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All My Children

Who will stay & who will leave when AMC & OLTL move to the Web?

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Photo Credit: JPI Studios raised the question in their new feature item out today, which soap stars will stay when All My Children and One Life to Live land in their new home on the web? And, which ones will opt not to stay with the new media model of their respective shows?  The piece also sheds some light on the status of two longtime veterans of the town of Pine Valley, Susan Lucci (Erica) and Michael E. Knight (Tad)!

In an article that is seems more pessimistic than optimistic, FOX reached out to several actors from the soaps who preferred to remain anonymous at this time, since they are currently in contract negotiations, with the news that Prospect Park now has the rights to produce and post the shows online.  However, Prospect Park told FOX a different side of the coin, that the rumors about salary cuts are not true, and that negotiations have not officially begun.

But according to this report from FOX411, “Media analysts agree there is no way that Prospect Park can produce an online show with the current cast and level of quality without making some cost cuts. Among the high-priced talent is Susan Lucci, who makes $1 million plus annually on All My Children.  “I don’t think Susan Lucci should do it. She’s a television star, not an Internet star ,and the money isn’t there,” said Brad Adgate, director of research at Horizon Media Inc. “Of course she could always shoot for the Webby instead of the Emmy.”

Lucci’s camp was vague about her plans.  “I know Susan thinks it’s great news for the fans that it seems a deal is in the works so that ‘AMC’ can continue. I don’t have any information at this point on Susan’s upcoming plans,” her rep told  All My Children star Michael E. Knight, who has portrayed Tad Martin on and off since 1982, seems to be leaning toward leaving. His contract with the show ends in August. “Michael is looking forward to new roles and new projects,” Knight’s rep said.

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“Everything is going to be scaled down, from the production costs to paying the writers and everyone involved in the show,” Adgate said. “It is going to have to be completely scaled back.” And the business model will need to be figured out. Prospect Park has so far kept mum about how they plan to finance the series online, but their options could include asking loyal viewers to pay a subscription fee, and/or upping the ante on product placements within the shows. If they do figure out how to keep the soaps running and profitable, the upside could be a brave new world for cancelled TV series.”

Post script here – On-Air On-Soaps has been hearing reports that some actors are very open to discussing and learning what Prospect Park has in mind, and although many were shocked and happily surprised that the shows got a reprieve there is some excitement in the air, if it can be worked out. After all the sturm and drang of what followed from the sad cancellations of these legendary series on network television, this could be a boost the industry needs!  So soapers? What actors or characters should Prospect Park keep at any cost to make AMC and OLTL the shows you love to watch when they move to the Internet? We would love to know your thoughts!  Maybe we can try to pass the information along… ya never know.  Fans voices have a way of being heard!
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We need TSJ, without him it’s not the same.

actually I think that if they cant get Susan Lucci to sign they might as well not do AMC, the story lines are so out there with David “saving” people we saw die in hospitals, it seems I fast forward through most of AMC. OLTL is a different story, I hope most of the cast will stay, not sure it would be the same without Erika (Viki) but i think it has a better chance at success than AMC. I also am thinking the story lines can be a lot bolder since they will not air on network TV, which could be interesting

To link that all the stars will go with the the shows once just is going to work. The money just isn’t going to be there. In the same tone there isn’t a lot of demand out there for old actors. Some cut in pay is likely. the star will have to decide if they can meet their bills with cut they are offered. We all have to keep in mind there is no guide lines here the soaps on line is new to us all.

Probably some of the younger talent will stay along with a few of the older vets that have made the shows their life…I could see the actress that plays Opal staying on. Look as long as the writing in there then the characters can be different but I will say there is no shame in doing websoaps anymore. High profile soap actors are on plenty that they don’t get paid for so if for instance Susan or anyone for that matter thinks its beneath them then its not…its just beneath their paycheck but at least they would still be receiving one its hard out there for an actor especially one with the soap stigma.

I stopped watching oltl since Brandon Buddy left, I thought Cole & Starr were the couple to watch , as young as they were, they were the most mature couple of the whole oltl.
I understand why the Buddy left but he basical helped ruin the couple they molded and had to throw away becaused he left.
I’ve been saving on electric since before his departure.

Brandon Buddy has been saying for months that he is totally willing/wanting to come back if they would have him! I wish they would make that happen & soon. I just dont like James with Starr. If they just keep Robert Ford & let go of Nate & James I’d completely be on board with that!

I agree with you Kristin, had not heard Brandn Buddy wanted to return and maybe he will be brought back, Starr and James do not work they are boring and Nate just is not a nice person all he cares about is himself, I wouldnt mind if Jack disappeared either the character has no soul and the actor is not that great of actor IMO

They should have commercials just like TV? I’d gladly sit through commercials on-line just like I do when I watch on TV. When I watch old TV shows on-line there are commercials. No big deal.

One Life to Live is so good right now. The best Soap on the air. They should keep as many characters as possible, including St John. There is so much great drama with both Todds and the people in their lives. Rex turning into Asa is interesting too.

Lucci is the heart of All My Children. Not the same without her. If you want people watching AMC on-line you need Lucci.

If they are not going to put 110% into producing these shows, then what is the point.

I won’t pay to watch them. There is enough internet add space they could sell on the site that shows, both shows. They can also show comercials.

I can’t wait to see what the Daytime ratings will be on Sept 26 when Marlena returns to Days. Brilliant idea NBC, Twitter is already a buzz.:) Wonder how many people will watch ABC???? Not I, I’ll be watching Days, (and taping B&B.)

I don’t see very many of the characters sticking around at all, everyone celebrating this deal needs to take a step back and evaluate it. ABC may have given the rights up but that’s it, the actors aren’t following when a sock puppet is playing Erica Kane will you still be jumping up and down for joy going we saved the shows or will you be kicking yourself going I should have shut up and kept fighting.

Michael Easton, Melissa Archer, Roger Howarth, Erika Slezak, Jerry Ver Dorn, Robin Strasser are the ones that come to mind THAT DEFINITELY NEED TO STAY. Without the vets and the cores there is no show. I would think LESS TEENS and NEWBIES, and more of the vets and the core characters that viewers have loved over the years and are what makes One Life to Live. MAKE IT HAPPEN, PROSPECT PARK!!

Totally agree with this. I hope PP can make it happen.


From what I understand, Strasser is already gone.

The show is already compromised with the impending loss of Strasser, Watkins, and St. John, who should all be rehired. I would add the following: Kassie DePaiva, Bree Williamson, Robert S. Woods, Hillary B. Smith, Eddie Alderson, Kristen Alderson, Florencia Lozano, Gina Tognoni, Mark Lawson, Ted King (and some new hunks to play Joey and Kevin).

I would like to see the core of the Lord, Buchanan , Krammer families intact. I don’t know how they are going to do this on the internet. I think it is possible because of the potential for a wider, global audience to generate revenue. But OLTL has to keep its existing viewers as its base to launch on the internet, and the loss of Strasser, Watkins, and St. John (and others recently) undermines this effort.

I really love everyone on OLTL; it’s everyone together that makes the show so good–including all the behind the scenes professionals. I would love to see all the characters remain. I don’t mean to slight any of the other actors–David Fumero, Kelley Missal, Shenell Edmonds, Kim Zimmer, John-Paul Lavoisier, Ilene Kristen, Austin Williams, or Sean Ringgold.

I agree except I think Starr is an important character, she has grown up on the show. Robin Strasser has medical conditions which is why she is leaving early anyway but maybe she could come back later on when it goes online.

I think the most important paycheck they will write, BY FAR, is the one to the head writer. There must be good writing and good stories if people are going to watch. Believe me, the last five years (maybe more) of AMC have been a struggle because of the writing. It doesn’t matter who the actors are or how good they are if they don’t have anything interesting to portray (again, see the past five years of AMC). All of a sudden, AMC is so much better now that Lorraine Broderick is at the helm again. So please, Prospect Park, pay top dollar for top writing and let the other chips fall where they may.

I dont know aboutt there not being money to produce these shows as they are doing on tv now. something isnt right about this whole thing anyway because not everyone will be able to watch online anyway, Seniors wont, the hearing impaired wont because it wont be in closed caption for them so I dont know maybe they will put on TV Prospect park and Agnes Nixon have come forward and said they would keep the same format and length and keep the cast so who knows.

I think many may disagree with me–but I believe it’s more important for Prospect Park to figure out a way to keep MEK rather than Susan Lucci. I think Tad is really the heart of the show. The Martins were the core family in Pine Valley. (Not to mention, he can act circles around SL) I know she is the face of AMC and all that–but I think there are more possibilities for stories with Tad than with Erica. The Erica character hasn’t had a decent story in quite awhile and she’s just not that interesting. They should have never let Erica and Kendall become so close. These two characters should have been kept at odds–payback for all the crap Erica did to Mona. There should have never been a Fusion (horrible s/l from the get-go) It would have made for much better stories if Erica was running Enchantment and Kendall was working for her. Power struggles–disagreements over products–all kinds of stories could have evolved from that. Instead, they gave us the goofy Fusion thing with strip poles and so on.
.I have watched AMC for over 30 yrs and the last 7 years or more have been quite a struggle. Just bad writing, casting and decision making by TPTB. I will follow it to the web and pay a subscription fee–but not if the show loses all the decent actors . Get rid of weak actors and the characters who aren’t working like Caleb. Recast Liza with someone like Kelly Hensley from ATWT who has some fire to her. Write multi-generational stories–and get Julia Barr back pronto.

HAVE TO KEEP Michael E, Knight. I NEED my Tad fix!!!!

I agree about Micheal Knight but not Susan Lucci, and I have loved the Fusion storylines mostly because they bring a little fun into the show (a lot of the times) when they arent at each others throats. I HATE the double Erica storyline, and i think AMC has gone into redicilious mode with people we saw die in a hospital and have a funeral come back to life, they made the bad decisions of how they wrote out characters, they need to live with consequences of losing the characters period. Next we’ll see Babe come back in the same way, I just think it is too far out there and silly.

The cast is going to change and that is a given…I would like to see some actors asked back for the web versions of both shows and then some of the current actors to stay, wish list anyone…mine is?
Kendall, David, Erica, Tad, Dixie, JR, Jake, Cara, Annie, Aidan, Zach, Greenlee, Dimitri
Trevor as Todd, Evangeline, Blair, Jessica, Nash, Rex, Adrianna, Dorian, Vicky, David, Max, Clint, Tina, Cord, Bo, Norah, John, Natalie and Miss Gabrielle Medina back from the dead
I would prefer if the current actors who play these roles or did play these roles were in them though.

I’m growing more and more skeptical of this deal by the day. So far none of the actors or actresses from either soap have said that theyve been contacted. Walt Willey said he didn’t know of anyone who’s been contacted by Prospect Park yet. Seems awfully sketchy that neither ABC or PP are willing to answer questions from the media. Several articles have stated PP is in negotiations with the casys but thus far theyre all claiming they havent been contacted! Having said all that – IF this does end up being legit these are my picks on who needs to remain part of the casts (if theyre willing to of course.) I’m using a touch screen so to make it easier I’m going to list characters rather than actors names:

All My Children – TAD, Kendall, Jackson, Amanda, Jake, Asher, Zach, Krystal, Griffin, JR, Marissa, Ryan, Greenlee, Opal…and bring back Brooke! Visits from Adam Chandler would be nice too!!

One Life to Live – Dorian, Starr, Blair, bring back Cole!, John, Jessica, the Todds, shawn, Viki, David, Ford, Rex, Shane, Natalie, Brody, Tea, Nora & Bo, Clint

Hope all of them will stay with us . a while back there switched the outside TV analog i had to make a decision between Cable outside Antenna and internet .Outside Antenna and internet won out .I went and got me a converter box for my Tv . yes i watch the soaps on my computer too. People just have to make a smart and wise decision with here money . ok i was paying 90++ dollar a Month for cable .i don’t have that but still have 22 Chanels to watch , i payed 140 a month for my cell phone i had to cut that down . know i pay 30 dollar a month 1400 min, free internet free text with virgin mobile. my inter net is 70 a month ..That makes it 100.a month not 230 . we can cut down and still get what we need . ohh and there do sell internet TV converter boxes ..

I think we will lose Zach unless he is recast as the actor said he will not relocate to Los Angeles he is only coming back to close the show out, which I wish they would not bring back Zach as when he is gone again Kendall will be heart broken

I dont expect all of the actors/writers to stay. I wish some fans would realize that even if fox or nbc picked up the shows we would still have an issue getting everyone to sign new contracts. I agree that the most important people to sign are the writers. If we have to lose part of the cast at least with good writers we could add some compelling new characters. I would be happy to pay a subscrption to Prospect Park as long as it was not more than $20 per month, I would even sign up in advance. While I do agree that Erica Kane is AMC I think the show could go on without her or with only a few special appearences from her. As long as we have stong Kane women like Kendall and Bianca we would be ok. I would also really like if they kept JR, David, and Caleb. I think its important to have at least 3 strong male characters always trying to win control over one another.

Being that Prospect Park DOES NOT HAVE THE MONEY to produce NOR PAY a decent paycheck {they’ve only produced BOOKS & Magazines and are two years old}.not many of the actors will stay. I sure stay wouldn’t if it were me if you could get back on TV.

ABC let Prospect Park only have the rights to the “Online Production” they keep anything having to do with television.

I think it was only done to shift the anger that will come when both shows flop onto Prospect Park. Dont let ABC fool you…if the shows do go under as IT WAS ABC’S DOING CANCELING BOTH SHOWS. Boycott ANYTHING to do with ABC!

I agree with you Judy. I look at this whole thing VERY skeptically. Personally, I think Disney couldn’t stand the harassment so they asked their former exec to SAY they’re going to take the shows and do them online so ABC/Disney gets “off the hook”…then when it all falls through they can say it’s not their fault and try to escape responsibility and put the blame all on “Prospect Park” (which has no accountability to anyone). I’m not falling for it. I will NEVER forgive either ABC nor Disney for this. ALL things Disney are boycotted for LIFE with me (no Disney movies, no merchandising, no theme parks, no cruises, etc.) already…the boycott of ABC begins fully in January when OLTL leaves the air. Until that time AMC and OLTL are the ONLY ABC programming I’m now watching. They’ve lost me permanently….I will NEVER forgive them and this fake “Prospect Park” deal isn’t fooling me.

ne either I am not watching channel 7 after the shows go off that is it for me 2,4, skip 7 and on to other channels the chew can go chew itself for all I care

Agree!!! I willnot do anything to give that cheap disney another dime even watching online.Why should they have the right to charge when these millions got government grants for these shows.What about the foodbanks getting grants.What about the schools!!!This is all beyond my belief that these kind of rich corporation has the governement paying and us to.

well, let wait and see, and hope for the best

For OLTL my favorite characters are in order TSJ’s Todd, Tea, John, Natalie, Dorian, David, Bo, Kelly, Joey, Jessica, Clint, Vicki, Rex, Shane, and Shaun.

The most important person to keep to insure the sucess of OLTL is Frank Valentini, he IS One Life to Live. After that they need Erika Slezak,Robin Strasser, Kassie Depaiva, Jerry Ver Dorn and Robert Woods. All My Children NEEDS Michael Knight he is the heart of that show, without him don’t bother.

i do believe this deal will work, for now anyway. there is still a chance it could return to television someday. you never know. what if the 2 new shows that are replacing the soaps don’t work out? you never know. and never say never. and as the subject of St. John is. he is leaving. yes he is an awesome actor. he should have won an emmy for the execution story. but i do prefer Roger Howarth as Todd. as you all forget, he was an emmy winner himself for playing Todd. yes i hope St. John should stay on. but as Walker Lawrence or someone else, but keep Howarth as Todd.

I would be happy with
VIki, Clint, Jessica, Natalie
John, Bo, Nora,Matthew
Blair, Starr,Jack
and Cutter because he is extremely handsome.

these household should all be contract…..anyone brought into the mix should be recurring. Of course Robin Strasser already left…..but if she is well enough….Dorian and Viki should be the stars.

Hey guys you might read Lynda Hirsch’s column on why the downfall of soaps she is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and has always been a soap junkie long before we had some of these other great blogs, I am talking about you Mr. Fairman thanks for all you have done, give it a read I think she has a good take on it. Life will go on and one of the problems with the soaps is they change wiriters and rewrite history. Enjoy while we can!

Erica, (pt.even), Kendall & Grif, Jack, Bianca, Opal, JR, Marissa, Cara, Tad, Jake, Amanda, Hubbards, (no Debbi I guess) go to the bible to use the history and bring back characters, not all the cast does the transition.

Vicki, Clint, Bo, Nora, Blair, Todd (Roger H.’s Todd), Starr, Jack, Sam, Dorian, Echo, Rex, Shane, go to the bible etc

you mentioned other canceled shows that prospect park could save. how about primetime shows like “V”

All My Children Wouldn’t be the same without Susan lucci and the opal character.. One life to live wouldn’t be good without Vicki and i don’t think fans would accept anyother actress playing her other than erika slezak. Maybe some to the longtimes will stay on with the show once it moves to the web.

I would hate to see Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight and Susan Lucci not stay). They have been on all my children like forever without them it wouldn’t be the same. Please, don’t leave all my children!!!!!!!!! I love all the actors and would hate to see any of them go. So I sure hope they think twice about it before going off doing other things. It means a great deal to fans to have the oldies , but goodies stay put! Love them.

They need to keep the core family on All My Children. Erica Kane and her daughters, Tad, his mom Opal.. The Hubbards.
Keep Bobbie Eakes, she is a talented actress.
Let go some of the new ones and bring back past characters that were part of AMC for years, Nina , Daisy Donna, Chuck. Ones that have ties to Pine Valley.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a dumb idea? Remember Passions on DirecTV? The shows will be a cheapened version of what everyone’s used to, they’ll limp along for another six months and then get cancelled again. I say let the professionals end the series the way they should be ended – with dignity and great storytelling. Then take a handful of the cast and create half-hour spinoffs so you can have the same characters, but in a slightly different show like when Loving became The City. That way the iconic shows have a respectable ending and new shows can have a fresh start.

WRONG!!! PASSIONS was horrible! and NEVER had the viewers AMC and OLTL had! If it is done right and the actors don’t jump ship…it should go over great! Fans like yourself ONLY Hurt soaps. Go watch the CHEW!

No you are not the only one I totally agree!!!

This is great news. If the actors have to take a cut, I hope they keep the old characters on OLTL.

As far as AMC, don’t care if Lucci leaves or not. I think she’s overpaid anyway. Don’t really watch it anymore because of her, and all the new people on the show.

If Michael Knight leaves to do others things, he’ll be out of a job, he’s too old, and besides he’s left the show before to go out and do other things and it bombed for him and he returned to AMC. Don’t know why he would think it would be any different now that he’s old, fat and gray. 🙂

Please don’t insult Michael E. Knight! He’s a nice looking man who is aging gracefully. I had the pleasure of meeting him several yrs. back & he was such a nice person. However, with Hollywood being what it is, I agree he should stay with the show. There is an abundance of actors looking for jobs in the LA area & his age is against him unfortunately. Maybe he could host a talk show or something along those lines. Josh Duhamel was very fortunate to start landing movie roles fairly soon. Cameran Mathison didn’t have the same luck, but in recent years, he has had many hosting jobs & I think he’s taking as many opportunities as he can because he knows what it is like trying to get an acting job in LA.

The real todd Manning should be kept and the cast from oltl

yes i agree with you skyangel because if roger goes to prospect park the others will follow.

If susan Lucci does not stay I will miss her have been watching her since I was 18 she is a great actress. I would love for the rest of the cast to stay they really make the soap what did we fight for if you are going to take our cast away from us com on now it is bad enough the older people do not have internet and are not going to be able to watch the soaps and now you are going to charge us we were already paying our cable bill to watch our shows.

One Life to Live needs Erika Sleazak for sure. A great actress and the foundation of the show without Robin Strasser. The others can pick and choose. Some good actors but other than TOdd Manning not really memorable characters.

All My Children can probably survivew without Michael E Knight, Michael Nouri and Bobbi Eakes and save big bucks. All three are amazing actors but don’t have the it factor any more at least on AMC. Tad is no longer the Cad and not just appearance. We all get older. I know a lot of people “hate” Erica Kane or Susan Lucci (much I believe is ill founded – people think Susan is Erica but she isn’t and they believe Erica is Susan but really Erica is a made up character. All those claims Susan can’t act I have to disagree. 41 years of an inconic character; she is Erica Kane one in a billion. I would sadly say farewell to Bobbi and Michael squared because they are costly and really don’t bring in the fans anymore nor are they the face of AMD. Tad to a point but he has lost his luster. Oddly he once seemed years younger than Erica and now it seems like he caught up in age. These actors have big contracts but really don’t add as much to AMC as Lucci or others.

I would like to see Lucci be loyal to AMC but also do Desperate Housewives – she hasn’t done prime time regularly in ages.

Tad may appear years older but that is because he most likely hasn’t had cosmetic surgery like Susan Lucci. I’ve met her in person & she is very petite & tiny & looks great, but you can’t hide that you’ve had cosmetic surgery when people look at your hands or neck. I feel the show has gone to ridiculous lengths to make Erica younger than she actually is. The ending storyline of her wanting to become a movie star is very lame. In real life she’s going on 65. Who starts a movie career at that age? I know they want us to think she’s 45 but seriously…..

I think that this new venue is going to be an opportunity for both these shows to get rid of the “Older” actors e.g. Erica, Tad, Opal, Jack, Crystal ( for AMC). This would lead to attracting a younger audience who are already using online for all their viewing of movies, series, etc.

PP Definitely has to keep, Susan Lucci, Mike Knight, Vincent Irizarry, Darnell Williams, Debbie Morgan, Cameron Mathison, Alicia Minshew & Walt Willey. That’s off the top of my head. Thanks for the question, and, keep us posted. In addition, I would definitely be willing to pay a subscription fee to keep this show going. LOVE YOU PP & AMC!!


Also Jake, Scott&Madison and Griffin

AMC, The following can go: Erica, JR, Cara, Caleb, Asher, Maya & Moots?
Those who must stay: Kendall, Bianca, Tad, David, Greenley, Ryan, Griffin or Zach, Scott, Madison, Crystal, Jackson, Jake , Madison, Opel

For OLTL: The following can go: Brody, Clint, Robert Ford,
Those who must stay: John, Blaire, Natalie, Jessica, Erica, Dorian, Todd, Tea, David,
Bo, Starr
New less expensive actors can be brought on to fill in the other roles.

oltl has the best leading men right now… how will it be that guys like ted king and Rodger H. will just go backward in their careers by being seen on line… i think most of the actors may look at it all as a step backward…. i wish that and hope prospect park shocks the hell out of ABC and puts the shows on USA the same time the vomit and spew comes on… all i know is that i don’t think i can ever forgive abc for cancelling the soaps… Its was either the most asinine move ever made or its an insider brilliantly sabotaging a network

I want Susan, Cameron, Michael, Darnell, Alicia, Bobbie, Vincent, Rebecca,Walt, JR, Brot, Jaime Luner, Scott all back, the others, I don’t care, except I hate to see Debbi go!

I do not think Dixie or Zach should return, I Tad is going, will they sign another Tad? I like Griff & Cara to remain with Tad & Alicia; Dixie and Zach are the past; let the dead remain dead in these two cases, but, unfortunately, this will not be the case–too bad, but ANYTHING to keep my show going! Oh, I also want Opal Caleb back & Crystal & Caleb together; I feel a chemistry there.

I think the vets of the show OWE it to the fans who have been loyal to them for all of these years to atleast make the CHANGE and give it a shot! It may be so popular that eventually it goes back on Air with possibly Prospect sponsoring the channel on either local tv or cable! But to cut and run is just WRONG! Those who decide to stay would be at a great disadvantage with HALF the cast! The storylines would NOT be the same and could create its downfall right out of the box. I hope they ALL including Erica Kane AND Tad Martin RECONSIDER and give the new online show a CHANCE. If the fans are willing to support all of then..they should atleast give it a shot. Those who leave to “do other things” are rarely ever heard from again. SAD.

i agree with you cheryl because if michael and susan dont try prospect park they are not going to get the parts they think they will get and then it will be too late.

The same goes for OLTL all of the Core actors NEED to stay! But both shows are going to need incentives!! And that would be contracts that permit increases based on popularity of the shows! And Prospect NEEDS to adverise and put alot of information out there to help there own cause…as well as having the ACTORS speak about the online shows and help to PULL in viewers! Think SUCCESS!!!

I too (as many many others) have been addicted to All My Children for years. I have a hard time believing the ratings are down to replace it with some reality show. Really! There are so many other shows on ABC that to me should be cancelled before AMC, and some of them, their ratings are much lower than the popular AMC show. The show would not be the same without the main characters (ie. Susan Lucci, Michael Knight, et al), but depending on who remains and the story line, would keep me watching (even online). However, watching online is not the same as watching it on TV which I will miss, as well as seeing if ABC replaces the existing characters — there are no replacements for Susan Lucci, Michael Knight, et al. and without any of the existing characters, there is no AMC. I’ll just have to wait to see what happens — only if ABC (or another network) could pick them up, in lieu of being online. That would be the ultimate resolution.

Where do these people think they are going to go? There are only 4 soap operas left and they cannot absorb them. You can bet that most of them have already tried to break into nighttime tv and movies and failed. The article said that Michael Knight (Tad) is leaning towards leaving for new roles and new projects. My question is as what the Pillsbury dough boy?

Yes, we want our soaps to continue as they are; but first, these actors have to get a clue about the reality of their situation. If they don’t stay with the shows online, most of them will be entering retirement from show business.

I think the shows wont do well unless the cast who we fought for these shows TO stay. Especially, michael e knight, susan lucci, cameron mathison, and kendell, griffin,jr,angie and jessie etc and my favorite Erika Slezak, bree williamson,and Brody,MCBAIN,NATALIE,TEA,DANI HILLARY B SMITH BO ,NATE MATHEW BLAIR,STAR,TOMAZ,JAMES, ETC DONT KNOW ALL THEIR NAMES.

Seriously, I am glad that the old Todd is back, that other Todd aka Victor was horrid from the beginning. I never got use to him. I think maybe Robin should return, and after her health issues are fixed, (praying for her) she can return to Llanview. We want all our favs to stay, but some already got other obligations now. But we will be able to hang onto the ones that didn’t give up hope. I want to see: Todd (RH) Starr, Blair, Vicki, Rex, Shane, and the rest of the crew we have grown to love.

I just wonder how it will continue when they are bringing all the dead people back! Liked Tad and Cara and Griffin and Kendall together………Zach wanted to leave anyway……, will this be a dream of Davids? All wake up to reality? This cannot end this way…..if it continues they reallyy messed up alot of story lines! I want it the same and stories to continue! Mad at ABC over the whole thing! These soaps have been on so long and a part of our lives! Have to keep the old faithfuls,……Erica, Tad, David, JR, just to name a few. Sad time for daytime tv and goodbye ABC!

I will continue to watch AMC online. And pay a fee if necessary.


michael e. knight, a must and susan lucci. i cant imagine those two not being on the show! others i’d love to see stay are opal, david, ryan, greenlee, kendal and zack and crystal. as a long time viewer, please keep these actors!!!!!

I stare at a computer all day at work, WHY would I want to watch AMC on a computer? There’s something about sitting down and relaxing in front of your tv w/ your favorite soap. I hate progress.

I have been a fan since the beginning. My Mom got me hooked!!! SO sad to see it for the last time on the air. Hoping to be able to see it on line at least!!!

We know Susan Lucci is out. Cameron & Lydia (? Cara) will move online. I would love to see Michael Irizarry, Walt Willey, “Jake” & “Amanda”, “Scott” & “Madison” & Rebecca Budig stay. I know Jacob Young & Debbie Morgan have new jobs but they will be missed. Which means, where does that leave Jesse? Definitely want JR Martinez & “Natalia” to stay on. Sadly, it appears that David Canary doesn’t want to continue working but perhaps he could have a recurring role. Same for Julia Barr. Wish Alicia & Thorston would stay, as well as Krystal, Marissa, Bianca & Griff. Maybe if “Frankie” & “Randi” stay, they will actually get a storyline.

I had read that someone would get killed at the end of AMC & of course it ended with a gun shot. We know that Jacob Young is moving to another soap, so does that mean he kills himself? We also know Susan Lucci is very bitter about the show ending & has badmouthed Frons & others (& I don’t blame her), so will they kill off her character since she has no desire to continue? But in the final show, I don’t recall Stuart & Marion arriving yet!! Did I miss seeing them? I guess they are trying to give us a bit of a cliff hanger so we will watch online. But I wish they would hurry up. Jan. is a long way off!!

All My Children

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to Kick Off Season 36 of ‘Live’ with New Show Opening

The new season of morning talk shows begins this week, and one of them, Live with Kelly and Mark, is starting things off with a new show open starring the hosts and married couple, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, formerly of All My Children fame.

Make sure to circle Tuesday September 5th, when Kelly and Mark begin their first official season together as co-hosts of the long-running show now in its 36th season.  As many know, Consuelos joined the show back in April of this year, after Ryan Seacrest made the decision to depart the series and move back to Los Angeles full-time, since the talker is shot in New York City.

In the concept of the new opening, the husband and wife duo are seen brushing their teeth in their apartment, then going through a couple of outfit changes/looks, before they settle on what they wearing as they are driven to their New York City studio where ‘Live’ emanates from, and arrive in its corridors.

Photo: Disney/ABC

In addition, this season will have a new trivia game segment called Stump Mark.  In it, Mark will try his darnedest to keep the coveted Live mug away from trivia callers trying to stump him with their two statements — one true, one false.

Scheduled guests for the week: Derek Hough, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Etheridge, Josh Gad, Shinedown, Phillip Phillips, Nikki and Brie Bella and more.

Take a look at the opening title sequence for Live with Kelly and Mark below, and then let us know what you thought of it in the comment section, and let us know if you are looking forward to the new season of the talk show.

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All My Children

Kelly Ripa Teases New Season of ‘Live’ with Husband Mark Consuelos: “Our Show Is Best When It’s Going Off the Rails”

Since Mark Consuelos joined his real-life wife, Kelly Ripa on the morning talk show Live with Kelly and Mark, the ratings have never been better.  In fact, according to the Nielsen ratings, the former All My Children stars came in second behind The View for the 2022-2023 television season in total viewers averaging 2.293 million.

Now with the new season upon us come September, Ripa spoke with the Purist about what fans can expect now that Mark is coming into his own as her co-host.

Kelly shared, “We’re going to provide the same sort of humor and irreverence that people have come to know and love. Mark has taken the trivia game, where Ryan (Seacrest) and I would just give away coffee mugs to the audience, and decided that he’s not going to do that any more. There are no participation trophies in life, he says. If they want to win a mug, they’re going to have to stump me. I don’t really follow the ratings, but from what I’ve been told that since Mark has taken over, people stay with the show all the way through because they want to see whether or not Mark gets stumped.”

Photo: JPI

When asked what favorite segment on Live is her current favorite, Ripa expressed, “I love talking to the trivia callers. Our show is best when it’s going off the rails, when our audience gets to see the slip-ups. It is not this highly polished, Hollywood thing. It is two people meeting, having coffee, having just read the paper. We never cover actual news, we cover absurd news. When you factor in a person calling from their cellphone in the parking lot of a grocery store, what have you, it is rife with the ability to derail very quickly, and I think that’s what I love the best. I also love our viewer feedback at the very end of the show, where we take our viewers.”

So, are you looking forward to more Live with Kelly and Mark? Enjoying the duo on-screen together on the morning talker? What are your favorite staple segments from the show? Comment below.

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All My Children

Pamela Blair, ‘A Chorus Line’, ‘Loving’ and Daytime Emmy Nominee, Dead at 73

The Broadway community is mourning the passing of one of their most beloved members, who also appeared on several daytime soap operas throughout her career.  Pamela Blair, the original Val in A Chorus Line, died at her home in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday following a lengthy illness. Blair was 73-years-old.

Throughout her career, the singer/dancer/actress continued to showcase her exceptional talents in shows such as: Promises, Promises, Wild and Wonderful, Sugar and Seesaw. She also gained major kudos from the musical theatre community for her portrayal of Amber in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. 

Pamela also had notable roles on soap operas taped in New York City. First, Blair played Elizabeth Shank Ryan on Ryan’s Hope in 1980. She followed that with her most-known daytime role as Loving’s Rita Mae Bristow, a part she played from 1983-1985.

Photo: ABC

Later in 1985, 1986 and in 1992, Blair made brief appearances in two roles on All My Children, Maida Andrews and Mrs. Goodman.  It was the role of Maida Andrews that landed Blair a Daytime Emmy nomination in the newly named Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series back in 1987, only losing that year to John Wesley Shipp for his role of Martin Ellis on Santa Barbara.  Blair’s last soap role was in 1994 as Another World’s Bonnie Broderick.

Throughout her enduring career, she appeared in numerous television and motion pictures including: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Law & Order and the motion pictures version of Annie.

Let us know if you ever had the opportunity to see Blair as Val in ‘A Chorus Line’, or if you remember her daytime roles on Ryan’s Hope, Loving, All My Children or Another World via the comment section.

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