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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor and Meredith Liplock! Is The Doc His Get Out Of Jail Free Card?



Since Y&R cast the talented Alicia Coppola to the role of Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) prison doctor, Meredith Gates, viewers have been trying to figure just how their relationship will play out.

We know that Meredith has a past and that she seems quite emotional of late when dealing with the billionaire prisoner.  Now in a preview for Friday’s Y&R, Victor and Meredith actually kiss! Earlier in the week, we saw Victor cozying up to Meredith and planting a kiss on her cheek and walking away quite sure of himself.  Is he about to do his biggest manipulation yet, and get Meredith to work an early prison release for him?

But, could Meredith really be on to Victor  … or, if not, will she become unglued if she feels betrayed? After all, she is working with some pretty dicey criminals inside the slammer.   Make sure to check out our latest interview with Coppola for more on her thoughts on Meredith and Victor.

Now, watch today’s Y&R preview after the jump. Then weigh-in:  Is this one of Victor’s most despicable acts?  Will his sedution of Meredith backfire in his face? Comment below!

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Victor will do ANYTHING to get out of jail!

Yeah, and then no more prison scenes at least. Wonder where Ian Ward is??

I hope he gets out and goes after Nikki since Victor will be with Meredith soon!

I love Alicia and would enjoy her being on the show full time. THat being said, I prefer Victor to lose and see Nikki sue and FINALLY win the Newman Ranch.

I agree. It would finally be nice to see the great Victor get what he deserves !

Timmm…HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! I think that Ian Ward is W-A-Y MORE ENTERTAINING AND INTRIGUING than that GRUMPY OLD Victor!!!!!

Just saying……….

Saying and agreeing Jaybird!


I agree. Big time YUCK. You know this is Victor’s ticket out of the big house. This will give Nikki the perfect excuse to start drinking again when Victor and the good doctor start flaunting themselves around town. I also loved the little exchange of words between Lily & Hilary at the end of the show. When Lily made her comment about Hilary chasing after Jack, the look on Hilary’s face was priceless. Talk about slapping a face without a hand! Loved it. I am just now waiting for Sharon’s next nervous break down. She is long over due. Her head wil really be spinning when she finds out that Adam is Sully’s father!

Right, Soap Queen.
And are we supposed to be all excited that Nikki is divorcing Victor for the 100th time while she battles the urge to drink?
Nikki’s stories are as tired as she seems to be.

I will be fast forwarding through all their scenes. This is beyond repulsive.

Alicia reminds me of the actress who played Sabrina.

The storyline reminds me of the TV show “Prison Break.”

I hoped they wouldn’t go there.

MO, you read my mind twice! This story is the worst!

She actually reminds me of Maggie from Six Feet Under who had an affair with Nate when he was married to Brenda. Brenda called Maggie “Ferret Face’.

Victor is such a sociopath. He will do and say anything to get out of jail.


Whenever Victor’s family is ticked off at him he goes out and finds himself a new family. Whether he is sincere or he is using her doesn’t matter to Victor because it is all the same to him because it is just about him, so as long as he gets what he wants– that is what counts — whether real or not- as for the ick factor after Victor coupled with Victoria’s best friend and Sharon this one doesn’t come close to those, so I can tolerate it if I must. A lot of older men are sexy, Victor isn’t one of them, but as they write him like he thinks he still is.

Mary…preach on, my dear!!!!! More and more, Victor reminds me of a spoiled child who throws a temper tantrum whenever he doesn’t get his way. BEYOND CHILDISH!!!!!

Take care, Mary.


If it were reversed and a woman in her 70’s kissed a man in his 30’s that would have been special ..

ahaaa!……… Victor is a Cougar !

Hahahahahahaha, you always crack me up, su0000!

Hey, SuzieQ,
Cougars are sleek and regal, lol……I would have probably vomited in Victor’s mouth; stomach heaving!!!! Gross!!

Celia…I’ve always thought of cougars as being very, very clever (lol). I think that Victor is nothing but a ‘tired old tiger’ (more lol). Oh…and G-R-O-S-S is right!!!!! MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

Later, my friend.

Celia…G-R-O-S-S is right!!!!! MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

Later, my friend.

KInd of think this story line is interesting. Go Victor! Go Meredith!

Well, I liked her at first, but now her never ending tears remind me of Brook Logan, and I sort of liked her relating to him as a father, but now that they are making out, gag-o-rama. This is like Sabrina all over again, but less classy.

This episode (Friday May 20) was so dull I actually fell asleep, which I never do on Y&R. Then I restarted it and dropped off again! Victor & Meredith turn my stomach (though I think Ms. Coppola is playing it well) much younger are Victor’s bed bunnies going to get? Naturally, he chose a woman with “daddy” issues. But instead of being a substitute father, he romances her? How low will this man sink? Also can’t abide Stitch stories, and the THREE FACES OF HILLARY is getting old. And I thought this was a sweeps month? !

Soaphound…as far as I’m concerned, Alicia Coppola (as an actress) deserves W-A-Y BETTER onscreen material to work with. Also, Meredith and her ‘daddy issues’…WAH WAH WAH!!!!! Oh…and I think that this has been the W-O-R-S-T Sweeps Month…PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care.

I never really cared for the character of Stitch from day one. To me he doesn’t really mesh with Abby either. Hilary really does need to make up her mind. I just hope they don’t decide to throw her in bed with Jack. That to me would be another “daddy” issue. But I did enjoy seeing Billy and Phyllis go at it. I just wonder if they would stiil go there if Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford were still playing the roles. Something to think about

I love Victor but this kiss made me physically ill.
I don’t care for the actress playing the doctor either.
I’ve been liking the twists and turns that the writers have come up with, but they are totally screwing up in the last few weeks, imo.
We know Victor is setting Adam up for murder, payback for when Jack & Adam framed Victor for murder. I’m guessing that Luca has his dirty little fingers in the frameup.
Don’t like Phyliss & billy together either, but, Jack did have an affair with Jill while his dad was married to her, so more payback. lol
Travis is cute but I can’t believe he doesn’t recognize her, surely he watches TV or reads the newspapers.
Nikki ANOTHER divorce! Really? I am soooo sick of the divorce & remarriage between her and Victor.
End of rant………………………..for now. LOL

I guess I don’t hate it, but would have been better for them to just bond as friends
because of similar family issues. That seems more believable, too.

The man is 75 she is 48 enough of the stroking of the cue card readers ego!i hate this show in all my years of soap watching never been more dusgisted

That was disgusted and Sharon Case has never recovered from the storyline of her and Victor nothing was his fault all hers I can’t watch her scenes anymore because just too painful she is phoning it in and I can’t blame her next story line will be her twisting her head around and spitting up pea soup ! Enough as my Dad would say pick on somebody your own size

I don’t like this story line at all. For pete’s sake he’s how old now? This is like a Mel Gibson story only Mel is a bit younger & it’s usually for money. To think of her interested in him for anything other than money is just stupid. He’s been in jail for all of 3 wks. and she just can’t stop thinking about him? If this is true she’s been a prison doctor too long. I use to like the way he protected Sharon and kind of put her under his wing but when he used her & married her it made me sick. What is wrong with these writers to go and ruin two actors with a stupid affair. I would love to know if Eric Breaden has any say in these stories? This guy seems to think he’s still got it. I guess there’s nobody his age in the show.

Just when I might get interested things go too far. Hillary might have been able to be a long time pain, but not daily; too much too soon. Jack, too stupid too soon. Victor and whoever she is; too much too soon. Phyllis and Billy; too much too soon. Victoria sleeping with a bartender without any background; too much too soon. Please don’t do that to Keven and Mariah. I still like them. Let them be dear friends.

As a viewer, I can enjoy something happy or smart. Things such as Jack letting Hillary think she is in control and just letting her think she pulled a fast one.

I am sure you will write about Adam. That is difficult. This guy nailed what viewers want. He is smart, good looking, kind, loves his family. Good guys which includes women, can win!

Tani…as far as I’m concerned, that Hilary chick is nothing but an OVER-THE-TOP WHACK-JOB!!!!! Also, I wish that Y&R would cut that Natalie chick loose ASAP. Natalie is W-A-Y TOO ANNOYING AND W-A-Y TOO DORKY!!!!! Furthermore, Natalie adds/brings N-O-T-H-I-N-G to the Y&R canvas…AT ALL!!!!!

Just saying……….

True, I had hopes for Natalie at first, but none of it has come to fruition, like her being a secret Newman or something, but now Chloe is coming back and she looks just like her so I don’t see where Natalie belongs. I’ve had it up to here with characters with no family, job or background like Sage. If I have a sigh of relief that a character was killed, then the writer didn’t do their job.

A CO would be in with the doctor and inmate during treatment. No way would the prison let a female doctor be alone with a male inmate. Not a good one anyway. That’s one problem. The next is, he’s an inmate, he’s married. I don’t believe that Meredith would be crushing on an inmate. I worked in a jail and I valued my freedom far too much to even be tempted to do anything like this. But, then again, my father is not a judge.

Mo…I get what you’re saying here. I totally do. Also, from my end (or whatever), I look at it like this: It’s a s-o-a-p…over the years, soaps (in general) have done things that make little to no sense. Yikes.

Have a good one, Mo.

So true jay. And employees and inmates have hooked up IRL. It’s a shame they had to go there with this storyline.

I rarely FF Y&R but watching the Cryptkeeper makeout with anyone…just GROSS! No thank you. I hate this storyline.

This is sickening. Eric Breeden needs to get over himself. No one wants to see an elderly man lip lock an young woman. Pratt & Phelps have got to go. This show is awful.

Lexie…E-X-A-C-T-L-Y!!!!! Also, I cringe whenever I see VICTOR THE DINOSAUR and that Meredith chick even look into each other’s eyes (or whatever). B-L-E-C-H!!!!!

Take care.

General Hospital

GH’s Adam J. Harrington on Being a Recast John “Jagger” Cates: “There is No Way I Can Even Touch What Antonio Sabato Jr. Did With the Role in the Past … If They Are Going My Way They Were Going to Take This in a Different Direction”

General Hospital fans were recently in for a shock when a new man arrived in Port Charles who went by the name of John Cates. As it turns out John Cates used to go by the nickname of “Jagger” and had lived in the town many years ago.

That’s because actor Adam Harrington was recast in the role of FBI Cates. The part was originally made soap-famous in the 90’s by Antonio Sabato Jr. “Jagger” appeared on the ABC daytime drama series from 1992-1994 and then in its spinoff GH: Night Shift in 2008 before the character left Port Charles with his young autistic son. “Jagger” was also the older brother to the late Stone Cates (Michael Sutton).

Now in 2024, GH has brought the character back and Adam J. Harrington is on contract with the series. The actor spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the obvious difference in look and take on the role than “Jagger’s” original portrayer, Antonio Sabato Jr.

Photo: ABC

Adam expressed: “My take on it was that it’s been 30 years; they obviously wanted to take this in a new direction and see what they could do with this storyline. And I also thought, ‘There is no way I can even touch what Antonio Sabato, Jr. did with the role in the past.’ Although I know it would be jarring for fans, in some ways, I was very happy that I didn’t look like I was going to try to mimic or echo at all what they had done with that storyline.”

Chiming in on replacing an actor in a role made soap-famous by someone else, Harrington added, “Obviously, if they’re going my way, they were going to take this in a different direction with so much time having passed. TV is immortal and still very much fresh in people’s minds, but like I said, I took the recasting and looking so obviously different as them saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to take this in a different direction and we are not trying to replace or touch what was originally a beautiful story.”’

Previously, Sabato Jr. had a few things to say about not being asked back to reprise his signature role for more than 30 years by the ABC soap opera.

Photo: ABC

As to just who this new version of John Cates will be romantically linked with, fans are seeing a spark between he and Jordan (Tanisha Harper), or could he wind up with Anna (Finola Hughes), or another lady on the canvas? “I think there is an element here of him coming to town, throwing a new guy into the mix,” Harrington shares.”We’ll see who he quote-unquote bonds with and who he doesn’t.”

Photo: ABC

So what do you think of the recast John “Jagger” Cates? Do you like where the show is taking the character? Do you appreciate Adam’s candor on acknowledging what Antonio Sabato Jr. did with this role in the past? Comment below.

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Y&R Reveals Cast In ‘Nikki Newman Through The Years’ T-Shirts in Honor of Melody Thomas Scott’s 45th Anniversary

Tuesday, February 20th marks the 45th anniversary of Melody Thomas Scott’s debut as Nikki Newman on CBS daytime’s The Young and the Restless.

In honor of the occasion, the official Y&R social media handle on Instagram released a video of many of Melody’s castmates wearing custom-made Nikki Newman t-shirts. The celebratory shirts had images of Nikki Newman through the years and her various looks.

Participating in the video were Melody’s castmates, Hayley Erin (Claire), Mark Grossman (Adam), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Melissa Ordway (Abby) and Eric Braeden (Victor). Melody’s TV son, Joshua Morrow kicked things off acknowledging her milestone.


Morrow expressed: “To my mama, Melody Thomas Scott, celebrating a huge, huge, huge anniversary, an absolute icon on this show. What better way to celebrate you than with these incredible T-shirts, looking at all your best looks. We love you, the whole world loves you, and you deserve everything. Love you, Mama.”

Photo: JPI

Thomas Scott spoke with on her anniversary, sharing, “I’m so fortunate to have a job where I get to do what I love to do and need to do every day and be paid for it.” She added, “My life is heavenly. I’d like to think that I’m a better performer these days than my talent test (in 1979).”

Check out the cast celebrating Melody Thomas Scott’s Y&R 45th anniversary while donning some their ‘Nikki t-shirts’ below.

Now, share your congrats to Melody on 45 years and still going strong on The Young and the Restless via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton’s Ex-Wife Sheree Gustin Gives Birth to Her Fifth Child, Weeks After Their Divorce Was Finalized

Sheree Gustin, the ex-wife of General Hospital star, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) welcomed her newborn daughter into the world on February 16th. The little one who’s name is Addy Jay weighed in at 5 lbs., 5 oz at the time of her birth. This is Gustin’s fifth child.

Gustin’s partner, who was in an Instagram story with her and their baby, remains unidentified. This is the second child of Gustin’s within a year or so of each other, that is not the biological child of Burton’s. She previously had daughter Isabella back in February of 2023.

The news of the arrival of Addy Jay comes on the heels of Burton finalizing his divorce from his former wife of 23 years back in December of 2023.  In the divorce settlement, Steve and Sheree have joint legal and physical custody of their minor children. Brooklyn, 8, and Jack, 17. The two also share a daughter McKenna who is 20.

Photo: ShereeLynnIG

Burton originally filed for divorce in July 0f 2022. In court documents, the two separated in March of that year as Burton cited “irreconcilable differences.” When Sheree announced the impending birth of her fourth child, Burton took to his Instagram and clarified, “She recently announced that she’s expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.”

Photo: SBurtonIG

Gustin, who is a fitness guru, now goes by Sherrie Lynn on her official Instagram account. Since her divorce from Burton, and the births of her most recent children, Sherrie has not addressed the situation publicly.

Meanwhile, General Hospital fans are anxiously awaiting Burton’s return as Jason Morgan on the ABC soap opera with his first episode back slated for March 4th. Just how Jason will be revealed to be alive after a cave collapsed on him, and he was believed to have died, is one of great mystery for soap fans.

So, share your thoughts on the news of the birth of Sheree’s fifth child Addy Jay via the comment section below.

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