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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: What Did You Think Of J.T. Having A Brain Tumor?


On The Young and the Restless, the brief return of Thad Luckinbill (J.T.) put an end to the Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Sharon (Sharon Case), Victoria (Amelia Heinle) saga of being convicted, or part of, a murder conspiracy, when it never happened at all.  After J.T. held the women captive and turned up very much alive, and then was felled by a horrible headache, it set the stage for what many suspected … J.T. had a brain tumor.

As it turned out, J.T. was unaware, for possibly years ,that this tumor was growing which could be attributed to his behavior changes and thus causing him to be abusive towards Victoria, and everyone else around him.  Y&R towed the line in their approach when an out-of-surgery J.T. still is taking responsibility for his actions, and not whitewashing the hell he put Victoria, Victor (Eric Braeden), Nikki, and Sharon through.

On Thursday’s episode, after his son Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) enters J.T.’s hospital room, J.T. apologizes saying that can’t make up for the pain he caused Reed, and his mom. Reed tells his father that he was a really good dad before the tumor, and sadly, when he lost his dad along the way, it felt like someone unplugged his life. J.T. says he hopes there’s a chance to plug it back in.  Reed smiles when J.T. talks about hanging with him and playing the guitar.

J.T. thanks Victoria for bringing Reed to see him, but just then two cops enter to arrest J.T. for the attempted murder of Victor Newman and are taking him to the prison infirmary to recover from his surgery, and then to be put in prison for his crimes.   J.T. says he knows he has to do this and take responsibility for his actions.  He is whisked away in his wheelchair.

After Reed has harsh words for Victoria he runs out.  Victoria returns home and smashes belongings in her home and crumbles to the floor in tears.

So, what did you think of J.T. having a brain tumor that caused much of his behavior changes including his abusive side?  Was it the wrong move … or the right move … to get this story moving along and toward a resolution?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Best choice for a bad decision I still feel Paul and Christine should be held accountable for using him the way they did.

To clarify it was a bad decision to have JT be abusive I am glad that josh wrote in a tumor a lot of us remember him with faults but the romance with Colleen changed him I hated what MY did

Totally agree Kay…


I loved having the brain tumor as the reason for JT’s violence. I have always loved the character of Jt even back when Colleen was alive. I wanted him rehabilitated. I hate that he had to leave again for prison but understand why. In that final episode, the best part for me was seeing Victoria finally dissolve at the end and hope she continues to come to terms with how she never even tried to find answers for why JT’s physical and mental health had deteriorated so much in the time he was gone. Although,at the time, it was easy to chalk it up to her insecurities and selfishness and neediness to please her father. Hopefully, Victoria can finally begin to grow up and not be so dependent on Daddy’s approval.(Probably wishful thinking,though).

I am glad we have an answer as to why J.T. was so different. He was a hellraiser when he was younger but far from being someone physically violent towards women.

a tumor is lame. it feels like the new regime is trying to fix this mess Mal made. making JT an abuser never should have happened

I agree that J.T. should not have been written as an abuser; however, the brain tumor was a good choice since I know that it can happen; it happened to someone I know.

Look at it this way, Robert – this terrible year-long story-line is OVER!!!

I found it an easy out, but at least it’s over.

I agree, the tumor story was used on GH for Roger Howarth. Enough of the tumor excuse. Just get him off the show.

Predictable, unimaginative, lame.

Maybe predictable ; however, a good idea. What’s your choice?

I’m not getting millions of dollars to write these storylines so I don’t have all the answers. However, I do know that it feels like a lack of creativity when they pull out the old “I did it because I have a brain tumor” storyline….. which is also something that has been done before. Surprise us. Dig deeper. Have the character’s behavior be the result of a mental breakdown triggered by a repressed memory from childhood. Some twist that would have more depth to it than simply blaming the whole thing on a tumor.

Bostonnc…Totally agree with you. At least on GH they are mentioning another cause of possible bad behavior for Dante like ptsd. Seems both Y&R and GH have “borrowed” from each other re: brain tumors and alzheimers disease.

The ol JT s back!!!
Even a half ass explanation such as this is will take, anything to undo the henous misjustice that was the character assination of genoa city bad boy turned hero!
The writings much better, the background musics picked up and theres actual plots miving full steam ahead!
Now I just want Arturo to stay, more Mia and her plotting, Shick reunited, Nick out of his suit and the corporate world( doesnt suit him) .
Where is Fenn btw?. I was enjoying the ‘ young’ from young and restless scene. Hope he sticks around. Him and Anna have potential.

I thought it was a predictable conclusion.
Nothing new or dramatic.
I’ve watched the brain tumor story play out on another soap.

World’s smallest tumor creates the world’s largest diaster! Thats what i think of the plot.

Not only does it give no credence to domestic abuse that the show promoted but his bandage and coifed hair did nothing to make it believable! Come on, makeup, give him a bald cap or a bandage wrapped around his head!!!

And his escape from a watery grave was a storm drain? So JT dug down from inside a rolled up carpet instead of digging up? So dumb! And the ground RIGHT WHERE HE WAS didnt cave in?

And then Reed shows up weeks after his mom was arrested and went to trial only to ONCE AGAIN blame her for everydhing while cry he just got his murderous and abusive daddy back? And then he ran away? Who writes this crap? Victor needs to slap this kid into respect!!! His father just admitted to abusing his mother and step mother, attempted twice to kill his grandfather and the end of your scenes is “yeah daddy i want to hang out and learn how to be a man and father from you” while he screams and whines that his mother “abandoned him” (she lost custody cause of his grandfather and his father’s manipulations) and that she lied abt his disappearance?!!!

Seriously, bring Deliah back and have Reed run over by a car! Besides needing a comb, the character is nails on a chalkboard annoying.

This was just a “Franco” redux! Y&R took the easy way out of this storyline and could have done much more with the ending of the story than what we were served up.

Mixed feelings. Glad this tortured and tortuous story is wrapped up. So trite, though, that it was a brain tumor. Just like Stitch’s son. And who did/how was he saved once out of the river. And the heart condition. And access to Phyllis’ storage locker. So many unanswered questions #frustrating

Years ago when Victoria and JT got together..I liked him..but she has a habit of treating almost every man as second class citizen..they can be strong cute and a bread winner. but she is so attached to the victor syndrome..the men get bored..except for Billy.

I guess they had to find some way to rewrite what was done to the character. I am just happy the story is over! However, Victoria TOTALLY gets on my nerves!! What does this woman want?? Who does she want?? From next weeks preview, it appears she is partying with a group of young people and Billy asks, what is she doing in Vegas? Please don’t let this be a split personality storyline. PLEASE allow this woman to become her own person and not seek the approval of others! I know that is a tall order, but one can hope!

Great way to keep JT on Y&R… which they should truly consider. Get rid of Cain, what a dud.

Lame.My father had a brain tumour with no personality changes.

I know a person who had one with personality changes; plus, all brain tumors aren’t the same because I knew someone who had one without changes. However, both people died.

Well I liked him being back but the brain tumor part was not okay because sometimes abusers are really abusers and anything like brain tumors are not the cause who knows he may go back to being a abuser

I think that the brain tumor is good because J.T. and Victoria were smoking hot together. Even though they were divorcing in reality, their on screen chemistry was obvious. Plus, I hate that Mal changed J.T.’s personality so dramatically. I know that a brain tumor can change a person’s behavior because I know someone to whom it happened. I’m glad that Josh chose this route, since I like J.T.

I don’t watch y&r but it sounds like they either have someone from GH writing team now working over there or someone from Y&r watches/watched GH and is using one of their infamous storyline “Franco/ the tumor made me do it. looks like this j.t character is getting a reprieve.

Soaps always use a brain tumor for bad behavior.

With the brain tumor, they can use it to justify his behavior and find him not guilty and Victoria will take him back and they will live happily for 6 months.

What a cop out. Washing everything clean so that the abusive husband is not responsible for his actions instead of exploring a story that viewers could relate to. An insult to abused women.

I think this is not the case in real life. Abusers are grown. They learn from a young age how to treat their victims.For public service the story could have returned to JT’s up bringing and target the generational tragedy that emotional and physical abuse is. Only in a soap it is erased with a brain tumor leaving the victim victimized yet again.

As a preface, I’ll echo what other posters have said: It was a terrible idea to bring an “abusive” JT back to the show as it did not fit with the history of the character and remedying that mistake is welcome. That being said, the sudden “shifts” in the plots by a change in writers is destroying Y&R.

Y&R had one head writer (Bill Bell) for over 25 years, who was succeed for nearly a decade by his protege (Kay Alden). Y&R had 35 years of continuity in its writing. Conversely, in the past four years, there have been four different head writers. Each one of these recent writers has tried to put their “imprint” on the show — new backstories; changes in personalities of established characters; and the introduction of new characters. This has created utter chaos for the show. The place has turned into a revolving door of characters who enter and exit just as frequently as the head writers are hired and fired. The personalities of established characters change just as jarringly. (Did anyone really think Ashley could be as underhanded and scheming to her beloved relatives as Mal Young recently portrayed her?).

I welcome the “fix” of JT in this particular situation. However, it is an example of the erratic writing that is destroying Y&R. I frankly stopped watching the show as much when Paul disappeared (who, under a DIFFERENT writer, suddenly has returned with NO explanation of his nearly year long absence) and the Rosales family seemed to take over.

With the exception of the mere 10-month regime of Sally Sussman, NONE of the head writers over the past decade have been very good. The owners and network clearly realize this at some point because none last very long. They seriously need to find a good, solid writer who knows this show, can produce compelling plots, and then leave them the hell alone to write for the show. This constant change of writers is killing Y&R.

I found it to be an easy out for a horribly-paced, terribly written and drawn out story-line. The damage Mal Young did to “Y & R” is beyond belief!!

What do I think?

I think; Brain Tumors’ have become a Soap Opera Fad..

Brain Tumor is the new way of turning a bad person good and a good person bad- with a Brain Tumor.

Oscar and JT (both having Brain Tumor simultaneously) tells me that Brain Tumors are the new ”in thing”

Y&R Dina- Alzheimers
GH Michael- Alzheimers

Y&R Lola- transplant
GH Jordan- transplant

Y&R JT brain tumor
GH Oliver Brain tumor

ALL ^^^^ running at the same time LOL crazy stuff..

list the Brain Tumor peoples and then go WOW! (lots of ’em)

su000…Do you think the Y&R and GH writers or whoever tap each other’s phones? And now GH borrowed Michelle/Nina is going back home to be Phyllis again. Wonder who will be Adam? Griffin?

su000…Whoops, read further,,,Y&R got another Adam.

Hope they keep JT.

Enough of the brain tumors. Had enough of them on GH from Franco to Oscar.

I thought the brain tumor was a pretty lame way to exit the story. Seems like brain tumors in soapland are as common as a cold.
The writers could have and should have come up with something more inventive.


WWE Clash at the Castle: CM Punk Costs Drew McIntryre Title Victory in His Home Country

On Saturday, the WWE visited Glasgow, Scotland for the first time in company history for the PLE on Peacock, Clash at the Castle. Five matches took place inside OVO Hydro Arena, and each one had a title on the line.

There were four wrestlers on the card from Scotland, making this even more dramatic, and the crowd in attendance was electric throughout singing, chanting, booing and cheering for their favorites.


The man of the hour in Glasgow was supposed to be Drew McIntyre. This was to be the Scottish warrior’s opportunity to win the WWE Championship belt from Damian Priest. Things looked like a McIntrye win was on the way, but when the referee accidentally got knocked out and Drew hit a Claymore on Priest, he clearly won the match with over a three-count, only with no referee there, it could not be made official.

Photo: WWE

All of a sudden a ref was seen running to ringside and when he slid in the ring to do the official count, he stopped at two! Drew looked up and the camera revealed it was McIntyre’s arch enemy, CM Punk. Next, Drew started to attack Punk, but the “Voice of the Voiceless” gave him a low blow, costing him the match as Priest went on the offense while the original knocked out referee got back the ring just in time for Priest to pin McIntyre with a three-count.

Photo: WWE

It should be noted there was a major botched move and scary moment within the match.  riest tried to jump off the ring but he got his foot caught in the ropes and could not easily be extricated. After minutes, McIntyre was able to flip him up and over to get him out of the ropes. It was clear throughout the match that Priest was injured as he hobbled around for most of it.

Photo: WWE

CODY RHODES VS. AJ STYLES “I Quit” match for the Universal WWE Heavyweight Championship

Has there ever been a babyface as over as Cody Rhodes? We don’t think so. His popularity continues to soar and on this night in Glascow, Scotland, there was nothing but chants of “Cody! Cody Rhodes!”

In the rematch between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles for the Universal title, it was an “I quit” match, where the only way you can lose is by saying the word “I quit!” when the referee puts a mic in front of your face, so everyone can hear the words.  That means, it would be an often brutal match.

Photo: WWE

One of the key moments occurred when Mamma Rhodes slapped AJ at ringside, which allowed Cody to recover and throw a chair at Styles who then went backward over the top rope and landed on a table and crashed through it (it was the table strategically placed there earlier in the night that most forgot about during the match).

At that point, Rhodes landed three Cross Rhodes and handcuffed Styles to the ropes as he relentlessly hit him with the chair. Styles didn’t quit yet but when Rhodes brought the steel steps into the ring, Styles all of a sudden uttered, “I Quit.” Cody retains the title. For good measure, and to show he can be a badass too, we guess. Rhodes threw the steps at Style for a punctuation point ending their feud for now.


As Rhodes walked back from the ring, he was accosted by the Bloodline – Solo Sikoa, Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga. However, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton came to “The American Nightmare’s” defense. It was not lost on the WWE Universe, that “The Viper” looked like he may take aim at Cody’s title with some serious looks captured on social media. Could SummerSlam in August feature Randy vs Cody for the title? Stay tuned.

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill vs. Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn for the Women’s Tag Team titles.

The champs, Belair and Cargill have looked unstoppable and unbeatable with their sheer strength and ability to overpower their opponents. However, on this night, the crowd was firmly behind Scotland’s Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. In a three-way for the title, the belts can change hands even if the current champions are not involved in the pin. That was the case here. In a shocker, as Belair and Cargill looked like they were about to win after their power combo on Shayna Baszler, it was Isla Dawn who snuck in and got the pin.

Photo: WWE

Cargill and Belair are stunned outside the ring, and Alba and Isla celebrated their massive victory in their home country in front of their families who give them bouquets of flowers at ringside. It should be noted, that Alba Frye tragically lost her mother, less than a month ago when she was hit by a driver in Florida. During the post-show press conference, Triple H said Alba and Isla winning the titles had nothing to do with the loss of Frye’s mother; in terms of the timing of the decision to have the duo win the belts. Now, could this be the end for Jade and Bianca? Will Jade turn heel on Bianca?


Sami Zayn defeated Chad Gable to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship – the main takeaway coming out of the match is the continued disfunction in the Alpha Academy and Otis walking away with an ‘injured’ Maxine, and not helping Gable out when he needed it to win the match. Will Otis now officially turn on Gable?

Bayley defeated Scotland’s Piper Niven to retain the WWE Women’s Championship – Niven gave it her all for the hometown crowed, but Bayley’s in-ring savvy and finisher were too much for her.

What did you think of WWE Clash at the Castle? Let us know in the comment section. 

Make sure to catch the Michael Fairman Channel’s latest episode of ‘What’s Up? Wrestling’ with our ‘Clash at the Castle’ post-show streamed immediately following the PLE below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Jason Have a Heart-to-Heart; Is a Liason Reunion Possible?

Have Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) 2.0 finally gone kaput? It would seem so. On Monday’s June 10th episode of General Hospital, it looks like the two now have what could be an insurmountable rift. Finn is drinking and can’t stop. Liz finds him with another woman drunk in his apartment, and can’t put herself in another relationship with someone who has an addiction (Remember, Lucky?).

Who should save Liz from an uncomfortable situation with Finn, but none other than Jason (Steve Burton). He comes upon on the scene where Finn is grabbing Liz’s hand to not leave him, but she insists it’s over between them.

Finn has hit his lowest point.  He has continued to spiral downward since the death of his father, Gregory.  Jason brings Liz to the Metro Court pool, which is closed at this time.


She admits to Jason, she wasn’t ready to go home and answer questions from her kids. A somber Jason says that she deserves better than what Finn is giving to her right now, and Liz feels so do her kids. They dip their feet in the pool. Liz jokes she can’t believe she got thee Jason Morgan to take off his shoes. He coyly asks her not to tell anyone.

Liz says she wants to support Finn through his grief, but Jason says Finn is pushing her away. She asks Jason how he knew to find her at Finn’s. That’s when he reveals, their son, Jake was worried about her, so it was Jake who reached out to him.


Next, Liz thanks Jason for being here for him, listening to her and extolling some advice.  Jason says he knows he is no place to be giving advice because he left her and Sam to raise his sons all on their own.

However, Liz points out it’s not because he didn’t want to be there. On that note, she’s pretty sure he wasn’t on vacation all the years he was away from his children. Jason says he’s here now and he will do whatever he can to make things up to Jake. Liz says just showing up to help her will go a long way with Jake, as it also goes along way with her.

You can watch the heartfelt scenes between Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton below. Liason has been trending this evening on X.  Should GH consider putting Elizabeth and Jason back together? Weigh-in via the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Gregory’s Loved Ones Gather to Say Goodbye

On the Wednesday, June 7th episode of General Hospital, it was time for Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) memorial, which as Gregory wanted would be having his ashes spread with his loved ones in attendance.

The memorial service was held at the park bench in which he used to sit and read to Violet (Jophielle Love), which now has a plaque with his name imprinted on it.

Chase (Josh Swickard) was put in charge of the gathering, by his late father. In very well-written scenes, each of the man’s loved ones and friends extolled words of wisdom they learned from him that will forever remain with them and in their hearts.


Finn (Michael Easton) shares how much his dad, who was suffering from ALS, loved this spot and that when the climb up the hill became too much, he insisted he could make it on his own. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) speaks to what a good man that Gregory was. Violet reads a poem.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) opens up about how ALS is a devastating disease that takes resolve to handle, and Gregory had a lot of resolve. He made her aware of the limitations she put on her own life. She admits Gregory got her to jump out of a plane with him and that the two passionately kissed, which surprised everyone in attendance.

Photo: ABC

Tracy (Jane Elliot) talks with sadness about Gregory being a missed opportunity, and if she had known him sooner, longer and better, who knows what might have been. In the moral to her time with Gregory, Tracy expressed, “If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, make one. Contrary to conventional wisdom, you can miss what you didn’t have.”

Photo: ABC

Chase spoke last and says his dad taught him to find something remarkable in every person you meet. Next, Chase begins to scatter Gregory’s ashes around the tree, and then hands the container to Finn, so he can spread the last part of the ashes.


Afterwards, Tracy hosts a reception at the Metro Court. She and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) share a shot for Gregory. Alexis tells Finn, she is heading to an AA meeting, but first they discuss the kiss with his dad. Elizabeth and her boys make their exit, and then Chase goes looking for Finn and finds him at the bar. What he sees upsets him, as Finn is knocking back shots one after the other.

What did you think about Gregory’s memorial service? Did you reach for the hankies? What do you think will happen next to Finn now that he is continuing to drink? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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