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TONIGHT: REVENGE Two-Hour Season Finale! A Core Character Dies! But Which One?


It’s season finale time for the trouble and mystery in the Hamptons primetime soap drama, Revenge!  Current executive producer,  Mike Kelley promised to TV Guide that this episode will be a game-changer in that, “For the first time, one of our core cast members will not survive the season!”

As the season concludes:  The Initiative is kicking its plan into high gear, staging a city-wide blackout! Who are they after? Who is double crossing who anymore? Hard to keep track?  TV Guide took a look at the odds for the finale of who will get knocked off citing Ashley and Declan as the most likely to perish …

Ashley Davenport (Ashley Madekwe): 2 to 1
What does Ashley even do anymore? Her accent is fun and she’s become quite the manipulative schemer over the past season, but is there really a need to keep her around? This is the best way for the series to tease a “major death” without suffering any consequences by losing her character.

Declan Porter (Connor Paolo): 2 to 1
Yes, Ashley’s useless, but there’s probably not one person who would miss Declan if he were gone. (Sorry, Dec!) The only reason to keep him around is for Jack, who has already lost every single person in his life and it would not feasible to add another to that list — let alone add two in one season (RIP, Fauxmanda). That said, Jack has already hit rock bottom, so would this really make things much worse for him?

So here we go! Weigh-in and tell us which character do you think will be gone from the canvas:  Nolan, Emily, Jack, Conrad, Victoria, Charlotte, Daniel, or the above mentioned Ashley or Declan?  Watch Revenge tonight for it’s two-hour season finale starting at 9PMEST/PST only on ABC.  And for a teaser of tonight’s big episode, watch it below!

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I can’t wait… I hope it is Ashley or Dec and not Jack!


I’ve seen a lot of people who are betting on it being Jack, but I don’t think it is. Firstly, what would happen to Carl? Emily is the godmother, but it’s not like she can take care of a child right now and Declan is too young to become an official guardian- it just wouldn’t be good from a writer’s standpoint. I could see it being Ashley or Declan since their characters, to me, are pretty disposable, but I wouldn’t classify them as core characters, which makes me think it won’t be them. I would put my money on Aiden. I’m not a huge fan of his anyway, but just seeing him kill Emily’s teacher last week and his wanting Emily to move on from her Revenge against the Graysons, I could see him dying and it causing conflict for Emily.


Can’t be Aiden, he isn’t part of the original cast. That’s why he’s not on the list above. I bet it’s Daniel or Declan.


Every time someone is supposed to die, I hope it will be boring Jack. But I’m sure it won’t be since I think the end game that the writers want is for Jack & Emily to be together. I’d be happy if Declan bites the dust, since like his brother, he’s a total bore & they both bring the show to a crawl every time they’re in a scene. And, of course, if he took Jack with him to the Great Beyond, all the better. Party’s at my house if that happens!! 😀

I really hope it’s not Conrad. He & Victoria & Nolan are the best things about the show. I’m sure it won’t be her. If they’re stupid enough to kill Nolan, then they’ll deserve the plummeting ratings that they’ll get next year.


With Revenge it could be anyone , even 2 of the bad guys, and all the hype over which two could just be thrill promotion..
But, if two are going to be let go they will let go of the dead weight.. lol pun ..


As long as it isn’t Conrad, Victoria or Nolan. My hopes are Declan. I wouldn’t cry my eyes out if Jack or Ashley died either. Daniel would be sad to lose, even though I don’t always like him. I doubt they’d ever kill off Nolan or Victoria though, unless the actors wanted out. So I will keep my fingers crossed that Conrad comes out of this season alive during the entire finale.


Don’t want it to be Aiden. I hope it is Daniel for the simple fact that Victoria would go unhinged and that would be awesome to watch.

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Are you Sleeping stars Oscar winner Octavia Spencer along with Lizzy Caplan, and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) with another Oscar winner, Reese Witherspoon serving as one of the series executive producers with the project through her production company, Hello Sunshine.

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Miller will play the role of Lanie’s husband, Alex Dunn.

Elizabeth Perkins, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Beach, Tracie Thoms, Haneefah Wood and Ron Cephas Jones (This Is Us) also co-star in the series.

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