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Abhi Sinha Cast In New Role On The Young and the Restless!

Photo: IMDB

Photo: IMDB

Earlier this month, The Young and the Restless, put out a casting call for an an Indian or South Asian actor in the mid-to-late 20s age range to play the recurring role of Ravi, a smart, nerdy engineer who is awkward with women.  Well, look no futher!  The role has been cast.

According to Soap Opera Digest, actor Abhi Sinha will take on the part of Ravi Shapur, a new employee at one of Genoa City’s most successful companies.

Sinha’s best-known for his work as a series regular in Freeform’s series Chasing Life.  Abhi has also had guest-star roles on CBS shows: Scorpion and NCIS: LA.  The actor hails from Bombay, India and is also an accomplished saxophonist.

Look for the character of Ravi to shake things up starting on the Monday, December 12th episode of the number one soap.

So, which GC company will Ravi work for?   If Ravi is awkward with women, will there be one gal that catches his eye that he just won’t know how to approach? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I’m all for the diversity, but not sure we need another new character. But if we have him, PLEASE don’t waste him on Summer. I mean, how many more actors are going to lose their jobs because they don’t click with her, or some such nonsense. As I said earlier, let Ashley have a young man romance her for a change.

I hope he hooks up, with Summer. Summer needs a loving man. Ashley needs to be written off Y&R. Ashley is a boring character, no storyline for her at all. I love Eileen Davidson, she needs to come back to Days as Kristen Dimera. Like Susan Banks always says, Kristen is mean mean mean LOL.

imo in poor summers defence her love intrests have been victims of new regimes changes. she had great chemistry with the first kyle, blake hood who was fired and replaced by an older kyle who was to have an affair with phyliis. secondly she had great chemistry with austin who was fired and killed off in that silly pointless mess of a storyline that got dragged out and revealed to be the cop involved with maro/ jack crappy storyline
summers had great chemistry with her screen partners

Well, this looks promising. Perhaps a love interest for Natalie?

Either Natalie or Mariah. Most likely Natalie, and he’ll somehow lead her towards finding out she’s Nick’s daughter.

Yes! Natalie will catch his eye. Will he team up with her at Newman Enterprises? Intrigue, espionage and corruption…..”It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus”. Ha! Happy Halloween, y’all !!

We need the Sanderson sisters to visit the soaps…Days would be perfect-it does have Salem…i put a spell on you!…Happy Halloween!!!!

Yeah, right? I must have seen the movie a million times, Jimmy.

This character reminds me of OLTLs Vimal Patel…anyway, Y&R would be smart to make him Drucilla’s son just in case they bring the character back to tie him into the canvas…she developed amnesia and started a new life with Ravi’s father!!!

Hi, Jimmy,
I am not familiar with this actor—on first glimpse he reminds me of Sanjaya ( American Idol). But, on close scrutiny, this guy is so much better looking. I think it’s great for ‘the establishment’ to bring on character diversity.
I love your Drucilla idea. I don’t care the hows and whys, Jimmy; as long as Victoria comes back.

This guy is 100% Indian. Dru is African American.
While it is a good idea to tie new characters to the canvas, that would not work as he’s not the correct ethnicity.

Boo to you! What are your kids going to be?

Hey, there, Timmmbo,
Weeeell; Nico is Captain America, so he can save Maxie from the mean guy. LOL.
Rosie will be the typical Disney Princess—she’s old enough to make her own choice now…..Jasmine!! She likes her shoes. She’s my sweetie-pie.
I am going to go as Sonny ( HaHa!), and my husband as Cher. He’s the tall one. DOUBLE LOL.

Whooooo……ghosts, goblins and ghouls to you, too. Cackle, cackle, cackle.

Ya…he does look like the guy from American idol…but his character description reminds me of Vimal..who was smart with computers-worked for the Buchanans and was and kind of awakward around Rama on OLTL…

At first i thought you meant you were going as Sonny Corintho’s-lol

I know, Jimmy. That’s why I wrote ( HaHa)….tricked ya!! LOL.

My teenager is also going to be Jasmine…but she is no princess…thats her name-lol(i get you back for that Sonny!)-lol….im going to be two-face-one side im Trump and the other side im Clinton-lol

Well, Jimmy, you had me there for a sec…..

Halloween should never be on a week-day….LOL. Kids just get too wired. Hard to bring them back to earth.

Handsome, accomplished musician, talented actor, so why must he be relegated to playing a stereotype?

You can’t stereotype your race. Let them do what’s coming and go along for the ride. At least CBS listened. I’m beginning to think nothing a network does to appease fans makes any difference to some people. #GETPUMPED #GETEXCITED #KNOCKOFFTHENEGATIVITYYA’LL.

What is the stereotype?

Then what do you make of Nick Fallon in DOOL? He started out nerdy and dorky before he had a makeover to look like a sweater-wearing heartthrob.

Rethought it…don’t think it’s a stereotype but rather positive. Seems too good looking to be awkward around women…maybe he’s just humble!

He is a very handsome man!
I know this because he looks much like my brother..
I showed his picture we had a laugh over it..
My brother on tv… LOL !!
An Ravi is an ”engineer ” ((my brother a surgeon))

I am looking forward to new stories and to having Abhi Sinha on my screen (about time for someone not from the same clans … lol
Waiting for the new h-writer/Mal to deliver some great stuff..

As for which family he will be working with, hhhmmmmm dunno ..
May even be with Jill ..
(wonder if he will wear a white or black hat ..

Oh wow, another computer nerd!! That sounds exciting, they don’t know what to do with the one they have now.

Good point here.

Wait, they have two computer nerds, Natalie and Kevin. I agree they don’t know what to do with Natalie but they certainly know what to do with Kevin.
Perhaps this new young techie can give Natalie something to do. She deserves a decent story.

Mal Young is putting his brit mark on American soaps and we’re ALL in for a treat. ..I’m going to enjoy this ride.

And a much, much better head writer will be doing the writing, so there is a lot of hope. Looking forward to Y&R in December.

Me, too!

If it gets anything like Coronation Street-im in!!!

Hopefully we a get a Nikhil Sharma-type character soon.

Since Travis seems to know everyone and fit in everywhere, I’m thinking this could be an old friend of his from somewhere. Maybe Travis is having him come in to check out what is really going on. Then maybe he can explain it to all of us since I’m confused trying to keep what’s what straight here, LOL!

You are too funny, jeanine….love your post.
I have strong misgivings about Travis.
What’s going on? This storyline of the Victor-team; Jack-team; and Hamilton-team smells too much of our current presidential election. So many similarities: mention of hammers and flash-drives; leaked emails; espionage; Newman foundation corruption— where Nikki buys extravagantly pricy shoes with company funds….travel, vacations, real-estate……Being above the law; being held on a different standard because he is Victor Newman… on and so forth.
I hope I am not the only one who sees the parallells.
I am soooo enjoying how clever these writers are with this story. They have adroitley ‘converted’ these sensitive legal issues into a very satirical spoof. ‘Gotta love it’….Kudos!!

Need to see the chemistry on screen. Give it a while. However, Mariah with her coloring and this young man with his would look fun. Just a thought. I await, like others, the new writers.


Hmmmm could a beautiful sister for Neil be far away?


Make him gay does y&r have a gay male? Not that it has to have one but diversity is diversity and its the number 1 show and I am sure has a huge gay following. I haven’t watched in ages is there a gay character or characters on y&r? with this article about atwt on the talk it made me remember Luke and Noah and how great a story they were.

Jill’s son Phillip is gay. And back when Victor jailed a pregnant Victoria during one of her many marrages to Billy, there was the lawyer Victoria was using to get herself out of jail was gay. He wasn’t that tall, and if memory serves he had a Spanish name, and he was also around a couple of years ago when they had that useless Valentines Day storyine up at the Abbott cabin when the bodies were dropping left and right. But getting, back to the wedding, at the reception Phillip and said lawyer were having a little flirtation action going on, but I don’t remember if things went further than the wedding. If I m remembering correctly, this had to have been about 3 years ago because Victoria was pregnant with Katherine

Swell…just what Y&R needs…Y-E-T ANOTHER new character…NOT!!!!!!!!!!

As the say goes, too many flies in the ointment

This casting is huge one very big level. He’s the first Indian actor to ever be cast in a recurring role on an American daytime drama. He’s got the acting chops for sure since he’s done a decent amount of prime time here in the US. Like the article in Soap Opera Digest said, he’s done Scorpion (a show that I cannot stand……I tried watching it, it just wasn’t my cup of tea) and of course, NCIS: LA, a show I absolutely love! While he doesn’t have a long American acting resume, I’m sure he’s done very well elsewhere. He even admitted that he feels that he’s broken the mold as it were by being the first Indian born actor on a daytime drama. And as others have pointed out, with Mal Young now completely in charge at #YR as EP and Sally Sussman Morina as HW, I see him going far.

I for one am so ready for Chuck Pratt’s episodes to be over with and for Sally’s episodes to start airing. While this gentleman is probably the newest hire under both Mal and Sally, don’t be surprised to see some cast cuts being made. There are rumors that Sean Carrigan (Stitch) is on his way out. And obviously when everyone finds out what Chloe did, Elizabeth Hendrickson won’t be with the show much longer either. I don’t get why they put her into the opening credits when we all know her crimes will come out, unless of course Sally and her writing team somehow manage to get around that and end up keeping Elizabeth on the show long term (sorry, I got off on another tangent there).

Have a great weekend and a great upcoming week everyone!

But for the love of the universe, do NOT pair him with Hunter King (Summer)! She’s on recurring now that she’s doing that CBS prime time comedy that I tried watching but just couldn’t get into. I say, send Summer away for a period of six months or more and then recast the role with a much better actress. All Hunter really knows how to do is whine and cry. How in the hell did she get those Emmy’s anyway that quite frankly IMO, she didn’t deserve!?

I don’t know why a new character need to always be paired with someone, tout-suite. As Tani intimated….we need to SEE “the chemistry”.
I didn’t even bother watching Hunter’s show, Michael.
I really tried getting into Justin’s THIS IS US, but I just can’t. Too convoluted….too many undefinable characters… appealing plot or storyline……one just goes into the other without the typically ‘smooth’ flow.
I was looking forward to this show because I had read ( somewhere) that it was comparable to PARENTHOOD….no way, no how!!!!
Hunter’s popularity, as an actress, is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you. LOL.

I think Stitch should have been on his way out when they got rid of his mother and sister. Let go off to be with his sick son. But please don’t do a repairing of him and Ashley. That ship was only worth sailing once.

I agree, Ben/Stitch doesn’t have chemistry with any of the women.

Perhaps it is time for Kevin to finally find his true nerd love!

He is certainly good looking. Something tells me an interesting character. Get rid of character who is Victor’s #1 right now. I would like to see this guy WORK with Jill. Love Jill. Agree they keep throwing the new guys at Summer. Don’t care about her.

Perfect lips!!

No! It’s just another new character not connected to the show who will waste our time! I see a mile away what will happen. He is a geeky computer nerd working for Jack and he has a crush on Natalie who of course works for the enemy, Victor! Oh, what shall they do? BORING!

Smart premise, Timmmy.
Natalie and Ravi ….lovers, but rivals. Who will spy on whom. You’re right: too obvious. Hmmmm.

Only on for a few episodes the terror continues with Pratt after the first of the year you can start brathin


Give them some time the new writers I am intrigued I think he is going to have a connection to someone and because I know these writers I trust them! Patience we have had three writing regimes hammer in the nails I say give these women a chance you are going to see character development Bill Bell and our tough as nails Jeanne are smiling

I have NO sympathy for summer. Everyone tries to tell her about her no good choices in men, but she is so sure she knows better. She married one and almost married another. Please don’t waste Ravi on any of those pathetic women in The show. Make him gay.

That’s right!!!

Won’t last if paired with any of those girls, the hate mail will force the writers to kill him off.


That boy is fine,.

I have been a loyal viewer for over 30 years . Not any more really casting ABHI SINHA. You have lost me as a viewer and believe me many many many to follow. No room for them on daytime television.gma

I am married to an Indian man and celebrate 30 years together on Valentines Day — I say Ashley should fall for his pure soul and we should watch how this woman who no one can control falls into the LOVE of this man…we should be able to see how the love and dedication of this young man are able to win over Ashley because she will see in him reminders of her loving, endearing father — John’s loyalty and faith, John’s quiet demeanor, John’s VALUES of truth and goodness, etc., etc.,which translates into such (sexy) strength that can say to Ashley “I don’t care about your past…I accept you as this clean, white piece of paper! I am here for you.” And of course Ashley will will be there for him for 30 years!

Tell Y&R lazy writers to get off their bottoms(being polite) and move the plot along for this Ravi character. So far he is borrrrrrring. It’s like the writers are in grade school. Do SOMETHING MAGNIFICENT. KILL OFF THAT BORING MARIAH


‘Tracker’ Star Justin Hartley Reveals Melissa Roxburgh to Debut as His On-Screen Sister

Justin Hartley took to his Instagram this week, and introduced the latest cast member to his hit freshman drama, Tracker on CBS.

The former Y&R star where he played Adam Newman, now plays Colter Shaw on Tracker and in a few weeks time on the May 5th episode, viewers will be introduced to Colter’s sister, Dory.

Actress Melissa Roxburgh takes on the key role. Roxburgh is most-known for his role in Manifest. She has also appeared on Quantum Leap and Supernatural to name just a few of her other TV credits.

Photo: Gregorio Campos

In the episode entitled, “Beyond the Campus Walls”, the CBS series previews, “When a grad student goes missing after a house party, his friends and family believe he buckled under the pressure of his research grant. But, after consulting with his sister Dr. Dory Shaw (Roxburgh)— a professor at the school — Colter discovers a trail of explicit photos and messages that lead him to uncover a dangerous (and deadly) conspiracy on campus.”

Hartley’s post shared, “Colter finally reunites with his little sister Dory in the coming weeks. Join me in welcoming the lovely and talented @MRoxburgh to the @TrackerCBS family!”

Photo: JPI

The story of Colter Shaw’s family is a throughline throughout Tracker. We know from flashbacks, that Colter, Dory and their brother Russell had a not-conventional upbringing. Their parents Ashton and Mary were professors at Berkeley until something happened to Ashton. When his paranoia gets the best of him he leaves his family, but Russell went after him, and then later on Ashton is found dead, where all indications look like Russell pushed him.  Now in 2024, Russell contacted Colter telling him there is something he “needs to know.” However, Colter’s mom, Mary did not want her son engaging with Russell in any conversation and that was back earlier in the season after the second episode.

Intrigued to see Melissa Roxburgh plays Justin Hartley’s sister on ‘Tracker’? Comment below.

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B&B’s Sean Kanan, Heather Tom and Lawrence Saint-Victor All Had Creative Hand in Sheila’s ‘Ten Toe’ Reveal

Bringing it from the page to the stage is the actor’s job on any theatre, television or motion picture project. In the case of The Bold and the Beautiful, longtime soap MVP, Sean Kanan, has been delivering some powerful performances as Deacon has become increasingly freaked out and obsessed with the fact, that in the crematorium, he saw that “Sheila’s” (Kimberlin Brown) body had ten toes, not nine.

Deacon now believes Sheila might be alive somewhere (given she only has 9 toes), and especially after seeing the communications between Sugar and Sheila on her laptop.

Then, on Monday’s April 15th episode of the CBS daytime drama series, Deacon says to himself (as he pours himself a drink), “Maybe Finn’s right. Maybe I’m losing it.” He flashes back to the crematorium, saying “Sheila had nine toes, but I saw ten on those feet.” He then utters, “Why Sheila? Why did you go to Steffy’s that night? And who the hell is sugar?”

Photo: JPI

While Kanan has played the only guy in town who thinks something is off here, he was ably assisted by two of his castmates. First, six-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Heather Tom (Katie) directed the episode where it was revealed that the woman’s body in the crematorium had ten toes.

Second, Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), wrote that ‘ten toe’ reveal episode, and he took to Kanan’s instagram and expressed, “I had a lot of fun writing this episode. (Sean Kanan) killed it!!!!”

Photo: JPI

Coming up later this week, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is back from Genoa City and The Young and the Restless and gets into a heated conversation about Sheila with Deacon. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think of Sean, Heather and Lawrence all using their creative talents to make the ‘ten toe’ reveal come to life? Comment below.

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Breaking News

CBS Orders Michele Van Jean Soap Opera ‘The Gates’ to Series; Set to Debut January 2025

Great news! Soap fans are getting the first new daytime drama in 25 years with the news today that CBS has moved Michele Van Jean’s The Gates to a series order.

In addition, the show is set to bow in January 0f 2025, which means that it appears that the new soap will replace The Talk, which was just canceled and will end after its upcoming 15th season in December of 2024.  No specific time period, or exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

In the premise of the The Gates it follows lives of a wealthy Black family who live in a luxurious gated community.

Photo: CBS

The Gates has Val Jean as its writer, showrunner and one of its executive producers. Soap fans know Val Jean’s work best for her work on the writing teams of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Taking to X, Michele shared: “It’s go time” citing the news on the show coming to CBS in 2025 via Deadline.

Sheila Ducksworth, Leon Russell, Derrick Johnson and Kimberly Doebereiner will serve as executive producers on The Gates production team. The soap has been in development through a the joint venture between CBS Studios and the NAACP, which was established to help elevate a diverse range of voices and increase the visibility of Black artists.

The series will be produced by the CBS Studios/NAACP venture in partnership with P&G Studios, which is a division of Procter & Gamble, who used to be very big in the soap opera game.

Are you excited to know that we are truly getting the first new soap opera in over two and a half decades added to a network TV line-up? Comment below.

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