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Y&R's Sharon Case Chats On Sharon Newman's Bipolar Disorder & New Love Interest!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

What a whirlwind of a year 2012 was for Sharon Case and the character she plays, Sharon Newman on The Young and the Restless! Surviving probably one of the worst on-screen character assassinations in soap opera history, which virtually left viewers wondering, what the heck are the writers doing to the integrity of Sharon Newman, the once befallen heroine of Genoa City?, Case rebounded by making her performances noteworthy, no matter what the creative teams decided to do to her character.

The latest issue of Soap Opera Uncensored has a brand new interview with Case, who was honored by the online zine as Entertainer Of The Year for 2012 for her work, and navigating through all the on and off screen pressure that came with the out-of-the-blue storyline experiences she endured and more!  However now as we begin 2013, as Case explains, things look to be leveling out for the better!  Here are few interesting excerpts:

Case on handling the decision by new Y&R head writer, Josh Griffith that Sharon would have bipolar disorder to explain Sharon’s erratic behavior:  “When Sharon battled her emotional problems, that also took a lot of work but in a different way.  Playing someone who is bipolar is very exhausting but it worked out perfectly and explained all of Sharon’s past behavior. I applaud Josh for making that decision because I think it makes the most sense considering her history. Sharon’s always been kind of off.  Sharon’s always experienced these weird jags…. I’m just glad we have a reason behind Sharon’s [psyche] so we can even have more fun with it.  The reaction is that fans are thrilled and relieved that Sharon’s mental state is being addressed — and that it’s being written so well.  I’ve gotten a lot of comments from fans about how bipolar disorder has affected their own families, which has been very rewarding. Most of the fans want the storyline to continue because Sharon’s journey has really touched them. The fact that the show opted to go in this brave, realistic route with Sharon has been meant a lot to them. I’m proud to be a part of this storyline.”

Case on the rumors that Sharon Newman might be paired with Steve Burton’s incoming new character of Dylan McAvoy: “I’m excited for Sharon’s new chapter. Everybody’s speculating about Dylan, the new character coming to town but, all I can say is, I think it’s fun because it’s a hoot to speculate — and the fact is our fans are excited, and that’s a good thing for Y&R. I’m thrilled people are talking about our show. It’s better than people not caring about Y&R.  I think it’s all very exciting. Whomever is Sharon’s new love interest is going to be is going to be great — and we, the actors, are going to have fun playing it, as long as Josh is writing it!

So soapers, do you like that Sharon Newman has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder to explain her behavior patterns?  Would you be into an on-screen relationship between Sharon Case and Steve Burton?  How do you feel about how the character of Sharon Newman had been handled through the past year? And, who do you think is Sharon Newman’s ultimate man? Weigh-in!

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Sharon case is an amazing actress. I hope that whomever they pair her with it is not a Newman.

Agreed! She is awesome andI hope she gets an emmy for her performance as she has rocked ALL her scenes.

Sharon is terrific actress and she makes the show. i love Sharon and Adam they are super sexy and hot. Chelsea was a waist of time. Thanks for the article Michael because Sharon is awesome 🙂

Sharon and Adam need a baby. I love that Dylan will turn out to be Sharon brother. They have the same father. Now he can be there for her 🙂

Just as long it isn’t adam.

Sharon is so great and Adam and Sharon are the best together but do miss Nick and Sharon. I wish Dru would come back for Neil and work with Sharon at Newman

Sharon Case is the best. She is why I watch the show. I really do not like this Chelsea character at all.

Sharon is so wonderful and she lights up the show everytime she is on no matter who she is with! I wish I could say the same for the rest. I fast forward through Chelsea,Chloe and now Leslie and Avery i am trying but sorry ZZZZZZZZZZ. Phyllis is growing on me again now that she is with Jack. I am so over Nikki and Victor! It is so time for them to say goodbye to the show

Sharon Case is the best and would love her to stay at Newman marry Adam and have a baby with Adam

That’s would be fantastic, Adam and Sharon characters is why I watch Y&R. They have great hot chemistry together, both great actors! I hope they pair shadam together again.

I love Sharon the character she is playing she is smart,loving and beautiful it about time for her to be happy I am tired of nick and Adam a new guy interest like Dylan would be good for new relationship, New happiness ,for New year 2013


Sharon is doing great job in this sl, I’m a big Nick & Sharon fan, but I will love to see what’s is next for Sharon.

I love Sharon Case! I want her with either Nick or Dylan 😀

NO!!! Not Nick again!
Sharon has gone through the Newman men over and over and over…and OVER. She needs desperately to get out of ALL their orbits!

Sharon with Adam is a true Romeo and Juliet I love love it. Nick would be great also. Dylan no not so much. bring Dru back for Sharon she needs her BFF again

Sharon and Nick are a icon couple and Adam and Sharon were really fantastic also

What a total joke. Sharon being excused for all that nasty stuff is ridiculous. These writers are worse than MAB. And now having the wackadoo working at NE? These writers need to put that pipe down.. I am ready to turn this crud off. I hate that Sharon always gets off scott free for everything nasty she does.. she bedded all the newman men now it is all cuz she is a freaking nutbar? LAME WRITING

Josh Griifith had to do something. Miss Case is too valuable an asset to Y&R to lose. Sharon is a legacy character by now. What would be wrong is to use this storyline to bridge the assassinarted Sharon to the restored one and then forget it. This mental illness is a lifelong issue for Sharon Newman. I think a new romance this soon is ill advised, rather I’d like to see her find independence as she repairs relationships with her children and on the basic level with Nick, who I see as her one true love.

I have to agree with you about Sharon working at Newman. As if that would ever happen…the woman who ruined the company is working there again? No way in hell!!!

Also agree with you about Sharon getting off scott free, but what were they going to do? MAB wrote her into a corner and JFP had to figure out some way to make the character viable again since she is a major player, like it or not.

SORRY SHARON of course should be not blamed for anything! The entire town is much ,much much worse and Victor has no one to blame but himself for what he did to Sharon and his children for suing him and leaving his company open for take over

Yes Sharon is the perfect real fashion girl on the show and yes should work at Newman. Drucilla was also fantastic. BUT this Chelsea person has NO fashion sense and a joke!!!!!!

Love Sharon Case. It will be nice to see Sharon with a non-Newman.

I think Sharon is and always gonna be sexy and great with anyone but you can’t say Adam and Sharon are not the hottest couple. They are amazing when together. Adam is a little boring without Sharon and down right boring and pathetic with Chelsea and empty and seems forced and fake

I have been enjoying Sharon’s journey to wellness after the complete decimation of her character in 2012. Her illness explains the terrible choices she has made and her rash decisions.

I am also very much looking foreward to Sharon and Steve and the s/l for their characters. I think they will look gorgeous together and SC is tremendously good no matter whom she is in a scene with.

I do believe though, that ultimately, she should be back with Nick, her soulmate and other half.

ms. case is a fine actress. And she as well as other core actors have had to deal with bad writing. I am happy that her fans have been given an e xcuse for her behavior. But other fans (Michelle Stafford) have been dogged. Sharon was quickly forgiven. We Phyl/Phick fans have had to endure a long drawn out experience of Phyl redeeming herself and of course the Avery/Navery BS. It isn’t fair. But no one talks about that. Why? Where is her interview? Where is her defense? This biasness is mean. When does it stop?

In soap land there is a very old convention that states there are good girls ( the heroine) and the bad girls ( troublemaker). The good girls get the guy, the bad girls do not. The good girl is always forgiven her mistakes because they are done for good reasons, while the bad girl is usually punished in some way. On this show Sharon is the good girl, Phyllis is the bad one- Now sometimes bad girls can be redeemed into good girls, like Rachael on AW but most times once you are cast into the troublemaker as a character your fate is sealed- it is not fair but it seems to be the way it goes on soaps

Sharon is not a good girl. She came on the show lying about having had a child. She then stole her bestfriends bf. Then she proceeded to sleep her way around town the whole time she was married. Then she started in on all the Newman and Abbot men and has done them all. That is not a good girl. She has torched the ranch down she has abandoned her family a few times. Sharon is NOT a good girl.. This show is just not good anymore. Not a happy fan at all.

Very good point! But the troublemakers ( or I prefer complex character) bring the action and in most cases the ratings with them. So both are needed. And the complex girl has just as many fans if Not more then the good girl. But good girls get great PR & support. Complex girls dont. & if they do get something the haters come out in force. Thats My problem. Aren’t their any rewards or accolades for the complex girl? And how long does it have to go on? Sharon did horrible things & in past epis she was not nice at all. But it’s Ok. Phyl did a lot of great things- forgotten. As a fan of the complex girl, I want good things for her. Good PR, s/l, love & her family. Is that wrong?

Kathy I had totally forgotten that. So complex character works for both. So now I want the same courtesy for Phyl that Sharon, Niki, Michael & Lauren have gotten. Total redemption & an end to the bias JG s/l. Time to change. And time to bring back Y & R to why it was #1. Bring back the Y&R we all love. I want what Kathy wants to be a happy fan again.

The heroine isn’t a person who always does the right thing, but they always do the wrong things for the right reasons, (protecting someone they love) wherein the troublemaker usually does wrong things for her own end. Also the heroine is the who things happen to, wherein the troublemaker causes things to happen to others. I guess some will disagree with me, but I still maintain using literary convention the character Sharon would be classified as a heroine. Even in this recent events it was her mental illness that caused her behavior- it was something that happened TO her- it wasn’t something SHE caused. Being the heroine doesn’t mean you always do good things, it just means you are the one fighting the obstacles rather than creating them, and the way I remember Sharon’s history that was her- she was never the troublemaker in the classic sense of the word

Yes Sharon always was a good girl. The sweetest most kind loving women on this show. XOXOXO

Sharon is a very sweet loving person and was always treated horrific.

Seriously are you sayin Phyllis was NOT forgivin? OOOOH WOOOOW! Sharon first of all did NOTHING CRIMINAL! Phyllis tried to kill people! phyllis should be in a cell but she is free!

Ok a couple of points. s 1. Arson is a felony at least in the state I live in. That is criminal. What if anything happened to Sharon? 2. Phyllis stood trial. The judge threw the 20year old case out. The judge set her free. Whether you like it or not – that is what happened But what I meant by forgiven is – Noah, Faith and Nick forgave her and they had a family Christmas. Even after Sharon had married/divorced the father and wrecked the company. Who did Phyllis spend it with? Nick, Summer, Daniel? No not any of them just Jack. So I don’t see ho she was forgiven – out of a jail cell or not.

I still think she should be pair with that new cop in town. He would be someone completely different than other men she dated, who were all ego driven rich men. I think he would bring back to her roots as Sharon Collins. But he is also a bit of every man she dated- as a cop he has a bit of the good guy Nick was; working class guy like Sam was; mysterious, with some bad boy in him- like Adam- can bend the rules when he wants- like Jack and he is not Victor- which is great his greatest asset. If they pair her with Dylan, well, that would just be another wounded man she can heal with her love- which would be like Sharon, but I would like to see her with the cop.

I like that idea too, Mary SF. I would just be happy with anyone new at this point.

Alex is a dirty cop.. how is that a good guy for her? LOL That is the last thing she needs., I would like Sharon to finally pay for all her nasty deeds but she always gets off for everything. Phyllis sure does pay tho.

Thank you Kathy- Alex- is the cop’s name, I kept calling him the cop because his name eluded me. We don’t know if he will be dirty- right now it appears that way, but it might turn out he is one of the good guys, undercover perhaps. I hate to think they cast this talented actor just to burn him later as dirty. I just think if Sharon is going to have a new love, between Alex and Dylan, imo Alex would be the better choice- but a lot would depend of the writing and which direction the story line goes. If Alex is dirty and will only be on a short time, then no he wouldn’t make a good love interest for anyone.

I do not want her paired with Alex that actor was creepy on GH and a waste of space he is creepy here, I do not like him .

Sharon and Adam need to make love they are so on fire together! No one like it. 🙂

The cop is dirty so give him Chelsea

Sharon Case is one of the best on Soaps and I am happy she gets to use her acting chops in a very compelling storyline. Sharon Newman needs to stay clear of all Newman men because after having sex with Victor I don’t think she should be with any of his sons again. Even for a Soap that is too much. I loved her with Adam but after Victor I can’t no longer root for Shadam. I don’t see any great love with she and Nick anymore so it is best he stays with Avery or whoever else they pass him on to next; just keep him away from Sharon.

I like Steve Burton but it would be best if the character he portrays was a long lost brother of Sharon instead of another sex partner. Anyway, I will wait and see what the chemistry is like with the two.

Sharon needs a new love that is not a Newman but what she needs most of all is family who will have her back always. Family that last name is not Newman.

Congrats to Ms. Case for all her hard work and no matter what they write for the Sharon character in the future I am sure she will do it justice.

Her acting has been simply incredible. Totally love her and her character.

I think she has been a great trooper watching MAB destroy the character and probably wondering if she was going to be out of a job. I think someone new would be great I mean get her out of the clutches of Victor even though she and the character Nick have a lot of history maybe it is time to move on.

Yes right now Sharon needs someone new, but the wanna be soap writer in me thinks it would be a waste to pair her with Dylan. It would cause more drama and conflict to create a double triangle between Phyllis/ Avery/ Nick/ Dylan. Phyllis at first goes after him to get revenge on her sister for stealing Nick, but then they really fall for each other. As for Sharon, being the mamma bear that she is, she will get after that cop who is harassing her son Noah. At first it looks like he is dirty, but in the end Sharon will find out he is Noah’s girlfriend brother, and he has been trying to help her and Noah all a long. During their encounters and fights and perhaps a life threatening situation Sharon and the Cop fall in love and live happily ever after until May sweeps- But atlas no one from Sony has asked me to write for them, so this story line may all be in my head.

I’m so looking forward to seeing Steve back on daytime. However I’m not sure who his character should be paired with. Maybe someone new that a contract ending soon can come over! She is beautiful and works great with Steve and her hubby is friends also…….just saying. She would be a huge asset to Y&R!

Who are you talking about?

Becky Herbst

Becky Herbst would be a fantastic Victoria Newman recast. Same look with actual acting ability.

Sharon is a fantastic Emmy winner. She is such a talent. I love Sharon with Nick or Adam she has such chemistry with both men! Neil needs his Drucilla back.

Sharon Case is a true professional. The writing for her character was horrific but she acted her butt off and made me want to tune in to see what she would do next. I hope that SB/Dylan is not going to be Sharon’s new love interest. I think that Sharon and Adam still have a lot more story to tell and why anyone would pass up their undeniable chemistry is beyond me. Sharon Case and Michael Muhney are pure magic.

I agree Sharon is such a talent and winner

The only man Sharon has strong feelings for is Adam and that who I think is her ultimate man, as long as Adam (Michael Muhney) is on the show, the show runners would be idiots not to capitalize on that chemistry. Let Dylan be her brother, she needs family not a “new” man because she’s already got one in Adam (IMO).

Sharon and Adam is HOT or the love romance of Nick and Sharon was so great. I love Sharon with them both. We don’t have one single hot couple since Shadam or Schick.I love how Noah and Sharon are getting close

I honestly thought months ago I could not imagine ever liking the character of Sharon Newman again, but it seems I am DISliking her less and less these days. The writers are doing a good job of making her recognizable again and someone that I, for one, can understand what drives this character.

What really got me was her fear to tell Nick the truth. I wanted to smack her, but finally he found out and he has been nothing but supportive of her.

I pray that Sharon rises from this mess and, after a LONG sabbatical from men, meets a NEW guy. I believe Nick and Sharon will be endgame – there is just this connection with kids and they can always fall back in love very easily – but in the meantime, she needs someone new. Again, after a long break.

Please put her with someone besides ADAM!!!!! They literally have NO chemistry. It looks so forced when they make out! I want to throw up!!!

Sharon and Adam are so HOT together it is like fireworks. Chelsea is such a bore I fast forward her all the time. Adam does not love Chelsea at all. Who would?!

Sharon Case is a class act. There’s no other way of putting it. Not only is she a tremendous actress, but she’s got more patience then Piers Morgan did with Alex Jones. Two regimes; not one, but T-W-O regimes threw her under the bus and put her character through hell and back. At one point it looked like Sharon Newman will never be the same again. That she’ll never recover. But I’m THRILLED to see her making a full comeback!!!! Nobody on the show deserves it more. I admire the actress for being a great sport and remaining a true professional when most people in her shoes would get frustrated and lash out at the utter assassination of something they spent a lifetime building (her character). But this women managed to do the undoable. She turned MABs’ S-H-I-T into absolute gold! I commend her. Props to you, girl. I would cut a bitch if I had to endure the injustice LML and MAB so unfairly imposed upon me. Really, REALLLLLY looking forward to Dylan & Sharon! I have a feeling this is going to be a good one!

Sharon Case is a superb actress. Yes, she has had some pretty intense storylines that were off the chain, but she nailed them. She is a beautiful, talented, actress and I just hope they give her character strength and stability. Let her play a woman that can hold her own. She can play any part with superbness. I love the character and I want them to write a dynamite part for her and Steve Burton. They are both gorgeous and I hope he ends up being the one true, solid love of her life. I hope they fall in love softly and take their time building up to it. The problem with soap romances is they rush the characters into bed. I hope she is treated like a queen by Burton’s character . Sharon Case rocked her parts this past year. YOU GO GIRL! You are both talented and beautiful.

YES! THIS! So much word!!! I really hope they don’t screw this up. Sharon deserves a fairytale romance after all the crap she was just put through. Here’s to hoping Steve Burton’s character treats her like a queen! I want hardcore romance! You can just sense their chemistry and they haven’t even begun yet, lol. Sharon/Dylan 2013!!!! So much pretty!

I adore Sharon Case. Been a Sharon Collins Newman fan since the beginning. Excited she is getting a new love interest. Hopefully it will be Dylan. Interested to see if Burton/Case have chemistry. Though down the road, I would love to see a reunion with Nick.

Other characters may have had to endure bad writing under the old regime but NO ONE had to endure the character assassination that Sharon endured. So I am thrilled the audience has been given a reason for her nearly unrecognizable character as of late. It would be nice to see her paired with Steve’s character for awhile but I believe Sharon ultimately belongs with Nick. So I hope the writers start to slowly move them back together again with maybe a stop along the way with Dylan’s character.

I was wondering who dawn darling was talking about? Can’t be Sharon for a lot of reasons. Mostly because she said,”she is beautiful.” and she mentioned her hubby.
Sharon isn’t married anymore, didn’t last long.

She is amazing but I want Sharon and Nick back together ,

For once, I can finally say I’ve been enjoying the character of Sharon Newman. Her crazy control of Newman and her during Victor’s funeral was fantastic. And Josh, the genius that he is, has been doing amazing with all of the characters, especially with turning Sharon into a likeable character after almost three decades of time.

As for her connection with Dylan McAvoy, I think it’ll be nice to finally see Sharon with someone who is not a Newman relative. I loved her time with Jack Abbott, and seemed to see a connection with Brad Carlton. Plus, her Sam relationship was her best in all of her years. It was mature and real; her non-Newman loves seem to work out better for her.

Remember when she was on Atwt back in the day, she played a character who had emotional problems as well. I think it was bi polar too. She plays it very good.

I love Sharon she is so diverse and amazing. Sharon is so much better with Adam or Nick she is the most fun to watch. Of course Sharon should work at Newman. I am loving Jack and Phyllis together. Now if we can have Neil back with Drucilla because Lesie is not working for me. Kevin needs to dump Chloe

Just please let Sharon stay strong. Let her stay on her feet.

I love the strong mature Sharon. Let’s hope that continues.

I would really like to see Sharon getting back together with Adam. Hey why not have Chelsea with Dylan! Then she would not bother Sharon or Adam! I think that Sharon And Adam really compliment each other and bring out the best in each other.

Yeah, I don’t think so. All Sharon becomes with him is nothing but a lousy prop. Her stories revolve around everything ADAM. How HE feels. What HE’LL do. What HE’S thinking. Whom HE’S having problems with. No thanks. Sharon’s carried him long enough. Nobody even knew who Adam was UNTIL he was paired with Sharon Newman. “They” don’t “compliment” each other, SHE’S constantly complimenting HIM! ENOUGH! As a Sharon Case/Newman fan, I want to see my girl surrounded by the other vets of the show. Working at the office. On the ranch. Socializing with characters outside of all things Adam Wilson. Time for her own story where SHE’S the focal point. I’ve been looking forward to Sharon meeting somebody hot and charming for a long, looooong time. And for the first time ever, I’m really excited about a new character coming to the show and sweeping Sharon off her feet. Here’s hoping Sharon/Dylan bring Romance back to YR! Lord knows we need it. Everything else on the show is so dull and boring — especially Adam and his obnoxious wife.

Team Shylan!!!!!

Team Shadam 🙂

P.S. They better keep Chelseas’ annoying claws off Dylan. Bullshit that all these newbies are taking everything away from our vets. Enough with turning Y&R into a canceled soaps graveyard. Chelsea was given a backstory and family that Sharon; a 20 year vet, never got the chance of getting. Bullshit. The people who carried this show for 40+ years deserve more.

The powers that be seemed to think all soap actors have groupies that will follow them where ever they go. I don’t think it is common as they think it is. So I agree, they should stop stunt casting and put the money into their writing team. That is where the gold is- write good stories, the rest will follow. If all the money they spend in the last few years on big name soap stars was spend on finding and hiring the best writers perhaps the show wouldn’t be struggling to stay #1.

I agree Chelsea is the most annoying character

…believe that Sophia and Neil were interesting, appreciated Sophia especially..Devon and Tucker are good of course Victor & Nikki are the entire show..

repeating: Sharon and Adam are great together you should keep them that way with minimum interference to allow interest…Sharon & Nick are over.

I hope Sharon doesn’t get paired with Steve’s character. I want my Shadam back.

I am a huge Sharon Case fan, i want to see Sharon Newman find herself and get the help she needs. She has two children who need her to be healthy and I truely Hope That Dylan is the guy that will help Sharon heal herself and she finds the love that she needs. Steve and Sharon will e amazing pair and i cant wait to see them together again.

I love the actress Sharon Case but under Maria I had been hoping she would be written off the show. She had become soooooo nutty in her decisions that I just didn’t like her anymore on the show. Under Jill and Josh, they concocted a great reveal that she suffers from Bi-Polar disorder. I did wish that they tried to work on the condition under more a “clinical” environment other than a cabin … especially since they are doing Jack’s rehab in a cabin as well… but that is just a simple complaint.

I even love it more that she may finally get a NON Newman lover! You have to hand it to Sharon to go from Nick to Adam and have that much chemistry with both of the men that you rooted for her big time to succeed in both relationships!

With Victor, I will always find it disgusting and WISH when everyone is maligning Sharon now, even knowing she had bi-polar, that they would turn to Victor and say “you set this in motion so the results are your fault as much as hers!!!” I don’t understand why under all these writers Victor Newman gets a free pass on everything! But without Victor I am looking forward to Sharon succeeding.

I can’t wait to see if they pair her with Dylan. i think it will be one of those sweet and truly romantic pairings with two damaged characters. Throw in Avery as the ex-wife and Nick as the ex-husband and you might just have a great new love – quad going on. Then with a little Adam with Chelsea biting at the bit you might have some exciting TV again on Y&R.

JUST DON’T SCREW IT UP JIll or Josh. You have a great track record at doing good soap but your bad track record is only a few steps behind.

You’re right, blaming Sharon for her relationship with Victor wasn’t the whole truth. I think old Vic has always had a thing for his daughter in law, even when she was with Nick. I remember a scene a long time ago, when Victor went to visit Sharon at her house for one of their heart to hearts- and he either kissed her or was about to kiss her. This was before Adam was on the show- I think it was when she came back to town after being MIA for a while, she was separated from Nick, and Vic was comforting her- I remember it very clearly because it was so out there. So when he started last year putting the moves on her, I didn’t think it was that far fetched as some, because it was kinda there in background for years. However the execution of the story and what it evolved into made the whole thing just creepy.

Sharon Case is a fantastic actress and love to see if Drucilla will return also

Sharon is the shows #1 character and love Adam and Sharon together. Please put them back because Chelsea and Chloe and Leslie are the most boring people. I wish Victoria Rowell would be allowed back. FYI Steve Kent 🙂

Sharon Case we love you <3

I love Sharon Case and watched her since the beginning. They need her in more stuff

I would love to see them find way to reunite her with Nick. I don’t know if they could … too much water under that bridge maybe. They sure do have a great history and some great chemistry though. I wish they hadn’t written some of what they did for this character, but her acting was and continues to be great! 🙂

Where there is a will there is a way- if the writers want her to be with Nick, they will figure out a story line that will get the job done. Been watching soaps for years so I know nothing is impossible if that is what the writer wants. But I don’t think base on what is on screen right now, it is their intention to reunite her with Nick yet, but if Victor and Nikki can do it how many times and if the show survives- I am sure Nick and Sharon will get together again.

The bipolar storyline was a bunch of BS and an insult to ppl that have it in REAL life.

Love her. She needs a new start.

Love this storyline i was one of the fans that mentioned how great she was portraying bipolar my husband suffers from it. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out . Shes an amazing actress

I think they’ve actually done a very good job with the bipolar story. I’ve known people with bipolar who have attempted suicide .. and have come back from that dark place. This was a good story, with a wonderful actress helping to tell it.

I can’t stand what they did to her charactor,jealousy, I feel was their motivation,but it did’nt work,she is an amazing actress.

Sharon case is exellent actress She is my favorite person on the Ÿand R reason I’m watching. That show I just want better story line for her she deserved that I want her to be happy

Well I think whatever the decision, the writers should just make sharon happy and an independent woman professionally. How can chelsea who was just born yesterday order designs and sharon who has been the beauty face at Jabbot and Newman not have a powerful professional path. Enable her start a business of her own!!! Make people amazed at her abilities. As for a relationship please keep it waiting. End the conflict with the newmans first, let her be in good terms with them for the sake of her kids; bring her back to that sweet father daughter relationship she had with victor. Explain the reaon for her being bipolar. Show that she is handling it well progressively and her kids provide her sustainance. Then bring a completely new love story. Dylan may be? But if he is going to be involved with Chelsea and bring unecessary drama, please don’t!!!! Let her be on her own for a while and find herself and at a latter stage bring her someone stable (i love shick so much) but nick cannot give her stability. Neither can adam or jack. The writers should bring her a man for her starting on a fresh base. They can figure something out. For me i can make shylan exists but these Y&R writers need not have him with Chelsea First. I think this crews up any romance her for sharon. It looses that freshness and vitality. Well they will make of it what they want but at the end let the woman be happy and be the super queen she use to be. She is the reason i watch the Young and the Restless, i can’t wait to watch her intro with the upcoming 40th anniversary on the 26th. Thats the only one i look forward to.

If sharon is not with nick, adam or dylan who then can she be with? any suggestions? this can be a possibility i will hate!!! I want her without adam and nick but dylan will be great. But what if? For a superstar of her category it can only be michael!!! Men i will pass out!!! What a twist will that be? Phyllis will kill herself!!! Well please give us Shylan at least…make them great!!!

General Hospital

Elizabeth MacRae, ‘General Hospital’s’ Meg Baldwin, Passes Away at 88

Veteran actress, Elizabeth MacRae best-known as the third Meg Baldwin on General Hospital and as Gomer Pyle’s girlfriend, Lou-An Ann Poovie, in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C has died at the age of 88. MacRae passed away in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she grew up.

On General Hospital, Elizabeth played Meg Baldwin who had a young son, Scott (Kin Shriner) from a previous relationship and who married Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen). The role was originated by Patricia Breslin from 1965-1969. Breslin was temporarily replaced by Jan Shepherd for three weeks in the summer of 1967. MacRae took over the part from Breslin full time from 1969-70 and again from 1972-73.

In story, the character of Meg suffered a nervous breakdown and Lee had her committed to an institution. In 1971, Meg was released and came home, but suffered from severe hypertension. In 1973, Dr Lesley Webber was assigned to her case. Meg became jealous of Lesley and began to think that she was trying to get to have sex with Lee. During an argument with Lee, Meg died of a stroke and soon after Lee adopted Scott.

Photo: ABC

MacRae also appeared on other notable soaps, having roles on Another WorldDays of Our LivesGuiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s career spanned over two and half decades having also appeared in classic TV shows and countless movies such as: Route 66Surfside 6RendezvousThe FugitiveJudd for the DefenseGunsmokeBonanzaI Dream of Jeannie, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Photo: CBS

She is survived by five stepchildren, Terry Halsey, Peter Halsey, Hugh Halsey, Cate Halsey, and Alex Halsey Topper.

Share your remembrances of GH’s Elizabeth MacRae via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Reveals When Days of our Lives Episodes From His Head Writing Regime Resume Streaming

Days of our Lives viewers have not been watching material from head writer Ron Carlivati and his writing team for many months. Well, things are about to change.

Circle this Friday, May 31st when the first new script from Carlivati and company will stream on the Peacock soap opera. If you recall, Carlivati had to step away from the writing gig at DAYS due to the writer’s strike, but because the soap tapes at least seven months ahead of air, it is only now that fans will see how the stories shift or finish out that were started by Carlivati.

According to Ron’s conversation with TV Insider, when Carlivati and his team resumed writing the show in late October of 2023, the stories were already written well into 2024. Carlivati explained, “For me, as of us talking right now, the (replacement writers’ material) is still airing, so that has been very tough. I’m just very anxious and eager for our stuff to start airing again.”

Photo: JPI

Ron explained before the writer’s strike, he and his scribes had written up through the 2023 Thanksgiving episodes. Speaking on how the replacement writers tried to handle stepping in for the regular team, Ron expressed, “I think what they tried to do was move things slowly in the hopes that the strike would end and respect where my storylines were so that I could play them off when we came back. Unfortunately, the strike dragged on, so I understand that the show needed to make story decisions.”

The award-winning writer made clear that, “from January to May (2024), those were not my stories. I had nothing to do with those.”

Having lived through a writer’s strike before (when he was at One Life to Live in 2008), Carlivati explained how he dealt with coming back and adjusting the stories including that the plan was to, “blow things up, jettison anything that I did not like, and get back to a show that I understand and can enjoy and tell. ”

Photo: JPI

Look for a Carlivati-style ‘wink-wink’ on Friday’s episode. As he puts it, “I did want to make it clear that this was the line of demarcation, that the writers were back and there was a change happening. We have a little nod or two to what was going on in the first day and I think it will be very obvious and clear to the savvy viewer. Luckily, story-wise, certain things were coming to a head already.”

Photo: JPI

Stay tuned for how Ron resolves a Sloan and Nicole showdown, how Eric will find out he is Jude’s true baby daddy, what happens when the new Gabi returns from Salem from out of the slammer, the Maggie/Konstantin wedding, payback time for Theresa and more.

In addition, and as previously reported, when Carlivati returned, he crafted the series 15,000th episode which is set to air in early December, and will also pay tribute to the late Bill Hayes with the passing of his on-screen beloved character, Doug Williams.

So, glad to know Ron and his team’s material will start to reveal itself this Friday and moving forward on DAYS? Comment below.

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General Hospital

LAPD Continue to Seek Johnny Wactor’s Killers Who Remain At Large; Asks Public for Tips and Leads

The Los Angeles police department is ramping up its search for to the whereabouts of the three thieves, who got away after one fatally shot former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 26th in downtown Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that police are trying to pull fingerprints from Wactor’s vehicle and are looking for video from the area. They also are checking to see whether there are any connections to other nearby catalytic converter thefts.

The thieves were attempting to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s car at the time of his death. Sadly, the LAPD investigators shared they have seen an uptick in violence when these types of thieves are confronted.

Photo: ABC

Catalytic converters contain precious metals in which thieves can make hundreds of dollars selling them to auto parts suppliers or scrap yards, where they can be melted down and the valuable metals extracted.

In addition, on Tuesday May 28th, the LAPD shared more on the incident that took Wactor’s life, stating, “Without provocation, the victim was shot by one of the individuals. The three suspects involved were wearing all dark clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan. The suspects fled northbound on Hope Street. Central Bureau Homicide is investigating this case and is requesting the public’s help.”

Photo: ABC

If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

Wactor played General Hospital’s Brando Corbin from 2020 to 2022. According to the LA Times, “Wactor recently had been exploring opportunities in screenwriting while working as a bartender.”

Share your thoughts on this developing story as the LAPD tries to seek justice for the death of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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