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Y&R Posts Largest Audience In A Year With Strong Week!

A new CBS press release is touting that for the week ending January 19th that The Young and the Restless delivered its highest total viewing audience in just over a year.

In story, Graham (Max Shippee) was on the receiving end of his own syringe he was going to use on Dina (Marla Adams) to end her life, but it was he who was then taken off life support, while Ashley (Eileen Davidson) was suspect in the whole ordeal, and Lily (Christel Khalil) and Cane (Daniel Goddard) were attempting to rekindle their relationship, while J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) were “rekindling” theirs.

Y&R’s numbers came in at 4.84 million viewers for the week, its largest weekly audience in a year (since the week of Jan. 6, 2017).

The series will celebrate its 45th anniversary in March.

What did you think of last week’s episodes of Y&R?  Has the show improved since a year ago at this time? Comment below!

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It goes up and down..
Weekly ratings will always go up and down and don’t mean diddly poo, actually.

// most likely Dina and Graham are the winners..//

Lily and Cane are barffely Lame, not to mention BORING ..

Cane begs and begs and begs and begs he’s totally whipped ..
He’s like an ant yah crush with your little toe.. the dude lost his manhood ..
bwahaa Wussy Man !!!!


hi Randy,
yes it’s a soap and nobody is real and that is why I can squish the Wussy Man with my toe!

And I’m a sweetheart, actually.
To know me is to love me 😉 lol

Don’t get yourself upset this is Suoo she is a fantastic shit stirrer!!!

Chuckle. Suoo used to push my buttons too, Randy. But now she kind of cracks me up.
I did not want Graham to die! I know he was dastardly, but there was a glimmer of fun in this man. Did they have to make him 100 evil? I thought I saw something there (a heart?(but I guess I was wrong.
The reason Y&R continues to be the number one rated soap is because it consistently pays fidelity to core families and core characters. It’s that simple. Sure, there have been a few missteps and mistakes made along the way but these are easily forgiven because Y&R respects its history and the long time characters who inhabit the fictional terrain of Genoa City. GH could learn a lot form Y&R.

another classic k/kay…”shit stirrer!” LOL…first it was “dating sperm” and now this. LOL!

Oh, SuzieQ…..Wussy Man???? Crack me up…thing is, I never saw Cane as a man. Iam not one of those women who goes into a string of jumping jacks and spinning at the same time over Australian men….especially Cane….he always sounds so whiny and insincere.
Yeah, if he ever had any vestiges of manhood? It’s gone…gone….gone…

I do not think it’s improved at all and I DO NOT LIKE the way Mal Young is doing the show with this day to day scenes and not continuing where they leave off so it’s left to our imagination of what happened between the characters…I have said it a million times and I will say it again, Y&R is no more, it’s not the once great show that was created by William Bell and the show has a total different feel and style and again, I DO NOT LIKE IT and I don’t see how the ratings are up….I don’t even care about Y&R anymore and I am about to quit watching all together…


I am Randy…

Sounds like you should let people have an opinion. The new format sucks. When Mariah yelled at Tessa, I wanted to go back the next day and see reactions to that right then and there……instead, we only get aftermaths and people talking about what happened instead of seeing it. Makes me not care about the storylines. I’ve been watching for 30 years. I’m not going to stop because they’re doing something I don’t like because just like every soap, changes get made all the time and maybe at some point this guy will change it back again.

Kevin, you’re Randy?

I’ve watched for over 35 yrs and think it’s better now than it has been since Bill Bell was writing. I finally recognize characters such as Ashley, Sharon ect. Hillary is being written in a love to hate her way. We all have a right to our opinions but I am extremely happy with Mal Young’s vision for my favorite soap.

Hi toscanti and bianca…I respect you all and your opions but I totally agree with Bianca that the new format sucks and I love Y&R…toscanti, actually the writing that Sally with Kay as a consultant is what started Y&R back to where it should be but the 2 things I don’t care for is the new format that Mal started like Bianca and I mentioned of not seeing something play out and then, here I go again and it’s been years that it’s been gone and I miss it so is the beautiful classic background music which added so much to the show…Ok folks, I am sorry but I have an opinion like all the rest of you do and I respect all of you and again I respect all of your opinions…Take care and be safe out there…

Hi Randy, NO I am not Randy, to different people

Don’t just say it; do it!

Austin Powers would say,”I am feeling kind of Randy, baby!”

JT and Victoria were HOT HOT HOT


Put this show back on the DVR because of Jtoria. Hopefully they will keep Billy and Phyllis out of their orbit.

JT and Victoria look like they’re really into each other. I know the real life couple are going through a divorce but those were real sparks we saw.
They totally look smitten with each other.

heeey Harry ..
I’ll bet you a Dairy Queen, Large of course, that JT is going to burn Victoria and not only burn her but she will be extra crispy..
You agree yes?

Um. yes, I think I agree Suoo.
So you’re saying JT loves Victoria but loves her not medium rare, but well done?

LOL, Harry. I read your question, “are you randy?” but I honestly didn’t know if you were referring to the English definition and were joking or if you sincerely meant it…since Kevin said he was randy! THAT is funny! (no offense to Kevin; nice poster!) though that was a tad confusing!

Rebecca, fancy seeing you here. I was engaging in a little word play. Yes, I meant “randy” as in horny.
But also, sometimes a comma can make all the difference between,”I am eating, Mother” and “I am eating Mother.”
Commas saves lives!

I “stroll” on over here occasionally. Watch the show very sporadically…a bit when Justin Hartley was on, when Steve Burton was on (only watched a bit then discovered I REALLY like DOOL! Got into that very quickly (and recently). I also took note when Scott Grainger was announced on Y&R, then the exit…he reminds me (physically) of Aidan Turner (and a bit of Matt Cohen). So, had to check him out!

Like to tune in to any of MF’s with threads about ratings; soap anxiety (:) ) hoping the numbers are good enough so that we don’t have another soap tsunami that suddenly washes our remaining soaps away!

Also, saw k/kay’s nice comment about getting along…

And…LOLOLOL!!! You’re right, Commas DO save lives! Your explanation above was the epitome of the perfect example! hahahhaha!

JTORIA baby!!! Thad & Amelia are hot. Don’t forget them!

Kelsey, Yes!!! I wonder if Thad and Amelia are back together? Sooo easy with each other….familiar territory, I guess!!


I love Dina!

@Boop. I love Dina too, just sorry they chose to cut off the story, and just shipping her of to Paris like that, probably never to be seen again. Now, the aftermath of Graham’s death and probably Ashley being of interest to the police, does not interest me. Dina’s gone, so let’s just get on with the other SLs . Sorry folks, or anyone this offends, but I’m not looking forward to a Tess and Mariah pairing. Hope Adam comes back, as Chelsea and Nick are a snooze fest, clothed or not! Hillary wants a baby, whoopie! Can’t wait to see who the lucky sperm doner will be, or not. Sick of Billy and Phyllis, Cane and Lily. Devon is on my s…t list, the way he’s treating Mariah , guess money means more. Do not like the senior Newman’s in cahoots, running their grandson’s life. He has a mother and father. Glad Scotty’s gone, but he’s got his hair to keep him warm, and hope Abby takes a very long maternity leave, we deserve it!

As a veteran YR viewer, the ratings for the show over the past decade have been baffling. How has YR managed to remain the top watched soap while it has struggled through an ever changing group of producers and head writers and lackluster writing in the past 10 years??

I personally thought Sally Sussman/Kay Alden were doing a good job (better than any of their predecessors over the past decade) and were NOT given a proper opportunity to write for the show. (These two YR veterans deserved more of a shot than 8 months of episodes). However, as this site and others quickly reported, the ratings declined under their tenure.

Now, the ratings suddenly increase under the new headwriter/producer. While the show is beautifully filmed, I do NOT think the writing has improved —- veteran characters are doing inane things (Jill seriously is thinking about selling Chancellor Industries??? Paul and Cricket actually believe Victor would be involved in a prostitution ring?? Paul really considered the possibility that Ashley killed Graham with a syringe? The Abbotts suddenly forgot about Dina’s will and medical power of attorney as soon as they retrieved her from Graham in Florida??). The writing is NOT remaining true to the characters and, frankly, make them (Paul, Jack and Ashley) look like IDIOTS.

Maybe I’m just in the minority. I’ll always be a Y&R fan but, based on the overall poor quality, have NO idea why the ratings for this soap didn’t collapse 7-8 years ago.

Very well said Barbara and I agree with you 100%….


I agree that some of the storylines have faltered and are badly paced, but the reason fans still watch is because Y&R respects its history and the core families.

Hi Harry, I agree that Y&R is great about respecting it’s history and the core families…

Harry, cut that out!!!! LOL… I am doubled over laughing…”Kevin, you’re Randy?”
That wit of yours is a GIFT….not too many can come up with a pungent, yet hysterical retort in a NY minute.

Thanks, Harry, but…..Not true…..I make so many typos that sometimes I find it hard to understand what I wrote myself. I need to get into the habit of rechecking my writing…..for some reason, my ipad does not autocorrect.

In case I did not make myself clear, Harry…..I do get the double entendre ( double meaning) of the word, “randy”….you are a genius, my clever friend….just ask Ron…he’s an English teacher…his specialty.

Celia, I knew you got it.
You do write so very well. I would have said so before but was trying to give you some personal space and didn’t want to appear disingenuous.

Thanks, Harry…I read too much….sometimes my brain is so full ( of what I don’t know, LOL) , I can feel the words bounce off hither and yon.

Given the bitterly cold, snowy, winter weather in lots of places in the northeast/midwest part of the country that week, it’s not surprising that ratings would be up. More people were available to watch, but that does not mean that the quality of the show is better. It’s not, by a long shot.

The truth is that Y&R has had a very cushy time slot for decades. Honestly, I’m sure plenty of people simply leave their TVs on CBS after The Price is Right (and noon local news on the east coast). It just proves that Y&R’s loyal fans are much more willing to sit through crap day after day after day.

VERY well said about it’s cushy time slot… left on after price is right… and bingo zippo

shows over by 1 p.m… people leave the house errands … not stuck inside… waiting… if they caught something… well same time same place

yeah… i’m so in agreement… with posters on this blog… had it not been for Dina and Graham… not much would be said.

not enough is even said about Gloria and that’s a crime. wish Ashley would rethink her cushy job at calling Y&R her home… and just liven up the place at DOOL

it may be #1 one.. on this site… it’s not heralded enough about being #1. it’s more about what’s become of under the regime of Mal Young.

anyway… DOOL and GH are … no matter how it’s diced.. remain the focal points of interest

It is no wonder we see these numbers. The Graham/Dina syringe scene was epic…..and no other actor but Max, “feeding” off the ever-exquisite Ms Marla, could have pulled it off with flying colors….
I am not into Lily and Caine….no interest whatsoever….still waiting for Daniel/Michael Graziadei to ‘get rid’ of Caine. Too bad for Lily….sooo forgiving…could never understand thst…it’s a soap.
Ashley, as the number one suspect, was no surprise. I think we all figured out what was on Graham’s mind…
Nonetheless, what I thought was an overwhelmingly stellar performance was Mariah’s. She is such a natural….love her. I am glad the writers are exposing Tessa for what she really is. Perhaps I am wrong about her….seeing nefarious behavior because it’s what I want to see? Power of suggestion?
But, Tessa gave me goose-bumps from the beginning …..She always struck me she was not what she appeared to be.I had put her in the same category as Zack, but, possibly not a murderess, thus far. Yet, we don’t really know much about her past.
I never liked her….there was always something off about her.
I, also, think she really is gay; she’s attracted to Mariah, but she chooses money over love? Mariah has nothing….Noah is a Newman, and as such, a “trust-fund-baby”. She probably had all her ducks in a row from the start .
No matter the explanation, she stole Mariah’s very private, painfully written words, to have them scattered in the wind for all to hear. As Sharon said to her daughter, those are not the actions of a friend—Tessa is a self

Sorry…pressed submit too accidentally… should read….
Tessa is a self-serving user.

Celia…as always, RIGHT ON!!!!! I mean…to me, Cane is like a younger version of Jack The Cad. And, to me, Cane is BEYOND SPINELESS!!!!! And if I see ONE MORE CANE AND LILY FLASHBACK SCENE, I am gonna throw SOMETHING out of my living room window…LOL!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

Celia…have a good one, my friend.

AGREE WIH YOU 100%!!!!!

Celia…one more thing for now: Whatever respect I had for Tessa is now gone forever. I mean…for that chick to steal Mariah’s diary (or whatever)…and then use it in a song…to me, that is AN INVASION OF PRIVACY AT IT’S WORST!!!!! And, Noah needs to dump that little thief Tessa and find someone WAY BETTER!!!!!

Take care, my friend.

PS, Jay, it’s not enough that Tessa had to steal Mariah’s heart, she also had to steal her journal and her words! I think Mariah should pull a Taylor Swift and write her own song about Tessa and get it covered by……well, Taylor Swift!!! I smell a guest star cameo coming. You go get her, Mariah and Taylor.

Hey, Jay,
You got me thinking…firstly, I have never liked Jack…so, I needed to get that out. His holier-than-thou-‘tude does not work for me. His core is tainted….he’s not a good person. He and Victor are more alike than they realize….they will both stab anyone in the back, even their own ‘blood’, if it benefits them…the me, myself and I syndrome, as I call it…I know people like that, Jay.
Basically, the writing ( soaps, in this case) mimics real life in most cases.
Secondly, I have always loved Ashley…but, now, since her personality is somehow “changed”, thanks to the writing, I am on the fence about her.
What if the DNA testing was switched, or wrong about Ashley’s paternity? What id Brad Davis was/is not her bio dad?
Beside the fact that “switching” vials in the chem labs is sooo reampsnt in GC and soaps, in genersl; years sgo, such testing was not as reliable. Was a test done recently? I can’t recall. It would be a very satisfying, ” in your face, Jack…so there!!”.
Later, my friend.

I’ll never know why Kathrine gave Devon that money. He is a goof and a scene killer!

Well said, Celia, and I totally agree. I also agree with you, Jaybird. As Sharon told Tessa, what she did to Mariah was “unconscionable”. Let’s take a look at what Tessa did to Mariah: First Tessa leans in and kisses Mariah (yes, she was the aggressor) and then she pulls back and says she can’t go there,and can’t they just be friends? This is utterly heartbreaking and confusing for Mariah so she conducts some soul searching and writes down her deepest personal feelings in her private journal. Tessa, suffering from writer’s block, steals her journal and plagiarizes her words knowing full well Mariah is writing about her! Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, she has the unmitigated gall to sing the finished song on Mariah’s own show–right in front of her! Finally, Tessa lies to Devon and that greedy little idiot takes her side over Mariah’s. This is Fifty Shades of Heartbreak and it seems the only one who has Mariah’s back is her mother, Sharon.
Oh and insult to injury, the apparently shameless Tessa asks Mariah to let it go so she can have a hit song. Unbelievable!

Thank you, Harry. Coming from you, it means so much….you can’t even imagine how much!!!!

Gosh, Celia, I should tell you that more often–you’re a wonderful writer and you don’t make careless mistakes like I do.

Don’t forget that Lilly had sex , twice , with Caine’s friend. She should be forgiving because she needed to be forgiven by Caine.

I realize thst, Boop…but, two wrongs do not make a right, except in Algebra, LOL.
No, seriously….I don’t mean about the cheating so much ( for which I would never forgive my husbsnd anyway….no excuse for it), it was the web of lies Cane wove.
Correct me if I’m wrong ( I may be), but, I think Lily fessed up. I am not saying what she did was right, but she did tell Cane.
I think this was discussed at length on both occasions—yes, there’s always room for forgiveness, I am just not one of those women. ….of course, it does not make me right….it’s my persona. I should be enough….if not, there’s the door. LOL.

Celia, you’re not wrong. Lilly did fess up but I think it was kind of hard for her to say,”This is not what it looks like” when Cane discovered his naked wife in his worst enemy’s bed.

I don’t see how….I quit watching because I am so sick of the Lily & Cane storyline!!! I wish they would write her off the show.

Umm Thad Luckinbill and Amelia Heinle as JToria knockin boots on every flat surface of Genoa City was my reason for tuning in! 😉

Yes they are!! One would think they’re still together because man are they on fire. JT and Victoria for the win.

I wasn’t watching Y&R when Thad and Amelia were on before. Then I hear they were a real item but are now splitting. Could have fooled me. They really seem to be into each other on the soap. That takes real acting to pull this off based on the circumstances. Or is it all acting? Wonder if this will help be a bridge to getting them back together in real life?

And then there was Max and Marla. Wow…especially Marla/Dina. I didn’t know her from before, and was so impressed with her on the tough role she has just played. She’s such a lovely, talented actress. Will miss her. And I think that Dina’s adrenalin could have kicked in and she could catch Graham off balance and put the syringe into his arm by accident.

And Max was also impressive as Graham. Always don’t like it when they kill a character like him off in case they want to resurrect him in the future. He was such a good villan.

JToria for the win. Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill are a winning pair @malyoung @YRinsider…keep them!


While I’m not exactly happy with the show, I have to admit JT & Victoria has made me tune in again. Thad and Amelia sparkle together and I’m happy to see “JToria” get another shot at happiness. They need to keep these two together!

Well wait around we are now going to get a story where JT is hooked on drugs and gets violent with his son and probably Victoria. We are skipping the beats whys did Victoria not have a discussion with why Mac is divorcing JT yes I love their chemistry but we need have atortold not jump at warp speed and no one who posts on this board loves Y&R more then me.

Sorry I pad jumping again ugh

True, K/kay…..JT is on ( probably) some kind of opiate ( barbiturate, narcotic or something), which will eventually catch up to him. We saw a little display of the effects, today……the way he grabbed Reed.
So, K/Kay, should we brace ourselves from what’s to come???? Another drug-addiction-detox storyline. Oh, joy!!!!
Very astute of you…..why did Mac divorce JT? Hmmmm….good question. Is it because of his addiction?…. if he is addicted in the first place……
….I think Victoria is so enraptured and enwrapped with what’s happening with her head, her heart, her body and emotions, she hasn’t come up for air…..she does need to take a breath…
But, Lordy Lord, are they hot !!!! At this point, who cares???? Once Victoria comes down to earth, those questions will come.

I have not caught up but did I read right if I am wrong someone jump in but Dina got to pull the plug because she was his wife but she has Alzheimer’s? I am really upset with Mal he knows better he has made to much comedy watch someone with Alzheimer’s not amusing I am sorry but if you are going to go down the road tell the sadness nothing is funny about a person losing their mind.

Again, K/kay…..very astute of you. I did a little research ( through my husband, LOL) ….
While Alzheimer patients do have moments of lucidity, which Mal has been using to his advantage and convenience, you are right. It does not work that way.
Even with moments of lucidity, such patients are not mentally ‘ healthy’ . Their sense of ken is compromised, therefore, not reliable, especially in a case between life and death.
I guess it’s called poetic license, Kay…it’s a soap. However, regardless of all the ‘irregularities’; what a great scene…..go Marla!!

I know just hits close to home you walk in what I did yesterday you are disgusted she had no ideas what was going on we have to treat her as a child to get her bathed

He is issuing the beats but that’s ok I will always support y &R even if I do not watch it to stay on the air ! He can do better!!!

Ok last comment you are asking me to yes it is a soap to accept his writing can’t do it

I know some people who ‘ve had Alzheimer’s ,too and it has presented itself in the manner as Dina’s. Therefore, it affects people in different ways.

Oh, no, my dear friend….I could never ask you to accept his writing. What I AM saying is that because of poetic license, writers do have the advantage, whether we like how unrealistic and distorted facts are.
It is what it is—-I do not accept it, but shrug my shoulders because I am helpless to do anything.
I am a loyal fan of Y&R…..come what may….I always will be.
I am sincerely sorry about what you and your family are going through with your sister. It is at times like these that we realize how much courage and strength we really have. I believe God is the force behind our endurance….when a door closes He unfailingly opens a window.

Celia he says he has mother who had Alzheimer’s? This can’t possibly herstory no way walk a memory loss unit they could be fuming the walking dead and you watch your loved ones and can’t believe what you are seeing I am dissapointed I now wish he had never gone there.

And I am done with I pad gosh almighty

I do understand, Kay…..I think this delicate story with such a sensitive subject should be treated and ‘written’ with kid gloves.
The PTB did a great job, for the most part, and I did say so….I also stressed the fact that I did not like the ‘funny’ stuff that was written about Dina……not only because I did not strike me as funny ( My feelings not being the point—in the grand scheme of things, who am I, right?), but because of fans, such as yourself, who know firsthand the struggles, the efforts, and the pain when a family member is afflicted with the disease….the last thing they want to see is ridicule of such a deteriorating illness.

Mal’s mother had Alzheimer’s so I think he knows how it affects someone.

The show’s new format continues to undercut any drama by making each episode a new day. I find it hard to believe that Mariah flipped out on Tessa at the end of last Friday’s episode and then everyone just went home and waited until the next day to discuss what had just happened on live tv. Or that an Alzheimer’s patient was allowed to pull the plug on a man she may not have even been legally married to when his mother was alive and well in Florida (something that both Jack and Ashley knew). Instead of trying to reinvent the soap opera wheel the show needs to focus on consistent writing that doesn’t make the characters look stupid (why didn’t Paul speak up and question the legality of Dina not only being mentally impaired but her giving permission to turn off life support on a man she had just confessed to killing? Why is Sharon inviting complete strangers to move in with her and her daughters? Why hasn’t control freak Victor had his investigators make sure homeless Kathy isn’t a threat to his beloved granddaughter? Why is a man who runs a multi million dollar corporation from his living room sofa like Cane named The One To Watch in 2018 by the business world? ). And what was with that “recording studio” which was clearly just a darkened stage with a spotlight? The show had a recording studio set previously so either use it or just have Tessa record her song off camera where apparently a lot of things happen these days since we only see one hour of each day in Genoa City.

And all that time wasted on Cane and Lily babbling about their fragile, special, boring love for one another only gave me time to wonder whatever happened to Lily’s dog Humphrey, Victor’s dog Segundo, and Jack’s dog Fisher. If soaps don’t intend to portray pet owners in a responsible light then why bother? The only soap that I recall ever handling a pet storyline realistically was ALL MY CHILDREN with Daisy and her cat Bonkers and the Dillons and Harold the Wonder Dog. In both cases, AMC not only dealt with the owners’ love for their pets but also their grief when the pets died…

Alan, you are an excellent writer and I appreciate everything you mentioned…I remember Daisy’s cat Bonkers…

Yes, Alan….absolutely. The absurdity abounds!! It’s every soap…look at GH and TPTB changing Roman Catholic law and liturgy.
Cane and Lily…my stomach hasn’t stopped heaving.
I wish PASSIONS were back on… least we knew it was satirical nonsense but enjoyable, regardless. The make believe out-of-this-dimension character foibles and unreality was accepted because we knew it was just that– unreal !!

Alan, Kevin is right, you’re an excellent writer. Yes, Lily and Cane are dull as dishwater. Why not mix it up a little and have Lily get together with Nick ? Which brings me to the other boring couple–Nick and Chelsea. I don’t care how much she prances around in her under things, they are still a bore and all the fancy bra and panties can’t fix that. Heck, I’d rather watch my robovac bump into my coffee table again and again because at least there is conflict transpiring
Now, about Ravi. What a waste of a great character and actor. And Phyllis, who pretends to be his good friend sets him with Hillary? Hasn’t Ravi suffered enough at the hands of creepy Ashely? Here’s what I want for Ravi–I want him to bump into a beautiful, blond, young lady with a British accent. If not a new character, it could be Summer (it could be a recast ) comes back from England with a strong British accent. She’s snooty and uppity but Ravi sees something in her. It could be the theme of Pride and Prejudice meeting up with Somerset Maugham in a East meets West kind of way.
I don’t know, just see a lot of wasted potential with the Ravi character.

Oh, please, Harry….Nick and Chelsea…the tool belt, the shower not working, the greeting at the door in her bustier ( which is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C –just not with them)…..
Also, and this is strictly from a woman’s point of view,….Nick told Chelsea he had ordered boxes of her favorite perfume…BOXES!!!!! Well, unless she uses a bottle per day, perfumes expire.
It is not wine, we’re talking about, where its body, fragrance and flavor get better with age!!!!!
When sitting in a bottle for just a few months, perfume starts to stink….literally, fetid smell. LOL.
Another example of writers not doing their homework.
Oh, my and LOL…. I have spoken my mind about the debacle that was Ashley and Ravi. A thirty year difference between these two!! I can’t even let my mind go there!!

I love Maugham’s works and wonder if any of the current writers even know any of those titles! If they know P and P, it’s probably from a cheesy film version. And, very true: the writers mock the character of Ravi and shame on Phyllis for “being such a good friend” to put him a crappy blind date, a date that was cruel and manipulative.

in a crappy blind date.

Ravi should have been cast as an Indian prince—I see it. He has all the makings of royalty…..he’s handsome and cultured…sadly, there are not enough ‘younger’ women in GC ( not meant as an ageist comment, honest !!LOL) . That’s a fact….Mariah would have been perfect !!
You are right….Ravi is being soooo underused.

Hi Harry, you are also an excellent writer and hilarious, I laughed and and got a kick out of the comment you made about your robovac, lol…Also I agree with what you said about Ravi, excellent idea…

At least Billy came to Ravi’s rescue, telling him what Hillary’s motives were. I bet somewhere along the way, Devon will rise to the occasion. He practically salivates in her presence.

Celia, so happy to know you realize perfume expires. So many women don’t and it’s hard to be in their presence. This is especially insidious when you are on the treadmill next to a woman wearing a heavy amount of expired perfume which merges with the smell of sweat.

It is great news anytime any of the four remaining soaps sees improvement in the ratings. I am a “DOOL” and “B&B” watcher, but I support all of the shows and want to see them stick around. I still miss “AMC” after all of these years.

Love my AMC, Ray….will always be in my heart…all those characters I grew up with were family, as are those of Y&R…

I support all of the shows, too , Ray. However, G.H. is about to turn me off from watching for a while.

As a vet from the getgo viewer I have to agree with these stats. This show is the best it has been in the last 5 years. It started with Sally and Kay and is continuing to be even better with Mal Young at the helm. Of course there will be s/ls that are a waste such as anything to do with Lily and Cane but they pass. I’m happy to see Amelia be given something that counters her shrew image and Jtoria is tremendous chemistry. Sharon has been redeemed and hopefully for a long while. I’m looking forward to the love story between Mariah and Tessa and I’m in the minority for enjoying the rocky road they are taking. Thank you Mal for lessening the time I have to stomach the not so great VN. The ridiculousness of his behaviour over the past two years was enough to make me ff and I rarely do that.
Keep up the good work, the excellent editing and the completion of storylines in good time!!

I so agree with you GramS….I was just as happy to finally see Victoria ‘get a life’….Unfortunately, it seems that something ‘dark’ is going on with JT.
Sharon is my fave –en par with MichelleS, as Phyllis. Poor Sharon, problems never stop for her. Now, it seems, she is in a quandary, again….stuck between her ‘loyalty’ to her kids.
Noah is acting like a jerk towards Mariah, albeit I can understand his hurt. He feels betrayed that Mariah could not confide in him, with her moment of weakness with Tessa. At the same time, he is being so harsh and insensitive to her plight, not understanding how difficult her struggle of coming to grips with her own sexuality is…. He should have a little opening in his heart to such a devastatingly sensitive subject.
And, I do believe Mariah when she tells her brother that her silence was to protect him. Sharon is her mother and as such, of course Mariah would go to her.
In all this mess, Noah keeps dismissing the issue—Tessa ia a cheat and a thief. Noah should think twice before trusting her again, as Devon is doing.
The last thing? Victor is fit and well….his sense of ‘shark’ smell is on the go…..he is ready to devour Jack and all that spells Abbott !! Diving right in….
Oh!! PS…….I think Devon is doing the right thing….his reputation and his company are at stake–honor above everything!! Great philosophy to live by. Glad to see he’s manning up!!

I only tuned back in for JT and Victoria. If they want me to stay on as a viewer they better not ruin JT and try to make Billy the hero. Not here for it.

Amen! Team JToria!

I agree!

I’m with you, Lene…Billy is not Billy; not for me…no hero he.
Well, the mystery of the pills JT is taking is solved? Is he telling the truth? I hope he is.
I truly do not look forward to a drug-addicted JT….not that I am glad he has a heart problem, but at least he’s not a druggie.
I am sure we will know more…perhaps a complete storyline on heart disease? Even congenital heart disease….there’s so much to be known about birth defects….compelling.

I will always support y & r at least Sharon is nit doing the crazy

Will always live my y&r nite and Shay Rebecca’s Celia be kind you are getting off track Michael has allowed this but stop smell the roses be sweet

Hope all is well with you, Kay. I always valued your opinion about Y&R,

Harry, Harry, Harry…I also love a lot of US/Brit punk rock amongst my other music interests. But you are in the spirit of above comments because The Smiths/Morrissey are British. Really like “How Soon Is Now.” Could go on and on but I’m sure MF would not want me to. Very sad a member of one of my favorite bands with an edge, The Zombies, passed away last week. I say passed away because the music carries on. Like Youtube helps us with past year soaps.

@Harry….Thank you for your kind comments! I hear you about British music! I was not so much into the punk movement, but I adored “The New Romantics” of the ‘80’s!!!! (And still do….) As for the Smiths….I think they may have been quite prescient about the royal demise….they were simply a bit premature in predicting it…when Her Majesty departs this mortal coil, I suspect she may take the monarchy with her, but, hey, it had a good innings, yes???? As for “ShyDi-mania?”I was not a participant in that particular phenomenon either….she made an unquestionably beautiful “Princess Bride,” but that highly-fabricated fairytale too soon begat a very ugly reality that remains today. Count me out!!! Having said that, “Victoria” is a charming, frothy slice of “Old Britannia” that is actually better this season than last…the Christmas special is extremely magical! (Though I’m missing Lord M’s handsomely reassuring presence on a regular basis….) I’m still trying to get into “The Crown II”….It’s certainly magnificent in production values and quite dishy with the gossip, to boot, but I do believe much of its more delicious, soapier aspects are not factually-based….still lots of fun, though! (Princess Margaret is my personal favorite…oh my!) Just like you, Harry! I’ve been loving your return to your saucier self!

I’m with you K/kay on trying harder to get along. “Yes” some of us have a different way of seeing things and expressing ourselves, but I would like to think we can show we can coexist, and even learn from each other. Even Shay and I have found we have something in common…lots of things British. There are probably even more. This applies to soaps and real life, and heaven knows we need it in the kind of world events we are experiencing. And most importantly to those on MF, we need it to keep our soaps alive.

@Rose…..I agree we probably have much more in common than it has appeared as of late…For example, I think we share many of the same basic moral values and concerns regarding certain societal problems that are currently plaguing this country…we simply are vexed and perplexed by each other’s polar opposite ideas and ideals in reference to how they can be addressed and corrected. Same situation when it comes to various GH characters and storylines! But I have always tried to show you respect when we have discussed our differences on a one-on-one basis, Rose….we did that quite pleasantly for an awfully long time without controversy because it was sans interference by others with their own agenda that really had little to nothing to do with the topics at hand…and it unfortunately continued to snowball from there. Having said that, I’m all for meeting you halfway in the future…and our British interests are a very good place to start! Oh, coincidentally, I was just thinking of you as I perused my favorite British news website…I routinely read comments posted after royal family articles just for the giggles, and amongst the overwhelmingly anti-Markle remarks were a few from a brand new contributor called “Rose” from the USA who was one of a mere handful defending “MeAgain,” as she is called—-amongst other things—“across the pond.” Probably not you, but the timing was oddly serendipitious, to say the least!

Shay…I’m afraid I can’t take credit for being the Rose from across the pond” you found amongst the Markle comments. Even when you look at MF there are several Roses.

I can see how “real” Brits may be protective of their monarchy, and who is allowed to become part of the family. But from what i’ve read and heard about Meghan I hope they give her a chance. Nobody’s perfect or comes without baggage.

Speaking of British series interests, I found a new one that’s really amusing called “Miranda.” Their humor from Monty Python to “Are You Being Served” can be a little bizarre when you think about how formal they are in their British way.

And as far as the give and takes on MF, I have my opinion on certain subjects which haven’t changed. As have others. Maybe we will never agree. Maybe we will also see it from another point of view. But it’s not a contest about who is right or wrong. Just hope everyone who are feeling the pain give it a rest, move on, and are more careful about what they write and then submit. There’s more important worldly affairs to be concerned about. Which includes our soaps and seeing familiar commenters on MF everyday. 🙂

Hey, what’s Shay doing here?
Welp! There goes the neighborhood! Okay, I know you know I am kidding, Shay.
I like the new found peace which has washed over this site. You all are very forgiving souls and I thank you for that.
Now I am going to tip toe out before I say something stupid to ruin it.

Rose and Shay, I have never been very interested in the current Royal family. I was not one of those who obsessed over Princess Di. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike her and I was sad about her untimely death, but I didn’t invest a lot of emotion into this person. I just didn’t get the fascination with her.
I am an alternative rock/punk rock fan and have been since my college days. I especially love The Smiths and think of The Smiths singing about how the monarchy is dead. That said, I watch Victoria on PBS and The Crown on Netflix.

Hey Rose…I left you a message somewhere…don’t even know now which thread! Was it YOU who mentioned Oultander…I was confused, too, because one “rose” has an uppercase and one a lower…as you do now! Maybe we should have numbers or letters after our names if there are posters with the same name!

I have seen a Rebecca without the number 1…though only a few times…and I think I’ve seen a Becca. And then there are two Kevins, etc….

Too funny. At this point I’d rather we post with our name/faces like no Facebook! THAT would clear up the confusion!

“on” Facebook, not “no”….

Hey, rose,
There are actually only two Roses…you, lower case…then Rose, cap….no more than that….
Rose’s writing is unique, yours very familiar—- as is Mark, very familiar. Mark Y is another gentleman.
And only one Kevin…and Kevin C….both gentlemen.
Then there was a Becky—-only once…..who made an appearance a while back to only post in a condescending manner. If she or he posted again, I may have missed it…..not on this site.
I hope the rif-raf is not trickled here. As Mr. Fairman warned, no punches. I left that behind.

Agreed with MF the first three times ….I guess that includes antagonism not so obvious like when one posts about others (as above) having an “agenda”. When all of that stops, “peace” is certainly a welcome goal.

@Rose…As a longtime “Anglophile,” I am an avid observer of many things British…their phenomenal entertainment programming, fascinating news offerings that I never fail to peruse on a daily basis and yes, the royal family, although my interest in the institution is much more from a past perspective than its increasingly tabloid present. However, the current “issue” which we have discussed is undeniably at the fore these days, and I do feel a great deal of sympathy for the people of that nation and their overwhelming opposition to the interloper in their midst. This is a vastly different situation from the days when Americans could experience the pride and excitement of our own Grace Kelly becoming a European princess…despite the demands of her royal responsibilities, she looked and gamely lived her title from the moment she stepped into her role as Her Serene Highness…and she rarely, if ever, put a false step forward, because she already came equipped with the innate class, upbringing and presence to know how to behave in her newfound situation…her learning curve was not so steep as to what we are now witnessing! Despite your own lack of misgivings and hopes for a “grace period”—-no pun intended!—regarding this latest Yank’s marital ambitions, I truly cannot blame the UK residents for their extreme disappointment and despair at the prospect of this union…it seems ill-advised from nearly every aspect one can imagine and I think it is going to be a truly tough row to hoe for this couple no matter how much some may wish to the contrary. But enough said…this thread is dedicated to fictional soap operas…not real life ones! At any rate, about “Miranda??” I’m glad you have finally discovered it, although it’s been done and dusted for a number of years now—-yet that doesn’t mitigate its hilarity in any way, shape or form. As my favorite character frequently observes, “Such fun!!!!” And it really is…quite whimsical and seriously madcap, plus the fact that the resident hunk, “Gary” is portrayed by “Lucifer Morningstar’s” own Tom Ellis only adds to the inspired romantic lunacy of its eponymous character portrayed by Miranda Hart! (Also formerly known as “Chummy” on “Call The Midwife” for fans of that superb show…) I hope you will catch all the seasons of this much-beloved program, Rose…especially the series finale…I promise you it doesn’t disappoint!!! Having said that, I am much more into the stunning period dramas, well-done historical-based documentaries and quintessentially English murder mysteries that populate GB’s airwaves…the comedical gems are seemingly becoming fewer and far between as the years pass, but there are still great classic “Britcoms” that PBS airs time and time again, and they never fail to amuse no matter how often they are seen!!! (Oh, and by the way, here’s the best news we’ve been waiting for from “Jolly Old England!”…the “Downton Abbey” movie is on…apparently, it is set to be filmed later this year for theatrical release! No word yet on the entire cast list, but Julian Fellowes is working to get as many of our favorite characters as is humanly possible to return…it appears the incomparable Dame Maggie Smith may be the biggest holdout, but I certainly hope not…even her voiceover as an all-knowing/all-seeing narrator from beyond the grave would add that proper touch of pith—and vinegar!—-to the Crawley family proceedings!!!!!! (#ComeBackDowagerCountessViolet!) Good to once again be in touch with you, Rose, despite being seriously off-topic! I promise to do better next time!

@Rose…Just wanted you to know that I did reply to you with (an apparently) too lengthy and off-topic response…it failed to post. Would like to think that you personally received it, but probably not. Oh, well! It was still a treat to share our thoughts on all things “Britannia,”…hopefully again sometime on a more appropriate occasion, since I think this is one shared passion upon which we can definitely find some common ground! Until then, take care and enjoy Miranda!

Nice sentiments k/kay. I appreciate them. About as difficult as brokering peace in the Middle East..but it’s nice to know there are those that don’t want to demolish others!


@k/kay……Always appreciative of your good intentions, kind lady!!! And now back to our regular programming…this is a Y&R thread, right??? I must have missed the last GH exit along Fairman Freeway.

Oh, WOW and holy moly, Shay…I just knew it—I knew that there was something about Faison’s obsession in which went way beyond the norm—I bet they were intimate ( against her will) and she may have blocked it out…..Then, of course , Faison is criminally insane; there is that, and it’s all in his head.
Does Faison know Peter /Henrik is his son? And, if so, would he hold him at gun-point?….. Or shoot him? And, Maxie. What is he planning ? A birth a’ la Nina? Ha!
If what I ( stupidly) think is true…..that Peter is Anna’s and Faison’s? You heard it from me first. LOL.
OH, please watch a few Y&R eps, if you’ve the time. Yes!!

Shay…Yes I did know Gary was Lucifer. Actually like him better as the cocky/confused-at-times, evil one trying to figure out his relationship with Dad, Mom, and Chloe better than Gary. But Miranda, she’s amazingly funny. Talk about a gift for gab and performance. Sonny would envy her airtime.

I’m sure you and i could list a lot of our favorite Brit productions, many times done with the BBC and PBS. But i will mention one of my favorites since it has been in the news of late, and even before the “scandal”…House Of Cards” with Ian Richardson. Another reason why it is incredibly hard to do a remake that even come close to the original.

Hope Dame Maggie relents, and that the script reaches the standards of Downtown Abbey.

As for Meghan, I was reading she may be having growing pains in giving up her more independent way of living (ie: spontaneous lunch with friends without guards). Plus she didn’t like that Harry went on a boar shooting weekend with his buddies. She’s an animal rights person. For me that could be a deal breaker unless he gives up hunting. I don’t care if he is a prince or not. 🙂

Yeah, right. Y&R took a wonderfully entertaining villain like Graham and killed him off. Oh…and that so-called death scene with that syringe was BEYOND LAME!!!!! So, now…Jack will probably become EVEN MORE SMUG and Ashley will probably become EVEN MORE SELF-RIGHTEOUS!!!!! Nice going, Y&R…NOT!!!!!!!!!! Morons.

Too funny, Jay….love your sarcasm. You didn’t like the syringe thing???? I thought it was so a’ propos for Dina to come to her senses, at the most opportune time, and defend herself. I think that was the whole point. Yes, it was somewhat lame, since It was hard to believe Dina mustered all that strength.
At the same time, it was Karma. Irony does bite.
Later, my friend.

Its Timmm, seems know that Faison has that magical “Sonny Sperm” floating around PC!

A Y&R villain. Look no further than the deliciously evil Ian Ward!

Hi, Shay,
Welcome…quelle surprise, mon amie…..does this mean you heeded my advise to start rewatching Y&R? You won’t regret it. Stay , Shay!!!! Oopsie, that rhymes. LOL.
You are familiar with most of the cast, yes? It won’t be long before you get into the rhythm of “things’……so happy!!
Victor and Nikki have reunited for the umpteenth time, recently….supposedly platonic relationship, which only close family members know….but, not the rest of the world, LOL.
And, the Abbotts are forever in some kind of tangle. Unfortunately you missed the great Ms Marla….
And, speaking of GH….Anna seems awfully concerned about Peter….as I said to our Timmm, is she his mother? Did Faison violate Anna back in the day? Such a past story would be so analogous to Nikki Newman’s when she was finally united with Dylan, her son.
Looking forward to your Y&R comments, Shay…. soon….

@CeeCee…Alas, no, I’ve yet to “move” back to Genoa City, but since, unlike in Port Charles, so many of the legacy characters I have known and sometimes loved in the past are still long-standing residents in their hometown, I can still post with some degree of clarity! How different things are in these two “soapspheres,” eh???? At any rate, it is nice to see a great number of my all time favorite MF posters here, as well….that alone may make a future visit to “Wisconsin” (ala Robert Scorpio? Lol…) a prospect to consider! As for your question about Faison and Anna’s backstory??? There was a point in GH history where both Robert and she were thought to be dead due to their seemingly enndless battle with Faison, so she does have some “missing years” that can be easily manipulated to allow for her to have borne a Cesar-based progeny….unwillingly or otherwise! Anna has also suffered episodes of amnesia, hence this watershed event would probably be covered under that heading!!! (I mean, would you want to remember something so horrifying??? Rhetorical question….) At any rate, reading your clever quips/comments made my trip here utterly worthwhile, mia amica!!!! I shall return!

Hey, CeeCee…..Regarding Faison? I know that he is a sick, twisted creep with no redeeming human value, but does that mean that we cannot also find him to be an absolute laugh riot? Just the sight of Anders’ “mad-haired miscreant” made me guffaw with abandon and delight! Then when he was so obsessively stroking Anna’s cheek, the look of utter revulsion on Finola’s face was utterly priceless!!! A “Kodak Moment,” indeed! And….of course, we cannot forget Cesar’s cruel taunt to Liesl when she said she would give him anything he wanted in return for her son’s safety…and he replied something to the effect of, “I already got what I wanted from you woman, that’s how you had Nathan” OMG….It’s not nice to insult Dr. O.!!! This feisty frau scorned is going to be loaded for bear once she escapes her torture chamber and payback is going to be a b*+@#!!!!….Can’t wait…Go Obrecht!

Hey, there, Shay,
Very quickly….you pinned and penned Anna to the letter….priceless ‘Kodak’ moment. What talent to make one’s expression say so much….yet Ms Grahn gets credit for making eye-contact with her obsession.
I, also, liked when Faison, said, ( paraphrasing)…’shut up…just shut up!!!…. only he can tell Liesl to shut up and not get a wise retort, in return….LOL.

Amen to that, CeeCeeGirl!!! Only Faison could make such revolting boorishness so hilariously amusing!!!! Know what would be oh so satisfying??? If Anna and Liesl were to join their lethal skill sets to hunt down this mirthfully maniacal menace once and for al!!! You know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of deal??? Just imagine the b*+@#y banter between these two avowed opponents during their quest ala Cesar……’twould be epic and if they ever were to track down Faison to his secret lair, he wouldn’t know what him hit with these fiercest of femmes out for his blood !

Celia- he was on yesterday and the day before-it was a 2 episode Diagnosis Murder where first Dick Van Dyke’s son is shot-I like him and he is handsome and a good actor-but throughout the series his hair color went from one shade to another and another and never seemed to hit the mark. I am not a colorist-but think I could have done a better job on his hair. I have never seen him in any other show-have you? Robert Gentry-even the name I love-swoon. I love Victoria Rowell in this show-she is excellent-never saw her on YR. I would rather see Paul get a good story than many of the others. I don’t really care for the actor playing Billy and I know everyone thinks he is such a great leading man-but he has failed to impress me and I don’t really care for the whole Billy Phyllis supposed romcom stuff.

Hi, again,
I didn’t watch yesterday….I have three sisters….sometimes they just show up at the same time, LOL…there goes my day!!!! But, I love it.
Oh, Victoria, as Dru made Y&R what it was…..Hilary comes close, but, there will never be another Dru…spunky and daring…sometimes obnoxious, but one never stopped loving her.
I guess you missed my posts about nuBilly. A terrible copy of my Billy Miller…..Thompson does not meet the qualifications of an authentic Billy Abbott–paired with Phyllis does not help, at least, not for me.
Thompson was great as Patrick, but he lacks that laissey-faire, boyish ‘tude, so inherent to BM.
Robert Gentry…yeah, the name does have a sensual ring about it….almost made up—bad-boy-like. I like bad boys, as long as everything is within the law, LOL….

Seems like Y&R has just given up! I watched Tuesdays episode in fifteen minutes! I like when Billy, Cane and JT hang out. It makes Billy and Cane tolerable. Dina is gone. What is left to watch?

Abby will return. You like her, T….something to look forward to.
I guess Melissa’s pregnancy was written out….as I had suggested, she would be sent somewhere and return after maternity leave.
I am assuming her appearances on video ( from Paris) were pre-recorded weeks ago.
Plus, our favorite billionaire, Devon, will make a baby with Hillary. So exciting!! LOL.
…..which brings me to deduce Mishael is pregnant.

Y&R needs a Faison-type, T…..suddenly he has kids all over the place, including Peter ( Hendricks?), who is also Anna’s son given away at birth?
We both like Eric Braeden as an actor ( as does Harry) and he is killing the character he plays in Victor….but, he pales in comparison.
Graham was a sheep…Zack too young and amaturish….Luca miscast…..
So, we need a baddie without a heart to really disrupt GC’s equilibrium.

You know what I like about Faison? He at least has the decency to stay bad! There’s irony for you. No more redemption storylines on GH. If you introduce a villain to the canvas, keep him a villain. The redemption stories do not work.
Take a look at Franco. Despite the talent of Roger Howarth, Franco is an unmitigated gall.

Franco is an unmitigated failure, not gall. I am having trouble typing on my Jitterbug phone. Forgive all my mistakes.

The magical Sonny sperm? Classic, T……I love Faison!! I don’t know why.
You know? I thought I saw a tear in his eye when with Anna. Does Faison have a smidgen of a heart?

Jay, I am hoping Graham has a twin brother who could be dastardly and naughty but not entirely evil. As I keep saying, Graham is that guy you want to sit next to at the wedding reception. You just know he’s a fun gossip. I wish they had not killed him off.

That is so true, Harry….keep villains as villains. People do not really change….only in soaps.
I know I keep bringing up Italian adages, but my husband’s grandfather has a barrel-full of them: “the wolf sheds its ‘hair’, but not its habit ” ( il lupo cambia il pelo, ma non il vizio).
Fits perfectly, wouldn’t you say? Faison stays true to form. Victor, not as bad as Faison, stays true to form etc.
The newest ‘reformee’ is Ava…..Julian will soon follow suit. Sonny is simply a walking contradiction…can’t put a label on him.
I love Roger, Harry, but I cannot come to grips with Franco, as I did with Todd…’s not that I don’t like Franco….he confounds me. I guess that’s why I have a semblace of attraction to his weirdness….because I can’t get into his head? That ticks me off, LOL.

Harry…I know we’re here and not on GH but since you made the Franco comparison.., if he stayed a literal, psychotic killer then he’d be off the show (LOL, yes; I know that’s your desire as well as some other viewers) and just doing his dastardly deeds every now and then as does Faison. Perhaps at the time they were scrambling to find a new character for Roger they could have chosen more wisely…a long-lost Q…Jason’s twin (before Billy Miller even joined the show). But, they didn’t. And, so, the only way to keep this character on was to redeem him.

Unlike Ava who seems to have learned from her evil ways and paid many a price, from losing custody of her daughter to the horrific end result of tampering with Morgan’s meds to the fire…and now being loved by Griffin, we see an evolution. Same with Nina, who was understandably deranged when we first met her. (People DO have psychotic breakdowns, etc and come back.)

But with Franco I think they came up with a great idea for his crimes. He’s obviously still troubled by his past and I think/hope there’s a good story coming with him…but he’s not “redeemed” in a sense because he wasn’t responsible to begin with.

And, again, I understand that doesn’t work for you. But for myself, and others who DO like the character it’s the perfect rationalization to root for him. Sympathy for the Devil? Especially when the devil didn’t make him do it…but a physical malady? What say you? Don’t answer. I know! Agree to disagree…again! 😉

@Harry…..You are spot-on regarding Franco! This character is an unmitigated failure no matter how much RoHo has tried to infuse him with ironic humor as Port Charles’ resident court jester. Now we see that just as our beloved Laura has been sacrificed in a foolishly useless attempt to glorify the decidely inglorious Alexis, Kevin’s been equally forced to don his psychological sorceror’s cap in order to conjure up a reason that despite Franco’s mile-long rap sheet of maniacal misdeeds, this perennial pariah really isn’t a monster at all!!! (Thus, it shall be our duty to collectively admire and embrace him.) Poor Dr. Collins….me thinks all of his valient efforts will ultimately be filed under “exercises in futility!” Does that mean he shall soon be off to join Laura in her “Parisian limbo,” as well????

Hello Harry. Loved Graham. I regret we never got to enjoy him engaging in any dalliances of delightment during his short stay in Genoa City. I can not stand Franco. Sick of his entire storyline and wish he would leave.

I hoped against all hope that Graham would survive it! So many lost future plots could have been explored. Instead, they’re just writing off characters left and right.

Max was stunning, Ron. But, I did not take to Graham. He was your standard baddie—no charisma, albeit many liked him, as yourself. I am in the minority, I know….
He was just too debonaire and suave for me—impeccably dressed– his suits fit mahhhvelously…what’s that old cartoon character? Dishonest John, with the handle-bar mustache? Well, Graham didn’t have a mustache, but I always pictured him with one. HaHa.

Celia– we’ll never know! I’m just hoping the writers didn’t put Dina out to pasture (aka Paris.) I wonder why Abby is there for 2 months (is she pregnant in real life? Vacation? Seems odd for the timing.) Unless– of course– the plot thickens in France? I think it would be brilliant to have Dina hallucinate her former “men” especially John Abbott (I think the actor is still alive) and, naturally, Graham ( I think it would be a clever twist to this story, and from what I know about Alzheimer victims, they “really” do see people from their past. Informative and entertaining– the keys to Y and R.

Hi, and LOL, Ron,
I have been saying Melissa/Abby was pregnant from the beginning. I guess it’s a woman think….and, I may have read it somewhere…can’t recall.
But, when I started noticing her using props, such as folders, a huge hand-bag, carrying her coat over her arm to hide her ‘bump’, I knew she was pregnant.
I had said that if TPTB did not incorporate her pregnancy into ‘a storyline’, then, she would be sent away somewhere.
Thus, as it so happened, Abby in Paris….where she will remain throughout her maternity leave. LOL.She already has one child ( I believe through surrogacy or adoption)– best to her and blessings…children are a blessing!!
As far as Dina, Ron…..the plot could be thickening in France, LOL….. I do not want to lose Dina; therefore, it would be great if she were diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Remove the tumor, and voila’, we have Dina back, in full mental and physical form.
Alas, she is desplaying all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s….And, yes….such patients are very lucid when retelling their past life. I know this elder ( lady) who tells me she used to work for ” Colt”, back in the day….The gun manufacturer, in Connecticut? She remembers every detail….very entertsining, as you say. Not in a ridiculous way, but very funny as she divulges her interaction with co-workers of days gone by….unfortunately, she cannot recognize her own children, most of the time. She thinks I am one of her daughters.
So, we will see Abby eventually. Dina? Yet to be known. But, I surely hope to see her again, my friend.

Ron, surprisingly enough, no one even mentioned Abby’s pregnancy on any of the Y&R sites—I find that kind of weird—I said it so many times, nonetheless, no one seemed interested, I guess?
Also, please ignore the typos ( display)…. ’tis quite embarrassing when corresponding with an English teacher—hanging my head in shame here!! LOL.


I rarely proof my own messages. The mind works faster than the fingers so I have a blind eye to everyone’s slip ups; mine are at the top of the list!


Just read Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I’m still in the dark (matter)– ha ha. It’s like watching an episode of Y and R– 40 minutes= 24 hours.

So, you got my “refraction” post? LOL.
You know, Ron, I could never pass up a clever remark…. “matter” ; such a beautiful word….music to my ears…not that difficult if you line up your atoms in an orderly matter. HaHa.
Speaking of Y&R–no matter what goes on…that is, Chelsea, ironically, said to Hilary, “….people do not change”……Ha!! So, where does this enlightening info fit in case?????
Then, what’s up with Hilary? The PTB are working overtime “changing” her persona. I smell redemption.

The driving story was by vets. I hope TPTB notice that.



Last post until back home on computer feel like a moron the lap top jumps !

Beats going to Washington or Hollywood to save those suckers! Lol

This show really needs to bring back the character of Adam. The character needs to be someone really really strong…as strong at Victor. The day will come when they need someone to take over the lead. Come on folks. Look to the future.

Yes, Judith. I wish MM would return….but, who knows how things stand between him and the network, or TPTB at Y&R?
Yes, look to the future….when ( not if, LOL) Adam returns, heads will spin…..we need that; the show needs that. Adam could be the FOOD Y&R needs for sustenance.

Though there has been some hiccups along the way recently I have been enjoying the show more a bit lately, mostly because of JT and Victoria. I am loving their easy yet sizzling chemistry, they’re even hotter this second time around. Dina turning the tables on Graham was almost Shakespearean and it’s great to see the writing actually using Camryn’s skills as Mariah blasted Tessa… those things paired along with Jtoria have made the show better imo. I only hope the upswing continues.

The Abbots are bringing it.
Peters portrayal when dina confuses jack with john is heartbreaking
..Im also digging the chemistry between Ashley and her new lawyer Tony. About time Ash got involved with a hit bad boy!

The thing with the needle/syringe. Dina may have stuck Graham with it, but did she then push the plunger? No, I don’t think so.

Could he have died just from having whatever may have been on the needle tip go into his body?

So for me, Graham dying rang kinda hollow. Not to say I’m not glad he got what was definitely coming to him, but I think execution wasn’t so great. Plunger wasn’t pushed, meaning whatever was in the syringe didn’t go into his body.

Wow!!! Good point….very observant, Mo. the syringe had always been in Graham’s possession. Did he poison the tip of the needle for a speedier death? Perhaps he did have some feeling for Dina, as twistedly contradictory that sounds.
We may be underestimating Dina. Maybe, she did it….. was Dina watching her own back??…she did ask Graham what he was doing with all those drugs when she caught him redhanded.

When the syringe was stuck in Graham’s arm and he was acting all weird (like being poisoned), I noticed the plunger wasn’t depressed. Why didn’t he just grab it out?

I guess it’s a soap and we just have to go with it, but still….

It’s all about JT. I am amazed that Thad and Amelia are divorced and able to bring so much heat onscreen. I want to know what those pills he is taking are and if Victoria is still in the throes of whatever it is that changed her behavior after her fall because of Abby. It’s been awhile but I can’t forget it.

Viagra. 😉


It was the B&S face mask that changed her behavior. I think she’s good now.

Oh, I forgot about that. Thanks.

I like J.T. and Victoria together ; they make it seem as if they’re reconciling even if they aren’t. I love Dina’s in the show. As I wrote on an above comment, I know some people who acted as Dina ; lucid at times and funny at times ; wandering from home and violent ,too. The writer isn’t taking license/s. I miss Victor Newman ; plus, as one commenter said, they need to get Adam back to fill Victor’s shoes. I also agree that I don’t want Billy to be the one to come to the rescue of Vicky . Lilly and Cane have fans, too ; so, I want Mal to stop allowing Lilly to be so unforgiving. Allowing the kids to believe that she has been so goody does Cane and them an injustice.

Writers do take poetic license, Boop, in all writing….’tis allowed…..if not, every piece of work would be censored….. And there is a difference between ‘funny’ and ridicule….. at least, for me.
I do know how the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient fluctuates between humor, happy, sad, and violence….to the point of doing harm to oneself.
I have seen one of the sweetest ladies I have ever known mistake a serrated knife for a comb… this point, she needed to go to a facility where she could be watched 24-7.

Do the kids know of her affair with Joe? Maybe they were too young.

Yes, they were, Mo… was way before the kids were sorased ten years, LOL.

It has improved except for taking away our “next” and using valuable soap time reshowing what we already have seen. Bring Adams character back PLEASE!!!!!

i have been enjoying the show very much with Mal Young’s writing and exec producer. I love Dina and am really hoping that we find she has an identical twin that was either posing as Dina or whatever it takes to bring her back if possible and I don’t think she will not have Alzheimers and return well as Mal really took that story to heart having experienced it with his own mother. I liked Graham-certainly easy on the eyes. I am really looking forward to what is in store with Feb. sweeps.

I have always maintained the Dina was either faking it, or she is ailing from “something” else, Phil.
I’m with you…..I want Dina back…..”If I could turn back time….”.

Hey Celia, how are you? I don’t know how you and others hang in here in the comments unfailingly. I stopped again and again when the majority of mine didn’t make it-and the ones that did threads that made no sense without the others. I love the site-no fake news, love the layout, no pop-ups and other distracting irritants. Also Michael does great interviews and is on top of any breaking news.
I turned to YR after other shows cancelled. So Dina was new to me. But I felt I knew her-no not delusional-I hope-anyway, I finally Googled her and there it was- she was Belle on Secret Storm. I remember Belle vividly-I can not recall any specific plots/details-other than she was a force to be reckoned with and I was in awe. So happy and excited for her to be an Emmy contender and bless her heart-I feel she deserves it-not only for Dina but for her years of superb performances. I don’t know what her fate will be on YR, but do hope there is a way-and there always does seem to be a way-to keep Marla Adams on the canvas.

Thak you for your response, Phyllis. LOL, what you experienced concerning “Dina” is deja-vu. ‘Secret Storm’ is not familiar to me, but I am very familiar with Marla, as I have been watching since I was four, with my grandmother. Most of it is fuzzy, but, I remember faces, if not storylines….this was 1990 or ’91..
Well, my friend…not only is Y&R my favorite soap, it’s my favorite site… is Days. We are free to opine ( nicely, LOL) without the fear of being attacked ….a true democracy, yes?
I think not seeing what we write before we write an afterthought ( hope I’m making sense) happens to all of us.
I’m thinking that the moderators don’t realize that one thought follows the other and one of the comments gets lost in space.
I can’t speak for anyone else, but the reason why I hang on is my love for Y&R. I stopped posting on GH….I was never vested in that soap…late comer, but was starting to feel like home…being cut at the knee and maligned is not worth my time.
I was so used to following up by posting, after watching daily episodes, that I find myself going to the site instinctually, but then catch myself.
Mr. Fairman is soooo nice….he is very diplomatic, and could kick myself for falling into the trap so many times. Well, no more.
Yes, he does dona fantastic job…very magnanimous of him to appease our hunger of wanting to be part of the soap world and its characters. We soap lovers should be very grateful.
As I said to Shay, I hope you make the Y&R sites your home, as well.

Usually the original post would not make it and the follow ups would which made no sense but whatever. Que Sera Soap Sera. So what I am hearing is that you are now the Genie Francis of Michael Fairman Soaps and have left Port Charles-which makes no sense-and handed over your keys to Alexis Davis. Life imitates art? I am going to do my best to get along with everyone in loving harmony. Remind me of that when the bus runs over me and backs up-would you? Now please pack a bag and return from Paris immediately to PC-and bring your grandson with you-I so like that little Nicholas. xox

LOL….I tried more than once, my friend….but I stop at name calling.
YES, been there done that….the second post without the first made no sense….but, as you say, “que sera, soap sera”…
I left by choice, LOL…yet, I hope Genie does come back to GH…. I miss her already….however, as you can see, no matter where I go, space invaders try to overtake the territory. Ha!!

@Phyllis….I also remember Marla from her brief time as “Myrna Clegg” on Capitol. (Playing opposite Constance Towers’ decidely un-Helena-like, goody-two shoes character, Clarissa!) This actress has always portrayed society women so well…Having said that, am I the only one who thinks she could do justice as GH’s Monica Quartermaine’s long lost sis after she departs Genoa City???

Shay, I would not trust GH to -well I want to talk about GH with you and get your take on a few things- Marla- I want her to stay and OK if she is long-lost twin or anything to keep her on. Main thing on my feeble mind right now is Cagney & Lacey reboot. For them to do this without even having a conversation with Tyne Daly or Sharon Gless -to me is infuriating, Guess they forgot all the emmys those two raked in. They can certainly carry a show as well as Candice Bergen or Tom Selleck. I will look for you on GH pages please tell Celia to join even though she does not want to not the same don’t like it.

I never saw Capitol. I wish they would bring back a Soap Channel and replay all of the classics. I found you on a GH thread and gave my two cents on a few things hope you get it. I must say, I have evolved(so been waiting to use that line) regarding Alexis Davis. I saw her the other day on GH and I thought she looked stunning. I had no idea she is almost 62. To me she could pass for 50. She must take great care of herself and it does show. Now if only I could. She is not my favorite character or actress, by any means, but she has managed to keep herself on contract and a huge fanbase. Her morals and choices and bed partners-well if Laura had been allowed to be anything besides mama bear and granny and wife to Kevin-the minute I saw that coming down the road I knew it was the end for her. They are sweet. Just like Joe and Ruth Martin. They no longer contract those type of characters we all love and I would have loved to see Laura find her own way instead of marry Kevin. Wish Lulu would have been axed- she reminds me of cousin it from the Adams family-was that the show and cousin it this bobbling hairpiece?

Dear Mr. Fairman,
As you can see, I have been followed to Y&R, not bothering anyone. Now, the innuendos directed at me have started. I feel I am being stalked. Why would you allow this?….it seems that your ‘chiding’ and warnings never work for Rebecca. She has already started on Days….
I am at a loss as to what to say. She is at it again, throws rocks and then hides her hand. Is she trying to drive me completely from your sites? She never posts here….she does not watch Y&R; therefore, the only reason is to scorch me.
If anyone needs banning, it’s she.
Thank you, sir.

Just as I predicted they would, CeeCeeGirl…how I wish I’d been wrong….I was hoping that Salem or Genoa City would have been the “sanctuary” we’ve been seeking!

This has gone on and on and on for years now. I honestly don’t see anyone getting banned or going away. Let’s focus on sharing our thoughts and feelings on the soaps with others who appreciate our viewpoints or who don’t but are receptive to other viewpoints. Life is too short. Seriously, I wish I could turn back time and erase so many horrid things I have said and done and I am not saying anyone else said or did anything. I’ve taken sides and dived right in and so have numerous others and nothing changes. I’ve really enjoyed both of your posts on here and would love to continue and without hiding somewhere as there is nowhere to run to nowhere to hide. xox

Always a ready reply, readons and excuses, without rhyme or reason….I remember reading a comment made about an obsession for moi. I do not get it? Why me????…there is a sudden interest in Days and Y&R. So transparent.
It is beyond me, how some get away with it. Weird!!

Celia, have you seen Superstore on NBC? it is 30 minutes- it is a comedy but really a soap opera- and so so good and hysterical. I guess it has been on a few years but just discovered it and love it and want to talk about it. If you can watch last night’s and week before episodes-let me know- we seem to like the same programs and this one is my new favorite. Have a great weekend.

Hey, Phyllis,
I caught a couple of eps when the show first came out….I did think it was hilarious….unfortunately, the timing is not great for me. I didn’t even realize the show was still on. I do like America Ferrera….I used to watch “Ugly Betty” regularly….
I must record the show, so we can talk about it….why not?!

Okay, CeeCeeGirl…..I’ve traveled to all of your favorite soap towns in order to stay in touch, but I have to say that none holds the same appeal as Port Charles…that is the one that I know the best and feel most inclined about which to comment…But it is totally mundane without your input there…I’m keeping up my end of the conversation going, so is the incomparable Phyllis, plus Timmm, Fanny, Harry, Patrick and other favorites of ours…even the fabulous Francesca put in an appearance, yet it’s simply no fun in your glaring absence! Please reconsider your self-imposed exile from Port Charles and grace us with your presence once again…I’m tired of having to hold onto my barf bag as I skip through all the gloating posts! Don’t let the bullies win….y’all come back now, ya hear???

Thank you for your lovely, gracious post, CeeCeeGirl!…..Your deeply kind words were ever so appreciated, as has been your gingerly-stepped return into the Port Charles fray! I understand that you needed a wee break from the recurring rudeness that keeps rearing its ugly head, but your clever quips and wise-beyond-your-years observations were sorely missed during your brief sabbatical….What can I say? Those “Cee-Cee-esque” intellectual and cultural references—not to mention, witty asides—-are truly indispensible to the GH threads! Just never forget what a supremely special soul you are to so many of us at MFSoaps and know we are always on your side, mia amica bella! As for my “fierceness” and “loyalty,” I reserve it for those that I most admire and treasure—-both here—and in “real life!”—-so whenever one of the phenomenal people who graces this website is absent for the wrong reasons and deprives us of the enjoyment of their unique perspectives and talent, I do vociferously defend them since I believe they deserve such considerations—-and you remain perfectly perched at the top of that select list! Oh, speaking of “select,” where’s the immensely delightful Phyllis? Back in hiding, shopping at the “Superstore”….or simply stuck in that stubborn “vortex” yet once again??? Do tell, Ms. DeMarco….

And I wish we knew each other in person, as well, CeeCeeGirl!!! Oh, the “conversations” we could be having! LOL! At any rate, I’m so sorry to hear of your “headache”…hope you are feeling better today. Normally, winter is the best season for my sinus woes, but the up-and-down weather has been giving me the occasional twinges of discomfort, too…still better than spring and summer though! I apologize for the delay in my response…it has taken me a few days to catch up on GH….with the departure of Faison, my interest has rapidly waned…other than Anna and her “mystery child” and of course, Dr. O.’s next moves, I really care not about what is happening. Nina’s histrionics are DRIVING ME UP THE WALL, and I suspect she’s not done yet with her epic meltdowns…me thinks she’ll be milking Nathan’s death for weeks (months?) to come….count me out! About the only thing that could even make his funeral palatable for me would be a musical tribute from his “Mutter.” Could we be blessed with such a performance by the oh-so talented Kathleen Gati? I certainly hope so…Anyway, still on the lookout for the elusive Phyllis…will catch up with you later “in Port Charles,” mia amica! Just wanted to send you a momentary reply to acknowledge your lovely post!

Wishful thinking, ma belle amie….. the fab times we would have! ….Probably drive you nuts with my incessant chatter, LOL.
I am in the same boat as you, and many others, are, Shay……Faison was killed too soon.
I had anticipated ‘spending’ time with him gor sooo long, the rntire funereal ambiance of every episode since Peter came to town, sort of left a bitter taste in my mouth.
It is beginning to look like Peter is Anna’s ….my question is?? How involved is Valentin in all of this?

Ah, yes, CeeCeeGirl…fab times, indeed! I don’t think your “incessant chatter,” as you put it, would be an issue at all! So many topics from which to choose beyond the soaps and MF site, in general! (As if those don’t provide more than sufficient fodder for conversation… LOL.) But in terms of GH, yes, I am not at all pleased with how quickly Faison was dispensed…I anticipated some grand showdowns with Anna and Liesl…along with the dark comedy that Anders does so well…although we obtained a few chuckles from his crusty utterances this time around, they were far from enough! Guess we had just better hope he is not well and truly dead because Peter as a chip off the old Cesar leaves much to be desired, whether in cahoots with Valentin or by his lonesome….Anyway, still no words of wisdom from the redoubtable Phyllis…schucks, I was really loving her clever banter! Lastly, I did answer you on the Anna thread, but as you had no link, I replied immediately after your comment, it’s there, so be sure to check! Later, mia amica!

I wish Paul would get a real turn at being a leading man on YR. I would love for him to fall in love and dump Cricket and be front and center for awhile.

@Phyllis…I never did like that Cricket….She was an irritating little twerp back in the day and the years have done nothing to mitigate her annoyance factor. Paul can do so much better…..

Do you remember Ross Chandler from AMC? So Handsome and delicious. Why they ever booted him is beyond me. He is on a Diagnosis Murder I am watching and I always loved him. I did not watch YR in Cricket’s heydey. I guess she was a big deal back then and I remember hearing about Cricket and I found her name rather bizarre. When she is on now, she seems rather one-dimensional. Always kind of angry and ready to try a case where she has the facts wrong, loses, or convicts someone we don’t want convicted. Think “sucked a lemon.” Paul is kind and handsome and in my opinion, a definite leading man. Would love the drama of such a principled good-guy making the foray into adultery. If Cricket ends up getting offed by his new lady, oh well. Saves a call to Orkin.

Hey, Shay,
I had responded to Phyllis….but,, do not see it….anyway, Cricket used to be very likable. I loved her….i’s since she’s become DA…..she is a sour puss. I still like her, though.
I thought that Cricket and Paul were soulmates; I still do……she just needs to relax, LOL.

Shay and Phyllis,
AMC is another defunct soap that I hold dear to my heart. I can’t say I remember Ross Chandler, so I googled him…Robert Gentry? Yes, he was hot, with his ’70’s ‘stache’ , LOL…..
I catch a few eps of DIAGNOSIS MURDER, now and then, in the morning….but, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him, albeit I do enjoy watching Victoria Rowell…always loved ‘Dru’….
I love Paul….he seems a very nice, likable guy in real life…..I know Doug has been married to Cindy Fisher ( Dana-Y&R) for a very, very long time, as my Gran says, who is my “soap-source”, LOL.
I think Doug is such an interesting character, if he were ‘displayed’ in a different light….personal life?
TPTB did have a few eps where Christine ( Cricket) miscarried …..the short storyline did neither of them any justice, as, it usually happens, the plot turned to Nikki Newman…..sound familiar?
So, many talented actors/actresses get pushed into a corner as background ‘minions’ to uplift others.

Thank you, Phyllis!!!!! I certainly cannot argue with any of your observations….and yes, it would be all kinds of fun to see Paul step out on that unpleasant Cricket person…so who do you suggest for his “dalliances of delightment???” (My compliments! What a classy way to put something that’s actually quite seedy and sordid!) I’m not aware of the current hussy count in Genoa City, so you shall have to enlighten me….On the other hand, if we’re talking Port Charles, I can name at least a few possible candidates, beginning at the top of the alphabet….Alexis——always the first on a list of this variety—-and Ava, too!

Shay darling-is that you behind that prim and proper parasol? Without the seedy and sordid-what would our beloved soaps do? Continue to have old men make everyone kowtow to them and kill and maim in their never-ending quest for power and control. I need more than that. I want flawed characters and bad choices and decisions-not in my personal life-at least not anymore, as there really is no good that comes from that in the long run. How I wish that clarity would have come to me decades ago. But it is here now, thank goodness.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see my fictional characters drive down one wrong road and then another.

Yes, it is…..that is Shay behind that prim and proper parasol, Phyllis….don’t get fooled….beneath that parasol lives a soft, yes, but fierce heart of a lioness who will defend the ‘undefended’ with a banner of strength…….LOL. …
……not only that, but the most loyal, cyber-friend for which one has had the privilefge of “knowing”.
Dear Phyllis….I hope I have not kowtowed…..I needed a break from the riff-raff….
I have been posting on GH, here and there…..keeping it neutral for harmony’s sake….for now, LOL.

Why yes, my dear Phyllis…’Tis I peering ever so coquettishly from beneath my “prim and proper parasol!” (Must protect my pale and delicate complexion!) But fear not, I still enjoy a shady lady with a checkered past as much as anyone else when it comes to our soapsluts….we used to have them in spades back in daytime’s heyday and they were all kinds of glammed up fabulous…usually dressed to the nines whilst taking no prisoners—-but plenty of handsome lovers! I just don’t enjoy the sort of banal boinkers that seem to be populating soaptowns these days…..led by, yes, my favorite bete noire, Alexis! You see, unlike you, my wise woman, she has never learned that no good can come from bad choices, no matter how many times she makes the same stupid mistakes…her motto is “Nice guys need not apply,” but as variety is the spice of life, why can’t this feckless moll finally ditch her stubborn attraction to mobsters which is akin to those proverbial moths to a flame??? And Ava???? Other than her tasty tete a tetes with that dishy Richard Burgi’s Paul, I never found her exploits very interesting for a so-called femme fatale, especially as a consistent connoisseur of young male flesh….she’s simply become tedious and predictable in her erotic escapades. (Save for that tacky crypt tryst with man-ho Sonny, but that was so darn tasteless it wasn’t even funny!) However, you will be gratified to know that I took great delight in the sex-hungry Cassandra….now there was a most promising villainess with an eye for the pretty boys…she had old school cool and classy maneater written all over her!!! I had hoped she would have made Port Charles her base of boudoir activities, but alas, pesky Nina had to go and ruin everything…that one needs to go just for that egregious outrage alone! Lastly, there is our much-discussed mother-daughter duo of Liesl and Britt…those naughty gals really tickle my fancy! And it’s high time that Dr. Westbourne makes a permanent return to GH so she and her “mutter” can make mischief together again! So, how about them atrocious apples, Phyllis? Suitably flawed enough for your druthers????

I am exhausted. Today was another big, emotional day on GH- I started to bawl a little bit, but it is hard for me to truly engage or suspend disbelief-because once I do, I know something stupid and horrid is right around the corner. Faison-supposedly THE most wanted criminal-had one policeman in his room for less than a minute. Also, when he started to cardiac arrest or whatever-where were the nurses-perhaps all sent away to Paris as well? I am willing to overlook a good deal. But not that. Gees. Come on.
Loved Richard Burgi. Sexy. Stupid serial killer story-oh and Heather managed to escape and kill any unaccounted for bodies-all offscreen, of course, because they don’t want to pay her-who in my opinion is worth every penny.
They have so overspent their budget on their select favorites that it is at the expense of the overall quality-in my opinion.
Liked Cassandra as well-wanted her in a catwoman suit climbing the outside of the Metro Court to steal jewels-but wait-overnight she became Madame Opioid-and that huge needle just jutting out from her breast was bizzarzo. Hope she might return-loved her powder-puff poison antics. But doesn’t seem there is any cash to pay for a satisfying anything unless it revolves around Sonny. Sweeps started today and runs to end of Feb- we’ll see-or won’t.
Nina has oddly grown on me-plus she can turn on the tears-always a plus for me-others seem to have some sort of Vaseline or glycerin type substance that sits under their eyes to resemble tears but does not. I have come to enjoy her and Valentine. Never cared for Morgan-dead or alive and even dead he still manages more mentions than I can count and am sick of. I don’t really care for Ava with Griffin, either-would prefer her to return to mafia ways and bedding many and perhaps an STD just for the hell of it and since her scars are gone- I can just see her bemoaning her herpes.
If Genie/Laura would have found Jason upon his return-passed out in the park-and taken him in and nursed him to health and hooked up with him-she’d still be there. They made her Ruth Martin and Kate Martin and kicked her to the curb.

Another post, from the other day, went astray, Shay….hope you received it in your inbox. Ta-ta.

Awwww…you’re the best, Shaybelle….wish I knew you in person…..
I shall post a couple of lines about Faison ( on GH site) tomorrow…..I have a horrid sinus headache….
But, let me tell you, carina, this child ‘O Anna is driving me to distraction…..we shall see…
Do you think the PTB know who it is?….. will they invent someone at the eleventh hour?
Furthermore, su thinks Faison’s corpse is a clone….she’s usually right on the money, Shay!!
Oh, yeah….where is Phyllis? Paging Ms DeMarco-oo-oo…..
Buona notte, Shay….

Oh yes, Miss Phyllis!!! Heather is absolutely worth her weight in gold—-or Kelly’s famous BLT sandwiches, if she’d rather—-so it truly beggared belief that she failed to be included in “The Q a Deux” storyline…such an unforgivable slight of epic proportion! Regardless, Robin Mattson’s perpetual psychopath would still be a welcome returnee to PC for an inspired infusion of her much needed mirth, mayhem and specialty iced-tea mix! The same can be said for that crafty Cassandra….I’m certainly not one for enjoying recycled OLTLers crashing the GH canvas, but for the once, Jessica Tuck was actually an excellent casting choice, as was her crazylady character! Hence I’m praying daily for Ms.Pearce’s full recovery from her Nina needling so she can eventually scale those outer walls of the MetroCourt ala Catwoman per your own fab suggestion! Furthermore, if Cassie can somehow bring that randy reprobate Paul back to town with her, all the better! They would make quite the delicious duo, don’t you think??? Far superior in both love and mobwars than he ever was with “Typhoid Ava” or whatever your proposed malady to ail her was…As our lovely CeeCee has repeatedly pointed out, there should be STD’s floating around Port Charles in epidemic fashion what with all the “undercover” activities going on…and that just includes the likes of Sonny, Alexis, Julian and his aforementioned sis! Additionally, I second your previous motion on the idea of a widespread plague to befall Port Chuck…it certainly wouldn’t go amiss for the expressed purpose of culling GH’s currently herd-like cast ( and perhaps simultaneously finding the funds for a return ticket to wrest Laura away from her Parisian exile?) Let’s name names of whom we’d like to include on our “Kick the bucket list!”(You go first….) And here’s a thought…should Dr. Collins revert to his former dark side whilst studying that kindred spirit Franco, his wife may just have cause to experience her own “Jasoning,” as you seem to have your heart set on…hey, it could still happen if Sam continues dithering in her devotions for Stone Cold! Hope springs eternal there, Phyllis! Well, enough whimsical musings for now…I’m off to “do lunch!” Toodles!

How was lunch, dear? I would like to talk about something besides GH for a minute. I have discovered the most enchanting show- Superstore on NBC. I must beg you to watch one or two episodes and see how you feel. No new eps while the Olympics are on- but if you can watch the one from last night and the week before. It is like a soap opera inside a Walmart and it is hysterical. Oh-and ALL the characters get a chance in the spotlight. The mean assistant manager now a surrogate for the general manager and manipulating him and relaxing in the garden section and telling him to fetch her chips and dip. On so many levels-to me-delightful and I really enjoy all the characters-even the bit players that are employees telling the newly-divorced employee she is over the hill and then to be tested for STDs- love this show.

Lunch was lunch, my dear Phyllis…As you undoubtedly know, it’s not the quality of cuisine—-but the conversation—-that’s dished out which really makes for an unforgettable meal! I’m all for leaving GH behind for now….I’m truly tired of it. Laura is gone, Faison is gone, and so is CeeCee…what’s the d@#n point? (Whilst the first two are lost causes, we must do everything we can to remedy the latter….I’m serious…it’s so stale in Port Charles without her clever, sparkling observations!) Anyway, this show with which you seem to be so taken sounds like a modern-day “Are You Being Served?” Are you familiar with that old chestnut of a Britcom? Despite being rather dated and most of the cast sadly now having passed on to the “other side,” it still truly tickles the funny bone. Mrs. Slocombe and her famously oft-mentioned “pet,” the comely Miss Brahms, Captain Peacock, Mr. Rumbold and of course, Mr. Humphries, when he “is free!” What an ensemble they were! I’m not sure that a Yank big-box retailer can deliver the same level of laughs as an old-school London department store, but I’ll take your word for it…To be frank. Phyllis, I don’t watch much American programming…a bit of news and GH would be essentially it, and GH is really pushing it with their latest round of travesties…I’m not sure how much longer I can feign interest in what’s happening in Port Charles! At any rate, I will try to see what all the fuss is about with your new favorite amusement, but perhaps CeeCee will beat me to the punch, since I’m really all about foreign television, if the truth to be told! Like Downton Abbey…I’m forever missing that period gem, especially the Dowager Countess and her biting bon mots! At least there is a movie on the way….cannot wait! Okay, I just looked up your latest passion online…uh oh…dealbreaker! I cannot stand that America Ferrera….her “Guadalajara”-themed nightmare of a poncho ala “Ugly Betty” still haunts me to this day, and I do believe she should be serving a life sentence for that particular fashion crime! How about back to Robert Gentry??? He was the quintessential soap leading man back in his day…I always enjoyed his work. I wonder if he is retired or still available for guest spots??? He might as well turn up in Port Charles….seems everyone else with a past link to ABC daytime does at some point or other! Maybe he could be Monica’s new beau???? Oh well…must be off. Hope you have a super “SuperBowlSunday,” Phyllis!

Hey there, “Sassy Lady!” Happy Valentine’s Day!”


B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Weighs-In On Hope’s New Attitude: “Brooke is Starting to be Like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s Taking After Me!’ ”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been not pleased with her daughter Hope’s (Annika Noelle) choice in bedfellows! After all, Brooke and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) have a long history of disdain for each other (although there was that time they took psychedelic berries together and pranced around with not much clothes on).

Hope had divorced Liam (Scott Clifton) and has been getting much closer to Thomas, feeling he is the only man who ‘gets her’ and ‘sees her’ for who she really is.  On recent episodes of B&B, Hope has no problem giving into her desires for Thomas, now that she is no longer Hope Spencer.

Soap Opera Digest spoke with series iconic star, Katherine Kelly Lang to get her take on what she thinks of Hope’s attitude adjustment and recent behavior.

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Lang expressed: “She seems to have changed a bit. She’s not the sweet little Hope that she once was and Brooke is starting to be like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s taking after me!’’

Brooke is not happy that Thomas has apparently won over Hope, when she is wary of the guy. Katherine added, “Thomas was stalking her (Hope) and he did all that crazy stuff with the baby. He just hasn’t been good for her, you know, especially when he was totally obsessed with her. So, Brooke doesn’t believe that that’s completely gone, that there’s still got to be some of that in Thomas somewhere and she’s worried about her daughter. So, of course, she would kind of say, ‘This is not good. This is just not a good situation. With all the men in the sea, why, why do you (pick Thomas)?”

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However, many might see that as the pot calling the kettle black given how Brooke has often given into her desires with the men in her life and made some pretty bad choices herself!

So, is Hope turning into a ‘mini-Brooke’? Should Brooke continue to warn Hope of Thomas’ past, or should she just mind her own business at this point? Share your comments via the comment section.

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‘The Price is Right’ Decks the Halls with Five Holiday-Themed Primetime Episodes & Pet Rescue & Adoption Week on Daytime

Talk about getting into the holiday spirit! The Price is Right is set to air five brand new holiday-themed episodes airing in December on primetime, plus the daytime version will also have a special week. Host Drew Carey will preside over the game show proceedings!

Daytime’s The Price is Right holiday week (Dec 18-Dec 22) will feature animal trainer, author and host of CBS’ Lucky Dog Reunions, Brandon McMillan, and Robert Valandra, nephew of legendary host Bob Barker, who both bring along some furry friends up for adoption. The week concludes with ‘Price is Right’ model Amber Lancaster, an advocate of animal adoption, and some adorable dogs who need a home for the holidays.

The Price is Right continues to network television’s #1-rated daytime series and the longest-running game show in television history, broadcast weekdays (11:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 AM, PT).

Photo: JPI

On Primetime, here is the holiday lineup of shows (the week of Dec 4-8):

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY (Monday, December 4, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) brings coworkers and colleagues together to cheer each other on as they play for prizes that can be shared and enjoyed by all of their office mates.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: BLIND HOLIDATE (Thursday, December 7, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) brings in a matchmaker to pair up an audience full of single, eligible adults, and lucky contestants will meet for the first time when they are called to “Come on down!” and compete together as a team. They play for fabulous cash and prizes, pairs of cars, and maybe they’ll even win a love match!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: COLLEGE STUDENTS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Friday, December 8 at 8:00 PM ET/PT) welcomes college students home adorned in their best school spirit gear, teamed up with their parents to play for exotic trips, amazing prizes, and cash for college!

Photos: JPI

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAYS WITH THE FAMILY (Monday, December 18, 8:00 PM, ET/PT). Parents and their young children compete for some of the most desired gifts Santa has in his sleigh. Decorated in their holiday best, families work as a team to win prizes to make their holidays oh so bright!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAY HEROES (Tuesday, December 19, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) salutes the military to thank America’s brave heroes for keeping us safe all year round. Active-duty military members in uniform compete for luxury items, including trips to remarkable destinations, $50,000 in cash, and cars!

Of note: Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

Lots of The Price is Right holiday cheer and pet adoptions coming your way. Will you be watching? Comment below. But first, check out a clip from one of the primetime episodes.

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96th Annual Academy Awards to Start an Hour Earlier, While Jimmy Kimmel Shares, “I Always Dreamed of Hosting the Oscars Exactly Four Times”

In a move to keep viewers not up past their bedtimes, the 2024 Oscars telecast will now begin one hour earlier than usual.  According to news from the Academy on Thursday, the ceremonies will begin at 7 pm ET/4PM PT on March 1o, 2024.

That is an hour shift when the broadcast usually begins at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.  The official pre-show will also begin earlier, at 6:30 p.m. ET.

The 96th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles with nominations being announced on January 23rd.

Photo: ABC

A few weeks ago on November 15th, Jimmy Kimmel was officially named the host of the Oscars for the fourth time. The hosting gig marks the second year in a row for Kimmel. The comedian also hosted in 2017 and 2018.

Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney will also one again, co-write and executive produce, the telecast.  In a statement on presiding over movies biggest night of the year, Kimmel joked, “I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times.”

Photo: JPI

ABC also plans on airing a special episode of their hit comedy Abbott Elementary, immediately following what should be a three-and-a-half hour telecast of the Oscars.

So, what do you think about the time shift with the Oscars starting an hour earlier? Happy about it? Won’t be settled in at that early time slot to sit and watch the show? Comment below.

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