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Y&R Preview – Week of August 6, 2018

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

This week on The Young and the Restless, a guilt-ridden Lily (Christel Khalil) decides to turn herself into the police for her part in the accident that killed Hilary.  Devon (Bryton James) wants payback for Lily ruining his life with Hilary and her losing their baby before she died.

Meanwhile, it appears Jack (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) old feelings for each other may reignite, while Billy (Jason Thompson) calls a Jabot/Fenmore urgent meeting and announces that he is opening a series of Jabot cosmetic boutiques which sends Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) through the roof.

Watch the latest Y&R promo below, and then check out some more teasers below.  Let us know in the comment section below what story point has piqued your interest.

Monday, August 6
Summer amps up her pursuit of Billy
Devon plots revenge.

Tuesday, August 7
Ashley comforts Neil.

Wednesday, August 8
Victor considers calling a truce.

Thursday, August 9
Jack takes a chance.

Friday, August 10
Cane vows to protect his family.

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Like I said Shawna is turning into another Hillary unfortunately

It is so unreal for Devon to hate Lily, it was an accident and her son was in the car!!!!!. Hopefully Christel will get an award for her outstanding acting. Love this show.

Hey, Tess,
This was an accident which could have been avoided.
It IS Lily’s fault. She was the driver……responsible for everyone in the car.
Good lesson for all us drivers….no talking….no anger….especially with kids in the car.
But, her long-lived hate for Hilary blinded her to rationality……
Her anger was so overwhelming, her brain only thought of blaming and hurting Hilary any way she could….and, it’s not as if she’s such a saint!!
I realize the writers had to have a dramatic exit for Hilary, but not death….no need for the melodramatic.
There were so many options….

You make good points, Celia. People are held responsible for accidents all the time (while driving drunk, etc.) I’m not sure prison is appropriate for Lily, but her flippant dismissal today makes me wonder (“I’ll probably pay a fine or do some community service”) if she’s as sorry as she claims. Cane is unbearable; he looks like there’s a hot poker, um, somewhere, torturing him. The only bright spot today was seeing Michael and Lauren. How long has it been since their last good story?

YES!! Michael and Lauren!!!!!….finally, Soaphound!!
I never liked Cane…..that’s a no-brainer. I find him dull and as spirited as a lump of dough.
Well, at least with dough, we can make bread, pizza, sticky buns? ect…. Cane? What can we make out of Cane….
You are hilarious. Hot poker? Um, where? Oh, Lordy, Lord!! LOL.
As far as Lily….perhaps the writers are making exactly this point……anger IS like a drug or alcohol, I assume.
One’s perception is distorted—foggy…..
Soooo…..probation is in good order. Obviously she did not mean for the accident to happen. But, she should have exercised full control and focus…..sheer irresponsibility.
Thing is, Soaphound, Lily used to be one of my faves….but, her prima donna airs turned me off….
Yes, Hilary, at times, made me want to smack her upside the head ( I am not, by any means, a violent person) when trying to use subterfuge or ‘indulge’ in one of her little schemes, but that was Hilary……Lily just changed overnight.
Then, ‘they’ decided to pair her with Cane, with grown children….with not a scintilla of inspiration, or cuteness,; just like their children….Mamma mia!!

Unfortunately, this gives Lily more air-time. BIG sigh.

Maybe if lily hadn’t taken her eye off the road for seconds to yell at Hilary she wouldn’t have ran the light. I’m with Devon on this one.

It’s only Monday night and I’m already sick of Nikki’s self-righteousness, Devon’s “poor-me” grief, Shauna’s know-it-all street’tude, Summer’s slutty overtures, Tessa’s turmoils, and Cane’s wimpy defense of Lily. So what’s left? Guess I’ll have to settle for Kyle’s abs. Not much else interests me these days.

Why should we care about Tessa and her sister? The first storyline bombed BIG time. I agree with you, Soaphound.

dmr, my only hope is that Tessa’s sister’s new “quality” life includes acting school. She was in painfully over her head, poor thing.

Not a fan of Tessa or her family, and not sure why they are doing this rehashed story when it didn’t work the first time. No. Thanks.

LOL…I’m glad Kyle’s abs do something for you, my love….NOTHING for me!! He’s a diva….
Agree with you with these characters. Shawna is a prop …..for whom or what I have yet to figure out….I guess it was to show Hilary’s humanity and goodness?
Tessa, the same….. She’s no Patty Weaver ( Gina Roma)…. Patty has a voice!!!!!! Is that the reason she’s on? Bringing talent back? Ain’t working…..
Nikki needs to step back and remind herself of her age….stop with the boy-toys. Victor should just stock up on his Viagra..
All we need is a pregnant Nikki, with divine help I wouldn’t put it past the PTB. They did it with Ashley, not too long ago……also, with Kristin on DOOL, albeit that was fake? I think? Two whammies.

Celia, I admit to not liking Kyle at first but have capitulated for two reasons: (1) Billy is a total screwup and Kyle was kind to Jack during the “daddy” search and (2) Michael Mealor is BFF of Josh Swickard, GH’s Chase. They are so cute together and seem like decent, non-predatory guys. But Miss Nikki? How unbearable is she? Maternity clothes? They’d have to make ’em skin tight for her to wear them! And if Arturo is the lucky papa (who else), the baby will no doubt be born needing a good shave!

Your post is great, you made me laugh out loud, about the baby needing a shave. I agree about Kyle didn’t much care for him in the beginning but realized he is really great. Wish Phyllis would wake up and see that Billy is a self centered child. Maybe him and Summer do belong together??

Yeah, Soaphound……comparatively speaking, Kyle is a prince……I have nener, ever liked nuBilly.
Billy Miller, as Billy Abbot had such a way about him that I could forgive him anything….I know, I can be pretty unreasonable. LOL….but, what a guy!! That face!!
I do not see what others do in nuBilly…..I don’t find him hot, at all….not my kind of hot.
Besides, Billy Miller’s BA had changed….I’m sort of weirded-out that the PTB put Billy back in square one. Why??

You’re not being unreasonable, Celia. Mr. Thompson is a competent actor but has always played Billy with a smug arrogance and without a trace of the easy humor that our wonderful Billy M. had, or even the likeable flakiness that Burgess Jenkins portrayed. And, right now, he’s unbearable!

Oh, Soaphound….I had completely forgotten about Jenkins…..I guess it tell me he made absolutely no impact as Billy….even worse than Thompson…..who is, as you say, unbearable.
Oh, my gosh……there is no ‘simpatia’, as the Italians are wont to say…..’non e’ simpatico….or simpatica’–whatever the gender may be.
I truly tried to get into Thompson and Tognoni…..the magic hasn’t happened yet.

Nothing is going to happen to Lily..
Devon will save her, why? because its Y&R and nothing will happen lol Lily will be saved..

to mention;
Billy (Jason Thompson)
Jason is 100 times better as Billy than he was as Patrick GH ..

I do feel bad for Lily. She is a good person who made a bad mistake. It’s a shame Devon is so hell bent on making her pay. He knows Lily. Yes, she disliked Hilary, but she had good reason! Devon is upset. I get that. I would be too, but he can’t seriously want his sister to go to prison for 20 years. And then him being all nice to Mattie when he’s trying to cart her mother off to prison made me mad. I also don’t think Michael was a great lawyer for her. He should have scared her straight BEFORE she spoke with Paul. I also don’t know why she didn’t realize how serious it was, but that’s what a lawyer is for. He failed her big time. I hope it will come out that Lily isn’t to blame. Prison scenes don’t really work well.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL Preview: What Shocker Awaits at Chase and Brook Lynn’s Wedding?

It’s the week that many GH fans have waited for; the nuptials of Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Now, ABC has released the preview for the big day, which is not going off without a hitch.

Several Port Charles characters look to be involved in trouble, danger and a medical emergency. The promo begins with the happy bride, Brook Lynn, saying “Let’s get this wedding started.”

Famous last words are heard said by Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), “Everything’s got to go off without a hitch.” Well, this is a soap so that can’t be true!


Next, there are some troubling shots of Spinelli (looking surprised on his phone, Finn (Michael Easton) with his hands shaking looking at what appears to be a glass of champagne with Anna’s (Finola Hughes) voice saying, “We’ve got trouble.”

Sonny (Maurice Benard) has shown up, and as many predicted looks like the wedding will mark a real meltdown for the mobster who ha been unaware he has not been taking his full dose of medication to help combat his bipolar disorder.

Next, Sonny is heard saying,  Know what I do to traitors?” as he side eyes Dex (Evan Hofer)! Eventually a voice says, “He lost a lot of blood. Let’s get him to trauma one.” The end of the promo features a stunned Chase looking at Brook Lynn.

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Meanwhile, Carly gets an earful from Nina (Cynthia Watros) that Ava (Maura West) had a lot to do with getting Nina to sell her portion of the hotel back to Jason, her interest is piqued.

According to Laura Wright during her chat with Soap Opera Digest, Carly has a growing concern over Sonny’s current roomie, Ava Jerome, and the mobster’s paranoid and irrational behavior recently.


Wright shares about Carly, “She doesn’t trust Ava for a moment.” Then in a great teasers, Laura reveals “All the questions that anybody would have, we hit on them. I’m excited.”

So, will Carly figure out just what Ava is up to? Will she learn that Sonny has been fed the wrong pills that are not controlling his bipolar disorder thanks to Valentin? Stay tuned.

Check out this week’s promo for GH and then let us know, what do you think Ava is up to exactly? Is she in cahoots with Valentin or operating separately? Will Jason and Sonny be led down a path where the two try to eliminate each other? Share your theories in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: EJ is on the Warpath After Finding Out Sloan’s Baby Is Not Hers!

This week on Days of our Lives, storylines look to be heating up, in particular, will we finally get to the root of Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Melinda’s (Tina Hunag) baby switch plot, making Nicole (Arianne Zucker) believe her baby died, when all along the little one has been living with Sloan and Eric (Greg Vaughan) as baby Jude?

Looking at the latest promo for the Peacock streaming soap opera, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) is hot on the trail of Sloan after learning some intel from Leo (Greg Rikaart). However, EJ still is unaware that he is not the true baby-daddy, but Eric is. Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole look to be working together again when she gets a job at the Spectator and he is the photographer.

Elsewhere, Konstantin (John Kapelos) activates the “Pawn”, but what will he have him do for him next? Chanel (Raven Bowens) is sick with radiation poisoning thanks to the exposure from her mother, Paulina (Jackée Harry) and watch out when John and Marlena (Deidre Hall) find out that Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) is going to marry Konstantin!

Photo: JPI

Here are a few teasers to look forward to this week on DAYS:

Monday, April 29

Tripp and Wendy say their goodbyes to family and friends.

Tuesday, April 30

With John under his control, Konstantin orders him to do his bidding.

Wednesday, May 1

EJ decides he will make Paulina pay for disrespecting him.

Photo: JPI

Thursday, May 2

Sloan tells Leo he’s cut off from her money.

Photo: JPI

Friday, May 3

Leo tells EJ a life-changing secret.

Maggie tells a wary Marlena and John that she is engaged to be married.

Check out the latest promo for Days of our Lives below, where an irate EJ goes after Sloan  Then let us know, what do you hope happens next? How will EJ get what he believes is his baby with Nicole, back? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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