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Y&R Launches Website Dedicated To The Character Of Katherine Chancellor! More Info On Memorial Episodes!



Y&R continues to honor the memory of the late daytime television icon Jeanne Cooper by airing a special two-part memorial service for her beloved character, Katherine Chancellor on Tuesday September 3rd and Wednesday September 4th on the CBS Television Network.  Cooper’s real-life son, actor Corbin Bernsen, returns to the show as Father Todd, who presides over the service.

In addition, as of today, and Y&R have a new website posted for fans dedicated to the character of Katherine Chancellor and to have an additional experience with more features on Katherine’s passing.  Fans of the series will be able to see the postcards that Genoa City residents recently received to alert them of Katherine’s death as well as her obituary.  Also, the site will have the final, moving scene from today’s episode of Y&R and much more!

About the upcoming memorial service, Y&R executive producer Jill Farren Phelps related: “It’s time for the characters of Genoa City to say their goodbyes to Katherine, and while it’s heartbreaking for everyone involved, we hope our viewers will find it a fitting tribute to both an irreplaceable character and the amazing woman who portrayed her. Katherine had some final surprises up her sleeve that will be revealed at the service and we think everyone will come away with smiles on their faces.”

In addition as to previously noted fan favorites returning which include: Lauralee Bell (Christine), Tricia Cast (Nina Webster), Beau Kazer (Brock Reynolds), Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore), Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) and Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) return, Michael  Damian will perform “That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You,” the song that aired in the tribute episode dedicated to Cooper in May.

What do you think of the new website dedicated to the character of Katherine Chancellor? What do you think of Jeanne Cooper’s real-life son, Corbin Bernsen as the character of Father Todd presiding over the fictional memorial service for Katherine?  Share your thoughts!

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Its still all very sad…

Indeed it is.

Can’t wait!!!!

This is ridiculous. Are people forgetting that Bill Bell and Jeanne Cooper never intended for Katherine to be revered? She was a miserable and destructive human being. The whole context of Y&R is how she destroyed Jill’s life and made her the angry, bitter woman she became, robbing her of her fairytale by killing Phillip in drunken spite and having his son with Jill declared a bastard in court. Not to mention her exploits in the 80s with ‘the puzzle’. The woman was a complete pariah but because she had money somehow that makes her admirable? Bill Bell describes her in the original Y&R outlines as a decadent, drunken “bitch” throwing her money around in the beauty parlor.

People change even characters.
Change is needed in life..
Leave the 80’s behind you live in the present 🙂 .

There is constant change in the what was planed, ideas, wants needs, all change..

Yes, I know Katherine originally was a depserate and sad bitter woman. And, oh, I LOVED the puzzle game she played with Jill in the 1980s. But because of the talents of Jeanne Copper and the stories Bill Bell and his team crafted for her through the years, Katherine softened some, found her personal strength,a nd ultimately happiness. This is what makes legacy characters fascinating to watch. Katherine never lost some of that craftiness but she eventually found redemption and peace. I wish we could see more of that in such longterm characters as Victor, Nikki, Jack, and others. To some degree, we have. There needs to be some change. Goodness knows, we do in our own lives. Music of one note is very boring.

Good lord…that was the ORIGINAL premise of the character almost 40 years ago.

You are obviously missing the point, and that surprises me.

Even Jill over the years has softened towards Kay.

And the point is how many people both fictional and fans the actress and character touched.

And no one if forcing you to visit the website or even read anything about Kay.

Move on.

Well-put, PatF!

Katherine was obviously loved by the Genoa City community. The roll of Katherine was loved by millions of fans as she was the largest contributor of the show’s survival for 40 years. I know of no other character , or Actor / Actress that did what Jeanne Cooper / Katherine Chancellor has done. I will always miss her and Katherine Chancellor immensely. Losing her in real life as well as on the show has been a monumental loss to her fans. My sincere heartfelt sympathy goes to her family friends and fans everywhere. What a wonderful lady. May she rest in peace.

Wait! If that’s how you feel, that’s a testimonial to the acting of the actor!

Jill Farren Phelps is doing a great job honoring Jeanne Cooper/ Katherine Chancellor ..
It is sad, respectful, memories and tons of love..

*Cough, cough* Are you serious?! Really?! JFP is not, I repeat, NOT doing a great (an okay job in all honesty, but definitely not great) job of honoring Jeanne Cooper/Katherine Chancellor. If she was, she would have made sure that Jack, Traci, Billy, and Victoria were at the mansion the night that Murphy came home to deliver the news that Katherine had died. Katherine was a long time family friend to the Abbotts, but past executive producing and writing regimes have all forgotten that and have pulled Katherine away from the Abbotts and vice versa and made Katherine somewhat of an enemy of the Abbotts, especially to Jack and Ashley over Jack gaining control of Newman Enterprises and Ashley for even marrying Katherine’s son, Tucker and for trying to keep Katherine away from McCall Unlimited while Tucker was in the hospital recovering from being hit by a car driven by Abby (then-Emme Rylan). Especially when Ash was protecting Abby by saying that she was the one that hit Tucker, not Abby.

If JFP was really honoring Jeanne Cooper/Katherine, the Abbotts would have been included in those episodes that aired last Friday and again on Monday.

This is precisely why this show is in shambles and precisely why JFP has to go! If she doesn’t, Y&R will be gone within a year or two.

JFP is NOT one of my favorites but the tribute is beautiful! Yes I do agree about the Abbotts not being included friday nor Monday’s episode but it will be when the funeral gets here!

I would have liked to see the Abbotts present at the reveal of this plot point, too, at least, Jack. But I am guessing we shall see them at the memorial or involved as the fallout is presented.

This is a difficult time, especially since it was not so long ago everyone was gathered to bury Katherine when it was really Marge who had died!

Be patient …
there is much More to come.. wait for it ..

…… … patience … ..

KUDOS to the producers and to CBS. Great way to pay tribute and to keep the fans engaged. The tissues better be close when Nikki and Jill have their on camera goodbyes. No one can make me cry like Melody Thomas Scott!!

I have to say, I was really upset, initially with CBS .. on the day she passed away there was an approximate 20 second segment on the evening news about her passing..

Since that time , I think they have done much better about honoring her, as well they should.

I think the storyline with Murphy delivering the news about Katherine’s passing seemed very odd. A Husband, typically would be much more broken up about her passing than he seemed to be.

Jill remains typical of her character to think she now has inherited the Chancellor Fortune and that shes entitled to it. She may have become a bit closer to Katherine over the years but overall she has not changed much from the schemer she always was.

And for the record, I love Jess Walton 😉 !!!

BTW, Jess Walton has been absolutely spectacular in her scenes these last few days; she always brings it!!!

She has , indeed. I think in real life all of the people Jeanne worked with loved her immensely.

I’m not a Y&R viewer but wanted to watch the current episodes in honor of my mother who followed the show for 40 + years until her passing last summer… but Time Warner has blocked every way to get to see them. Hope this damn standoff is fixed by September 3 & 4!!

I think that Corbin has done a phenomenal job with all his writings about his mother. Katherine was such a great actor aka Jeanne Cooper. I have watched her for years going on 40. I so loved her acting and as a person I can see she was a awesome mother. Her children so admire her. I feel so saddened for Corbin most of all as I can relate. I have a son that adores me in the same way and words can not explain how that makes a mother feel. She is watching you from Heaven Corbin and she is resting in peace with our lord.

Jeanne Cooper remains my all time favorite actress. Not Meryl Streep, not anybody– The character of Katherine Chancellor was captivating from the moment I first saw Y&R, 57 years ago! — Never saw a “soap” before that. (never home during the day before that; just had my first child…)

Rest in Peace, “Katherine”, & thanks.

This computer is really a pain ; That was meant to say 37 years ago, N O T 57 !!!!!!

Thank you but Y&R will never be the same.


Days Of Our Lives

Jamie Martin Mann and Ashley Puzemis Join the Cast of Days of our Lives

Some SORASing is going down on Days of our Lives! Announced today, Jamie Martin Mann will now be portraying the teenage version of Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) son, Tate Black.

In addition, Ashley Puzemis joins the Peacock streaming soap opera as Holly, the now teenaged daughter of the late Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

According to Soap Opera Digest, both actors are set to make their debuts on the October 9th episode, as it looks like DAYS is beefing up its teen scene with some fresh faces for some teen angst.

Will Tate or Holly be a troublemaker causing drama for their parents?  Will they fall for each other? Stay tuned.

Puzemis had appeared in television roles including: BF For Hire and Danger Force.  As for Mann, he recently appeared in the Netflix series Country Comfort starring Katherine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian (ex-Sunset Beach and Y&R).

So, what do you think about teenaged Tate and Holly hitting the Salem canvas and Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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‘Ryan’s Hope’ Tribute Book Due Out; Featuring Words From Cast & Crew of Emmy-Winning ABC Soap Opera

Ryan’s Hope aired on ABC from 1975 to 1989, and along the way won multiple Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series and its stars. The story centered on Maeve (Helen Gallagher) and Johnny Ryan (Bernard Barrow) and their children, friends and extended family.

Now comes word that an oral history of the show will be on sale next month on October 24th.  This Ryan’s Hope Tribute book from author Tom Lisanti, will take the reader behind the scenes of the series in the words of the cast, crew and its co-creators and head writers, Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer.

One of Ryan’s Hope most beloved cast members, Ilene Kristen (ex-Delia) contributed the foreward to the new book.

Photo: ABC

According to the official press release, “Written in interview format, it features first-hand accounts from the show’s stars including: Helen Gallagher, Malcolm Groome, Ron Hale, Ilene Kristen, Michael Levin, Ana Alicia, Roscoe Born, Catherine Hicks, Geoff Pierson, Andrew Robinson, and Gordon Thomson, along with writers, producers, production crew, and family members. They share their experiences and backstage anecdotes as well as their opinions about their storylines, cast members, producers, and directors—including how they were hired, why they left the show, and why they think Ryan’s Hope is so beloved and missed to this day.”

This tell-all also includes an overview of the soap’s history, storyline synopses, and what went on behind the scenes with ABC, plus never-before-seen photos and plot synopses. The legions of Ryan’s Hope soap opera fans will find this insider account as captivating as the beloved show itself.

Photo: KensingtonBooksPub

Ryan’s Hope: An Oral History of Daytime’s Groundbreaking Soap is from Kensington Books Publishing.

So, intrigued to read the oral history of Ryan’s Hope? Will you be getting your copy come October 24th? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Ryan Seacrest on the Key to Success for His ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Hosting Gig: “You Just Don’t Mess With It”

Over the weekend, Ryan Seacrest talked about becoming the new host of the legendary game show, Wheel of Fortune.  The current season is Pat Sajak’s last, so following that, Seacrest will step in to the spotlight for season 42.

When speaking to PEOPLE about how he plans on handling the hosting chores and what might he make different, Ryan shared, “You don’t mess with it, just don’t mess with it. Just get out of the way, say ‘Good evening’ and let’s play.”

As to his excitement for when the gig is finally his, Seacrest added, “I think I have so much adrenaline rushing through my body. Excitement is the word because it’s such a phenomenal show I’ve been a fan. I grew up watching the show. and I can’t wait to take over after the legendary Pat Sajak.”

Ryan’s new gig comes after he left Live with Kelly and Ryan back in April of this year.  He was with the syndicated morning talker for almost six years. Seacrest’s departure paved the way for Kelly’s husband and former All My Children co-star, Mark Consuelos to take over Ryan’s spot in the co-host seat.

However, Ryan has no regret on that decision, sharing, “It was a good time to go, and then fortunately a couple of weeks later, this other great opportunity came to fruition. I’m a kid in a candy store.”

Photo: JPI

Seacrest also was ecstatic for the welcome news that saw Wheel of Fortune staple, Vanna White, sign a new contract to remain with the show.  Ryan shared: “Vanna has been such a staple on that show and in our living rooms for so many years. I have been very excited to work with her, but now that it’s official, I can say, ‘Congratulations Vanna! I can’t wait.'”

Looking forward to Ryan spinning the wheel on the popular syndicated game show next season? Will you miss Pat Sajak? Glad Vanna is joining Ryan and remaining with ‘Wheel’? Comment below.

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