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Y&R Stars Greg Rikaart, Jessica Collins & Christel Khalil Come To The Defense & Show Support For Hunter King!

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Cast members of Hunter King’s (Summer) of The Young and the Restless came to the defense and showed their support for the talented young actress via a series of tweets today which began when Brandon, whose handles is @DaysAddict, tweeted, “Can all my soap followers do me a favor and send some love and support to @hunterHaleyKing? Thanks!”

Once that tweet went out, several of King’s castmates jumped on board to show their support of the actress who has been at the receiving end of much negativity since TMZ reported that fired Y&R star Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) fondled her breasts on two occasions, which was noted as one of the main reasons for his dismissal.

Jessica Collins (Avery) responded to the tweet saying “Yes Brandon. #Kindness RT @DaysAddict Can all my soap followers do me a favor and send some love & support to @HunterHaleyKing? Thanks! #YR

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) told it like it is by responding to this offensive tweet about Hunter:  “@TraceySproul: @HunterHaleyKing isn’t she the whore that got MM fired?” Be very careful, lady. That’s someone’s kid ur talking about.”   The Daytime Emmy winning actor later responded to this as well!  “@TraceySproul: if you can show me Greg, reports were made from the incidents, I will apologize.”  Greg responded with  “Not my business any more than it is yours.”

Christel Khalil (Lily) response to the original tweet in support of Hunter responded this way:   “@DaysAddict: Can all my soap followers do me a favor and send some love and support to @HunterHaleyKing? Thanks! #YR”   LOVE U HUNTER!

To say that it is not kind to name call people very offensively is an understatement, especially given the fact that those who were not involved in the real life drama do not know the details.   That being said, what do you think about the Y&R  actors show of support for Hunter King and the lashing she has taken on the Internet?   Weigh-in!


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I think they have ALL been chomping at the bit to see Muhney fired so Im not sure about how genuine their support is.

Only Muhney and King know what really happened, and just as I say Muhney is innocent until proven guilty, I think this girl should be left alone. The things Ive read about both are awful, but fans are being particularly vicious to Hunter.

My gut tells me she is the scapegoat for CBS/SONY to fire Michael Muhney. Maybe one day we will know the truth,but I wont be surprised to hear a voice over in the future, “The role of Summer Newman is now being played by….”

I support Hunter

It is very kind!

What would be better is an official statement from either McDaniel,Phelps, or Haley herself. This show is really riding on thin ice lately.

That is never going to happen. All parties involved have far too much to lose with the publicity.

Way to go Brandon @Daysaddict! All this negatively and hate is just wrong, but I guess it shows you what kind of person they really are.

I’m not giving anyone any support until I hear the truth about what happened but we won’t ever get the true story because the two actors cannot legally speak out. So no support from me for either of them. Just going to move on.

They are very stupid..
By doing this they have drawn more attention to Hunter King’

It would be best to keep her her out of the spotlight, and not open opening a door for web abuse on her..
They in fact made a target out of Hunter King’ more than than protecting her by letting it be still ..

Sometime do-gooders do more harm than good..

It should have left to silence..

For every action there is a reaction..
The Michael Muhney fans and supporters will take advantage of Hunters exposure and kick back..
DUH a no brainier… sheezuz ..

way can’t people pull their noses in and let this ride out..

I believe the lashing being given to both actors is UNCALLED for by everyone … fellow cast members and media included. Everyone needs to remain classy and just support both Michael and Hunter. Heck, we don’t even really know if she was involved since the only tabloid rag that reported it was TMZ and who believes them? not me!!!! Stay strong Michael and Hunter!!!!!

Good for them! Elizabeth Hendrickson also showed support on twitter. I feel bad for Hunter, she is being attacked on twitter by Michael’s fans. Her name should have never been made public. Thiose crazy people need to back of this young girl. I’m glad the y&r cast and crew supporting her. The fans are supporting her too! Ignore the haters! She did the right thing!

Christel is such a sweetheart! Love her. Hunter you hold your head high and don’t let ANYONE steal your joy! Brave young lady, you are remarkable.


I question the sanity of those people who are so vehemently and despicably “expressing” their feelings regarding the matter. Truly, I don’t think they’re stable.

As for the actors, I’d say good for them for jumping in…those “fans” need to be put in their place and on some sort of meds!

The name calling and ugliness on both sides has been horrific. And it’s all down to gossip. No truths have been revealed, no facts laid out officially on EITHER side of this ugly story. And yet one young actress and an actor have had their names thrown about, far too often in an ugly way.
This is what gossip does and it’s not pretty.

I agree. I support both Michael Muhney & Hunter King. I love them both. People who gossip need to find a hobby that doesn’t hurt innocent people. MM is INNOCENT until proven guilty. People judge way to fast without all of the facts & we don’t have the facts & won’t. This ruins lives & careers. Actor’s have the right to a private life as much as anyone. Please just support your favorite without judging those who aren’t.

I’m not on twitter but offer my support to HHK. This is a terrible situation for a young lady to be put in. No matter what really happened, she doesn’t deserve the hate that some soap fanatics have been throwing her way. Hang in there girl.

Best to the entire Y&R cast for a great 2014 and beyond!

I am very happy that Hunter’s castmates are coming to her defense, and I continue to find it very disturbing indeed that in 2014, we still continue to blame the victim when things such as this happen. No wonder it’s so rare that incidents like this are reported. I hope Hunter continues to stay strong as she moves through this very difficult time.

Me too! The response of female fans in particular is truly disturbing to me. Muheny’s groupies will do anything to protect him. It’s just astounding and ridiculous in 2014.

That’s great that there there for her and all BUT how about Michael Muhney? These are his co-stars too & since there seems to be no documented proof out right now, how do they support her when there not even sure SHES telling the truth?? Again, a young girl (and we have seen it many times in the media) “saying” something happened?? Could be.. I mean we all know she’s had it out for him in the past! MM is a Man in his late 30s, a father & husband and he too has people who know him that can’t see him doing this! lets NOT forget who has been around LONGER… Not Hunter King, do they really “know” her? Michael is the veteran actor here.. Maybe they made the wrong choice and stood by the wrong one!!! Why wouldn’t they stand behind him… He’s phenomenal & worth keeping! Is she?

Um, maybe there were witnesses. Maybe these cast mates believe her and not him. Maybe they know something YOU don’t.

You seem really naïve about harassment in the workplace. It is more often than not senior employees with higher status that harass younger, newer employees with lesser status. This fits the more traditional pattern of these kinds of incidents.

They may not be standing by him because people of decency and dignity tend not to support harassers, no matter their status and level of talent. If you knew this happened to a young woman in your family, or a co-worker or a friend, would you support her, or back the harasser? People are closing ranks around a 20 year old victim, not the 38 year old adult who, if guilty, should have known better and should be held responsible for his actions.

If he is guilty, he is a blight on his workplace and should have been fired, status or talent or not. He, if guilty, is NOT worth keeping. She, if the victim, is worth keeping and supporting.

ditto Tristan.

Good points, all of them. Moreover, as I keep saying you can be supportive of him by not bashing this young lady and wishing her well. You can be supportive of both actors at the same time, one does not negate the other. And if you cannot, then maybe just be quiet on the subject MM has requested as much on Twitter. No one is doing him any favors by bashing the young actress. Calling this young lady vile and horrible names is beyond the pale and when I see it coming from women of a certain age I feel incredibly disappointed. That girl could be one of their granddaughters.

“MM is a Man in his late 30s, a father & husband…”

So? How does that disprove anything? Your naivete is frankly astounding. I suggest you work a few years in this industry–or any industry–before you reveal how much you have yet to learn.

Sorry, Tristan, that comment was meant to be to Nikki above you.

Because there were witnesses, and those witnesses went to the higher ups before hunter did. And no, we don’t all know she had it in for him, this is the first I heard.
So, you believe that because he’s been there longer and is married that he should get away with harassment?
The guy comes off as a total jerk, I can absolutely see him doing this and thinking he’s too good to get canned.
He was warned once before, this isn’t the first time.

Precisely Nikki that tells us something about Muhney’s character. Why isnt anyone defending him? No way in hell if I worked on that set and I wasnt sure he was guilty would I just jump on HK’s band wagon.

I would stay out of it until the truth came our or I had proof. But MM has only 2 supporters on that set…Melissa Claire Egan and Sharon Case. Set side sources have said that Muhney has been trouble on the set since he first came. He is not respected or loved in his own work environment. And his character is one of the most popular. Again what does that say about his true character. If he were a respected guy someone would defend him.
He has burned many bridges and pissed off many of his coworkers. So guess what, when he needs help there is no one there for him. I have worked several jobs that were far more difficult that being an actor. I despised these jobs but guess what I always left them with friends.
I’ve been fired more times than I care to count but every job that I’ve been fired from my coworkers loved me. I’m even like by former bosses who have terminated me because my heart wasnt in the job and I didnt like them. But still the boss liked me. It’s pretty strange for one man to earn all of his ire and ill repute. It speaks to a faulty character. And that also points to his potential guilt in the accusations as well.

The comments these vicious followers of Michael Muhney are leaving for this innocent woman are beyond ludicrous.

Makes me embarrassed and disappointed in my fellow soap fans. They should all put themselves in her position or at least imagine what it would have been like if Michael Muhney had sexually harassed their 19-year-old daughter or niece.

OK, people…enough with the B.S. unless you were there and are a witness you have no right to judge or call either actor a name! None of you would like it if you were the victim or the accuser…if and when the whole truth is revealed then that is the only time to comment!!!

It never will be and I am done with the show until JFP & AM are gone for their blatant incompetence on this!

If they want to really support her then fire the two ladies who knew about this 6 months ago and did nothing. JFP & AM. And before anyone jumps on me start researching credible people who have knowledge like I did. The allegation was made and they ignored it. So if they really want to help this show heal then get rid of these two women!

I owe you an apology because when JFP first came to the show and you warned everyone all this type of stuff was going to happen, I didn’t believe you and I defended her. You were right last year when said MM should watch his back when Steve Burton came on the show — and sure enough that came to pass.

So I don’t believe in hating anyone, yet like you, I do hate how she has managed the show and I truly hope sooner rather than later CBS will wake up and smell the coffee and replace her before it is too late.

And if she really cared for Hunter should would never allowed the story or the details of MM firing to be leaked. Only those in high position should have known, so someone told something to someone they shouldn’t have– and in my opinion that person who leaked this to M. Logan is the one who needs to be fired–

Hey Mary it is fine I just knew her track record I am sick to my stomach that this might be true but this does fall at the feet who run the show we need people in there who truly care for this show and I nominate Kay Alden for head writer ! JFP has no respect for women let us take a look at two stories going on Nikki has a son by a guy who raped her now Jill has been kidnapped strapped to a bed by Colin. Please tell me that she gave a rat’s ass that this young woman came and said hey I think this man may be making advances to me? It should have been handled then and there instead we have made it media frenzy and ruined two lives that if it had been kept quiet they could have had careers and if needed get professional help but no let’s ignore it and hope for the best. Two people are hurt that might have been avoided. As always I wish you the best for me it is beyond tough to watch this show until they do some major house cleaning. And as for my comments about him being a member of Mensa I just did not think anybody could be that smart yet so stupid. But once again I do not know the truth or shall any of us we were not there.

I think until all the facts come out we need to stop harassing anyone. I don’t believe anyone should threaten anyone. That is just wrong..

I have been present when one of our fellow employees was let go for sexual harassment–and let me tell you they were not allowed to finish their job. They were escorted to head office and were not allowed back on the premises. His desk was packed up and delivered to his home address. These same actors that are standing behind some 20 years old–all for the sake of her age as an example -have no real proof that anything at all transpired between the 2 actors, and these same few had had run-ins with MM. Just like its none of our business what went down (like-GR stated)–its also none of his–and he shouldn’t be preaching to the fans like it is. The confidentiality concerning the 2 has gone right out the door–and this is what lawsuits are made from. It’s time that the real people get fired from their jobs who are supposed to be representing the Station and Sony and the Soap–Its time to clean house of all the bullies that work on set and above.

If they would concentrate on the show instead of this nonsense maybe it would be watchable again right now

Well, YawneR fans are now wide awake! More scandal behind the scenes than in front of the camera. The ratings should go high. Now, isn’tthat special!!!

The fact that so many women are supporting an alleged sexual predator and are blaming the alleged victim is sickening. I wonder how supportive of this actor (MM) they would be if this was their teenage daughter, sister, cousin or friend? There must have been some charges that were substantiated in order for the legal team and the executives to approve the firing of MM. We are all aware of security cameras that are installed in almost every public place and business also this alleged “fondling” took place in a studio where taping is almost always happening. Since there were two incidents, who’s to say if the studio security team had additional security cameras taping and they were able to witness the incident. That would constitute proof and reason for termination.
At first I was shocked at the firing but when I learned other facts, it became clear what had happened. Big companies that answer to shareholders do not fire without cause – it could be extremely expensive if they are sued and they lose.

Thank you for a sensible and sensitive post. The abuse of the victim is horrendous, as she is being likened to a siren-predator and a home-wrecker, principally by female posters (at least on this site). No corporation the size of CBS will fire for this cause, without cause. Therefore, these attempts to blame and shame the young victim are despicable, but also deeply, deeply disturbing and say something about our culture — and the cult of celebrity — that couldn’t sadden me more. What year is this, anyway????

It’s a shame that something like this has happened! I don’t understand how TMZ got wind ! This should have been kept private. For any women to go through something like this is horrible. I give Hunter a lot of credit for standing up for herself & No One should be tweeting harsh comments ! Remember we’re here to set an example for the next generation, so let’s be kind to one another, life’s too short!

It is hardly uncommon for a more talented, powerful vet to harass a younger newcomer. VERY COMMON. I have seen it happen to many of my friends and even myself. We kept our mouths shut because we know we will be blamed and dragged through the mud. There is no way she welcomed this kind of attention. Greg, Jessica and Chrystal were not attacking Michael or even disclosing events. They were supporting a young woman from unfair and scurrilous attacks. MM is a top actor – there is NO way they fired him without MUCH thought, consideration and reason. He is not a victim. People who attack Hunter are the kind of people who support athlete rapists for the love of football.

Agree100%. CBS may have been slow, but it would appear that the network was slowly deliberating the facts and its course of action. There had to be cause, for the actor to have been fired for THIS cause. The STAKES ARE SIMPLY too high for either inaction, or for wrongful termination. I don’t believe CBS would have wrongfully terminated given the claims and the stakes.

It would seem that this young girl was victimized and had the COURAGE to stand up for herself. I applaud her courage and would want my niece and other female relatives to have enough self respect to demand respect for themselves and security from harassment in the workplace, like this young lady seems to have done. As I have noted above, there is not only a significant age gap between the two — Muhney is old enough to be her father — but a status gap. One cannot discount the pain and trepidation Hunter King may have suffered as she wrestled with the painful decision to pursue justice for herself in the workplace, given the tacit intimidation implied by Muhney’s age and workplace status. Certainly, given the response from the actor’s female fan base, I find it hard to believe any young woman would willingly subject herself to such hostility without cause and without careful thought as to the consequences. What a painful lesson she must be learning about the cultural attitudes and the culture of blame that are more representative of the world 40 years ago, than I would have thought they were today.

I am surprised at the grotesque hostility being heaped upon this young lady, PARTICULARLY and almost exclusively by other females. We are not as enlightened as we think, in this 21st century, nor are women as psychologically liberated as I had assumed.

you forgot one, Michael actually tweeted in support of her himself. After tweeting:

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney 6 Jan
Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

he then tweeted: Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney 12h
…and that quote doesn’t only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone. #respect

so even while being accused he still speaks up on behalf of accuser.

Also don’t forget, while their tweets and support might be genuine, they do have a stake in this playing out to the benefit of CBS, that IS who signs their paycheck. If they don’t support HK and JFP and AM then they are giving their fans ammo to stop watching the show. They aren’t about to bite the hand that feeds them. MM is out, no sense in coming to his defence but HK is still their co-worker and still represents CBS like they do, it’s in their best interest to present a united front, it’s just smart.

I thought the same. Why would they jump to MM defense? He’s no longer their colleague. Besides that, it seems he wasn’t chummy with many of the other actors either. I’m wondering what took them all so long to show their support! Were they all off twitter for the last 2 weeks or were they waiting for the studio to give them the green light to publicly support??

This^^^. This^^^ right here! It’s a survival strategy. AND it makes perfect sense for one to position themselves with their bread & butter. However, the corporate lawyers will do will to tell all parties, everyone on set and affiliated to “shhh” pause. be still & STOP talking!

I completely believe and support Hunter. Muhney was a source of discord from day one. He was jealous of Eric Braeden, and reportedly he was disrespectful to both male and female cast mates.
He was arrogance and pride written all over him. Doug Davidson and Melody Thomas are good enough sources for me but there are plenty of other sources who confirm that MM was a toxic presence on that set. It’s wonderful that he is now out of job and out of every one’s way. He is reaping what he has sewn.
He brought this all on himself. He will never again work for CBS or Sony Telepictures. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. But I doubt it. Good riddance to Muhney. Time for YR to move forward.

I’m NOT buying it no matter what you say.. It’s NOT the fact that he’s been there longer or older its that maybe before firing HIM, they should have considered HER too! Like other people have said, if it was the case… It’s grounds for IMMEDIATE release an that didn’t happen. Also read that Y&R suggested, if it was true to file charges with the POLICE – why haven’t we heard of that? And lets not forget MM DOES have his supporters and not just fans… Just because people voice there opinions doesn’t mean there sexual harassers. FYI – It’s been out there that from the second Hunter Kibg arrived she had a problem with him. And witnesses, really? Where’s the police report. Your saying I’m neive… It’s NOT ALWAYS the adults fault nor the MANS for that matter. And yes, he has stature – they should have waited knowing his following. Something is definitely fishy… you have your opinion & I will have mine. But I don’t see him being arrested or charged, So until then…

Just stop. Your remarks are completely offensive. You are diminishing a scourge on the workplace. You literally have no idea what happens in situations like this. This young woman has incredible courage confronting a man much older with higher status who is trying to take advantage of her. I cannot believe you’re even writing this–I can only assume you have NEVER been in this position or you would squirm at your naivete.

You Stop.. Have u even been keeping up with EVERYTHING that’s going on!! Its more then this “rumor” & “accusation.” Until he’s arrested or charged, I will be on his side 100%. There is something VERY fishy happening. Did u read the arrogance of Eric Brayden, have u read that no police were called? Michael Muhney 100%. I do not believe any of the nonsense… the show is better with him – PERIOD. The whole thing has been handled poorly & he would have been done on the spot, not able to “finish up”. Not buying it.

Nikki has a point. I’m in law enforcement & the first time a complaint has been made regarding sexual harassment the accused is to be escorted from the property by police, there would have been a TRO even if he wasn’t arrested or detained. I love both HK & MM. I know that MM has an ego, not easy to get along with, self centered, but really think about it that’s why he made a great Adam Newman. We shouldn’t gossip, take sides in a he said/she said w/o proof. I still believe in INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. Not the other way around. CBS allowed MM to finish his contract & I believe that if CBS allowed anyone to stay on the job after a complaint of sexual harassment then HK has a great case to sue for a company not protecting her. I also believe that MM was fired for different reasons or he could sue for being fired w/o cause. Did anyone think that because JFP is horrible @ her job this gossip gives a reason for people to watch Y&R & bring the ratings up? Just saying. The one who needs fired is JFP.

So poorly handled by the brass @ CBS/Sony/YR. MM AND HHK have a case, regardless of public opinion. A sad day in Mudville!

omg people..its a dang job…and…while he did an awesome job at PLAYING his CHARACTER…he’s an actor..a great one..i will miss his portrayal of adam too..but..he offended people..he got fired…..let the powers that be do their jobs…and leave the person(s)he offended alone…geeeesh…someone leaked their version of the story…you…and I dont know the whole story…but…the people who hire and fire do..give it a rest for cryin out loud…he got fired!…musta been a reason!

I don’t believe anyone should be calling either one names, However I’m a big fan of MM and with the truly bad writing and truly bad acting from some of these characters my days are done as of MM’s departure. Oh and it would be nice if everyone would stop calling her a “kid” she is a 20 YEAR OLD WOMAN!!! and he has NO charges brought against him and therefore NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING!!!

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