel as though I lost my sister. Honestly I have loved watching Y&R because of the love story of “Devon & Hillary”. I have been crying every day since the accident. Why did she have to lose the baby and die? Why couldn’t they have had that future they had planned? The producers made a huge mistake letting Mishael go. Big mistake!!!

What??? C’mon…… Well maybe in true soap opera fashion they will bring Hillary back yrs down the road. But plzzzz bring her back

I made up my mind that, even though I have watched since the first show, if they kill off that beautiful and talented Hillary, I will stop watching. They could have done something to keep HER, (or at least her character), around. I HAVE STOPPED WATCHING!

They was awesome and I hate she have to leave the show, WHY????

She was AWESOME i cried from Monday through Friday never watched anything so emotional. I wish her best in her future.

Sad that she is gone and will be missed

What a amazing performance Mishaelis a very special talent that i hope one day comes back to young & the restless again. Wishing her the very best with her career and new baby.

YNR let another good actress go…should have negotiated better!! Bad move now no good actors/actresses left on show Smdh

I think Hillary was the bomb beautiful and exciting even in her death. I will miss her I cried as though it was real. Congratulations on you real baby to you and your husband . You are so beautiful thank you for the many year of performance. Looking forward to your next pictures in the future.

Go miss Hilary very much need her to come back

She spoke her mind and had a very soft heart when it came down to her family. I wish her character would have never come to an end. Wish they could have brought her back.

I was sad toooo see her passing last week spoiler said she an Devon was going to find another. Dr. What happened? I won’t read any more spoilers alert ever.

I think my opinion should really matter. I have been watching Y & R since DAY ONE! Hilary’s exit was done great. However I really did not like to see her go! It took me forever to get over Drew as she was great!! The show is def getting boring. Hope I can continue on…

I honestly found the episodes showcasing the departure of Mishael Morgan were amazing. This reminded me of the power of a good story. It also reminded me of when Cassie died with her parents at her side. This was good drama. I have stopped feeling anger or surprise when great actors move on. I have watched so many GREAT actors leave. It started for me with Beverlee McKinsey leaving Guiding Light and it has gone on and on. I agree that Y&R has been hit hard by the departures of actors like Billy Miller, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Michelle Stafford and various others. I can’t comment on the departure of Steve Burton because when he left Y&R I had a block party and lifted glasses to celebrate. Then I had to wear black when I heard he went back to GH. I don’t understand why they brought back Nate. He serves no purpose. It was inferred that he and Hillary might spark up something but then she was written out and now there is absolutely no purpose for him. Although he can stand without a shirt on any day of the week. In fact, just prop him up at the Club and let the people walk around him while I stare in total awe wonder and enchantment. I am happy that Y&R is FINALLY handling a gay story. I don’t care for the character of Tessa. She is very one dimensional but I love Mariah. (Camryn Grimes is stunning in her portrayal). I just hope they don’t start a story and drop it because some people are upset by the content. Love is love. I have to say I have loved the show these last few weeks. They have really done well in telling stories. My main beef with Cane and Lily is that they always act like teenagers in heat. Please let them have a story line where Lily is completely clothed and Cane is not tossing her on a desk. She will have lower back issues someday I am certain. I give kudos to Y&R for a great week in drama. It was sad to watch it but it was some of the best TV in a long while.

yes, love is love!~

She was great, the show needs to pick it up or else it’s going to lose more viewership

Hilary was one of those characters we love to hate. And when they die off, the loss is so emotional that it feels like we are mourning a real death. This actress was so great that I got caught up in her situations over and over through her time on the show and will miss her terribly. 🙁

Oh my gosh she was amazing!!Shes such an incredible actress!! I am so sad shes leaving. Her diversity in acting is truly a gift! Please return!

I will truly Miss Hilary as my Soap Hour will not be the same without her. Also as a devoted fan I did not like her exit storyline. I feel she should not have died off the show, Maybe just a leave would have been better maybe if hopes. Of her returning or re-cast. You will be truly Missed Mishael Morgan Job Well Done

Me too! I hate writers/producers wouldn’t give her the money she deserved. They could have just wrote her off or in a coma. If I could cause your rating to go down by not watching that’s what I might do

I cried for two days. Please bring her back or another Hilary, so her husband can be happy and have a baby. Producers, please bring someone in his life now. It just ended wrong.

Never ever should have let Hilary die..once in awhile there is a Happy story in real life as there should be in soaps as well.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! The scenes with Hilary & Devon were award worthy. Her friendship with Phyllis was great and her relationship with Mariah was well written. I have not like Lily for a while now and hope the show gives her a slap off her pedestal for this. Y & R lost a truly great actress and I can’t wait to see her in future endeavors.

Everyone loved to hate Hillary. Misheal’s performance has me in tears over her Phenomenal performance! BRAVO! HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE MOVIES! Girl!
Sending positive positive vibes your way.

I am so sorry about hilarypassing away

Tears came to my eyes never saw anything like this on soaps and I’ve been watching for 52 tears

Outstanding and very emotional acting by Mishael Morgan. Will miss her truly.

The episodes closing out Hilary departure were phenomenal. The actors portraying Devon and Hillary went beyond their A gamecin their performances. I haven’t cried like that over a movie or a TV the way I did last week if ever. One scene was more heartbreaking than the next. But for reason, I don’t know why, the scene that got to me the most was Devon and Neil hugging in the hospital corridor. When Neil put his head on top of Devon’s head that finished me. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so glad Kristoff St. John is back. Nobody should be allowed to play Neil but him. Not to slight the Hilary story, let’s not forget the wonderful scene with Mariah saying goodbye to Tessa in the car. That little girl is one hell of an actress. I just look at her glazed eyes and I lose it. Thank you Y&R for a wonderful week of performances.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Jason Have a Heart-to-Heart; Is a Liason Reunion Possible?

Have Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) 2.0 finally gone kaput? It would seem so. On Monday’s June 10th episode of General Hospital, it looks like the two now have what could be an insurmountable rift. Finn is drinking and can’t stop. Liz finds him with another woman drunk in his apartment, and can’t put herself in another relationship with someone who has an addiction (Remember, Lucky?).

Who should save Liz from an uncomfortable situation with Finn, but none other than Jason (Steve Burton). He comes upon on the scene where Finn is grabbing Liz’s hand to not leave him, but she insists it’s over between them.

Finn has hit his lowest point.  He has continued to spiral downward since the death of his father, Gregory.  Jason brings Liz to the Metro Court pool, which is closed at this time.


She admits to Jason, she wasn’t ready to go home and answer questions from her kids. A somber Jason says that she deserves better than what Finn is giving to her right now, and Liz feels so do her kids. They dip their feet in the pool. Liz jokes she can’t believe she got thee Jason Morgan to take off his shoes. He coyly asks her not to tell anyone.

Liz says she wants to support Finn through his grief, but Jason says Finn is pushing her away. She asks Jason how he knew to find her at Finn’s. That’s when he reveals, their son, Jake was worried about her, so it was Jake who reached out to him.


Next, Liz thanks Jason for being here for him, listening to her and extolling some advice.  Jason says he knows he is no place to be giving advice because he left her and Sam to raise his sons all on their own.

However, Liz points out it’s not because he didn’t want to be there. On that note, she’s pretty sure he wasn’t on vacation all the years he was away from his children. Jason says he’s here now and he will do whatever he can to make things up to Jake. Liz says just showing up to help her will go a long way with Jake, as it also goes along way with her.

You can watch the heartfelt scenes between Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton below. Liason has been trending this evening on X.  Should GH consider putting Elizabeth and Jason back together? Weigh-in via the comment section.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Gregory’s Loved Ones Gather to Say Goodbye

On the Wednesday, June 7th episode of General Hospital, it was time for Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) memorial, which as Gregory wanted would be having his ashes spread with his loved ones in attendance.

The memorial service was held at the park bench in which he used to sit and read to Violet (Jophielle Love), which now has a plaque with his name imprinted on it.

Chase (Josh Swickard) was put in charge of the gathering, by his late father. In very well-written scenes, each of the man’s loved ones and friends extolled words of wisdom they learned from him that will forever remain with them and in their hearts.


Finn (Michael Easton) shares how much his dad, who was suffering from ALS, loved this spot and that when the climb up the hill became too much, he insisted he could make it on his own. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) speaks to what a good man that Gregory was. Violet reads a poem.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) opens up about how ALS is a devastating disease that takes resolve to handle, and Gregory had a lot of resolve. He made her aware of the limitations she put on her own life. She admits Gregory got her to jump out of a plane with him and that the two passionately kissed, which surprised everyone in attendance.

Photo: ABC

Tracy (Jane Elliot) talks with sadness about Gregory being a missed opportunity, and if she had known him sooner, longer and better, who knows what might have been. In the moral to her time with Gregory, Tracy expressed, “If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, make one. Contrary to conventional wisdom, you can miss what you didn’t have.”

Photo: ABC

Chase spoke last and says his dad taught him to find something remarkable in every person you meet. Next, Chase begins to scatter Gregory’s ashes around the tree, and then hands the container to Finn, so he can spread the last part of the ashes.


Afterwards, Tracy hosts a reception at the Metro Court. She and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) share a shot for Gregory. Alexis tells Finn, she is heading to an AA meeting, but first they discuss the kiss with his dad. Elizabeth and her boys make their exit, and then Chase goes looking for Finn and finds him at the bar. What he sees upsets him, as Finn is knocking back shots one after the other.

What did you think about Gregory’s memorial service? Did you reach for the hankies? What do you think will happen next to Finn now that he is continuing to drink? Comment below.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole Has Long-Awaited Showdown With Sloan as Carlivati Writing Regime Episodes Begin Again

On the Friday, May 31st episode of Days of our Lives, head writer Ron Carlivati promised a nod to the audience that the script they are watching came from his writing team, their first, since the writers strike.

At the beginning of today’s show, one of Carlivati’s favorite muses, Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart), is sitting with his laptop saying how bad The Spectator’s writing has gotten, expressing, “No offense Everett, but the quality of the writing has really gone down hill the last couple of months. But that is about to change starting today.”

With that, the viewers finally get the long-awaited confrontation between Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Sloan (Jessica Serfaty), which seemed, at first, a bit odd that Sloan snuck into the DiMera mansion to confront Nicole in the first place, when she should be on the run.


Sloan tells Nicole there’s something she has to hear. Nicole starts to call Rafe (Galen Gering) to lock her up, but Sloan stops her. She swears to Nicole she didn’t plan to kidnap Jude. Dimitri showed up with him just as she was running out of options after her adoption fell through with Eric.  “It felt like fate,” Sloan says. “I’ll show you fate,” Nicole shouts and punches Sloan’s lights out.

Nicole is mortified of what Sloan put her through and the lengths of her lies and deceit. That’s when Sloan reminds Nicole she did the exact same thing to Sami (Alison Sweeney) years ago. So, she goes on to say, because of how she stole a baby from its birth mother, maybe she can show her some grace. Nicole shouts, “Never!”

Photo: JPI

Sloan starts to make her exit as Nicole is calling the cops, and just as Sloan makes it to the doorway, Eric (Greg Vaughan) shows up. Will she tell Eric he is the biological father of baby Jude before EJ (Dan Feuerriegel)​​ returns home?

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, outside the Brady Pub, EJ runs into Leo and Leo is on to him. He realizes something is up with Sloan and baby Jude and EJ’s part in any cover-up just as Rafe arrests Melinda  (Tina Huang) for seemingly her part of hatching the baby switch plot.


Elsewhere, Bobby (Blake Berris) has control of Everett right in front of Jada (Elia Cantu), Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Marlena (Deidre Hall), who shows up to help him. It’s now defined to everyone that Bobby is an alter that is protecting Everett from finding out something terrible that happened to him, which caused his split personality.

So, what did you think of the Nicole/Sloan baby switch showdown? Underwhelming? Great? What did you think of the first show back from the regular DAYS writing regime? Do you like how things moved? Do you not like the direction? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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