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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Mariah Makes An Admission As Camryn Grimes Delivers Emmy-Worthy Performance!


If you missed Thursday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, or even if you watched it, you should go back and watch it again for the exquisite performance of Camryn Grimes as Mariah.

In key scenes at Sharon’s (Sharon Case) place, Mariah is deeply emotional when her mother tries to figure out what is wrong with her, and what has her feeling so down.  Sharon wonders if she has have any isues in her relationship with Devon (Bryton James).  Mariah cries that Devon is great; he’s everything she could want in a man.

However, struggling to admit the truth to her mother, and feeling torn apart inside for not living her life as her authentic self, Mariah tells Sharon that no one knows who she really is. She sobs that she is tired of pretending. Mariah reveals it’s a “she” not a “he” that she has strong romantic feelings about.  Sharon learns that “she” is Tessa (Cait Fairbanks).  Sharon struggles a bit with the info, because Tessa is Noah’s (Robert Adamson) girlfriend. However, Sharon advises Mariah to tell Tessa how she feels, and to not wait, but to go to her and admit her feelings for her.

Later, Mariah finds Tessa sitting outside the patio of Crimson Lights.  Overcome with emotion, she wants to be honest with Tessa and what their kiss meant to her. She wants to know once and for all if that kiss meant anything to Tessa … she said it did.  Next, Mariah is let down when Tessa says their moment has passed and now they are good friends. Mariah doesn’t want to be just friends with Tessa. A devastated Mariah is angry and hurt, while Tessa also cries when Mariah leaves.

Grimes’ subtlety, inner-struggle, and emotional depth that she brought to this performance has made it one to watch for when the Daytime Emmy competition kicks off.  This was some of the finest work of Camryn’s career, and anyone who has ever struggled with inner conflict, and admitting something so personal to a family member, or admitting that you love someone and stepping up to the plate to see how the other person truly feels could relate to these scenes, and Grimes’ work.

So, what did you think of the scenes between Marian and Sharon, and Mariah and Tessa? Did Camryn Grimes just become a top contender for the 45th annual Daytime Emmy? Comment below!

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Absolutely! I immediately thought so as I watched this powerful performance.

Camryn’s performance was revolutionary! She is such a talent and really a leading lady. I hope Emmy voters are watching and Mal recognizes what he has in her (loving Mal’s work too BTW).

Mal Young is definitely feeding Camryn the right material. And, yes, the soap has been very good since his tenure has begun!

Camryn gave the most real, natural, heartfelt, genuine, emotional performance I’ve seen on soaps or anywhere in a very long time. If that wasn’t an Emmy winning performance then I don’t know what is!

Camryn Grimes, Sharon Case and Cait Fairbanks showed yesterday the very best of what storytelling can be.
I hope for a solid love affair between Mariah and Tessa.
Well done YR. Now keep it going!!!
And GH woild do well to pay attention.


“…Grimes’ subtlety, inner-struggle, and emotional depth that she brought to this performance has made it one to watch for when the Daytime Emmy competition kicks off.  This was some of the finest work of Camryn’s career, and anyone who has ever struggled with inner conflict, and admitting something so personal to a family member, or admitting that you love someone and stepping up to the plate to see how the other person truly feels could relate to these scenes, and Grimes’ work. ”

“Thank You” Michael Fairman for great writing. just had to gavel and put this out

“Thank You” CBS / Sony / Y&R , by giving a central character a leading role. speaks volume.

@Camryn Grimes – Cheers love and hug. WOW you are grown up and commanding

Finally ! Y&R ! dust off – time to fly

I definitely thought Camryn deserves an Emmy for those scenes.

I may not like the story, but the acting is divine.

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!! Finally, Mariah has expectorated her reality, the passion, the pain in her heart and soul!!!! And, to her mother!!! I loved the LOVE expressed by both….and Mariah was sooo believable….I cannot throw enough accolades in her direction. Fantastica!!
What a relief it must be to come face to face with herself—look at her truth and deal with it —it will a brand new tomorrow every tomorrows for Mariah, until she accepts and respects herself, without feeling shame.
It seems to me she has undeserved guilt about confronting this new life.
I hope TPTB will give Mariah an ” awakening” story by treating it with sensitivity and kindness. Do her and the subject justice.

A heart tugging performance by Mariah on Thursday assisted by both Sharon and Tessa.
Brought a tear or two to Mr.X’s eyes. Kudos to all three actresses and thank you Mal Young! Those were wonderful scenes.

Heart tugging, that’s it exactly, Mr X.
Watching Mariah struggle to be her authentic self while her mother, who has always given her unconditional love, urges her to stop pretending, was emotionally compelling stuff.
Gay or straight, who can’t relate to that story line?
This was some beautiful acting merging with beautiful writing.
Bravo to everyone involved.

I liked it. I noticed they seemed to rev up her performance as has everything been since Mal Young’s work aired last month.

They need to turn her into the heroine that she was born to be, but she needs more to do other than being Hilary’s punching bag.

Give this girl the Emmy now. I was riveted to the screen,,,Camryn was AMAZING!

I was riveted too! It was a true throwback do the glory days of soaps that are so few and far between.

I agree with you Shari and Joel…I actually have been gone and just finished watching episode today…Classic soap material and love it…Camryn is exceptional…

I haven’t watched the show all week, only a little of today’s episode while at home for lunch (Friday). I’m just not that invested in Mariah and Tessa. I don’t care for the character of Tessa; and a lot of the show lately has been focused on the boring storyline featuring Tessa, Zak, and Tessa’s sister. Mariah and Devon had ZERO chemistry. It’s a good thing that Devon inherited his fortune because the character is just so dumb. I tune in mostly for Ashley, Billy, and Phyllis. I think Billy and Phyllis have great chemistry and great comedic timing.

Zack sucks but he will be gone, I predict soon. Tessa has blossomed being with Mariah. Noah is dull and Devon is the worst! And by the way, since you havent watched, you probably missed Devon dressing up like Michael Jackson for Halloween. He looked like a goof. Michael NEVER had a goatee!

Zach does ‘s**k’, T….and Jordan is in the same catagory as he.
Jordan has always had an agenda….from the get-go. Imagine….he went after Lily with a vengeance….when it didn’t pan out, he tried his luck with Hilary, again….Ironic, that, since she was using him to begin with…..let us see where this leads. Hopefully out the stage-door with Zach.

Tim…I also saw that. Devon was AN EMBARRASSMENT dressed up as Michael Jackson. And that goatee made Devon look EVEN MORE LAME!!!!! Truly dumb.

Later, Tim.

Devon. You said the magic word, dmr….
Oh, my friend. Soaps are so magica. TPTB can conjure up diplomas, College degrees, Laureates, at a snap.
How does a child fom God-knows-where end up with a fortune that surpasses the “oil king” of Saudi Arabia?? LOL.
What does Devon know about running such an enterprise? Oh, yeah; Neil. Please!!

PS. I will say this again—-bring Mac back!! Imagine the plot that could be had from her return.
She contests Katherin’s will….there will be an investigation resulting in fraud.
The culprit? Tucker.
Katherine LOVED Mackenzie ( albeit, they got off on the wrong foot, as a kid) too much, to have left the bulk ( and then some) of her fortune to Devon and pittance for Mac?
It happened so fast, it made my head spin. I am still in the dark of how the ‘change of hands’ came about.
Can’t stand Devon!!!! Love Hilary–bad girl and all.

Hey Celia…speaking of the word ‘enterprise’, as far as I’m concerned, The Enterprise (from Star Trek) can invade Genoa City aka Y&R and beam up, up and away the following characters: Cane, Charlie, Devon, Maddie, Scott, Victoria and Zach. BEAM ‘EM ALREADY, SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!

Later, my friend.

Quick correction: I forgot to put the word UP in-between the words ‘EM and ALREADY.

My bad.

Michael I agree. Saying it was an Amazing performance is almost an understatement. I literally hung onto every word she said. The breath that she took before she changed the pronoun when Sharon was talking to her from the “he” to “she”. The way she said Tessa’s name when Sharon asked who the girl is. And then every moment of that conversation between Mariah and Tessa. I realized after the 6 minutes of their conversation that I was holding my breath for a lot of it. It was so good, and powerful. On both of their parts, but Camryn Grimes really delivered. The bravery that Mariah has and the performance that Camryn did between the conversations with her Mom and Tessa was amazing. One of the best scenes on a soap I have seen in years.

This was really well written, SBR23.

Absolutely Emmy winning performance by Camryn.

This was a truly stunning scene. What Acting! Camryn Grimes mined such honest, raw feeling that I found myself tearing up more than once. Bravura work, the equal of any other actor, daytime or nighttime OR theatrical. And though Cait had mostly the reactive part, she played the subtleties beautifully with a mix of discomfort, compassion, and a little self-delusion. Ms. Fairbanks is an intriguing presence and the camera simply loves her. In between the excitement of the fire scenes, I found this display of great acting by two wonderful young actresses infinitely more compelling.

Tremendous performance and great writing. This is the type of stuff that makes daytime drama worth watching. Bravo!

Camyrn’s undeniably talented…her performance was so honest and soul wrenching.
Mariah sat across from Tessa visibly bleeding her heart out !!!
This has Emmy written all over it.

Glued to every word, every nuance this young woman spoke and expressed visually. It was impossible not to feel her pain. Bravo. This is one of the finest written scenes on the show.

Great scene done to perfection these two showed you how you can do drama without spitting or flapping arms others take notice!!! Kudos!!

i’m so … – HAPPY – for Sharon Case .

obviously, plus Camryn.. but.. for all the long timers… to see Sharon get to ROCK

new wings… layers to fly


I don’t really care for the story line but why is it Noah? Why not someone else? Every time Noah finds someone, within a short period of time something goes wrong. Remember his last girlfriend? She had a daughter and left him. This is like Sharon who always gets to play crazy. Nikki who always hits the bottle when she has a problem. I also feel sorry for Billy. he uses his money on gift cards for Brash & Sassy, he ruin’s his relationship with Phyllis for Brash & Sassy almost gets killed to save Reed and he made a mistake, gets slapped in the face and fired by Victoria. I’m sure he didn’t know short cuts would be taken to get it out on the shelves early. I want to see Victoria take a fall. She deserves it. We need Adam back. Nick & Chelsea yuck is all I can say on that one, and Mariah Tessa already said no, move on!

Hi, Nikki,
Long time, no see, my friend…
Yes, I follow what you are saying. I love Mariah….never liked Tessa….do not understand why she is on the show….for Mariah?? For Noah?? For having introduced the sex-ring??
However, this scene truly showcased Camryn’s talent to the hilt.
She had been a prop for so long, Camryn deserved this.
As I said, I hope the writers treat this delicate subject with grace, dignity and integrity.

Tessa told Mariah she has no clue how bad her past is and is better off not knowing. Guess what Cee, that is a guarantee that the soap will explore Tessa dark past so I see her being on the show for awhile! I dont mind her. I dont like Zack . He will be gone soon. He will snap and take Abby hostage and daddy will rescue her and she will find some other loser! Her and Noah have the worst luck!

Dear Nikki, hello. Noah just doesnt click with me. He gets girls but the show must feel as if he isnt capable of being in a decent long term story? He needs to go on the prowl, get in some trouble and mature into a man. Billy will land on his feet at Jabot. The Abbotts will have that family Christmas they yearned for! He is better off without Fillis [Fake Phyllis!] and Skeletor, any day! I saw Michael Muhney on the “Good Doctor” and he was great. I saw and was reminded how damn good this guy is! He would blow the roof off if he could return!

Timmy your so right. I’m hoping they bring him back for November sweep but according to dirty laundry someone is going to die. Poor Sharon if its Scott then the door would be opened for Michael Muhney to come back but I think it’s going to be Reed and that is why we’re getting J.T. back. J.M.O.

You’re so intuitive, my Timmmy…..I saw Zach for what he was from day one. Tessa may be a good person, but she has always rubbed me the wrong way.
To be honest, T, her story, in whatever capacity, does not interest me. I cannot explain it…it is what it is…
Noah? What a superfluous, bland character. He’s just there….another prop??
As far as Abby and Zach? It can go two ways:1) what you said…Zach will do his thing and abscond with her….afterall Melissa needs maternity leave. So, this is the most ‘dependable’ thing to do. Abby will disappear for a while and return after a set time ….whatever time it takes for her to feel up to par.
2) Abby realizes she’s pregnant with Zach’s baby and Daddy fixes her up in a place where she can rest, away , and “Far From The Maddening Crowd”.

Tim…to me, Noah has very, very bad luck when it comes to women. Remember that Marisa chick???

Hey…just saying……….

I think Zach will die and Reed will go back to Poland with J.T. I wish Scott would be the one to go. I cannot stand him. And Victor, why does he let a mop head like that work for Newman. Very UN-professional! Scott can go and they can bring back Fenn. He could mix it up with Mariah and company. I would LOVE for Sharon and Adam to reunite!

LOL…everytime I hear the word ( country) Poland, I get a kick out of it. Did I miss something, T? I mean, I watch the news….avidly; I’m pretty on the ball with eorld news, economy, Wall st…..
But, but, but, what the heck is in Poland???? I had no idea it was an up-and-coming nation!!

Tim…’mop head’…LOVE IT…lol. And, a very, very accurate description of that Scott dork…more lol.

Later, Tim.

I thought Zack would be the one to die but I’m wondering if it’s Hillary. After what she did yesterday’s show I think her ex is going to kill her.

No way would they kill Hillary. I hear Crystal is coming back. I liked her. She can act. It widens Tessa’s reasons to be on the show. I like Cane and Billy’s temporary bonding. But my “Kill List” which is horrible to say because of all the recent shootings but my list is:


Well Timmy I agree with part of your list & your right there has been a lot of shooting lately (Too many)! If they kill off Scott, we have a story for another Dylan come back & a war between Sharon & Lauren. If it’s Jordan the Buzz viewers may blame & turn on Hillary, Devon I don’t see a story, Chelsea would end the hope of a come back Adam, Zack very possible but then someone else would take the bosses place in the drug ring. J.M.O. I think they all meet at the top of the towers for the big party & Sharon/Scott & Crystal show up to identify Zack with Paul Williams there and Zack tries to make a run for it and gets shot! But I also think Jordan is so upset with what Hillary did added to the fact he just got fired, I think he kills Hillary. I tried to find out if anyone wants to leave the show but couldn’t, I know Abby is pregnant in real life but I think she’ll come back.

Camryn Grimes gave a performance of a lifetime BRAVO!

Tessa – ‘She’s Just Not That Into You’ in that way, Mariah.

Tessa loves Mariah as a sister, the kiss was heartfelt loving, but not sexual with Tessa.

Feeling are complicated.. and Mariah has made Tessa feel obligated to return the feelings she doesn’t have in a sexual manner.

They will not be a couple, not going to happen.

I’m sorry, but are we watching the same story-line? Hearing the same dialogue?

Mariah and Tessa are in love. Period!

“Mariah has made Tessa feel obligated to return the feelings she doesn’t have in a sexual manner.”? Not even worthy of a response!

Are you familiar with Mal Young? A champion of meaningful LGBT representation on television. Unless CBS pulls the plug, Mariah and Tessa will indeed be a couple. Unlike Frank and co from GH, Mal doesn’t screw with his audience. The Mariah Tessa ship just set sail… I guarantee it will be sailing for a very long time!

Maya, I agree with you 100 percent. Mal is from a different background and has a different style. I am loving his touches. He will pursue gay couples. I’m sure he discussed it with CBS. He had to but I’m sure he also pointed out how the U.S. is so far behind with their ways of thinking. Tess and Mariah are hot together and I cannot wait for it to happen! The other point you made is also true, GH F’s with their fan base all the time. I could write a book on how they have wronged GH fans but will stay with one incident in particular since we are on the topic of gays. GH has a couple, Brad and Lucas who the fans love and they have been rolled out, “Oh look here are two gay Guys” and then rolled back in and never to be seen again! Bullshit!

You may be right, Maya….I am just a little confused, though. Do you think Tessa’s past has to do with the fact that she is denouncing her love for Mariah?
This is definitely an exploitive story; and explosive, LOL.
I do not like Tessa very much, so, I hope her story will be strong and emotional enough to sway me. I don’t mind her on stage….I don’t groan when I see her, as I do for some other characters, for instance, LOL. Tessa is just too good to be true. I hope I am wrong, for Mariah’s sake.
Yeah, poor Noah!!
She’s a very effective actress….but, I can’t shake this feeling she is not that in-the-up-‘n-up. Something’s missing….a void, the ingredient that should have enveloped me by now.
Yet, I trust yours and Timmm’s take on her. I’d like to see where Tessa and Mariah’s path leads, that’s for sure.

I feel the same way I wish Mariah would accept it and move on.

The interaction between Camyrn and Sharon, and then Camyrn and Cait were some of the most dramatic, gut-wrenching, realistic drama I have seen in a very long time. Very worthy of an Emmy submission and win especially for Camyrn Grimes. My heart ached for her exposure of her truth. Kudos to the writing and most definitely for the delivery. Mal please keep this story burning the screen. It may not be popular but it is the right thing to do.

it was really good

She was amazing!!! Spectacular!! I cried for her character and thought her portrayal was absolutely perfect.

Sadly, her storyline involves 3 other actors that don’t compare to her skills.

Doubly sad is how they wrote Sharon’s response. Simplistic.

“Doubly sad is how they wrote Sharon’s response. Simplistic.”

that’s too bad… I had hoped this would give Sharon Case some thing different from which to showcase… besides Nick and the Newmans and or juggling boyfriends

she needs something to do

I thought Sharon’s response was really beautiful. Sure, she was dealing with the reveal that her daughter was a lesbian in love with her half-brother’s girlfriend but at the same time she was just a mom who loved her child no matter what and wasn’t judging her. That went a long way toward redeeming Sharon in the parental department for me after the crap the writers have had her pull over the years (like letting her kids think she was dead after she escaped from jail after being charged with the death of Skye Lockhart and forgiving Adam for stealing her baby and giving it to Ashley).

Listen. I am watching these episodes as we speak, and I literally yelled at the tv “GIVE THIS GIRL HER EMMY!” Camryn Grimes has always been an AMAZING talent, and I am so glad that they were able to bring her back to the canvass. She has shown us that she is not that sweet little girl we grew to love when she played Cassie. She has shown us — with her depth, her humor, and her moxie — that she is more than capable of playing whatever the writers throw her way. The writing this week has been incredible, and I’m so glad to see that (notwithstanding some questionable pairings or plot points we can’t quite wrap our heads around … at least for now) the focus is back on family, history (she mentioned Tyler!), and the characters and who they are. And as long as the stories are grounded in these elements, I am here for it. Mariah’s story is no different.

Camryn Grimes has turned into such a fantastic actress. She has really brought multi-dimensional character development to Mariah, and these scenes were fantastic!

She can win lead with that episode, it was out of this world.

Camryn Grimes – EMMY !! I have ALWAYS loved the Mariah character. She was written very realistically and portrayed so sincerely. From the girl coming to town on Victor’s behalf to destroy lives, to the cult victim, to finding out Sharon is her mother, and now to this realization of struggling to accept herself as she is. Her scenes with Sharon and Tessa were so real I had to bite my lip to keep from crying. It wasn’t just watching a show. It felt so real and personal like I was a voyeur watching her confess her feelings both to Sharon and Tessa. Sharon was amazing as she struggled to deal with her daughter’s revelation and then portraying love and acceptance as most Moms would do. Camryn Grimes is stunning. I love her. I hope they build more stories for her. And stories that show her humanity at it’s core. Kudos to Y&R for finally coming to terms with a sincere LGBTQ story. It was handled with class and dignity. The emotions portrayed were real. The lines utilized were sincere and they avoided all the cliches so often used in television to portray this sort of story. This is something that people all over the country are dealing with in one form or another. Don’t back away from telling the real story. Tell it boldly, with pride and with honesty. Being gay in this world is never easy. Coming to terms with it is never easy BUT it is very natural. It is very common to many and most of all it is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Thank you Camryn Grimes for portraying such an honest and sincere performance of an inner struggle that no one can truly understand unless they walk in that world. I am blown away by this. It turned out much better than I anticipated. You set a high bar, now follow through is all I ask. And again I say – Camryn Grimes EMMY!!!!

Cam was great! I havent seen acting on daytime like that in a long time! She hit all the points with her mother. Sharon’s reactions were perfect! I always hoped that Mariah and Sharon would be a true mother and daughter and have a strong relationship. Sharon always gets screwed and she needed someone in her life to call a friend. Mariah is heartbroken and she needs a friend. This is magical. Tessa has been lifted from the depths of long snore to a character with substance. Her sister, although that story sucks, is interesting and a good actress and will be back. Tess has a background we dont even know about that she claims is too dark for Mariah to know. This can all lead to embracing Tessa down the road. But anyway. Cam is gold and Mal with mine that, this guy is too good to pass this up!

I’ve never liked Mariah, mostly because it felt like the show was trying to do a soft ret-con one of their best stories (the death of Cassie) by suddenly revealing Sharon forgot she had twins (yet another stupid storyline forced on Sharon Case who has deserved much better for the last decade).

That aside, Mariah’s coming out story is the first time I’ve felt this character had a reason to be on the story canvas. Camryn Grimes is finally being given a real story with real emotion and her performance was fantastic. I hope the show plays this story slowly and lets it build naturally — rushing it will only lessen its impact.

I also appreciated Sharon letting the moment be about her daughter and not making it about how her daughter being a lesbian affected her. She was just a mom loving her daughter and not judging her in the moment. For anyone who has ever had to come out and risk a parent’s rejection, it was a really beautiful scene that is often all too rare even today.

It makes me so happy to come on here and see that most people posting here are open to this story line and anything being said about it that isn’t praising it is constructive criticism. When I go on CDL there are almost nothing but homophobic comments whenever this storyline is brought up.

As someone who has had to have a very similar conversation with my Mom..twice, this scene was done almost perfectly. It is true to life. As is the fact that Mariah is only now discovering that she may be bisexual, or perhaps a lesbian. Plenty of people, but especially women, figure this out when they’re older. I was 19 when I had an inking, was told I was confused, I pushed it away. Took me getting to my 30s to come to terms with it. The pressure society places on women to find a man is drilled into us subconsciously everywhere we turn, so sometimes it takes meeting that one person to open your eyes to something else. 

As for it being one sided as someone said…nope. 1.) Tessa was brought in ultimately for this to happen, and it makes sense that it is Mariah since we’ve never seen her have a good romantic relationship with a man. I have no doubt they will be a couple. 2.) Tessa was the one who ignited this fire, she is the one who sat on Sharon’s couch and looked at Mariah in a very non-platonic way. You DON’T look at your pals that way. That was the first moment you could see something change for Mariah. It woke something up, something she either never felt before or ignored. Which happens to many of us.

The only thing that bothered me about the scene with Mariah and Sharon is that Sharon seemed surprised that it was Tessa. That part didn’t make sense to me because we’ve been shown a fews times that Sharon was noticing a weird tension between the two. That Sharon didn’t just make that leap and say it before Mariah did, and was surprised when she revealed the name, didn’t fit for me. But the rest was spot on. Sharon showed an appropriate amount of surprise that Mariah’s feelings were for a girl, shock that it is her son’s girlfriend that Mariah was talking about, and proceeded to not take sides in the matter at all, just telling Mariah she needs to be honest with Tessa. This was the right advice, because regardless of what happens, Mariah would know that she did what she needed to do by being honest.

I do wish that they had not made Tessa Noah’s girlfriend first, that poor guy just can’t catch a break when it comes to romance, but it certainly adds to the drama. I do hope that the transition from Tessa being with Noah to Mariah is one that doesn’t cause too much damage to the relationship between the siblings. Hopefully Noah can eventually forgive Mariah and find someone new when he is ready.

For those people who do not like this storyline, skip it. This kind of story being played out, with characters that are relatable to, is important for girls who are not heterosexual to see. It can help them to identify the confusion they’re feeling in themselves and ultimately lead to a happier life when they discover the truth of their sexuality sooner than had they not had representation. There are plenty of storylines I don’t like, I skip them.

This was one of the best performances ! They have all done such a wonderful job being true to the storyline. Camryn Grimes knocks it out of the park. I have been a fan of other shows and I admit I never watched young and the restless until this storyline . That being said ,they are doing a fantastic job. Camyrn Grimes has a new fan here.

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Meanwhile, Kelly has given huge props to Mark, “I find Mark utterly compelling, really interesting, super funny, and he’s bold in a way like nobody else. He says what’s on his mind. If he’s thinking it, he says it.  I’ve done this a long time and oftentimes people will adjust their natural personalities to pander to what they think the audience wants to hear, and Mark will tell people what he thinks, and he doesn’t care if it’s not a popular opinion. It gives him an edginess that I think is really missing in the landscape today. Everybody’s so afraid to say anything, and Mark is unafraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.”

In a statement, Debra O’Connell, President News Group and Networks, Disney Entertainment shared, We could not be more thrilled with how Mark has seamlessly joined the show family as permanent co-host. His undeniable charisma and his and Kelly’s natural chemistry are evident as they deliver the laughs and smiles to our viewers each morning. We are incredibly proud of how Live has continued to evolve and that the audience is responding so enthusiastically.”

So, do you think Mark Consuelos is the best co-host his wife Kelly Ripa has ever had on ‘Live’? How would you say he is doing as co-host after one full year on the job? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Alum Tanner Stine to Appear in ‘Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story’ Starring Nicholas Chavez

Another face familiar to daytime fans has already boarded Ryan Murphy’s limited series, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story which stars General Hospital favorite, Nicholas Chavez (Spencer Cassadine) in the role of Lyle.

Tanner Stine who played Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) son, Joey Johnson on Days of our Lives will also appear in the series.

In ‘Monsters’, look for Stine to portray the role of Perry Berman, who was Lyle and Erik’s friend and former tennis coach. In the story, Perry found himself at the epicenter of the murder mystery when he had accepted a phone call from Lyle shortly before the brutal murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez.

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Other previously announced castings included: Cooper Koch (who plays Erik), Javier Bardem and Chloë Sevigny as parents Jose and Kitty Menendez, Nathan Lane as Dominick Dunne, Ari Graynor as Leslie Abramson, and Leslie Grossman as Judalon Smyth.

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In the series, the two wealthy brothers stand trial for shooting their parents in Beverly Hills, amid claims of self-defense after years of abuse, while prosecutors alleged that greed was the motives for the killing. Lyle and Erik Menendez have been behind bars in California for more than three decades for the 1989 killing of their parents.

Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story will debut later in 2024 on Netflix.

What do you think about Tanner Stine being part of the all-star cast for ‘Monsters’? Miss Joey on Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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