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Winsor Harmon and Lesli Kay Back To The Bold and the Beautiful!

Photo: Gilles Toucas

Photo: Gilles Toucas

With all the familial drama going on with the Forrester clan and Forrester Creations, it’s a perfect time to bring in longtime B&B fan favorites, Winsor Harmon (Thorne) and Lesli Kay (Felicia) back to the CBS daytime drama series.

With Eric (John McCook now in relationship with Quinn (Rena Sofer), look for Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and others to call in some much needed back-up.

Enter Winsor Harmon, who will be seen first on the September 21st episode, followed by Lesli Kay on the September 22nd episode to help in the families efforts to thwart Quinn.

Photo: Gilles Toucas

SOD first reported the news.  The last time Harmon appeared on B&B was back in July 2015, and Kay was last seen in August of 2014.

So excited to hear the duo is making a return?  Do you hope that Thorne and Felicia would eventually be on the show more full-time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I was just thinking about them as well as Kristen and Tony and Donna. I have missed those characters. Glad to see Thorne and Felicia back on for a bit although I would rather see them full time.

They should be back permanently. It’s a sin if they’re not.

Excellent news. Love both characters and the actors who play them.

They both will be on for five minutes they should also bring Kristen back since Zende her adopted son is on the canvas. Gosh two minutes away from the live life of Liam would be thrilling.

Yes Kristen too. Get all 3 back and make B & B a fashion drama again

That’s Great! Love Those Two!

GH soap original Lois Played by Rena S meets GH soap recast Lois played buy Leslie K. Has anyone ever realize that so far when ever Leslie K and Hunter Tylo make guest apperence on B&B that Rena S Quinn character is never on the episode(s) that they air on, so this will be interesting to see both Rena and Leslie K share senses together.

Both gals who played Lois on GH going head to head! That would be one thing to make me tune into this show!

It is great to see them back But wish it was contract roles.

Love them both!

These two should both be placed on contract and given front-burner story, they’re Forrester children for God sake! Instead of the endless Liam/Steffy/Wyatt mess of a story, and all the focus on the Avants (especially Sasha) B&B should bring back Thorne and Felicia, two of the show’s legacy characters, and involve them in story as much as the kiddie crew are.

Here they go again trotting out two strong actors who should be included in daily drama and have their own stories to break up those endless pointless triangles. What is worn American soaps constantly skewering young and never succeeding at it. Doug Marland knew what it was to feature young stories in the midst of exciting veteran stories. So do the Brits.

With not worn

Hello davlestev1, I so totally agree about Doug Marland, who I miss immensely and how the soaps use to be.

i just wish tptb would put them both on contract…………………..

Yes, happy for them to return. I’d also like Kristen and hubby to return as their son is on the scene.

How about give Windsor a real story? He’s a better actor than half the people on B&B and yet they can’t ever give him a story that lasts longer than 4 episodes.

I want Thorne to FINALLY find out what his niece really did to his daughter and then oust Ridge and his kids and run things.

Not sure why B&B does not make major use of these Forrester characters, especially when played by such talents as Mr. Harmon and Ms. Kay. Am growing very tired of the endless and pointless love carousel involving Liam/Wyatt/Steffy/Ivy/Hope and the slog that is the Bill/Brook nomance.

Yaaaaaay!!! Love Winsor! Don’t know why they’ve never utilized him more. Happy he’s returning.

I wish they would bring Donna back as well. Having Donna and Quinn clawing each other over Eric would be such a refreshing change. I am tired of listening to Liam and Wyatt whine and bitch 8ver Steffie. It is also pretty ridiculous the way people are jumping at Quinn every chance they get. It’s nice to see these wonderful acrors back front and center with the rest of the Forrester’s.I have been a fan of Ms Sterling’s since her days on ATWT. With Ivy back, we all know that the Wyatt, Steffie, Liam train is just getting to leave the station, with Ivy as its newest passenger. Get ready for another game of musical beds.

I’d like her to come back too. Brooke and Katie need het. Would love to see her to go after Quinn, she and Pam can team up

Knowing Bell this is just a one day for each and publicity. Unfortunately, Bell never had the insight to actually write for Thorne nor Felicia.

B&B might improve had he done so.

Hearing a man call himself a stallion is just a bit much and not making me care! Would so much rather see the missing Forresters compete with Ridge and Eric

I agree with all the comments…Bill Bell, please listen to us fans…This ordeal with Liam, Steffy, Wyatt, Ivy is so exhausting…Winsor and Lesli need to be used for their talents and be placed in great story lines. I so wish CBS would consider expanding B&B to an hour for 30 mins doesn’t give much time in telling multiple stories.

Hello Kevin.. Appreciate the comment above but I must beg to differ. Back in the day daytime drama flourished on the networks’ at 30 minutes. So much so there was an embarrassment of riches to choose from. Multiple stories featuring multiple characters were told over a period of time that brought buzz to the shows.. And word of mouth that grew audiences’. People yelled at their screens and fictional characters daily. The one hour format actually in the end spelled the demise of daytime shows. Suddenly our favorite towns were over run with people and families we had to get to know quickly and stories that had to be told at the pace of an Olympic race. That’s what happened when you had to cram two years of story into one year in less the time. Nielsen.. Always in play was a daily reminder of pick up the pace.. Get more creative… Or goodbye. My hope is that someone at the top would realize the old format with dynamic writing and a bit more production value would rejuvenise the dayrime format. I firmly believe this.

I’m sure you meant Brad Bell

Just as I meant daytime and not dayrime

Hello davlestev1, YES, I meant Brad Bell…I am so use to mentioning Bill, Brad’s very talented father who I miss just like Douglas Marland. I understand what you are saying but like you mention dynamic writing and a bit more production value even with a show being an hour is no issue…just think what Douglas Marland did with GL and ATWT…30 mins to me is way to short and the show is over before you know it. By the way, you are more than welcome.

They will both be returning on recurring status. Although not stated on the B&B official webpage, Winsor Harmon has confirmed to me that he remains on recurring status with the show. It is likely that Lesli Kay will have a similar role.

Here is an idea, pair Thorne and Katie!! They had chemistry YEARS ago when Katie busted up Thorne’s wedding to Donna!!!!!

Richard…a pairing of Thorne and Katie=AWESOME IDEA!!!!! And, besides, Katie deserves WAY BETTER than Bill!!!!! Most of all, Thorne is NOWHERE NEAR the lovesick MORON that Bill is!!!!! Bill is a MORON…PERIOD!!!!!

Have a good one, Richard.

Love that, she deserves a good man

So totally agree…

Excellent suggestion JayBird!!

Thank You, Gia.


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Tells ‘The Talk’ That Steffy “Needs Finn to Man Up” While On B&B, Finn Tells Steffy “I Think I Just Need Some More Time”

On Monday’s March 4th episode of CBS daytime’s The Talk, one of the featured guests was The Bold and the Beautiful’s three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jacquline MacInnes Wood.

During her guest appearance, Wood spoke with The Talk co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Sheryl Underwood, who both have previously appeared on B&B. In fact, Kloots guest stint just aired last week.

When the conversation turned to recent storyline developments where Steffy stabbed Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) to her eventual death, and how Steffy’s husband Finn (Tanner Novlan) is coping with the situation, Jacqui shared her reaction, “I was in complete shock…but like Steffy, I mean, ding-dong the witch is dead.  This is what needed to happen. They’ve been going toe to toe for so long and I think that it’s cool to know that Steffy went up against one of the best villains.”


However, Woods weighed-in on Finn’s odd behavior grieving his birth mother, who tried to kill him and his wife. Jacqui stated, “Steffy needs Finn to man up, she needs her man to stand up for what is going on, because it’s absolutely crazy. Sheila terrorized their family for so long… and Steffy honestly doesn’t want to have to murder Finn too.”


Meanwhile, on Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, after being comforted by Hope (Annika Noelle) and talking out his feelings towards Sheila’s death (and how he currently feels about his wife, Steffy), he eventually heads back to the cliff house. It appears he is going to be there for his wife and their family, only he starts to get a case of the heebie jeebies when Steffy tries to kiss him. Finn further freaks out when he looks around and see the blood-stained carpet with his mother’s blood soaked into it.

Photo: JPI

Finn can’t handle being in the house with Steffy where his mom was killed and runs out, leaving Steffy panicked and shocked over all that has just happened to her.

Check out Wood’s appearance on The Talk below. 

Then let us know, should Finn man up and get a grip and come back home to Steffy, Hayes and Kelly? Or, should he go it alone and come to terms with his feelings with or without the comfort of Hope? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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‘Tracker’ Starring Justin Hartley Renewed for Second Season by CBS

Justin Hartley’s (ex-Adam, Y&R, ex-Kevin, This Is Us) new series Tracker, which has only aired four of its episodes, has already received a second season renewal for the 2024-2025 season from CBS.

The early renewal isn’t surprising given the drama series boffo numbers for its recent episodes. In addition, Tracker has become the most-watched new series since Young Sheldon in 2017-2018 and the most-watched new drama since 2014-2015 season of Empire.

Tracker, which debuted on February 11th following the Super Bowl, has now been seen by 30 million multi-platform viewers and is Paramount+’s #1 show in February. Since its post-Super Bowl debut, Tracker is averaging nearly 16 million multi-platform viewers. In more impressive numbers, Tracker has improved its regular Sunday, 9:00 PM time period by +83% year over year.

Photo: CBS

Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment shared on the renewal, “Tracker kicked off our premiere week with a ratings bang and has kept the momentum going. We knew we had something special when we saw the very first cut of the series and the overwhelming audience response confirms it. We couldn’t be more grateful to Justin, the talented cast, the incredible writing and producing teams and our partners at 20th Television for such compelling episodes. And, of course, we’re also so thankful to the millions of viewers tuning in each week.”

The series stars Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family. The series is based on the bestselling novel The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver.

Photo: CBS

Hartley, Ken Olin, Elwood Reid and Ben Winters serve as executive producers. Tracker is off this coming Sunday likely due to the Oscars airing on ABC, but returns with an all-new episode on Sunday, March 17th. Check out a promo for the episode entitled “St. Louis” below. Be on the lookout for the sixth episode called “Lexington” when Hartley’s real-life wife, Sofia Pernas (ex-Marisa, Y&R) appears.

So, excited to hear Justin’s series is getting continued life with a second season? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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