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Y&R's Michael Muhney On Plots From Recent Past: "I don't think half of those stories needed to happen!"



The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney (Adam) is visiting Vancouver, British Columbia this weekend making a personal appearance at the West Coast Women’s Show, and so the popular actor spoke to The about the major behind-the-scenes changes recently at the number one soap.  In addition, having been asked a question about how far afield some of the more recent storylines went with the characters of the show, Muhney had some choice words.  Here are a few excerpts!

Muhney responding to question on past story that had Adam taking Sharon’s baby from her and letting her think the baby had died and then having an affair with her, and then the series left turn when Sharon married Adam’s father, Victor! : “It saddens me that when you summarize the storyline, the show and some of its recent past sounds like cartoonish passions.  I don’t think half of those stories needed to happen. I wouldn’t have gone that far in the writing with the baby issue. The Victor and Sharon marriage was almost like an inside joke.”

Muhney on characters moving forward in a new direction under head writer Josh Griffith and new EP, Jill Farren Phelps:  “A lot of the characters on the show are going to have to get a get-out-of-jail-free card, in terms of what happened in the last few years.  For these characters to have long-term strength and respectability, the audience is going to have to look at them like 85 per cent of what happened in the last few years was a bad dream.”

Muhney on how he thinks Adam will be written now under the transition to the new writing regime:  “As a proverbial torch is passed on, as in any kind of storytelling or dynasty … I think you’re going to see a more mature voice coming out of the characters’ mouths, including Adam, a kind of Adam that most people can get on the side of and cheer for.  Adam is not the bad guy. Adam is far too complex and far too grey to be defined.  Sometimes Adam is the antagonist, sometimes he’s a misunderstood protagonist. There are too many grey areas to put him in a box.”

What do you think about Muhney’s comments? Do you think the last few years for the enduring characters of Genoa City seemed like a bad dream? Weigh-in!


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Michael Muhney has always been very outspoken, and very truthful with us all. I love Adam as he is today and Muhney’s portrayal helps that. I have great hopes for the new regime at Y&R, and I feel Michael’s words touch me in good ways for the future of the series.

I love love love Sharon and Adam back it has been the best thing the new writers did so far.>3

They aren’t back together and hope they never go back.

I love the new story back with Sharon together with Adam and loving Jack on top and Neil needs a job and Drucilla back..Adam and Sharon should have a baby

They’re not back together. I’ve failed to see them back together. And I’d rather see Chadam conceive another child, than have to puke through a Shadam reunion, honestly.

Well, I loved that Sharon and Adam were together and hope they will be again. Nick could of been Sharon’s true love but he burned so many bridges. Adam still is in love with Sharon so clearly! Chelsea was only because he was hurt and her settled for another broken person with a criminal past! He loves honers and he will protect Sharon. He is hot when Sharon get’s together He isn’t so interesting without Sharon by his side.It was the worst story with Victor and Sharon. MAB should never did that Sharon Case is such a great person and actor she really held the fans interested in a horrific story . Wish Phyllis wasn’t getting a get out of jail free card. She is pure evil. 🙁

I guess well my guess is if we have to look at the past few years as 85% a dream i take it the way I see it as I always did and that is Maria Bell’s writing was horrific again in MY opinion I can’t speak for all….:)

I forgave Adam’s crimes because he and Sharon make a super couple together. He has been slipping lately with the fans because he went to out of character and he went with Chelsea and it was not believable. The man was close to a stalker he was so obsessed in love with Sharon. They had a moment together again today and you can see how much they have chemistry. Hope they get back together.Chelsea bores me sorry. Victor and Nikki are awful too over the top awful lately to everyone it’s hard for the fans to forget this and Phyllis went free . Really? Wow Not cool!

I agree with you totally Willy.

I love Sharon and Adam together . If he stay’s with Sharon I can forgive the horrific stuff he put her threw with Faith. He has to make it up to her . They are so hot together. Not a fan of Chelsea she is boring.if they make her a evil psyho it would make her more interesting .She doesn’t have the IT factor

I agree with two key statements 1. More maturity. Yes many including my fav Phyllis needs to mature. 2. The past couple oy years (except for Phick marriage #4) was a bad dream in a lot of ways. Hope there is change.

Michael Muhney…. cares about acting and the scripts….

I always thought… here’s a man… in todays genre…. who steps up to the plate… and delivers.

aside from THE Newmans… and what little of the Abbotts… are left… and if you throw in the chancellor clan…. in comes… the bad guy…. doesn’t belong… Adam… what a treat… a breath of fresh air… this guy isn’t afraid to act “any thing”…. and that’s commendable… more than that…. it shows… he adds so much to this hour a day affair…

He’s the new Y&R main draw. course he’s been on awhile…

Most of this was like a bad dream and I’m OK with stuffing it in a box and going on from here.

I’m NOT sure how the new régime will handle all this…it’s like trying to turn a bus around on an S-curve…but in time it can be done. It’s nice to know that not all actors are OK with everything the writers have them doing and that they try to stand up for how they feel their characters should act.

Sharon Case said she wasn’t happy about the pairing of Victor and Sharon Newman and she was called names by Eric B. for her expressing her dysfunction with the storyline.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but as I see it, Adam’s worst crimes were not against Sharon, they were against Ashley and a mentally unstable Patty. I can’t forget the abject cruelty his character showed towards those two, he basically tortured both of them so no, Adam in my opinion is definitely a “bad guy”. I think it’s asking too much for the audience to simply forget. I’d like to see his character held accountable for those specific actions, but as usual, it’s always about Sharon on this show. So tedious.

Totally agree Annie! I don’t think you are in the minority – just maybe in the the minority of people who have commented so far.

People can be fans of MM and still see Adam’s SLs for what they were. Not much of that in this thread at this point.

Characters who do all that Adam has done should not be allowed to stick around and flourish. It is cheapening Y&R and there has been way too much of that over the past few years. Hopefully the new regime will right this wrong too. It is a big one.

Sorry Annie! Adam’s worst crimes were NOT against Patty he let her get out of the loony bin BUT Sharon was told her baby died! For God’s sake OMG that was a real live child he took from her who she though she was having burned for a memorial! WOOOOW! Yes he did kill Ashley’s baby! But what about the man and for his grieving family when he killed Hightower! That is sick!

I stand by my original statement – torturing a mentally disabled person trumps anything done to Sharon – in the end, she got her child back and then fell in love with her tormentor after it all came out – Patty lost what little sanity she had left, and will never recover. I guess I just feel that hurting the mentally ill ranks right up there with hurting children. There are no words for that kind of depravity.

I so agree TERRY! About everything you said!!! Totally I also love Sharon and Adam 🙂

It has been a bad dream, yes.

The whole relationship between Victor and Sharon was ruined. Having them marry once was bad, but at least it was just for show. Having them say I do a second time and date was really nasty.

Can we ever forgive Phyllis no not ever. She has proven to be a evil psycho over and over. Will Victor and Nikki ever change the selfish egotistic judgmental ways??? I think Not! Adam still killed Hightower who had him so that and we are supposed to forget murder! Cold blood murder. I don’t think so about that. The way Adam Nick, Victor ,Nikki,Victoria ,Abby treated Sharon oh heck even her disrespectful son. They were always so mean and bullied her. I will never forgive Nick for cheating with Phyllis and lied about who her REAL dad is. Summer is Jacks!

I like Adam and Chels together. Too bad about the baby.

No way we care about the baby! She has a child right about a mile away! Less than a year ago she gave birth to a blessed baby and any other mother even CRAZY Phyllis kept her kid! Shelia omg kept hers! This girl could of shared custody and child support! Please we will never ever ever like Chelsea!

Chadam needs to DIE. Plaid and simple. Adam is NOT the same when he is with her. I don’t even recognize him. Divorce Chelsea and pretend THAT never even happened.

I love Sharon and Adam way better infact I do not like Chelsea as a character at all but hey that is maybe my opinion but I see a lot agree 🙂

Completely onboard with this. He is an excellent actor, perhaps they will write him a emmy winning story. It is long overdue.

Sharon Case deserves a second Emmy for her role not only did she do such a amazing job. If it wasn’t for her and what she went through on real life to do it. Boy does she deserve a Emmy!

Sharon does deserve an Emmy for her work this summer I agree. As far as MM goes he has had Emmy material in the past. This year…no way!!!

I might be the only one but I didn’t mind the storyline that had Adam kidnap Faith from Sharon. I never saw it as an intentional or evil act on his part, but one of desperation, trying to make ammends to Ashley for causing her to lose her baby. What I disliked is the way that storyline was resolved, how they demonized the character Adam to the point of silliness ( the Kangeroo court in the cabin). It would have been far more interesting if they let Faith grow up thinking she was Victor’s and Ashley’s daughter and have it come out years later, like they did when Ashley found out she wasn’t John Abbott’s daughter. So I agree with MM Adam is a complex character and that is what makes him interesting so I’m glad the new team is going to continue to explore his many shades, but hopefully with better writing and storylines, this time.

The inside joke MM concerning Sharon & Victor is that EB can not face age it was stupid and we almost ruined the show it is going to be a long haul back I am willing to hang in there. I hope all actors can check egos at the door and let’s get to work on trying to show why this soap deserved to be #1.

“Shadam” (Sharon and Adam) is by far one of the BEST super couples on Y&R of all time. They have undeniable chemistry and a genuine respect and deep love. They “get” each other simple as that. However once he strayed from her and this nightmare named Chelsea came into the picture Adam was and still is LOST. This is not the bad boy Adam that I fell in love with. The one who didn’t care what others thought of him ever. I don’t want him being turned into a poster child. Please bring back the old bad boy Adam. AND put him back with Sharon!

Now as far as MM’s comments I love and respect him BUT i I don’t necessarily agree with most of what he has said…”A joke”??? What…it made for GREAT storyline! AND I will bet Sharon Case will be nominated for her work this summer. It has been top notch.

MM cares about the soap a lot. I respect him and agree with him for what he said.

I too love Adam and Chelsea together. Sharon’s character is “used” and can no longer be paired with any of the Newman’s including Adam. Too much has happened with all of them, which is why it works with Chelsea …. No baggage by Adam. Sharon needs a new man in her life.

Same with Nick and Phyllis. Love Nick with Avery and Phyllis with Ronan. They should of kept it this way a few months back, but no they had to reunite Nick and Phyllis.

Same with Nikki and Jack. They did this years ago. MAB just brought back old stories with the same results. Why can’t Nikki and Victor be the one couple together forever? Probably too late for this to happen. Victor treats Nikki terribly. Who would honestly put up with it?!

I’m also disappointed that they dropped most of the Abbott’s. Who cares about Cane, Lily, Neil, Sophia, Harmony, Devon and the rest of that family? Not me. I don’t get why they keep up with the Cane storyline ….. So boring. Enough … I could go on forever.

No one likes Chelsea with Adam! …. It is such a romantic story Sharon with Adam he is soooo in love with her crazy in love

Thousands and thousands and thousands love Chelsea and Adam all over the world and in North America.

General Hospital

Steve Burton’s Ex-Wife Sheree Gustin Gives Birth to Her Fifth Child, Weeks After Their Divorce Was Finalized

Sheree Gustin, the ex-wife of General Hospital star, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) welcomed her newborn daughter into the world on February 16th. The little one who’s name is Addy Jay weighed in at 5 lbs., 5 oz at the time of her birth. This is Gustin’s fifth child.

Gustin’s partner, who was in an Instagram story with her and their baby, remains unidentified. This is the second child of Gustin’s within a year or so of each other, that is not the biological child of Burton’s. She previously had daughter Isabella back in February of 2023.

The news of the arrival of Addy Jay comes on the heels of Burton finalizing his divorce from his former wife of 23 years back in December of 2023.  In the divorce settlement, Steve and Sheree have joint legal and physical custody of their minor children. Brooklyn, 8, and Jack, 17. The two also share a daughter McKenna who is 20.

Photo: ShereeLynnIG

Burton originally filed for divorce in July 0f 2022. In court documents, the two separated in March of that year as Burton cited “irreconcilable differences.” When Sheree announced the impending birth of her fourth child, Burton took to his Instagram and clarified, “She recently announced that she’s expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.”

Photo: SBurtonIG

Gustin, who is a fitness guru, now goes by Sherrie Lynn on her official Instagram account. Since her divorce from Burton, and the births of her most recent children, Sherrie has not addressed the situation publicly.

Meanwhile, General Hospital fans are anxiously awaiting Burton’s return as Jason Morgan on the ABC soap opera with his first episode back slated for March 4th. Just how Jason will be revealed to be alive after a cave collapsed on him, and he was believed to have died, is one of great mystery for soap fans.

So, share your thoughts on the news of the birth of Sheree’s fifth child Addy Jay via the comment section below.

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GH Alum Vinessa Antoine Returns For Season 2 of CBS Dramedy ‘So Help Me Todd’

Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan Ashford, General Hospital) has added quite an impressive lists of acting credits since announcing she was exiting the ABC soap opera back in July 0f 2018.

Since then Antoine has appeared in TV series north of the border in Canada and here in the U.S including her leading role in CBC’s Diggstown. Now comes word, that Vinessa is back for a second season in her role on the CBS comedy-drama, So Help Me Todd.

In the series, Vinessa plays the role of Alex Parker. Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared, “Alex Parker’s shenanigans from season 1 continue this season in episode 3 onward. Do check it out. Enjoy!!”

Photo: CBS

So Help Me Todd stars Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret and Skylar Astin as Todd. Margaret is a successful defense attorney, while Todd is a private investigator but known as the black sheep of the family. In the premise of the series, Todd has criminal charges dropped against him, in exchange for working at mom’s law firm as they crack cases and defend clients.

Photo: JPI

Antoine plays Alex, a forensic accountant who gets in the good graces of the character of Lyle (Tristen M. Winger), who is an investigator at the law firm. However, in a twist, it’s revealed that Alex is actually investigating him. The story picks up in season 2 from here.

Vinessa’s first episode of season 2 will air on Thursday February 29th  9 p.m. ET on CBS and it streams the next day on Paramount+

So, looking forward to catching Vinessa on So Help Me Todd? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Michael E. Knight Exits General Hospital For Now

Daytime favorite Michael E. Knight has left his role of Martin Grey on ABC’s General Hospital. However, it appears this move is a temporary one.

Knight, who has played the recurring role of Laura Collins’ (Genie Francis) brother and a love interest for Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), began in the role on the ABC daytime drama series since 2019.

GH wrote off the legal eagle when on the February 12th episode, Martin left Port Charles to visit his mother who has been in failing health. On that episode, Lucy tries to let Martin know how she truly feels for him, but Martin isn’t willing to listen to any of it, since he can’t deal with her ongoing relationship with her ex Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and he breaks things off with her.

Photo: ABC

According to Soap Opera Digest, Knight will be off the canvas temporarily. No dates were cited as to when he would return. With the series undergoing  a writing regime shift with Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte taking over the head scribe duties from Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, it will be interesting to see if they bring the character back sooner than later.

Photo: JPI

Viewers know Knight best for his Daytime Emmy-winning role as Tad Martin on All My Children; a role he played on and off from 1982-2011. Knight returned to the Prospect Park version of the series when AMC finally was rebooted online in 2013. Later In 2015, he joined The Young and the Restless as Dr. Simon Neville in a role that he played until 2016.

So, how do you feel about Michael E. Knight exiting General Hospital? Will the series bring him back? Were you rooting for Martin and Lucy to find happiness with one another? Comment below.


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