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Tueday's One Life to Live: Tea Communicates with Victor Jr.! Or, Did She?



On Tuesday’s all new episode of One Life to Live on Hulu and iTunes, Tea (Florencia Lozano) contacts Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John), over the internet, but is it really him?  Meanwhile Todd (Roger Howarth) gets his nails done thanks to Dani (Kelley Missal), and later more mystery ensues!

Elsewhere, Snoop Lion pays visit to Matthew Buchanan (Robert Gorrie) to begin to set him straight on his duties as father, while Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) has some more scoops for a major breaking story that could spell trouble for Viki (Erika Slezak)! Meanwhile, Dorian (Robin Strasser) is back in action!

Destiny and Matthew try to share quality time with their son, Drew, but that goes awry!

Watch today’s episode of One Life to Live after the jump, and let us know what you thought of it!

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This show is so boring, Todd getting his nail done is proof of that. He must miss his life in port Charles that’s for sure!

Roxie shouldve been doing his nails…the episode wasnt too interesting to me but none of my shows were today.

Yes they should be at Foxy Roxies!

I know it only SEEMS like Todd is getting his nails done, he’s doing so at a fast-pace.. the same fast-pace that “new” fans can’t keep up with so prospect park has to cut down the shows to 2 a week.

All joking aside, I can see why the other writers were fired.. I don’t understand any human with a functioning brain saying they can’t keep up with the pace of these shows! These shows are so slow and bordering on DULL!

I get that Snoop Dogg is a fan and he did the intro, but enough with him.. get him off the show already! I grew listening to Snoop and I’m in my 30s, rappers have a short half-life. If they are trying to get 20-somethings to watch, most of them don’t even know who Snoop Dogg is.

I really wishing PP had let their rights expired and revert back to ABC, reportedly ABC had a few other interested parties that wanted to do something with those shows.. so PP hastenily put this sh*t together so they could keep the soaps, but it’s become TOO apparent that they don’t know how to manage soaps, which is completely different than a once-a-week show! PP is in over their heads, it’s so apparent.

Have to agree with AJ here – One Life needs Snoop dogg like my aunt needs another cat – (my aunt has five cats) – I also, deep inside my heart, would love to see both One Life to Live and ALL MY CHILDREN back on abc-tv – maybe that sounds harsh – but so far, I’m sorry, these shows are a snooze – I watch them everyday and TRY so hard to like them – but they are somehow, I don’t know, lackluster and zipless so far – some very fine actors for sure, doing absolutely nothing interesting. The shows are too short, too sandwiched in between Hulu spots (sorry, I guess they can’t help that part of it, but I preferred the “old” days when I would tape the shows and happily speed through the commercials LoL) – also, it’s such a long stretch between shows I forget where they are at – and the characters need to be inter-connected and they’re just not – I was primarily an AMC fan (but have been watching both shows on line) and BOTH shows need work – so get on the stick Prospect Park!

totally sounds worth watching … ha! My multi pass on iTunes just expired. It’s shows like these that keep me from getting another pass. I’ll just watch on hulu for free until it gets better.

Yeah, it was awfully dull!

Are guys level lol why would you watch something that you do not like or hate,
Are you into some type of self punishment weird fetish thing..

I dont know if your reply was for me as well but i do like OLTL even if some of my comments dont seem like it at times…its just that there are, like all soaps, moments when some episodes arent good…GH was good for some months and recently slowed down but ill continue to watch…maybe not everyday unless it picks up again which i think it will with RH back on the show…he’s my favorite daytime actor. Days has gotten real good these last two weeks now i hate to miss an episode and with new writers im once again giving oltl another chance…i thought it was funny Todd getting his nails done but if Roxy was doing it i think the possible banter between them wouldve been this so much better.

No. Can Todd (Roger) stay on this show and get off GH. He is so pointless on there and not believable at all. Let him go back to OLTL and get his nails don’t all he wants. He can bring Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini with him; maybe they can get a group manicure. As long as they stay out and away from Port Charles.

At the end of my rope with the new OLTL. I find it dull and very old-fashioned, even with the cursing and flesh parade.

I loved the show today. Great job!!!

I thought it was great!!!

The new writers need to get down to business with the stories they are writing.. They need to watch past episodes of OLTL and see what it is all about. I keep saying it that they have to get back to the heart-warming stories which made OLTL so popular & exciting,emotional stories! Can’t they see or realize that! Again they need to study past episodes of OLTL and see those great stories that made OLTL so wonderful! Maybe they can get some new ideas by watching past episodes. And find out what makes OLTL TICK!!!!!!

I agree. This show is not that entertaining, Todd getting his nails done, really?? So uncharacteristic of his character. I can’t believe this show is producing such low quality episodes. The first three weeks were good, then when Victor left, it went downhill. I hope the show improves because this isn’t like the original OLTL episodes. The show ended on such a high note and I am disappointed in the quality of the show now on Hulu. Last weekend I watched the OLTL marathon from last year that showed on SoapNet. Great episodes. Please save the show and make it better so we can enjoy the show that we all once loved and looked forward.

I enjoyed this episode very much. The father daughter time at the nail salon was hilarious. Jeffrey is a likable character, and now Matthew is caring about his son. Drew is adorable. I hope Viki doesn’t go to jail for insider trading!

I agree Lisa!

I loved the show today

It was an okay episode. I love to have OLTL back. I’m still going to give it time to develop. I have yet to see this face pacing. I hope the new writers have some background knowledge from primetime shows on how to move at a quicker pace. I agree that Roxy should have been included in those scenes. I feel the mystery behind the tatoo is coming along, but too many pieces are missing or not enough clues or being given. I like the recast of Matthew, but I am still trying to comes to grip with the new Destiny. The actress seems to overact some scenes. I am still being patient. Just feel it needs to pick up the pace.

oops! I meant I have yet to see this fast pacing.

I love my OLTL and I love my Todd, Tea, Blair, Dorian, David, Viki, Clint, Natalie, Bo, and Nora! I even love Dani, nuMatthew, and Jeffery. However I hate the storyline they have Matthew in and the nuDestiny is so dry. They are also missing the Dani/Des friendship from the ABC Cartini version of OLTL. Also Tea used to call her Daniella and Starr she called Estrella (star in Spanish). The new writers for sure need to go back and do some research on characters and come up with something more exciting. Maybe do some stories similar to Revenge or even Gossip Girl! I hope the show does better and gets more exciting.

OLTL is doing great bringing us top notch stories with reality as their core..
I am so glad to have these soaps on the internet were they can grown into something new and modern..
I find both soaps more entertaining since arriving on the internet..

I cancel my hulu plus subscription, because both show are not the same since the second week.

All you people keeping on bitching, it’s getting old… Just go and see GH and quite complaining about OLTL

It’s not getting old. These are valid complaints. The shows have been completely boring, uninteresting, dull, CRAP…to many of us. Maybe not to you or some others, but to many of us. That’s why they’re getting new writers. Apparently the powers-that-be have read more complaints than approval….and perhaps they actually sat down and TRIED to enjoy the shows themselves…only to have someone wake them up in the middle.

So boring…going to cancel my Hulu plus. So,slow? Where is this going? I feel bad this is not working for me. I think the two episodes a week are hurting the progression of whatever story they are try Ing to tell.
I am not becoming invested in these characters that I have loved for so many years.

So what? if you cancel HuLu Plus and still watch it for free on HuLu LOL ..

This is the best show OLTL has done to date. I believe we are FINALLY on track in Llanview

OLTL isn’t bad at the moment, but AMC is on FIYA!

I understand the complaining and the excitement of OLTL. I’m so glad to have it back and I’m trying to be patient for the storylines to develop and become intriguing. Not for sure what the true story is behind only 2 shows a week, but I’d love to see 4 or 2-hour long shows. The one comment I disagree with is that someone wants them back on ABC-NO, HELL NO!! They butchered OLTL characters, destroyed history and now I read OLTL Executive Producer Jen Pepperman say that ABC did not want to share characters point blank, ABC wanted them for themselves. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too – this conversation wouldn’t even be taking place had they listened to the fans and not canceled OLTL &AMC in the first place. I hope PP wins their lawsuit, big time!! Until then, recast John McBain-need some Jolie, Roxy would add alot for old fans and I think the new fans would like the younger OLTL actors/actresses if they weren’t so wishy washy, give our young people credit-they are responsible and have common sense and would like these characters written as such. My biggest complaint – I hate “Shelter”, what happened to Rodi’s? I even liked Capricorn better or maybe if Rex was running Shelter would be more fitting than sleaze bag Cutter! Whatever happens in Llanview-I want OLTL to succeed, so I’ll be watching!

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Writers Strike Comes to an End; Leadership Votes To Conclude Work Stoppage

It’s over! After 148 days, the 2023 Writers strike will go down as the second longest in WGA union history, only a labor stoppage in 1988 was longer.

The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

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However, SAG-AFTRA still remains on strike. So, even with the writers returning to work, many productions can’t move forward without their principal actors and performers.

So soap fans, how do you feel about this news for your favorite shows? Glad that the head writers and their writing teams will be back at work as soon as this week from Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful? Y&R’s Josh Griffith, who previously had gone Fi-Core during the 2008 strike, remained at the top rated show during the last several months.

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In her first interview since joining WWE, Cargill spoke to ESPN and shared that a decision has already been made if she will go straight to the WWE main roster, or if she will first perform for its developmental brand, NXT.  Jade teased that fans are just going to have to stay tuned to see just how she will make her arrival.

In AEW, Cargill was a force to be reckoned with having held the AEW TBS Championship for Cargill for 508 days. She lost the title back in May of this year, and had been off AEW TV for quite some time, until a few weeks ago when she lost her final match to Kris Statlander.

Cargill, 31, has been wrestling professionally for two years. She has close ties to Cody Rhodes, who Jade admitted in her chat with ESPN, was one of the top two reasons she came to WWE.

AEW CEO and Owner, Tony Khan was asked about Cargill’s exit during a media call on Tuesday. Khan shared that he wished Jade all the best in her future and said he has nothing but positive things to say about her. Khan added Cargill would always be welcome in AEW.

Check out Jade’s first interview since becoming a top signing for WWE under their new umbrella TKO Group, below.

Now let us know, who do you think Jade will have her first feud with in the WWE? Do you think she has found the perfect fit for her talent in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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One Life to Live and B&B Alum, Joe Lando, Recovering from Surgery

Another fan favorite performer is recovering from surgery. Joe Lando (ex-Jake, One Life to Live, ex-Craig, The Bold and the Beautiful, ex-Lee, The Bay) shared on his Instagram that he just completed total knee replacement surgery.

Lando, who is best known for his role as Joe Sully on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, revealed: “Just had my knee replaced, and I’m laying in recovery. And there’s some trouble breathing. But I think I’ll get over it. I’m really, really high right now.”

Next, Joe took his iPhone and panned over to show that he was actually in the hallway of the hospital in his gurney and near the nurses’ station. That’s when Joe added,  “There’s the wonderful ladies that are taking care of me. I’ll keep you posted. Bye!”

Photo: ABC

Accompanying the video post, Lando wrote, “Happy total knee replacement Monday. And no, Dr. Quinn didn’t do the surgery. She’s more of an open heart specialist.🤓

Photo: JPI

Share your well-wishes and speedy recovery for Joe in the comment section below, and let us know if you would like to see him back on The Bold and the Beautiful or another soap in the near future.


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A post shared by Joe Lando (@therealjoelando)

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