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Y&R To Air Classic Episode Featuring Nikki Being Torn Between Victor and Jack

Photo: JPI

This Friday, April 10th look for another classic episode to run on The Young and the Restless.   This time the show goes back to the March 9th, 1993 episode that has plenty of interesting moments within it.

Here’s what to look for: Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is torn between Victor (Eric Braeden) and Jack (Peter Bergman).  John (Jerry Douglas) is floored when Jill (Jess Walton) shares news of her unexpected pregnancy and while Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) enjoy their romantic Caribbean honeymoon, Brad (Don Diamont) and Ashley (then played by Brenda Epperson) plan a surprise for the newlyweds.

Last week, viewers loved the rebroadcast of Nikki and Victor’s first wedding from 1984.

Let us know if you are looking forward to seeing the drama from Genoa City and the Caribbean on this classic Y&R on Friday via the comment section below.

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Hmmm I can’t believe they are doing this you people will see how great this soap was and show you how sadly it has fallen not even the same show!

I look forward to seeing many more classic episodes of Y&R…I wish they would even go back further with the Brooks and the Fosters…

I totally agree, Kevin C. (see what I did there). I would love to see episodes from the 70’s…especially those with Vanessa Prentiss and her beautiful veils that she wore! I know the programme was only one half hour then, but they could run 2 at a time to cover the hour time slot. Would also love to see Paul and all of his family…including the original Patty and his brother Stephen Williams. Please make it happen CBS!!!

Hi Eden, I am with you all the way…like you said they could put 2 half hour shows to cover the hour…Yes, the original Patty and Stephen Williams…Oh Vanessa Prentiss, the good ole days of the 70’s and 80s of Y&R…

I really liked Brenda Epperson, who also played a very convincing Ashley. She stayed in the credits for 7 years if I’m not mistaken, it’s significant (excuse-me if there are errors because I don’t speak correctly english).

I always loved Brenda Epperson as well, Tintinoche. In fact, I actually preferred her as Ashley!

To Mention;
For the millions, of fans that watch their soaps via the internet,
the Friday flash-back episodes are not available to view..
I’m not interested in them, I’d like to see flash-backs from before
I was born, like the 70’s..
I’ve heard the soaps back then were excellent and the
nowadays soaps are diminished in comparison.

Wasn’t watching them. I’m looking forward to seeing Neil and Drucilla.

I found myself smiling this whole episode. Every commercial break was a mini cliffhanger. Several plot developments in an episode! The fading and zooming of faces and behind props..the beautiful additional musical scores…the smart dialogue, jill and john, dru and neil, ash and brad, jack / nikki/ vic even the supporting cast of Miguel and the Colonel!!!…those episodes were hook and bait every day!!! I havent been that invested in every scene in decades!

Hi Damien, again I agree with you 100%…how I miss those days…

The Victor & Nikki first wedding episode from 1984 didn’t air in Canada. Anyone know where I can find it? The 1993 episode of Neil & Dru’s honeymoon did air though!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL Preview: Alexis , Finn, and Kristina Face Life-Altering Moments

This week on ABC’s General Hospital could bring a shift in the lives of several lives in Port Charles. In the latest promo for the daytime drama series, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is seen in court facing her accuser, the brother of her former lover, the late Neil Byrne, in the form of Lane Davies as Fergus Byrne.

Will Alexis finally be reinstated as a lawyer? Will Fergus and Alexis actually hit it off since Lane and Nancy Lee Grahn played the beloved Mason and Julia Capwell on Santa Barbara, and Davies was previously on GH as Dr. Cameron Lewis?

Meanwhile, a pregnant Kristina (Kate Mansi) is reeling after seeing her father, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) lose his grip and threatening to kill Jason (Steve Burton) and Dex (Evan Hofer). Will her unborn baby be in danger?

Photo: ABC

Finally, Finn’s (Michael Easton) sobriety is really tested and it all seems to be inadvertently caused by the Cerullos. First, at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn and Chase, Carmine hands Finn a glass of champagne after his daughter Violet’s performance. Not paying attention, he takes a sip of champagne during a toast.

Photo: ABC

Now, Carmine and Gloria send a bottle of bourbon to Finn with their “warmest regards.” However, Finn can’t stop himself from pouring himself a drink.  Will Finn finally give in, and we are off to the races with another addiction storyline for the good doctor? Stay tuned.

Check out the latest GH preview below.

Now, let us know. What do you think will happen with Finn, Alexis and Kristina on this week’s GH? Share your theories in the comment section.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL Preview: What Shocker Awaits at Chase and Brook Lynn’s Wedding?

It’s the week that many GH fans have waited for; the nuptials of Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Now, ABC has released the preview for the big day, which is not going off without a hitch.

Several Port Charles characters look to be involved in trouble, danger and a medical emergency. The promo begins with the happy bride, Brook Lynn, saying “Let’s get this wedding started.”

Famous last words are heard said by Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), “Everything’s got to go off without a hitch.” Well, this is a soap so that can’t be true!


Next, there are some troubling shots of Spinelli (looking surprised on his phone, Finn (Michael Easton) with his hands shaking looking at what appears to be a glass of champagne with Anna’s (Finola Hughes) voice saying, “We’ve got trouble.”

Sonny (Maurice Benard) has shown up, and as many predicted looks like the wedding will mark a real meltdown for the mobster who ha been unaware he has not been taking his full dose of medication to help combat his bipolar disorder.

Next, Sonny is heard saying,  Know what I do to traitors?” as he side eyes Dex (Evan Hofer)! Eventually a voice says, “He lost a lot of blood. Let’s get him to trauma one.” The end of the promo features a stunned Chase looking at Brook Lynn.

So, what is all going down and going to happen at Chase and BLQ’s wedding? After looking at the promo, weigh-in below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Laura Wright Previews How Carly Gets Clued-In to Sonny’s Behavior: “All the Questions That Anybody Would Have, We Hit on Them”

This week on General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) seems to be close to figuring out what is going on with her ex-husband, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) or is she? In the latest promo for the ABC daytime drama series, looks like Jack Brennan (Charles Mesure) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) have a plan to bring Sonny down … eliminate Jason (Steve Burton) and make it look like Sonny is responsible.

Meanwhile, Carly gets an earful from Nina (Cynthia Watros) that Ava (Maura West) had a lot to do with getting Nina to sell her portion of the hotel back to Jason, her interest is piqued.

According to Laura Wright during her chat with Soap Opera Digest, Carly has a growing concern over Sonny’s current roomie, Ava Jerome, and the mobster’s paranoid and irrational behavior recently.


Wright shares about Carly, “She doesn’t trust Ava for a moment.” Then in a great teasers, Laura reveals “All the questions that anybody would have, we hit on them. I’m excited.”

So, will Carly figure out just what Ava is up to? Will she learn that Sonny has been fed the wrong pills that are not controlling his bipolar disorder thanks to Valentin? Stay tuned.

Check out this week’s promo for GH and then let us know, what do you think Ava is up to exactly? Is she in cahoots with Valentin or operating separately? Will Jason and Sonny be led down a path where the two try to eliminate each other? Share your theories in the comment section below.

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