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WOW! Jenni "JWOWW" Farley Gets Recurring Role On One Life to Live! Began Taping Today!

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/TOLN

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/TOLN

Look who came to Llanview to pour some drinks for some of the fellas and the citizens of the soap town?  None other than (MTV Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWOWW’s) Jenni, “JWOWW” Farley!

According to an official press release today from The Online Network: ‘”Fuhgeddaboudit! Things are about to get rowdy in Llanview as Jenni “JWOWW” Farley (MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Snooki & JWOWW’) gets a new recurring role on the popular drama “One Life To Live,” which is re-launching on April 29th on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes thanks to The Online Network.

On Thursday, March 28, JWOWW taped her scenes on the One Life To Live set in Stamford, CT. JWOWW plays Nikki, a bartender hired at the trendy nightclub Shelter, who in true JWOWW fashion, can mix an Alabama Slammer as well as she can flirt with customers. As Shelter’s newest barmaid, club owner Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) knows that it’s best to keep an eye on Nikki so things don’t get out of control.

While on set, JWOWW got some acting tips from Josh Kelly, who plays con man Cutter Wentworth. Things got out of control after Kelly showed JWOWW how to do a “pretend” slap. After a brief demonstration, Kelly asked JWOWW to slap, and she really did!

In addition to her television success, JWOWW has written a book and has launched several successful brands. For more information about JWOWW, please visit her website at

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/TOLN

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So One Lifers, what do you think about JWOWW coming to Llanview? Do you think it will be cool to have her be part of the canvas?  What are your thought on this bit of casting news?

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She will for sure be a terrible actress but she will bring people to watch the show and help it make it so I’m happy. Since I’m sure she can’t act I’d like them to put her in as little stories as possible and just have her as a bartender who talks to the Llanview residents and eventually when she becomes a better actor then she could be in stories. April, 29 2012 SAVE THE DATE!!!

Dont you mean 2013? im sure u do!

Yeah wow lol were pretty much 4 months into the year and I’m still not used to being 2013.

Agreed. Her value will be the media attention her name (whatever it’s good for) will bring to the show, along with any so-called fan of hers taking a peak at the show because she’s in it.

Guest stars on soaps happen all the time- people who don’t belong on soaps but just pop in for a spot and appearance for fun. Like Snoop Dogg (Lion?) and Kourtney Kardashion on OLTL, Rosie O’Donnell and Carol Burnett on AMC, Elizabeth Taylor on GH, Donald Trump on DAYS etc etc. Will this chick be memorable as Liz Taylor or as well integrated into the story like Snoop? We’ll have to wait and see, but hey, the help she can provide even before it airs is good enough for me.

I loved Verla Grubbs (( Carol Burnett’s character on AMC she was Myrtles best friend from the Carny days)) I remember the one time they had Myrtle and Verla sitting at a Restaurant talking and Liz Taylor walked in dressed up like the Cleaning lady from Carol’s show The Carol Burnett show. OMG it was so funny because Carol had no idea any of this was about to happen…..It’s a great scene with them 3 wonderful actresses!

This is one of the dumbest moves ever made having this Jenni JWoww on One Life to Live. She and the rest of the cast of the Jersey Shore didn’t help Seaside Heights and she is not gonna be a good thing for a Great Show like One Life to Live. I will have to fast forward when they show her cause she CAN’T ACT

Them adding her is a great move it brings ppl to watch the show and that’s what we need to keep OLTL from being cancelled again after if comes back. I doubt she will be in any serious story lines considering she can’t act she is playing a RECURRING bartender so she will probably just occasionally talk to Llanviewers while they get drinks like Christian used to do and maybe she will get into minor drama at the club. GREAT MOVE.

I hear it’s a recurring role, so she may not even be on that often. Hear she has 3.2 million followers and for that alone I think it’s a great move. It may bring some new peeps to OLTL and hopefully they’ll stay for awhile. I’ve never heard of her, or the Jessie person but I watched her vids and think she’s good. The Corbin Bleu guy is good too.

Recuring or not she can easily make fans tune out as well…Kourtney Kardashian one episode appearance was awful as it and no one flocked in to see her…have Jcow on even recuring his far worse. I doubt she’ll be involved in any major storyline and that would be a great move. I still plan to watch and give my soarly missed show a chance…its the story im waiting to see b4 i judge the whole thing.

I agree too! Even tho I hated Jersey shore Stupid A$$ show LOL

Agree! Trashing OLTL isnt going to help…unless people like this sort of thing! ugh!

yeah, I think cheap reality stars should stay in their genre…a genre that hopefully see’s a demise soon. I can hope???

Uncertain. Initial reaction: Why? But to be fair, I have to wait and see how it plays out. I am still so excited to see OLTL , I could really care less.

Agreed. It’s only a recurring role. If this brings in some of that young viewer fan base, what’s the harm.

Like Edwin said, She is recurring so she probably won;t be on much….

I see nothing positive in having Reality TV (an oxymoron right there) invade OLTL. Nothing!

I’m not happy with this. This worse than having having that Kardashian on. It cheapes OLTL and makes it a joke. The show and viewers deserve better.

Right? At least Kourtney Kardashian was only a few appearances since she was a fan of the show, but JWOWW as RECURRING? Unacceptable.

She is a bartender. Not a main player.

i just mention this under a different announcement…out of all the talented actors from recently cancelled soaps: Guilding Light, As The World Turns, and Passions why on earth would PP trash OLTL by hiring a bland and boring overrated reality star from trashy Jersy Shore? I still plan to tune in and give OLTL a chance but this announcement almost change my mind! Whats next…16 and Pregnant or Real Housewives? This isnt current or groundbreaking to me! Its just plain dumb! p.s. others may like her and disagree with me but i DONT care!!!

If she bring viewers to Llanview, why not ? Remember that Kardashian train wreak in 2011?

Only concern….the character’s name is Nikki? I mean tha name is being used? Niki Smith! Hello?!

Id rather see Niki Smith. JCOW as Niki is icky!!! EW!

My Lord, please keep these Jersey Shore girls out of our soaps. They sure aren’t celebraties to a bunch of us. 🙁 I surely will be fast forwarding that episode. Bad enough they brought in Kim Kardashian. That was really bad acting. Just leave it the the stars. If you want to bring in a celebraty go after fun loving actors and actress like AMC brought in Oprah, and Carol Bernett . Sorry. But its not going to fly.:(

If the show is going to have sustained success, it’s gotta draw in younger viewers who are comfortable with the new media the show will be broadcast on, the internet, to account for older fans they can’t/won’t/refuse to see a show not on traditional TV. Not to mention, the 18-35 is the ‘sweet spot’ demographic for all the advertisers, which is where Jwoww has alot of pull.

I’m no fan of Jwoww.. other than her physical attributes, but if she can bring 10% of her 3.2M followers and convert them to OLTL fans, that would be a MAJOR BOON. It’s a necessary evil if we want to see our show thrive. I believe the writers are not stupid enuff to believe these young ‘names’ are ready to carry the show, the core characters are the engine on the show.. they know that.

If OLTL can consistly meet one million viewers of each episode, that should be more than enough to make the show a success on-line. The CW primetime doesn’t see their shows top a million. If Jwoww can bring in 320K viewers, that’ll be more than enough to reach that million view mark consistently.

I can’t wait for OLTL and as far as the actress goes, I DO NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS, so I ‘m open to her character. Never watched Jersey Shore, but I have heard of it.

Same here other Tali. Never watched her show, but not judging until her character airs.

I’m on both sides of the fence on this one. She’s gonna piss off a lot of folks who blame reality TV for the premature death of our soaps. On the other hand, like some have mentioned, she can bring in new viewers who start out watching just to check it out and, like all of us started, get totally sucked in.

As we all know, it doesn’t take long to get hooked on a soap. (wink)

I would love to see her paired with Roger H. the REAL TODD! LMAO

OOPS! I 4got copywrite laws when it comes to names! LMAOSM!

hahahaha! OMG MY SIDES! What an ass!

I cant stop laughing…sorry but i couldnt help it…lmao

Ugh. This is EXACTLY what I was afraid of – they are going to flood this endeavor with “cheap” labor rather than qualified actors – this does not bode well at all. And before people start chimming in and saying that a lot young past soap actors were new and green – it’s not the same thing. She’s a reality person – the kind of programs that have pushed out scripted programming. And her name is Nikki? Whatever.

Well Kelly “Reality” TV is scripted TV, Just cheaper that’s all! Kelly she is going to be a Bartender at Blair’s Nightclub, she is not a main player, she will not be on that much so I say who cares…….

PP should remember the over 48 crowd that is the backbone of OLTL and AMC’s viewership!! Dumb idea!

The VIEWERS are the backbone of the shows it does not matter what the age Linda…..

OMG I can not believe some of you Fans! She is Recurring which means NOT on much…..She is a Bartender at Blair’s club, how often do you think she is going to be on? She is NOT a Regular player so what the hell is the big deal!??

Personally I say UGH….but if it’ll get some more people to give OLTL a watch, you won’t hear me complain. 🙂

This soap would rather cast jenni farley than create more African american and Latino american and Asian american characters. Think abt that. There’s a complete lack of racial diversity from storylines and casting primarily bec there’s a lack of racial diversity among hollywood’s writers and exec producers. Majority of them are white. Majority of them are not creative enough to write racially diverse characters and write storylines for racial minorities. They write majority of the storylines from white people’s perspectives. The only racial minority headwriter and exec producer for any night soap is shonda rimes. Typical of hollywood bec racial diversity is never the priority while lgbt relationships are promoted thru their storylines. mtv soap teen wolf has absolutely no female writers. But of course its showrunner is a white guy who is openly gay. Of course teen wolf is creating new chars that are gay. Yet mtv’s teen wolf botched the casting of the Indian american char. They cast a racial minority actress who is not Indian american. Typical of hollywood bec all racial minorities are the same right? There’s no care for casting the right Indian american actress. Yet the showrunner of teen wolf mentioned that he “present this idealized world where young gay men and women are no different from anyone” w/c is obviously a sentiment of a lot of hollywood writers and exec producers. Yet how many showrunners have called African american chars as being from the “black storylines”. It’s bec racial minorities are treated as “niche storylines” and as different from the white chars and lgbt chars who are of course majority white. While of course white lgbt chars are prioritized compared to racial minorities. There are a lot more lgbt chars on reality tv shows and night soaps and night dramas and day soaps and sitcoms than there are African american and Latino american and especially Asian american chars. Typical racism from tolerant hollywood. What the heck can jenni farley bring to oltl and any soap opera compared to what actors of color can bring? There really are no standards for acting from hollywood. Anyone that can say their lines can act. Yet another acting role is not given to a racial minority.

bringing the LGBT in your rant is ridiculous, since they are much more a minority on the television screen

Dont pay any attention to bc …it stands 4 bull crap anyway!

To jerica: lgbt are more of a minority on tv shows compared to racial minorities? Giggles!

The following tv shows have lgbt chars and personalities from past and present cast who are of course majority white people: days. amc. true blood. teen wolf. the following. new abc family soap opera abt lesbian couple raising a family. soap opera starring actor who portrayed luke on atwt. pretty little liars. y&r. b&b. happy endings sitcom. watch what happens live w/ andy cohen. pretty much every bravo reality tv show. 90210 remake. ellen degeneres talk show. mad men. blanderson cooper’s flop talk show. the talk. smash. person of interest. political animals. mf. white collar. necessary roughness. the new normal. partners. the carrie diaries. grey’s anatomy. scandal. downton abbey.

Low rated glee alone has the following lgbt chars: kurt. karofsky. unique. white gay char paired w/ kurt. sebastian. santana. quinn. britnay. blayne. BTW the char of blayne is portrayed by a part Asian american actor. But of course his char was whitewashed bec hollywood doesn’t care abt blatantly bashing racial minorities. Recently axed tv shows w/ lgbt chars who are majority white: pan am. ringer. gg. gcb. emily owens.

The following tv shows were abt lgbt chars. These lgbt chars were majority if not all white: the l word. the real l word. queer as folk. queer as folk uk. girls who like boys who like boys. girls who like boys who like boys nashville. Struggling nbc morning talk show recently had stephanie gosk come out as a lesbian. Would they ever treat her the way they treated Asian american ann curry when they fired her? Of course not bec that would be considered homophobic.

Even mythical tv show game of thrones has gay chars! But of course the racial minority chars who are dark skinned are portrayed as savages. How very tolerant of hollywood. There are obviously more lgbt chars from hollywood than racial minority chars. And yet only 1.7% of the population is lgbt according to gay activist gary gates.

There are obviously less lgbt population compared to African americans and Latino americans and Asian americans as an entire group and as separate groups. But hollywood does not prioritize racial minority representation.

dear BS:
i really didnt wanna keep at this conversation but u must be trolling hunni cuz every tv show, reality show or talk show u mentioned have more racial minorities as as lead and the lgbt as a supporting or recurring..i got my own list too and this is just on the top of my head…for instance on Scandal has Kerry Washington, Deception has Megean Goode as their protagonist, Person of Interest has taraji p. henson . OH and its hilarious that the shows u mentioned all have more racial minorties than lgbt let me refresh your memory:DAYS: Abe, Lexie and Theo Carver, Celeste Perrault and her son Cameron. Rafe, Gabi Ariana and Dario Hernandez..AMC had supercouple Angie and Jessie and their kids.Y&R has Drusilla, Malcom and Neal Winters and their kids, Sofia and Leslie and her brother…THE TALK? HELLO? there r 2 black ladies and an asian, the VIEW has whoopi and sherri and had star jones and lisa ling..have u ever watched real housewives of ATLANTA..Basketball wives, love and hip, R&B many lgbt characters are there on BET or TV ONE?? GLEE um hello Tina and her hunky Mike Chang, Puckerman and his brother Jake u mention Unique hello she’s black and let’s not forget Mercedes Jones.Glee has had a wonderful assortment of different minorities Ringer even had more racial minorities than lgbt, actually i dont think there was an lgbt character in that show, u even bring up Grey’s Anatomy? Do u even watch the show???Dr. Miranda Bailey,Dr. Cristina Yang,Dr. Jackson Avery, Dr. Richard Webber and his wife Adele, Dr. Preston Burke and of course Dr. Callie Torres who is latina, or does she not count in your reality cuz she is also lgbt. anyway i could go on and on but its pointless. Yes its true that our shows have predominantly Caucasian characters, but bitching about the lgbt (which is the prevalent minorty) having screentime won’t fix that!! DO SOME RESEARCH!!

I don’t watch the show.. it looks terrible from the previews. The 80s Teen Wolf movies was a light-hearted comedy, MTV’s version just looks plain stupid! They ruined something beautiful from the 80s and turned into crap.

Like most of what MTV airs nowadays LOL

You know all I have heard are people complaining about just about everything…Geeshh people…we fought, we won, we get our shows back…things maybe different then before, new faces, people that we may not like…but my goodness…lets wait and just watch…give it a freaking chance!!! And then if you are not happy…stop watching…but for the love of all thats soapy…stop freaking complaining before it even hits the airwaves! GOD!

WORD!! I’m getting annoyed too about all this backlash and demands from fairweather fans. Let’s give this set-up a chance. SHEESH!


Sorry but i have to laugh because ironically those complainers your talking about has made you a complainer now because you are complaining about them. lol But as much as i dont care for the reality star, and dislike seeing her even recuring I DO agree with your valid point about giving it a chance before deciding if we like it or not. How do we know til we see it. Im not going to judge it over just one decision i disagree on but still wish they got actors from other defunct soaps that CBS cancelled like ATWT which was still good when it left the air. Actors from there might have brought their fans to OLTL as well, though they wouldnt be playing the same characters from their old show.

El Rizzo, this woman is not an actress- she is a glorified partying slut. People are complaining because making this woman a recurring character on a soap that has been around for decades is outrageous. It is not unreasonable to complain about this “casting choice” (let’s call a spade a spade: a poorly chosen PR stunt) when people fought to see their soap come back, not see it come back and be a disgrace to the name.

PP is not playing to old fuddy duddies who won’t come into the 21st century way of media..
It is on-line and on-line viewers are much younger/modern people than the ones who don’t even know how to watch it on-line lol ..
Time, people and places change and the word evolves into different era’s ..
We gotta go with it or be left being in the 20th century ..
“JWOWW” and Jersey Shore has millions of more viewers than OLTL could hope to have, so bringing on “JWOWW” is a good move..
The internet is mostly the generation who don’t watch TV on TV, just view by their PC’s and tablet’s etc…

On lone programming is aimed at people how are already there by means of smart TV’s and internet devices and PC, not people who have not an idea how to even get to HuLu to watch .. lol 🙂
I can see both soaps offering the now music and guest stars to grab the now on-line gen..

But we ”all” no mater by what means or how , we will love to see our 2 soaps again.. 🙂

This is a very strange decision. I could understand if they were doing some stunt casting with someone more of the moment but ‘Jersey Shore’ is long gone. Was Mama June or one of the Sister WIves not available?

Oh, dear God……..Why? Why? Why?

Because PP needs ””new”’ and ”younger” on-line’ viewers to keep the soap going..
As much as I love Bo, Blair and Dorian etc etc, they will not bring in the new generation younger viewers.. the ones that would not miss an episode of Jersey Shore, MTV age music buyers.. LOL ..
The collage peoples; most now fans were collage age when they started watching soaps. 🙂
It’s going to be a mixing of the old and true and high hopes to bring in the new generation for the future of the soaps.

I don’t understand. What are “collage people?”

LOL @ Matt!

Good luck with that younger crowd…i have many in my family i told them about this, and tried to convince them to watch but they, like a lot of youth 16 and up prefer video games, skyping, facebook, twitter, texting, and getting their college degree, over watching a daily soap even if they can watch anytime. They may be in a minority but they are still out there. But dont get me wrong…we do need a new generation to keep these soaps afloat…i mean im not always going to be around to do it…but i just feel 4 best success these show should be gratefull to attract all viewers than just any one paticular age group. There are a lot of shows with older characters that attract young viewers and viceversa. If only its the young advertisers want then why dont we see a CSI: TEEN ADDITION!

Recurring. Relax.

I’m not worried. I’m sure Jwoww is just going to be the comic relief in between the Destiny-whores-herself-out scenes. Unless the Destiny-whores-herself-out scenes are meant to be the comic relief between the Jwoww scenes. Too soon to tell.

But either way, if they needed a wacky bartender character, they really should have invited Ilene Kristen back and put Roxie behind the bar.

I’m scared that with this New OLTL, I might actually start to miss Rex & Gigi, which I never thought possible.

Oh well, if all these strange new choices go bust, they can always bring back Mitch Laurence to clean house. (He never stays dead, nor should he.)


JWOWW is the carrot in dog race or the dogie in the window to get people in to watch, and hopefully her fans, and yes she has fans, will look in and stay..
JWOWW is bait for new younger viewers…. 🙂

i watched Jersey Shore ! So sue me..yep it was trash but entertaining trash..daytime soaps are not Shakespeare by the way, still better than real tv but not some masterpiece..Jwow will maybe i say maybe, viewers, ‘fans’ are volatile some good numbers for the least PP hope so..we will see, let’s hope Jwow can be fun on-screen, maybe she will not be a disaster on the acting department..i saw some ‘model’ daytime (or not) actors being awful..let’s see before judging i would say..

i forgot one word : it was ‘bring’ for bring some viewers

I say good. this show needs new blood, otherwise it will suffer the same fate as before. change is good people. I say more Nikki kess Dorian.

I think its crazy. But it’s funny to see eveyone angered and say she can’t act. how do we know???? She’s was on a drunkin hot mess reality show. She’s only recurring so it went be much. I for one can’t wait to see this LOL

Maybe it’s because I’m older, but I think casting her is like going out tot the back alley and looking for the next “anybody” to wonder by. This person was on a “reality” show. That doesn’t make her a qualified actresss. Seems to me, it’s all an icky PR attempt to bring in the younguns. I really mean it when I say that I hope it pays off and that if she’s bad, they cut her from the cast quickly. IF I’m wrong and she’s good, I’ll gladly eat my words. But I really hope casting people from “reality” shows isn’t going to become a habit in this new format.

this ‘person’ really ? LOLLLLLLLLLL

Jwoww’s Effect

Even if Jwoww fans only hang around for her scenes(2-3minutes a show), it still counts as a hit or download, depending on if you watch the show on Hulu or iTunes. The more hits and downloads that register, the more the viewers PP/TOLN/OLTL can claim are watching the show, and they can sell this to advertisers who will pay more money to advertise, which will increase profits for the show.. and more money can be put into the show.. and eventually the show can afford to be moved back to an hour format.. and they can pay the actors more, which means they can compete with the networks and attract better actors and keep their own.. and so on.

Speaking of which, I ask everybody to watch each show more than once if possible, or at least have it running in the background so we can register as many hits/downloads as possible. If you are technologically-inclined, watch/download the show on your PC, tablet and phone if possible. Assuming the iTunes download is free, download it on iTunes AND watch it on Hulu. The more activity, the better!

I say, give her a chance.

Comparing Carol Burnett or Elizabeth Taylor doing cameos on AMC to this skank from Jersey Shore doing a recurring role on OLTL is absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea what OLTL is thinking but to hire an untalented, and untrained, “reality star” to recurring status while longtime actors like Ilene Kristen (Roxy) are not even invited back makes me sick!

Do you ppl read the articles or just the headlines? She is a Bartender, How much interaction with the cast and show do you think she is going to have…..How do you know Ilene wants to come back or is not Busy doing other projects?

The fact that she is even going to be featured on One Life to Live is a disgrace to the legacy of this soap. And by the way, the word “people” is not speel “ppl”.

She is NOT FEATURED she is a Bartender OMG! BTW if your going to try to show someone up, there is something called Spell Check you should try it out, Mrs SPEEL…..

Many recurring characters can be on every single day and they can have their own storylines so yes, she will be featured.

Oh and I am so glad that didn’t go unnoticed by you! Reading all of these… “wonderful” posts of yours, I thought I’d try and attempt to stoop to your level of stupidity when it comes to spelling and grammar. And now that you admit you have a problem, you can seek help: it’s called 4th grade Language Arts- have fun!

Can is not will. You should re read your posts before you tell someone else how to spell or about their grammar, Just saying.

Did people on here ACTUALLY compare legendary, talented stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett to this, for lack of a better word, talentless tramp. I could SOMEWHAT understand when Kourtney Kardashian was brought on for a cameo appearance, she was a genuine fan of the soap and it was just a two day thing. But if people think Kourtney Kardashian is bad, JWOWW (the name alone, I mean, c’mon!) is scraping the bottom of the gutter. She became famous for an MTV reality show that is about several overly-tanned, self-absorbed, animalistic people who non-stop party, drink, and have sex. I love how Michael Fairman tried to make her sound respectable by saying she wrote a book and started several “business ventures”, but let’s call a spade a spade. A cameo would have been bad, but a recurring role? That is abhorrently bad decision making. If THIS is how the nuOLTL is going to be run then I don’t understand why people would celebrate it’s “return”.

I don’t believe anyone compared her to Liz Taylor and Carol Burnett, You act like she is going to be on everyday and in every story line, She is a Bartender….I think you are going a little over board over a bartender part…..

She’s recurring, she will be on more than once. Have you ever seen Jersey Shore? It is not a classy show- it’s a televised frat party. You really think that One Life to Live, web show or not, where people like Erika Slezak, Judith Light, Kim Zimmer, have graced the screen- should employ this talentless woman? Apparantly, you just want the name of One Life to Live back because you sure as hell don’t care about the quality.

lol..Everyone using these threads make it seems like we are all in our own internet soap opera here…Sometimes we are a couple( when we agree) and then we split up(when we disgree), making more drama here than on our tv shows lol. Ramas fake pregnancy was hilarious, especially when she accidentally got those skewers stuck in her and her ‘water’ broke! That was like a scene out of ‘I Love Lucy’, ilmao! Rama is a scammer, and thats why she’d be perfect as the bartender…looking out for some get rich quick schemes, one of the clubs clients could be a wealthy businessman, and Rama, in a Karen Woleck type of way, sees dollar signs! PP already has the actress sign up to play Rama, and i wouldve used her talents we already know she has then take a gamble on some untrained reality store many fans dont like. But i wont judge completely until i see how the show comes together as a whole…thats if i get to see it! But the storyline we dont know anything about is what im waiting to see the most which will be the shows greatest test…will it engage us enough to keep us all watching or will some of us tune out? I wont judge it by the first episode…i think we should give it a month first to see if it rebuilds our interest because like just about any soap it does take time to do this.

I meant reality star but im sure you and other readers know this…

Joliefan…your reply about Nikki, Echo, and Karen was supposed to go to Nikkis comments…she mentioned their potrayers, not me! But i myself wouldve loved Erikas Nikki Smith as the bartender…that wouldve been fun…i can only imagined what she might have said to some customers but i doubt Blair would hire Nikki knowing she was really Viki then again Blair can be a little dense sometimes…

Hey Jim, I am sorry I did not know I replied to you LOL. OMG could you imagine! How funny would that have been?? Nikki would be drinking the Patrons under the table LOL……Blair Dense? Sometimes? NO! Not Blair LOL……

People have complained on these threads about loosing soaps and that all the networks care about more is cheap talk and reality shows…then why would they want a reality star on OLTL? They already have the actress who plays Rama on a recuring basis who could easily be the bartender? I can understand PP wanting publicity for the reboot but this makes me feel that they dont feel confident that their pool of real gifted actors and OLTLs writing team isnt good enough for the show to succeed!!! Recuring or even one moment of her would make me gag…

Crackers…i meant to say IS good enough…

Rama A bartender? Nah she is definitely better as a scammer and liar! Come on that whole fake pregnancy was funny, she is good at Playing the kind of character…..Who knows they might have Rama locked up in a Story line. You really can’t say they don’t feel confident in their pool of gifted actors, Don’t ya think they are all in story lines? We don’t have a Huge Cast so it seems that all the actors would be involved in Story lines……

You act like she is going to be a New Mrs Buchanan, Or a Kramer, Or a Lord or A MAIN PLAYER…..She is a BARTENDER!
You call this chick a slut (( IDK her personally so I have no idea if she is anything like her “Reality Show” Alter Ego)), The wonderful actresses you mentioned all played Sluts, Erica Sleazek’s Nikki….Slut, Kim Zimmer’s Ehco….Slut and Homewrecker, Judith Light’s Karen Woleck was a Hooker, Point being SO WHAT?

Jim- I 100% agree with you. Apparantly these OLTL “fans” only care about the show being back and not about the condition it will be in. If they need THIS kind of publicity.. that’s just sad.

Joliefan- I was talking about talented ACTRESSES who have graced OLTL. There is a difference between a talented ACTRESS and the character she plays. I really wish you would learn reading comprehension and grammar skills. It would give your comments, at least, some sort of merit.

“There is a difference between a talented ACTRESS and the character she plays.”……..Exactly there is a difference and that is the point until we see her on OLTL. Until that happens I am not going to pass judgement on this chick, who knows maybe she will turn out to be a half way decent actress!!

Thanks 4 your reply to my comments Nikki…i agree with you 100%!

LOL, that is all, LOL
p.s: the great Liz Taylor laugh with me by the way..lmao

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Anne Heche in Her Final TV Performance to Air on ‘All Rise’

It is hard to believe that now one year later, television fans will see the final performance of Daytime Emmy winner, Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley, Another World).  The talented actress passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash back on August 5th, 2022.

Heche was officially declared ‘brain dead’ on August 12th, when her reps shared that Anne was “peacefully taken off life support.”  Before she passed, Anne taped what would be her final TV acting appearance in her recurring role on the legal drama, All Rise.

The series formerly with CBS and now airing on OWN, will air Heche’s last performance this Saturday, September 30th at 9pm ET/8 pm CT.  On All Rise, Heche plays lawyer Corrine Cuthbert.  Since season 2, Heche has taken on the recurring role. She appeared in six episodes.

Photo: JPI

In story, Corrine has had a fraught professional relationship with Judge Lola Carmichael played by Simone Missick.  For her final appearance, Heche’s Corrine shows up as part of a trial case.

All Rise dedicated the episode to Heche. As the hour comes to its conclusion, they express: “In Memory of Anne Heche, Our Friend and Wonderful Artist. You Are Missed.”

After this, Heche will star posthumously in the independent movie feature Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse, slated for release in November.

Will you be watching Anne’s final television performance on All Rise? Share your thoughts via the comment section below. But first, check out a teaser for the episode which also features former Y&R star, Wilson Bethel who stars on the legal drama as Mark Callan.

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Y&R’s Jess Walton On Why Mamie Irks Jill As Feud Reignites: “It’s Mamie’s Arrogance and How Much She Enjoyed Stepping on Jill’s Toes All These Years”

On recent episodes of The Young and the Restless, viewers learned that Mamie Johnson (Veronica Redd) is back and is actually the new secret investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Mamie told Nate (Sean Dominic) that she is looking forward to watching Jill’s (Jess Walton) head explode when it is finally revealed. Those remarks date back to Jill and Mamie’s longstanding feud and history; when Mamie was the Abbott family housekeeper, and both women had relationships with the late John Abbott (Jerry Douglas).

This current story will feature Jess Walton in an arc that pits her against Veronica Redd, and should delight longtime Y&R viewers who have loved the often catty remarks and fireworks between Jill and Mamie.

Photo: JPI

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Jess Walton spoke about why Jill has such an issue with Mamie. The Daytime Emmy-winning star expressed, “It’s Mamie’s arrogance and how much she enjoyed stepping on Jill’s toes all of these years. Mamie had always been judging Jill who in turn just hated the influence Mamie had with John.  When Jill was married to him, she never felt welcome in her own home.”

Photo: JPI

Walton went on to say on this new storyline development: “As far as she (Jill) is concerned that disrespect is continuing because Mamie bought into Chancellor-Winters without letting Jill know.”

Y&R fans can look forward to more of Jess on-screen in the next few months as she informed SOD, she will be taping scenes in October and November on the top-rated soap opera.

Photo: JPI

When all is said and done, Jess shared that her Genoa City alter-ego is very clear on just how Mamie gets under her skin: “Mamie was always so damn sanctimonious and hollier-than-thou and that always pissed Jill off. Mamie still knows how to really push Jill’s buttons.”

Check out the flashback scenes below featuring Veronica Redd and Jess Walton that were part of this week’s episodes of Y&R; where Mamie is revealed to be a now major investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to seeing the sparks fly between Jill and Mamie in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash and Wife Isabella Devoto Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order to Days of our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan) and his wife, Isabella Devoto. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son, named Joaquin Lee Barash.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


Share your well-wishes to Brandon, Isabella, Harper and little Joaquin via the comment section.


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A post shared by Brandon Barash (@brandonjbarash)

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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