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Trevor St. John is OUT at One Life to Live! Expresses he wanted to continue!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

More shockers in the world of daytime and this one is HUGE to One Life to Live fans! One of the most talented actors ever in the soap genre, Trevor St. John (Todd Manning) announced just an hour or so ago on his official website blog that he is leaving One Life to Live at the end of his contract cycle, and his last tape day will be around the middle of July!

St. John in his statement, let his legions of fans know that he expressed interest in continuing on with the series, but the producers decided to soldier on through to the end of the series without him.  Read below Trevor’s post!

“I want to let you know that my current contract on One Life to Live is coming to an end and my last shooting day on the show will likely come the week of July 18th.  Although I expressed an interest in continuing to perform on the show beyond the aforementioned date the producers have decided they’d rather press on without me.  To be clear, I was not fired. But the producers feel it’s in the show’s best interest not to write any more story for my character.  I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me for the last eight years. It’s been my great honor and pleasure to play the character of Todd.  And I can only hope that I served you well and that I did you proud. I’ve also enjoyed the pleasure of meeting many of you in person through the years and I hope we have the opportunity to meet again as my career progresses. But to all of you who have been there for me in person or in spirit — I thank you.”

So why do you think the show decided to let Trevor leave? How will Trevor’s Todd (or who ever he is) wrap up? It is becoming very hard to know at OLTL these days, who will be there for the finale and who won’t, as many characters we have come to love are exiting early!

Stay tuned for more on this developing story in the coming days!

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i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all i have to say i sthat they are losing a great man!

Trevor had been threatening to leave the show for the past year. The producers finally decided to write him out. After they did, Trevor decided he would stay longer. But, it was too late, the story line was already written.

I am shocked, Michael. Trevor is just a consumate actor and will be missed by all of his fans. I thought he would be there to the end. What the heck is gong on.? Even though Roger Howarth has returned and hasn’t been there for years and Trevor took over the role so beautifully, is no reason for him to go. We are all so invested in his character and his performance that it seems outrageous for him not to finish his role along with all the actors he has worked with for so long. I would like to know what their reaction is to his announcement. Trevor is a very unique actor with his own style that made him standout above them all. He may not know it now, but we will not forget what he brought to OLTL. Thank you,Trevor. Hope to see you on night time TV…….

Not impressed. Thought they would do this…..I don’t support it.

ok. if that is not fired what the hell is it?! This is ABC tearing at the shows still until we are so frustrated we wont watch. The whole soap cancelling thing and actors being let go…is old… ABC/Disney you have proved that you are not honest trust worthy or care about the people who spend money watching your programs… well when the dust settles and your wondering where the viewers went-remember that you let Brian Frons and Ann Sweeney destroy a network- sullied that is what your are and will be from now to the end of time.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Trevor. I can’t stand Todd, but good god do I love that actor!!!!!!!!

It’s like ABC is picking apart OLTL, trying to remove the great things about the show. Discarding favorites to piss off enough fans that they’ll stop watching. At this point, ABC/Disney must be embarrassed that OLTL’s ratings are so much better than GH’s that it wants to tank the show or prevent any chance of saving it.

Does that sound cynical of me? Well, we are talking about the Machiavellian executives at ABC. So, I’m probably not being cynical enough!

May Trevor St. John find much success in his future endeavors! This show won’t be the same without him and his Todd. Trevor brought skill and passion to his portrayal of Todd Manning. He could sh#t into sunshine.

I hope that some smart primetime producers recognize his talent.

I totally agree with you. they look stupid cancelling OLTL and now they’ve chosen to write off so many favs like Dorian and Todd early so maybe the ratings will drop before it goes off the air. This is a horrible slap in the face of the fans, adding insult to injury after canceling such a dynamic show who always stayed within budget & even had a surplus building because they stayed below, which ABC/Disney used to develop the crap they are trying to replace beloved soaps with. This is just another tactic to get the fans to stop fighting.

Trevor is one of my all time favorite actors and his portrayal of Todd has been phenomenal. I wish him all the luck in the future though if talent counts for anything on tv these days, some show will swoop him up quick.

They wrote him off because he wanted to leave the show!

Clearly he just said he wanted to continue on, did you miss that part?

I will miss TSJ. He is the best! Bringing RH back is a mistake.

Sorry to see Trevor forced out; I’m not surprised that they are budgeting actors out. I’m tired of Disney’s ABC they have ruined this network.


I can’t believe this!!!!! Why ould you get rid of Trevor? Are you going to get rid of everyone we like before the so called end? The FANS are already MAD about the cancellation, so upset us more by getting rid of Farah, Robin is leaving, now Trevor, who is next?

My guess is that TSJ Todd either goes to jail or is killed. Anyone wants to believe RH is really Todd but at the end it revealed he been program into think he is todd and is just a imposter.

My guess is that ABC Daytime is trying to do what P&G did to Guiding Light, make it an unwatchable mess so they can justify the cancellation and not to mention keep OLTL from being sold.

ABC is pathetic. Instead of letting these shows live on elsewhere they are picking them apart until they are unrecognizeable. They dont want the shows but they also dont want them to succeed elsewhere. This is far more offensive than what CBS did with ATWT and GL. ABC had serious interest in these shows being sold and they tuirned it down because they were afraid the shows would succeed elsewhere and they would look stupid.

Guess what ABC….you are losing millions of viewers and this viewer will not be tuning into ABC for anything after OLTL’s last airdate.

Huge mistake on their part!!! My fave on the show and an incredible talent! Will miss him! Not an RH fan.

I think Howarth and St.John are both most talented actors. Personally, I could not chose who to keep or let go if it was up to me! I was hoping that down the path, Trevor Todd would stay with Tia and Roger Todd with hook up with Blair. Curious though, Starr, Jack, and Danni would be Roger Todds kids??? Sam would be Trevor Todds?

I love both TSJ’s Todd and Roger Hayworth’s Todd, having watched OLTL for a LONG time. I’ll be sad to see him go. But you know what, I’ll continue watching. Both actors are brilliant in their performances.

When it’s the end of a contract and them employer chooses not to renew a contraact, it is not firing, like TSJ’s contract and they work to the end of their contract.

I am completely ticked off by this decision. TSJ is my absolute favorite!!! I could care less about RH. TSJ took on the role and far exceeded my expectations. There is no other Todd, for me!!! This is a big mistake. I agree with others have said….ABC is trying to pick apart the show, so people will stop watching. I won’t stop, but I am incredibly disappointed.

That man has more sex appeal in his little pinky, that is why you could tolerate his character. Hey GH hire him as Dr. Hardys son what was his name?

I agree he is so sexy, that sometime I forget the bad thingsTodd does because I’m so busy looking at Trevor. Does this make since? Would love to see him on Bold and The Beautiful. I can only imagine him with Brooke or flirting with Stephanie.

If not then The Young and the Restless, being Victor’s right hand man, and getting into all kinds of trouble, bring his charm an appeal to this show. This show needs some new energy and Trevor’s the actor to bring it.

I am completely stunned that Trevor is leaving…
I thought there was this really great story in the works with RH and TSJ.
There are so many things that are irking me right now.

1. The firing of Susan Haskell …at the top of my list.
2. Yes I am very happy Roger Howarth is back….but suspicious about it coming right on the heels of Susan’s firing…..(would have really loved to have seen those two go head to head again).
3. A week after Roger’s announcement ….the show gets canceled…WTH ?
4. Head writer Ron heading to GH but promises to write for OLTL til the end…..(how can he possibly devote the time to give great script to OLTL).

And now Trevor is leaving…..all is disappointing !!!
I guess Frons and company ARE determined to put the nails in the coffin of Daytime… and shame,shame, on you.

Soap Fans I told you the minute they brought back Howarth it would be a mess it makes everything since 2003 a joke when a actor leaves and they replace him with one who makes a hit with the fans and becomes that character. Leave it alone! I am aging myself remember when Patrick Duffy decided to leave Dallas they killed the character off then when he could not find another job they made it all a dream so he could come back, the show nose dived. Fans are smarter then thiis!

Thanks for the 8 yrs of a watered down Todd…..the Real Todd is back!

TSJ was the best thing to happen to this show since RH left (which was his choice), then comes back because he has no job. This to me is an insult to Trevor and the fans who love him. He has done a great job as Todd and the fans who wanted him gone and the great RH to return, lyou got your wish. For me the last day of Trevors scenes are the last day I will stop watching this show. For people who keep saying the orginal Todd or no one can play Todd like Roger, you are wrong and Trevor did it. All the bitching from the Roger fans for 8yrs. was an insult to Trevor, that he had to be thrown under the bus for Roger the return of the great man who you think is the better actor. Give me a break. After this I’m so glad that the show is being cancelled, and KARMA really is a Bitch. Trevor you really are the best of the Todds and you made the character better by bring a different range of acting for Todd that I love. You are drop dead handsome, mature, loveing, a great sense of humor, and has chemistry with everyone on this show. Thank you for the 8yrs. you have given me and other fans of you. You will be missed. Better thing will happen for you in this industry. As for this show and the ones who made this DECISION you deserve to be off the air.

How could OLTL let Trevor St. John go?! Please bring him back. OLTL is big enough for both Trevor and Roger. Please don’t hurt those who love OLTL. Trevor is beloved. OLTL will not be OLTL without Trevor. If GH can bring back Rebecca Herbst, OLTL can bring back TSJ.

Trevor, I can’t thank you enough for eight years of remarkable performances. I would love to see you with your own primetime show, but I would prefer to watch you five days a week on OLTL forever.

I really wish that One Live to LIve could be kept alone. I grew up with Trevor St. John and hardly remember Roger as Todd but I was excited that finally we had a spicy story. Porn scandals and teen pregnancy can become tedious after a month of hearing the same thing over and over again. Finally, OLTL was delivering like they did when I was younger! I was jazzed about where the two Todds could be taken but now half of the cast is practically leaving! It is truly a great shame but I will continue to watch because OLTL is one of the only constant things I still have. I loved Trevor so much, cried when he almost died on death row, etc. This is another sad loss but I still hope! Perhaps in the continuation of the show favorites will come back!

Trevor has the ability to get in and out of chatacter,Roger does not. When Roger played on As the world Turn he played the characyer of Paul but his acting style still said Todd the way this guyRH. decided to leave OLTL whe it look like the show was going to put him with the black women (Renee Goldsberry) then he goes to the whites soap on TV(As the world Turns). Roger H. left OLTL because he did not want to be put with a black women,I mean this man had played Todd forever hell he was Todd then he all of a sudden ups ans leaves. Trevor there are big things ahead for you because you are not only dropdeadhandsome but your acting blows meaway. I would love to see you in some Flint remakes , you the American version of James Bond that was played by James Coburn. How about James Bond meet Flint. I love you Trevor, I’m praying for you you gave Todd versitility something RH does’nt have a clue.

I’m so upset! Trevor is the main reason I became a fan of OLTL!!! I

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Photo: ABC

Accompanying the video post, Lando wrote, “Happy total knee replacement Monday. And no, Dr. Quinn didn’t do the surgery. She’s more of an open heart specialist.🤓

Photo: JPI

Share your well-wishes and speedy recovery for Joe in the comment section below, and let us know if you would like to see him back on The Bold and the Beautiful or another soap in the near future.


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