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Axed Y&R Star Michael Muhney Breaks Silence With Tweet Quoting Benjamin Franklin!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fans of The Young and the Restless are still fired up and outraged over the dismissal of popular star and actor, Michael Muhney who played up until a few weeks ago the complex role of Adam Newman.

After much speculation as to the rationale behind his firing has been bantered about on the Internet over the last several weeks, and then the item relating that Muhney was allegedly fired for groping his co-star Hunter Kings (Summer) breasts on two occasions, among other things, the actor has not been heard from since he tweeted his sadness at being fired on December 17th and tweeting a few things about his daughter Ella’s sixth birthday the following day.  In addition, he did his first and only exit interview with Huff Post Canada shortly.

Now over the last 24 hours, Muhney has taken to Twitter with all the turmoil going down, Muhney offered this up: “Benjamin Franklin said it best, ‘Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.’… and that quote doesn’t only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone. #respect

So, what is your interpretation of Muhney’s tweets?  Do you think this entire situation has gotten out of hand on social media?   Comment below!

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With the laws protecting workers from “harassment” these days and if his alleged “inappropriate advances” toward King were unwanted & she informed him so, Y&R did the right thing by letting Muhney go.

Classy as always…Michael is sticking up for everyone getting the lashing with respect to his release!!!! Everyone needs to take his lead and be nice and respectful!!!!

Well said, Earika–I agree. All I know for sire is that I don’t know,and this story has more holes in it than Sponge Bob Square Pants does in his whole body.

PS> To be clear, I wasn’t implying that HK’s alleged allegations has holes in it– I meant that the entire story as told by TMZ had holes in it. There’s too much about the entire scenario which makes me go ‘hmmmm.’

If I was being accused of the stuff he is accused of, I would be screaming from a roof top: I DID NOT DO IT! instead of tweeting cryptic quotes from Benjamin Franklin. The douche did it and he has done it before. This time he was caught and hopefully it is the end of his career if not the beginning of his time in prison.

I agree with you Joshua, If he was so innocent he would be saying so….And why would Hunter King (Summer) make up such a lie? And why are so many ppl ready to call her a liar! She is the victim!

agree with you Joshua. This guy is a big mouthed douche. I’ve read his tweets and he’s an arrogant jerk. Cryptic messages like that are lame.

Nothing wrong with MM tweeting a quote..
It shows his pain..
People are crucifying him with no knowledge of what actually happened, not one fact..

It is much like the olden days Olden days witch hunt and death by fire for being a witch..
And we all know those woman were not witches,,

Umm, you were fired, should we not believe that????

.. “Benjamin Franklin said it best,
‘Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.’

Michael is trying to reach out and tell us something, the best he can via a quote..

He would not be allowed to make any statements due to legal matters and lawyers advice to remain silent..

I got his message .. what he is telling us without speaking..

” “‘Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.’”

Oh please, he is guilty as sin. i hope hunter king, takes michael to court.

I am glad I am not in Salem being accused by you of witchcraft.

Very appropriate response to this unfortunate situation. I hope everyone is able to move forward and find some peace.

He’s a talented actor and I hope some good can come from this experience.

I smell something fishy with the ENTIRE story, who lets an employee work several more days if they know they harassed and touched someone inappropriately??? Ya thats what I thought its just REEKS of garbage!!! She says she will go to the police if they did not fire him, pretty ballsy girl, no witnesses to this so called crime, ya just another person crying wolf. he will find work else where she will be seen as a RAT!!

I feel sad for Michael and wish him all the best. I know that he has always been outspoken but I am having a hard time believing the allegations. Hunter King is one of way too many young actors with very limited talent in the cast and she could certainly take a good hard look at herself.

I agree with you Marybeth. Michael is far too talented an actor. Hunter’s acting skills are limited. After YR is through with her I would imagine she will have trouble finding another acting job. Especially male costars would be afraid to work with her and who could blame them. Especially in daytime. I remember Michelle S. telling a funny story about her pasties coming off and all she could think was OMG he’s a married man (speaking of her costar)

This is sad. Neither of you women know if this is true or not, and yet you are bashing this very young actress and predicting her career doom? Because he is “talented” he ISN’T guilty, but because you believe she is is NOT talented, she is a siren-like predator? What… he is FAR TOO talented to be a predator? Talent-level is not linked to behavioral issues. If, and I say if, the man is guilty, he will not be the first truly talented individual with behavioral issues. Sometimes low emotional intelligence goes with the territory of high talent and high intelligence.

You women are both SO BESOTTED with this male actor that — without facts on YOUR SIDE either — you are taking to a public space to trash a girl TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER than MIchael Muhney. He is old enough to be her father. Because Muhney is a star of the show, there is also a huge status differential between the two. She may have been intimidated by his status and his age. Siren , indeed.

You have every right to support this actor, if you are really that convinced of his innocence. But it is beyond despicable of you to publicly trash this VERY YOUNG woman without the facts. If she was molested, comments like yours — from WOMEN, no less — are adding insult to injury.

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

To Tristan & Mark. I never said that I believed any of what was said in regard to either Michael or Hunter and I truly hope it isn’t true as I like both actors. WhatvI said about Hunter, and I referred to her as well as the majority of the younger actors on the show, is that they would all do well to take some acting classes. I have never seen a show with so many boring young actors. They are as exciting as watching paint dry but as long as the men out there can’t get past their looks, it will never improve.


I’m with you 100% – I’ve never seen a whole lot… of just bad… not so much boring… but “DULL”… lacks vitality… and interest


i’d even go so far as to say… all the good writing in the world won’t even help


thank goodness for GH… which has it’s faults… but DAYS is flowing… flying… and FIYAH!

I agree with Tristan’s comments below.

Me too–well done Tristan.

Well said Tristan!!!

AS if his acting ability has ANYTHING to do with harassing a young girl. For being such a “family man” he should keep his hands to himself.

Actors, musicians, poets, politicians, whoever they are and how talented they are CAN and DO cross the line! DUH

Take those blinders off and obsession over your favorite actor.

I am not besotted with anyone. I’m 70 years old and it would take more than a daytime soap actor to besot me at my age. I do think MM is the best daytime actor out there. I do agree that many of the younger actors on YR could benefit from acting lessons. If Michael did touch this young woman inappropriately then he would be considered a “dirty old man”. However, if he didn’t, that’s another story. I have been a card carrying member of Mensa for years and I don’t go around touching little boys. So don’t put this on having a high intellect. That is just bizarre. But I do think if he is guilty he should have been fired when this was first reported. Not months down the road. I also think JFP should be fired for not doing her job, if this is true. Hopefully, the truth will come out because both these actors have their families and careers involved. This could be the end of both careers, not to mention Michael’s marriage. There is an old saying “truth will out”. Let’s wait and see.

“Respect”? All I can think of is Aretha Franklin. As a veteran but critical and objective fan, the truth would determine how and to whom “respect” applies. Will we ever know?

I do not believe this story, something seems strange, too many holes and not enough covered, Michael will get work on another show and Hunter will continue on y&r.

His followers will love this.

They’re just waiting for somebody to toss them a bone like this to cling on to as the world around their favorite sexual predator implodes more and more each and every day.

You are one of the few posters who gets this. He is twenty years her senior. Old enough to be this girl’s father, and posters above are likening her to a siren who will never find work again, because males will be too terrified of what SHE might do to THEM!!!!!!! I am sickened by the bashing of this young woman by this actor’s besotted and irresponsible fans. He has not said “I am innocent.” He is cryptic and odd and women are salivating over him, while grasping at “proof” of innocence in the “facts” of his so-called high I.Q. and magnificent talent.

If there were no proof, it would have been utterly IMPOSSIBLE for CBS to have fired this man for THIS cause without a lawsuit to end all lawsuits. CBS has covered its own butt on this one, believe me. So…wake me when he files suit.

But Muhney DID say exactly why he was fired in his HuffPo interview. Um, maybe that’s the truth. There is no proof anywhere that this gropegate story is the reason for his firing but you monkeys all believe it like it’s established fact.

Funny how all of these supposed “facts” can be traced back to one or two “sources” on twitter and some stupid soap opera message boards that these trolls live on 24/7.And everyone else is just repeating what those anonymous sources THINK happened. Then all you haters say “Look, everyone is saying it. It must be true!”

God, I’d love to know whose cornflakes Muhney pissed on to unleash this shitstorm against him!

Everyone is hating on Muhney for what some unhinged fans are saying about HHK. It’s not HIS damn fault these fans are harrassing her.

You might want to lighten up from calling the man a “sexual predator” based on rumors and “alleged” stories from unnamed sources.

Has anyone noticed that the women who have been his leading ladies and had love scenes with him are all supporting him? No, I didn’t think you’d notice that.

The best comment at the moment is no comment!!!

Gee, I wish I had read this comment before I commented.

best post I’ve read so far, nothing that went on behind the scenes is any of our business anyway so the rag mags need to stop milking this situation for sales

If he truly groped the actress’ breasts and she reported him, then the firing would have been justified. Yet, I would be reluctant to believe anything reported on TMZ.

Michael Fairman – end this entire topic and pull down these quotes. Far too many hateful comments. Concentrate on good stories, knock out performances. Let the haters hate on their own time.

Thank you. I agree.

People heal by talking about it. It should not be swept under the rug. That’s why Y & R is facing hard times. They should have dealt with the problem when all those cast members were groped by JC.

I think Y&R are just trying to cover their asses. If he did this he should have been fired right after it first happened. I think Y&R now see what a stupid mistake they made and are putting this lie out there to try and keep viewers. I still will Stop watching when Adam & Billy leave. The show is terrible and will not get better

the best thing that Michael Muhney do is STFU unless you want to admit to the truth . mm
should not take be twittering I think the only reason why this was put in the media was. Because he was telling false versions of truth. he was fired because of his own stupidity. I don’t see Hunter King feedings this story . I can tell that Hunter King enjoy s being on the show. maybe the reason why she gave him a chance w a warning and she didn’t want to press charges was to protect the reputation of the young &Restless. because she’s an actress . I don’t understand is why would he repeatedly do this. in his mind he might have though she wanted him because he did it once & got a way with it. Usually when a married person wants something more they will pull this sick moves.

I hope that…. the MESS that Y&R is… comes to fruition… a jumbled lost cause.

perhaps that’s why… the truth will never surface…

behind closed doors leaked and… one can hope… that this is the last grandstand, we’ll see or hear of… JFP

My only comment to all these people on here, I sure hope none of them are ever called for jury duty. The country I live in The United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty. In most cases, She Said/He said are thrown out of court. There are two victims in this case. Michael Muhney, the best daytime actor in the last twenty years, and the girl that played Summer.

You’re not seriously suggesting that because you think Muhney is a better actor that King’s allegations should be ignored? I really hope I misunderstood that.

The whole situation is very sad.

This is why so many women do not report harassment and rape– they get dragged through the mud just as much as the person they have accused. King is doing the right thing by saying nothing while Muhney seems to be going off the rails. Being a great actor doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a great person.

It’s unfortunately very true that those who report things like harassment really get put through the wringer, which just compounds the victimization. And yet it’s also true that people make false accusations; it’s not as though that never happens, and you can’t look at somebody making such an accusation and just know whether he/she is one of the ones who is telling the truth or one of the ones who is making it up or exaggerating; they don’t carry signs that tell you, and the ones who are lying can often be just as convincing as (or even more convincing than) the ones who are telling the truth. And though the number of accurate accusations well outnumbers the false ones (if the statistics are to be believed), that doesn’t help you in any specific situation, because you still don’t know which one you’re dealing with.

We’d all do well to withhold final judgment on this particular situation, based on the evidence available. I think it’s perfectly justified to hold an opinion about which side of the story seems more plausible, but to get to the point of labeling MM a predator or dragging HK’s name through the mud, when we really don’t know much at all for certain, wow, that’s hard to justify until some more solid evidence comes out (if it ever does).

I believe MM made one tweet. How is that ‘going off the rails’?

Actually he tweeted a quote..
just a quote LOL good grief..
some on are overkill of exaggerations for the sensationalism effect ..

Quoting Ben Franklin instead of denying the allegations outright or giving your side of the story seems pretty cray-cray to me, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not looking to crucify Muhney, even if he is guilty of what he’s been accused of. But I know that big corporations like Sony and CBS don’t fire people over allegations of harassment. People get fired after an investigation comes up with proof that the legal department thinks would hold up in court if the dismissed employee tried to sue the company. I doubt very much if this is a case of a vindictive girl trying to smear an innocent man.

People need to know neither MM or HK can speak, this is legal and their lawyers would never allow them to say anything..
The very first thing they are told is to not speak of it to anyone..
Fans believe they are privileged to know the private lives of the soap stars, they are not privy to their lives,,
HK and MM will not be making any statements, they are told not to.
MM tweeting a quote in not speaking but expressing..

there is a story we are not going to be privy to, the story holds the facts.. We have not one fact..
Until there are verified facts, both are innocent..

To seek out the truth. You have to look at statements made , in letters or interviews if you look at phases and sentences you can often find the truth between the lines.
these are qoutes that MICHAEL MUHNEY made in his exit interview with NELSON BRANCH
which MICHAEL MUHNEY so proudly linked to on his social page only guilty this dude was fired for Groping yet he sees nothing wrong in mentioning twice so cocky and full of himself .

MM- “my
career, ACTIONS and income impact
three little people and my wife. I have
to be cognizant of that.”

(MY Translation I should have took my lovingly wife and my little children into consideration before I sexual harassment. A young women.)

” It’s been an interesting
journey. What I envy in guys like Hartley and Billy is that they’re single
and don’t have kids, so anything is
possible.” But I know, while this is new
for me”

(ME- how is being fired new for him he was kicked off Veronica Mars for similar behavior.!/ he envious of the single aka not married . Uggh)

MM- “So, I’m going to break out my
best breaststroke and see where it
takes me.”

(- perhaps a dig at hunter king sexual harassment that he caused ,in the interview he mentions the word BREAST twice !! King said Michael Muhney groped her on TWO different occasions. If you search groping breast on the web Links on breast cancer pop up !)

Michael Muhney “I
saw it coming, and I didn’t see it
coming. I SUSPECTED it could happen,
but I didn’t think that it really would”

(- me: he was warned to stop harassing Hunter King but he ignored her/ tptb . And he continued to harass her. ,he didn’t think he would get kicked off Y&R.
for it.)

MICHAEL MUHNEY -“That is entirely on me. CBS,
Sony, and Jill Phelps are not to blame
for that. If I’m going to claim to be a
grown man,I have to own that.”

( MY Translation . If I hadn’t sexual harassed Hunter King I would still be employed .)

With a the number of reputable soap journalists there are out, (Michael Fairman being in top ten ) he chooses NB !

Yes and NB has not said a word since! Sad situation very sad but I still maintain that it could have been handled better at the top then it was but they are set on bringing Y&R to it’s knees so sit back and have a glass of wine because it is only going to get worse.

ITA!! But you know what occurred to me, MM tweeted (it appears) right after leaving JFP’s office the evening of 12/17, about his being ‘let go’. He took away CBS/Sony’s ability to put out a press release that could/would have simply said “we’re taking the character in a different direction” – sparing all parties from this current circus of a mess.

Sad all around.

you should not attempt to know what MM is thinking..
your mind and his are a phantom apart…
it is not cool to make your thoughts his..
you have not a clue as to what MM is thinking, he said what he said as his words, not to be played with by someone who knows nothing about his thoughts..
He seems sincere in all he said ..

So when did Hollywood become such a holy city? Did they retire the casting couch? So when did actors start getting fired for alleged sexual harassment? This entire story about Michael Muhney is fishy & doesn’t make any sense.

Apparently you are unaware of the law and of the Civil Rights Act, as amended, which makes sexual harassment in the workplace illegal. Welcome to the 21st century, Fred. The only thing that does not make sense is your unawareness of the illegality of such acts.

I have been reading everyone comments and How MM is Guilty beyond a doubt and How HK is getting so much support from her co-workers.What I can’t understand is where was all this support when this first happen.(since this was suppose to be the second time)This do not make sense.If MM was such a terror why keep him around ,why reward him with a new contract in April.No I will not be watching Y&R,in fact I haven’t watch it since this story broke on TMZ.The support these actors and actress are expressing now for HK turn my stomach,because if the accusation are true it’s a little to late.they stood by and said nothing when it first supposely happen.why didn’t the actors united and demand TPTB take action then,if they had this wouldn’t have happen. IMO there is enough guilty to spread around.

You have no idea what other actors did or did not do when the events allegedly took place. How do you know they did not demand action earlier? Were you there? She is getting public support at this time because of all the abuse being heaped upon her by Michael Muhney’s fans on the public forum of the internet. She was probably receiving private expressions of support when the story was still a private matter. The support isn’t late, it is public now because the internet harassment of the young actress is a public disgrace perpetrated by irresponsible fans of the fired actor.

They had to investigate the matter before terminating the actor, hence the time lag. NO corporation the size of CBS/Sony will act without significant corroboration, to save itself a future lawsuit from anyone so accused.

I applaud them for supporting her, but the fact still remain they are a bit late, If the allegation / rumors are true he not only bully and threaten her there. were other and it has been an on going thing. That’s why I say the actors and actress should have united and told the TPTB, enough already .If they had HK would never have had to endure the allege horror MM supposedly subject her to. In fact if the allege incident are true in my book she’s the only brave one. she took a stand and didn’t turn her head as the other have done for five year making him think his behaviour was acceptable

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