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Y&R Game Changer: Nick Sees Faux Cassie! What Willl Happen Next?



It was a big Friday cliffhanger for The Young and the Restless and it happened literally in the final few seconds of the episode!

Nick (Joshua Morrow) went to get the gift Sharon (Sharon Case) left in the car for Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Tyler (Redaric Williams) and as he was outside, he saw a figure lurking and looking into the window of the party in Abby and Tyler’s honor! Nick said, “Hello?” And slowly Faux Cassie (Camryn Grimes) turned around and revealed herself to a stunned Nick … and we fade to black!

And while Nick was outside fetching the gift and seeing Faux Cassie, Sharon was alone inside, and who should show up? Victor (Eric Braeden), thus setting the stage for a potential showdown since Vic despises Sharon so much!

In the new CBS Daytime promo for next week’s Y&R, the number one soap plans to move the story to the next phase where it appears that Nick will find out that Victor is behind this heinous plot to gaslight Sharon into believing she was seeing Cassie!  But will Nick find out the entire reason?

Now after the jump watch the promo, and then let us know … are you glad that finally Nick was the one who saw the Cassie lookalike?  What do you think will happen when Nick tells Sharon?  Will Nick ring Victor’s neck? And who is the Cassie imposter?  Weigh-in!

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I am so happy finally everyone will see what Victor did. it is disgraceful how he used his daughters memory to hurt the mother of his grandchildrens . Victor started doing things to Sharon long ago burning down the place he had Skye in. He framed her for murder. I hope Nikki leaves him and all his children do not let him ever back in. Sharon Case deserves a emmy

Victor needs to lose everyone. This was the most selfish hateful thing he has done to date. Sharon is a sweetheart . Sharon I hope will be happy and Nobody better ever forgive Victor

So happy this is coming out. Victor has really pissed me off the way he has been treating that poor girl Sharon. Shameful they ruined his character.

Y&R will rock next week…haven’t said that in a very long time! I hope Nick knocks Victor on his ass!!

That’s not going to happen.
If nick wants his dad out of his life, I suggest he move himself off the ranch and the free rent & utilities and find his own place and take the psycho with him.
Nick has become useless, all he does is wander around with his hands in his pockets sniffing after Sharon.
He has no room to talk about manipulations, let’s not forget he never called for a second DNA test when summer was born, just let everyone think she was his without verification. Had he done that, there wouldn’t be this big mess and wait until it comes out that Summer is his. Then his precious Sharon will be just as bad as Victor.
To date, Victor hasn’t caused anyone to go into a coma, but Sharon has, Victor never burned down anyone’s house, but Sharon has, Victor never purposely misidentified a body and then had it cremated without finding out who it was and notifying the family, but Sharon has.
Jack is going to absolutely hate Sharon, so will the entire abbott family and half the town.
I hope Summer spits in her face when she finds out that not only did she change the DNA report, but she’s the reason Phyliss is in a coma.

Victor is no angel, but you make a lot of good points. Frankly, at this point I think Nick and Sharon deserve each other!

You might be right about that, but, I think their “romance” will be short-lived.
You’re right about Victor not being any angel, I just adore Victor, but, what they have done to his character the last few years is horrible. His evil little plans used to be pretty much limited to Jack and it was fun, what he did to Sharon, with fake cassie, and having Billy tossed in that jail in mynmar, that was pretty bad, and I have no idea who the writers were trying to ruin, him or Sharon when they married them! EEEEEWWWW
You married your children’s grandfather! Really?

Phyllis was no angel either they all have flaws they are soap characters! I wish they would undo this paternity thing by saying it was all an illusion of Sharon’s and as far as Phyllis falling that was an accident she tripped over her high heel. As for burning the ranch hey Kevin burned down Gin’s with Colleen in their trying to kill her and now they act like he is a pillar of the community. I hope it is a long lost twin will accept nothing else!

Victor is not blameless. He is the one who brought Patti back to Genoa City and she would have been better off if she never laid eyes on him. He once held his ex-wife Julia’s lover hostage in a bombshelter and made everyone think he died. That was circa 1980. He was an insanely jealous man. He doesn’t seem to own up to anything it’s about time that he pays for something.

Really Sammie Joe, didn’t Victor marry his grandchildren’s mom and sons’ ex-wife?
Thanks K/Kay or pointing out that Kevin deliberately burned down Gina’s restaurant to kill Colleen. Let’s remind Sammie Joe that Sharon didn’t push Phyllis down the stairs but Phyllis on the other hand, deliberately ran over Paul and Christine.

SiteAdvocate61- not only did he bring Patty back, he indirectly caused Colleen’s death.

These Sharon haters (a/k/a, Victor and Phyllis lovers) have convenient memories and moral outrage.

Everything you say is on the mark, Sammie Jo, however, we cannot dismiss Victor’s constant brutality by bringing forth Sharon’s misdeeds….not that what she did is excusable, but she was, at least, mentally ill. Victor, on the other hand, has always been aware of what he was doing, regardless what the repercussions on those he supposedly loves would be.

@sammijo- wow, that’s a little harsh in regards to callling sharon a psycho r whatever it was. She’s a character who happens to be a person who struggles witth a real unfoortunate illness. Victors the one (if worth mentioning the subject att all) whos always bbeen evil, diabolical, abusive and etc. Noboody on y&r has been an angel or saint.

Phyllis ran people over set fires did her fair share changing tests and killed people. Sharon should of pushed her but Phyllis is her own worst enemy and she stole Sharons husband like Chelsea is doing now with Adam

CG is listed in the closing credits as “Cassie Newman.”

Faux Cassie is Mariah

I’ve thought this from the very beginning – it’s only a matter of time till we see the tattoo on fake Cassies’s wrist. But I’m thinking that she really is Daisy Carter.

Oh, this is going to be good!

all i can say is it’s about time somebody else in the family saw faux cassie & i am so glad it was nick! can’t wait to see the fallout from this……………………..

The Cassie imposter is Tyler’s ex Mariah and the twin Sharon forgot she had (maybe her and Nikki can form a support group for mothers of secret ret-conned babies).

I thought it was a great moment! We were kind of led to believe it was Tyler’s ex we were going to see so what a surprise!!!! I loved it.

I really am excited about how this story has been developing! Thankfully, Camryn Grimes has developed into an extremely talented (adult) actress and has been terrific since her return–and especially since the initial reveal that she was working for Victor. What I think might also be revealed is that “Faux Cassie” is actually Mariah. Just a theory. That will weave “Faux Cassie” into other characters and create more story for her than just who she really is. (Cassie’s long-lost twin or simply a coincidental lookalike?) Think about it–Faux Cassie’s peering in the window would have a double meaning! Not only is she keeping a sympathetic eye on Sharon, but she’s also obsessively watching over her ex-fiance, Tyler Michaelson! If all this is the case, I have to hand it to Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante; they are weaving together some good soap!

She’s the real Cassie…

Let ever cast member ring Victors neck…lol

I can see them all carrying torches in pursuit of Victor while chanting, ‘KILL THE MONSER!’…lmao!!!

Monster…you idiot!!!…lol

The Faux-Cassie storyline has been odd from the start. I am curious to see
how this will all play out. My first thoughts with Friday’s episiode – Why is Faux
Cassie peering through windows? When will the beyond rich Newmans hire
decent security around their property? From slimy Ian slithering onto the
grounds to surprise Nicki at her own home months ago, to this hooded Faux
Cassie just standing there peeping….seems just anyone can wander around
without a problem.
Interesting that Nick now has seen her for himself….and if Faux Cassie spills
the beans about Victor hiring her, I imagine big fireworks between Nick and
Vic, and between Sharon and Vic…but I am not thrilled about yet another
confrontation within that family.

I love the path that the soap, “The Young and The Restless” has taken! The drama is very powerful in everyway.

I think the Cassie look a like will be Tyler’s ex– why else would she be lurking around the ranch looking inside while the engagement party is going on?

Overall Nick discovering her as was the most interesting thing to happen on the show for a while. She doesn’t even have to tell him Victor is behind it because I’m betting Nick can figure it out on his own.

Y&R seems to be stepping up its game. It had gotten really bad but suddenly, we’re being served up some good old fashioned drama. I love the re kindled romance which is transpiring between Nick and Sharon–one would think it would be tired and redundant but it’s not. I delighted that Nick is the one who discovered the Cassie look alike.
I also am really enjoying Colin and Jill storyline. Tristan Rogers is a very strong actor and he is the reason I came back to Y&R.
The bad news? Lily is insufferable–she’s so hideous that she has me rooting for whomever she is admonishing while shaking her finger and using that sassy voice of hers. Are we supposed to be on Lily’s side? And Summer. The writers can’t seem to figure out what she’s supposed to do next. She’s on every day it seems moping and saying the same thing over and over,”I’m sad about Mom” or “How can I be happy with Mom in a coma?” Over and over and over……and over. At least the actress doesn’t have to work hard memorizing her lines.
But I like this storyline–glad they’re showing what an evil SOB Victor is. I hope everyone shuns him, he loses Newman Enterprises and ends up working as a Walmart greeter.

LOL at some thinking that Victor will pay for his dirty deeds; never happen..

This is fantastic. Can’t wait!

Finally. I hope Nick goes ballistic. I’d like to see him drag faux Cassie into the party and confront Victor while everyone watches. Everyone, especially Noah and Summer, needs to see what a profoundly cruel and twisted snake Victor really is. I hope Nikki goes ballistic too. No matter how much she “loves” that creep, there is no excuse for using the memory of the most tragic event in their family to manipulate Sharon.

There are so few times Y&R (all soaps for that matter) really shock me. Friday was one of those days. It was a NUCLEAR bomb dropped. I actually “screamed” at that scene. I take “Cassie” to also be Mariah. That is a genius twits, as no one cares a lick about Abby & Tyler and that silly plot. This actually ups the stakes on Abby/Tyler story. Bravo Y&R, this is a scene for the ages. Can’t wait to see what happens this week.

Time to tune back in. Looks like something interesting is about to happen.

Trust me — NOTHING interesting is happening.

What about Sharn? She’s not blameless….

No she is not but maybe Victor ought to let his children who are adults start running their own lives. First suggestion Nick & Sharon need to both move off the property! Lol

In this faux cassie case, yes she is blameless. If you would let o of your hatred you would see that.

This show needs something. It’s bleeding viewers. Down over -1.2 million since Muhney & Miller’s last episode.

It really is hurting since Miller left I am really disappointed but Tom is just not cutting it as the nuoldBilly. And they better cast a really good actor as Adam I heard Trevor St John turned them down.

If they were smart, they’d bring Michael Muhney back as Adam immediately.

The show is getting better, I’m loving Hilary, Kelly, and most of the the other characters except Avery,Dylan,Courtney and especially Tyler he is such an annoying guy!

So happy Nick was the one to catch notcassie at the window and also can’t wait for the fallout to happen for the old goat Victor.

I would also love for it to come out that it was due to Victor having Sharon’s meds tampered with in the first place that initially caused her to go off them cause they “made her feel funny”..I do not think that Victor asking Mason to tamper with the meds was for nothing. After all, Vic has many minions to do his dirty work and he just manipulates from behind the scenes..Even notcassie wondered how many people he had following Sharon other than her.

Now, it can come out that Sharon didn’t tamper with a thing and Summer will reamain an Abbott , she if fitting right in with the clan.

I do not that faux cassie is mariah because mariah has a tatoo on her wrist and cassie look alike doesn’t have any. She is too young to be tyler ex girlfriend.

I tend to agree. I think Faux Cassie was peeping to watch Sharon and Nick…
and Victor.

The sun, I mean. Lol

This show isn’t exactly known for its continuity these days.

Remember when Detective Alex Chavez of the GCPD referred to Courtney as”Farrah”? Or how adult police officer Courtney gave teen Summer sex tips to snag Kyle when she was undercover? Or how Billy and Victoria bought their house because it looked like The Father Knows Best House complete with white picket fence yet the establishing shots no longer match that? Or the mystery person who left flowers on Ricky Williams’ grave? Or Victor’s dog Segundo or Noah’s dog Fisher?

It wouldn’t be the first time writers changed course or ignored established history without explanation.

Lmao, omg that is soo true! Totally forgot about half tthat stuff… I really miss chavez and thought he was going to end up a crime duo witth courtney n we would see a dark sidde of her… And that ricky williams grave flowers??! I was dying to know if it was patty or if he was actuaallyy alive … Good eye!

This is great stuff! It will be Nick and Sharon against the world! [Victor] Where does “Cassie” end up in all this? I sure hope she is a twin because the actress who plays Cassie is phenomenal!

As far as I’m concerned, this is gonna be SOME WEEK on Y&R…LOL!!!!! D-R-A-M-A!!!!!

Is there a chance for a Chelsea and Billy pairing?

I doubt it since Adam is coming back.
Hmmm, when IS Adam coming back?

Understood, Nanci. But, Adam’s return cannot be that easy. There is no way that he can just show up without repercussions. He will return a different man…meaning, with a different face, (plastic surgery, Victor’s specialty), and a different identity. Victor will be the only one aware of this since Victor is the one helping Adam. Adam will be sheltered by his father. I have said this weeks ago, which leaves Chelsea and Billy to pursue a romance…love triangle with Adam back? Why, of course. Will Chelsea know it is Adam? That will be the twist. I hope it happens this way…it will give Y&R the spice it has lost.

YES!!! Finally we get some justice and y&r put some wow factor baack intto the scrippt. Nick and Noah should shoot victtor or have him pay hardcore for this. Faux cassie should come clean and hopefully have a intteresting piece of info to keep her on the script cuz y&r needs camryn grimes acting!! Hoping also that she IS MARIAH. #y&r-keepthedramarolling #BringbackMM/bmiller.

I thought JM did some of his best work in a long time today. I hate the fact that Sharon & Nick are getting close knowing it is going to explode if she did indeed change the tests I wish we could undo that. If he could accept Phyllis’s explanation for trying to use Cricket & Paul as roadkill that she was a different person then surely he can understand Sharon’s mistake. I know for a fact that people suffering from bi-polar have hallucinations please writers use this and let’s move on!

Interesting, FAS! And yes, that scenario definitely would add spice!

Good. Anything to get the story moving.

This is about the only thing Im looking forward to on this otherwise lifeless show.

Victor will NEVER pay for his sins. You got that!

I too like faux Cassie, good young actress, I cannot see how she can be a twin as we saw all the history of Sharon having a baby having her adopted.
Then she she was just a teenager, so it could be written there was a twin who went to another couple, but I cannot see how she would not have known !
We will have to wait and see, hopefully it will turn out she is Cassie’s sister,we need some new blood with no delightful Adam no Phylis, and Billy Miller leaving, things are a bit thread bare, sorry but David Tomms
( nuoldbilly ) is really not working for me, his facial expressions drive me crazy his mouth is too week looks so daah !!

I think it really Is Cassie but Victor had something to do with her diss appearance after her “death”. He can puppeteer anything. I think cassie has amesia and is working with someone from Sharon’s past. NOT just Victor.

Makes sense to me, Nicole. The undead always disappear on soaps…and, Victor is capable of anything under the sky, and beyond, it

Does anyone else see the writing on the wall? I get the impression that Ian will be killed and Dylan will be arrested for the murder.

Would someone please shut Avery up !!!???!?!?! This is the most ridiculous of storylines.
Also, could Sharon have had twins? Just a thought.

Oops, I guess someone else already had the twin thought. But, what if Sharon did not know she had given birth to twins? What if one baby was just taken and sold or given away? No?

This is exactly what I was hoping for. That Nick sees fauxCassie. Hope Victor finally gets some come-uppance. Probably not, though. I am so tired of him & his antics.

When is coming out with Sharon? The reason the fauxCassie is here in the first place… The secret ??? Hmmmm.

I am not liking this new, tween Victoria.

I said this before, and you’re all probably sick of me…but, Victoria is pregnant..Billy ‘s or the cutie doctor?

FINALLY. I prayed Nick would be the one too. I cannot stress enough how Victor better get what’s coming to him!! The bastard hit an ultimate low with this storyline and if Adam had anything to do with it, victor would’ve been properly put in his place. Hope Nick delivers. Faux Cassie is a treat to watch which is why I want the storyline with her to become more intense…. Y&r did good with this script, almost makes up for the jan.30 episode (ALMOST) like a fraction. LOL. So JFP…. Don’t screw this one up. Missing the greats’- mrs.c, phyllis, miller & MM 🙁

Let the test be an illusion, a justful ending for sharon, a happy one for shick’ and the abbots happy as summer will be theirs… And cassie either a twin or mariah (mixed feelings).

Go Team “SHICK” in this case. So happy to see this story moving along and looks like sharon will get seme validation after all. Victor thinks he’s Don Corleone, he wishes. At some pointt his antics will catch up w/ him and jail is looking too good.. all I can say is I hope the punishment is soon. Cassie is needed on the y&r however, hope her character somehow stays.

SIDENOTE: Not liking these house shots @ each scene. Not impressed w/ the exterior mansion of the abbots and especally the newman ranch. For ceos/founders of multi billion dollar companies?

Seeing Cassie’s return gave me chills! I’m so excited to know what’s behind her story
Hope Phylis,Adam and Billy returns. Miss them so much!!!


Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Plan to “Spill the Tea” on Launch of Their Podcast ‘Amy & T.J.’

December 5th will be, and was, a memorable date in the careers of the controversial pairing of former ABC news anchors and GMA3 co-hosts, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes.

The duo will officially launch their iHeartPodcast Amy and T.J tomorrow on Tuesday. The series is hosted and executive produced by the couple, who last night stepped out for the first time together at the iHeart 2023 Jingle Ball.

Their outing was quite the strategic one, right before the premiere of their new show where in the teaser released by iHeartPodcasts, they play up the scandal of it all.

Photo: iHeartMedia

Making the drop date of Amy and T.J. all the more salacious is that one-year ago on December 5th, 2022 Robach and Holmes were removed from their hosting duties on GMA3: What You Need to Know.

Promoting their new podcast, the couple shared in a promotional photo: “Why yes, we be serving tea… One week from today, ‘Amy & T. J.'”

Photo: iHeartMedia

According to the press release on their new audio venture, Amy and T.J. will use their decades of experience delivering headline news and captivating viewers nationwide as they get behind the microphone to explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between where “nothing is off limits.”

The two anchors intimate relationship first became public knowledge when photos of the two together holding hands surfaced back in November of 2022. Both were presumably married to their spouses at the time. Holmes to Marilee Fiebeg, and Robach to former Melrose Place star, Andrew Shue.

Take a listen below to the intro teaser for Amy and T.J.  Then let us know, what do you think about how they are working the scandal that got them ousted from ABC? Intrigued to hear if they reveal anything about their relationship and what really went down behind the scenes in the season premiere of their new podcast? Let us know via the comment section.

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Judith Light to Star Alongside Billy Crystal in Apple TV+ Limited Series ‘Before’

Whenever we get to see more Judith Light on our screens is always a good day. Almost every project she touches, or appears in, sees her delivering yet another magnificent performance on her already more than impressive acting resume.

Now comes word that the former two-time Daytime Emmy-winning star from One Life to Live (Ex-Karen Wolek) and two-time Tony Award winner will star along with Billy Crystal in Apple TV+’s upcoming limited series, Before.

According to the loglines on the series, Before is a 10-episode atmospheric, character-driven psychological thriller about Eli (Crystal), a child psychiatrist who, after recently losing his wife, Lynn (Light), encounters a troubled young boy who seems to have a haunting connection to Eli’s past.

Photo: JPI

Seductively enigmatic, Lynn (Light) is the love of Eli’s life, but her recent death may not be quite what it seems. As Eli digs deeper into the hidden life of the wife he thought he knew, he soon finds Lynn haunting him from beyond the grave.

According to Deadline, Adam Bernstein is set to direct the pilot. He previously directed the pilot episodes for  Fargo, 30 Rock, and Scrubs. His most recent directing credit include Apple TV+’s Silo and Showtime’s Billions.

Photo: JPI

As for Judith, she had continued to work project after project. She also received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can see Light in Max’s Julia and Starz’s Shining Vale as well as Peacock’s Poker Face.

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Winsor Harmon Hopes Audience Reaction Will Prompt B&B’s Brad Bell: “To Start Writing for Thorne Again”

On tomorrow’s December 5th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Winsor Harmon makes a return as Thorne Forrester, as Eric (John McCook) is set to throw a major Forrester family party since he plans on saying goodbye to his loved ones as he was given only a few months to live.

The last time Harmon visited the CBS daytime drama series was back in 2022 during a dream sequence of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang).  Harmon has appeared on and off the series since from 1996- 2016.  For a short run, Ingo Rademacher took over the role from late 2017- to early 2019.

Joining Harmon during his return will be another B&B favorite, Ashley Jones who reprises her role as Bridget Forrester beginning on the December 6th episode of the soap opera.

Photo: JPI

Speaking with SOD on his latest comeback to BOLD, Harmon expressed his hope’s that out of his appearances will come a potential new story for Thorne down the line.

Winsor shared, “We’ll see how the audience reacts and I think things will start popping in Brad’s (Bell, executive producer/head writer) head and he’ll start writing for Thorne again.”

Photo: JPI

In terms of what Harmon was told when the series offered him to make a comeback for some upcoming episodes, the actor revealed, “They didn’t tell me anything.” So, apparently Winsor was in the dark when he said “yes” as to just what the story would be.

Coming up, look for some emotional moments for the Forrester family, as some people know of Eric’s condition, while other’s in the family do not.

So, do you hope that Brad Bell decides to write future story for Thorne Forrester and bring back into the canvas for a longer run as played by Winsor Harmon? Comment below.

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