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Y&R's Greg Rikaart Takes To Huffington Post In Efforts to Clarify Issues in Chick-fil-A Controversy and Dan Cathy & Melissa Reeves!

Photo credit: Kathy Hutchins

The Young and the Restless Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) took to The Huffington Post to continue his efforts to clarify the issues involved in supporting Chick-fil-A and it’s recent Appreciation Day, and where a Twitter controversy erupted between he and fellow soap star, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) of Days of our Lives.  

In his piece, Rikaart takes to task, Dan Cathy, the head honcho of Chick-fil-A, and Reeves.  And the Daytime Emmy winning actor addresses the public debate that Chick-fil-A’s  stance  is not a freedom of speech issue, but about bigotry and donating money to hurt the LGBT community.  Here are some excerpts:

Greg Rikaart:  “The media blitz surrounding Chick-fil-A isn’t about chicken sandwiches or Dan Cathy’s First Amendment right to speak his mind. Mr. Cathy’s company has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which publicly denounces the “impure lifestyle” of the LGBT community. Furthermore, this company donated money to the Family Research Council, which supports the criminalization of homosexuality and states on their website that they oppose efforts for homosexuals to have equal rights.

I posted a tweet airing my disappointment in Melissa Reeves (another member of the daytime community) for aligning herself with this company that financially supports the furthering of hatred and bigotry. I did so because I have aligned myself with organizations like GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) and the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and I have read too many stories of alienated LGBT kids taking their lives after relentless persecution.

Whether grown up bullies like Dan Cathy and Melissa Reeves realize it or not, they are directly or indirectly telling these vulnerable kids that there is something wrong with them, or they are somehow less than. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m certain of it.

I’d happily talk to Mrs. Reeves about this myself, but alas, she has not responded to me and has blocked me from having access to her twitter account. I have happily engaged in debates with people who have reached out to me in defense of her and/or their own beliefs. The knowledge that I might have the ability to change someone’s mind or possibly get them to see the issue from a different perspective is worth the few naysayers who have sent me unkind comments. People often say “agree to disagree.’ I think that’s a cop-out. Frankly, the stakes in this case are too high to let the conversation end. Let’s disagree and talk about it. Maybe I can better understand you and vice versa.

I’m grateful and encouraged that the majority of the feedback I have gotten has been very supportive and positive, and I am happy to use my bit of notoriety to stand up for what is right. Some people have accused me of bullying for expressing my disappointment in Mrs. Reeves. A man named Wayne Self likened this rationale to walking up to a bully on the playground beating up some other kid and then scolding them both for not getting along.

I was having a conversation with some friends last night and someone said “What’s the end game on this Chick-fil-A issue?” My hope is that with all the media attention surrounding the issue, Dan Cathy would be open to taking a meeting with my friends Eliza Byard of GLSEN and Chad Griffin of the HRC. Maybe he can walk away from that with a better understanding of why his actions are so hurtful to the LGBT community, particularly the youngest and most vulnerable members of it, and maybe he will think twice about where his tax-deductible donations go.”

So what do you think of Rikaart’s statements in his blog at Huff Post?  Are the issues surrounding this debate clearer to you?  Do you still believe at this point that Chick-fil-A’s stance is just a freedom of speech issue? And,  what do you think of Rikaart’s statements directed at Melissa Reeves? Weigh-in!

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Bravo to Greg Rikaart for not letting this issue go. I would still love to hear from Missy Reeves with some form of explaination. I know she has lost tons of fans and I am surprised that Days has not made some comment since they have the Will gay storyline going on now.

I’d happily talk to Mrs. Reeves about this myself, but alas, she has not responded to me and has blocked me from having access to her twitter account.

This isn’t even a challenge… Seperation of church and state. Equal rights.

Closed mind. it’s burning up all that time for Peace. Channelling for the good of Man.

God loves you but not your sin and judging others is not helping you out any way shape form or fashion.


God Loves You.


Hillary Rodham Clinton?


I think he has acted disgracefully. What he wants isn’t just for himself or another to talk to Dan Cathy & Melissa Reeves what he wants is for them to change to his way of thinking. He is being the bully here. He said it wasn’t about free speech. Every person I follow on Twitter that went to Chik-fil-A said it was because of the free speech issue. As for the way he is verbally attacking Melissa it is uncalled for. I have never heard of one soap star publicly picking on another like this. He has complained that she isn’t willing to talk to him about this. She doesn’t have to. It is still a free country isn’t? Want to see a bully Greg? Look in the mirror!

I couldn’t disagree more, I encourage accountability. When she tweeteed her statement she opened herself up to all of this negativity. She has the right to feel and believe anything she chooses however she is a celebrity and her comments are scutinized more than say yours or mine. If her comment was only to support free speech, why then did she not respond to the perception of her discontent for the gay and lesbian community? If something someone says is percieved in a particular way, that is what was said. If she doesn’t support GLBT just own it, it’s her belief or opinion. Greg Rikaart is not a bully, he responded to the tweet that MR made public. If she didn’t want this debate perhaps tweeting is something she should not do. This is just my opinion on the matter. Too much hate in the world and it isn’t necessary.

totally agree with toscanti. If melissa Reeves now can’t stand the heat, then she should of stayed out of the chick of fil A kitchen.

Missy spoke her mind and judging her on comments and past makes yall look bad. Judge yourselves and know it hard to do, if disagree withh her fine, but praying for her these people salvation would be a start.

How is Greg the bully in this situation? He has not “attacked” Melissa Reeves, he has simply expressed disappointment that someone from his own field of work would very PUBLICLY support a company that is in favor of bigotry and hatred. Toscanti and Aria, I completely agree with you both that Reeves opened herself up to criticism and should deal with it. Like Greg said, he has wanted to have a talk or debate with her over the issue, but she is not willing to open her mind whatsoever. If you tweet her on twitter, anything supporting the LGBT community or anti-Chick-Fil-A, she blocks you instantly instead of actually reading the comment.

Also, how is Greg te bully when, as opposed to Reeves, he is standing up for people? Free speech or freedom of religion are NOT masks that people can use to hide their hatred behind. Would we have allowed those excuses if this were African American slaves a few decades ago? What about women when they were discriminated against? I bet Reeves would have LOVED that. It is disgusting that she supports people who want to set our country back decades and continue hatred in the world.

He isn’t being a bully and it is not about freedom of speech. They donate thousands to hate organizations each year which are campaigning and lobbying to criminalize homosexuality. Your friends who participated in appreciation day think this is simply about the interview in which Cathy stated his disapproval about gay marriage. That is not what it is about. At all.

I completely support Greg Rikaart’s right to his own freedom of speech and to his beliefs, but I also support Dan Cathy’ s rights to his freedoms of speech and religion too. This is not about bigotry! Dan Cathy’s religious beliefs are from his core beliefs and he has every right to them. And he also has every right to donate to whatever causes he wants. I’m sure Greg Rikaart contributes to his own causes that others don’t agree with, so why is it ok for him to act on his beliefs and others who disagree are not allowed to do the same without being excoriated and trashed for their opposing viewpoints?

This has nothing to do with civil rights becaue this is an individual’s beliefs and this individual isn’t doing anthing to affect policy or state’s rights, as all state rights/laws are voted on by the people and majority vote rules in our country. And please don’t accuse people of being bigots, anti-gay or haters just because they have strong beliefs that they live by! This is NOT true and this kind of vitriole is only causing people to hate more, and it will only result in your efforts to promote your cause a lot worse.

Just my 2 cents! We are still America and we live by the Bill of Rights!

the thing i have about religious beliefs…

Religion – that a higher power – being (Christ) is. He created that all men are equal?

there are those who are good.
there are those who are evil.

judge not lest ye be judged.

there are so many religions to choose from…

practical…. common sense…. knowing right from wrong. live accordingly. treat others as you would like to be treated.

why would our loving God… choose… and/or give us abilities… to know any differently? to enhance, harmonize, freely express together? Joyful noise.

Indifferent? Desensitize your fellow man? I don’t think so.

I praise God, for change. That we the people.. can remain constant, strong, and Persevere.

per·se·ver·ance/ˌpərsəˈvi(ə)rəns/Noun: 1.Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
2.Continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of glory.

Synonyms: persistence – tenacity – pertinacity – assiduity

More info » – – Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

It’s not about free speech. Honestly, it would be like telling your sister you hate her guts and then getting p!ssed when she doesn’t send you a Christmas present. Give me a break with that nonsense!

The difference between Greg and Mr Cathy is that the latter supports anti gay rights groups that are hateful towards gays. I am certain that Greg doesn’t support anti Christian groups and that would be the only way to compair the two. So I agree that everyone has the right to support which ever group they want to unless it is a hate group. If this was an Antisemitic group or Ku Klux Klan group do you think you would still agree with Mr Cathy’s right to support any group he chooses?

I wholeheartedly agree that this has NOTHING to do with his first amendment rights. Not one person has said he did not have the right to voice his opinion. For me, this has always been about where he donates his companies profits. I stopped eating there in 2000.
Only having this article to go by, I have no problem with what Mr. Rikaart stated about or to Ms. Reeves. There was no personal attack, just expressing his disappointment in her choice.

As a gay man I’m getting tired of the gay community’s victim act when it comes to marriage equality. They care coming off as spoiled children who are stamping their feet and acting like the bully when they are told “no”. Gay men are dying all over the world, being killed by people who says their religion is a “religion of peace”, where’s the outrage? Oh, wait! We can’t be mad at them, because it’s politically incorrect! Christians are easy targets and are parodied and demeaned in the media at every opportunity, so why not go after them, right? Where was the gay community’s outrage over what happened when Jerry Sandusky bullied those poor boys? Crickets. Mr. Rikart needs to look in the mirror and take a good hard look at his own personal bigotry before he looks at anyone else. And as a gay Christian, I am sick to death of the gay community thinking that their voice is the only voice that matters.


I am a gay man. I respectfully, must state. I will never believe that the gay community would “play” the victim act. every one person has their right to be passionate about their ideals… and collectively… we stand for tolerance?

I am not sick of the continued “for and against” issues we face… in the media.. the limelight… as it were. I’ve already state this…. “DEFEAT’ists are all part of the drawing board.

Thank you Mr. Greg Rikkart… for emphatically championing… that “BULLYING” – Hate Crimes… Stigmatizing… those who aren’t right?

Spirituality… is your inner being resonating…goodwill.

I am at peace with what is not a choice. Gay – Homosexual. Straight – Heterosexual.

Wow, an actual voice of reason. That is what Greg is insisting on, that people change their view. Talk to his chosen person and get your thinking readjusted the way they want it.

A voice of reason… is listening to opposition. discerning the facts… and reaffirming.

Now you know we don’t think we are the only voice that matters. We simply Wang equal rights under law. We aren’t asking for slot. And it is time for this country to be run by laws not the Bible.

As a gay man, I have seen the bigotry and the victim act first hand in the gay community. We act like bigots in much more subtle ways, like treating guys who walk down the street who don’t look like an underwear model as though they don’t exist. We are just as nasty and as hateful as those we think are so bad because of their religious beliefs, and because we are indoctrinated that Republicans and Christians are the enemy and that we engage in gross generalizations in saying that ALL Republicans and ALL Christians hate gay people, which is the biggest lie of them all. And let’s not forget that the gay community came out in force for Bill Clinton who had the affair with Monica Lewinsky and said that was a private matter, but boy we love the pride parades where we make that private matter very public. It smacks of utter hypocrisy, until we take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror and clean up our side of the street, we have zero room to talk or complain.

I fully support and applaud Greg Rikaart’s statements. It is NOT a free speech issue at all. It is people hiding behind what they THINK the bible says for further hatred, bigotry and homophobia. It’s disgusting and totally not in line with the way Jesus Christ lived. Dan Cathy and all the born again so-called Christians that support his words and actions should be ashamed of themselves. A bigot is a bigot no matter what great book they hide behind. Cowards.

And calling people names isn’t going to win them over. You’re just going to polarize it even more.

I think he’s handled this with respect, I truthfully have. And I think it’s disgusting that Ms. Reeves has taken the easy way out by blocking Greg for voicing his opinion. She took the easy way out. I am on Greg’s side of this debate whole heartedly. Greg has opened up to saying he wants to understand Melissa’s stance and why she’ll supporting this disgusting company, but she’s closed herself off, which hinges the opinions and the outlook of her as a person.

She couldn’t face her own marriage with fidelity why would we expect anything more for people she doesn’t even know.

I don’t know the details of her personal life other than her support of this hack company. I think it’s sad how immature she is being during this time.

It is ridiculous to bring up a past issue from years ago that obviously has long been worked out between she and her husband. Funny how people that don’t like haters don’t mind when it is directed at a Christian. She and her family were getting threats. Hope Greg feels like a big man for causing that. Yes he is a bully, to anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Greg, did not, cause…. personal conflict, with regard to MR’s Tweet(s).

it’s not difficult to discern that wreaking havoc… irreparable harm… personally… is a cause that, any one should believe in.

Good for you Greg!! Nice to see someone take a stand against hatred and bigotry!! Ashamed of Melissa Reeves; I thought she as a better person than that. I wonder if her hubby Scott agrees with her position.

In my mind, anyone with kids should be totally against hatred and bigotry against the LGBT community. What would happen if one of your kids turned out to be gay Melissa??

Why is this hate? Why can’t this just be labeled as disagreement? Why the extreme? Because we live in a culture of victimization. You don’t win anyone to your cause by making gross mischaracterizations. You can disagree with someone and still care for them. You don’t have to hate them out of existence, like Mr. Rikart is doing.

Greg was well spoken. Hopefully it will make it ckearer for others. I imagine that Melissa is regreting her tweet and that is why she has not spoken. I am sure she hopes this whole thing will just go away.

Something like this would gnaw at me…. Unrest. Manifest.

man·i·fest/ˈmanəˌfest/Adjective: Clear or obvious to the eye or mind: “the system’s manifest failings”.

Verb: 1.Display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate: “manifest signs of depression”.
2.Record in such a manifest: “every passenger is manifested at the point of departure”.

Noun: A document giving the details of a ship and its cargo, passengers, and crew for the use of customs officers.

This is one of those times… when its all for one and one for all.

Clearly looks us in the eye. stares us in the face. Just saying.

Well, if anyone knows about the sanctity of marriage, it’s Missy Reeves. Just ask Jason Brooks.

Judging people are we and two wrong don’t make a right.

So many classy people bringing up things from years ago to make Melissa look bad. I’ glad the haters aren’t hating on anybody. Oh, wait. they are.

I’ glad the haters aren’t hating on anybody. Oh, wait. they are.


No one’s that different or better than you and I. That Hate is happening.

And how old is the bible? People bring that up to justify their bigotry and hatred.

Chick-fil-A profits support Focus on the Family and its off-shoot group, the Family Research Council, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. FOF aggressively defames LGBT people as a threat to children, and FRC spent $25,000 to stop the U.S. Congress from condemning Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill, which calls for the execution of gay people in some cases. While Chick-fil-A’s leadership has every right to its views, beliefs, and voice, good people, Christian or not, don’t use their corporate profits to fund hate groups or causes that work to defame, criminalize, and execute people.

me..this is why Greg Riikart is speaking out against Ms.Reeves support of Chick a Fila not stating she doesn’t have the right to speak her opinion..but exactly what it is she is supporting which is hate..I am not gay & I don’t think what she said was right she is in support of hate you have the right to speak your opinion if you accept the responsibility of your words..she has not..Greg has..including people questioning his sexuality which should have nothing to do with this..I have never eaten there & never will…wouldn’t support a KKK business’s the same.I believe in a God who is just & good & doesn’t hate because of who people choose to love…

God tells us to love ourselves, enemies, and everbody whhho is living soul, but not their sin..

Gloria – I know that is what Greg is speaking out against. I was supporting his position by pointing out exactly where CFA donates their dollars…a group that hates.

cr – you are assuming that homosexuality is a sin. now, of course you and others will say that the bible says it is. The bible was also fine with slavery, so I guess the bible is not infallible after all.

Who do not god word, do you. Slavery was not the fine in bible, god told moses to free his people.

You need jesus my friend and a mature lost person does not understand the bible fully.


cr replied August 16th, 2012 at 8:23 am

God tells us to love ourselves, enemies, and everbody whhho is living soul, but not their sin..

“BUT NOT THEIR SIN”. Do we have a chance? A light at the end of the tunnel… a Glimmer of Hope…. Yes… because, i am not alone. asking that our constitution be all inclusive… for every living soul… regardless of their individual freedoms… is loving ourselves…. we are not the enemy.

keep drinking the Kool-aid @cr

Hysterical you idiots!!! Over & Over its not about free speech it’s about donating and supporting hatred!!
Way to go Greg!! Reading some of these just makes me vomit!!! Bet your voting for the Romney idiot too. It’s people like you, that believe in Dan Cathy that is wrong with this world today!! Your not even understanding what it’s about!!! You with kids what if your child turns out gay (well we’ve seen what you do to those poor kids with horrid parents) and what if you err not able to see your spouse in the hospital. We pay taxes just like you, we should have rights!! Lisa & Vicki you both scare me!!!

God and religion is be about love respect, and dignity for others, not hate.
Some love to preach the bible but don’t seem to get message about LOVE!!
Supporting groups that hate and degrades others isn’t Godly in my book.
Bigotry wrapped in prayer is still bigotry!!! There is no love in hate and bigotry!!

God loves everbody yes, but he also god of wrath and when we do not listen to him and his word word, we are punish. He loves the sinner not the sin.

that’s like saying…. we’re spending all our time fighting our fellow man… and not saying God DID create us in his image.

Using Mr. Rikaarts logic, if you don’t agree with the views of the LGBT community you are a bigot. You cannot support any group that does not agree with the LGBT lifestyle.

Personally, I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home. But I have the right to disagree with your choices just as you do mine.

Mr Cathy has a right to spend the money his private company made the way he wants. He can support organizations that share his views as Mr. Rikaart can.

If you don’t agree with Mr. Cathy’s choices that’s fine. Don’t support his business.

That is what used to be great about this country. Everybody could discuss things and still agree to disagree. Today if you don’t agree with the Left and the LGBT, you are a racist and a bigot. There is no willing to here both sides of the issues.

No wonder this country is in the condition it is today. No one is willing to listen and to try and work out a mutual agreement. Until we are, god help us.

It started out because the LGBT community was going to boycott CFA and others said hey he is intitled to believe what he wants lets pick a day and go eat there. How evil.

Using Mr. Rikaarts logic, if you don’t agree with the views of the LGBT community you are a bigot. You cannot support any group that does not agree with the LGBT lifestyle


why are their answers before questions….. because your beliefs are morally, justified?

why is their lines drawn…. and definitions to not understanding…. those who agree with gay marriage…and those who do not?

1. if you don’t agree with the views of the LGBT community, you are a bigot.
2. you cannot support any group that does not agree with the LGBT community.

There is no Hypocrisy… in acknowledging… that Tolerance, was acceptable? I believe we’ve maintained our position on equal rights for all.

I have no regard for people who hide behind “The Good Book”. One thing for sure, religion and unconditional love will never be equal. There is so much hate going on–I’m glad I am not religious–the act of cutting myself off from religion was so freeing. I got tired of being told on a regular basis how bad a person I was. Give your 10% and you’re Heaven bound. Sheesh!! People need to lighten up This is 2012, folks, not 1950. I would have hoped that things would have gotten better, but they haven’t. Let’s stop the hate already!!

The world is not perfect and god does not force us in our decsions we make, but if they do not line up with his word than we are wrong. Love this people and pray for them, but i will not agree with their sin.

“if they do not line up with his word than we are wrong” The problem is, his word is interpreted in many different and, many times, self-serving ways.

This guy is an uncivilized and intolerant person.To call Ms. Reeves a “bully”because she believes that the owner of a private business who has views that differ from Reikart’s has the freedom in the United States
to express those views is preposterous and ignorant of the idea of freedom that makes this country unique in human history.Suddenly,having a differing view makes one a “hater”no matter what the motivation.

You like many others have failed to listen to what is truly the reason for the the uproar. It is NOT about free speech!!! One more time it is NOT about free speech. Use the internet. Do some research. While you are at it look up run on sentences.

1)It is not about freedom of speech because you and others decree that it is not?I have not failed to listen-I have failed to agree with you.

2)Just because a sentence is long does not make it a run-on sentence.

It is you who needs to learn the definition of a run-on sentence.

This guy is an uncivilized and intolerant person.

Wow. because GR wants that all people have the same opportunities… he’s not free?

@Robert- Hello. Are you telling me that the reason all these people (including myself) are upset only because of what he said? Most people are more upset with where he donates his money. People understand that he can say whatever he wants. Are they upset with what he said too? Yes. Do they have the right to boycott and make comments about Dan Cathy? Yes. So you can continue to believe that people are just upset with what he said. You will be wrong. I am sure you are very familiar with that.

Thank you Greg for taking a stand.

We call our country the greatest in the world but the good old USA is a VERY racist and homophobic country.

Ann let me tell you that if you think the USA is a homophobic country then go to some of the countries in the middle east or in some parts of Africa where they kill you or put you in prison for being gay.I dont care what 2 people do in their bedroom if they are consenting adults but i do not like the law in California thats pushing a pro gay lifestyle in our schools and pro gay history.

The California LAW… is not promoting or “pro” said “lifestyle”. It’s, at the forefront, in advocating that it is a behaviour that is acceptable.. and is long overdue in acknowledging that we all exist, yes, with our “differences”.. and it’s not so much… or so vast… or compromising… that we’ll never see eye to eye. this is all within reach. US’A.

Move it country does not suit you and the world is not perfect.

The CFA issue has been an eye-opening experience for me. I have been out for 20 years and two weeks ago, the day of the CFA Appreciation Day showed me a lot about my friends. It was shocking to see friends’ comments on Facebook not only supporting the day, but making comments like “f*ggots are taking over the world.” I am not sure they realized I could see their comments on mutual friends’ walls, but these same people have told me they did not have a problem with my lifestyle. Needless to say, it was an eye opening experience a day that I am not sure I will soon forget.

Melissa Reeves has as much right as anyone to support her beliefs. I am not sure Greg has handled this correctly because I do not believe in calling someone a bully if you are indeed doing the same thing to someone because of her beliefs. We have all made mistakes and for everyone who wants to keep bringing up the Jason Brooks issue, all I can say is that we do not know the whole story. This was also many years ago and since then, I think we all have made mistakes in our lives, so maybe we shouldn’t be so judgmental.

I am sure Melissa’s decision is not going to be popular with the gay members of the “Days” cast and crew. As far as MR blocking Greg on Twitter, I would have probably done the same thing because I know how tired I am of seeing people making nasty comments about politics and religion.

I am not trying to sit on both sides of the fence with this issue, but I believe in being respectful. Is Melissa’s opinion going to syop me from watching “DOOL?” No. I have never watch “Y&R” and thank Greg for his passion. My question is: Why so much passion from someone who is not out of the closet? I believe his comments would be more respected in the gay community if he wasn’t being hypocritical by not confirming his lifetyle.

Greg blocking her because on twitter is childsh and bringing up her past mistakes is being judemental, what goes around comes around. Nobody is not perfect but throwing a hissy fit over social issies is not mature, missy sould pray. For these people and suppose to love everbody but not their wicked ways.

So much for being Daytime sweetheart, Melissa Reeves is coming across very prejudice.

No she speaking her because mind and views differ from yours and she does not agree with the world or you.

As a gay man myself, I am somewhat on the fence with all of this controversy (and perhaps in the minority) but I feel that patronizing Chick-fil-A (which I have yet to do) is no worse than buying gasoline.

It could be argued that a large percentage of our nations petrol comes from Arab countries, most of which denounce homosexuality as a sin punishable by DEATH. So, when we fill up at the tank, are we funding radicals that would rather see our kind dead in the street? No offense to either side on this issue, but suddenly eating a chicken sandwich seems like the lesser of two evils. Just my opinion.


What did that do to you?

What did that make you feel?

Where we any less than?

Did you need your fellow man?


compromised past participle, past tense of com·pro·mise (Verb)Verb: 1.Settle a dispute by mutual concession.
2.Weaken (a reputation or principle) by accepting standards that are lower than is desirable.

More info » – Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

Drama ensues. be that as it may…. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The Key word, being: “Indivisible”… no one sect… and/or group… prevails… we are one.

in·di·vis·i·ble/ˌindəˈvizəbəl/Adjective: 1.Not divisible; unable to be divided or separated.
2.(of a number) Unable to be divided by another number exactly without leaving a remainder.

Synonyms: impartible – inseparable

bravo greg you are my hero. i am a gay man that came out last year. melissa reeves is a big bully. i lost respect for melissa reeves after her negative comment. look at yourself melissa the guilt that you have that you cheated on your husband a few years ago with your former co star jason brooks. and you call yourself christian. don’t judge other melissa reeves look after your own marriage. scott reeves was an idiot to take you back. i am just making my point everyone. greg you are a great human being. god bless you greg. i always watch you on the young and the restless.

You can find faults in everbody life and mistakes and her marriage is own business and juding her because i know you don’t like her views..

Any comments from Greg Rikaart about the shooting at the Family Research Council?

Greg can take his share of credit for the shooting since he helped cause all the drama. In any other shootings the gun lobby or talk radio gets blamed.

He can take NONE of the blame-NONE-only the deranged individual who did the shooting and,apparently,intended to kill many people gets the blame.My point is stop using words like “hate”
to describe views that differ from one’s own.Defining marriage in the traditional way does not indicate hatred of same sex couples or of those who advocate a new definition of marriage.
And to describe Melissa Reeves as a “bully” because of her innocent tweet is preposterous and could ,in and of itself ,be described as a form of bullying.

The Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying group, deals in issues of faith, family and freedom, its Web site says. The organization opposes abortion and euthanasia, among other practices, and says it considers homosexuality to be a sin.

Social-issues groups on the left and right of the political spectrum and both presidential candidates weighed in on the shooting in e-mails and public statements.

Gary Bauer, a former president of the Family Research Council and now head of American Values, cited “a disturbing level of intolerance and hate aimed at those who share traditional values.”

“Men and women of faith must not be intimidated into silence,” Bauer said.

Speaking for several lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination said: “We utterly reject and condemn such violence” and “wish for a swift and complete recovery for the victim of this terrible incident.”

Two law enforcement officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said the gunman entered the lobby carrying a satchel, with a bag from a Chick-fil-A restaurant inside. The Atlanta-based fast-food chain has been embroiled in controversy in recent weeks after its president spoke out against same-sex marriage. The Family Research Council also opposes such unions.


this is part of the article that is taken from the washington post.

Google: Family Research Council guard shot by gunman in D.C.

To read the whole article. below is a repost from the same article… from an american.

notintn wrote:

First the attack on VIRGINIA TECH., then Rep. Giffords, then the Aurora Attack, NOW a peaceful advocate for Conservative Values feels the STING of the SELF-RIGHTEOUS RELIGION of the POLITICALLY CORRECT SECULAR HUMANISTS.

ALL these vicious impositions upon the Rights of the guardians and beneficiaries of the Constitution have been perpetrated by members of the LEGION of LOONY DELUDED LEFTISTS, but BLAMED on the RIGHT ITSELF until the TRUTH of the connection to the Doh!-bama Regime or severe deficiencies in LEFTIST SUPPORTED organizations and/or processes is REVEALED again and again.

I am christian and my view you hate the sin that person or people do, not the person, believe it or not being. Gay is a sin and it not normal nor it is compatiable in society that includes animals as well, yes they are living soul and they do count but lust has led them to unatural affections and dont hhow many of you disagree with me, because i know that god is on my side aand missy has right to voice your view, just like greg rikkart. Yall are juding her for her views, because she does not agree with all of yall.

“judging” is immoral. A wasted energy, that is better left unanswered.

Our Soul.
Our Being.
Our mind.

what prevails… is the Spirit of our SOUL… thereby BEING…. with our Soul… lessens the MIND’ negativity. it’s detrimental to our health.

I judge her because she is a hypocritical supporter of a bigotry and hate filled company. I like her you can barely spell, yet you can sit there and judge what is a “sin” and what is “natural”. Loving somone of the same sex is JUST as natural as loving someone of the opposite sex. EVERYONE deserves love and not to be judged for who they love. Your disgusting opinion of those belonging to the LGBT community is sickening and quite frankly makes me sad to be in the same SPECIES as you, let alone the same country.

Greg needs Kudos for standing up and stating his opinion in a much more mature manner than Ms Reeves did with her idiotic joyful tweet about eating a chicken sandwich.
You see, if more people had stood up to say the Nazis when they said and did similar things to the Jews and other groups they considered “wrong” perhaps much pain could be avoided.
Believing something that’s bigoted doesn’t make it right. Go ahead and say it but expect a backlash. Many of us (gay and straight) won’t stand for it any more. You think homosexuality is wrong? Go preach it in private in your bigoted churches.
This is a time to make voices heard.
And bravo to Missy for turning off her twitter account. Now we don’t have to hear all about her god every other minute.

Why would you hear anything unless you followed her? If you didn’t like her or her tweets why were you following?

A healthy perspective… for and against. enables your thought process stimuli. A closed mind, is in angst. aligning your mind, body, and spirit… is free’ing. What’s not hard to understand about having the same genetic make-up

Also many, many people were tweeting about CFA and the long lines etc. But Greg chose to verbally attack a fellow soap star personally. What a punk.

yep CR I’m judging her for being a bigot and big ol’ mean person. Sue me.

Melissa and her family were getting threats from the non-hating non-bullying folks who want to live in Peace and Love. Right.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jada Reveals Everett Is Her Ex-Husband Bobby Stein

On Monday’s February 19th episode of Days of our Lives, viewers are getting closer to the root of the story of Everett Lynch (Blake Berris).  There has been speculation for months as to just how the talented Blake Berris’ new character would be … a good guy, or a bad guy. But, what if he is actually both?

In story, Jada (Elia Cantu) and Rafe (Galen Gering) are at the Brady Pub and she comes upon on Everett with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and freaks out. She reveals that Everett is her ex-husband Bobby Stein! Everett denies even knowing Jada and thinks she is mentally unstable or something. Jada even shows him a photo of her with him (sans his beard) from her phone. Everett throws it off as everyone in the world has a doppelgänger.

Jada accuses Everett of gaslighting her. She goes into the back-story of when she discovered he cheated on her, and she served him with divorce papers, but he turned into a “ghost.” Everett stands by his claim that the two of them were never married.


Stephanie flashes back to Everett revealing he had retrograde amnesia when he initially came out of his coma citing maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t remember Jada.  Next, Jada goes off on him saying she can tell by the look in his eyes, he knows exactly who she is.  Jada warns Stephanie to not get ‘sandbagged’ by this guy any longer. She then threatens Everett that he will be found out and get what he deserves. Next, she torms out of the pub as Rafe follows her.

Alone with Everett, Stephanie becomes upset having a few more startling realizations. First she asks Everett, “Are you really not Bobby Stein?” He admits to having gaps in his memory, but not years of relationships or marrying someone.


Then, in another flashback, Stephanie remembers Everett telling her he bought an engagement ring before his accident. Then, Stephanie recalls a conversation with Jada how she found a large credit card charge from a jewelry store and that Bobby hadn’t bought anything for her in several months.


Stephanie is shocked, and tells Everett if Jada is telling the truth, and he’s really Bobby Stein, than she’s actually the other woman!  Next, Stephanie decides to leave, while Everett says this makes no sense, and they should talk about.

So, what do you think of this story … that it appears Bobby Stein is also Everett Lynch? What do you think will eventually be revealed? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Back to DAYS

Look who’s coming back to Salem for another return! Next week, fan favorites Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) and Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant) return to Days of our Lives.

Circle the Monday, February 26th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, when Elani arrives in town to check on the health status of Paulina (Jackée Harry).

Previously, the actors left the show when they went off-contract in 2022. However, last year, in 2023, each made a return for a guest arc.

Photo: JPI

Now, on their latest visit, Lamon Archey told Soap Opera Digest,“It was definitely good to get back in the mix of things with Sal and have some scenes with her, and I’m sure it will be really exciting for the fans to be able to see Eli and Lani together again.”

Photo: JPI

It will be also nice to see Eli interact with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), now that his grandmother is trying to cope with the loss of the Horton house.

Looking forward to seeing Sal and Lamon back in Salem? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Zach Chyz and Sydney K. Smith to Play a Young Tom and Alice Horton on Days of our Lives

Next week on Days of our Lives, viewers will get to see the back-story of the romance of Tom and Alice Horton through the lens of a trip down memory lane.

With the Horton home burned to the ground after it was purposely set on fire, there will be plenty of memories for Doug (the late Bill Hayes), Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) et all to speak of as they mourn the loss of the beloved staple of Salem.

For part of the story, DAYS has hired actors Zach Chyz to play a young Tom Horton and Sydney K. Smith to play a young Alice Horton as viewers will get a glimpse of what it was like when Tom and Alice first moved into their beloved home.

Photo: JPI

In real life, following the death of Macdonald Carey in 1994, the series killed-off the character of Tom, and Alice’s passing was written in the show after Frances Reid passed away back in 2010.

Smith has appeared on The Goes Wrong Show, while Chyz previously had a role on The Rookie.

So, looking forward to how Days of our Lives will tell the story of young Tom and Alice? Comment below. But first, check out next week’s promo where the young Tom and Alice are featured.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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