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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Who Will Turn Out To Be The Bio-Dad Of Victoria's Baby Girl … Billy Or Stitch?



Just before The Young and the Restless went off the air for their Thanksgiving holiday pre-emptions, viewers learned that the results are in from the DNA tests, and now the stage is set for everyone to finally learn the truth of who fathered Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) newborn little girl, Katie!

Will the proud papa turn out to be Billy (Burgess Jenkins) or Stitch AKA Ben  (Sean Carrigan)? Look for the results to be revealed on Monday’s upcoming episode!

Several stories seem to depend on the outcome and the ramifications from it! Will this clear the path for Stitch to become seriously and romantically involved with Ashley (Eileen Davidson)?  Will the baby daddy results sway Victoria as to who she wants to be her guy?  Will she just be a single mom raising her little girl?  If Billy is the dad, what will that do to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Billy’s romance? And, can this little girl somehow lessen the pain for Victoria and Billy of losing Delia in the hit and run caused by Adam (Justin Hartley), if Billy is the dad?  So many questions!

Watch a promo for next week’s Y&R after the jump! Then let us know, how do you think the DNA test results will play out? Will Stitch or Billy be smoking a celebratory cigar?  Could it be, that once again, somehow someway, the results were altered?  Comment below!

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Who give a sh!t? It could be the Easter Bunny for all I care. Snorboria needs more to do than being a baby momma.

Ha, the Easter bunny.
Maybe Vicki and other core characters
could get more storylines if new characters
would stop parading onto the show.
And Adam…I wish he just came back alone
without dragging along Sage and Constance.
And soon will be Ashley’s new lab assistant, and
some new lady named Gwen. Ugh. Make it stop.

I know.. she looks half there, zonked out.
she is mourning the loss of Billy Miller and it will never be the same, and she is just not liking new Billy, that is obvious..
geez she looks depressed or some such thing..
she tries but the magic is gone..
I have no doubt she might leave Y&R now that Billy is gone..

And who’s problem is that? If she was a decent actress she could turn shit into gold instead it is the actors fault. David Tom was sacrificed for this one note cling on actress!

su000, like you, I loved Billy Miller’s Billy. But I also loved David Tom’s Billy. And believe it or not, I have really grown to appreciate Jenkins’s Billy. If I can put the past actors out of my memory banks, I can start to accept him.
But I didn’t like Victoria with any of em. I did not like her in a box. I did not like her here and there. I do not like her anywhere.

Now Lou, that was funny! You have me in Stitches!
Speaking of whom, I hope it’s not Billy’s. No matter who is playing Billy, I never liked Victoria and Billy together and never saw them as some kind of super soap couple.
I agree with K/Kay–I think David Tom was sacrificed to “this one note, cling-on, actress.” Amelia’s Victoria is about as exciting and as compelling as My Keurig One Cup Coffee maker.
Please bring back Heather Tom.

If one more paternity test is “altered”, I will simply quit watching. . and now we have 2 other characters to deal with..UGh.. get your story lines more exciting. .Please!!

Dramatically speaking, the best option is for Billy to be Katie’s father because he can then be torn between Chelsea and his family with Victoria. It also gives him another daughter to help lessen his pain from losing Delia, and it also makes Katie both an Abbott and a Newman. Since Stitch isn’t a member of one of the show’s core families, tying him permanently to Victoria doesn’t make sense right now. Besides, such a bond between those characters potentially negates the possibility of a viable Ashley/Stitch/Victoria triangle. Since Summer’s paternity storyline just concluded after lasting for over a year, I might stop watching Y&R altogether if it’s revealed that Katie’s DNA results were altered.

Hopefully, neither one is the father…let bland Victoria be revealed to have a dark side…goody good Victoria Newman by Day and red light hot mamma Lacey Lassale by night and the babys real father remains unknown(but turns out to be Ian Wards)…Victoria has a split personality and has been keeping her ‘other life’ a secret for years…give Sharon something to gloat about around those stuck up Newmans…lol

Oh, Jim, I’m w/you!! Neither’s the dad!

I can’t invest in the s/l because I’m so put off by the Billy Abbott recast. If I go by who the Billy character is supposed to be then I prefer Billy be the dad. But if I go by chemistry, then Stitch would be my choice.

I don’t think BJ can pull off the emotions required for the s/l either way, but I think making the baby Stitch’s is the lesser of 2 evils, as it gives Billy a reason to remain at Chelsea’s. He won’t have as much of an excuse to stay in Victoria’s orbit if it’s not his. Keeping him at Chelsea’s makes it more interesting for when Adam gets back to town next week.
BTW, I love the chosen baby name, Katie no middle name Newman. Yea.

I agree with everything you said…anyway making Katie an Abbot/Newman can add more drama for the years ahead than have her be Stitch’s but that doesnt mean Stitch and Victoria cant be an item..jmo!!!

If they are thinking long term then having Billy be the father has more potential for stories down the road when Katie grows up– another Abbot-Newman connection. Unless Ben evolves into a long term character I wouldn’t make him the the bio daddy because when the character has out lived his usefulness another child will have an absentee father. My preference would make Katie an Abbott Newman–so of course they will most likely do the opposite and make Ben her father.

This Billy and Victoria have zero chem.. The couple is gone..
I do feel Victoria does not like playing with new Billy.. she is/was too attached to Billy Miller and her and this Billy Burgess do not click, and it shows..
There is very little enthusiasm with this now couple of Victoria and Billy..
It is not there..

Well to be fair the question was who do we think should be the bio daddy, which I answered– that has nothing to do with who should Victoria be with– I agree right now the actress playing Victoria and the actor playing Billy have little chemistry, but if they were doing their job, they could fake it better. But since actors come and go, I still believe long term story wise it would be better if Katie is anchored to two core families— one day we might have different people playing both Vicky and Billy and they might have chemistry–but for now I think Vicky is better off alone.

If this is the only story we can come up with for Victoria Newman then we are in trouble. Bill Bell is rolling in his grave she has been reduced to a whiny whimpering nothing! Did it ever occur to anybody that just maybe Billy Miller was tired of being called Billy Boy and having to prop up an actress that does not even own a hairbrush????

But Suoo, is it fair to go through a million Billys until we find one with whom Amelia can work? Is there a point where TPTB have to stop and ask themselves,’Is she really worth it?’
That said, I really hope it’s Stitch’s child.

Since the baby spent so much time in the nursery, why don’t they have the results inconclusive, in that, it is NOT Victoria’s baby because she was switched in the nursery.

To any of the women who have had babies in the last 10 years, do hospitals still use the nurseries or do the mothers actually send their newborns there? I had two babies in the last 5 years and the hospital did NOT use the nursery. Your baby was with you at all times unless taken for tests and then the father went with. Otherwise, baby was equipped with “baby Lojack.”

I’m just curious as to responses because I want to see if it was just my hospital and I am nuts for thinking this story was stupid for having the baby in the nursery all the time.

I would like for Billy to be Kate’s Daddie, after losing Delia it would be a help I am not all that keen on Ben !
I can se Ben and Ashley getting together down the line as he is working closely with her ?

Neither…Immaculate conception!

Billy being the baby daddy makes for more story.

That story stinks ..
It is so stale it is moldy..
After near a year who cares or why would they lol..
What I have noticed..
Victoria looks/acts like she has been shot with a tranquilizer gun–
ever since Billy Miller left she seems to have zero enthusiasm..
(I see most of the cast not having any real noticeable enthusiasm, actually…)
Y&R took a huge hit loosing MS, MM, BM and the others who left during the past 2 years..
Bottom line; the Y&R sweeps is the worst in soap history.. YAWN !!

Su – you need to move on and stop bemoaning the loss of “MS, MM and BM” Enough already.

I am not mourning them .. that is crazy stuff.. who would do that..
I simply do like like the recasting of Billy.. (seems Victoria doesn’t either LOL

su0000, if ever you have the time, try DAYS! You may like it. You would probably ff less than Y&R.

hi 4ever DAYS..
I have been thinking of doing that, giving Days a try..
Its’ fans speak well of it .. 🙂

HA!! I love it when someone acts insane and then when called on it, you’re the crazy one.
Speaking of crazy, why is it no one is angry with Queen Victoria for this stunt she pulled? She leaves both potential fathers in the dark as far as the baby’s paternity is concerned, and let’s them battle it out and stress about it during the whole gestation period. Then when either Billy or Stitch start to move on with their lives with other women, Icky throws a fit. Really, it was a heinous thing to pull on both men and yet Icky is continued to being portrayed as a the heroine of the soap. If this were Sharon, she’d be tarred and feathered and told off by everyone including Adam’s new dog.

I was thinking that it seemed like they would make Stitch the father, but having the baby be an Abbott would give more story and throw a wrench into Chelsea and Billy. I am hoping for Billy to be the father, even if I don’t like the actor playing him.

I didn’t like Burgess Jenkins at first either, Mo. But he’s growing on me–he’s a good actor.

I feel the same way. Wasn’t crazy about new Billy actor, but now I sorta
do like him. I don’t like him and Chelsea together, though!

New Billy/Burgess, is a good actor and he is handsome etc..
he is not a good Billy..
You don’t like him/Billy and Chelsea together ..
I don’t like him with Victoria, they are chem bland, and I’m so-so with him and Chelsea, but that will be short lived anyways..

sometimes a character belongs so deep with its’ actor that when the actor leaves all hope is gone for a replacement and perhaps the character should be let to fade away..??

Stitch will be the baby daddy so Nu-Billy will throw himself into his relationship with Chelsea only to find himself out in the cold when Adam returns but then it will be revealed that Victor switched the paternity results for “Victoria’s own good.”


Exactly! Once they get a Billy who has chemistry with Amelia (or whomever is playing her at the time). That is why they have strung us along ever since Billy Miller left. They do not want to sever that “Villy” thing, but it will be okay to find someone to keep the seat warm (as in another love interest) until they can get a Billy and Victoria with chemistry.

I am responding to another comment you made about the issue of nurseries– I may be wrong, but I think the show was only using that as an excuse to get the real baby off set.

Under the rules, infants can only be on set for a certain amount of time– the old stand by excuse of it’s time to take the baby to the nursery is just a device used by soaps since the beginning as the way to usher the real infant off the scene. It avoids then having to shut down the filming in order to replace the real baby with the doll. It is simpler and faster just to incorporate them taking the infant away then resetting the shot, which they would need to do if they put the “baby” back to the cradle, because it would have to be the doll and not the real baby.

But I share your annoyance that soap hospitals rarely reflect real ones, I mean if that were the case how could Maureen,a woman who just had heart surgery, get up and walk away???? I find that one more insulting to my intelligence than the nursery bit— but sometimes as a soap viewer we just have to go with it even if it makes little sense

Thanks, Mary SF. I understand about the rules.

The least they could have done was made it realistic. You have a vaginal birth, you are in there for a minimum of 24 hours. So have the baby taken for its hearing test. Have the baby taken for this and that. The nursery excuse just makes the character look lazy, in my book.

I think its cut and dry, Stitch is the father. Why? Well, it frees Billy up to have a triangle with Chelsea and Adam. Adam and Chelsea will end up together. Billy will hit rock bottom and Chloe will return to GC with Billy’s new daughter and sober him up and he will embrace Dee Dee II.

Agree. Billy has both the Chelsea/Adam angle for story, and then the sleeper story point of Chloe off-screen and pregnant with Billy’s stolen sperm child. Being the father to Victoria’s baby is excessive and leaves Stitch with minimal connection to the canvas. At least Stitch being the father would anchor him while still leaving the Ashley/Abby story to add conflict to Stitch and Victoria’s relationship while they work for competing companies.

You could see a mother/daughter triangle involving Stitch?

Not that soaps haven’t done it before. But I more meant the fragrance/aphrodisiac story. If Stitch were the father, he would be anchored to Victoria as they co-parent and explore their feelings, while working for Ashley and Abby at Jabot developing this revolutionary fragrance. It could be an industrial espionage story where Victor tries to get Victoria to steal the formula and ends up compromising Stitch’s job which upsets him because he was working so hard to get back on track after losing the hospital job. Could drive a sisterly wedge between Victoria/Abby also, and call into question how much Victoria will grow to be more like Victor, her father and namesake as the years go on. I always wanted to see that direction taken with Victoria, how her ambition would take her too far down the path to becoming just like her father.

They can’t seem to let go of the Ashley/Stitch smooching, so I guess she could be a third in the triangle once Stitch’s trust in Victoria is shaken by her deception, and he turns to Ashley who was also burned by her ex Victor in the deal. Anyway, that story still could play out, but without him being the father to Victoria’s baby, the stakes aren’t that high for him and he could basically exit the canvas once it plays out and he’d end up having no lasting impact on the show. That would be a pity since he’s a decent actor, likable character, and pretty damn good looking.

I am in Stitch corner, Billy is to much of a man child! One minute he wants to keep his distance from.Chelsea because she is a con artist hired by Victor Newman and tricked him tto conceiving a child with her , but now all of sudden she is mother and lover material! Stitch is solid and mature who has proven himself capable of great personal sacrifice for people he loves.My other issue with this Billy is there is no chemistry with Victoria.

”’ this Billy is there is no chemistry with Victoria.”’
Burgess Billy and Victoria have less than zero chem lol
They are horrible as a couple and Victoria just can’t connect with the the new Billy..
It gives me the creeps to have them kiss..
A/Victoria is lost, seems depressed and very forced without her Billy Miller..
that couple is over.. it is gone..

(I do not see new Adam making it either=fail, betcha ..

I don’t know, Su.
I mean Vicki seeming depressed would
be realistic considering the ups and downs
in her life for over a year now. So maybe her
drab blah-ness is supposed to be there,
not an indication of anything else.

Also, Nanci, when Icky is depressed, I honestly cannot tell the difference from when she is happy.

I think Stitch is the daddy which is a great story-line. It will leave Billy with Chelsea which will be trouble for Billy when Adam comes back. If Billy is with Chelsea she will get to see her son Johnny more & since she’s with Billy she may convince him to fight with her for custody and that would drive Victoria nuts. Stitch’s mom will come back to town & that will be trouble for Victoria & Stitch. Stitch’s sister will be hanging around which will be a sore patch for Victoria since Billy cheated with her & I really like Billy with Chelsea. I think there cute together. I can’t stand Victoria & Billy together.

Let’s get Heather Tom to come back and play Victoria Newman the way she is supposed to be played! Cut your losses and write all three characters out and bring the real Victoria back in 6 months. Billy & Stich look like grandpas let’s move on exit door please!

I agree this version of Victoria isn’t the Victoria Bill Bell created— ever since AH has taken over the role they have made her far more passive and sweeter than the original. Victoria would have never let JT take their son away from her or at the very least she would have been actively trying to win custody back by now.

They have paired her with all the wrong guys, Brad, JT, Billy and now Stitch—I think the real Victoria would have been more into Joe Clark than any of these guys. Yes the actress had chemistry with Billy Miller, but her character was so much older than Billy should have been, it never worked for me— the only thing I liked was the feuding families–giving it a Romeo and Juliet quality to it, but they could have done that with Summer and Kyle and it would have worked just as well.

As for comment in another post about her hair– I don’t know how much say the actress has in her on screen appearance– but it seems to me what you see on screen is part of the production, done on purpose. I believe if her hair is a mess then it is because some one behind the scenes wants it to look that way

I totally agree, they need to bring back the Victoria Newman Howard of the 90s!!! She was a bitch on wheels and such a savvy businesswoman. Heather Tom needs to come reclaim her role. AH looks so unpolished and a mess all of the time, she is hard to buy as a Newman, much less diva Nikki’s daughter. Uggh come home, Heather Tom. But I think HT has too much allegiance to the Bells to comeback to this trainwreck, especially now that Pratt is running the show. And I bet Cady McClain will be on her way out the door soon. Pratt hated her, I just hope Kelly won’t die by eating a stack of poison pancakes!!!

@Mary her hair is always a mess I have seen her from time to time off camera it does drive me nuts and I am not the only one. Heather Tom will never come back over there across the hall major issues between her and another actor which will remain nameless and the treatment of her brother which is all on JFP & AM. Everybody who watches this show should have known it was going to be Billy that was the father the name Katherine should have been the first major clue. Also bringing Ashley back on I see a triangle between Abby, Ashley and Stitch. Burgess Jenkins is not a bad actor and he has always looked older then his years I saw him in a movie the other day and he would have been 25 yet he looked older just one of those things. He just needs to channel his Billy and it will eventually work out. I guess I for one am Billy Miller fatigued out as I was with Michelle Stafford so I do not miss them at all anymore.

I don’t need HT to come back even though she is my favorite but I’d like to see Victoria written more ballsy than this boring mouse they call Victoria Newman! They seemed to forget that Victoria’s real baby is BON much like Victor’s pride and joy is NE. Instead they’ve got another bambino swinging from her hip. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Kay, we’re pretty much on the same page here. I don’t notice things like hair but I do take note of attitude. Heather Tom’s Victoria not only owned the room she entered, she dominated it. She WAS her father’s daughter and not at all like her mother, The Victor Whisperer. Amilia’s Victoria enters a room and no one seems to know she is there.
Billy kind of needs a dominant bitch in his life and maybe Stitch does too.

@ Harry it is a woman thing my mother owned a dress shop when I was growing up she was the Queen of style and I really get my back side up when I feel women do not look their best at all times especially when we are in the public eye. A silly thing with me I adore your comments I think you are a great asset to this conversation I am truly sorry if I offend sometimes just a girl thing. I wish my Mom was here and working in wardrobe she would set them straight. peace always do not ever mean to offend we are all in this for love of the soaps!!!!! My dad was a farmer my mom owned a business we were raised very much conservative but we have big hearts and we have never judged.My husband hates soap operas and wishes every day I would not comment I guess some day I will take his advice. You be well!

I don’t think you offended anyone. Thank you for your nice comments.
I do think Amelia lacks presence, and yes, as you pointed out, she lacks style.
I think it’s so wonderful your mother owned a dress shop. What wonderful memories you must have of it and of her. I am just not a member of the hair police but I am a member of the clothes police and get myself in state of moral umbrage when I attend the symphony or the opera and people are wearing jeans and yoga pants. You know our society is getting sloppier by the day when you overhear a woman say to her friend, “You’re so dressed up!” and that woman is wearing jeans. And don’t even get me started on jeggings! I don’t think any woman should be caught dead in these atrocities, let alone women over forty. Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall from GH is always trotting around in her jeggings which doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Your mother would be appalled.

I agree with pretty much with everyone nu billy has zero chemestry with victoria and I do not think he will last could exit in summer or fall 2015.

The character of Victoria was boring before she hooked up with Billy, but either the writing or acting or a combo just isn’t the same without Billy Miller. I still think there is another actor out there who could make the character of Billy his and make it fun for viewers to watch. It’s painful watching nuBilly. I fast forward scenes of his if he’s with Chelsea.

This new billy is so boring it just isn’t the same character.

I guess he and snorboria are a match made in heaven.


Like it was ever going to not be Billy’s baby. I am sure that Victor will spend the next 10 years trying to prove that kate isn’t an Abbott….. Yawn… over Victor Newman & his predictable story lines, time to retire Eric Braeden.

“thank you”

doesn’t it not seem apparent… that by relinquishing… EB’ title… mr. Newman… that featuring story without him

would be gangbusters for Nikki, Nick, and Victoria

how to move on without?

LOL… I think they’d be dancing in their shoes… and feasting.. on the potential… for their characters… and AS the solid actors they can be… once he’s vanquished… and just done in

who needs him?

in this day and age of Genoa Ctiy… the corporate mogul… isn’t
he was never liked as a family man… husband… and father

whats his purpose…

he’s an old hag

he’s not carrying anything new or memorable about or for Y&R

bye bye

I still cannot believe that they let Michael Muhney go & not Eric Braeden. He is no longer the “star” & “draw card” that he once was & most fans are just sick to death of him & his predictable story lines. Y&R does not need him anymore & I for one would be thrilled if they even just reduced his role on the show to part time.

We found out today in Canada who the father is!


Never mind. I googled it. 🙂

Yes! Time for EB to retire and take Nikki and Summer with him! I don’t see Nick as head of the family, guess it would have to be Adam. Read while ago MM thought he & Sharon would be the next Nikki & Victor of the family, guess that won’t happen now.(I miss MM) On another note IMO they waited to long to recast Phyllis, I am so over her. GT is a good actor but writers have made Phyllis way too mean. Time to let Phyllis go, been around way long enough!

I just wish they did not give Victoria another child. She is a HORRIBLE mother. She loses Reed to JT and Mack in another state. She can’t wait to get back to work so she can leave Johnny and then whine and moan that she cannot be with her son. Why didn’t she just illustrate a children’s book like she wanted to?

I wish they would write a mother on this show that actually puts her children first. I think the closest these days is actually Chelsea. At least she takes her child with her when she leaves the state and she can usually work from home.

PV Jr….OH, I AGREE!!!!! Dude…I already feel sorry for baby Katie. Yikes. Also, NO WONDER Victoria is SO MESSED UP…I mean…the rest of her family (aka those SELF-RIGHTEOUS Newmans!!!!!) are EVEN MORE MESSED UP than Victoria!!!!! I think that Victor is the W-O-R-S-T one out of all of them!!!!! And, personality-wise, I’ll take Chelsea over that WISHY-WASHY Victoria ANY DAY!!!!! To me, Chelsea knows how to put her own child FIRST!!!!! And, Chelsea is W-A-Y LESS ANNOYING than that WHINY Victoria!!!!!!

Peace, dude.

I want the father to be Billy Victoria and Billy belong together. Stich should be able to go back to be a doctor and get with Ashley. Pleas don’t ever take the show off I have watched it ever since the first show love it Thank you

Or Ben could be with Abby. That could be interesting.

I like Ben with Ashley. At least Tyler seems to be history. I do think we could find a better actress for Abby. The current one isn’t that great of an actress.

Thank you– I thought I was the only one who believed Ben and Abby might have the potential for an epic romance– but it has to be written just right otherwise it will be a epic bomb.

Abby needs a life of her own. She’s turning into everybody’s side kick.
She’s the Vivian Vance and Eve Arden of the show. Give her a boyfriend for Hade’s sake….or at least a dog.

Abby would have to shut her mouth long enough for anyone to start a romance with her. I just do not see that happening.

You guys are too funny – and spot on!
A dog for Abby, lol.
I think a cat is better, though.

No, Nanci.

Coming from someone who has cats all her life, a cat would make Abby work for his/her affection and attention. Abby is too lazy for that. She needs instant gratification from a dog. 🙂

Maybe she should go ride her horse some more since she has never gotten off her proverbial high horse.

Lol, PV, i have cats, too.
Maybe a cat could make Abby grow up some.
Or Ben could put her in her place, and nicely, too.
Then he could see more of her sweet side, too.
I don’t know, just seems like they could be a match.

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