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The Young and the Restless


Y&R Poll: Which Man Should Sharon Romantically End Up With?

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Things don’t ever seem to go smoothly in the romance department for Y&R’s Sharon (Sharon Case)! Recently, after reuniting with Nick (Joshua Newmn), her wedding falls apart after she learns he had sex with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)!

Next, new man in town, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), who has been looking into the disappearance of J. T. Hellstrom, and who’s estranged wife has come back to town, is posing another problem for Sharon.  Seems like Rey and Sharon’s feelings towards one another are growing stronger every day, but they have to put on the breaks on it.

After both being jilted by Phyllis and Nick, there was a moment of closeness between Sharon and Billy (Jason Thompson). The two called a halt to anything further happening, but should it have?

Meanwhile, Sharon also fancied at one time Adam Newman.  Although everyone believes Adam is dead, he could have escaped that cabin explosion, and is healing from his burns somewhere and ready to return to GC at some point.  If he did, and no one recognized his face, yet again, could Sharon fall for the guy?

Then, there is also another option for Sharon.  Stay away from dating any man at all for awhile, concentrate on yourself, enjoy life and get back in the dating game somewhere down the line.

So, who and what would you choose for Sharon?  Vote now in our latest Y&R poll below, and then let us know why you picked who you did via the comment section below.

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Sharon should end up with Adam with his original face. Sharon Case & Michael Muhney lit up the screen with amazing chemistry. Y&R desperately needs them now.

The Beav
The Beav

Michael Muhney was fired for crossing the line with Summer. In this era of Metoo don’t expect to see him return anytime soon.

Chevy Alexander Wengryniuk
Chevy Alexander Wengryniuk

Not true . Do your research . Muhney is Adam. ❤✔


Why do ignorant people like this continue to post a slanderous lie like this? Fact is, that didn’t happen. Leave the man alone.


Bring back the very first Adam for Sharon, they could be smoking together! He was great but left after a writing conflict for his character! He deserves a 2nd chance
However and also sharon case and jason thompson , Billy could be fire together! Both are tops in acting and smoldering. They have potential of tackling some meaty material together. ..just need some better writers to justify it!


Nick, that’s who…….this is the standard on soaps. Everyone cheats on each other….yes, the practise goes against my sense and sensibility, but characters on soaps change bed partners as ofter as they change their underwear.
Gina and Joshua have no chemistry whatsover….same goes for Sharon and Rey…soooo, who’s left? Fenmore? Ha!! Jason Thompson is sooo un-sexy, I can’t see him with anyone, either.
I do not like Kyle—-but, he and Lola will make the earth move….he is THAT sexy ( see, Soaphound? I see his charisma, LOL)
Sharon and Nick have alwas shared that extra ingredient to leave me breathless—-not as titillating as Michelle Stafford and Jeff Branson, but the pull between Nick and Sharon supercedes any other charecter with whom either is coupled.


hi Celia 🙂
I do not like Sharon.
Sharon should be an Old Maid- no man for her!

and- she needs to go full-blown bipolar!

Chevy Alexander Wengryniuk
Chevy Alexander Wengryniuk


Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Let’s see. There was Nick,Jack, Nick, Brad, Nick,Adam, Nick, Victor, Nick. Dylan, Nick. Who did I leave out? Let’s just throw a dart, and see which one lands. I did like her and M.M a lot, probably more than the others.

Breaking News

Network Exec, Angelica McDaniel On Y&R’s Staying Power: “We Have This Award-Winning, Ratings-Generating, Money-Making Show, And It Really Adds Value To CBS.”

This week, The Young and the Restless celebrated 30 years as the number-one rated daytime soap opera.  That is a streak of 1,560 weeks in the top spot.

Angelica McDaniel, executive vp daytime programs and syndicated program development at CBS, spoke to the Hollywood Reporter on what has made this remarkable run; attributing it to strong storytelling and a cast that includes several beloved veterans who have been around the entire time.

The executive noted that while other soaps over the years have fallen by the wayside, and even though we are down to only four surviving network soap operas, that Y&R will be around with no end in sight.

McDaniel stated, “We have this award-winning, ratings-generating, money-making show, and it really adds value to CBS. We expect it be a part of our lineup in the future.”

Photo: CBS

She also added, “The Young and the Restless has some of the best actors in the industry — not in soaps, not in daytime, but in television. We have iconic, legacy characters that have been on our show for decades. Melody Thomas Scott will be celebrating her 40th year on the show in February. Peter Bergman just reached his 30th anniversary in November. Eric Braeden started in 1980. We just have an incredible arsenal of actors who are so talented and play these characters so well that you don’t even realize they’re characters. They become people who are part of your life, part of your daily existence.”

As for the continual investment and ways the audience watches the show on various platforms, McDaniel expresed: “The great thing about daytime television is we have loyal, passionate viewers, and they really like to tune in day and date. They want to stick with their stories and see what’s happening today. … Having said that, The Young and the Restless is also one of the top streamed shows on As trends evolve, we are where our viewers are, and we’re making shows readily accessible so they can get their fix and follow their stories.”

So, what do you think about Y&R? Will it remain if and when all other soaps have come to theirconclusion? Do you think it will continue on for years to come, given its position at number #1? Comment below!

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Y&R Hits 30 Consecutive Years At #1; Show Thanks Fans For Enduring Support

In a record that will never be broken in the annals of daytime drama and television, The Young and the Restless has now remained at number one for 30 consecutive years, according to a press release from CBS Daytime.

That accounts for 1560 straight weeks at the top of the soaps, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings once the show hit the week ending November 30th.

In a statement, Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, CBS Daytime Programs and Syndicated Programs Development remarked: “The legacy of this show is remarkable.  No other modern day entertainment program in ANY day-part has been the top-rated show for 30 consecutive years.  This is an extraordinary feat that could not have been possible without the passion and commitment of the fans, cast, crew and staff. Their support has helped to make CBS’ daytime block the powerhouse that it is.”

Y&R started its current winning streak the week ending December. 30, 1988.   Thanks to Y&R and CBS’ other shows in the daytime line-up including: The Bold and the Beautiful, The Price Is Right, Let’s Make a Deal and The Talk the network has been #1 in daytime for 32 consecutive years.

In honor of this latest milestone, the show put out a video via social media featuring many of its notables from Genoa City, thanking the fans for watching and their continued support of the show over all of these years.   Included in the video are: Eric Braeden, Amelia Heinle, Jason Thompson, Joshua Morrow, Melody Thomas Scott, Joshua Morrow, Sharon Case, Jess Walton, Kate Linder, Jordi Vilasuso, Michael Mealor, Peter Bergman, Gina Tognoni, and many more. Check it out below

Now share your congrats to Y&R on 30 years of love, drama, family, intrigue and more via the comment section below.

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CBS Sells Television City; Y&R and B&B To Remain On Property For At Least Next Five Years

As it has been in the works for awhile,and  on Monday news broke that the CBS Corporation reached an agreement to sell its 25-acre CBS Television City property including its soundstage operations, to real estate developer Hackman Capital Partners for $750 million.

Hackman Capital also acquired the rights to use the Television City trademark.  The deal is expected to close by early 2019 on the historic property.

So what does this mean for your CBS soaps? Well, they aren’t losing their digs for quite some time!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “CBS said that a handful of programs that film at Television City, including The Late Late Show With James Corden, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Price Is Right, will continue being produced on the property for at least the next five years.”

In a statement Joseph Ianniello, president and acting CEO of CBS Corporation said “The sale of Television City unlocks significant value, increasing CBS’ financial flexibility, including the ability to redeploy capital for strategic growth initiatives such as additional content investment. At the same time, we will be transitioning this venerable site to a new owner who is committed to its legacy as both a cultural landmark and modern production facility. Hackman Capital has demonstrated terrific stewardship of classic properties, including their development of the landmark Culver Studios.”

So what do you think of the CBS selling TV City? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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