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ABC greenlights two new primetime soap opera pilots … Americana and Nashville!



While ABC Daytime is all but destroyed from its former self, with the influx of The Chew, and The Revolution, and the status of General Hospital now consistently on the chopping block, the primetime division of ABC apparently sees a resurgence in bringing back soapy drama to the nighttime! Quite the paradox!

According to, ABC has greenlighted two new series pilots that will be at its core … a soap opera.  First, Americana,  a soap set around a legendary fashion designer and his family and business.  Can you say, The Bold and the Beautiful, people with a twist? It was written by Michael Seitzman (North Country) who will executive produce with Mark Gordon and Mark Gordon Co.’s Nicholas Pepper.

The second is called Nashville from Oscar-winning writer Callie Khouri (Thelma & Louise) and TV producer/documentary filmmaker RJ Cutler which is said to be a  family soap set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene that follows one star at her peak and one on the rise.  The two will executive produce with Nashville-based Gaylord Entertainment, which is being represented by SVP of Media and Entertainment Steve Buchanan. This marks Khouri’s return to ABC where she wrote, directed and executive produced the 2006 pilot Hollis & Rae.

The ABC network is expected to greenlight more drama pilots on Monday.  So what do you think about ABC primetime trying to bring more soaps to its lineup, while ABC Daytime keeps aborting them?  Do you like the themes in Americana and Nashville?  Who would you cast in the lead roles?  Let us know!

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if these dopes were going to put SOAPS on Prime time, why wouldn’t they just MOVE the ones already on???? AMC and OLTL would have had a viewer base and I bet everyone wouldn’t HATE ABC/DISNEY!!!!

I agree Mary! Makes no sense!! GIVE US BACK OLTL! Can ABCD do anything right!

Bring back OLTL we love these characters and their history.Why ruin our great daytime shows for new primetime.It makes no sense and I won’t watch it without The Lords,CRAMMERS, and most of all Todd Manning and his family?I wait 8 years for Roger Howarth’s return and you cancel it 6 months later.I will no longer watch ABCif u cancel GH.and we aren’t stupid.You trick us into watching a show and cancel it.All ABC execs should be fired.We want Todd and Blair!!!

I would love to have our soaps back and call it the Mannings, Lords, or the Buchanans. I have not watched anything on ABC/D except GH. The Chew, Revolution, and your other shows suck

I agree with you so much. These people are NUTS

^I agree with Mary!^ These new soaps do not sound interesting at all…sorry…will not watch! Bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

for real what kind of idiots are running ABC/D move the canceled daytime soaps to night and maybe you can get your viewers back!!!

There is absolutely no sense putting primetime soaps on while they are destroying daytime soaps. ABC. If the soap opera genre is dead why would they be doing this? I will not be watching these show or any other show on ABC except for GH

I agree! They said nobody watched soaps anymore! They are putting this crap on to compete with Dallas! Bring our daytime soaps back! Nobody’s watching the garbage you have on now! Admit you’re all morons at ABC!

Totally agree. Haven’t watched ABC since April 2010, and am boycotting all things Disney.

No, April 2011 ! 🙂

It just gets stupider & stupider (I hope that’s a word) Idiots. Bring back our daytime dramas!


Now I am more mad at ABC/Disney! First they cancel our soaps, because they said we didn’t want them, or its too much money, now they add two new ones to the line up????? Just give the rights to OLTL and AMC to Agnes and stop insulting your loyal viewers. That is very insulting and just a bad move!!! I will only watch GH and when that is gone, so am I. I will not support any sponsor or affiliates!!!!!

I think we have been lied to again, didn’t I hear the reason they pulled both shows AMC and OLTL is the shows were to costly to make, plus they weren’t entertaining enough and on and on? then what is all this? we need Todd and Star back home with Blair, and ,I watched GH with Todd he’s out of character, he needs to go back to lanview, along the way pick up the cast of AMC, and dump those other two soaps and and all the replacements shows and make the fans happy, what is so hard about that??

I thought I was told that the soaps were too costly to produce and that is why our soaps were cancelled, and the soap genre was dead? What is this all about now? ABC is going back on what they said. In the end it will just mean more people and actors out of work again. Think straight for a change. Leave well enough alone and return our soaps please.

I think if ABC wants to bring on more SOAPS why not just bring back OLTL and AMC and make them primetime SOAPS as well? ABC is so damn stupid and are just putting stupid shows on air that no one wants to watch and it is a waste of time, money and everything. I won’t watch them at all. The plot of the pilot soaps sucks, I don’t find it anything interesting at all. ABC just needs to make up their damn minds on if they want to continue with SOAPS or not period. They pull money out of their butts and invest it into crappy shows like the Chew and the Revolution, I mean who the heck watchs that crap, I know I don’t and none of my family does. Bring Back OLTL and AMC not the new pilot crap..

I agree… Why coudn’t the put OLTL on primetime on ABC… Something is FISHY goin on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abc is trying to redeem themselves for cancellinfg OLTL & AMC… Sorry ABC no cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not going to work!!!! OLTL soap fans can see right threw you ABC!!!!!!!!!!!! You think these 2 new primtime soaps are going to get the attention of OLTL soap fans…. Pretty lame!!!!!!!!!! Only way we would even consider watching any kind of soap on primetime or daytime is if only OLTL was back on the T. V.. You are sinky ABC… you can’t fool loyal soap fans of OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t they simply give OLTL fans what we want??? They would have to admit they were WRONG about cancelling OLTL!!!! ABC makes POOR & bad deceisions!!!!!!!!! Mostly BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a bunch of STINKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give the viewers what they want OLTL!!! OLTL FAN FOREVER.. Got my OLTL cast picture yesterday it’s such a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!! Every fan of OLTL should purchase one..That’s all for now..

PLEASE!!! …. Admit your mistakes and put OLTL and AMC back on the air! I would be most of these actors would be willing to come back! Just admit you were wrong and correct the situation~~

If ABC Daytime fails, so does ABC Primetime! ABC Daytime, particularly soaps, promoted the Primetime shows.

I won’t watch anything on ABC ever again. I don’t care who they put in the lead. You could cast Ryan Gosling, Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney and I wouldn’t tune in. Move it to NBC or cable and maybe.

I will only watch ABC if they bring back AMC or OLTL. Other than that I am done with ABC.

Do you not realize how many fans you have?Especially TODD?ABC you are so out of touch with your viewers.I waited years to retire and was so happy I would be watching.OLTL.Silly me:(

Uh,, duh,, what the hell,,, they take off the good shows, and try to bring in new ones,,, really , do you think we are that stupid,, oh yeah the dog thing almost forgot,,,,, Hell no, dont like the idea,,, i think they are doin it just to shut us,,, the soap fans up,,, not happenin,,,, those storylines do not interest me in the least little bit,,, really,,, wow,,,, we need our soaps back on DAYTIME.. and frankly right now,,, i dont think i want ABC to bring them back,,,, I think nbc or cbs would do a much better job with the treasures that abc is hording,,,,,



Bravo, well said!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Diane. ABC needs to release the rights to the shows so Anges Nixon can carry on and move on to big and better things with a different network

I agree!! I hope ABC reads these postings!!!

Just bring back “One Life To Live” Although it’s most likely too late for that, too many cast members have moved on.

ITA. As much as I’d love for One Life To Live to come back in some form, most of my favorite actors from the show have moved on and THIS makes it hard for me to keep fighting for it to come back.

I would rather have one life to live and all my children as a primetime , I will Not watch Americana, and Nashville!! Just put our sopas back on tv why replace them

I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss oltl soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These will boycotted as well. You do not take shows away from faithful, loyal viewers as has been done to many. Either bring our shows back or release the rights to production back to Agnes Nixon or someone who will put them back on the air. The consumer/ABC/Disney relationship has been ruined. I would think ABC/Disney would try to repair this relationship instead of being put through a fam media based storm and risk bankruptcy.

Damn straight.



You have GOT to be shitting me!!!!! OMG

Why not greenlight it during the day? Since most of us are not watching ABC/D aren’t they doomed to fail? I will not invest my time into any programs on this network until they make things right! SWAN (Stand With Agnes Nixon) forever, Bring Back OLTL!


Totally agree!!!! I want my OLTL back!! Nothing else will do!


Two more shows to put on my “not watch” list. I would have gladly watched AMC and OLTL at night. Too little, too late, ABC!

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely agree!!

I totally agree with Mary, while the ratings for the Revolution continue to hit an all time low week after week ABC still continues to air this make over show, they have not announced on pulling the plug and I don’t think they ever will. While bringing these 2 prime time soaps on, ABC is looking to beat ratings with Dallas coming back that’s all good but what about those of us that want OLTL and AMC back, it seems as though ABC has forgotten all about daytime and is worried about primetime, ABC can and never be what it was when Dallas and Dynasty were both aired, they’re continuing to lose viewers that don’t want to watch anything on their station and I’m one of them as far as I’m concerned ABC is dead to me.

ANEN and might add HONK!!!

dallas was on cbs



I lived in Nashville for 30 years moving to Vegas last August. There was a lot of buzz about Nasville the show as Gaylord is big on it. It would probably be interesting as Nashville and country music are a draw but I dont think ABC will get any hits for a long time as soap opera fans arent happy and will not support ABC in anything. They will start to see e the results od reaping what they sow. Soap lovers can keep the ban going and ABC’s overall rating will continue to tank.

I live just outside of Nashville, and even I, will not watch the show NASHVILLE. I will not support ABC in anything they do if they cannot have consideration for what the fans have repeatly told them they want.

I agree with Betty!!!!!!!!!

I have to say ABC sickens me right now. How can you cancel to shows that have been on for over 40 yrs to be crap on saying that you not in to soaps and now have the nerve to put to sops on at night. ABC haven’t you thought about the daytime fans? I guess not! Shame on you ABC! Bring back the daytime soasps and maybe your night time soaps won’t go down the drain like The Chew and The Revolution. Because then you might get your loyal daytime viewers back

Yes, OLTL and AMC were there for the taking. I do not and will not watch anything new on ABC.

Goes for me TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won’t watch. There’s enuf pt drama series on ABC already. Rather keep GH forever daytime , and let Revenge, Greys, private prac, OUAT, Castle and Body Proof stay pt. Kill the Revulsion and the Spew and bring back daytime dramas!!

ABC has destroyed its daytime soap lineup, leaving on only General Hospital! We do not need any nighttime soaps!

thats what I have been doing all morning and afternoon telling every one to go there and leave a comment ,can you believe this I put this on a facebook sight I go to told everyone go to the sight and complain there are a few people saying the soap opera days are over ,so I had to say something ,this is bad ,what is so wrong with putting one life to live on instead of the other shows they just bought ,abc has alot of soaps on at night ,why did they choose to insult the daytime soap fans ,you would think they would want us to watch there dumb shows ,well im not ,they killed the soaps ,soapnet is gone in march ,what the hell are we going to do?talk about kicking the fans in the ass .I cant believe that abc just pissed me off even more then I was before I got up this morning.

Seriously???? I’m so thrilled that ABC has found the world of soaps at night. Now when will the night people talk to the day people and tell them how stupid they are????

I will never watch another ABC show again you screwed up ABC now you pay.I am supporting GH only that goes and you will never be turned on in my house again ever.

I think you should put one life to live backf on daytime or nobody is going to give abc a second look at anything new or old. why should anyone watch abc when you take away shows after we all get watch them for years and now they are just gone I think it is sorry and I plus many other will not watch anything on abc new or old

Monday is already taken.. Castle. Anything else I won’t be watching. ABC is never going to be number 1 to true Soapfans until they change their minds admit their mistakes an bring back our Daytime soaps AMC and OLTL.

GH Primetime !!! Hmm !!!! Aren’t they thinking about that ? They messed up on daytime now they want to fix night time , Go Figure !! You know Sonny on GH has bipolar I think ABC has it TOO !!!

if gh does go prime time it will only be one night a week……………i think it is almost too late for amc & oltl to go prime time because most actors have moved on

Maybe OLTL actors would consider coming back!!! If OLTL fans showed them a lot of support & love!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Agnes Nixon gets the rites for OLTL, then she could do what she wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are bringing Bullshit soaps back like that —
Just bring back what people will watch OLTL and AMC and leave GH alone!!!

Also — leave Desperate Housewives alone as well!!!

People love that show and watch it all the time!!!

ABC — you are assholes!

OH My Gosh is ABC messed up., they say one thing and do another ..Bring Back our stories not new ones..You killed Daytime and we want it back.. The actors who worked there butts off daily deserve more than this.. ABC get your heads on straight you’ve been a disaster with your thinking since early April when you did the deed..Come on save some face already!

I think Chrishell would be great for the Nashville one. Don’t know if she sings though!
I’d like to see someone like Greg Vaughn for the fashion show along with Susan Lucci.

@MaryAnne Robertson – you are so right! I will not invest one moment in anything abc puts on either daytime or nightime. I had my heart broken when OLTL was allowed to die. I had been a faithful viewer of abc before that. Now I will not even watch their local news; channel 7 abc in New York! Hello fox and cbs!

They messed up their daytime lineup so now they think people want to watch soaps at night,I am boycotting the whole network cause even if you like a primetime show they cancel


You have got to be kidding me!!! Really? They are creating NEW soaps after cutting two known and loved soaps!!!! Why not turn OLTL into a primetime soap!!! It would be watched for sure! This makes me even angrier at ABC! Boycotting ABC sounds better and better!

Unbelievable. We don’t want new soaps we want OLTL and AMC. I only watch GH on abc since they cancelled OLTL and AMC.

I am now supporting the soap opera genre by watching y and r and dool. I am not interested in this mess. I will watch gh only when my characters from oltl are on it. I am done with abc.

I read in a statement made by “Blair” that she, Star, John and Todd are only going to GUEST STAR on GH for four shows, that ABC is trying to make the fans think they are there to stay and she just wanted the truth to be known.

I read something about that too. I will watch it for the episodes that they are on and nothing else.

kristen alderson (star) twitted that she signed a 3 year contract for gh

abc needs to get thier heads on straight goodness why wouldn’t you move the soaps you have to primetime intead of producing new ones

How about this ABC…..why don’t you cancel Anne Sweeney’s contract and bring back our daytime soaps? that’s the only thing that makes sense now. Since both of your replacement shows aren’t doing any better than AMC or OLTL, in the ratings, it’s time to admit that you were wrong and rectify the situation. Things will only get worse for you, if you don’t.

abc needs to get thier heads on straight goodness why wouldn’t you move the soaps you have to primetime intead of producing new ones goodness

This is as stupid as what they have done. Bring back AMC and OLTL then we the viewers will help ABCD get the night time right. I dont want any Americaina or Nashville i wannt AMC and OLTL back. Stop messing up ABCD. The most constant thing has been the soaps. I start watching a show on ABCD and then it’s gone. Wake the heck up.

I can’t believe ABC lately!!! They kill 2 of their best daytime soaps, AMC and OLTL, claiming that dattime viewers want reality rather than the fictional world of daytime soaps. Nowthey ar planning to air nighttime soaps????? Sorry, but I don’t see the logic here. Is this ABC’s way of appeasing angry aoap fan?? I like the plot ideas, though, especially for “Nashville”

They could put Ryan Gosling in one or both and I still would not watch.

So sick of ABC. I watch GH now to support them for however they last and that is IT! ABC does not exist except for that 58 minutes or whatever that GH runs.

I think they are just trying to copy TNT with their revival of longtime PRIME time soap, DALLAS. I don’t think either night time soap will work. Those days, rather nights, are gone, but DAYTIME is still alive and well. They didn’t need to take away our daytime genre for stupid talk shows and reality shows. There is enough of that on at night and just about any basic cable channel.

I WILL NEVER watch anything on abc ever again until my soaps AMC n OLTL are returned to their day time spots…i will not invest anytime into anything new from ABC after they broke my heart by removing shows i have watched for 30+ years!!! go to hell abc!!!

Bring back AMC, OLTL & keep GH, damn it.

I have had it with ABC. If they do not bring back AMC and OLTL, I will NEVER watch anything on their channel, especially another newly created soap opra. It’s like they have no regards to what the fans want and refuse to listen to us. If we were to tell them we liked peas – they would say here, eat corn instead. I don’t want a substitute and will not accept one. I have already switched over to another station and will stay there unless our soaps are brought back.

ABC can bite me. They killed OLTL and they have the audacity to greenlight TWO NIGHTTIME SOAPS?????? Total insult

I dont care what they put on i will never watch ,I have been Boycotting ABC since April . i will continue to do so. i will also boycott these shows I .have been watching NBC & CBS SOAPS .SINCE MAY .AND THEY ARE GOOD .ABC HOW COULD YOU DO THIS WHAT A SLAP IN OUR FACE. YOU SUCK.

I could care less what abc does.They are cancelling nighttime shows to.Who wants to watch a channel you can;t deoend on if your show will be there next year,What it takes to produce on night time show they could produce daytime soaps for weeks.


This makes my blood boil ! It seems abc simply decided to dump the 10 thousand longtime loyal fans for new and ( because they perceive the daytime soap fans to be old ladies) younger ones. All My Children, One Life To Live and GH are worth bringing back and keeping, daytime or primetime!

Here’s a thought….they can greenlight all they want! Thousands of soap fans have ABC on blacklight!! Meaning, we could care less what they want to put on the air ever againm and have them turned off! Bring back OLTL and maybe we will give think about it…till then there is no ABC in my house!

I refuse to watch anything on abc .Bring back “All My Children” and “One life to Live”.

Screw ABC! Soaps aren’t good enough for daytime but they are fine for primetime?! Talk about adding insult to injury. Since ABC dumped the exceptional and dearly loved OLTL after more than 43 years when it was at its best, we should take a chance and emotionally invest our time in these primetime soaps?! NO, I don’t think so.

The only success in primetime for ABC this season was Revenge. You think that would have taught them something, that canceling OLTL for The Revolution was a mistake–but NO!–daytime and primetime have dissociative identity disorder. So they think these new primetime soaps can capitalize on the success of Revenge? NO, I don’t think so.

Revenge cannot hold a candle to OLTL for family drama, romance, humor, cuteness, fun, musicals, parodies, catfighting friendships, rip-off-your-clothes sex, and overall entertainment. It’s not too late for OLTL. Most of the actors do not have other work and for those that do, they could return as their contracts expire. They can create two new soaps but cannot save OLTL?! NO, I don’t think so.

These executives are spitting in our faces. Now they realize soaps are in their financial interest, after telling us soaps are dead?! This infuriates and disgusts me beyond belief. I will not reward this [insert obscenity] network for killing OLTL and treating its cast, crew, and viewers the way it has. FIX the problem, ABC, and get OLTL produced somewhere, otherwise, go [insert obscenity] yourself.

ABC you suck!!!! You take amc and oltl off because you said you want out of the soap business Lairs I’m so done with this crap . It just piss me when I read this I hope that nobody watch your damn anymore!! You could have of soaps but no we want to give you reaitly tv that nobody cares but your boss because he wants the money for hisself who need to make 31 million dollars year I hope with all the bad press he getting maybe someone up higher then him will do something about his stupid decisons!! Abc needs a new president !!!

Unless one is called “AMC” and the other “OLTL”…. Zzzz 🙁

General Hospital

Jonathan Jackson Reunites with Stars from ‘Nashville’ for New Tour Across the UK

He won five Daytime Emmys as General Hospital’s Lucky Spencer and now actor and musician, Jonathan Jackson is scheduled to head to the United Kingdom this fall, when he reunites with some of the cast of the former ABC primetime music city drama, Nashville.

Jackson shared on his Instagram, “This has been in the works for a while, and I’m thrilled to announce that the NASHVILLE cast and I are reuniting for a special UK tour this October. I’m excited about this!”


On Nashville, Jonathan Jackson starred for six season as Avery Barkley before the series concluded in the summer of 2018, after it moved from ABC to CMT for its final two seasons.

Joining Jonathan on the Nashville reunion tour are his former co-stars Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, and Sam Palladio. The fab four will play shows in Glasgow, Birmingham,  London, and Cardiff, as they tour the UK.

Photo: GigsandTours

If you are in the UK and wanted to get your tickets early, the presale is already underway.  The general sale tickets will become available tomorrow on Thursday, March 9, beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Go to Gigs and to purchase.

With GH’s 60th anniversary just a few weeks away, do you wish somehow Jonathan Jackson was brought back just for even a little while to reprise his role as Lucky? Would you like to see the ‘Nashville’ tour here in the states? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jonathan Jackson (@jonathanjacksonhq)

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Guiding Light

GL and ‘Nashville’ Alum Hayden Panettiere Loses Her Younger Brother Jansen at 28-Years-Old

Just devastating news to report on Monday evening.  Hayden Panettiere’s (ex-Lizzie, Guiding Light, ex-Juliette, Nashville) younger brother Jansen Panettiere has died at only 28-years-old.

According to TMZ,  Jansen died over the weekend in New York.  His cause of death is not available, but there was no foul play suspected in Jansen’s death.  Police responded to a call and came to a residence at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday where they found Jansen.

As with his sister, Jansen was deep into his acting career and was only five years younger than Hayden.

Throughout his career he appeared in Even Stevens, The X’sTiger CruiseRacing StripesThe Martial Arts Kid, The Walking Dead, Major Crimes, and the holiday film Love and Love Not.

Less than 3 weeks ago, Jansen shared an adorable picture on his Instagram with his hair being cut by his big sister, Hayden.

Jansen is survived by Hayden and their parents, Lesley Vogel and Skip Panettiere.

Send your love and condolences to Hayden and her family on the sudden passing of Jansen via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

Ex-Nashville and GL’s Hayden Panettiere’s Boyfriend Arrested After Allegedly Punching Her

More upsetting news involving former ABC and CMT’s Nashville star (Ex-Juliette Barnes), Hayden Panettiere.  According to various reports, the actress was punched by her boyfriend Brian Hickerson with a closed fist in an incident that occurred in Wyoming, over the Valentine’s Day weekend.  He was arrested around 2:30am on February 14th.

According to TMZ: the police report said that Hayden revealed that she and Brian were in their bedroom when he started throwing her around and punched her.  The Teton County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a disturbance at a private residence. That caller said an intoxicated male was locked out of the home because he punched his girlfriend in the face.

Pantierre’s face was red and swollen, and she also had a scrape and swelling on her left hand; which she believed came from Hickerson’s watch during the altercation.  Deputies then decided to book Hickerson for domestic battery. He was also hit with a second charge of interfering with a police officer for allegedly refusing to identify himself.

Things looked like they had taken a turn for the better before the incident, noting that the couple moved past another altercation previously from 2019.  That case was dismissed, although he has left red marks on Pantierre’s body, because they could not find a “material witness”.

Hayden and Brian have been dating since 2018.  Daytime fans remember first seeing Hayden as a young Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light.  She played Juliette on Nashville from 2012-2018.

So what do you think about the latest incident involving Hayden? Comment below.

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