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WATCH: The Bold and the Beautiful in Italy as EP and Head Writer, Brad Bell Teases: “This is a Story About Eternal Love”

Photo: AP

Daytime fans always know that when The Bold and the Beautiful does remotes to other parts of the world, its usually must-see soap opera. Something major usually happens, or it becomes the right time and right place for reuniting long lost love, or soul mates.

Now, as B&B has wrapped its latest Italian shoot in Rome and neighboring spots, the Associated Press has posted clips that are part of an EPK (electronic press kit) of the cast in one the most romantic places in the world.

Cast members: Scott Clifton (Liam), Annika Noelle (Hope), Matthew Atkinson (Thomas), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) all made the trip and are part of the fabric of the upcoming storyline of beginnings, or resolutions thereof!

According to B&B’s executive producer and head scribe, Brad Bell on the newly shot remote scenes: “We’ve been to Portofino, Lake Como, we’ve been down to Puglia, now in Rome. It’s really a dream come true. This is a story about eternal love and where else should we be in the world but Rome, telling stories of eternal love? So it’s a very appropriate and special backdrop.”

Photo: CBS/Bell-Phillip TV

Check out the video below.

Do you think that the Italy remote will reunite Brooke and Ridge? Liam and Steffy, and bring together once and for all, Thomas and Hope … or do you believe none of this is in the cards? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.

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Enough with Italy. B&B has been there so many times. It’s not the only beautiful country in the world!

I agree!!! Do we really want to go back to Steffy and Liam?!!!! Nope! Leave Steffy with Finn.

I agree. Leave steffy and finn alone.

Agree Steffy n Finn better match.

Me 2

I agree Don’t start a repeat with Liam and Steffy, that relationship is dead and leave it buried!!

Agree leave them alone

Yes you are right

I hope he will leave stuffy along

Yes you are so right!

Yesss and Liam with Hope they all need to stop cheating the show needs new stoy lines foreal

No steady she need 2 stay finn

I agree please leave Steffy and Finn together

I feel you but I think this is where they get their most ratings from Italy

B n B is insanely popular in Italy
It goes by the name ‘ beautiful ‘ there. Italians love them

Maybe time for him to step aside you can’t keep playing the same routine over and over. Never thought ridge and Brooke were the end game when you don’t have trust you do not have anything and if you do not even trust each other to talk or ask a question this is not love .

Brooke and ridge are BB

No their not

Brooke and Ridge are certainly NOT the Bold And Beautiful,
that ship has sailed!


I agree with you!! I am so tired of Brooke and Ridge!!

I wonder if Ridge has signed an agreement not to speak during these one sided conversations with Brooke,etc. He just stands there like an idiot, not saying a word or answering a question, etc.

I agree. Put Brook and Ridge back together and get that awful Taylor. Out of there. Get her a job. She’s always at Forrester with her nose in everybody’s business.

Ridge and Brook belong together. Taylor gets on my nerves. Leave Liam and Hope alone and keep Steffy with Finn. Concentrate on some of the other characters. And PLEASE … get rid of Sheila once and for all!!

Thomas n Hope are a better match.Liam went bk n forth with Steffy n Hope.He doesn’t deserve either!

I totally agree. Liam is so ungrateful to Hope. She forgave him multiple times after he cheat on her with Steffy. Now he forgot all about that because of his hatred for Thomas. He’s the one who’s pushing Hope into Thomas’s arm by giving a hard time to Hope for no reason. He’s so demanding. He doesn’t care about Hope’s professional success. Hope never demand that he doesn’t see Steffy whether Steffy is single or not. He got the nerve in the last episode to demand that Hope stop working with Thomas because Thomas is single. That’s messed up. Steffy never get blamed for all the trouble she caused. She told Liam that Hope has feelings for Thomas when she already know how upset and paranoid Liam is about Hope and Liam working together. It sounds like she wants to Liam to be free to cheat with her again.

Agree … and why is he so fixated on Thomas knowing Beth wad alive …. at least 4 people knew including the daughter of the doctor who stole her as well as their so called niece and they forgave all those people!! Get over it and for the record, the lil girl is always at Donna’s anyway!@


Steffy was not gonna tell liam anything but she had to cause liam kept bashing her brother so I don’t blame her for saying anything. Hope won’t tell him. she lied to liam when he confronted her. She@ lied to steffy. And brooks a lier telling taylor hope doesn’t have feeling for thomas when hope told brook she does. The logans lie alot. Steffy would not be put in the middle of this if she didn’t have a reason. But she has a good reason. Hopes lieing to her husband that’s not love can’t want till liam finds out steffy was right

amen on sheila


Yes I agree

I agree. Leave Brooke and Ridge together and Hope amd Liam and Steffy amd Finn. Stop breaking up good relationships

Agreed its like she never works anymore

Taylor can go back anywhere. Don’t play her and Brooke together. Look like the storyline trying to knot a sex relationship between them. Liam and Steffy never need to do another repeat. If you can’t think of a line for them just take them off the show. No more repeat, repeating please

Completely agree….

Please don’t let them write this pregnancy as her sleeping with Liam in Italy !!

Taylor is good scripting! She came in at the right time. Brooke needed a friend and they are on a good path. Ridge needs to slow down, take a seat. Carters’ role needs spicing up! He needs to find love. Where is Paris & Zende? They need to move forward.

Amen. I was wondering when she ever finds the time to see her patients. She is to busy at FC, trying to keep her nose up everyone’s crack. JS.

Did you ever hear the expression ” Physician Heal Thyself” ? Well that’s what Taylor needs, a damn shrink herself.

I agree. And I think she is up to no good, trying to set Brooke up with anyone


Be nice that’s my sweetheart

Not true Taylor has a right to be with her kids those are her kids that she looking out for Brooke is Looking out for her daughter thanks for putting Taylor back on the show she belongs on the show Ridge was Taylor Children Daddy

I’ll drink to that!!

Excuse me …. Taylor is Awesome!! Better than Brooke ever dared to be and they need to realize Taylor wasn’t the one who shot Bill Liam was.



I disagree. Ridge list relevance when Ron Moss walked away from the role. Brooke has been written so poorly. She should be the new Stephanie yet Brooke comes across as dim and needy. Is there no growth here?

Brooke & Ridge used to be b&b! They’re played out!!!!! Time is beautiful but, the characters’ need to focus on something else, like careers, families, staying put! For now.

Brooke & Ridge will always be B&B! Their love story is eternal! They love each other even when they’re apart! Taylor needs to find herself a man or hang out somewhere else in her spare time & stop searching for problems to solve at FC while secretly trying to keep an eye on Ridge & Brooke!!! LOL

No they are not

I agree Brooke and Ridge, OUT!!!! Where is Dylan??

They have been since the debut of the show….

Will someone tell me what the hell is going on with Taylor? Did she catch her son’s brain tummor? I watch her talking to Ridge and especially Brooke and I cant figure out what shes talking about, literally! If she didn’t betray Brooke, she’s got a crazy way of showing it and either way she acts nuts!

I agree with the other comments. No more Liam and Steffy. Brook and Ridge belong together ❤️

Please leave Liam and Hope, put Ridge and Brook back and leave Steffy and Finn alone. Taylor and Brook should show the world how it should work. I hope Taylor doesn’t stab Brook in the back.

She will and is. So transparent and Hopes dad just called her out on it. Brookes had Ridge thrown away from her for well over three years straight. Tired of it. Let them be and get Katy back with Bill. Put Taylor with someone else.

So disgusted w Brooke and Ridge triangle. They’ve been sharing the same old sloppy seconds and thirds and fourths.

Everybody go get some strange!!

The truth the end of Brooke and Ridge

I want broken bridge back together for good. They may have her ups and downs, but they need to stay there for good better or worse till they die and you Gotta make that happen. No, not Stephanie and Liam and no not Thomas and help bring Liam and hope together stronger.

I 100% agree with this!

Completely agree with you.

I don’t see hope and Thomas ending up together. I as a super fan would not watch the show anymore. This would lose viewers all around. The steffy and liam is played out also. Leave her with fin. In all don’t forget the fans in all this.

Please Leave Finn and Steffy the way there are, in Love and Happy. I am ok with Hope and Liam taking a break from their marriage. Liam could use some serious ALONE time. He doesn’t need to be with someone all the time!!!

Steffy n Liam is over Finn n Steffy belong together her happy ever after no Hope n Thomas n for Ridges n Brooke? Thomas should hook up with the model Taylor?I will not watch it anymore if the split them up

I agree with you Jake! I’m bored with Liam’s whining all the time. He needs to work on himself for a while. And please don’t put him with Seffy!!

No man crystal as much as Liam. All of his whining has gotten old,that goes for Brooke as well. Time to cut all of out. Create another storyline. Thomas, Hope,Liam Brook. Past the time to move on from this. If not the Fans will move on. My foot is on the gas.

gree ,Liam n Hope should break! They’re not a good match He was bk n forth with Steffy n Hope.Time for Thomas n Hope I like Finn n Steffy together.

leave Liam and Hope together. I really do believe Ridge and Brooke are the now B&B. They remind me of Eric and Stephanie.
The show need a new face/pair for Thomas. Hope is Not for Thomas. He as done toooooooooo much evil things to her/Liam/Douglas. Find someone else for him. With Hope it’s disgusting, creepy, Nasty, Manipulation, creepy, creepy. He would and could have raped her. He killed that girl/ran her off the road. Uses Douglas over, over, over and over again. HE Kept their Daughter from them and would have for the rest of his life. He watched Hope suffer, suffer, suffer time and time again.Nooooooooooooooooooo. Too much.

Thope will end up together during this Italy trip.


I Do hope so!Thomas n Hope are better match,strong chemistry,Liam is wrong for Hope or Steffy

i thank they should leave stef and fin together and leave liam and hope toghether.

Liam needs alone time or a new girlfriend.
Hope needs to spread her wings with thomas.

Yes!!!HOPE N THOMAS!!BYE LIAM He needs someone new Not Steffy.Thomas n Hope definitely click,good exciting pair

I agree

No, They are married with kids.
Thomas needs to be with someone who he has not damaged/hurt/try to kill/rape.

Thomas has not tryed to kill or rape hope thats nonsense. Who ever u are who wrote that. Your crazier than brook


Yes hope and Thomas together more chemistry


No! No Hope snd Liam. Steffy and Finn belong together. Unless Finn turns bad and kills Sheila and ends up on the run or in prison. Anything to be rid of Sheila.

I see them back together.
And Liam with a girlfriend.

Yes it would lose viewers but not all
.I personally think Liam and Hope need to move on.

I bet Hope will be sick .Character isn’t acting right

Remember Thomas weird behavior?? in love with Thomas,that’s why she acts differently.Shes out of live with Liam Her true soul mate is Thomas

Hope n Lian are boring together.Thomas n Hope are perfect match.Let Hope have a one woman man,that’s Thomas!

It would not loose viewers it would gain viewers alot of people want thomas and hope together they got better chemistry. Way better. All liam and hops do is weirdly stare at eacher wondering what the should say next. There awkward

I think B&B needs to come up with new storyline’s. Iam getting tired of same old storyline’s. Steffy and Finn I like that connection and should be left alone maybe let them have another baby. Find new love interests for Brooke,Ridge,Taylor and Thomas. As far as Liam and Hope I think Hope needs to figure out what she wants or leave him. I think Deacon and Sheila should get together or just write Sheila off all together-kinda getting tired of the Sheila storyline. I think Katie should stay with Carter and Bill needs to move on. I think Wyatt needs to either get back with Flo or find him a lady.

Katie and Bill need to b together,what happened to Lel and her husband they need to get back together

I like Li.She should get with Bill

I agree. I’m getting bored.

I actually think Liam and steffy have a lot more chemistry than steffy and finn.

Liam n Steffy???NO Way!!!Finn n Steffy,Yes!!!

I think Steffy and Finn are perfect for one another.And please fix it where Hope and Liam can stay together.Put Thomas with one of the models or bring in someone new for him. Let Katie stay with Carter. She certainly deserves someone who will only love her not her and her sister and put Taylor with Bill And Ridge and Brooke back together again for good this time and find a new and exciting storyline to move the show forward instead of moving backwards so much. Bold and The Beautiful you are going to loose a lot of viewers if you keep going in the same directions over and over again. Wake up. Give us something to be excited about. Once you loose your viewers you won’t get us back.

Yes I liked Wyatt with Chloe.She needs to return.Rudge n Brook will end up together again.I think Brook should move on tho.Thomas n Hope definitely a good ,hot couple!Steffy n Finn,good hot couple,& Taylor needs to hook up with someone,somewhere.

Taylor and Bill need to get together!

Yes definitely drop “Sheila” and all her appearances altogether pleeeeeese, boring and bad acting. Not needed in B & B at all. When she’s finished I’ll start watching again

What has happened to the Bold and the Beautiful. It is so boring. I record the show and for weeks now, I fast forward thru it. I use to look forward to watching it but lately, it’s just awful.

BB needs new writers. It’s the same boring lines over and over.

One big YES

Yes they definitely need a complete makeover.

I agree! It was so great the last few years and lately it’s so boring!

Yes,I do the same it goes.

I do the same thing. The same old lines with Liam talking to Steffy about Thomas,or Thomas repeatedly telling Hope how thankful he is for her support! Come on! Enough!!!

Agreed. Ridge and Brooke are so boring and predictable!

I agree totally, well said

I want Brooke and Ridge back together, Taylor is boring, Taylor needs a new man, Deacon!! They collaborate good together, and Taylor needs to stay out of Brooke’s life n find her own life.

Taylor and Bill – Brooke and Ridge – Steffy and Liam
Finn boring Hope and Thomas Katie and Carter maybe Zoe and Finn when she comes back

True its the same story line over and over. I think the following people should be together.
Brooke and Ridge
Taylor and Bill
Katie and Carter
Steffy and Finn
Liam and Hope
Thomas and a model. But Hope ends up kissing Thomas, but it doesn’t lead up to anything else. Since Thomas has been wanting Hope for a long time.He is the one to tell Hope to stop. Please keep Thomas as a good guy for a while.
Also Deacon meets someone new



I can’t stand Zoe!!!!Hope she stays GONE

Agree, leave her on her island and take Paris too, can’t stand her either.

Totally agree


I gree with this statement %:-)

I don’t want to see Liam with Steffy. Finn and Steffy are great together. Thomas can never be with Hope he kept her child from her. Brook and Ridge. Kill Taylor she is nosey and boring

Thank You for saying that. It’s disgusting. A person who watched her suffer from beth and would have kept her believing she was dead and would have raped her too. DISGUSTING.

I thought a Taylor-Deacon pairing was an interesting and unlikely combo when she was at his bar talking to him there was a chemistry, the reformed con with the shrink. Plus they are both exes of Brooke and Ridge and they both have the adult daughters dynamic who have issues that comes with them. Unfortunately, the writers on this show are so one dimensional and formulaic with the same old same old.

Totally agree!

I agree. Taylor is not only boring. She dresses like a teen bopper, she has her nose in everybody’s business and her posture is awful. Nothing professional about this character on the show. She needs to stay away from forrester.

Boring! Totally agree

If you s put Hope with Thomas iam done watching and Steffi has been a real bitch not a fan anymore

You’re right,Steffy acts very snobbish.As for Hope n Thomas,it’s a big yes for me!

Steffy has always acted the princess, got it from her grandmother..

I think brooke and ridge should stay together luan n hope work out there problems Stephanie stay with fin Taylor with bill shells with Decon n Carter with Katie Thomas with someone else


I think it is bull crap to mess marriages up leave hope and Liam and steffy and finn alone reunite ridge and brook why you always got to screw with someone’s marriage.

Liam is a serial cheater he doesn’t support her wants and needs and eaffler deserves no woman.


Yes and Bill and Katie

Liam doesn’t deserve Hope.She deserves a One woman man,which is not Liam

ANY remote outside of those same boring sets is welcome. The Rome Italy location will be a perfect backdrop for love in the afternoon. Time to mix it up. I see Carter on the remote but where is Kiara Barnes as Zoe for Carter? He needs someone soon as Katie is not the answer. Let’s just enjoy the fun as the No. 2 soap wins again. Sheila is always waiting back at home for her revenge and their return. Keep writing Brad!

Sure would be nice to see Thomas and Hope together. Stephanie should stay with Finn. Maybe Liam should date a model Taylor with Deacon and finally bring back Katie with Spencer Wyatt should be with Thorne’s daughter. And why not bring Throne back…

Thornes daughter is dead, remember Steffy accidently killed her.

So you want to see Thomas with his step sister huh?

THOMAS N HOPE aren’t blood related


Sounds like the best solution, those couples seem to be the best match!!

Steffy and Finn are not with Liam he needs someone new.

I’m ready for Ridge and Brooke reunion only. Liam belongs with his wife; Hope. Thomas needs a new love in his life. Steffy is perfect with her husband; Finn

Brooke and ridge needs to be together hoping Liam needs to be together. And taylor need to get her some business.

I thought they were going to put Brook and Taylor together….I mean….they swore off Ridge…they have alot in common, it’s 2023. Singing… Let’s Give em something to talk about…

If we could move on from on and on goings of Thomas and Hope…
And if we could stop the whining of Liam and Tayler…
I would love to see Rome again instead of the offices‍♀️

Can’t we just leave Hope and Liam alone? They deserve happiness. Find someone else for Thomas.

Love, love, love Thomas and Hope !! They don’t need to be in ” the city of love.” Their chemistry is off the charts wherever they are together !!!

Yessss I agree 100%

Please get Thomas and Hope so boring..also get Deacon and Taylor together..they both need love

I can’t stand Liam want hope wth Thomas. Taylor is a nuisance Brooke needs to mind her business leave hope alone

Yes!!! Agreed

Agreed Thope is superhot

THOMAS N HOPE a exciting couple

I agree also…. much chemistry…

Me too!Thomas n Hope are definitely a match.

I love the show and have watched for a long time… if it doesn’t have the excitement in it, Y &R does so it’s back and forth… I wish the old Ridge was still there but I still enjoy it… I hate when they say the same thing over and over and take some of the pouts and eye gestures out….

My opinion…I love Steffy and Finn together, leave them alone actually I would like for them to have another kid. Brooke and Ridge just need to be together and here’s a twist have Bill and Taylor be a thing. Katie and Carter are good together and she needs that kind of guy.. As far as Hope and Thomas at first I didn’t want them to be a thing but now I say let them.. that would leave Liam out but the Bold and Beautiful can bring in a new love interest. When Flo comes back to Whyatt maybe she can bring a friend and introduce her to Liam. I feel bad for saying but his character is boring.. Sheila and Deacon would be great together, just need to change up the story line because the current one is getting drug out.


Yes Hope n Thomas.He is a one woman man & truly clicks with her and such chemistry!

I tape B & B & for months now, I fast forward thru it all because I can t stand all the “love fests”Brooke & Taylor (yuk), Liam & Hope (yuk), Steffy & Finn (yuk) The only glimmer of excitement is the thought of Shelia breaking from jail & wrexking havoc on them all (please??)

I would love to see 1 time Thomas get the girl. I love this new Thomas and I really don’t care what you do with the rest..

Thomas and Hopes chemistry is flawless they deserve to have beautiful twin babies a boy and a girl together.

Yes! Hope and Thomas Is all I am looking forward to,and I forgot Deacon and with Brooke and Not katie and Carter I liked Carter and Quinn the rest I really no care.I like the good ThomasI even read that Douglas want Thomas with Hope.

Re write. Hope and Liam stay together. Will stop watching if you let Thomas win

Brooke and Ridge, of course

It’s pretty sad when you can miss the show for a couple of months and not miss anything.

I’m watching this for Thope to see if Thope become inflagrante delicto in Rome but as they say in the case of Thomas and Hope when in Rome etc etc.

No more Steffy and Liam that ship has sailed leave her with Finn until her ex Marcus returns played by recast Tyler Lepley it should be a Marcus Steffy Finn love triangle.

I don’t think the writers even know??

At least if Stefie and Liem are back together she and Finn won’t be attached at the lips all the time..that gets old..

Edy White,
Yea, with those lips probably have to be pulled off with a plunger!

I’m so tired of the Brooke and Ridge thing. How many times do you screw around on your “Destiny”? Move on already

This show has become so boring. Same story year after year. Can’t they afford to pay some new actors to play something new? If they put the same people back together, torn apart or more of the same, I’m finished watching. There certainly is other topics to write about.

Yes, It does look as if Thomas and Hope are starting to get a little closer than usual but so what, what about Liam’s past doings, but like said Hope has got these morals that she is trying to honor ok, but what is bothering me is the idea that Taylor has admitted all out that she did shoot Bill in the past and nothing at all is being done about it and yet and still Bill is this man that is particular about upholding the law can you please bring Taylor to justice as well, Thank you.

Bill worked something out when he was bringing Shelia down that no charges would be brought against Taylor for shooting him. I can’t stand Taylor for someone that is a well known physician she never works always at Forrester creation.

They are loved in Italy so much because of the character Caroline Spencer. Ridge and Brooke have never belonged together. Time to end that tired and dead storyline.

Omg people this soap needs so much help. They need to remove it from tv. Soaps and talk shows and reality shows need to be gone. I say goodbye bold and beautiful.

I don’t look for Bold and the Beautiful to last much more longer if they don’t change it up or get better writers SAME OLD SH** every day

If this soap is so terrible why do you watch it. You should take your own advise and move on.

Brooke and Ridge should still be together and would be had it not been for Thomas so reunite them . They’re a great couple. Also don’t reunite Steffy with Liam she’s happily married so let her be happy with Finn. And leave Hope and Liam alone let them stay together. Find Thomas a new love interest.

I’m so tired of the same storylines ! Please get new writers. So tired of this Hope /Thomas /Liam triangle! It’s been going on for years! Also the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle! Can you guys write anything new!? Can there be no happy couples on the show??? This is such lazy writing!!! I guess if you allow Liam and Hope to be happy and Fin and Steffy to be happy you would have to actually THINK of new storylines! SMH!

I hate Bold and Beautiful way of thinking and writing
I’m just going to stay off the show for a while maybe a year or so by that time some of this ugly drama will be done with this part anyway. The writer always write The Just Not Right Story Line. Come on write something right and good sometimes
WellI don’t want to see no Thomas and Hope together I just hate i!!!!!!!!

I hope it unties Brook and Ridge!

Ridge & Brook, Bill & Taylor Carter & Katie, Thomas & Hope Liam with someone new

So sick of Thomas & hope & Liam day in and day out.enough already.

I agree. And add that dreadful Taylor to that list. And why is Liam in Italy? He’s as bad as that dreadful Taylor. He has nothing to do with fashion and Forrester. Put Katie back with Bill and brook back with Ridge.

That would be nice. Everyone back on the right track. Don’t get me wrong. Hope needs to get her head on right. Thomas has done so much to Everyone. We’ll let’s see how this goes. Lol

I think they should put Brooke and Ridge back together. Keep Steffho with Finn and find Thomas another woman. Hope and Liam should stay together. Find another storyline like who is Carter family what he did before he got to FC and find him and Thomas a woman that is not in love with someone else. The storyline is full of bull stopped recycling these storylines and what woman would want a man who made her believe her child was dead abused his son and was the cause of Emma death and called CPS on himself. Please find other storylines and find Tayho a man put her with Deacon

Where is Finn?! He’s good with Stephie don’t ruin it! And it’s about time they let Thomas be the good guy. They just keep the same people playing the same parts. They need to mix it up a little bit. That’s my opinion.

I agree… mix it up… TAYLOR AND BROOK. and THOMAS AND HOPE with twins and RIDGE and KATIE!! MIX IT UP!!

I personally think that Thomas and hope would make a great team with work and romance. If everyone thinks the show is boring then it’s time to flip the script. Just sit back and see where B&B is headed. If Thomas and hope weren’t meant to have their time then why write it in?? I’m excited to see where this goes….AFTER ALL THATS WHY ITS CALLED A SOAP OPERA.

Eternal love? No, it’s not. It’s eternal frustration as no story get any kind of ending. And no one makes a commitment lasting longer than yet another wedding day that never has romance.

I’M TEAM THOMAS AND HOPE!!! !!! Much chemistry there..I think they look great together/make a great couple. They should stand up to anyone who wants to interfere. I don’t like Liam and Hope together. There is no chemistry with those two. very boring
Liam should have a breakdown..he always brings up Thoma’s issues from the past..
Not sure how B&B is going about this behavioral health issue with Thomas. not liking how they portray Thomas as the Bad Guy based on a behavioral health issue…
tired of hearing Liam whine to everyone about Thomas, it gets old. He needs to grow up.

Leave Liam and hope together. I love them together. Take those crazy thoughts out her mind. Find Thomas a woman plzzzzz not hope.brooke and ridge should never have been broken up. That was damn stupid! Keep steffy with Finn. I love them together. I like Carter with Katie too. For God’s sake stop breaking up these couples who r happy. Thomas dont deserve hope. He’s done too much damage. Stop this shenanigans withhold thinking about him. She has a hot guy! Send Taylor away or put her with bill or deacon! Take shelia off show for good. Let everyone be happy. If yall break up liam and hope i wont watch anymore. Ridge needs Brooke and steffy and Finn r happy. Add the new baby

Personally, I’m tired of the same storyline over and over. ‍♀️

I think that another trip to Italy would be wonderful. Italy is the most romantic country in the world. It might spark Brooke and Ridge. Maybe Hope will cheat on Liam with Thomas while in Rome,??
I love B&B so much and now even my husband is a BIG FAN now…

Brooke & Ridge are beyond tiring in their on again, off again relationship. Same goes for Liam & Steffy. Leave Steffy with Finn. Taylor should try a go round with Bill and become a bit more dignified in character. Taylor has an annoying kookiness about her that Hunter Tylo NEVER portrayed her as. The show needs another string matriarch type the likes of Stephanie. Brooke possibly if she shows some maturity & stability. Fond Ridge a new love interest. An international fashion designer would never be swaddling between the two same woman for decades. And Sheila…she had potential before shooting Finn & Steffy. Sheila could have remained relevant keeping an edginess about her and being diligent in trying to keep herself on a more positive track. They just keep writing her into impossible corners that are too unbelievable to ever get out of.Off the wall coupling- Hope & Zende!

My take on the show as it stands now is: Ridge with Brooke definitely chemistry there, leave Steffy and Finn together to develop their relationship more, I’d like to see Hope leave Liam( whining) and really find herself, I’d like to see Thomas a truly good guy and maybe a romance with Hope. Unless you do something with Taylor, or maybe leave the show, I don’t see her being necessary.
Katy and Carter, they are so cute together. Deacon, new gal, I like Deacon, glad he’s gotten some clout Sheila has played out, needs to disappear completely. But as the show stands now, need more creative ideas and thinking amongst the writers, too many repeated old story lines, that’s what makes b&b boring. I watch off and on, easy to catch up, really don’t miss much when I return, usually I m where I left off a week ago.
So play on.

Can we do something better on bowling beautiful hope and so the lame is doll is signing is so significant? Where’s Paris Wednesday it’s like dead is it so dead I mean I like it? I love it you’re gonna half hour most of his commercials. It’s sad she’s she’s always been so dumb no no. DUL go I can’t stand it. She knows she won’t Thomas just play that in and let it go. Leo need to be back with Stephanie and finn’t right yet with somebody else. You know this is signal and then where’s Katie? Is she she going to get back? He’s sexy body hes f****** everything moving around bro bro and while digging and what’s my name? Dixie and then Taylor do something. And why after all these years you’re still shy? Love everyone on the show the riders don’t get mad

Ridge and Brook will end up back together

Days Of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker Reflects Back on the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape with Donald Trump, and Speaks to Her Exit from Days of our Lives

It’s been eight years, but somehow seems like ages ago, that Arianne Zucker was thrust into the mainstream public limelight, unfortunately not for her work as Nicole on Days of our Lives, but for the Access Hollywood taped that surfaced when former president Donald Trump  and current Republican nominee, visited the set of the (then) NBC soap opera, and met Zucker.

The tape captured a hot mic moment between Trump and then ‘Access’ host Billy Bush inside of their bus which featured lewd remarks about Zucker between the two men.

Speaking on the moment, Zucker opened about it on Rachel Uchitel’s Miss Understood podcast, where the video version of the interview is now on Uchitel’s You Tube Channel. Back in 2005, Arianne was the scene partner with Trump in his Apprentice/Days of our Lives crossover appearance, because her character of Nicole was at the time a gold-digger.

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Zucker shared of her on set experience with Trump from 2005, “I had a great experience. He was lovely, and I had no idea anything behind the scenes was happening. So, it never affected me.” Next in October 2016, Arianne says she it got a call from her manager at the time when the Access Hollywood tapes came to light and that is when she first heard about the situation.

The actress and life coach reflected back, “Everybody has spoken poorly about somebody in their lifetime. I don’t care who you are, everybody has, it’s just people get caught on camera doing it. Unfortunately, that happens all the time. And if you’ve ever gone to a fraternity party, these things happen. So (when she later read the taped comments) I’m going, ‘sounds like something my fraternity guys I know would say.’ But I just didn’t see it in the way that people were seeing it.’”

Expressing why she never made an official comment when the press were asking for one, Arianne revealed, “I didn’t make a comment though, because I was in fear of losing my job. So I didn’t say anything.”  She added, “I felt attacked by the media because I knew all they wanted. I mean, the biggest thing was to get Trump off the ballot. I was like, that is not my job.”

Later, Arianne explained she felt she received no protection from the situation. “I got no apology from my place of employment. I really got no apology from NBC. I felt I had no protection. ”

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DAYS fans are counting down and not happily that about six weeks from now, on July 29th, when Zucker makes her on-screen exit from Days of our Lives. After being fired for standing up to Corday Productions for on set sexual harassment and discrimination charges, the actress formally filed a lawsuit she has brought against her former employer which includes charges of wrongful termination.

Zucker said on her upcoming departure from DAYS, “I will not say how I leave the show. I do respect that we don’t want to share that. We want the fans to be excited and enticed.” However, Arianne confirmed that the character of Nicole is not ‘killed-off”.

So, what do you think of Arianne’s comments reflecting back on the Access Hollywood tapes media frenzy with Donald Trump, and her upcoming exit from DAYS? Weigh-in. But first, check out Ari on Rachel’s podcast below.

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Matthew Atkinson Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful and Previews a Major Change in Thomas’ Life that “Shocks” Everyone

This Friday, June 21st, marks the first on-screen appearance of Matthew Atkinson (Thomas Forrester) on The Bold and the Beautiful since March of this year. In story, Thomas packed up and headed to Paris with his son, Douglas in tow, after Hope (Annika Noelle) turned down his marriage proposal for the second time.

Viewers have waited anxiously for his come back pondering, that when Thomas returns, would he go right back to pursuing Hope? What would be his demeanor after timeParis? Well, we are about to find out.

However, Hope now seems to be somewhat becoming obsessed with Finn (Tanner Novlan), Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) husband, and has developed feelings for him. Might Thomas’ return to Los Angeles have him finding Hope and Finn in a comprising situation?

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Speaking with Soap Opera Digest on his imminent return, Atkinson shared on the Finn/Hope potential pairing, “From Thomas’ point of view, he knows nothing about it, and so maybe that helps my point of view.”

Teasing what to look for when Thomas returns to the canvas, Atkinson dropped, “Thomas has had one particular very large change in his life since he left town. And when he comes back, it is something that shocks everyone.” What would “shock” the family and everyone who knows him? Could it be that Thomas got engaged or married to another women, while he was in Europe?

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Atkinson weighed-in on the fan response and support for those viewers missing him on-screen during his time away from the show, expressing, “I just never expected the response that I’ve gotten and we’ve gotten from the fans, especially (with) Thomas leaving. I can’t speak for all the fans, but there’s a wealth of people that are either really, really upset that Thomas is gone for a period or really sad. (They) reach out and they’re like, ‘Hey, when are you back? When are you back? When are you back?’ That just speaks to their care for this character.'”

So, what do you think will be the shocking change in Thomas’ life that is revealed when he returns to Los Angeles? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Dan Feuerriegel on EJ Keeping Eric From His Child, “He’s in the Deep End … There’s No Coming Back for Him Now”

On Days of our Lives, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has been reunited with her biological son, baby Jude. Her husband, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), is now keeping a major secret, and in order to keep it from coming out he had to get Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) out of Salem, and keep both Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) quiet and at bay.

However, as in any good soap opera, time is running out for EJ. What will happen when Nicole and Eric (Greg Vaughan) find out that EJ is not the little one’s biological father, but Eric is? And, what will happen when they realize EJ knew the truth and hid it from them?

This is just one item in a laundry list of skullduggery committed by EJ since he has been in Salem. With Arianne Zucker set to exit on-screen on July 29th, it looks like we are heading into the home stretch of the baby switch storyline.

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Michael Fairman TV caught up with Dan Feuerriegel to get his take on the situation and what it has been like working with Greg and Ari in the story.

Dan shared on EJ’s despicable decision to pretend he is Jude’s bio-dad, “I know I’m a terrible human being, but I love playing a terrible human being.” Feurriegel added, “Oh, he’s in the deep end. Like, there is no coming back for him now.”

The DAYS star also noted if EJ had done anything more nefarious to Sloan, his character might not ever be able to come back from that. “There’s only so much hatred EJ can get from the viewers that it probably would’ve been a bridge too far for me to just make her (Sloan) disappear,” clarified Dan.

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As to his time working with Arianne Zucker as his on-screen wife, Dan had noting but praise for her. Feuerriegel expressed, “I loved working with her. She’s so good. She’s an amazing actress. She’s fantastic. Every scene that I did with her, I didn’t have to do anything because I just rode on the coattails of what she did. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

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Dan also had high marks for his on-screen nemesis, Greg Vaughan, “Greg is fantastic, like everybody in the storyline was amazing. Greg’s amazing … Ari’s amazing … Jessica was fantastic and that’s what made it work. I’m very grateful to have worked with every single one of them.”

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On soap operas and especially on Days of our Lives, when someone exits, or ‘dies’ on-screen that doesn’t mean goodbye forever, and Dan knows this too. In regards to anyone who leaves Salem, the actor joked, “I’m not going to say the doors closed, because you never say never, especially in Hollywood or on a soap. I mean, I’ve come back and I was like two inches shorter and (with) a completely different face.”

So, how do you think Eric will find out that Jude is really his son, and that EJ has been lying to keep Nicole? Let us know in the comment section, but first Check out our conversation with Dan from the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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