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Tyler Christopher Opens Up on Being Let Go from GH & Days: “It Was Devastating for a Myriad of Reasons. One, the Thing that I Love the Most was Taken Away. Two, I Threw it Away.”

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In a raw and candid appearance on the latest episode of Maurice Benard’s State of Mind series, former General Hospital and Days of our Lives star, and Daytime Emmy winner, Tyler Christopher opened up about his struggles.

Tyler, who formerly played GH’s Nikolas Cassadine and DAYS Stefan DiMera, cleared the air on what happened that cause his sudden departures from both daytime drama series, which found his addiction to alcohol as the root cause.

Christopher expressed: “It crushed me, because I took for granted the one thing I love the most. It was devastating for a myriad of reasons. One, the thing that I love the most was taken away. Two, I threw it away. Nobody took it away from me. I dropped it, okay? Having to walk out those doors under that circumstance, was like, ‘Wow, this is for real, dude. This is for real.  My pride and ego were very quick to intervene. ‘Who can I blame for this?’ And when I looked in the mirror, there was only one person to point the finger at.”

Photo: MBIG

Throughout his conversation with his former GH co-star, Maurice Benard, Tyler revealed that he took his first drink at age 9 and how he flatlined and almost died three times – twice from alcohol poisoning and once from withdrawal.

During his withdrawal, Tyler took a terrible fall resulting in having an emergency craniotomy to save his life, and he was eventually put under a medical guardianship by doctors orders, where he ended up in Ohio for a time with his sister.  Sadly, he next told the story of how he became homeless when trying to restart his life in Los Angeles.

Like Benard, Tyler has suffered from bipolar disorder throughout his entire life.  Now, Tyler is writing a book on his life story in an effort, he shares, to help others with addiction and bipolar disorder.  Watch the full episode below.

Then let us know, what did you think of what Tyler shared on what has gone on in his life for the last several years? Do you hope that someday we might see him back on daytime? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Tyler one day at a time one day at a time ! Prayers for you it’s a battle but you can beat it


There is no question that he is an amazingly talented actor. And so many people come back from their rock bottom bigger and better than ever…I hope that happens to him. Sending good thoughts…

Tell that to GH. It appears they are unwilling to give TC a break. They had a chance in 2019 to bring TC back but for whatever reason they refused to do so.

Very fascinating interview. Maurice does an excellent job on these. Tyler looked and sounded good. I applaud him for trying to get his life back on track, and being open about his struggles. I lost a family member to alcoholism, so I know what a daily battle it is. He’s got the right mindset about it, now it’s about following through and holding himself accountable.

I know he’s probably a long way from this, but I would love to see him return to GH some day. No disrespect to Marcus Coloma, but Tyler will always be Nikolas Cassadine in my book.

I wasn’t a fan of his Nikolas! I prefer the current one. I liked him better as Stefan on DAYS

Prefer Tyler as Stefan on Days way more than the current Jake/ Stefan. I think he and Ava would ve been crazy hot!
Maybe B n b can break away from the repitive Brooke/ Ridge, Hope/ Steffy stuff and bring Tyler in as a love intrest for Katie! Such a shame Heather Tom is being wasted there

Me too!!

Well TC has a huge following. It’s hard to accept anyone in the Role of NIKOLAS Cassadine. TC started the Role in 1996. The Role had just been created. He was 15. When you watch a character portrayed by a teen and watch them grow up. Recasts are hard to accept.

100% Agree!

me too, Tyler Christopher will always be Nikolas Cassidine to me

me too

Amen to that.

Tyler was THE Nikolas, darkly soulful and tormented. Marcus plays Nikolas like a goofy buffoon.

I think Tyler was the best (and sexiest) Nicholas! I loved him and Emily). Plus the heat between him and Elizabeth! Whew! please come back , Tyler!!!

So true. He has that look that says forbidden fruit so tempting.

So true.

I said the same thing. He will always be Nicholas Cassadine to me too.

As someone who deals with bipolar 2, this hits home. Thank you Tyler for sharing your truth with all of us. Hopefully it will help others. Peace man and like someone already said, one day at a time.

I have always been a big Tyler fan. This interview was really riveting and I am truly sorry for his struggles. Prayers to him that he will beat this battle and continue to do the work that he loves.

I wish him well and thank him for sharing his story so others may find encouragement.

Total bravery and courage. From coming out of the darkness to now being so present in ur children’s lives everyday is unbelievably brave. Kudos to you and being a longtime GH fan im hoping to see you back soon in whatever project you choose. Looking forward to ur book.
❤️ Kelly

I hope he get another chance , i loved him as Nicholas

wow, I didn’t know about the bipolar but did about the alcoholism, to have to struggle w/ an addiction and a disorder is a tall order. I wish him the best, hope he’s going in the right direction one day at a time. Hope also he has the support he needs from family and friends.

Alcoholism : isn’t it ALL about hereditary and genetic ? a predisposition, you are completely taken

I was surrounded by this, during, my upbringing

I am stating this, because i do not agree that it’s a learned behavior. You are addicted

i can’t even begin to equate how bi-polar AND alcoholism ( do not mix, as in medicated And the effects that alcohol bring )

I am stating, that Mr. Tyler Christopher , has no mindset with his addiction. who should?

Mr. Tyler Christopher, is a mega-watt STAR !!! how does this bode with his inner-demon

KNOWING THIS … does Mr. Tyler Christopher… have the right to gainful employment

LOL… oh this smarts.. because i Just love his person… and i mean every bit of this

HE MESSED UP… was the fallout that substantial that he’s that much of a liability?

it’s truly , how I think of @maurice benard, currently… that being Bi-polar, as he’s aged… that he is not that secure , bringing his “A” game.. for what it’s worth to his character and contribution. He certainly stayed between the lines… for all intent and purpose… it’s something he has to mull over and determine how much more… the sonny and carly show produce. I think they are too dull. YES.. it’s my read . how much stimulation you may or may not REEL that’s a quantification of being an actor

I appreciate, how Maurice shared that , in the 58 years, @GH has been on air… ONLY 3 male actors… have “WON” BEST MALE LEAD ACTOR.

Anthony Geary
Maurice Benard
Tyler Christopher

Right out of the gate… after he was, certainly had to have been let go/fired, garnered another BEST MALE LEAD ACTOR NOMINATION, @ DAYS of OUR Lives. his first year at a new show. that is no small feat… this is huge.. and yes, it’s certainly happened with a handful of other actor

just stupendous… something ALL legion of fan who LOVE LOVE LOVE this genre KNOW the qualities of what a deservedly GOOD Actor is

standards and practices ??? be damned !!! Mr. Tyler Christopher, deserves a chance…. you will say… so doesn’t Steve Burton, so doesn’t Michael Muhney ARGH !!! It’d be such a “Nice’ let… a give back, if you will… ??? okey dokey… because fan deserve some thing? because , he’s one of the best actors past and present PERIOD

Tyler is held in high regard and DREAMY being… WOW should @ABC PLEASE WORK with this Man

I am acknowledging this Man… will stand and eye to eye his presence… his stature will not let up He’s Tyler Christopher

2 key items – 1. wish i hadn’t of used LOL. at the time i was thinking… dag! Fan gush and beam … okey dokey … my intent , for this Man , is wishing only the best

2. ^^^^ “… I am stating, that Mr. Tyler Christopher , HAD no mindset with his addiction. Who should? ” being flippant… this is not something he, alone, coulda woulda shoulda… and it cost him… and we the fans


You said it all, although I need my decoder ring from the Cereal box to understand most of your sentiments but with practice,I’am getting there. All the best to you and no Lols.

I hope Brad Bell Jr thinks about adding this talented man into the mix. B and B needs one or two more good men that can act.

I remember being so happy for Tyler when he won the Best Lead Actor Emmy in 2016. It was an unexpected surprise. I figured Tony Geary was going to win again that year for the flashback episode where he played Tim Spencer, and it was revealed that Luke killed his mother and father. But Tyler was a deserving winner, no question.

It’s pretty amazing what you said about Geary, Maurice and Tyler being the only actors from GH to win for Lead Actor. To bring up a sore subject for me from 27 years ago, I still can’t believe Brad Maule didn’t win in 1995 for the BJ’s death storyline. He and Jackie Zeman both should have won that year, in my opinion.

Brad Maule AND Ms. Jaklyn Zeman : Tony and Bobbie PERIOD !!! LOL oh the heart strings that unleash

Daytime Emmy Awards
1997 Nominee
Daytime Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
General Hospital (1963)
1995 Nominee
Daytime Emmy Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
General Hospital (1963)

Jaklyn Zeman (Bobbie) nominated the same years, in supporting.

when we factor in, ALL those years ago… when there were upwards of a DOZEN PLUS SHOWS to ring up nominations ???? oh jeepers… it was like looking for diamonds… the competition unquestionably , just to be nominated ? when the block votings started ? oh MAN !

I too loved Brad Maule… he didn’t have the classic GOOD Looks.. i always thought, he was in the shadow somewhat , as Jack Wagner, older brother.. but oh did he supplant.. and hold his own… as the doc at GH hosp

don’t know if you’ve read this or not – cannot supply the link as we’re not supposed to put those on our posts… am typing it out :

it’s one of, interviews of past cast members , celebrating @GH 50 years: from : WE LOVE SOAPS

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brad Maule Revisits His GENERAL HOSPITAL Past (Part 1 of 3)

during that three year RUN 1995-1997… @GENERAL HOSPITAL WON !!!! BEST SHOW.. so that tells us .. just how good this show can be. Brad Maul respectfully, lost out to Jerry Ver Dorn (GL) and Justin Deas (GL).

ANYWAY – closing remarks

Maurice mentioned the stat about only 3 men winning emmy. I thought that was a nice gesture for him to mention to Mr. Tyler.. before all the heavy stuff followed. WOW my mindset was “certain” that he was going to win… i did my lobbying against Tony Geary… I think the whole audience erupted !!! because of the love for his acting… and because it was some one NEW who deserved it.

with only 4 serials left… if you are a decades plus viewer… we know the differences… and they are vast.. and it’s not even a comparison.. because those days are over. nevertheless, the formula , the recipe , AIR to this day… and , yes i love GH and DAYS. j

If I had one sore subject : Meh.. I bring it up, AGAIN, and it’s just dumbfounding what writers focus ???? i’m just livid that Cynthia Watros’ Nina is going thru the same thing , SHE WON BEST LEAST ACTRESS @Guiding Light as Annie Dutton… AND … she had the gumption, wherewithal , fired up, Zeal, nutted up on the stand… and will always have that time in her life, when she “won” the love of her life, nutted up, remember, WITH the likes of Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman !!! THIS WAS ON PAR head and shoulders above the shit that @GH writers are doling out for their dullard Laura Wright and Maurice Benard…it’s as if, Nina shows up at the right time and place.. yet doesn’t speak, be it in support for herself, FIGHTING, and sparing on equal footing, as she’s far superior and capable.. then the dimwit couple she’s supporting? it’s incredulous, that long time viewers invest in all this stink on shit with their two favorite “performers”. I continually post… because to think of ALL the other superb cast member waiting in the wings… that this show could rise.. and feature so much more. when this show in it’s 58 year… we could all be feasting

He’s an incredible talent. I give him all the credit in the world for facing his demons, seeking help and fighting his way back! I wish him all the best, he deserves it!!

The sense of hope and relief in his voice when he described this new doctor he found. What a blessing. Everyone deserves a doctor who truly understands and who has compassion. Keeping Mr. Christopher in my prayers. I hope his book becomes a best seller and restores his livelihood. He deserves another chance.

I thought the same thing when he was telling Maurice and thinking, please God, don’t let this Dr. just be taking advantage of Christopher’s wanting and needing help so badly. I am not usually so skeptical, but these days, who knows.

Same here,wishing Tyler a strong and steady recovery and a best seller!

Margie from Fredericton, new Brunswick, Canada I loved Tyler on general hospital ,and hope that someday he comes back .not the same without him . And I’m looking forward to reading his book . I’ve already read Maurice book ,excellent !

I watched the entire interview with Tyler Christopher..I was so moved by it…It shows us all that nobody can know what is going on in another persons life…It took enormous strenght for Tyler to pick himself up and do the work to get past his demons…I will definitely read your book and hope to one day see you back on GH…Tyler, you helped me to open my mind to a family member that is in distress….Im so glad your friend found you on that bench…

Hope to see Nicolas cassidine someday back on General Hospital miss him on GH

Of course I’d like seeing him back on Days too, although Brandon Barash is doing a good job but to me there was only one Stefan.

I take back what I said above. I don’t wish that show on anyone. It sucks! It’s crazy and disgusting at times, it’s unrealistic and ., yet we’re still watching it, so who are the crazy ones?

I hope that he rejoins the daytime soap General Hospital. He is soooo much better than the current Nicholas. We all have shortcomings and deserves a second chance.

What the hell is going on what GH storyline I hate them why do this always happen to me why me GH writes why do you always have to destroy everything I love why me why do it always have to me all the time

Tyler, we miss you soooooo much as Nicolas. Having been there, remember one day at a time! Let go and let God – He WILL get you through this and prayerfully back on GH.

Miss you and hope you are succeeding in your recovery. I have 34 years of sobriety and how well I know❤️

Wow! So moved by this segment! I’m proud of you both! Very inspiring. Thank you Tyler for sharing your story! Your life isn’t over… a new beginning! Go’s blessings to you!

My heart goes out to you with what you are going through. You sre very strong and do hope you will come back to GH. Miss you.

Godspeed Tyler

Prayers to Tyler Christopher. I know he will triumph on his road to recovery. Blessings and special thanks to Maurice Bernard for his work with his podcast and helping and serving others.. First class actor world class humanitarian.

So shocking to hear Tyler’s story. I thought he was the best actor on GH. I miss him so much! I always hoped he would be back. I wish you the very best!

Definitely one of the sexiest men on TV! Kudos to getting your life together. You. Have it all and don’t know it. I hope you can beat this, and believe you can.

I pray one day for him to make his rebuttal back with GH. That would be amazing comeback! I’m rooting for him. I can relate to a lot of his struggles. Go Tyler aka Nikolas!

I really enjoyed watching you and sonny sorry it’s a habit with the names you played. I hope you some day can come back to general. Ohio isn’t bad I have been here all my life and I know I am older than you ha ha and I know It’s far from Hollywood. Lol but this is all I know. I really hope you come back some day Take care friend.

Breaks my heart. Now I know why GH flat out refused to use Tyler Christopher.

Bring him back. He can be forgiven. But by the Grace of God, go I.

Yes.. would love to see Tyler Christopher return to GH.Thankful that he’s getting his life back on track . Blessings.

The fact that GH seems to refuse to give TC a second chance at resuming the role he started really upsets me. I like Marcus Coloma. But for me TC is the one and Only Nikolas Cassadine. TC addicted to Alcohol is what caused his downfall. But today he’s sober and doing well. And nobody in Hollywood seems to want to touch him.

They just fired Marcus who plays Nicholas now, I guess their letting him come back, I’m so upset!

Bring back Christopher Tyler as Nicholas Spencer’s father

PLEASE come back to General Hospital Tyler. I have missed you since you left!

Tyler Christopher was the most talented and amazing Nicholas on General Hospital. He suffers from the disease of alcoholism. But now he is sober please bring him back to General Hospital since the other actors leaving them all

I hope they bring you back to General Hospital to play Nikolas,because you were awesome in that role.

Would love to see Tyler back on General Hospital! Great actor!!

Bring back the one and only Nikolas… Tyler Christofer

Yes, please let him come back the General Hospital!!!

I hope Tyler can clean up and return to GH, WE MISS YOU!!!

I don’t see him returning; the insurance to cover him is likely too high to assume the risk of re-hiring him.

Of course I want to see him back on canvas of any soap. I lost a son to addiction. So I have no judgement. I just have prayers and an undying faith for this man. I’m glad you found your faith. I wish I could. You are in good hands with Him.

Progress NOT perfection Tyler.i met you once, ik you don’t remember… sooooo Glad you’re progressing. So Humble, ty for your honesty and sharing it woth others!

Yes I miss seeing him and hope he will be allowed to return.

Please come back to general hospital as nikolas

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