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Y&R Kicks-Off 11,000th Episode Milestone With Special Clip Packages From Long-Running Cast Members!

Photo Credit: Edward McGowan/PlainJoe Studios

Photo Credit: Edward McGowan/PlainJoe Studios

CBS’ The Young and the Restless will celebrate its 11,000th episode on-air on September 1st.  Leading up to the milestone and celebration, the series will feature clip packages featuring retrospective clips and interviews with some of the most notable and enduring names in the A-list iconic cast.

Look for Peter Bergman (Jack), Lauralee Bell (Christine), Sharon Case (Sharon), Doug Davidson (Paul), Jess Walton (Jill), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Kristoff St. John (Neil), and Christian LeBlanc (Michael), along with Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) with Eric Braeden (Victor), as previewed on TV Insider, to start each episode and get their special moment beginning next Monday on the August 22nd, and continuing through September 2nd on the top-rated soap.

If you caught a glimpse of the package featuring Melody and Eric that will air in its entirety next Monday, there was an emotional moment when Braeden talks about the legendary late, great Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).  It’s not-to-be missed.

Are you excited to see these upcoming packages on Y&R and stroll down memory lane with some of your Genoa City favorites? Let us know in the comment section below.

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rolling on the floor LMAO

it’s priceless that your post is up front

I CANNOT and will not… care

dust off the dead… here comes plaudits pundits and persevere… Victor and Nikki

oh gosh

I have heard and read– fans saying that super couple this super couple, they could be a super couple about most all the couples including the 3/whatever years of Luke and Laura..
Victor and Nikki are the one and only super couple, the one and only super couple who can carry that title ..
They hold the title, the crowns belong to Victor and Nikki ,,,, !!..

Except when he kicks her to the curb for disagreeing with him. You got that?!


Totally agree….Nikki and Victor for sure!

Yes! Y&R rocks!

These two relics continue their suffocation of Y&R. It has become apparent that Chuck Pratt will do everything to prop these two at the expense of the show’s future. The audiences are tuning out in droves as the ratings dive. CBS & Sony need to get this show turned around before it falls off the cliff.

I love legacy characters but I am not sure just what Victor and Nikki do anymore! What about her MS? Miracle cure? Why does she allow herself to be victimized by Victor’s machinations? Why does she go back after all the adultery and misdeeds? Let me see a strong Nikki without Victor. There is no romance here. Too many wrongs, illegitimate children, whatever. Y&R needs a Katherine type again. Nikki is poised to be that person if she “womans up.” Miss Scott is a strong enough actor to take us there. Kudos to Mr. Braeden, but I see nothing on Victor anymore for which to cheer. Even as a villain, Victor is boring. Mr. Bill Bell changed out the show’s core characters in the early 1980s to reflect changing tastes. Maybe it is time to do that again?

EB is on five days a week or they are discussing him not sure you should wrap the future of a soap opera on a 75 year old bully.

William Bell did not change the core characters in the early 80’s to reflect changing tastes. He did it because Jamie Lyn Bauer quit and that part was not going to be recasted. He had already too many recasts in the main families, so he decided to change the families to the Abbots and the Willliams. Victor Newman was a hit so this character and family was expanded. If Jamie Lyn had not quit, we would have had Prentisses and Fosters for many more years.

I agree to some extend. Certainly, the turn of events, where Adam is concerned, is stupid and uninteresting. Seriously? Adam starves himself for two whole days which cause him to hallucinate, and attack the guard? Tell it to an idiot!!!! None of us is one!!!!
Chelsea’s whining; her perfect wifey act is unnerving…..and, Chloe? C’mon–her hate for Adam, which has been an insidious malady in her blood, has suddenly dissipated; blowing in the wind? Nah…I don’t buy it.
But, I am enjoying Victoria and Tristan. He reminds me of the typical California beach god. I thought I could not see Victoria capture my baser senses with anyone else but Billy M….but, Tristan comes veeeery close, Sandy.
Sorry, Timmmy. LOL.

Travis is a Billy Miller clone so I see why you are getting toasty C! As you know in soaps, there has to be an object in the way of happiness so Travis will be Billy’s object!

Toasty? That’s a new one. I like it!!
I am, generally, not into fair-haired or fair-complected guys, but I can make an exception for Michael Roark. He can make any girl ‘toasty’.
One thing, the hair on his arms looked like fur…turn off!! LOL.

I simply cannot abide Nikki, the Victor-horse whisperer, defending her husband when she knows he’s a rat bastard from hell. I wonder if there is a storage unit in Genoa City containing Jack’s and Nikki’s backbones? Yes, I know Jack has evolved and has left his foolish play things behind which includes his obsessional need to destroy Victor. However, why must this include his constant simpering and kowtowing to Phyllis. “I’m so sorry for breathing Phyllis,” Jack seems to say every single day of his simpering life. What an utterly joyless couple. However, even Phyllis’s affair with Billy seems joyless and herein lies the problem with Y&R–folks have sacrificed their spines, their morals their ethics in order to sustain joyless relationships. Where’s the fun in that?
Yes, I agree with Celia about the Adam-is-framed debacle. What a horrid storyline! The only positive thing I could say about it is that it was finally coming to an end. But that speck of positivity was dashed when Adam lunged for the throat of the guard after becoming delirious from a day of fasting and no sleep. So this torture will go on and on.
And Chelsea is unbearable with the constant fretting and moping. The only enjoyable thing about this character is her beautiful hair styles and stylish wardrobe which is more than I can say for Chelsey. Chelsey wears the most God-awful, dreary looking clothes. Speaking of Chelsey, she seems to be establishing squatter’s rights in Adam’s apartment. Yesterday she acted astonished when Victor told her she will need to move out when Adam is released. This psycho chick in the bad clothes ain’t going anywhere! And she doesn’t seem to return Kevin’s feelings because it seems to me that the only person for whom she has romantic feelings is Chelsey. I sense a Single White Female storyline evolving here, but at least that would be interesting!

Sorry–I sometimes mix up the names of Chloe and Chelsey. Chloe is the one in the bad clothes and the object of her affection, Chelsey, is the one in the good clothes.
It must be the CH of their names which confuses me

I agree with CC to. Adams two day hunger strike wouldn’t cause this melt. He was JUST celebrating Connors birthday and now he sees Warden Mustache! Just lock Adam away since Justin is leaving!

Everything you said, Harry.
Chelsea? The whine-my-heart-out forevermore, Chelsea? It’s not just her eye-catching hair styles. It’s the texture of her hair. It’s healthy, lustrous and luscious!! Gorgeous hair. And, her wardrobe?
Obviously, the clothes must be original creations, if she is the ‘designer’….I wonder who is behind said designs….there’s a buck or two to be made there!!
“Copies” of many of the tunics Chelsea wears are sold at Nordstrom’s . I recognized them right away.
I always appreciate strong friendships between women, Harry. And, I have said that I like the one between Chelsea and Chloe. But, I must also agree with you.
Surprisingly enough, considering the bad blood between Adam and Chloe, Chelsea welcomed her with open arms into her home.
Now that you mention it, perhaps I spoke too soon.
It is a weird situation going on in the Adam Newman’s household turned daycare/shelter center.
I love Elizabeth H….I don’t trust Chloe as far as I can throw her. She is a snake, to me. And the only thing snakes change is their skin.
Writers, please prove me wrong!!

Right on!!! Good show, Harry!!
I say: snap out of it, Nikki. You’re not imbibing your daily fare of vodka, so you seem to be lucid.
I just don’t get it, Harry!! Nikki knows her husband inside out; which means deep down, she knows Victor is capable of hurting his own child this way and more.
She’s not some ingenue in the throes of her first relationship. The character has been ‘used’ and ‘reused’….how many times?
And, Adam? What’s with the martyr act?
As I intimated, and also, Ron…..TPTB are giving Justin some room for both the shows…or, as Ron said….giving time for a new actor to pick up the Adam role.

no tracey e. bregman ( lauren) clips?
shes been on the show 2nd longest to doug davidson..
lauren and michael need a storyline.. bring back carmine for abby and lauren…
abby must be bored by now of stitch and lauren can be tempted again by him if he claims hes redeemed

Actually here is the way it goes in who has been on longest: DD,MTS,EB,ED&TB. However you are right Tracy should have been part of it . Not sure what the situation is she did however tell someone she was not part of it that asked her on social media. Why Pratt will not write for her don’t know?

Thank you CBS even though you NEVER spoke to the fans about why Michael Muhney was dismissed! Needless to say, Y&R is #1 and thats the reason you will not see any clips of…

Fake Malcomm
And farmhand Sam!

OMGEEE… Farmhand Sam! I forgot all about him…

Concerning MM it was more convenient to let you assume the worst and it did indeed work out for them.

HaHaHa. Promise , Timmmy? No clips of Glummer and Kooka?

Since Chuck Pratt is STILL trashing this show via his horrible so-called writing, I will take a pass – this show is TANKING in the ratings and he is to blame.

11,000 episode or not, I’m sure it will be like any other show he has written since – dull, lame and nothing about nothing.

I just can’t muster up any enthusiasm for this milestone.

WORD ! Well Said ! GH, not perfect, but it’s damn entertaining, unfortunately can’t say the same about any other show….

hey Bart ..
Y&R is not ”TANKING” in ratings-
it would need to lose 2 million viewers to be in the numbers of other soaps lol..
Y&R to even be near to tanking would need to lose millions and that will never happen..
Y&R will not even lose a million ..
One thing about Y&R– it is steady.. even if it loses 20,000 it still would be on top..

Oh, Bart!! I can’t blame you for your sentiments. I do hope there is a light at the end of all these marionettes’ backsides, as they exit the stage.

I have noticed significant changes with Mal Young’s hand. I agree that Chuck Pratt’s writing is sometimes over the top but the set design changes and the production style are all changing big time. I have a feeling that Mr. Pratt won’t be around too much longer. Just a feeling. But I am excited to see what Mr. Young will bring. As the Fall season comes new stories will come into play and the Summer tales will wind down. I love Y&R and have only positive thoughts for their success. JFP is gone and that was my Christmas miracle. Now let’s get Pratt to go back to Melrose Place and I will be jumping for joy…

This is true, Mateo. I was happy to see Mrs C’s mansion restored to its former glory–good move and perhaps a sign of good things to come.

I’m really liking the changes of Mal Young and his vision. The Chancellor Mansion looks great in an updated original state. Now to rid ourselves of Chuck Pratt would be icing on the cake. We need Judith Chapman to return as Gloria.

I look forward to it. I think it’s great to celebrate the actors, characters, and storylines.

General Hospital

General Hospital Co-Stars Share Their Grief and Mourn the Loss of Johnny Wactor

There has been an outpouring of grief, sadness and remembrances for former General Hospital actor, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin 2020-2022), who the world learned was shot and killed on Saturday in a senseless theft and act of gun violence.

As previously reported, Wactor was only 37-years-old. The incident, as told by Wactor’s mother to TMZ, which ultimately took his life, occurred when three individuals attempted to steal the catalytic converter from Johnny’s car. Once alerted to the situation. Wactor did not try to stop or interfere in the theft but the unidentified suspects shot him anyway and then got a way.

Many of Johnny’s former GH castmates took to social media in the last several hours with heartbreaking and touching words on the loss of Wactor. Here are just some below, and Michael Fairman TV will continue to update these remembrances as they are posted.

Photo: ABC

Sofia Mattsson (Sasha) – My heart is so utterly broken… Johnny was the absolute best. So genuine. So caring. Incredibly hard working and humble. With a huge heart that spread so much kindness and joy. He always made sure everyone around him felt seen, heard and loved. I admire the man he was so much and I’m a better person for having known him. We shared so many special moments, both on and off screen, and I will forever cherish them deeply in my heart. You will be so incredibly missed Johnny… I’m sure you’re already busy taking care of everyone up there.”

Chad Duell (Michael): “Some POS scum taking the life of someone who’s making something of themselves, and an amazing person. So disgusting and infuriating. Don’t know what else to say.. just so wrong.”

Photo: ABC

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin): “When the tears slow down, I am literally sick to my stomach at this news. Johnny was one of those rare young men in this business who was kind, unassuming, humble, and always thought about other people. A talented young guy who just wanted to share that talent with the world. I wish I had enough love to fill the hole that his loved ones must feel right now, but I know that’s impossible. Johnny will be missed on this plane. For a long time to come. R.I.P.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis): “An absolutely inconceivable, enraging & senseless tragedy. Johnny was a lovely man. Condolences to his family & friends. May they find eventual peace & may his memory be a blessing.”

Finola Hughes (Anna): “Gutted…. 🕊️ sending my deepest condolences to his family 🤍 I feel I must add to this post. The shock is so terrible, for such a genuine young man to be taken so violently. I am incredibly sad for his family. He was a very hardworking person, kind and extremely respectful to his fellow cast members. I am so sorry for his loss 🤍 Johnny Wactor xxx”

Photo: ABC

Kirsten Storms (Maxie): “I’m in a state of disbelief and complete sadness. I don’t typically do posts like this, but Johnny was such a special person and it feels important (for me) to put these words out there. To Johnny’s mother and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Johnny was one of those rare “real individuals” that you almost never come across. I was fortunate enough to have some really good conversations with him where we discussed things I don’t typically open up about. For some reason, we talked about the deep stuff. He was a safe space for those conversations and, in turn, he would talk about his life. He genuinely cared about people and their journeys in life. During his time on GH I witnessed him work hard and truly have respect for every single person in our building. I just cannot believe that his life was stolen from him the way it was. My heart hurts. RIP Johnny”

Bonnie Burroughs (ex-Gladys): “I am heartbroken and sickened by this terrible loss. Johnny I love you. My heart breaks for your real mom and your whole family. The world is darker now.”

Photo: ABC

Ashton Arbab (ex-Dev): “Absolutely heartbroken while typing this. Johnny Wactor was not only my tv dad for more than 25 episodes on General Hospital but he was a great human, a kind soul, an inspiration and a one of a kind actor. May your soul rest in peace. Heaven gained an Angel.”

Perry Chen (Brad): Johnny Wactor was a beautiful, beautiful soul. So talented. As you can see from the promo clip, always up for anything. Funny as all heck. Fit as all hell but also loved ice cream and ate all the junk I did as well. We all were cheated of many years with him.

Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt):  “Johnny Wactor, you were one of the good ones. I’m so sorry this happened to you. RIP”

Photo: ABC

William deVry (ex-Julian): “Honestly, words can’t begin 2 express the sadness with which 2 convey my feelings towards losing another GH Alum. The senselessness of this lose is beyond description. Johnny was such a good guy. Really horrible. RIP Johnny Wactor & much love & comfort to those who loved him.”

Laura Wright (Carly): “In shock. My heart breaks for Johnny’s family. You were an incredible man.”

Kathleen Gati (Obrecht): Another talented, kind and generous General Hospital colleague gone too soon. Deepest condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and fans of Johnny Wactor.”

Cynthia Watros (Nina): “What a kind soul. We lost an amazing man.”

The official General Hospital social media accounts on X and Instagram shared: “The entire General Hospital family is heartbroken to hear of Johnny Wactor’s untimely passing. He was truly one of a kind and a pleasure to work with each and every day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones during this difficult time.”

What do you think about some of the remembrances of Johnny Wactor as shared by his former GH co-stars and friends af learning he was shot and killed? Comment below.


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A post shared by SOFIA MATTSSON (@iamsofiamattsson)

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Breaking News

‘General Hospital’ Favorite Johnny Wactor Dead at 37

Former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin), has died. Wactor’s mother, Scarlett confirmed to TMZ, that her son passed away early Saturday morning on May 25th. He was 37-years-old.

The details surrounding Johnny’s death are harrowing. He was reportedly shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles after three unidentified suspects were allegedly seen trying to steal a catalytic converter from his car,” shared Scarlett. She was also told Johnny didn’t try to fight or stop them. However, the men shot him anyway before taking off and fleeing the scene of the crime.

According to police reports, the paramedics rushed to the scene just after 3 AM PT, but Wactor died on his way to the hospital. At this time, police have not shared the description of the three suspects, but Johnny’s mother, is hoping they will be found soon.

Photo: ABC

Wactor made his GH debut in 2020 as Brando and was the son of Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs). Brando fell in love with Sasha Gilmore ( got married and then the couple lost their premature son, Liam, which tore them both apart. In 2022, Brando was killed by the serial killer, The Hook, which turned to be Heather Webber (Alley Mills).

Photo: ABC

One of Johnny’s first acting credits was in 2007 on Lifetime’s Army Wives. He later starred as Johnny in NBC’s Siberia, a supernatural drama filmed in the reality competition series vein. He also had several dramatic guest-starring roles in series such as: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Station 19 and more. As well, on the film side, Wactor had a featured role in 2016’s USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, a World War II drama starring Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore. More recently (in 2024), he starred as Marcus in Dead Talk Tales: Volume I.  Wactor was also seen in several national commercials.

Photo: ABC

Johnny is survived by his mother and younger brothers, Grant and Lance.

Share your thoughts and condolences for Johnny’s family, and please share your heartfelt remembrances of Johnny, who tragically is now gone too soon, via the comment section below.  Michael Fairman TV will continue to update this developing story.


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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Michael Easton Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

Last week over several episodes, General Hospital, handed the ball to one of their longstanding MVP’s Michael Easton (Finn), and he took it all the way in for a touchdown. The backdrop was the lead up to, and then the heartbreaking death of Finn’s father, Gregory Chase (played by Gregory Harrison), and its aftermath.

Through it all, Easton gave every scene its weight, made every scene compelling, and brought us, and we are certain many viewers, to tears throughout it. There is no question come Emmy-time 2025, this is one of the performances that must be remembered, and Michael has the scenes for his reel to back that up.

The set-up was coming off of Finn’s brother, Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding to Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). Gregory asked the nuptials be a bit fast-tracked to ensure he could be present for it, for he was suffering from the illness for which there is no cure, ALS.  At the wedding reception, Finn slipped and took a sip of a glass of champagne, which began to break his seven years of sobriety.


Once back from the reception, Finn and his dad, have the ultimate father/son talk, knowing they are on borrowed time. Finn and Gregory have also had a very strained relationship at one point; due to both’s involvement with Jackie Templeton. But with all that behind them, and in the present, Gregory was able to tell Finn how proud he was of him, and Finn said the same to his dad. There were tears, we all bawled, and then it was time to get Gregory ready for bed. Due to his symptoms from ALS, Gregory needs help getting undressed. Finn helps out his dad, before telling him goodnight. Gregory flashes back to his life and seemingly falls asleep, but he never wakes up.


The next morning, Finn finds him cold and dead in his bed and sits on the floor at his dad’s bedside and weeps. Overwhelmed and alone, Finn pours himself a drink from the bottle left as a gift by the Cerullos. He has now lost his sobriety, completely. Things get even tougher for Finn when his daughter, Violet (Jophielle Love) comes home from school and he has to tell her that her grandfather died. He also had to call his brother, who was about to leave on his honeymoon, and tell him the bad news.


After having a bit more to drink, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) stops by and they have an argument over his drinking and his unwillingness to let her take Violet with her for the night, which puts a strain in their relationship. Later, when Chase and Brook Lynn show up they can both see that Finn hit the bottle. When Chase finally gets some one-on-one time with his brother, he is able to get through to him.

While mourning the loss of his father, Finn realizes he needs to get cleaned up and get to a meeting. For Finn, as he recounted, having to witness the paramedics taking Gregory’s lifeless body with them was something no son wants to see and was more they could bear.

It was all heart-wrenching, beat by beat. Easton gave us all the layers and complexities and took us inside what Finn was feeling and how he was trying to cope with this terrible loss and tragedy. For all of these reasons, and those cited above, Michael Fairman TV names Michael Easton’s work, the Power Performance of the Week.

Now let us know, do you agree with our pick of Michael Easton for his work on GH for ‘Power Performance’ honors? And what moment from the episodes discussed above really brought you to tears the most? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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